Saturday, February 24, 2007

Geographic listing - US zip code order, 00000 - 49999

Creacion*Apartado 111 Estacion 6*Ponce PR 00731:SP ART DB
Pro Independence Movement*1122 Ponce De Leon Av*Rio Peidras PR 00925:PUERTO-RICO POLITICAL
Fundacion Sida*Gpo Box 4842*San Juan PR 00936:9107 HS AIDS HC
Ahora Spanish Students Organization*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC HISPANIC CU
Amherst Action Coalition*Sa Ofc Amherst College*Amherst MA 01002:POLITICAL CU
Amherst Mens Ctr*Jones Library*Amherst MA 01002:MEN LIBRARY
Amherst Regional High School Coop*Triangle St*Amherst MA 01002:FC
Applesauce*National Alternative Schools Program*School Of Ed U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:CU EDUCATION PUBLICATION S SCHOOL MEDIA
Asian Students Assn*Amherst College*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC CU
Atticus Bookstore*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-4600:ID-B ID-N ID-R IDAFSA BOOKSTORE SEP CU
Barber/Lois*Twenty Twenty Vision*30 Cottage St*Amherst MA 01002**413-253-2939:POLITICAL 8908 -1 PEACE AN PR-PO PO-PR PR W
Black Students Union*Amherst College*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC CU
Campaign For Safe Energy*233 N Pleasant St*Amherst MA 01002**413-256-6434:APN PEACE AN
Clark/Tod*Public Interest Research Group*233 N Pleasant St*Amherst MA 01002**413-256-6434:GMPFCG GMPFR 8807 -1 PIRG CONSUMER POLITICAL NR AT SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V
Coalition For Environmental Quality*Rsd #347*Student Union U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU
Direct Information Service*Jones Public Library*Amherst MA 01002**256-0121:MLC S
Earth Foods*Student Union Bldg*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:FC CU
Everywomans Ctr*Goodell Hall*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:WHC POLITICAL PUBLICATION DRAFT W CU HC
Food For Thought Publications*Box 331*Amherst MA 01002:DREAMS PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
Gallagher/Janet*Catholics For A Free Choice*Hampshire College*West St*Amherst MA 01002:RRN 8904 ABORTION -1 CU W WHC HC
Hampshire Anti-Draft Coalition*Box 753*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-4600:APN PEACE DRAFT CU EDUCATION
Harvard-Radcliffe Alumni Against Apartheid*107 Buffam Rd*Pelham MA 01002:APARTHEID AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA 9308
Holt/Margaret*Amherst Disarmament Coalition*40 Van Meter Dr*Amherst MA 01002**413-253-9372:APN F PEACE -1 DISARMAMENT
Infinity Video Collective*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-4600:VIDEO 9205 TV GCTVP F&V MEDIA
Institute For Holistic Education*Box 575*Amherst MA 01002:H NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION W
Jeffrey Amherst Bookstore*55 S Pleasant St*Amherst MA 01002**413-253-3381:ID-B 8902 IDAFSA BOOKSTORE SEP
King/Jerome*Grace Church Peace Committee*186 Strong St*Amherst MA 01002**549-1559:APN -1 PEACE
Kiser/Jane*Center For Popular Economics*Box 785*Amherst MA 01002**413-545-0743:SP PUBLICATION MLP AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-850906 MEDIA ECONOMICS POLITICAL CU EDUCATION -1 W COURSES
La Causa*Amherst College*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC HISPANIC CU
Maplewood Organic Farm*132 Belchertown Rd*Amherst MA 01002:NA AN FARM AGRICULTURE
Mcgarrah/Barbara*Un Assn Of The Usa*17 Elm St*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-5719:APN CU W -1 F PEACE
Men Against Patriarchy*Box 1008*Amherst MA 01002:S PATRIARCHY
Mixed Nut Coop*Hampshire College Box 803*Amherst MA 01002:FC CU
Nacul Experimental Community*592 Main St*Amherst MA 01002**256-8025:COMMUNITY AT
New Africa House*U Of MA*Comm For College Education Of Black Student*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC BLACK CU
New England Ctr For Personal & Organizational Development*Box 575*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-0886:H CU EDUCATION
Nocturnal Canary Press*323 Pelham Rd*Amherst MA 01002:SP
Norwottuck*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002:SP CU
Parents For Peace*33 Enfield Rd*Rfd 2*Amherst MA 01002:APN PEACE
People For A Socially Responsible University*Box 1653*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002**413-585-0814:EDUCATION 9308
Peoples Gay Alliance*Rso 368 Student Union*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002**413-545-0154:HS CU
Peoples Market*Student Union*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:FC CU
S T O P Nuclear War*Triangle St*Amherst Regional Hs*Amherst MA 01002:APN PEACE AN
Scera*420 Studies Union Bldg*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:RT CU EDUCATION
Social Concerns Group*Amherst High School*Amherst MA 01002:GMPFH GMPFR GMPF F&V POLITICAL HIGH-SCHOOL EDUCATION
South Africa Catalyst Project*Box 177*Amherst MA 01002:DRAFT SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Squash Trucking*141 Fairview Wax*Amherst MA 01002:FC
Students For Students*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002**413-549-4600X226:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 PUBLICATION TRAVEL CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Swamp Press*323 Pelham Rd*Amherst MA 01002:
Third World Organization*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002:MWOC CU
Toward Tomorrow*200 Hills N*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01002:AT FUTURE CU
Video Newsreal*Box 1008*Amherst MA 01002:AN VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Vigil For Peace & Justice*40 Van Meter Dr*Amherst MA 01002**549-4515:APN PEACE
Wilson/Aaron*Cannabis Reform Coalition*Sao Mailbox #2 415 Student Union Building*Amherst MA 01002**413-546-3413*VERDANT@TITAN.UCS.UMASS.EDU:9401 -1 CU MARIJUANA
Womens Ctr*Hampshire College*Amherst MA 01002:WOP W CU
Bond Ctr For Equal Education*School Of Education*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:CU EDUCATION
Citizens Involvement Training Project*U Of MA*138 Hasbrouck Lab*Amherst MA 01003**545-2038*549-4970:ORGANIZING SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL FC SER ECOLOGY AN SEPL SEP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Community Resource Development*Draper Hall Annex*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:FC CU
Everywomens Ctr*Wiler Hall 2nd Fl*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:WOP W CU WEJ
Future Studies Program*U Of MA*164 Hills House S*Amherst MA 01003:APN PEACE FUTURE CU EDUCATION
Keefe/Angela*Western Mass Latin America Solidarity Committee*U Of MA Student Union*Amherst MA 01003**413-545-2148:APN F -1 PEACE CU
Mass Daily Collegian*Campus Ctr Rm 113*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION SPR SEP CU MEDIA
Massachusetts Clearinghouse Of Mutual Help Groups*Massachusetts Coop Ext*U Of MA 113 Skinner Hall*Amherst MA 01003**413-545-2313:9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Massachusetts Review*Memorial Hall*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:COSMEP PUBLICATION SPR CU EDUCATION SP MEDIA
New England Sylvan Mens Ctr*U Of MA Johnson House*Amherst MA 01003:S MEN CU
Progressive Calendar*Rso 383*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:AN POLITICAL CU CALENDAR
Progressive Student Network*Radical Student Union*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003**413-545-0677:STUDENTS CONFERENCE POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Resource Ctr Network*Office To Coordinate Energy Research & Ed*Graduate Research Ctr*Amherst MA 01003:ENERGY SP PUBLICATION EDUCATION CU MEDIA
SW Res College Mens Ctr*U Of MA*Jfk Lobby*Amherst MA 01003:S MEN CU
Shakespeare/David*Peacemakers*U Of MA*Student Union*Amherst MA 01003**413-545-2661:APN W PEACE -1 CU
Student Coalition Against Nukes Nationwide*Rm 406D Student Union Bldg*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU
Student Organizing Project*Rso 838 Student Union*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:S STUDENTS CU EDUCATION
Third World Womens Task Force*Everywomans Ctr-Wilder Hall*U Of MA*Amherst MA 01003:MWOC W CU
Weinberg/Meyer*Center For Equal Education*U Of MA Library Rm 220*Amherst MA 01003:LIBRARY SEP CU EDUCATION -1
Womens Studies*U Of MA*208 Bartlett Hall*Amherst MA 01003:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR W WST SEP CU EDUCATION
Gage/Meg*Peace Development Fund*Box 270*Amherst MA 01004**413-256-0216:GMPFS GMPFFD PEACE -1 GMPF F&V W APN
Gray Panthers*Box 771*Amherst MA 01004:GMPFI ELDERLY GMPF F&V
Lester/Joan*Equity Inst*Box 458*Amherst MA 01004:CU RT SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN -1 W
Middle Passage Educational & Cultural Resources Inc*Box 459*Amherst MA 01004**413-549-2627:9102 ART EDUCATION DB
Sirius*Box 388*Amherst MA 01004**256-8015:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Transitions Abroad*Box 344*Amherst MA 01004**413-256-0373:8807 TRAVEL OVERSEAS-OPPORTUNITIES PUBLICATION MEDIA
Barre Coop*Rt 122*Barre MA 01005:FC
Insight Meditation Society*Barre MA 01005:MEDITATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Belchertown Food Coop*106A Federal St*Belchertown MA 01007:FC
Pucks Corner*190 Michael Sears Rd*Belchertown MA 01007:SP
Hollow Spring Review Of Poetry*Rd 1*Bancroft Rd*Chester MA 01011:SP
Chesterfield Coop*Chesterfield MA 01012:FC
Adastra Press*101 Strong St*Easthampton MA 01027:SP MLC-PUBLIB MLC
Arcadia Wildlife Sanctuary*127 Combs Rd*Easthampton MA 01027:GMPFPR GMPFE W ECOLOGY GMPF F&V
Connecticut River Watershed Council*125 Combs Rd*Easthampton MA 01027:NR AT POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Warwick Press*One Cottage St*Box 70*Easthampton MA 01027:SP
Hampden County Peace Coalition*244 Hampden Rd*E Longmeadow MA 01028**734-0105:APN PEACE
Conservation Commission*Box 40*Granby MA 01033:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Granville Food Coop*Water St Box 85*Granville MA 01034:FC
Accleston/Alan*World Peace Tax Fund*18 Breckenridge Rd*Hadley MA 01035**413-584-0788:APN -1 PEACE TAX-FUND-FOR-PEACE
Aldebaran Press*47 East St*Hadley MA 01035:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Common Wealth Printing Cooperative*47 East St*Hadley MA 01035**413-584-2536:TYPESETTING AA84 AA BB MBB PRINTING COOP
Connecticut River Ecology Action Group*Box 44*Hadley MA 01035:ECOLOGY
Laughing Brook Environmental Research Library*Audubon Society*Hampden MA 01036:NR AT AN LIBRARY ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Morningstar Press*West Whately*Haydenville MA 01039:SP
Catholic Peace Fellowship*Center For Reflective Action*Mount Marie*Holyoke MA 01040**413-532-5541:APN W PEACE GMPF F&V CATHOLICS DRAFT
Neighbors & Friends*17 Wolcott St*Holyoke MA 01040:FC
Womonfyre Books*40 Bayberry Dr*Holyoke MA 01040**413-000-0000:MWOC BOOKSTORE W
New Traditions*Allen Coit Rd*Norwich Hill*Huntington MA 01050:SP
Wild Mountain Thyme Coop*Allen Coit Rd*Huntington MA 01050:FC
Rainbow Snake Records*94 N Leverett Rd*N Leverett MA 01054:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL MUSIC RECORDS
Asawan Coop*639 Fuller St*Ludlow MA 01056:FC
Contemporary Structures*1102 Center St*Ludlow MA 01056:NR AT ECOLOGY AN HOUSING
Hoppin John Food Coop*Monson MA 01057**267-5172:COOP FOOD FC
Institute On Women & Technology*Box 338*N Amherst MA 01059**413-367-2287:9302 WOMEN TECHNOLOGY HEALTH-CARE REPRODUCTIVE-RIGHTS
Weil/Lise*Trivia--A Journal Of Ideas*Box 606*N Amherst MA 01059**413-367-2254:F -1 EDUCATION PUBLICATION W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Asian Students Organization*Smith College*Northampton MA 01060:MWOC CU
Beyond Words Bookshop*150 Main St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-6304:9010 BOOKSTORE H SEP
Black Students Assoc*Smith College*Mwangie Cultural Ctr*Northampton MA 01060:MWOC CU
Blue Pig*23 Cedar St*Northampton MA 01060:SP
Broadside Bookstore*247 Main St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-4235:BOOKSTORE SCC AN SEP
Calcagnino/Steve*Center For The Arts*17 New South St*Northampton MA 01060:GMPFT GMPFI -1 9102 GMPF F&V ART DB
Crowe/Frances*American Friends Service Committee*3 Langworthy Rd*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-8975:APN PEACE AFSC 8807 SCC AN DRAFT SEP W GMPFP FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR GMPF F&V 9101 -1 ID-B ID-A ID-P IDAFSA F MANDELA HRO
Crowe/Thomas J*Physicians For Social Responsibility*3 Langworthy Rd*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-4950:APN PEACE PSR HC -1 HRO
Gay & Lesbian Activists*Box 1084*Northampton MA 01060:APN PEACE HS GAY LESBIAN W
Iron Horse Coffee House & Bookstore*Center St*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-0610:BOOKSTORE SEP
Jaeger/Luke*Dreamworldnews*10 Nonotuck St #2*Northampton MA 01060:9310 -1 F DREAMS ZINE
Logos Bookstore*33 Main St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-4112:BOOKSTORE SEP
Lunaria*90 King St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-7851:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Markham/Andy*Social Workers For Peace & Nuclear Disarmament*33 Ridgewood Tr*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-0345:APN PEACE AN DISARMAMENT -1
Monson/Chris*Northampton Ctr For Children & Families*Pomeroy Ter*Northampton MA 01060:APN CHILDREN -1 FAMILIES PEACE
Northampton Committee On Central America*5178 Hampden Gardens*Northampton MA 01060:APN PEACE CENTRAL-AMERICA POLITICAL
Omega Books*213 Main St*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-2271:BOOKSTORE
Peacework Gallery & Crafts Inc*263 Main St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-7033:9010 BOOKSTORE H ART GALLERY DB
Save New England*50 West St*Northampton MA 01060:ECOLOGY
Sophia Smith Collection*Neilson Library*Smith College*Northampton MA 01060**584-2700X622:LIBRARY HC MW AT WOP HISTORY CU EDUCATION W
Stafford/Victoria*Disarmament Working Group*3 Langworthy Rd*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-8975:APN AFSC 8807 -1 PEACE DISARMAMENT F HRO
Tumbarello/Linda*Despair & Empowerment Affinity Group*545 Riverside Dr*Northampton MA 01060**413-584-4314:APN -1 PEACE F
World Art Gallery*62 Green St*Northampton MA 01060**413-586-7440:ART GALLERY DB
Contact Quarterly*Box 603*Northampton MA 01061**413-586-8243:SP PUBLICATION DANCE ART DB MEDIA
Lawyers Alliance For Nuclear Arms Control*Box 1232*Northampton MA 01061:APN PEACE AN LAW NUCLEAR-ARMS-CONTROL
Proutist Universal*Box 114*Northampton MA 01061**413-586-3488:PROUT PUBLICATION POLITICAL 8704 CU MEDIA
Smith Experimental College*150 Elm St*Northampton MA 01061:U CU EDUCATION
Tenny House Coop*Smith College*Northampton MA 01063:FC CU EDUCATION
Middle East Peace Coalition*18 Pilgrim Dr*Northampton MA 01064**413-585-2623:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Church World Service*200 Center St #17B*Ludlow MA 01065**413-583-8355:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Kalkstein/Marvin*Jwp-Shutesbury*Lockspond Rd*Shutesbury MA 01072:APN SER ECOLOGY -1 AN
Mollner/Terry*Trusteeship Inst*Baker Rd*Shutesbury MA 01072:HPF -1 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Sirius Publishing*Baker Rd*Shutesbury MA 01072**413-259-1505:COMMUNITY 9107 SCC NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Temenos*Box 84A Star Route*Shutesbury MA 01072**413-367-9779:9205 H RETREAT-CENTER COURSES DMPR
Association Of Pan-African Unity*Mount Holyoke College*S Hadley MA 01075:MWOC AFRICA CU EDUCATION
Massachusetts Foundation For The Humanities*One Woodbridge St*S Hadley MA 01075**413-536-1385:9102 ART DB
Odyssey Bookstore*29 College St*S Hadley MA 01075**413-534-7307:BOOKSTORE SEP
Southwick Coop*125 Sheep Pasture Rd*Southwick MA 01077:FC
Cord/Rosa*Public Interest Research Group*Westfield State College*Westfield MA 01085:GMPFC GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION W F
Energy Conservation Co*55 Overlook Dr*Westfield MA 01085:AT ECOLOGY
Little River Press*10 6owell Av*Westfield MA 01085:SP
Womens Organization For Awareness*Westfield State College*Box 97 New Dorm*Westfield MA 01085:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Collins/Virginia*Wilbraham People For Peace*15 Old Orchard Rd*Wilbraham MA 01095**596-4822:APN -1 PEACE F
Wilbraham Food Coop*7 Inwood Dr*Wilbraham MA 01095:FC
Safford/Victoria*Williamsburg Peace Action*Box 432*Williamsburg MA 01096**268-7189:APN -1 PEACE F
Cummings/Irving*August 27 Coalition For Jobs Peace & Freedom*152 Sumner Av*Springfield MA 01101:APN -1 PEACE JOBS
Esteves/Cecile*Western Massachusetts Funding Resource Ctr*65 Elliot St*Springfield MA 01101**413-732-3175X267:F -1 FUNDING-SOURCES 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE
Noonan/Tim*Citizen Resource Ctr*Springfield Action Commission*Box 1449 Main Office*Springfield MA 01101:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 WEJ
Bergman/James A*Stop Teenage Addiction To Tobacco*511 E Columbus Av*Springfield MA 01105**800-998-7828*413-732-7828*413-732-4219(FAX):9012 -1 HC SMOKING TEENAGERS PUBLICATION TOBACCO HEALTH-CARE
Grady/Kathleen*Western Ma Coalition For Reproductive Freedom*35 Roseland Ter*Longmeadow MA 01106:RRN 8904 WHC BIRTH-CONTROL -1 W HC
Longmeadow Coop*48 Englewood Rd*Longmeadow MA 01106:FC
Green/Gerlad*Physicians For Social Responsibility*759 Chestnut St*Springfield MA 01107:APN PEACE PSR HC -1 HRO
Collins/Patricia*Zero Population Growth*29 Fir Glade Av*Springfield MA 01108:RRN 8904 ZPG -1 W HC
Forest Park Coop*27 Spruceland Av*Springfield MA 01108:FC
South End Coop*15 Winnepeg*Springfield MA 01108:FC
Ali/Amina*Project Safe*365 Bay St*Springfield MA 01109:RRN 8904 W -1 WHC HC
Alternative Energy Club*Springfield Tech Community College*1 Armory Sq*Springfield MA 01109:GMPFC GMPFR AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ENERGY HRO
National Lawyers Guild*W New England Law*1215 Wilbraham Rd*Springfield MA 01119:AACC NLG 8807
Peace Resource Ctr*First Church Wrrl Hall*Court Sq*Springfield MA 01123:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Anderson/Mrs Richard*Wac*1456 Parker St*Springfield MA 01129**413-782-2054:APN PEACE W -1 F
Center For Health Action*Box 80270 Forest Pk Stn*Springfield MA 01138**413-782-2115:FLUORIDATION PUBLICATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900621 MEDIA HC
Either Or Bookstore*122 North St*Pittsfield MA 01201**413-499-1705:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP BCIABS BCI
Peoples Food Coop*Christian Ctr*193 Robbins Av*Pittsfield MA 01201:FC
Pollack/Robert*Berkshire Peace Coalition*175 Wendel Av*Pittsfield MA 01201**443-0453:APN -1 PEACE
Stop The Draft Committee*175 Wendell Av*Pittsfield MA 01201**698-2591:DRAFT POLITICAL
Women's Services Ctr*146 First St*Pittsfield MA 01201:WEJ RRN 8904 W HC
Lathrop/Don*Global Issues Resources Organization*Berkshire Community College*West St*Pittsfield MA 01202**413-499-4660 X361:APN PEACE CU EDUCATION -1 HRO
Albert Schweitzer Ctr*Hurlburt Rd Rfd 1 Box 7*Great Barrington MA 01230:H POLITICAL PEACE
Daily Bread*17 Railroad St*Great Barrington MA 01230:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL BAKERY
E F Schumacher Society*Box 76 Rd 3*Great Barrington MA 01230:AT SCHUMACHER/E-F MLC MLC-NR MLC-GMPF ECOLOGY LIBRARY 9103 GMPF F&V
Berkshire Coop*E Washington Rd*Hinsdale MA 01235:FC
Heartwood Owner-Builder School*Johnson Rd*Washington MA 01235**413-623-6677:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING POLITICAL AA84 AA BB MBB NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Birch Acres*Box 392*Lanesboro MA 01237**413-738-5968:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Shneer/Sophie*Educators For Social Responsibility*Hancock MA 01237:APN PEACE 8703 F -1 EDUCATION ESR
Bonnie Prudden School*9 School St*Lenox MA 01240**413-637-0317:WLT FITNESS EXERCISE PHYSICAL-FITNESS PAIN-ERASURE-SEMINAR HC H W
Lenox Food Coop*21 Willow Ln*Lenox MA 01240:FC
The Bookstore*9 Housatonic St*Lenox MA 01240**413-637-3390:S BOOKSTORE SEP BCIABS BCI
Gould Farm*Monterey MA 01245:COMMUNITY
Monterey Coop*Box 104*Monterey MA 01245:FC
Child*Box 1118*N Adams MA 01247:NR AT POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Good Grits Food Coop*41 Eagle St*N Adams MA 01247:FC
North Adams Coop*41 Eagle St*N Adams MA 01247:FC
North Adams State College Coop*Rt 2*N Adams MA 01247:FC CU EDUCATION
Option Inst & Fellowship*Rd 1 Box 174*Sheffield MA 01257**413-229-2100:NAM H
Gardening Naturally*20079 Industrial Pk*Stockbridge MA 01262:NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Serenity Bamboo*Box 671*Stockbridge MA 01262:WLT BAMBOO
Womens Initiatives For Peace*Box 254*Stockbridge MA 01262**413-298-5511:APN 8703 PEACE W
De Sisto At Stockbridge School*Rt 183 Interlaken*W Stockbridge MA 01266:YOUTH SCHOOL COMMUNITY H CU EDUCATION
Center For Environmental Studies Library*Williams College Box 632*Williamstown MA 01267:LIBRARY NR AT AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Coalition At Williams College*Williams College*Williamstown MA 01267:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Esr*126 Sloan Rd*Williamstown MA 01267:APN 8703 PEACE
Fitzgerald/Judy*Nuclear Weapons Education Ctr*Box 271*Williamstown MA 01267**413-458-4436:APN 8703 -1 F EDUCATION NUCLEAR-WEAPONS SER ECOLOGY AN
Institute For Intl Cooperation & Development*Box 103*Williamstown MA 01267**413-458-9828:MOZAMBIQUE FORESTRY-PROJECT 9308
Physicians For Social Responsibility*Box 0271*Williamstown MA 01267:APN PEACE POLITICAL PSR HC HRO
Students United Against Nukes*Av Svce Stetson Hall*Williams College*Williamstown MA 01267:GMPFC GMPFR POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION AN
Williams College Eco-Action*Box 632*Williamstown MA 01267:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Williams Disarmament Forum*Williams College*Student Union Box 3198*Williamstown MA 01267:APN PEACE 8703 DISARMAMENT CU EDUCATION
Williamstown Central Coop*53 Maple St*Williamstown MA 01267:FC
Williamstown Freeze Office*Box 271*Williamstown MA 01267:SER ECOLOGY AN NF
Buell/Larry*Institute For Environmental Awareness*113 Beacon St*Greenfield MA 01301:FH ECOLOGY -1
Community Coop*29 Allen St*Greenfield MA 01301:FC
Franklin County Community Coop*10 Walnut St*Greenfield MA 01301:FC
Green Island Spoken Audio Cooperative*324 Wells St*Greenfield MA 01301**800-438-0956*413-774-7344*BHAVA@APC.IGC.ORG:AUDIO-TAPES MAIL-ORDER CATALOG TAPED-BOOKS BOOKS/TAPED 9307
Matthei/Chuck*Institute For Community Economics Inc*151 Montague City Rd*Greenfield MA 01301**413-774-5933:LAND-TRUST COMMUNITY 8501 HPF ECONOMICS APN PEACE -1
World Eye Bookshop*60 Federal St*Greenfield MA 01301**413-772-2186:BOOKSTORE SEP
Cohen/Dvora*Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters*Box 227*Greenfield MA 01302**413-774-2134:APN PEACE 8703 W -1 F WAR-TAX
Duncan/Beverly*Ashfield Coalition For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*Box 164*Ashfield MA 01330**413-628-3880:APN 8703 -1 F NF
Baldwin Hill Bakeries*Baldwin Hill Rd*Phillipston MA 01331:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Earth First!*Box 597*Athol MA 01331:SCC AN ECOLOGY
Adamsville Coop*RR 1 Adamsville Rd*Colrain MA 01340:FC
Brady/Robert*Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters*Rfd 162D*Colrain MA 01340:APN PEACE 8703 -1 WAR-TAX
Documentary Guild*Shearer Rd*Box 149 B*Colrain MA 01340**413-625-2402:SP PUBLICATION SCC AN GMPFK GMPFS GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Energy Food Factory*Roaring Brook Rd*Box 296*Conway MA 01341:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Rainbow Builders Inc*RR 1 Box 143A*Conway MA 01341:AT HOUSING
Health Professionals For Social Responsibility*Box 126*Deerfield MA 01342:APN PEACE POLITICAL HC
Nelson/Wally & Juanita*Pioneer Valley War Tax Resisters*Woolman Hill*Deerfield MA 01342**413-773-7427:APN PEACE NR AT ECOLOGY AN LM -1 F WAR-TAX
Ostris*Box 297*Deerfield MA 01342:SP
Sheckel/Judy*Traprock Peace Ctr*Woolman Hill*Keets Rd*Deerfield MA 01342**413-773-7427:APN 9206 SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE W -1 GCTVP F&V
Octogon House*Butterworth Farm Rfd 2*Orange MA 01346:COMMUNITY FH
Alternate Energy Conference*Box 269*Montague Ctr MA 01351:AN ENERGY POLITICAL
Okun/Rob A*Rosenberg Era Art Project*Brickyard Hollow Rd*Montague Ctr MA 01351**413-367-9526:9004 -1 POLITICAL VIP DMPR ART DB
Project Opus*Gil-Montague Regional School District*Turners Fall High School*Montague Ctr MA 01351:SER ECOLOGY AN
Safe Energy Resources*19 Dry Hill Rd*Montague MA 01351**413-256-6267:ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Voutselas/Ellie*Rural Peace Coalition*West St*New Salem MA 01355:APN 8703 -1 PEACE F
New Rural Inst*Orange Rd Star Rt*Warwick MA 01364:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Friends Of Nature*Shortacre*Main St*Petersham MA 01366:ECOLOGY
Rowe Camp & Conference Ctr*Kings Hwy Rd*Box 273*Rowe MA 01367**413-339-4216:NR AT S CONFERENCE-CENTER POLITICAL MLC MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. H SER ECOLOGY NA AN
Kiendzior/William*Citizens Concerned About Defense & Disarmament*Mohawk Trail*E Charlemont MA 01370**413-625-2372:APN PEACE 8703 -1 DISARMAMENT DEFENSE
Split Oak Heating Inc*Shelburne Falls MA 01370:AT
Habitat American Barn Corp*123 Elm St*S Deerfield MA 01373:AT
Alternate Energy Coalition*Box 66*Turners Falls MA 01376**413-863-4754:ENERGY POLITICAL AN AT PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bims*Box 229*Turners Falls MA 01376:SER ECOLOGY AN
Light/Charles*Green Mountain Post Films*Box 229*Turners Falls MA 01376:NR AT ECOLOGY SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION -1 SCC AN FILM F&V MEDIA
Montague Coop*Ave A*Turners Falls MA 01376:FC
Renaissance Community*71 Av A*Turners Falls MA 01376:NA AN COMMUNITY AT FH
Sam Lovejoy Defense Fund Committee*112 Av A*Turners Falls MA 01376:POLITICAL AN
Silver Screen Designs*Box 209*Turners Falls MA 01376:T-SHIRTS POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Smith/C T*Millers River Alliance*Star Rt Box 51A*Wendell MA 01379:APN PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN CCP MUSIC -1
Turning Tide Productions*Box 864*Wendell MA 01379**508-544-8313:9206 NATIVE-AMERICAN FILM F&V MEDIA
Earthbound Fitchburg St Food Coop*Fitchburg State College Box 3116*Fitchburg MA 01420:FC CU EDUCATION
Food For Thought Food Coop*123 Milk St*Fitchburg MA 01420:FC
Fundamental Action To Conserve Energy*75 Day St*Fitchburg MA 01420**508-345-5385:ENERGY-CONSERVATION CONSERVATION/ENERGY 9106
Moc Family Planning & Health Ctr*283 Main St*Fitchburg MA 01420:BIRTH-CONTROL W WHC HC
Montachusett Peoples Action Committee*66 Day St*Fitchburg MA 01420:SER ECOLOGY AN
Montachusset Peoples Action Committee*516 Elm St*Fitchburg MA 01420:APN PEACE 8703 POLITICAL
Ashby Coop*Box 245*Ashby MA 01431:FC
Womens Collective*Mt Wachusett Community College*Green St*Gardner MA 01440:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Moondance Yogurt Co*Box 147*Hubbardston MA 01452:CCP MUSIC NR AT ECOLOGY AN YOGURT FOOD
Leominster Conservation Committee*City Hall*Leominster MA 01453:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Nasoya Foods*Mechanic St Ext*Leominster MA 01453:NR AT ECOLOGY AN SOYBEANS FOOD
Students Against Pollution*Leominster H S*Leominster MA 01453:ECOLOGY
Congregational Church Of Littleton Coop*161 Hartwell Av*Littleton MA 01460:FC
Littleton-Boxboro Coop*18 Porter Rd*Littleton MA 01460:FC
New Nashoba Coop*189 Whitcomb Rd*Littleton MA 01460:FC
Sundance Paperback Distributors*Newtown Rd*Littleton MA 01460**508-486-9201:SEPTL BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR BOOKSTORE SEP
People Against Nuclear Weapons*Box 445*Pepperell MA 01463:APN 8703 PANW PEACE NUCLEAR-WEAPONS
Berlin Coop*121 Peach Hill Rd*Berlin MA 01503:FC
Van Brode Milling Co*20 Cameron St*Clinton MA 01510:FOOD
Joycean Lively Arts Guild Review*Box 459*E Douglas MA 01516:ART PUBLICATION DB MEDIA
Holden Coop*21 Avery Heights Ct*Holden MA 01520:FC
North East Aids Outreach*Box 306*Northbridge MA 01534:9313 HC AIDS
Solair*Box 187*Southbridge MA 01550**203-928-9174:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
East Brookfield Coop*65 Main St*Spencer MA 01562:FC
Epstein/Gail*Valley Alliance For Nuclear Disarmament*Rd 1 Box 130*Uxbridge MA 01569:APN 8703 AN SEP -1 F DISARMAMENT
Natural Food Inst*Box 185 Wmbr*Dudley MA 01570:AT 8807 FOOD
New England Natural Foods & Farming Assn*30 Whitin Av*Whitinsville MA 01588:AT FARMING FOOD
Annapurna Restaurant*483 Cambridge St*Worcester MA 01601**755-7413:WLT RESTAURANT FOOD
Central Massachusetts Safe Energy Project*Box 1409 Federal Stn*Worcester MA 01601:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ferrin/Paul*Worcester County Peace Network*13 Wetherell St*Worcester MA 01602:APN 8703 SCC AN -1 PEACE
Olive Branch Community*48 Nelson Pl*Worcester MA 01605**617-852-6280*617-754-2235:8704 COMMUNITY
Olive Branch*62 Hillcroft Av*Worcester MA 01606:8911 PEACE
Worcester Chapter Now*1 Salem Sq*Worcester MA 01608:RRN 8904 W NOW HC
Clergy & Laity Concerned*21 Crown St*Worcester MA 01609**508-765-1038:APN PEACE GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V
Dynamy*57 Cedar St*Worcester MA 01609**755-2571:H WORK-STUDY
Lamothe/Raymond*Coalition For Justice & Peace*49 Elm St*Worcester MA 01609:APN 8703 -1 PEACE
Ostelaas/Gary*Family Planning Service*71 Elm St*Worcester MA 01609:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 WHC HC
Project On Nuclear Perspectives*Worcester Polytechnic Inst*Box 1172*Worcester MA 01609:AN POLITICAL
Worcester Area Camp Ministry*19 Schussler Rd*Worcester MA 01609:POLITICAL AN
Worcester Rape Crisis Program*162 Chandler St*Worcester MA 01609:RAPE WHC W HC
Clark Gay Ctr*Box A-70*Clark U*Worcester MA 01610**793-7287:HS CU EDUCATION
Clark Socialist Union*Box A97 Clark U*Worcester MA 01610:W CU EDUCATION
Energy Phone*Clark U*Box A-112*Worcester MA 01610:AT CU EDUCATION
Hohenemer/Churs*Perspectives On Nuclear War*Physics Dept*Clark U*Worcester MA 01610:APN PEACE 8703 AN CU EDUCATION -1 NUCLEAR-WAR
Public Interest Research Group*Box A110 Clark U*Main St*Worcester MA 01610:GMPFC GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*Clark U*902 Main St*Worcester MA 01610:MR WHC POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION HC
Worcester Coalition For A Nuclear Freeze*130 Vernon Av*Worcester MA 01610:APN PEACE 8703 NUCLEAR-FREEZE
C-Sec*22 Forest Rd*Framingham MA 01701**508-877-8266:CESARIAN CHILD-BIRTH WHC W HC
Energy Federation Inc*354 Waverly St*Framingham MA 01701**800-752-7372:ENERGY-CONSERVATION CONSERVATION/ENERGY 9106
Framingham Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*24 Vernon St*Framingham MA 01701**508-877-7356:APN PEACE 8703 NUCLEAR-FREEZE
Mothers & Others*24 Vernon St*Framingham MA 01701:CHILD-CARE PARENTS
National Organization For Women*Box 1286*Framingham MA 01701:MK 8903 NOW W
Sonnan/Rev Frank*Peace Ministry*United Church Of Christ*Salem End & Badger Rds*Framingham MA 01701:APN PEACE 8703 CU EDUCATION -1
Stearns Farm*859 Edmands Rd*Framingham MA 01701**508-877-3882:FARM FOOD
Student Concerned Ctr*Framingham State College*Oconner Hall*Framingham MA 01701:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Sudbury Valley School*Winch St*Framingham MA 01701**508-877-3030:SCHOOL ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL HIGH-SCHOOL CU EDUCATION AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-860214
Third World Ctr*Framingham State College*Framingham MA 01701:MWOC CU EDUCATION
Health Task Force*Acton Area Now*Box 642*W Acton MA 01720:WHC NOW W HC
New Spirit Food Coop*59 W Union St*Ashland MA 01721:FC
Tracy/Steve*C O G Project*Esty St Parish Hall*Ashland MA 01721:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL -1
Bedford Consumers Coop*6 Reed Ln*Bedford MA 01730:FC
New England Consortium On Air Pollution*31 Wildwood Dr*Bedford MA 01730:ECOLOGY
Wood Wind & Sun*Box 146 Main St*Bolton MA 01740:AT ECOLOGY
Acorn Structures Inc*Box 250*Concord MA 01742:POLITICAL HOUSING NR ECOLOGY AN AT
Associates For Human Resources*Box 727*Concord MA 01742**369-7810:WLT H
Bearg/David*Sagefarm Greenhouses*20 Danton St*Concord MA 01742:SER ECOLOGY NR AT SCC AN -1
Committee For A Natl Day Of Peace*93 Pilgrim Rd*Concord MA 01742**617-369-3751:APN 8703 PEACE
Concord Environment Corner*129 Main St*Concord MA 01742:ECOLOGY
Ecos*Damonmill Sq*Concord MA 01742:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Emerson Umbrella Inc*40 Stow St*Concord MA 01742**508-371-0820:9110 ART HAZARDOUS-MATERIALS HEALTH-HAZARDS DB HC
Psychosynthesis For Helping Prof*Box 82*Concord MA 01742**498-9825:WLT H
School We Have*Trinity Episcopal Church*81 Elm St*Concord MA 01742**617-369-7399:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION HIGH-SCHOOL
Strain/Marie*National Peace Day Coalition*93 Pilgrim Rd*Concord MA 01742:MK 8903 -1 PEACE W
Community Spirit Food Coop*1797 Washington*Holliston MA 01746:FC
New Spirit Food Coop*1414 Washington St*Holliston MA 01746:FC
Aauw*11 Archer Dr*Natick MA 01760:ECOLOGY
Audubon Society*South St*S Natick MA 01760:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Children In Hospitals*18 Rathbun St*Natick MA 01760:CHILDREN PUBLICATION HOSPITALS HC
Hayes/Olin*Natick Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*1 Lakewood Rd*Natick MA 01760:APN 8703 NF -1
Massachusetts Wildlife Fed Inc*Box 343*Natick MA 01760:ECOLOGY
Natick Conservation Action*1000 Winter St*Natick MA 01760:ECOLOGY
V E Irons Inc*Box 296*11 Main St*Natick MA 01760:FOOD
Life Experience School*86 Brush Hill Rd*Sherborn MA 01770:H SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Audubon Society*Drumlin Farm*Lincoln MA 01773**617-259-9500:POLITICAL NR AT AN ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Barnes/Benjamin*Committee For Education About Nuclear Arms*Box 353*Lincoln MA 01773:APN 8703 -1 EDUCATION
Lincoln Consumer Coop*Minebroak Rd*Lincoln MA 01773:FC
Lincoln Waging Peace*Box 347*Lincoln MA 01773**617-259-0534:APN 8703 PEACE
Maglione/Louise*Hatheway Environmental Education Inst*Lincoln MA 01773:NR AN -1 ECOLOGY AUDUBON AT W
Nadel/Steven M*Massachusetts Audubon Society*Lincoln MA 01773:NR AT SER ECOLOGY SCC AN -1 AUDUBON
Friends Of Animals*256 Goodman Hill Rd*Sudbury MA 01776:ECOLOGY
New England Networking Directory*1073 Concord Rd*Sudbury MA 01776**369-9163:DIRECTORY AA76 AA BB MBB AAP MLC MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15.
Regional Food Coop*390 Lincoln Rd*Sudbury MA 01776:FC
Rhodes/Patricia*Sudbury Committee For A Nuclear Freeze*14 Beechwood Av*Sudbury MA 01776:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL W -1 NUCLEAR-FREEZE FREEZE/NUCLEAR APN PEACE NF
Teacher Information Ctr*61 Surpey Ln*Sudbury MA 01776:PUBLICATION TEACHERS CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Treadwell/T R*South Middlesex Citizens Against Nuclear Energy*Box 334*385 Dutton Rd*Sudbury MA 01776:POLITICAL -1 SCC AN SER ECOLOGY
United Campuses Against Nuclear War*36 Rich Valley Rd*Wayland MA 01778:APN PEACE 8703 NF
Wayland Food Coop*16 Davelin Rd*Wayland MA 01778:FC
Committee For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*50 Washington St*Burlington MA 01803:APN PEACE 8703 NF
Charisma Press*Box 263 St Francis Seminary*Andover MA 01810:SP
Consumer Coop Alliance*123 Chestnut St*Andover MA 01810:FC
Graham House Review*Phillips Academy*Andover MA 01810:SP
Mckertich/Walter*Earth Food Store*28 Chestnut St*Andover MA 01810**508-475-1234:BOOKSTORE FOOD SEP -1 STORE WLT
Meyers/Tom*Citizens For A Bilateral Nuclear Weapons Freeze*17 Rennie Dr*Andover MA 01810:APN 8703 NF -1
Network-Educational Service & Research*290 S Main St*Andover MA 01810**508-470-1080:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Professional Self Improvement & Hypnosis Ctr Inc*93 Main St*Andover MA 01810:H HYPNOSIS
Citizens For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*158 Concord Rd #E24*Billerica MA 01821**617-663-2478:APN PEACE NF
Good Hearth Coop*5 Abbot Ln*Chelmsford MA 01824:FC
Gaypeople Drop-In Ctr*Campus Ctr*100 Elliot St*Haverhill MA 01830**374-0929:HS
Natural Food Store & Coop*Millvale Rd*Haverhill MA 01830:STORE FOOD
Northern Essex Community For Peace*100 Elliott St*Community College*Haverhill MA 01830:APN 8703 PEACE CU EDUCATION
Nuclear Awareness Group*Bradford College*Bradford MA 01830:APN PEACE 8703 NF CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*Northern Essex Community College*100 Elliott St*Haverhill MA 01830:WOP MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Groveland Food Coop*10 Ashcroft Cir*Groveland MA 01834:FC
Bread & Roses Heritage Committee*Box 1137*Lawrence MA 01842**508-682-1863:9308 LABOR-DAY FESTIVAL EVENT DMPR
Merimack Valley Progressive*Box 43*Lawrence MA 01842**508-688-3569:PUBLICATION 9304 INTERNET
New Englanders For Peace*1 Pine St*Methuen MA 01844**617-689-3395:APN 8703 PEACE
Press Of Kathleen Musser*56 Academy Rd*N Andover MA 01845:SP W
Alternative House*Box 2096 Highland Stn*Lowell MA 01851:W
Joseph/Hugh*Community Teamwork Inc*167 Dutton St*Lowell MA 01852:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Yellow Umbrella Press*Box 1394*Lowell MA 01853:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Reading Peace Action*284 Summer Av*Reading MA 01867**617-944-8769:APN 8703 PEACE
Keddy/Jane L*Peace Is Possible*705 Main St*Wakefield MA 01880:APN PEACE 8703 -1 W
Sawyer/Dana*People For Peace*69 Madison Av*Wakefield MA 01880**617-245-3821:APN 8703 8601 HPF PEACE W -1
Wakefield Food Coop*17 La Salle St*Wakefield MA 01880:FC
World Citizens League*1 Franklin St*Wakefield MA 01880:PEACE POLITICAL
Citizens For A Mutual Nuclear Freeze*124 Mt Vernon St*Winchester MA 01890:APN PEACE 8703 NF
Dickstein/Cynthia*American Soviet Cultural Exchange*22 Seneca Rd*Winchester MA 01890**617-729-8226:APN PEACE 8703 -1 F CULTURAL-EXCHANGE SOVIET-AMERICAN
Francis J Muraco School*61 Irving St*Winchester MA 01890:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Juniper Press*24 Guin Rd*Winchester MA 01890:SP
Tufts Rd School*Tufts Rd*Winchester MA 01890:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Lynn Economic Opportunity Inc*Weatherization Dept*360 Washington St*Lynn MA 01901:SER ECOLOGY AN W WEATHERIZATION
Citizens Against Nuclear Energy*40 Beach Bluff Av*Swampscott MA 01907:POLITICAL AN
Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*189 Bradlee Av*Swampscott MA 01907:APN PEACE 8703 NF
Amesbury Conservation Comm*13 Perkins St*Amesbury MA 01913:AN POLITICAL
Coffey/Nancy*Beverly Peace Education Ctr*97 Haskell St*Beverly MA 01915:APN PEACE 8703 -1 W
Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*221 Cabot St*Beverly MA 01915:APN PEACE 8703 NF
Good Food Coop*68 Conant St*Beverly MA 01915:FC
North Shore Gay Alliance*Box 806*Marblehead MA 01915:CCP MUSIC HS ART DB
Northridge Food Coop*74 Northridge Rd*Beverly MA 01915:FC
Students For Ecology Action*Beverly High School*Beverly MA 01915:ECOLOGY
Womens Ctr*Edicott Jr College*376 Hale St*Beverly MA 01915:H WOP W CU EDUCATION
Community Program Innovations*Box 2066*Danvers MA 01923:HOMELESS HOUSING 8901
Essex Retreat*Conomo Point Rd*Essex MA 01929**508-768-7374:H 8708
Joshua Inst*Conomo Point Rd*Box 949*Essex MA 01929**508-768-7822*508-768-3649(FAX):9104 ECOLOGY AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-910404 AA90-19
Action Energy Program*24 Elm St*Gloucester MA 01930:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY OTW ENERGY
Cape Ann Co-Op*Emerson Av*Gloucester MA 01930:SER ECOLOGY AN FC
Mobilization For Survival*53 Prospect St*Gloucester MA 01930:APN PEACE 8703 NF MFS POLITICAL 8807 W
North Shore Aec*10 Wiley St*Gloucester MA 01930:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Para Research*85 Eastern Av*Gloucester MA 01930:NAM H
The Bookstore*61 Main St*Gloucester MA 01930**508-281-1548:SER ECOLOGY AN BOOKSTORE SEP
Atlantic Center For The Environment*39 S Main St*Ipswich MA 01938:9403 ECOLOGY
Baisley/Nancy*Ipswich Bay Safe Energy Coalition*1 Cogswell St*Ipswich MA 01938:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL W -1 ENERGY
Peace Exploration Task Force*Trinity Baptist Church*Lynnfield MA 01940:APN 8703 PEACE
Kalechofsky/Roberta*Jews For Animal Rights*255 Humphrey St*Marblehead MA 01945**617-631-7601:-1 ANIMAL-RIGHTS VEGETARIAN FOOD W DAPFW
Vandusen/Maria*Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*38 Pond St*Marblehead MA 01945:APN 8703 NF -1 F
Jabberwocky Little Bookstore*12 Federal St At The Tannery*Newburyport MA 01950**508-465-9359:BOOKSTORE
North Shore S E C*5 Cleveland Rd*Peabody MA 01950:SER ECOLOGY AN
Shadowgraphs*Box 546*Newburyport MA 01950:SP
Choice Books*Box 819*Rockport MA 01966**508-000-0000:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Essex County Ecology Ctr*51 Main St*Rockport MA 01966:SER AN ECOLOGY
Gibb/Jean*Cape Ann Action For Nuclear Disarmament*26 High St*Rockport MA 01966:APN PEACE 8703 NF -1 W
Para Research*Whistlestop Mall*Rockport MA 01966:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR NR AT ECOLOGY AN H
Toad Hall Bookstore*51 Main St*Rockport MA 01966**508-546-7323:SER ECOLOGY AN BOOKSTORE AT SEP
Crystal Chamber*1 Hawthorne Blvd*Salem MA 01970**800-A-MAGIC-9*508-745-9400:9010 BOOKSTORE H W
Florence Luscomb Womens Ctr*Salem State College*Salem MA 01970:WOP RRN 8904 CU EDUCATION W HC
Gone Soft*English Dept*Salem State College*Salem MA 01970:COSMEP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Library Of Social Alternatives*Salem State College*Salem MA 01970**617-745-0556:RN LIBRARY POLITICAL MR SER ECOLOGY S AN AACC CU EDUCATION
New England Womens Studies Assn*Salem State College*Salem MA 01970:RRN 8904 W WST CU EDUCATION
New/Bob*North Shore Coalition For Survival*25 Shore Av*Salem MA 01970:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Pyramid Books*214 Derby St*Salem MA 01970**508-745-7171:NAM 9010 BOOKSTORE H
Soundings-East*English Dept*Salem State College*Salem MA 01970:CU EDUCATION
Henderson/John*Educators For Social Responsibility*Winthrop School*S Hamilton MA 01982:APN PEACE 8703 -1 EDUCATION ESR HRO
Young/Peter*Coolidge Ctr Quarterly*Riverhill Farm*Topsfield MA 01983:NA AN SP -1 PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*First Baptist Church*Cabot St*Beverly MA 01995:APN PEACE 8703 NF
St Blaise Soop*17 Arrowhead Rd*Bellingham MA 02019:FC
Environmental Quality*Four Woodland Dr*Cohasset MA 02025:ECOLOGY
Democratic Socialists Of America*62 River Pl*Dedham MA 02026:8604 MK 8903 W POLITICAL SOCIALIST
Lantern Press*75 Lincoln St*Dedham MA 02026:SP
Dover Sherborn Food Coop*30 Old Farm Rd*Dover MA 02030:FC
Reilly Publications*Box 63 6 Crest Dr*Dover MA 02030:SP MLC
Positive Birth*9 Cross St*Foxboro MA 02035**508-543-0526:WHC CHILD-BIRTH PREGNANCY W HC
Project 4*110 Charles St*Hingham MA 02043:PEACE RESEARCH POLITICAL
South Shore Conversion Committee*22 Pond St*Hingham MA 02043:MK 8903 AN
Alhamdu Lillah*67 Martins Ln*Hingham MA 02045:FC
Fred Davis Corp*82 Bridge St*Medfield MA 02052**508-359-3610:CATALOG ENERGY-CONSERVATION CONSERVATION/ENERGY 9106
Welch-Rybczyk/Myrna*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*115 Farm St*Millis MA 02054:APN 8703 WAND NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
African Express*Act Committee*Box 43*Norfolk MA 02056:BLACK PRISON PUBLICATION MEDIA
Norfolk Mass Correctional Inst Prison Committee*Box 43*Norfolk MA 02056:PRISON ORGANIZING
Nukes Kill*Box 43*Norfolk MA 02056:SER ECOLOGY AN
Natural Energies*384 Main St*Norwell MA 02061:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
South Shore Peace Coalition*408 Main St Box 501*Norwell MA 02061**617-659-7216:APN PEACE 8703
Peace With Justice Study Group*St Timothys Parish*650 Nichols St*Norwood MA 02062:APN PEACE 8703
Pilgrim Alliance*19 Damon Rd*Scituate MA 02066:APN 8703 PEACE
Scituate Coop*168 Border St*Scituate MA 02066:FC
West End Coop*90 Summer St*Scituate MA 02066:FC
Nuclear Weapons Freeze Committee*23 Lee Rd*Sharon MA 02067:SER ECOLOGY AN
Hughes/Marianne Murray*Packard Manse Media Project*583 Plain St Box 450*Stoughton MA 02072:APN 8703 -1 F PEACE MEDIA
Stoughton Food Coop*583 Plain St*Stoughton MA 02072:FC
Wrentham Coop II*58 Archer St*Wrentham MA 02093:FC
Alchemie Gallery*Box 280*Boston MA 02101:GE BG ART GALLERY DB
Secular Organizations For Sobriety*Box 3132*Boston MA 02101**617-891-7574:9007 ALCOHOLISM HC
Civil Defense Awareness*Box 963*Boston MA 02103:APN 8703 PEACE
New Century Policies*Box 963*Boston MA 02103**617-354-5811:APN 8703 PEACE
Recycling Legislation Action Coalition*Box 1055*Boston MA 02103**617-723-6894:RECYCLING LEGISLATION COALITION LOBBY ECOLOGY POLITICAL
Stonewall Distributors*Box 896*Boston MA 02103:SEPTL PB POLITICAL SEP BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR
Birchfield Press*Box 1794*Boston MA 02105:SP
Funds For Preservation Of Wildlife & Natural Areas*One Boston Pl*Boston MA 02106:ECOLOGY
Gay Speakers Bureau*Box 2232*Boston MA 02107**617-354-0133:HS H CCP W SPEAKERS-BUREAU
American Friends Service Committee*8 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-367-6000:DRAFT POLITICAL PEACE AFSC 8807 HRO
Appalachian Mountain Club*5 Joy St*Boston MA 02108:9403 ECOLOGY HRO
Associated Grantmakers Of Massachusetts Inc*294 Washington St Suite 840*Boston MA 02108**617-426-2606:9102 GRANT-WRITING FUND-RAISING LOAN-FUND SEMINARS 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
Beacon Hill Friends House*6 Chestnut St*Boston MA 02108**617-227-9118:PP 9107 OWOS 8704 DRAFT POLITICAL QUAKERS
Berg/Wendy*Mass Choice*14 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108:RRN 8904 -1 WHC ABORTION W HC
Boston Visionary Cell*36 Bromfield St*Boston MA 02108**617-482-9044:H S AT ART DB
Catholic Peace & Justice Committee*25 Union St*Boston MA 02108**617-227-2200:DRAFT PEACE
Church Of The Larger Fellowship*25 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108:H
Comfrey/Peggy*Movement For A New Society*5 Park St*Boston MA 02108:DRAFT F -1
Gold Star Mothers For Amnesty*25 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108:DRAFT AMNESTY PEACE
Goldsmith/Larry*National Lawyers Guild*14 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-227-7335:RRN 8904 W -1 NLG RB MK SER ECOLOGY AN HC IDAFSA
Justice & Peace Commission Boston*Archdiocese Of Boston Rm 180*60 School St*Boston MA 02108**617-227-2200:APN PEACE 8703
Liberal Religious Youth*25 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-742-2105 X370:AN POLITICAL MLC
Litwin/Janice*Community Training & Assistance Ctr*30 Winter St 7th Flr*Boston MA 02108**617-423-1444:-1 F TRAINING 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE
Loftus/Jean*Nonprofit Computer Connection*Technical Development Corp*11 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-523-7557:-1 F COMPUTER-ASSISTANCE 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE
Massachusetts Tenants Organization*14 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-367-6260:MK 8903 TENANTS
Masscamp*78 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-742-2120:PRISON
National Consumer Law Ctr*11 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108:CONSUMER PILC LAW POLITICAL 8807 NCBL
Neavs*333 Washington St Suite 850*Boston MA 02108**617-523-6020:ARO
Office Of Peace & Justice*Paulist Ctr*5 Park St*Boston MA 02108:RN PEACE
Pakciarz/Shoshana*Project Bread*11 Beacon St Rm 400*Boston MA 02108**617-723-5000:9011 DMPR -1 FOOD HUNGER W
Paulist Ctr Community*5 Park St*Boston MA 02108**617-742-4460:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION 8602 MK 8903
Public Eye*14 Beacon St #407*Boston MA 02108**617-312-939-2492:APS PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Sierra Club*3 Joy St*Boston MA 02108:NR AT 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL HRO
Socially Conscious Investment Service*U S Trust Co*4 Court St 10TH Flr*Boston MA 02108**617-726-7250:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY CU EDUCATION
Unitarian Universalist Office Of Gay Concerns*25 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-742-2100:HS
Williams/Loretta*Unitarian Universalist Assn*25 Beacon St*Boston MA 02108**617-742-2100:RB MK 8903 APN PEACE 8703 -1 F
Mass Environmental Education Soc Newsletter*15 State St*Boston MA 02109:NR AT AN ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Volunteer Action Ctr*United Way Of Massachusetts Bay*Two Liberty Sq*Boston MA 02109**617-422-6775:VOLUNTEERS 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE
World Peace Foundation*22 Batterymarch St*Boston MA 02109:APN PEACE 8703
Clemente/Frank*Jobs With Peace*76 Summer St Suite 1111*Boston MA 02110**617-338-5183:MILITARY-SPENDING POLITICAL JOBS APN PEACE 8703 -1 RB MK RRN WEJ HC EMPLOYMENT CONVERSION/MILITARY 9308
Feldman/Caryl-Ann*Childrens Museum*Museum Wharf*Boston MA 02110:RNS0207 RN S MUSEUM ART -1
National Assn For The Advancement Of Colored People*451 Massachusetts Av*Boston MA 02110**267-1058:DRAFT POLITICAL
9 To 5*145 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111:8503 WORKING-WOMEN WEJ RRN 8904 W HC
Abcd*178 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111**617-357-6000:8602 MK 8903 NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Abimont St*Boston MA 02111**357-6000:8602 MK 8903 NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Braude/Jim*Tax Equity Alliance For Massachusetts*37 Temple Pl 3rd Flr*Boston MA 02111**617-426-1228*800-TEAM-946:8902 -1 POLITICAL TAXATION VIP NAP PR
Cap-Sal Boston*59 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-482-5825:DANCE AFRO-AMERICAN ART DB
Cason/Candice*Project Impact*25 West St*Boston MA 02111:RRN 8904 W -1 WHC AA91-911115-TEST AA91-TEST HC
Citizens For Participation In Political Action*25 West St*Boston MA 02111**617-426-3040:APN PEACE 8703 POLITICAL 8807 MK
Coalition Of Labor Union Women*145 Tremont St Rm 601*Boston MA 02111:MK 8903 UNION W
Community Works*25 West St 5th Flr*Boston MA 02111**423-9555:FUND-RAISING WEJ
Ecumenical Prayer Service For Peace*138 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111:APN PEACE 8703
Fund For Public Interest Research*37 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111:APN PEACE 8703 PIRG 8807
Gay Community News*167 Tremont St Suite 67*Boston MA 02111**617-426-4469:8701 8602 RB MK 8903 W AACC HS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gehret/Bob*Democratic Socialists Of America*145 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111:RRN 8904 -1 POLITICAL SOCIALIST HC
Hudner/Karen*Massachusetts Civil Liberties Union*19 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-482-3170:POLITICAL RRN -1 CLU W HC CIVIL-LIBERTIES LEGAL-AID HRO
Marzilli/Jim*Americans For Democratic Action*145 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111**617-482-3648:8911 POLITICAL -1
Massachusetts Adoption Resource Exchange*600 Washington St*Boston MA 02111**617-727-6180:ADOPTION
Massachusetts Public Interest Research Group*29 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-292-4800*423-9776:9007 PIRG MK 8903
Massachusetts Solidarity Coalition*Seiu 925*145 Tremont 603*Boston MA 02111:RRN 8904 W UNION POLITICAL HC
National Environmental Law Ctr*29 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111:9201 ECOLOGY LAW PUBLICATION MEDIA
National Student Campaign Against Hunger & Homelessness*29 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-292-4823:HOMELESS 9106
New England Regional Energy Project*178 Tremont St*Boston MA 02111:ENERGY
Perry/Amy*Recycling Initiative Campaign*29 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-292-4824:9007 -1 ECOLOGY RECYCLING POLITICAL DMPR W
Polymorph Films*118 South St*Boston MA 02111**617-542-2004:FILM F&V CHILDBIRTH WHC PARENTHOOD MEDIA HC
Public Interest Research Group*37 Temple Pl*Boston MA 02111**617-423-1796:MLC-NR PILC MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC SER ECOLOGY AN CCP MUSIC CONSUMER
Recycle*Childrens Museum*Boston MA 02111**426-6500:ECOLOGY RECYCLING MUSEUM ART DB
Social Investment Forum*711 Atlantic Av*Boston MA 02111:INVESTMENTS SOCIAL-INVESTMENT-FUND 8709
Welch/John*Bakers Plays*100M Chauncy St*Boston MA 02111:SP IMPB THEATER PLAYS ART -1
Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders*Box 218*Boston MA 02112**426-1350:MK 8903 HS GAY LESBIAN W
Park Square Advocates Inc*Box 218*Boston MA 02112**617-426-1350*617-426-3594(FAX):9012 GAY LESBIAN PUBLICATION LEGAL-AID DMPR MEDIA
Boston Coalition For The Liberation Of Southern Africa*Box 8791*Boston MA 02114:DRAFT SOUTHERN-AFRICA AFRICA ID-A ID-B ID-F ID-P ID-R IDAFSA
Boston March On Washington Committee*104 Charles St Suite 790*Boston MA 02114:POLITICAL MARCH 8708
Environmental Law Society*Suffolk U Law School*41 Temple St*Boston MA 02114:ECOLOGY LAW CU
Free Heat*Box 8934*Boston MA 02114:AT HEAT
Hub Theater Ctr*131 Cambridge St*Boston MA 02114:THEATER
Massachusetts Poverty Law Ctr*69 Canal St*Boston MA 02114**617-742-9250:POVERTY LAW PILC MLC-NCBL MLC-HC MLC 8801 NCBL
Southern Africa Support Coalition*Box 8791*Boston MA 02114:MK 8903 POLITICAL AFRICA
Teen Voices Magazine*Box 6009 Jfk Post Office*Boston MA 02114:9109 W PUBLICATION MEDIA
Avenue Victor Hugo Bookstore*339 Newbury St*Boston MA 02115**617-266-7746:LIBERTARIAN PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE S SEP MEDIA
Ballinger/Wendy*Ford Hall Forum*271 Huntington Av #240*Boston MA 02115**617-437-5800:9109 -1 LECTURES DMPR W LECTURE-SERIES VIP
Bcmhe*735 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02115:DRAFT POLITICAL AA84 AA BB MBB
C G Jung Inst*283 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02115:9208 H JUNG THERAPY
Coalition Against Nuclear Weapons*Northeastern U*Boston MA 02115:NUCLEAR-WEAPONS 8807 CU EDUCATION
Contact Phone*Northeastern U*Boston MA 02115:HOTLINE CU EDUCATION
Daynard/Richard*Tobacco Products Liability Project*Northeastern Law School*400 Huntington Av*Boston MA 02115:-1 PRODUCT-LIABILITY SMOKING LUNG-CANCER HEALTH-CARE 9301
Ecology Action Club*Boston Latin School*Boston MA 02115:ECOLOGY HRO
Fenway Community Health Ctr*16 Haviland St*Boston MA 02115**267-7573:CLINIC 8602 MK 8903 RRN 8904 W HC
Free U Of The Fenway*68 St Stephen St*Boston MA 02115**617-266-4457:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Gay Health Collective Of Boston*16 Haviland St*Boston MA 02115**267-7373:VD VENEREAL-DISEASE STD SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED-DISEASE DISEASE CLINIC HS W HC
Massachusetts Society For Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals*180 Longwood Av*Boston MA 02115:ECOLOGY ANIMALS
National Lawyers Guild*Northeastern Law School*400 Huntington Av*Boston MA 02115:NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION NCBL
Neighborhood Day School*74 Fernwood Rd*Boston MA 02115:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
New England Energy News*Seaca*320 Newbury St*Boston MA 02115:NR AT ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION ERERGY MEDIA
New England Wildflower Preservation Society Inc*Horticultural Hall*300 Massachusetts Av*Boston MA 02115:ECOLOGY
Northeastern Gay Student Organization*Student Activities OFFICE-255 Ell Ctr*360 Huntington Av*Boston MA 02115**253-5440:HS
Parents & Childrens Services*654 Beacon St*Boston MA 02115**617-437-1777:HC PARENTS CHILDREN
Poetry Cooperative Of Boston*16 Haviland St*Boston MA 02115**492-3686:POETRY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rittners*345 Marlborough St*Boston MA 02115:SP
Roxbury Tenants Of Harvard*18 Francis St*Roxbury MA 02115:TENANTS HARVARD ORGANIZING
Service For Energy Conservation In Architecture*Boston Architecture Ctr*320 Newbury St*Boston MA 02115:AT ENERGY-CONSERVATION HOUSING
Tobacco Control Resource Center*102 The Fenway*Boston MA 02115**617-266-6130:9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
Trident Bookstore*338 Newbury St*Boston MA 02115**617-267-8688:H BOOKSTORE
Z Magazine*Institute For Social & Cultural Change*116 Saint Botolph St*Boston MA 02115:8911 DMPR 9107 9109 POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ailanthus*23 Dartmouth St*Boston MA 02116**617-262-2940:PEACE 8807
Artists Foundation*8 Park Plaza*Boston MA 02116**617-227-2787*617-482-8100:9102 FOUNDATION GRANTS MONEY FUNDING GE CCP MUSIC ART-PR PR-ART PR ART DB
Audience Alliance*Stagesource*1 Boylston Pl*Boston MA 02116**617-423-2475:9205 ART-EVENT-DISCOUNTS ART HOTLINE PUBLICATION SEMINARS DB MEDIA
Austin/Rose*Massachusetts Cultural Council*80 Boylston St 10TH Flr*Boston MA 02116**800-232-0960*617-727-3668*617-727-0044(FAX)*617-338-9153(TDD):9112 -1 ART PUBLICATION F DMPR ART-PR PR-ART PR AACP FUNDING DB MEDIA
Blackwheat Theater*Emmanuel Church*15 Newbury St*Boston MA 02116:THEATER
Boston Womens Fund*331 St James Av Suite 902*Boston MA 02116**617-542-5955:MONEY-MANAGEMENT DMPR W MK WEJ
Childrens World Ed Ctr Inc*207 W Newton St*Boston MA 02116:RB MK 8903 EDUCATION
Council For A Livable World*20 Park Plaza Suite 603*Boston MA 02116**617-742-9395:APN 8703 WEJ
Dellarocco/Nancy*First Night Inc*20 Park Plaza Suite 927*Boston MA 02116**617-542-1399:9303 -1 F COMPETITION EVENT ECONOMICS.ESSAY05 ART-MLP MLP-ART ARTSB 8908 ART 8901 8905 IMPB
Dorison House Publishers*824 Park Sq Bldg*Boston MA 02116:SP
Elperin/Nell*Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*15 Newbury St*Boston MA 02116:RRN 8904 F HC -1 PEACE WILPF W
Freedom Ctr*Arlington St Church*355 Boylston St*Boston MA 02116:SER ECOLOGY AN
Fund For A Free South Africa*729 Boylston St 5th Flr*Boston MA 02116**617-267-8333:8909 POLITICAL ID-P ID-A ID-Y 8906 IDAFSA SOUTH-AFRICA AFRICA 9308
Haley House*23 Dartmouth St*Boston MA 02116**617-262-5781:AA76 AA BB MBB ALCOHOLISM
Hilliard/Robert*United Campuses For The Prevention Of Nuclear War*Emerson College*Boston MA 02116:NUCLEAR-WAR AN 8807 CU EDUCATION -1
Human Liberation Group*Arlington St Church*355 Boylston St*Boston MA 02116:CCP MUSIC POLITICAL H ART DB
Kaplan/Ellen*Aids Action Committee*131 Clarendon St*Boston MA 02116**617-437-6200:9105 -1 AIDS HC W
Legislative Council For Older Americans*110 Arlington St*Boston MA 02116**617-426-0804:ELDERLY
Little Brothers Friends Of The Elderly*530 Columbus Av*Boston MA 02116**617-536-2404:ELDERLY VOLUNTEERS 8807
Mobilization For Survival*132 Beacon St*Boston MA 02116:8704 MFS POLITICAL 8807
Morin/Laurie*Volunteer Lawyers For The Arts*8 Park Plaza Rm 2240*Boston MA 02116**617-523-1764:LAWYERS/PRO-BONO LEGAL-ASSISTANCE 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE -1 ART F DB
New England Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Middle East*15 Newbury St*Boston MA 02116**617-354-0008:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Northeastern Afro-American Inst*40 Leon St*Boston MA 02116:SAVANNA 8901 BLACK AFRO-AMERICAN SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Poor Peoples United Fund*645 Boylston St*Boston MA 02116**262-5922:MK 8903 WEJ
Rybeck/Abe*Theater Offensive*Boston Ctr For The Arts*539 Tremont St*Boston MA 02116**617-542-4214:9308 -1 GAY LESBIAN THEATER DMPR ART09
Salvation Army*147 Berkeley St*Boston MA 02116**617-542-5424:8809 RELIEF HURRICANE-GILBERT-RELIEF DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY
Senior Vista Program*Mass Assoc Of Older Americans*110 Arlington St*Boston MA 02116**617-426-1866:ELDERLY VISTA
Social Action Committee*Arlington St Church*355 Boylston St*Boston MA 02116:CCP POLITICAL
South End Press*116 St Botolph St*Boston MA 02116**617-266-0629:SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Support Ctr Of Massachusetts*20 Park Plaza Suite 530*Boston MA 02116**617-338-1331:9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
WERS*Emerson College*130 Beacon St*Boston MA 02116**617-267-7821:RRN 8904 PR-MA MA-PR LM RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PSA PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA IDAFSA ID-O ID-P
Womens Athletic Assoc*140 Clarendon St*Boston MA 02116:H SPORTS W
Womens Education & Industrial Union*356 Boylston St*Boston MA 02116**617-536-5651 X34:MK 8903 RRN 8904 W HC UNION
Womens Information Referral & Service League*Junior League Of Boston*117 Newbury St*Boston MA 02116**247-4078:W
Gaylactic Network*Box 1051 Back Bay Annex*Boston MA 02117:GAY 9108 HS SF-SP DB SP 8910 SFC SF
Jensen/Sarah*Atelier*Bliss Publications*Box 580*Boston MA 02117:9110 ART-PR PR-ART PR -1 VARIOUS...911030 PUBLICATION 9105 ART F DB MEDIA
Massachusetts Halfway Houses Inc*Box 348*Boston MA 02117:PRISON HALFWAY-HOUSE RN
New Directions For Men*Box 510 Back Bay Annex*Boston MA 02117**421-9722:MEN H THERAPY
Sanders/Ann*Reproductive Rights Committee*Blgpa*Box 65 Back Bay Annex*Boston MA 02117:RRN 8904 ABORTION HC -1 W
Soundiscoveries*Box 194 Back Bay Stn*Boston MA 02117:SOUND-HEALING HC
Boston U Drug Addiction Ctr*90 E Concord St*Boston MA 02118**617-262-4200:DRUGS ADDICTION
Bridge Fund Inc*531 Massachusetts Av*Boston MA 02118:BLACK CU EDUCATION
Childrens Art Ctr*36 Rutland St*Boston MA 02118**617-536-9666:CHILDREN MUSEUM ART-MUSEUM CRAFTS SAVANNA 8901 ART GALLERY DB
Lead Poisoning Prevention Ctr*Boston City Hospital*Boston MA 02118:POISON HC
Organization For A New Equality*485 Columbus Av*Boston MA 02118**617-536-0872:ECONOMICS DMPR 8801
Project Pl*32 Rutland St*Boston MA 02118**617-262-3740:COUNSELING COUNSELOR-TRAINING CCP EDUCATION
Puente Fund Inc*531 Massachusetts Av*Boston MA 02118**617-266-1142:SPANISH-SPEAKING PRE-SCHOOL ADULT CU EDUCATION
South End Community Health Ctr*400 Shawmut Av*Boston MA 02118:WHC W HC
Stubbs/Denise*Stride Rite Childrens Ctr*960 Harrison Av*Boston MA 02118:SAVANNA 8901 W CHILD-CARE -1 KIDS CHILDREN
Aid To Incarcerated Mothers*32 Rutland St*Boston MA 02118-1526:RRN 8904 W PRISON MOTHERS HC COA COA-921128
Association Of Boston Urban Priests*377 Walnut Av*Roxbury MA 02119:RELIGION
Eastern Unity Natural Food Coop*164 Humbolt Av*Roxbury MA 02119:FC
Elma Lewis School Of Fine Arts*300 Walnut Av*Roxbury MA 02119**617-442-8820:SCHOOL CRAFTS POLITICAL BG CU EDUCATION 9107 OWOS MUSIC
First*167 Centre St*Roxbury MA 02119:HALFWAY-HOUSE DRUG-ADDICTION
Fort Hill Community*5 Fort Av Ter*Roxbury MA 02119:COMMUNITY
Fort Hill Faggots For Freedom*48 Centre St*Roxbury MA 02119**445-6676:PUBLICATION HS MEDIA
Haughton/A*Linwood Square Coop*7 Linwood Sq*Roxbury MA 02119:FC -1
Highland Park Free School*46 Hawthorn St*Roxbury MA 02119**617-427-3400:SCHOOL ELEMENTARY-SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Hillside Outreach*105 South Huntington*Roxbury MA 02119:COMMUNITY-CENTER
Packard Manse*41 Winthrop St*Roxbury MA 02119:RELIGION HRO
Roxbury Defenders Committee*126 Warren St*Roxbury MA 02119:LEGAL-AID LAW
Third World Jobs Clearinghouse*10 Linwood*Roxbury MA 02119**427-2526:MK 8903 JOBS EMPLOYMENT
African Liberation Support Committee*Box 238*Roxbury MA 02120:OXFAM 9110 AFRICA
St Phillips Parish*1 Warwick St*Roxbury MA 02120:PEACE CHURCH POLITICAL
Prescott/Dr Jennifer*Comprehensive Adolescent Pregnancy Program*Aswalos House*246 Seaver St*Boston MA 02121**617-442-9645:RRN 8904 W WHC F -1 HC
Women Inc*570 Warren Av*Dorchester MA 02121:WHC W HC
Dorchester Reading Authority*Box 159*Dorchester MA 02122**617-288-9702:BOOKSTORE 8710 RB MK 8903
Dorchester Tenants Action Council*1353 Dorchester Av*Dorchester MA 02122:TENANTS ORGANIZING
Gay People Of Umass Boston*U Of MA*Dorchester MA 02122:CCP MUSIC GAY CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Accountability In The Political Process Action Committee*Box 857 Astor Stn*Boston MA 02123:9203 POLITICAL
Good Poets*Box 277 Astor Stn*Boston MA 02123**536-9826:POETRY HS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Quimby Quarterly*Box 281 Astor Stn*Boston MA 02123:PUBLICATION SPR SPA 8704 MEDIA
Stop*Box 557 Astor Stn*Boston MA 02123:SER ECOLOGY AN
Dorchester Community News*Box D*Dorchester MA 02124**617-298-1080:RB MK RRN PUBLICATION PR WEJ HC MEDIA
Dorchester People For Peace*22 Rockwell St*Dorchester MA 02124**617-436-1548:PEACE 8807
Columbia Point Drug Action Program*320 Mt Vernon St*Dorchester MA 02125**617-282-5433:DRUGS DETOXIFICATION
Health Services-Human Sexuality Ctr*U Of MA*Dorchester MA 02125:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Nikmal Publishing*698 River St*Mattapan MA 02126:SP
Artists Bettering Livelihood In Ed*62 Joyce Hayes Way*S Boston MA 02127:FC
International Seminars On Training For Non-Violent Action*Box 38*S Boston MA 02127:PEACE NON-VIOLENT-ACTION 8807
Mccusker/Carol*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*809 Saratoga St*E Boston MA 02128:WAND W NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL 8807 -1 F
Taize Council Of Youth*108 White St*E Boston MA 02128:RELIGION YOUTH
Fidelman/Miles*Center For Civic Networking*91 Baldwin St*Charlestown MA 02129**617-241-5064*MFIDELMAN@WORLD STD COM:9310 INTERNET COMPUTING-SERVICE COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Pax Christi*Usa Ctr On Conscience & War*610 Rutherford Av*Charlestown MA 02129**617-354-4354:APN PEACE
Boston Indian Council*105 S Huntingdon Av*Jp MA 02130**232-0343:DRAFT POLITICAL BPO 8602 MK 8903
Chestnut Neighborhood Coop*18 Boylston St*Jp MA 02130:FC
Cispes New England*42 Seaverns Av*Jp MA 02130**617-782-5212:PEACE 8807
Cooperative Artists Inst*311 Forest Hill St*Jp MA 02130**617-524-6378:CCP MUSIC ART DB
Dare Inc*36 Perkins St*Jp MA 02130:HALFWAY-HOUSE YOUTH
Earth Works*62 Day St*Jamaica Plain MA 02130**617-983-9463:9112 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION ENERGY BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION MEDIA
Episcopal Task Force For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*8 St John St*Jp MA 02130:NUCLEAR-WEAPONS 8807
Fanlight Productions*47 Halifax St*Jp MA 02130**617-524-0980:AIDS-PATIENTS DMPR FILM F&V HC FAMILY MEDIA
Gargoyle*40 St John St 2f*Jp MA 02130:SP
Greenpeace*709 Centre St*Jp MA 02130**576-1650:8808 8903 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901102 NR AT AN POLITICAL PUBLICATION ECOLOGY GREENPEACE RB MK MEDIA
International Soc For The Protection Of Animals*29 Perkins St*Jp MA 02130:ANIMALS
Jamaica Plain Disarmament Study Group*8 St John St*Jp MA 02130**617-891-0814:DISARMAMENT 8807
Macmillan/Richard*Business Volunteers For The Arts*Box 1267*Boston MA 02130**617-524-0185:-1 PRO-BONO-SERVICES VOLUNTEERS BUSINESS-ASSISTANCE 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
New England Disarmament Task Force*709 Centre St*Jp MA 02130**576-1650:MK 8903 PEACE DISARMAMENT
Norman/Abigail*International Womens Day Video Festival*Box 176*Boston MA 02130**617-628-8826:9102 -1 W VIDEO-FESTIVAL
Red Book Collective*92 Green St*Jp MA 02130**617-522-1464:RB MK 8903 BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP
Reproductive Rights Network*Box 639*Jp MA 02130**617-522-0345:MK ABORTION REPRODUCTION WHC PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA HC
Sojourner*42 Seaverns Av*Boston MA 02130**617-524-0415:9308 WOMEN PUBLICATION
Sunrise Astrology*Box 391*Jp MA 02130**522-5522:ASTROLOGY AA76 AA BB MBB MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC
The Circle*105 S Huntington Av*Jp MA 02130:SP
World Society For The Protection Of Animals*29 Perkins St*Box 190*Boston MA 02130:9403 ECOLOGY
B & R Samizdat Express*Box 161*W Roxbury MA 02132:MLC SAMIZDAT
Boston Performance Artists*271 Park St*W Roxbury MA 02132**325-0437:AD THEATER F IMPB PERFORMANCE-ART GE PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB
Senior Citizens Oil Co*21 Springvale Av*W Roxbury MA 02132:BUSINESS ELDERLY-OIL-COMPANY OIL
Circumcision Resource Ctr*Box 232*Boston MA 02133:9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Allston-Brighton Action Ctr*141 Harvard Av*Allston MA 02134**617-783-1485:COMMUNITY-CENTER
American Living*Box 901*Allston MA 02134:BG PUBLICATION SPR SPA 8704 ART DB MEDIA
Boston Food Coop*449 Cambridge St*Allston MA 02134:RRN 8904 W FC HC
Boston Peoples Organization*Box 384*Allston MA 02134:MK 8903 POLITICAL
Cesfm*Box 4*Allston MA 02134**617-661-0202:PEACE 8807
Horwitz/Jaime*Herter Ctr Human Ecology*1175 Soldiers Field Rd*Allston MA 02134:AT -1 ECOLOGY
Jobs & Environment Campaign*1168 Commonwealth Av 3rd Flr*Boston MA 02134**617-232-5833*617-232-3837(FAX):9307 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY POLLUTION
Lodeon Natural Foods*166 Harvard Av*Allston MA 02134**254-9786:WLT RESTAURANT FOOD
National Toxics Campaign*1168 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02134:9403 ECOLOGY
New Community Projects*449 Cambridge St*Allston MA 02134**783-3060:COMMUNITY
New Potato Caboose*Boston Food Coop*449 Cambridge*Allston MA 02134:PUBLICATION FC MEDIA
Primal Plunge*107 Brighton Av*Allston MA 02134**617-787-1318:AT ECOLOGY F&V 9010 BOOKSTORE AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901015 ART DB MEDIA
Aqua Retreat Ctr*214 Market St*Brighton MA 02135**527-1595:WLT H
Catholic Connection*139 Washington St*Brighton MA 02135**617-254-4290:PEACE CATHOLICS 8807
New Age Journal*Rising Star Inc*342 Western Av*Brighton MA 02135**617-787-2005:APS PR PR-ART ART-PR PUBLICATION H 8708 LMCC ART DB MEDIA
New Thing Art & Architecture Project*55 Brooksdale Rd*Brighton MA 02135:ARCHITECTURE ART DB
Wits End Coffeehouse*1220 River St*Hyde Park MA 02136**617-361-2457:COFFEEHOUSE
Eidos Magazine*Box 96*Boston MA 02137**617-333-0612*800-902-0548:EROTIC-ART 8711 SEXUAL-LIFESTYLES PUBLICATION W ART DB MEDIA
Action For Childrens Tv News Magazine*20 University Rd*Cambridge MA 02138:APN PEACE 8704 TV F&V PUBLICATION CHILDREN TV-PR PR-TV PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB MEDIA
Albert Einstein Inst*1430 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-876-0311*617-661-0802(FAX):PEACE NONVIOLENCE 9308 9103 AA AA91 AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910817 PUBLICATION MEDIA POLITICAL
Alexander/Susan*Educators For Social Responsibility*23 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138:-1 F POLITICAL 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA EDUCATION DMPR NAM ESR MK
Alice James Books*46 Brattle St*Cambridge MA 02138:COSMEP PUBLICATION POETRY W MEDIA
Arsenic & Old Lace*1743 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-7785:BOOKSTORE H OCCULTISM
Asia Books*12 Arrow St*Cambridge MA 02138:BOOKSTORE
Beansprout*4 Potter Pk*Cambridge MA 02138:FC
Boston Alliance Against Registration & The Draft*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-0931:DRAFT 8807
Boston Film-Video Foundation*27 Athens St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-253-7612:FILM VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Boston Infact*U Christian Movement*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-5314:SP PUBLICATION GMPFJ GMPFI POLITICAL CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Boycott Gulf Coalition*105 Memorial Hall*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-3945:GULF BOYCOTT POLITICAL
Cambridge Buddhist Assn*126 Brattle St*Cambridge MA 02138:H
Cambridge Cooperative Club*66 Wendell St*Cambridge MA 02138:COOP COMMUNITY HRO
Cambridge Documentary*242 Lexington Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-3677:FILM MLC-GMPF MLC-ED MLC-W MLC-WST MLC-HSO MLC-CONSUMER MLC GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Cambridge Ministry In Higher Ed*105 Memorial Hall*Harvard*Cambridge MA 02138:U MINISTERS RELIGION CU EDUCATION
Cambridge Montessori School*161 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-492-3410:SCHOOL MONTESSORI CU EDUCATION SAVANNA 8901
Cambridge Peace Education Project*7 Rc Kelley St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-868-6219:PEACE 8807
Casa*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-661-0202:MK 8903 HISPANIC
Cauldron Experimental Theatre*Box 373*Cambridge MA 02138**617-542-8575:THEATER GE ART DB
Center For Development Policy*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-576-2432:POLITICAL 8807
Center For Law & Education*Gutman Library 3rd Flr*Harvard*Cambridge MA 02138:CU EDUCATION LAW PILC LIBRARY 8807 NCBL
Center For Study Of World Religions*42 Francis Av*Cambridge MA 02138:H
Center On Technology & Society*Box 38-206*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-1112:AT SP GMPFE GMPFI TECHNOLOGY POLITICAL PUBLICATION GMPF F&V MEDIA
Central America Solidarity Assoc*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-492-8699:CENTRAL-AMERICA POLITICAL 8807
Christ Church Against Nuclear Armament*Zero Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138:NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT 8807 9107 OWOS MUSIC ART DB
Citizens League Against The Sonic Boom*19 Appleton St*Cambridge MA 02138:ECOLOGY SONIC-BOOM
Clergy & Laity Concerned*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-497-5603:PEACE CALC 8807
Clergy Alliance For Peace*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138:PEACE 8807
Committee For Environmental Action*Phillips Brooks House*Harvard*Cambridge MA 02138:NR AT AN ECOLOGY CU
Conservation Concepts*19 Ash St*Cambridge MA 02138:NR AT AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL
Crumbley/Cathy*Coolidge Ctr For Environmental Leadership*1675 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138:GMPFI GMPFE -1 9102 GMPF F&V ECOLOGY W
Cultural Survival*11 Divinity Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-2562:SP PUBLICATION 8911 ECOLOGY ECO-TOURISM TOURS 9103 MEDIA
Daedalus*136 Irving St*Cambridge MA 02138:SP
Dawson/Michael*Holistic Health Referrals*1 Brattle Cir*Cambridge MA 02138**617-661-3732:H -1 HC
Deegan/Eleanor*Mothers Against Nuclear Technology*7 Crescent St*Cambridge MA 02138:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 W
Disarmament Action Network*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-4280:MK 8903 PEACE
Education For Action*Radcliffe College*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-8604:COUNSELING CCP MUSIC CU EDUCATION ART DB
Emergency Committee For Peace Justice & Non-Intervention In The Middle East*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-0008:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Energy Policy Information Ctr*10 Bigelow St*Cambridge MA 02138:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Environmental Law Society*Harvard Law School*Cambridge MA 02138:ECOLOGY LAW
Evening Clinic For Young People*330 Mt Auburn St*Cambridge MA 02138:CLINIC YOUTH HC
Experiments In History Teaching*Robinson Hall 216*Harvard*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-5268:CU MLC HISTORY TEACHING EDUCATION
Fayerweather St School*After School Program*74 R Fayerweather*Cambridge MA 02138:SCHOOL OTW CU EDUCATION ART DB
Ferguston Halty Publishing Co*376A Harvard St*Cambridge MA 02138:SP
First Church Peace Ministry*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138:8704 PEACE WLT 9107 OWOS MUSIC ART DB
Fresh Pond Coop*24 Chilton St*Cambridge MA 02138:FC
Friends Of The Earth*84 Massachusetts Av W20-002*Cambridge MA 02138:SER AN FOE ECOLOGY 8807
Friends Of The Filipino People*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138:DRAFT POLITICAL
Gray Panthers Of Greater Boston*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-497-5767:MK 8903 ELDERLY
Harvard Advocate*21 South St*Cambridge MA 02138:SP
Harvard Coop House*3 Sacramento St*Cambridge MA 02138:FC
Harvard Journal Of Law & Public Policy*233 Langdell Hall*Harvard Law School*Cambridge MA 02138:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Harvard Negotiation Project*Pound Hall 500 Hls*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-1684:PEACE 8807
Harvard Voluntary Defenders*Austin Hall*Harvard*Cambridge MA 02138:LEGAL-AID
Hesed Jewish Relief*32 Shepard St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-3006:JEWISH-RELIEF 9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
History Of Women In America Library*3 James St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-8647:LIBRARY HC W
Honduras Information Ctr*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-0150:HONDURAS POLITICAL 8807
International Peace Bureau*15 Farrar St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-547-3859:PEACE 8807
Jordon Coop*Radcliff College*91 Walker St*Cambridge MA 02138:FC CU EDUCATION
Kim/Earl*Musicians Against Nuclear Arms*57 Francis Av*Cambridge MA 02138:MUSIC NUCLEAR-ARMS POLITICAL 8807 ART -1 DB
La Organizatione*105 Larsen Hall*Appian Way*Cambridge MA 02138:SPANISH
Lay Assoc*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138:WORK ETHICS
Lesbians United In Non-Nuclear Action*Womens Ctr*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02138:8704 AN
Louise Brooks Project Inc*27 Athens St*Cambridge MA 02138:FILM F&V W MEDIA
Mcalister/Melani*Campaign For Peace With Justice*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-0008:RB MK 8903 PEACE -1 W
Medical Committee For Human Rights*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138:MCHR POLITICAL HC HRO
Mental Patients Liberation Front*Box 514*Cambridge MA 02138:HC MENTAL-PATIENTS MLC
Mobilization For Survival*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-0008:ID-P ID-O 8609 IDAFSA SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN MFS 8807 8601 8602 RB MK WEJ
New England Coalition For The Pacific*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-576-2432:PACIFIC 8807
Nuclear Negotiation Project*500 Pound Hall*Harvard Law School*Cambridge MA 02138:PEACE 9308
Office For Information Technology*1730 Cambridge St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-0683:COMPUTER-ASSISTANCE 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
Palomba/Tony*Boston Mobilization For Survival*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-0008:9205 -1 MLP MFS RRN 8904 W HC
Peace River Films*12 Arrow St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-492-7990:FILM F&V WILDLIFE MEDIA
Pequod Counseling Ctr*1145 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138:H CCP MUSIC ART DB
Phillips Brooks House Assn*Harvard Yard*Cambridge MA 02138:SOCIAL-SERVICE H
Physicians For Social Responsibility*19 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-497-7440:NUCLEAR-WAR PSR AN MK 8903 HC POLITICAL HRO
Program In Peace Justice & Social Change*Harvard U*Cambridge MA 02138:PEACE 8807 CU EDUCATION
Program On Nonviolent Sanctions*1737 Cambridge St*Cambridge MA 02138:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Project Community Arts Ctr*141 Huron Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-0187:BG ART DB
Project For Kibbutz Studies*Harvard*503 Larsen Hall*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-3436:
Radcliffe Inst*3 James St*Cambridge MA 02138:CU EDUCATION W
Rossetti/Carla*Nature Food Centers*1731 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-508-366-5000*617-492-2599:BOOKSTORE FOOD -1
Rudy/Lisa*Preventing Nuclear War Project*Cambridge Forum*3 Church St*Cambridge MA 02138:FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR GMPFP 9101 GMPF F&V -1 F
Scheer/Roddy*Cabot House Environmental Coalition*60 Linnaean St*Cambridge MA 02138:9112 -1 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Schirmer/Peggy*Concerned Educators Allied*17 Gerry St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-864-0999:8602 RB MK 8903 WEJ SER ECOLOGY AN -1 W EDUCATION
Skylight Books Inc*111 Mt Auburn St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-491-8788:H METAPHYSICS BOOKSTORE MLC SEP
Social Justice Committee*Weston School Of Theology*3 Phillips Pl*Cambridge MA 02138:POLITICAL 8807 CU EDUCATION
Stop Nuclear War*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-492-8305:8704 NUCLEAR-WAR PEACE AN
Survival Education Fund Inc*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-354-1204:FUNDING CU EDUCATION
Traprock Peace Ctr*Harvard Divinity School*45 Francis Av*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-5752:PEACE 8807
Union Of Concerned Scientists*26 Church St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-547-5552:8704 SCIENTISTS SCIENCE AT POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN WEJ
United Church Of Christ Peace Ministry*11 Garden St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-5761:8704 PEACE CCP MUSIC ART DB
Waging Peace*205 Memorial Hall*Harvard U*Cambridge MA 02138**617-495-3945:CU WEJ PEACE 8807
Water Music Inc*12 Arrow St*Cambridge MA 02138**617-876-8742:MUSIC JAZZ ART DB
World Federalists Of NE*3 Gerrys Landing*Cambridge MA 02138**617-497-2375:POLITICAL 8807
Yoga Group*Unitarian Church*3 Church St*Cambridge MA 02138:YOGA CU EDUCATION
Briggs/Dean P*Interface*55 Wheeler St*Cambridge MA 02138-1125**617-876-4600*617-876-5661(FAX)*617-648-8862(TTY):NAIC 9112 -1 H VIP EXEC-DIR COURSES ART-COURSES COURSES/ART CATALOG
Alternative News Collective*84 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-253-0399*THISTLE@ATHENA.MIT.EDU:9109 POLITICAL CU PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ananda Healing Arts Ctr*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-3359:H 8708 CCP MUSIC ART DB
Archival Press*Box 93 MIT Branch*Cambridge MA 02139:SP PUBLICATION POETRY MEDIA
Berlet/Chip*Political Research Assoc*678 Massachusetts Av Suite 205*Cambridge MA 02139**617-661-9313:9202 -1 POLITICAL RESEARCH
Bicycle Repair Collective*351 Broadway*Cambridge MA 02139**617-354-9891:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION COLLECTIVE
Black Market Books*Box 306*Cambridge MA 02139:BOOKSTORE
Black Rose*209 Pearl St*Cambridge MA 02139:ANARCHIST LECTURE-SERIES POLITICAL W
Boston Self-Defense Collective*137 Tremont St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-547-2874:RRN 8904 W SELF-DEFENSE HC
Broadside Free Video Press*Box 93 MIT Branch*Cambridge MA 02139:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Cambridge Art Ctr*31 Newtowne Ct*Cambridge MA 02139**617-864-3840:UNITED-FUND CRAFTS MUSIC BG ART DB
Cambridge Committee For Nuclear Disarmament*City Hall Annex*57 Inman St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-498-9000:WLT AN
Cambridge Community Schools*57 Inman St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-876-6800:SCHOOL COMMUNITY CU EDUCATION
Cambridge Documentary Films*Box 385*Cambridge MA 02139:FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Cambridge Family & Childrens Service*99 Austin St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-876-4210:CHILDREN FAMILY COUNSELING
Cambridge Food Coop*580 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-661-1580:COOP CCP MUSIC FC RRN W ART DB HC
Cambridge Womens Ctr*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-354-8807:GMPFH CCP MUSIC GMPFI W MK 8903 GMPF F&V DB
Cambridgeport Coop*274 Brookline St*Cambridge MA 02139:FC
Center For Policy Alternatives*MIT*77 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-253-1667:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA
Central School*43 Essex St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-868-0073:SCHOOL PRE-SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Cispes*1151 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139:RRN 8904 W HC
Coalition For Basic Human Needs*54 Essex St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-497-0126:MLC-PO POLITICAL MLC-W MLC 8602 MK 8903 8503 WEJ
Coalition To Stop Inst Violence*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139:RRN 8904 W HC
Community Training Resources*12 Maple Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-491-0600:H TRAINING
Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*545 Tech Sq #501*Cambridge MA 02139**617-625-2597:APN PEACE COMPUTERS
Dance Umbrella*380 Green St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-491-7377:AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE DANCE ART DB
Dangerfield/Mary Jo*Families For The Future*12 Rockingham St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-491-1806:APN PEACE -1 F
Experimental Studies Group*MIT 24-612*Cambridge MA 02139**617-253-7787:FH U CU EDUCATION
Green/Tova*Interhelp*194 Hamilton St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-354-1638:NAIC CCP MUSIC ART 8503 WEJ APN PEACE -1 F
Hastings House*64 Chestnut St*Cambridge MA 02139:HALFWAY-HOUSE YOUTH
Herne/Jim*New England Campuses Against War*19 Chalk St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-497-0230:-1 CAMPUSES EDUCATION 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Hoffman/Kathy*Cambridge Peace Commission*57 Inman St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-498-9535:APN MK PEACE -1 F 9308
Institute For Foreign Policy Analysis*675 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139:BP POLITICAL FOREIGN-POLICY
Interest File*18 Laurel St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-661-7835: INFORMATION-RESOURCES
Jacobson/Gail*MIT Disarmament Study Group*77 Massachusetts Av #W20-401*Cambridge MA 02139**617-253-2696:APN -1 DISARMAMENT PEACE POLITICAL W
Joy Of Movement*Box 390424*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-4680:DANCE POLITICAL BG ART W DB
Kaplan/Madge*New Words Womens Bookstore*186 Hampshire St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-876-5310:CCP MUSIC 8701 ART RRN 8904 W BOOKSTORE WOP F -1 DB HC
League For Programming Freedom*1 Kendall Square #143*Box 9171*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-0023:9007 COMPUTER-PROGRAMMING PROGRAMMING-COMPUTERS TECHNOLOGY MPC
Lesbian Liberation*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139:LESBIAN RESEARCH HS W
Lesbians United In Non-Nuclear Action*Cambridge Womens Ctr*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139:SER ECOLOGY AN LESBIAN W
Levine/Barry*Center Screen*18 Vassar St 20B-126*Cambridge MA 02139**617-494-0201:CCP MUSIC GE GMPFM GMPFAV FILM GMPFT GMPFPR ART-MLP MLP GMPF F&V ART -1 THEATER DB MEDIA 8901 ARTSB 8905 IMPB MOVIES
Levine/Mark*International Peace Exchange*154 Magazine St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-7986:APN PEACE -1 GE W ART
Longfellow Community School*57 Inman St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-547-03185:MLC SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Luna*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Madnick/Jackson*Wet Light*564 Putnam Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-876-8882:9112 ECOLOGY EVENTS ENVIRONMENTAL-EVENTS ENVIRONMENTAL-SPECTACULARS ART -1 BG DB
Matrix Press*Box 505*Cambridge MA 02139:PREMENSTRUAL-SYNDROME HC W
Mchenry/Keith*Food Not Bombs*195 Harvard St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-0878:APN PEACE HUNGER FOOD -1
Mens Studies Collection*MIT Hayden Library*Cambridge MA 02139:MEN LIBRARY S CCP MUSIC ART DB
Meyers/Alan*Nicaraguan Solidarity Committee*564 Green St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-0520:DRAFT POLITICAL -1
Miller/Robert*Nonprofit Assistance Program*Boston Computer Society*1 Kendall Sq*Cambridge MA 02139**617-734-1514:-1 COMPUTER-ASSISTANCE VOLUNTEERS 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
National Ctr For Fair & Open Testing*342 Broadway*Cambridge MA 02139:9109 EDUCATION TESTING
New Boston Group*614 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-576-6100:FUND-RAISING TELEMARKETING 8710 PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB
New England Foundation For The Arts*678 Massachusetts Av Suite 801*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-2914:9102 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB 8604 IMPB
New England War Tax Resistance*Box 174 MIT Branch Po*Cambridge MA 02139**617-731-6139:APN PEACE DRAFT CCP MUSIC GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V DB
New Jewish Agenda*Box 787*Cambridge MA 02139:MK 8903 JEWISH
Philippines Information Bulletin*14 Glenwood Av*Cambridge MA 02139:PHILIPPINES POLITICAL
Physicians For Social Responsibility*639 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02139**617-491-2754:IMPB PSR MK 8903 HC PEACE HRO
Planned Parenthood League Of Ma*99 Bishop Allen Dr*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-0518:MK 8903 ABORTION WHC W HC
Public Technology Assessment*Box 29 MIT Branch*Cambridge MA 02139:AT GAMES CU EDUCATION
Rape Crisis Ctr*Womens Ctr*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-7273:MK 8903 WHC W HC
Rhythm Music Monthly*Box 390733*Cambridge MA 02139**617-661-1796:9304 ART MUSIC DANCE RHYTHM CULTURE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Roxbury War Tax Scholarship Fund*Box 174 MIT Branch*Cambridge MA 02139:TAX-RESISTANCE CU EDUCATION
Shelter Inc*Box 516*Cambridge MA 02139**617-864-8140:SHELTER HOMELESS 8704
Socialist Party Of Massachusetts*Box 390774*Cambridge MA 02139:8604 MK 8903 CCP MUSIC SOCIALIST POLITICAL ART DB
Unicef Committee Of Greater Boston*99 Bishop Allen Dr*Cambridge MA 02139**617-492-0029:RELIEF HURRICANE-GILBERT-RELIEF DISASTER-RELIEF 8809 BANGLADESH-AID RELIEF-AGENCY
Unitarian Universalist Service Committee*130 Prospect St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-742-2120:8809 RELIEF HURRICANE-GILBERT-RELIEF DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY DRAFT MBB BB
Willmer/Ralph*Sceoc Inc*11 Inman St*Cambridge MA 02139:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Womens Pentagon Action*46 Pleasant St*Cambridge MA 02139**617-876-1002:APN PEACE POLITICAL WHC EDUCATION DRAFT BOOKSTORE PENTAGON WOP HC
Working Papers For A New Society*186 Hampshire St*Cambridge MA 02139:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Friends Service Committee*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL MLP PUBLICATION AFSC 8807 PEACE MEDIA ID-O ID-F ID-D IDAFSA HRO
Boston Clamshell*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140:NR AT ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Cambridge Friends School*5 Cadbury Rd*Cambridge MA 02140**617-354-3880:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION QUAKERS LGS SAVANNA 8901
Charter Ink*Box 806*Cambridge MA 02140:9405 CORPORATIONS POLITICAL05
Council For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-491-7809:APN
Cultural Worker*30 Hubbard Av*Cambridge MA 02140:PUBLICATION POLITICAL ART DB MEDIA
East Coast Bisexual Network*Box 639*Cambridge MA 02140**617-247-6683*718-797-3705:BISEXUALITY SEXUALITY H 8704
Guercio/Paul*Merlin Project Quarterly*Box C*Cambridge MA 02140**617-499-7755:9403 -1 TECHNOLOGY FORECASTING FUTURE PUBLICATION DMPR
Health Alliance*2166 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-492-8300*492-8300:H WLT HC
Holt Assoc*2269 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-864-3100:EDUCATION 9008
Levin/Marilyn*Boston Single Mothers By Choice*Box 257 Porter Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02140**617-539-4218:9205 -1 F SINGLE-MOTHERS MOTHERS-BY-CHOICE WHC HC
Massachusetss Society For Bioenergetic Analysis*2000 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-876-3652:H BIOENERGETICS NAM
Maternal & Child Health Ctr*Physical Therapy Services*2362 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-964-9343:CHILD-BIRTH HC
Miniature Art Of The Month Club*30 Bellevue Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-623-3143:8709 GETTING-AROUND 9012 VARIOUS...901201 ART DB EDB HRO
Musicians Against Nuclear Arms*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-292-6303:APN PEACE MUSIC POLITICAL
New England Human Rights Network*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-661-6130:HUMAN-RIGHTS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Reclamation Artists*143 Richdale Av*Cambridge MA 02140:9105 ART DB
Roundup Records*Box 154*1 Camp St*Cambridge MA 02140:CCP NR AT ECOLOGY AN MUSIC RECORDS POLITICAL ART DB
Soceitueg/Greg*Walls For Peace*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-868-5259:RB MK 8903 -1 PEACE
Women For A Nuclear Future*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140:APN W
World Federalist Assn*2161 Massachusetts Av*Cambridge MA 02140**617-862-5193:APN 8704 PEACE
Zipporah Films Inc*1 Richdale Av Unit 4*Cambridge MA 02140:FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Blind Handicraft Shop*72 Second St*Cambridge MA 02141**617-547-0742:BLIND HANDICRAFT STORE
Field/James*Cambridge Multicultural Arts Ctr Gallery*41 Second St*Cambridge MA 02141**617-577-1400:SCULPTURE-PR PR-SCULPTURE PR-ART ART GALLERY EXEC-DIR AACP -1 DB
Spring Hill*432 Columbia St*Cambridge MA 02141**617-864-9181:8708 H COMMUNITY S
Act Up*Box 483 Kendall Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02142:9107 HS AIDS HC
Boston Area Bicycle Coalition*Box 1015 Kendall Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02142**617-491-RIDE:9112 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION PUBLICATION ECOLOGY MEDIA
Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Box 962*Cambridge MA 02142:CPSR05 HRO
Curzon/Rebecca*Lotus Nonprofit Training Program*Lotus Development Corp*55 Cambridge Pkwy*Cambridge MA 02142**617-693-1035:COMPUTER-ASSISTANCE -1 W 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
International Physicians For The Prevention Of Nuclear War*126 Rogers St Suite A*Cambridge MA 02142**617-868-5050*617-868-2560(FAX):PEACE PSR P 9308 MK WAR PHYSICIANS NUCLEAR-WAR HC HRO
Radical Teacher*Box 102 Kendall Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02142**617-492-3468:9112 EDUCATION PUBLICATION RT POLITICAL SEPR SEP TEACHERS PO-PR PR-PO MLC MEDIA
University Conversion Project*Box 748*Cambridge MA 02142**617-354-9363:9206 EDUCATION RT WAR-RESEARCH RESEARCH/WAR INTERNET PEACE CONVERSION 9310
War Research Information Service*Box 748*Cambridge MA 02142**617-354-9363:PEACE DEFENSE-CONTRACTS CONTRACTS/DEFENSE UNIVERSITY-DEFENSE-CONTRACTS 9308
Abyss*Box C*Somerville MA 02143:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Action For Nuclear Disarmament*31 Quincy St #2*Somerville MA 02143**617-776-8860:APN 8704 NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT DISARMAMENT
Beatrice/Anne*New England Writers For Nuclear Survival*45 Cedar St*Somerville MA 02143**617-625-1194:APN 8704 -1 F ART WRITERS DB
Dollars & Sense*1 Summer St*Somerville MA 02143**628-6585:ID-O ID-B 8404 IDAFSA ECONOMICS SP PUBLICATION 8901 8703 RB MK 8903 MEDIA
Honduras Information Ctr*1 Summer St*Somerville MA 02143**617-625-7220:HONDURAS CENTRAL-AMERICA PUBLICATION 9308
Nuclear Education Project*26 Granite St #13*Somerville MA 02143:SER ECOLOGY AN EDUCATION
Omega-Program Of Grief Assistance*270 Washington St*Somerville MA 02143**776-6369:DYING HC
Peattie/Sara*Puppeteers' Cooperative*181 Tremont St*Somerville MA 02143:9403 -1 F GIANT-PUPPETS BUILDING-PUPPETS PUPPETS/MAKING ART
Resist*1 Summer St*Somerville MA 02143**623-5110:8601 8602 8604 RB MK 8903 POLITICAL
Somerville Community Office*99 Highland Av*Somerville MA 02143**617-776-5931:COMMUNITY-CENTER
W Somerville Food Coop*244 Summer St*Somerville MA 02143:FC
Womens Mental Health Collective*61 Roseland St*Somerville MA 02143:H W WEJ HC
Aspect Magazine*66 Rogers Av*Somerville MA 02144:PUBLICATION S MEDIA
Boston Womens Health Book Collective Inc*240A Elm St*Box 192*Somerville MA 02144**617-924-0272*617-625-0271:FC AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-910607 9008 W SP WHC POLITICAL NR AT MLC SER ECOLOGY AN CCP MUSIC ART DB HC
Boston Womens Teachers Group*Box 169*Somerville MA 02144**617-666-8956:CU RT 9112 EDUCATION PUBLICATION W TEACHERS MEDIA
Cease*Box 440456*Somerville MA 02144**617-628-9030:ARO ANIMALS
Havurat Shalom Community*113 College Av*Somerville MA 02144**623-3376:JEWISH COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL CU EDUCATION
Massachusetts Jobs With Justice*408 Highland Av*Somerville MA 02144**617-625-8050:9209 JOBS EMPLOYMENT POLITICAL
Whole Life Times*Box 337*Somerville MA 02144**783-8030:H AA83 AA BB MBB PUBLICATION MEDIA
Focus*Box 45032*Somerville MA 02145**259-1940:CULTS
U Save Food Coop*10 Richdale*Somerville MA 02145:FC
Urban Solar Energy Assn*277 Broadway*Somerville MA 02145**623-3552:URBAN SOLAR ENERGY SP PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Zephyr Press*13 Robinson St*Somerville MA 02145:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Abmacupuncture*385 Harvard St*Brookline MA 02146:H ACUPUNCTURE
Ashburnham*62 Buckminster Rd*Brookline MA 02146:COMMUNITY AGRICULTURE RESEARCH FARM AT FOOD
Associates For Counseling*233 Harvard St*Brookline MA 02146:H
Barrett/Hannah*Cassandra Group Inc*Box 809*Brookline MA 02146**617-437-0217:9106 -1 INVESTMENT-MANAGEMENT ART W DB
Beep Sounds*33 Elm St*Brookline MA 02146**617-731-3785:MUSIC MLC MLC-CCP
Boston Self-Help*18 Williston Rd*Brookline MA 02146**617-227-0080:H HC CCP MUSIC ART DB
Bread & Circus*15 Washington St*Brookline MA 02146**617-738-8187:9208 FOOD-STORE NR AT ECOLOGY AN DMPR FOOD
Children Are The Future*Box 1063*Brookline MA 02146**617-232-4222:FILM F&V ANIMATION PEACE SOVIET-AMERICAN DMPR 8801 MEDIA
Concerned Students Against The War*School Within A School*115 Greenough St*Brookline MA 02146:PEACE STUDENTS HIGH-SCHOOL POLITICAL
Creative Yoga Studio*2 Summit Av*Brookline MA 02146**617-277-0999:YOGA SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
East West Journal*17 Station St*Brookline MA 02146**617-232-1000:MUSIC CCP PUBLICATION SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR H AA84 AA BB MBB SEP ART DB MEDIA
Facing History & Ourselves Natl Foundation*25 Kennard Rd*Brookline MA 02146:APN 8704 PEACE HISTORY
Gordon/Jennifer*Eco-Matrix*124 Harvard St*Brookline MA 02146**617-730-8450:8812 -1 ECOLOGY TRASH-BAGS GARBAGE-BAGS BIODEGRADEABLE-PRODUCTS FEMININE-HYGIENE-PRODUCTS W
Horai-San Bookshop*242 Washington St*Brookline MA 02146**617-277-4321:WLT CCP MUSIC 9010 BOOKSTORE H ART DB
Kushi Inst*17 Stn St*Brookline MA 02146**617-738-0045:H MACROBIOTIC 8708
Mission Hill Food Coop*131 Brook St*Brookline MA 02146**617-738-1910:COOP FOOD FC
National Organization For Non-Parents*61 Center St*Brookline MA 02146**617-232-6889:PARENTS PUBLICATION POPULATION BIRTH-CONTROL MEDIA
Nenchiller/Leah*Action For Nuclear Disarmament*130 Fuller St #5 Box 202*Brookline MA 02146**617-327-0373:APN 8704 -1 F
Order Of The Universe*62 Buckminster Rd*Brookline MA 02146:PUBLICATION MACROBIOTIC MEDIA
Parents Without Partners*Box 81*Brookline MA 02146:PARENTS FAMILY
Pre-Term*1842 Beacon St*Brookline MA 02146:CHILDREN PREGNANCY CHILD-BIRTH WHC HC
Relationships*39 Harvard St*Brookline MA 02146**617-739-3300:H RELATIONSHIPS
Resources*Box 1705*Brookline MA 02146:9010 H DIRECTORY HC
Society For Human & Spiritual Understanding*16 Monmouth St*Brookline MA 02146**617-566-7639:SP PUBLICATION CCP MUSIC H ART DB MEDIA
Umbrella Films*60 Blake Rd*Brookline MA 02146**617-277-6639:FILM F&V ECOLOGY MEDIA
Mayell/Mark*East West Journal*17 Station St*Brookline Village MA 02147**617-232-1000:AA90-29 AA90-891227 -1 PUBLICATION H AA90 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Acid*170 Pleasant St*Malden MA 02148:HOTLINE COUNSELING
Lucy/Linda*Melrose Malden Wakefield Peace Committee*23 Webster St*Malden MA 02148:APN PEACE 8704 -1 W
Malden Free School*83 Pleasant St*Malden MA 02148:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
People For Peace*193 Clifton St*Malden MA 02148:APN PEACE 8704
Anti-Environmental Pollution Committee*Everett High School*Everett MA 02149:ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Revere Conservation Group*77 Liberty Av*Revere MA 02151:ECOLOGY
Safe Energy Alliance*Box 43*Winthrop MA 02152:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL HRO
Action For Soviet Jewry*24 Crescent St Suite 3b*Waltham MA 02154**617-893-2331:SOVIET-JEWS JEWS HRO
African Studies Assn*Brandeis U*Shiffman Ctr Rm 218*Waltham MA 02154:CU EDUCATION
Artists For Survival*144 Moody St*Waltham MA 02154**617-891-4235:APN PEACE 8704 GE PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB
Boston College Legal Aid*24 Crescent St*Waltham MA 02154**893-4793:LEGAL-AID CU EDUCATION
Havurah*Usden Center Student Union*Brandeis U*Waltham MA 02154:RELIGION CU EDUCATION
Rhombics*257 Crescent St*Waltham MA 02154:MATHEMATICS 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Sec*66 Christopher Rd*Waltham MA 02154:WHC W HC
Sherman/Richard*Watertown Citizens For Environmental Safety*155 Robbins Rd*Waltham MA 02154**617-926-2946:APN 8704 -1 ECOLOGY
Waltham Clean Air Committee*14 Adams Av*Waltham MA 02154:ECOLOGY
Waltham Concerned Citizens*15 Abbott Rd*Waltham MA 02154:APN 8704 PEACE
Woodward/Beverly*International Seminars For Training In Nonviolent Action*Box 515*Waltham MA 02154**617-891-0814:APN PEACE 8704 -1 F NONVIOLENCE SEMINARS TRAINING EDUCATION
Anderson/Nancy*Environmental Network Conference*Tufts U*177 College Av*Medford MA 02155**617-627-3486*617-627-3099(FAX)* CONFERENCE/ENVIRONMENTAL AA90-90091 GMPFI GMPFR GMPFC GMPFE AA90 AA AA90-29 AA90-900912 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION -1 W AA83 AA84 BB MBB NR AT AN PUBLICATION MEDIA ECOLOGY CONFERENCE09
Experimental College*Tufts U*Medford MA 02155**628-5000 X366:U CU EDUCATION
Foundation For Intl Understanding*Math Dept*Tufts U*Medford MA 02155**617-628-5000:PEACE 8807 CU EDUCATION
Management & Community Development Inst*Lincoln Filene Ctr*Tufts U*Medford MA 02155**617-381-3549:POLITICAL CONFERENCE CU EDUCATION
Tufts Environmental Council*Eaton Hall*Tufts U*Medford MA 02155:AN ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Wesley Methodist Food Coop*100 Winthrop St*Medford MA 02155:FC W HRO
Women Outdoors*474 Boston Av*Medford MA 02155**628-2525:SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Womens Community School*Tufts U*Medford MA 02155:H SCHOOL W CU EDUCATION
Grade Church Coop*76 Eldridge St*Newton Corner MA 02158:FC
Honeywell Campaign*474 Centre St*Newton MA 02158:HONEYWELL MILITARY
Mass Bay Counseling*31 Channing St*Newton Corner MA 02158:CCP MUSIC H COUNSELING ART DB
Newton Corner Coop*12 Willard St*Newton MA 02158:FC
Peace & Beans*Elliot Church-Newton Corner*Newton Corner MA 02158:FC PEACE
Underwood School*Newton MA 02158:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Warmlines-Parent Network & Resource Ctr*306 Franklin St*Newton MA 02158**617-244-6843:CHILDREN PARENTS
Williams School*Newton MA 02158:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Affirmations*Boston Teological Inst*210 Herrick Rd*Newton Centre MA 02159:H
Bangladesh Flood Relief*Care*1320 Centre St*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-527-0025:8809 BANGLADESH-AID
Boston Assn For Childbirth Education*Box 29*Newtonville MA 02159**617-861-0569:CU CHILD-BIRTH EDUCATION LAMAZE BREAST-FEEDING PREGNANCY HC
Boston Theological Inst Peace Education Program*210 Herrick Rd*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-969-2946:APN PEACE 8704
Care*1320 Centre St*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-527-0025:8809 RELIEF HURRICANE-GILBERT-RELIEF DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY
Committee On Women Population & The Environment*144 Ridge Av*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-969-8444:9207 WOMEN POPULATION ECOLOGY REPRODUCTIVE-FREEDOM HEALTH-CARE WHC HC
Contributions*634 Commonwealth Av Suite 201*Newton Ctr MA 02159**617-964-2688:PUBLICATION FUND-RAISING SEMINARS GRANT-WRITING 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB MEDIA
Draft Counseling & Peace Collective*215 Herrick Rd Box 92*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-964-7318:APN PEACE 8704 DRAFT
Newton Interfaith Peace Coalition*44 Hamlet St*Newton Centre MA 02159**617-244-0754:APN PEACE 8704
Shoul/Rhona*Committee Vs Nuclear War*9 Exmoor Rd*Newton MA 02159**617-244-1171:APN 8704 -1 F
Social Workers For Peace & Nuclear Disarmament*9 Exmoor Rd*Newton MA 02159:APN PEACE 8704
Birth Day*128 Lowell Av*Newtonville MA 02160:WHC W HC
Newmark/Justin*Mass Psychologists For Social Responsibility*15 Prescott St*Newtonville MA 02160**617-244-7753:APN PEACE 8704 -1 HC PSYCHOLOGISTS
Root Cellar Coop*26 Dexter*Newtonville MA 02160:FC
Students & Teachers Organized Stop Nuclear War*360 Lowell Av*Newtonville MA 02160:APN 8704 NUCLEAR-WAR PEACE EDUCATION TEACHERS
Worth/Douglas*Poets For Nuclear Disarmament*66 Grove Hill Av*Newton MA 02160**617-244-5671:APN 8704 -1
Pavillion Newsletter-Advocacy For Disabled*114 Floral St*Newton Highlands MA 02161:DISABLED HC
Bee Pollen From England*Box 636*Newton Lower Falls MA 02162:FOOD
Anderson/Connie*Second Church Peace Corps*60 Highland St*Newton MA 02165**617-244-0754:APN PEACE 8704 -1 W
Another America Networking*Box 66*W Newton MA 02165:DIRECTORY
High Tech Professionals For Peace*43 Holden Rd*W Newton MA 02165:AN PEACE POLITICAL AT
Human Systems Network*Box 66*W Newton MA 02165:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Networking Inst Inc*Box 66*W Newton MA 02165**617-965-3340:H DIRECTORY APN PEACE
Strawberry Systems*122 Warwick Rd*W Newton MA 02165**617-527-1693:COMPUTERS
Auburndale Church Coop*46 Hancock St*Auburndale MA 02166:FC
Curtis-Droz/Beverly*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*35 Islington Rd*Auburndale MA 02166**617-527-1916:APN 8704 NF -1 F W
Eisenbud/Dr Monica*Physicians For Social Responsibility*290 Islington Rd*Newton MA 02166:APN PEACE PSR HC -1 F HRO
Millers Recording Service*15 Evergreen Av*Auburndale MA 02166:RECORDING TAPES MUSIC
Newton Conservation Inc*307 Auburn St*Auburndale MA 02166:ECOLOGY
Tibetan US Resettlement Project*144 Hancock St*Auburndale MA 02166**617-332-1411:TIBET POLITICAL
Association Of Ma Cons*140 Commonwealth*Boston College Av*Chestnut Hill MA 02167:CONSUMER CU EDUCATION
Boston College Food Coop*Boston College*Chestnut Hill MA 02167:COOP FC CU EDUCATION
Boston Study Group*Box 198*Chestnut Hill MA 02167:GMPFJ GMPFI SP PUBLICATION GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Disarmament Group*Boston College*215 Mcelroy*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-552-8000 X3475:APN PEACE 8704 CU EDUCATION
Intercollegiate Coalition Against Nuclear War*Boston College*215 Mcelroy*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-969-0100 X3475:APN PEACE 8704 CU EDUCATION
Keeley/Richard*Pulse The Boston College Social Action Agency*117 Mcelroy*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-969-0100:APN PEACE 8704 CU EDUCATION -1
Mullany/John*Program For The Study Of Peace & War*Boston College*215 Mcelroy*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-969-0100:APN 8704 PEACE -1 CU EDUCATION
Salerno/Rosaria*Boston College Coalition Against Nuclear War*Boston College*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-552-8000:APN 8704 CU EDUCATION -1 F MK
Siddha Yoga Dham*Fernwood Rd Manor House*155 Clyde St*Chestnut Hill MA 02167**617-734-0137:YOGA SP PUBLICATION CCP MUSIC ART DB MEDIA
Urban & Social Change Review*Boston College-Mcguinn Hall*Chestnut Hill MA 02167:CU EDUCATION
Arts End Books*Box 162*Waban MA 02168:SP
Newton Action For Nuclear Disarmament*Box 119*Waban MA 02168**617-965-7603:APN 8704
Social Scientists Against Nuclear War*1548 Beacon St*Newton MA 02168**617-965-3524:APN 8704
Waban Peace Team*14 Collins Rd*Waban MA 02168:APN PEACE 8704
Chowder Review*118 Dimmock St*Quincy MA 02169:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Marchetti/Terry*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*391 Palmer St*Quincy MA 02169**617-479-0392:APN 8704 WAND NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL NF W -1
Life Insurance Educators*15 Esterbrook Rd*Wollaston MA 02170:LIFE-INSURANCE INSURANCE CU EDUCATION
Quincy Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*98 Fenno St*Wollaston MA 02170**617-479-8720:APN 8704
Massachusetts Bay Society For The Preservation Of Marshlands*14 Shoreham St*Quincy MA 02171:ECOLOGY
Save Our Shores*Box 103*N Quincy MA 02171:ECOLOGY
Bay State Conversion Project*120 Bellevue Rd*Watertown MA 02172:APN PEACE 8704 CU EDUCATION CONVERSION
Bromer Booksellers*127 Barnard Av*Watertown MA 02172:SP S BOOKSTORE
Cambridge Preorder Coop*104 Spruce St*Watertown MA 02172:FC
Cancer Counseling Project*173 Mt Auburn St*Watertown MA 02172**617-923-4601:CANCER HC H
Close/Cynthia*Documentary Educational Resources*101 Morse St*Watertown MA 02172**800-569-6621*617-926-0491*617-926-9519(FAX):9308 -1 F DOCUMENTARY ANTHROPOLOGY EDUCATION AFRICA KUNG! FILM VIDEO F&V HRO
Interface*552 Main St*Watertown MA 02172**617-924-1100:H 8708
Palfrey St School*119 Palfrey St*Watertown MA 02172**617-926-1844:HIGH-SCHOOL NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Turning Point*173 Mt Auburn St*Watertown MA 02172**617-923-4601:H HC
Watertown Citizens For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*62 Pearl St*Watertown MA 02172:APN 8704
5 Fields Coop*14 Barberry Rd*Lexington MA 02173:FC
American Family Foundation*Box 343*Lexington MA 02173:DEPROGRAMMING
Five Fields Coop*14 Barbery Rd*Lexington MA 02173:FC
Interim Video*17 Adams St*Lexington MA 02173:CU VIDEO F&V EDUCATION MEDIA
Lexington Citizens For Conservation*21 Longfellow Rd*Lexington MA 02173:ECOLOGY
Lexington Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*755 Massachusetts Av*Lexington MA 02173:APN 8704
Lexington Food Coop*4 Bates Rd*Lexington MA 02173:FC
Male-Female Workshop*53 Pleasant St*Lexington MA 02173:SEXISM
New Environment Women Assoc*44 Bertwell St*Lexington MA 02173:WORK COUNSELING H W ECOLOGY
Re-Place Inc*1912 Massachusetts Av*Lexington MA 02173:COUNSELING
Streit/Rev Jep*Episcopal Peace Coalition*6 Merian St*Lexington MA 02173**617-862-6408:PEACE APN 8704 -1
Women-Poems Press*23 Merriam St*Lexington MA 02173:POETRY SP W
Womens Intl Network*187 Grant St*Lexington MA 02173**862-9431:SP PUBLICATION WOP W MEDIA
Yellow Ball Workshop*62 Tarbell Av*Lexington MA 02173:FILM F&V MEDIA
Arlington Food Coop*74 Medford St*Arlington MA 02174:FC
Arlington Peace Action Group*60 George St*Arlington MA 02174:PEACE POLITICAL
Aronson/Diane*Action For Nuclear Disarmament*Box B*Arlington MA 02174**617-643-4880:APN 8704 -1 F
Bryant/Beth*Unicorn Books*1210 Massachusetts Av*Arlington MA 02174**617-646-3680:9010 BOOKSTORE H -1 F
Insight Training Seminar*46 Westminster Av*Arlington MA 02174**643-3538:H
Jason Food Coop*256 Appleton St*Arlington MA 02174:FC
Meriweather/Jan*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*691 Massachusetts Av*Arlington MA 02174**617-643-6740:RRN 8904 -1 AN WAND NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL W HC APN F
National Coalition Building Inst*172 Brattle St*Arlington MA 02174:9008
New Renaissance*9 Heath Rd*Arlington MA 02174:SP
Polis*25 Parker St*Arlington MA 02174:
Saggittarius Rising*Box 252*Arlington MA 02174:SP
Thornton/Tom*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*2 Newland Rd*Arlington MA 02174**617-621-0060*TOMT@ICS.COM:CPSR -105 HRO
Underground Railway Theater*41 Foster St*Arlington MA 02174**617-643-6916:9110 THEATER AA AA92 AA92-Y AA92-29 AA92-920130
United Presybyterian Peace Fellowship*17 Washington St*Arlington MA 02174:APN PEACE 8704
Green St Natural Foods*Green St*Melrose MA 02176:SCC AN FOOD
Belmont Ecology Action*80 Munroe St*Belmont MA 02178:ECOLOGY
Belmont Hotline*396 Concord Av*Belmont MA 02178:HOTLINE
Habitat Inc*10 Juniper Rd*Belmont MA 02178**617-489-3850:CU ECOLOGY SCHOOL EDUCATION
Hertzel/Dan*The Divorce Dispatch*Box 547*Belmont MA 02178:9406 -1 DIVORCE CHILDREN KIDS PUBLICATION NEWSLETTER 6-TO-12-YEAR-OLDS07
Resolve*Box 474*Belmont MA 02178:WHC W HC
World Inst Adv Phenomonelogical Research*348 Payson Rd*Belmont MA 02178:SP PUBLICATION PHENOMONELOGICAL-RESEARCH MEDIA
New England Environmental Expo*352 Trapelo Rd*Belmont MA 02178-1891**617-489-2302*617-489-5534(FAX)*617-489-2302*800-543-4259*617-489-5534(FAX):9205 EXPOSITION 9001 ECOLOGY
Gardiner/Linda*Women's Review Of Books*Center For Research On Women*Wellesley College*Wellesley MA 02181**617-431-1453:F BOOK-REVIEW BOOK-PR PR-BOOK SPR CU RESEARCH PUBLICATION -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
National Society Of Fund Raising Executives*170 Linden St Suite 1c*Wellesley MA 02181**617-237-8045:FUND-RAISING GRANT-WRITING 9112 NONPROFIT-ASSISTANCE ART DB
New Community Coop*Unitarian Church*Washington St*Wellesley Hills MA 02181:FC CU EDUCATION
Rascal Publishers*21 Sunnyside Av*Wellesley MA 02181:
Wellesley Clean Air Committee*90 Dover Rd*Wellesley MA 02181:ECOLOGY AIR
Oriental Medical Supplies*1950 Washington St*Braintree MA 02184**328-0672:H MEDICAL-SUPPLIES HC
South Shore Plowshares Coop*10 Devon Rd*Braintree MA 02184:FC
Stop The Massachusetts Oil Spill*135 Wood Rd*Braintree MA 02184**617-848-4950*617-843-2182(FAX):9203 OIL-SPILL MOTOR-OIL-RECYCLING RECYCLING OIL-RECYCLING AUTO-OIL-RECYCLING
Committee For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*11 Hurton Race*Milton MA 02186:APN 8704
Massachusetts Zoological Society*1904 Canton Av*Milton MA 02186:ECOLOGY
Plowhsares Coop*17 Granite St*Weymouth MA 02188:FC
Weymouth Friends Of Conservation*Town Hall*Weymouth MA 02188:ECOLOGY
Complex Lies*Box 726*Needham MA 02192:PUBLICATION SPR SPA 8704 MEDIA
Ferrone/Pat*Needham Peace & Justice Committee*238 Harris Av*Needham MA 02192**617-449-3890:APN PEACE 8704 -1
First Parish Community School*First Parish (unitarian)*23 Dedham Av*Needham MA 02192**617-444-0823:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Needham Food Coop*136 Parker Rd*Needham MA 02192:FC
Potes & Poets Press*301 Marked Tree Rd*Needham MA 02192:SP
Business Alert To Nuclear War*67 Byron St*Weston MA 02193**617-235-5937:APN 8704
Country Craftsmen Resource Ctr*455 Glen Rd*Weston MA 02193**617-237-6665:CRAFTS RESOURCE-CENTER LIBRARY
Kohn/Lorraine*Nuclear Weapons Awareness Group*Regis College Box 425*Weston MA 02193**617-893-9281:APN 8704 CU EDUCATION -1 F
Parent Effectiveness Training*45 Chiltern Rd*Weston MA 02193**617-237-5723:PARENTS CHILDREN FAMILY COUNSELING PET
Trees*185 Merriam St*Weston MA 02193:
Weston Ecology Resource Ctr*455 Glen Rd*Weston MA 02193**617-235-7466:ECOLOGY
Weston Food Coop*528 Glen Rd*Weston MA 02193:FC
Weston Forest & Train Assn*263 South Av*Weston MA 02193:ECOLOGY
Needham Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*11 Glover Rd*Needham MA 02194:APN 8704
Access Group*Box 287*Boston MA 02199**617-426-3318:BARTER TRADING MONEY
Greater Boson Committee On American-Soviet Friendship*Box 423 Prudential Stn*Boston MA 02199**617-491-24209:APN PEACE 8704 SOVIET-AMERICAN
Community Coordinated Child Care*100 Cambridge St Rm 909*Boston MA 02202**617-727-8350:CHILD-CARE
Directory Of Environment Organizations*Epa Public Affairs Office*2303 Jfk Bldg*Boston MA 02203**617-223-5421:ECOLOGY EPA DIRECTORY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Alyson Publications*Box 2783*Boston MA 02208:SP W
Libertarian Party Of Ma*Box 2610*Boston MA 02208:DRAFT POLITICAL
New Century Policies Civil Defense Awareness Ctr*Box 2715*Boston MA 02208:APN PEACE 8704 CIVIL-DEFENSE
Union Park Press*Box 2737*Boston MA 02208:
Boston Coalition For Freedom Of Expression*354 Congress St*Boston MA 02210**542-7416:9008 CENSORSHIP POLITICAL ART DB
Fort Point Artists Community Inc*249 A St*Boston MA 02210**423-4299:PR PR-ART ART-PR 8710 ART DB
Hall/Jennifer*Do While Studio*273 Summer St 7th Flr*Boston MA 02210**617-338-9129:9108 ARTIST ELECTRONIC-ART COMPUTER-ART -1 ART W GALLERY DB
Heron Press*51 Melcher St #4FL*Boston MA 02210:SP
Hiestand/Emily*Communicators For Nuclear Disarmament*354 Congress St*Boston MA 02210:WEJ -1 F APN
Mobius Theatre*354 Congress St*Boston MA 02210**542-7416:IMPB THEATER DANCE SCULPTURE MUSIC BG ART DB
Boston Now*971 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02215:CCP MUSIC NOW 8807 W ART DB
Boston U Womens Ctr*Geo Sherman Union*775 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02215:BOOKSTORE CCP MUSIC W RRN ART WOP DB HC
Boston Visual Artists Union*Aib*700 Beacon St*Boston MA 02215**262-1223:GE SCULPTURE-PR PR-SCULPTURE PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB
Brogioli/Jamie*Nuclear Times*401 Commonwealth Av*Box 351 Kenmore Stn*Boston MA 02215**617-266-1193:9102 AN PUBLICATION ECOLOGY -1 MEDIA
Communiversity*211 Bay State Rd*Boston MA 02215:U CU EDUCATION
Environmental Law Society*Bu*765 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02215:ECOLOGY LAW
Fagrag*Box 331 Kenmore Stn*Boston MA 02215**536-9826:POLITICAL HS GAY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Institute For Responsive Education*605 Commonwealth Av*Boston MA 02215**353-3309:CU EDUCATION
Nichols/Wade*Boston Film & Video Foundation*1126 Boylston St*Boston MA 02215**617-536-1540:FILM VIDEO F&V DMPR 8710 CCP MUSIC -1 DB MEDIA ART EDUCATION COURSES
Nine Days A Week*Boston Phoenix*126 Brookline Av*Boston MA 02215**536-5390:APS PUBLICATION BG NW CCP MUSIC PR-OTW OTW-PR PR-FILM FILM-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB MEDIA
Partisan Review*128 Bay State Rd*Boston MA 02215:
Peace With Justice Project*Boston U School Of Theology*745 Commonwealth Av #209*Boston MA 02215**617-353-3059:APN PEACE 8704 CU EDUCATION
Quest Bookstore*122 Bay State Rd*Boston MA 02215**617-266-0410:S H BOOKSTORE
Winston Foundation For World Peace*Box 351*Boston MA 02215:8911 PEACE
Womens Enterprises*1255 Boylston St*Boston MA 02215:H BUSINESS WOP W
Alternative America*Box 1067 Harvard Sq*Cambridge MA 02238**617-825-8895:DIRECTORY APS PUBLICATION PR RRN 8904 W HC
Center For Atomic Radiation Studies Inc*Box 1036*Cambridge MA 02238**617-508-263-5562:ATOMIC-RADIATION RADIATION-STUDIES AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL RESEARCH AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900629
Harris/Justine*Overseas Development Network*1675 Massachusetts Av*Box 1430*Cambridge MA 02238**617-868-3002:PEACE -1 GMPFI 9102 GMPF F&V W
Historical Products*Box 220*Cambridge MA 02238**617-787-1176:8909 T-SHIRTS DMPR CATALOG
Peace Brigades Intl*Box 1233 Harvard Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02238**617-491-4226:PEACE VOLUNTEERS CENTRAL-AMERICA 9102
Peace Link*Institute For Social Learning*Box 30*Cambridge MA 02238**617-497-7142:APN PEACE 8704 POLITICAL FH
Revolutionary Acts!*Box 606*Cambridge MA 02238**617-661-1252:MUSIC DMPR W
Street Artists Guild*Box 570*Cambridge MA 02238**617-522-7522:8911 DMPR ART DB
Street Magazine*Box 278*Cambridge MA 02238:PUBLICATION SPR SPA 8704 MEDIA
Street Performers Newsletter*Box 867*Cambridge MA 02238**617-864-2970:PUBLICATION 8704 PERFORMERS ART DB MEDIA
Union Of Concerned Scientists*26 Church St*Cambridge MA 02238**617-547-5552*617-864-9405(FAX):SCIENTISTS 9308
Upbeat Productions*Box 381634 Harvard Sq Stn*Cambridge MA 02238:9308 MUSIC WORLD-MUSIC EVENTS DMPR
Woman Of Power*Box 827*Cambridge MA 02238**617-625-7885:TAAM 8704 SPIRITUAL MLC MLC-BS MLC-8401 W PUBLICATION POLITICAL 9107 ART DB MEDIA
Womens Video Collective*Box 1609*Cambridge MA 02238:WLT GMPFVET GMPFI GMPFJ VIDEO W GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Clark/Maynard*Boston Vegetarian Society*Box 38-1071*Cambridge MA 02238-1071**617-625-3790:-1 9202 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Brooks/Stephen*Atx*Box 2507*Cambridge MA 02238-2507:9310 ZINE -1
Socialist Party Of Ma*Box 774*Cambridge MA 02239**617-661-1143:SOCIALIST POLITICAL 8602 MK 8903
International Seminars On Nonviolent Training*Box 515*Waltham MA 02254**891-0814:POLITICAL NONVIOLENCE APN PEACE 8704
South Shore Coalition For Human Rights*Box 28*Quincy MA 02269:MK 8903 POLITICAL
Earthwatch*680 Mt Auburn St*Box 403*Watertown MA 02272**617-926-8200:8911 ECO-TOURISM TOURS ECOLOGY 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION VOLUNTEERS
Duxbury Freeze Committee*Box 1145*Duxbury MA 02322**617-934-5346:APN PEACE 8704 NUCLEAR-FREEZE
Ceres Coop*Box 19*Bryantville MA 02327:FC
Ott/Mary*Citizens Urging Responsible Energy*Box 2621*Duxbury MA 02331:9211 -1 F ANTI-NUKE ENERGY NUCLEAR-WASTE
East Bridgewater Food Coop*549 Plymouth St*E Bridgewater MA 02333:FC
Manomet Bird Observatory*Box 1770*Manomet MA 02345:9403 ECOLOGY
Stafford/Randall*Citizens For Nuclear Disarmament*Staples Shore Rd*Lakeville MA 02346:APN 8704 -1
Committee For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*30 Union St*N Easton MA 02356:APN 8704
Eastoners For Nuclear Disarmament*9 Main St*N Easton MA 02356:APN 8704
Natural Resources Trust Of Easton*Box 188*N Easton MA 02356:ECOLOGY
Roberts/Irven & Muriel*Friends Committee*20 Rufus Jones Ln*N Easton MA 02356:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 AFSC PEACE HRO
Beisheim/Peter*Institute For Justice & Peace*Stonehill College*N Easton MA 02357:GMPFI GMPFC PEACE -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Hanover Environmental Group*10 Puritain Rd*Pembroke MA 02359:ECOLOGY
Alternate Energy Inst*Box 911*Plymouth MA 02360:MLC ECOLOGY
Plymouth Area For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*Plymouth United Methodist Church*29 Carver Rd*Plymouth MA 02360:APN 8704
Arnold/Ann*Citizens At Risk*Box 3803*Plymouth MA 02361:GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPFEC -1 9102 GMPF F&V W
Plympton Coop*Palmer Rd*Plympton MA 02367:FC
Back Bay View*33 Karen Dr*Randolph MA 02368:SP
Eileen & Carver*7 Hall St*Randolph MA 02368:AN POLITICAL W
Rockland Conference On Nuclear Disarmament*100 George St*Rockland MA 02370:APN 8704
Frog Pond Coop*Box 110*White Horse Beach MA 02381:FC
Agape*918 Main St*Brockton MA 02401**508-586-7388:APN PEACE 8704
Pontz/Hiline H*Self-Help Inc*232 Main St*Brockton MA 02401:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 NR AT
Scoal Press*53 Pondview Cir*Brockton MA 02401:SP
South Shore Peoples Party*327 Boylston St*Brockton MA 02401:POLITICAL
Alden/John*Cape Cod Clam*Box 486 Valley Farm Rd*Cataumet MA 02534:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Abrams/John*Marthas Vineyard Clam*South Rd*Chilmark MA 02535:SER -1 NA NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Vineyard Alliance For Peace*Box 345*Chilmark MA 02535:NFZ AN POLITICAL PEACE 8807
Gardner/Priscilla*Cape Cod & The Islands Chapter Un-Usa*77 Sailfish Dr*E Falmouth MA 02536:APN PEACE 8704 -1 F
Beverly/Olive*Wfa*21 Valley Rd*Falmouth MA 02540**617-548-5428:APN PEACE 8704 -1 F
Salt Pond Areas Bird Sanctuaries Inc*881 Palmer Av*Falmouth MA 02540:ECOLOGY
Environmental Protection Information Ctr*Woods Hole Oceanographic Inst*Woods Hole MA 02543:ECOLOGY
Episcopal Peace Fellowship*534 Woods Hole Rd*Woods Hole MA 02543:PEACE POLITICAL
Parents Against Registration & The Draft*Box 645*Woods Hole MA 02543:APN PEACE 8704 DRAFT REGISTRATION
Woods Hole Food Coop*Box 559*Woods Hole MA 02543:FC
Zaps*18 Millfield St*Woods Hole MA 02543**508-457-0626(FAX):9303 POLITICAL PR INTERNET
Nantucket Book Works*22 Federal St*Nantucket MA 02554**508-228-4000:BOOKSTORE
Nantucket Conservation Foundation*Box 13*Nantucket MA 02554:ECOLOGY
Nantucket Food Coop*Box 1085*Nantucket MA 02554:FC
Walker/Sue*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*Rfd 2*197 Farmersville Rd*Sandwich MA 02563:APN 8704 WAND NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL NF W -1 F
Bunch Of Grapes Bookstore Inc*Box 1608*Vineyard Haven MA 02568:BOOKSTORE SEP
Puffer/Robert*Environmental Research*Box 531*Vineyard Haven MA 02568:H -1 NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Vineyard Conservation Society*Vineyard Haven MA 02568:ECOLOGY
Womens Health Program*Box 1836*Vineyard Haven MA 02568:WHC W HC
Abortion Rights Movement*Box 45*W Tisbury MA 02572:RRN 8904 W WHC ABORTION HC
Bowne Food Coop Community Act*Mary Dunn Rd Box 954*Hyannis MA 02601:FC
Family Health Ctr*1 Elm St*Hyannis MA 02601**304-344-9834:WHC W HC
Hyannis Food Coop*195 Lincoln Rd*Hyannis MA 02601:FC
Womens Health Ctr*Cac Of Cape Cod & Islands*Mary Dunn Rd Box 954*Hyannis MA 02601:WHC W HC
For Cape Cod*32 Landings Dr RR3*Brewster MA 02631**617-896-3106:APN PEACE 8704
Chatham Conservation Foundation Inc*Queen Anne Rd*Chatham MA 02633:ECOLOGY W
Help Yourself*1705 Main St*Chatham MA 02633**508-945-4929:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Dennis Friends Of Conservation*Dennis MA 02638:ECOLOGY
Sandy Terraces*Box 98*Marstons Mills MA 02648**508-428-9209:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Anthony/Pat*Womens Action For Nuclear Disarmament*75 Great Oak Rd RR1*Orleans MA 02653**617-255-4971:APN 8704 WAND W NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT POLITICAL NF H AN -1 F NAIC
Association For Preservation Of Cape Cod*Box 636*Orleans MA 02653:NA AN ECOLOGY
Four Winds*47 Main St*Box 2632*Orleans MA 02653**508-255-7494:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Green/Joyce*Citizens For Nuclear Disarmament*Box 1672*Orleans MA 02653:APN 8704 NF -1 F
Act Up*1a Hobson Av*Provincetown MA 02657:9107 HS AIDS HC
Critchley/Jay*Provincetown Clams*7 Carnes Ln*Provincetown MA 02657**508-487-1930:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 RN GE GMPFS RNS0112 SEP GMPF F&V ART AA AA91 AA91-Y AA91-911017 AA91-29 DB
Le Blond/Richard*Outer Cape Environment Assn Inc*Box 882*Provincetown MA 02657:NA AN SER ECOLOGY -1
Lower Cape Communications*Box 82*Provincetown MA 02657:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR
Lower Cape Food Coop*24 Pearl St*Provincetown MA 02657:FC
Lower Cape Womens Ctr*14 Center St*Provincetown MA 02657:WHC W HC
Shankpainter*24 Pearl St*Provincetown MA 02657:SP
Womencrafts*376 Commercial St*Provincetown MA 02657**508-487-2501:LESBIAN JEWELRY MUSIC POTTERY 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Womens Health Clinic*Box 613*Provincetown MA 02657**487-3220:WHC W HC
Orleans Food Coop*Methodist Church*Box 356*S Orleans MA 02662:FC
Committee For A Nuclear Arms Freeze*Box 573*Truro MA 02666**617-349-3358:APN PEACE 8704 NF
Meta Information Applications*Box 943*Wellfleet MA 02667:COMPUTERS
Centerville Coop*411 Oak St*W Barnstable MA 02668:FC
7 Arrows Herb Farm*346 Oakhill Av*Attleboro MA 02703:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL HERBS
Concerned Citizens For Nuclear Dsarmament*125 Melody Dr*Attleboro MA 02703:APN PEACE 8704 NF
Citizens For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*505 Soonticet Steck Rd*Fairhaven MA 02719:APN PEACE 8704 NF
Aero Press*Box 2091*Fall River MA 02722:MLC-MBB MLC
Arbitrage*Box 414*Marion MA 02738:SEPO W SEP
Classical Calliope*150 Page St*New Bedford MA 02740:SP
Davis/J & A*Jwp*51 Liberty St*New Bedford MA 02740:APN PEACE 8704 -1
Down To Earth Natural Foods*745 Kempton St*New Bedford MA 02740:BOOKSTORE FOOD SEP
Fernald/Paul*Freeze*781 Rockdale Av*New Bedford MA 02740:APN PEACE 8704 NUCLEAR-FREEZE -1
Dinosaur Report*Box 2098*New Bedford MA 02741**508-996-3946:9206 DINOSAURS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Third World Vietnam Vets*Box J4022*New Bedford MA 02741:GMPFI GMPFVET VETERANS GMPF F&V DB
Nuclear Weapons Freeze*412 County St*New Bedford MA 02742:APN PEACE 8704 NF
Bristol County Indian Council*149 Clarendon St*N Dartmouth MA 02747:AN POLITICAL
Dartmouth Consumer Assn*601 Smith Neck Rd*S Dartmouth MA 02748:FC
Dino Times*Box 87069*S Dartmouth MA 02748**508-990-8808:9206 CHILDREN PUBLICATION DINOSAURS MEDIA
Citizens For Nuclear Weapons Freeze*43 Horseneck Rd Box 442*Westport MA 02790:APN PEACE 8704 NF
Watson/Neal*Jwp*Box 211*Westport MA 02791:APN PEACE 8704 -1
Physicians For Social Responsibility*32 Chapin Rd*Barrington RI 02806**401-245-3967:APN PEACE NF PSR HC HRO
Block Island Food Coop*Harbor Baptist Church*Block Island RI 02807:FC
Aldebaran*Roger Williams College*Bristol RI 02809:SP CU EDUCATION
Narragansett Indian Buying Club*Rt 2*Charlestown RI 02813:FC HRO
Dyer Woods*114 Johnson Rd*Foster RI 02825**401-397-3007:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Greyledge Review*Box 481*Greenville RI 02828:SP
New Coop*28 Cherry Farm Rd*Harrisville RI 02830:FC
Holden/Lynn*Mobilization For Survival*629 Thames St*Newport RI 02840:SCC AN W -1 MFS POLITICAL
Natural Energy Design Inc*1355 Green End Av*Middletown RI 02840:HOUSING AT
Norman Bird Sanctuary*Third Beach Rd*Middletown RI 02840:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Soup & Bread*61 Second St*Newport RI 02840:FC
Womens Ctr*Regina College*Ochre Pt Av*Providence RI 02840:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Good Seed*89 W Main St*Wickford RI 02852:FC
Grateful Heart*17 W Main St*Wickford RI 02852**401-294-3981:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Lincoln/Betsy*Peacemakers*247 Fishing Cove Rd*Wickford RI 02852**401-968-5143:APN PEACE 8704 -1 W
Rhode Island Rape Crisis Ctr*324 Broad St*Ywca*Central Falls RI 02863:RAPE WHC W HC
Streitfeld/Richard*Providence Zen Ctr*528 Pound Rd*Cumberland RI 02864**401-769-6464:AA87-87 ZEN SP PUBLICATION MLC MLC-100. MLC-CU-1K MLC-FC-1K -1 AA87 AA87-19 AA87-870415 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901017 MEDIA
Geary/Helen*North Kingstown Freeze Committee*55 Cottrell Rd*Saunderstown RI 02874:APN PEACE 8704 NUCLEAR-FREEZE -1 F
Holder/Donald*Educators For Social Responsibility*14 Plantation Dr*Saunderstown RI 02874:APN PEACE 8704 -1 ESR EDUCATION
Russo/Mike*Citizens For The Preservation Of Shannock Village*Box 125*Shannock RI 02875**401-364-0257:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Rhode Islanders For Safe Power*145 Post Rd*Box 69*Wakefield RI 02879:AN POLITICAL AT GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V DB
New England Naturist Assn Inc*Box 5369*Wakefield RI 02880**401-789-7850:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Alternative Food Coop*E Roosevelt Hall Basement*U Of RI*Kingston RI 02881:POLITICAL FC COOP AN CU EDUCATION
Biscuit City Press*Box 334*Kingston RI 02881:SP
Kingston Gay Liberation*U Of RI Memorial Union*Kingston RI 02881:HS CU EDUCATION
Rifco Alternative Food Coop*Roosevelt Hall*Kingston RI 02881:FC
Smith/Kathy*Public Interest Research Group*U Of Ri-Lower College Rd*Kingston RI 02881:GMPFC GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 CONSUMER SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Toll Gate Ecology Club*585 Centerville Rd*Warwick RI 02886:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY HRO
Woodbine Press*73 Fox Ridge Crescent*Warwick RI 02886:SP
Holden/Peter*Citizens For A Nuclear Freeze*64 Dartmouth Av*Warwick RI 02888:APN 8704 NF -1
Westerly Food Coop*34 George St*Westerly RI 02891:FC
Big Duke*Box 3163*Woonsocket RI 02895:9310 ZINE
Pyramid Books*265 Thayer St*Providence RI 02901**401-331-4049:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Rhode Island Workers Assn*Box 945 Annex Stn*Providence RI 02901:LABOR
Journalist Newsletter*75 Fountain St*Providence RI 02902:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Civil Liberties Union*212 Union St Rm 211*Providence RI 02903**401-831-7171:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Man At Arms*222 West Exchange St*Providence RI 02903:
Senior Citizens Coop*175 Mathewson St*Providence RI 02903:FC
Dorrwar Bookstore*312 Wickenden St*Providence RI 02903-4424**401-521-3230:BOOKSTORE MR POLITICAL
Exodus*Box 25216*Providence RI 02905**401-421-7833:APN PEACE 8704
Act Up*Box 3156*Providence RI 02906:9107 HS AIDS HC
Boston/Bill*Movement For A New Society*37 Creighton St*Providence RI 02906:GMPFCG GMPFR MFS 8807 GMPF F&V ART -1 POLITICAL
Brown Assn For Cooperative Housing*Box 2562 East Side Po*Providence RI 02906:COOP HOUSING
Brown Resource Ctr*Box 1825 Brown U*Providence RI 02906:RN S AA84 AA MBB BB AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Brown Student Food Coop*90 Waterman St*Providence RI 02906:COOP FC
Burning Deck Press*71 Elmgrove Av*Providence RI 02906:SP
Elmer/Jerry*American Friends Service Committee*734 Hope St*Providence RI 02906**401-751-4488:APN PEACE AFSC 8807 -1 SER SCC AN ECOLOGY IDAFSA HRO
For*966A Hope St*Providence RI 02906:APN PEACE 8704
Limestone Press*Burning Deck*71 Elmgrove Av*Providence RI 02906:SP
Ockerse Editions*37 Woodbury St*Providence RI 02906:SP
Staff Of Life Coop*50 Ninth St*Providence RI 02906:FC
The Newpaper*Box 2393*Providence RI 02906**401-273-6397:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR POLITICAL SPR PUBLICATION AN MEDIA
Thursday Food Coop*68 Barnes St*Providence RI 02906:FC
Yankee Pedal Pushers*70 Benevolent St*Providence RI 02906:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Accountants For The Public Interest Inc*71 Princeton Av*Providence RI 02907:ACCOUNTING CPA PIRG
Humans Organized To Protect Environment*29 Margaret St*Cranston RI 02907:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Rhode Island Beachfront*Box 2649*Providence RI 02907:NUDE-BEACH
Tull/Jim*US Out Of The Mid-East Coalition*Box 2873*Providence RI 02907**401-272-0220*401-274-7668(FAX):-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA MIDDLE-EAST
Capitol Hill Interaction Council*420 Smith St*Providence RI 02908:COMMUNITY ORGANIZING
Pale Fire Review*162 Academy Av*Providence RI 02908:SP
Rhode Island Animal Rights Coalition*Box 28514*Providence RI 02908**401-783-1574:ARO
Rhode Island Community College Food Coop*54 Bancroft St*Providence RI 02909:FC CU EDUCATION
Ros*Box 3570*Cranston RI 02910:9310 CONSPIRACY ZINE
Environmental Coalition*Brown U-Box H*Providence RI 02912:GMPFC CU EDUCATION GMPFR GMPFEG ECOLOGY GMPF F&V AA91-911115-TEST AA91-TEST DB
East Providence Bristol County Coop*Bullocks Pt*Riverside RI 02915:FC
Rhode Island Assn Of Conservation Committees*20 Firglade Av*E Providence RI 02915:ECOLOGY
Country Coop*Griffin Rd Box 129*Deerfield NH 03037:FC
Deerfield Coop*Griffin Rd*Deerfield NH 03037:FC
Essential Organics*Box 325 Organic Pk*Derry NH 03038:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL FOOD
Human Unity Conference*Rt 3 Box 87*Epping NH 03042**603-679-2211:H CONFERENCE
Whole Health Inst*Rt 3 Box 87*Epping NH 03042**603-679-2211:H HC
Monadnock Coop*Starrett Farm*Francestown NH 03043:FC
Southern Nh Coop Warehouse*Moore General Hospital*Goffstown NH 03045:FC HC
Mciver/Dorothy*Another Store*Rt 123*Greenville NH 03048:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Merriam Hill Ctr*102 Merriam Hill Rd*Greenville NH 03048**603-878-1818:HC H
Mettanokit Spiritual Community*Another Pl*Rt 123*Greenville NH 03048**603-878-9883:COMMUNITY SCC AN H
Beaver Brook Assn*Brown Ln*Hollis NH 03049:ECOLOGY
Nashua Alternative Energy Coalition*22 Meade St*Nashua NH 03060:SER ECOLOGY AN
Nashua Peace Ctr*22 Meade St*Nashua NH 03060:POLITICAL PEACE AN AA84 AA BB MBB
Voice Coop*2 Shattuck St*Nashua NH 03060**882-5741:CU COOP FC EDUCATION
Institute For Appropriate Technology*Daniel Webster College*Nashua NH 03061:NR ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION AT
New Boston Coop*New Boston NH 03070:FC
Attar Herbs & Spices*Playground Rd*Box B*New Ipswich NH 03071:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN CCFHH FOOD HC
J Crows Cider Mix Co*Box 172*New Ipswich NH 03071:FOOD
Beachley/Carol*Concerned Citizens Of Salem*9 Ashwood Av*Salem NH 03079:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Natural Marketplace*Newman Plaza Route 28*Salem NH 03079**603-893-2893:9010 FOOD-STORE
Earth Star Press*Box L-86*Temple NH 03084**603-444-6463:DIRECTORY NORTHERN-NEW-ENGLAND 9010 PUBLICATION H ART DB MEDIA
Energy Club*High Mowing School*Wilton NH 03086:SCC SER AN ECOLOGY HRO
Natural Organic Farmers Assn*Stonyfield Farm*Witlon NH 03086:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FARMING
Rural Ed Ctr Inc*Stonyfield Farm*Wilton NH 03086**654-9625:RURAL MLC SCC AN EDUCATION
Wilton Coop*Maple St*Wilton NH 03086:FC
A Market*125 Loring St*Manchester NH 03101**603-668-2650:9010 FOOD-STORE
Every Womans Ctr*Ywca*72 Concord St*Manchester NH 03101:WHC W HC
Energy Conservation & Solar Ctr*121R Valley St*Manchester NH 03103:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Manchester Coop Group*260 Orange St*Manchester NH 03103:FC
New Hampshire Coops*260 Orange St*Manchester NH 03103:FC
Sisters Of Mercy*435 Union*Manchester NH 03103:AN POLITICAL
New Hampshire Lung Assn*456 Beech St*Manchester NH 03105:AN POLITICAL HC
New Hampshire Solar Energy Assn*Box 666*Manchester NH 03105:SER SOLAR-ENERGY AN ECOLOGY
Granite State Alliance*Box 4684*Manchester NH 03108:SCC SER ECOLOGY AN
New Hampshire Energy Coalition*Box 4545*Manchester NH 03108:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ortho Molecular Nutrition Intl*Box 5036*Manchester NH 03108**603-434-6254:WLT HC H
Southern New Hampshire Coop*Box 5045*Manchester NH 03108:FC GMPFE GMPFS GMPF F&V DB
Silver Star*1340 Hooksett Rd*Hooksett NH 03206**603-627-7141:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Underground Sk*Rfd I Box 141A*Compton NH 03223:AN POLITICAL
Community Builders*Shaker Rd*Canterbury NH 03224:HOUSING AT
Environment Clean Energy Club*Horizons Edge School*Canterbury NH 03224:SER POLITICAL ECOLOGY SCC AN SCHOOL HRO
Shaker Village Inc*Canterbury NH 03224:COMMUNITY
Diakonia Farm*Peacham Rd*Barnstead NH 03225:COMMUNITY FARM CHILDREN
Namaste Consciousness*Box 578*Center Barnstead NH 03225:H NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Clam Sandwich*Box 82*Center Sandwich NH 03227:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Hopkinton Food Club*Maple St*Contoocook NH 03229:FC HRO
Hopkinton Food Coop*Rt 1 Box 254*Contoocook NH 03229:FC
Nichols/Robert*Concord Friends Meeting*Rfd*Contoocook NH 03229:SER ECOLOGY SCC AN -1 AFSC PEACE HRO
Audubon Society*Paradise Point Nature Ctr*E Hebron NH 03232:SCC AN ECOLOGY AUDUBON
Sant Bani Ashram*Franklin NH 03235:COMMUNITY SP H
Hunger Mountain Grain Coop*Box 195*Henniker NH 03242:FC
Commentary On Conservation*Holderness NH 03245:ECOLOGY
Woodn Energy*Box 2008*Laconia NH 03247**603-224-9945:WOOD ENERGY SP PUBLICATION AT MEDIA
Meredity Cap Coop*Trinity Episcopal Church*Meredith NH 03253:FC
Expanded Mind*Village Green*Main St*New London NH 03257**603-526-2925:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Lake Sunapee Protection Assn*Burpee Hill Rd*New London NH 03257:ECOLOGY
Center For Environmental Education*Holderness School*Plymouth NH 03264:NA AN ECOLOGY SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Suncook Coop*Alan St An Munic Bldg Cap Ofc*Suncook NH 03275:FC
Courser/Rebecca*Blackwater Safe Energy Alliance*Iron Kettle Rd*Warner NH 03278:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Women Against Nuclear Development*Box 193*Warner NH 03278:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY PUBLICATION AN W MEDIA
Chipmonk Falls Folks*Chipmonk Falls*Weare NH 03281:SCC POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
1st Baptist Church Coop*No State St*1st Baptist Church*Concord NH 03301:FC
Audubon Society*3 Silk Farm Rd*Concord NH 03301:SER POLITICAL ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807 SCC AN
Civil Liberties Union*11 S Main St*Concord NH 03301**603-225-3080:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Common Cause*11 S Main St*Concord NH 03301:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Kaleidoscope*28 S Main St*Concord NH 03301**603-226-3415:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Leclair/Linda-Marie*American Friends Service Committee*Box 1081*Concord NH 03301:AN AFSC 8807 F -1 POLITICAL SER PEACE GMPF F&V SCC HRO
Mount Washington Committee*Norton Bldg*Concord NH 03301:ECOLOGY
National Abortion Rights Action League*20 S Main St*Concord NH 03301:SCC POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN NARAL ABORTION
National Lawyers Guild*Franklin Pierce Law Ctr*2 White St*Concord NH 03301:AACC DRAFT LAW NLG 8807 SER ECOLOGY SCC AN POLITICAL
New Hampshire Education Assn*Concord NH 03301:AN POLITICAL
New Hampshire Feminist Health Ctr*38 S Main St*Concord NH 03301**603-224-3251:RRN 8904 WHC FC POLITICAL MR SCC AN W HC
Reproductive Rights Natl Network*38 S Main St*Concord NH 03301**603-224-3251:FILM F&V REPRODUCTION WHC W MEDIA HC
School Environment Education Project*16 Rumford St*Concord NH 03301:CU ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Society For The Protection Of New Hampshire Forests*54 Portsmouth St*Concord NH 03301**800-639-2184*603-224-9945*603-228-0423(FAX):ECOLOGY FORESTS 9307 RN POLITICAL SCC AN RNS0212
Vietnam Veterans Of America*2 White St*Concord NH 03301:SCC SER ECOLOGY AN VETERANS VVA
Women Wise*Nhfhc*38 S Main St*Concord NH 03301**225-2739:W
Buck/Kathy*Peace & Lasting Security*Box 771*Concord NH 03302:-1 F 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA SECURITY
Keen Learning Coop*69 Washington St*Keene NH 03431:CU EDUCATION
Surry Allied Consumers*Crain Rd*Surry NH 03431:FC
Monadnock Alternative Energy Coalition*Box E*Dublin NH 03444**563-8348:POLITICAL ECOLOGY AN
Fitz Grits Food Coop*Rfd 1 Box 199*Fitzwilliam NH 03447:FC
Old Time Printing*Box 151*Fitzwilliam NH 03447:SP
Hancock Food Coop*Box 144*Hancock NH 03449:FC
Moosebrook Food Coop*Depot Stn*Hancock NH 03449:FC
Plymouth Rock Foundation*Box 425*Marlborough NH 03455:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Marlow Coop*Box 59*Marlow NH 03456:FC
New Hampshire Coop Network*Box 73*Marlow NH 03456:FC
Cobblestone*28 Main St*Peterborough NH 03458:SP
Human Environmental Inst*Sargaent Camp*Rfd 2*Peterborough NH 03458:GMPFCG GMPFR ECOLOGY H GMPF F&V DB
Peterborough Peanuts*70 Concord St*Peterborough NH 03458:FC
Richardson/C*Monadnock Aec*Kaufman Rd*Peterborough NH 03458:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Northern New England Review*Box 825*Franklin Pierce College*Rindge NH 03461:SPR PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Girs Press*Box 91*W Chesterfield NH 03466:SP
New Hampshire Natural Food Assoc*34 Parker St*Winchest NH 03470:FC
Winchester Coop*17 W Main St*Winchester NH 03470:FC
Womens Concern Ctr*White Mountain Committee Service*111 Cottage St*Littletown NH 03561:WHC W HC
Highlands Inn*Box 118*Bethlehem NH 03574**603-869-3978:9308 WOMEN LESBIAN INN HOTEL
Rajala/Reuben*Appalachian Mountain Club*Pinkham Notch Camp*Gorham NH 03581:S ECOLOGY -1 AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-880412 HRO
Green Booksource*Hc 60 Box 50*Charlestown NH 03603:9008 BOOKSTORE ECOLOGY AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900815
Student Conservation Assn*Box 550*Charlestown NH 03603:9403 ECOLOGY
Hill Ctr For Psychosynthesis In Ed*Old Walpole Rd*Walpole NH 03608**756-3925:H
Woodstock Soapstone*RR 1 Box 37H Airport Ind Pk*W Lebanon NH 03734:NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Camp Golden Arrow*Georges Mills NH 03751:AN POLITICAL
Grantham Food Club*Box 352*Grantham NH 03753:FC HRO
Hanover Consumers Coop Society*Box 633*Hanover NH 03755**643-COOP:COOP FC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hanover Food Coop*8 Barrett Rd*Hanover NH 03755:FC
Project Ceval Inc*2 Freeman Rd*Hanover NH 03755:
Sierra Club*Dartmouth College*Hanover NH 03755:8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION HRO
Listen Food Buying Club*92 Hanover St*Lebanon NH 03766:FC W HRO
Canaan Coop*Box 185*Lyme NH 03769:FC
Pioneer Log Homes*Box 267*Newport NH 03773:NR AT ECOLOGY AN HOUSING LOG-HOMES
Left Green Network*Box 372*W Lebanon NH 03784:8908 POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Bettys Dream*75 Longmeadow Ln*Portsmouth NH 03801:AN POLITICAL
Pax World Fund Inc*224 State St*Portsmouth NH 03801:INVESTMENTS PEACE-PORTFOLIO 9105
Seacoast Anti-Pollution League*5 Market St*Portsmouth NH 03801:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN
Socially Conscious Investment Service*A G Edwards & Sons Inc*500 Market St Suite 12*Portsmouth NH 03801**800-422-1030:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Up Front Organic Market*18 Profile Av*Portsmouth NH 03801:FOOD
Friends Of White Mountain Wilderness*Labrador Farm*Center Conway NH 03813:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN
Ossipee Food Coop*Box 26 Occ*Center Ossipee NH 03814:FC
World Fellowship*Conway NH 03818**447-2280:CU EDUCATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN
Cocheco Valley Humane*Box 1267*Dover NH 03820**603-749-5322:ARO
Dover Friends Meeting*141 Central Av*Box 98*Dover NH 03820:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN
Gay Student Organization*Memorial Union U Of NH*Durham NH 03824:HS CU EDUCATION W
Great Bay Food Coop*Memorial Union Bldg*Durham NH 03824:FC
New England Ctr For Continuing Education*Durham NH 03824:ECOLOGY
Public Interest Research Group*Memorial Union Bldg*U Of NH Rm 126*Durham NH 03824:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Students Against Nuclear Energy*Memorial Union Bldg*U Of NH*Durham NH 03824**742-5425:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN CU EDUCATION
Unhite*Schofield House*Durham NH 03824:ECOLOGY
Womyn's Wheel*540 Lafayette Rd*Hampton NH 03824**603-926-5218:9204 W CLOTHING BICYCLING-GEAR CATALOG MAIL-ORDER
Nature Conservancy*Box 97*E Barrington NH 03825:ECOLOGY
Nature Conservancy*U Of NH*Durham NH 03842:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Hampton Falls Concerned Citizens*Exeter Rd (rt 88)*Hampton Falls NH 03844:SER ECOLOGY AN
Seacoast Anti Pollution League*Hampton Falls NH 03844:AT AN ECOLOGY
Newmarket Concerned Citizens*10 Grape St*Newmarket NH 03857**659-2780:AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL
World Fellowship Ctr*Rd 1 Birch St*N Conway NH 03860:CCP MUSIC ART DB
Timberlane Regional School*Plaistow NH 03865:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Conrad/Kristie*Seabrook Day Care*Box 1165*Seabrook NH 03874:SER ECOLOGY AN DAY-CARE W -1
Garand/Diane*Seabrookers For Survival*Walton Rd*Seabrook NH 03874:SER ECOLOGY -1 AN W
Libo Too!*Box 2400*Oganquit ME 03907:BP
Starving Chef*29 Water St*Exeter NH 03933:RESTAURANT FOOD
Lakes Environmental Assn*102 E Main St*Bridgeton ME 04009**207-647-8580:NUCLEAR-WASTE AN ECOLOGY 8807
Appalachian Mountain Club*21 Columbia Av*Brunswick ME 04011:ECOLOGY HRO
Drug Ctr*24 Jordan Av*Brunswick ME 04011:DRUGS INFORMATION
Gay-Straight Alliance*Bowdoin College*Brunswick ME 04011:BG HS CU EDUCATION ART DB
Gulf Of Maine Bookstore*61 Main St*Brunswick ME 04011**207-729-5083:SP PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
North American Bioregional Conference*61 Maine St*Brunswick ME 04011:ECOLOGY CONFERENCE
Cobblesmith*Box 191 Rfd 1*Freeport ME 04032:SP
Gorham Food Coop*99 South St*Gorham ME 04038:FC
Mainely Now*Box 534*Kennebunkport ME 04043:PUBLICATION NOW 8807 W MEDIA
Safe Energy Education Committee*RR 1 Box 1968*Kennebunk ME 04043:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Toms Of Me Inc*Box 710 Railroad Av*Kennebunk ME 04043:NR AT ECOLOGY AN CATALOG FOOD
Long Island Coop*Long Island ME 04050:FC
Bridgton Food Coop*4 Seasons Camp Ground*Naples ME 04055:FC
Northern Pines*Rt 85 Box 279*Raymond ME 04071**207-655-7624:HC H
Saco River Coop*45 Scammon St*Saco ME 04072:FC
Sprague Electric Food Coop*Sprague Electric Co*Sanford ME 04073:FC
Documents For New Poetry*Box 143*S Harpswell ME 04079:POETRY SP
Farm Apprentice Placement Service*Mill Cove Farm*Box 556*S Harpswell ME 04079:NR AT ECOLOGY AN APPRENTICESHIP PLACEMENT-SERVICE FARM-APPRENTICESHIP
Davis/Jay*Maine Times*1 Main St*Topsham ME 04086**800-552-8824*207-729-0126*207-729-2699(FAX):MLC PUBLICATION -1 POLITICAL NR AT AN ECOLOGY AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-911030 AA91-Y MEDIA
Fare Shore Coop Store*Waterford ME 04088:FC
Kedka Coop*Waterford ME 04088:FC
Westbrook Food Coop*Rfd 1 Box 81*W Baldwin ME 04091:FC
Pusch/Margaret D*Intercultural Press*Box 700*Yarmouth ME 04096**207-846-5168*207-846-5181(FAX):SP MULTICULTURAL CULTURAL-EDUCATION -1 F
Act Up*Box 5267*Portland ME 04101:9107 HS AIDS HC
Books Etc*38 Exchange St*Portland ME 04101:AT BOOKSTORE
Civil Liberties Union*97A Exchange St*Portland ME 04101**207-774-5444:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Good Day Market Coop*155 Brackett St*Portland ME 04101**772-4937:COOP BOOKSTORE POLITICAL AN S FC
Kaminski/Kate*Maine Animal Coalition*1 City Ctr*Box 17643*Portland ME 04101**207-874-2837:-1 ARO W
Public Interest Research Group*68 High St*Portland ME 04101:AN POLITICAL PIRG 8807
Scogis Ctr*11 Granite St*Portland ME 04101:INFORMATION
Social Legislation Info Office*Diocesan Human Relations Service*87 High St*Portland ME 04101:AN POLITICAL
Solotaire/Pat*Allagash Environmental Inst*U Of ME*Portland ME 04102:AT CU EDUCATION -1 ECOLOGY
Allagash Group*Center For Research*U Of ME*Portland ME 04103:ECONOMICS PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Casco Bay Alliance*8 Alba St*Portland ME 04103:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Jones/Donna*Public Interest Research Group*U Of Southern Me*Portland ME 04103:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Unity*16 Columbia Rd*Portland ME 04103**207-774-3535:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Casco Bay Island Development Assn*Box 3373*Peaks Island ME 04104:ECOLOGY
Center For Vision & Policy*Box 16007*Portland ME 04104:9103
Veterans For Peace*Box 3881*Portland ME 04104**207-797-2770:9107 PEACE VETERANS 9308
Donovan/Christone*Maine Audubon Society*118 US Rt 1*Falmouth ME 04105:SER -1 W GMPFT NR AN ECOLOGY AUDUBON PUBLICATION MW AT GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART
Walden Bookstore*Maine Mall*S Portland ME 04106**772-8166:BOOKSTORE
Gordon/Kent*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*46 High Bluff Rd*Cape Elizabeth ME 04107**207-799-8236:CPSR -105 HRO
Greater Portland Nuclear Referendum Committee*Rfd 5 Box 84*Cape Elizabeth ME 04107:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SER ECOLOGY AN SEP
Trefethen Evergreen Improvement Assn*Broad Of Governors*Peaks Island ME 04108:ECOLOGY
Venus Adventures*Box 39*Peaks Island ME 04108:TRAVEL 8711 W
New School Workshop*10 Mayo St*Portland ME 04111:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Holistic Books & Treasures*250 Center St*Auburn ME 04210**207-782-5538:9010 BOOKSTORE H
National Training Laboratories*Box 41*Bethel ME 04217:H
Buckfield Coop*E Sumner ME 04220:FC
Androscoggin Food Coop*28 Bates St*Lewiston ME 04240:COOP FC
Bates Employment Coop*Dick Rounds Box 591*Lewiston ME 04240:FC
New World Coalition*Bates College*Box 272*Lewiston ME 04240:GMPFI GMPFC 9101 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Pinehenge School*RR 1 Box 370*Poland Spring ME 04274:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Sabbathday Lake Shaker Colony*Poland Spring ME 04274:COMMUNITY SHAKER CELIBATE LIBRARY
Goat Coop*Rfd 1 Box 73*W Paris ME 04289:FC
Community Buying Club*General Delivery*W Peru ME 04290:FC HRO
Mexico Neighborly Buying Club*Ridge Rd*W Peru ME 04290:FC HRO
Barrows/Judy*Maine Nuclear Referendum Committee*Box 2627*Augusta ME 04330:GMPFI GMPFE -1 AN ECOLOGY GMPFEG 9101 GMPF F&V W DB SER
Carson/Brownie*Natural Resources Council Of Maine*271 State St*Augusta ME 04330**207-622-3101:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Msea Coop*State Health & Welfare*Augusta ME 04330:FC HC
Safe Power For Maine*Box 2204*Augusta ME 04330:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Maine Organic Farmers & Gardeners Assn*283 Water St*Augusta ME 04333**207-622-3118:FARMING GARDENING PUBLICATION MEDIA
Maine St Consumer Arts & Humanities*State House*Augusta ME 04333:FC ART DB
Maines Conservation School*Education Bldg*Augusta ME 04333:NR AT AN SCHOOL EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Pittston Food Coop*Rt 2*Gardiner ME 04345:FC
Capitol Area Produce*7 Lincoln St*Hallowell ME 04347:FC
Dark Eagle Coop*Outer Central St*Hallowell ME 04347:FC
Main Tomorrow*Box 327*Hallowell ME 04347:9211 RURAL-DEVELOPMENT DIRECTORY
Msea Coop*7 Lincoln St*Hallowell ME 04347:FC
Augusta Nature Club*15 Kling St*Augusta ME 04350:NA AN ECOLOGY HRO
Litchfield Coop*Oak Hill Rd*Litchfield ME 04350:FC
Mount Vernon Coop*Mt Vernon ME 04352:FC
Friends Food Coop*Box 57*Palermo ME 04354:FC
Action Linkage*Box 684*Bangor ME 04401:9103
Audubon Society*2203 Broadway*Bangor ME 04401:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Ceuvp*Court House ANNEX-105 Hammond*Bangor ME 04401:FC
Summit Coop*Box 52*Burlington ME 04417:FC
Buckwalter/Paul*Indian Health Ctr*Indian Isle*Old Town ME 04468:SER ECOLOGY AN INDIANS -1 HC
Maine Beachfront*Box 13*Old Town ME 04468:NUDE-BEACH
F A R O G Forum*Journal Bilingue*208 Maison Fernald U Of ME*Orono ME 04469**581-7082:BILINGUAL CU EDUCATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
Thoreau Journal Quarterly*304 English Math Bldg*U Of ME*Orono ME 04469:SP CU EDUCATION
Home Coop*Rt 1 Box 408*Orland ME 04472**469-7961:FC POLITICAL AN
Homemakers Organized For More Employment*Box 408*Orland ME 04472:JOBS SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Abenaki*U Of ME*Memorial Union*Orono ME 04473**207-581-2201:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Coalition For Peace*12 Lord Hall*U Of ME*Orono ME 04473:PEACE POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Maine Conservation Bill Of Rights Committee*76 Folger Library*Orono ME 04473:ECOLOGY LIBRARY
Off Campus Board Food Coop*Memorial Un U Of ME*Oromo ME 04473:FC CU EDUCATION
Penobscot River Oil Pollution Abatement Committee*101 Barrows Hall*U Of ME*Or No ME 04473:ECOLOGY OIL-POLLUTION CU EDUCATION
Veterans Food Coop*10 Fernald Hall*Orono ME 04473:FC
Moose Crossing I*Box 132*Springfield ME 04487:FC
Arrowsic Marshlands Assn*Spinney Mill Rd*Arrowsic ME 04530:ECOLOGY
Georgetown Coop*Box 151*Georgetown ME 04530:FC
Shelter*58 Center St*Bath ME 04530:NR AT ECOLOGY AN HOUSING
China Lake Assn*Lakeview Dr*S China ME 04538:ECOLOGY
Baker/Laura*No Nukes*Box 406*Damariscotta ME 04543:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Centre Bookstore & Learning Ctr*Elm St*Box 1227*Damariscotta ME 04543**207-563-2123:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Rising Tide Coop Market*Round Top Farms*Damariscotta ME 04543:FC
Citizens Committee Concerned About Nuclear Power*Box 76*N Edgecomb ME 04556:SER ECOLOGY AN
Food For Thought*Box 242 River Rd*Edgecomb ME 04556:FC
Sensible Maine Power*Box 76*N Edgecomb ME 04556:SER ECOLOGY AN
Atkins Bay Farms*Coxs Head Rd*Phippsburg ME 04562:FC COMMUNITY SCC AN
Phippsburg Coop*Atkins Bay Farm*Phippsburg ME 04562:FC
Christmas Cove Coop*S Bristol ME 04568:FC
Waldoboro Weekly*Box 629*Waldoboro ME 04572:AN POLITICAL
Washington Friends Coop*No Name Rd*Washington ME 04574:FC
Csuzi/Pauline*Cheroonki Foundation*Wiscasset ME 04578:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Latona Press*Rfd 2 Box 154*Lamoine ME 04605:
Mount Desert Island*Box 401*Bar Harbor ME 04609:FC
Berkowitz/Warren*Blue Mussel Collective*Box 50 Rt 15*Lue Hill ME 04614:GMPFCG GMPFR SER ECOLOGY AN -1 GMPF F&V DB
Blue Hill Coop*Box 247*Blue Hill ME 04614:FC
Simpson/Lucy*Organization For Equal Education Of The Sexes*Box 438*Blue Hill ME 04614**207-374-2489:9203 -1 EDUCATION W EQUAL-EDUCATION SEXUAL-EQUALITY F POSTERS ART DB
Woodenboat Magazine*Box 78*Brooklin ME 04616**359-4651:SPORTS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Downeast Coop*Sprague Falls Rd*Cherryfield ME 04622:FC
3 Penny Coop*47 Caden Av*Eastport ME 04631:FC
Down East Alliance*East Of Egypt Food Coop*Franklin ME 04634:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL FC
East Of Egypt Coop Store*Franklin ME 04634:FC
Franklin Coop*Martin Ridge*Franklin ME 04634:FC
Social Science Inst*Box 126*Harborside ME 04642:CU EDUCATION
Downeast Coop*Harrington ME 04643:FC
Jonesport Area Clamshell*Box 144*Hulls Cove ME 04644:AN POLITICAL
Escorsio*Box 47 Umm*Dorward Hall*Machias ME 04654:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Washington Co Clams*% Your Store*Maine & Centre Sts*Machias ME 04654:AN POLITICAL
Your Store*Main St*Machias ME 04654:FC
Machias Coop*Wash Hancock Committee Agency*Box 280*Milbridge ME 04658:FC
Mcclellan Park Childrens Nature Program*Millbridge ME 04658:ECOLOGY CHILDREN
Loonbooks*Box 901*Northeast Harbor ME 04662:
Half Moon Tidal Project*Passamaquoddy Nation*Pleasant Pt*Perry ME 04667:AN POLITICAL
Christy Hill Coop*Sedgewick ME 04676:FC
Great Cir Publications*Box 122A*Southwest Harbor ME 04679:SP
Letters Magazine*Box 82 Rd 1*Stonington ME 04681:UG DB SF MAGAZINE
Westfield Coop*General Delivery*Mars Hill ME 04758:FC
Patten Coop*Rt 1 Box 246 A*Patten ME 04765:FC
Marstons*483 Main St*Box 789*Presque Isle ME 04769:BOOKSTORE
Island Inst*60 Ocean St*Rockland ME 04841:9403 ECOLOGY
Outward Bound School*Box 429*Rockland ME 04841:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Kidder/Rushworth*Institute For Global Ethics*Box 563*21 Elm St*Camden ME 04843**207-236-6658:-1 VIP ETHICS PUBLICATION TRANET 9204 MEDIA
National Fisherman*21 Elm St*Camden ME 04843:SP
Megunticook Lake Assn*Lincolnville ME 04849:ECOLOGY
Searsmont Friends Coop*Rfd 1*Lincolnville ME 04849:FC
Camden Food Coop*Box 375*Camden ME 04853:FC
Fog Horn Coop*Box 140*Tenants Harbor ME 04860:FC
Warren Food Coop*Warren ME 04864:FC
Colby Environmental Council*Colby College*Waterville ME 04901:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Community Coop*76 West River Rd*Waterville ME 04901:FC
New World Coalition*Box 1421 Colby College*Waterville ME 04901:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Robie/Becky*Waterville Area Clamshell*Rfd 3 Box 344*Winslow ME 04902:SER ECOLOGY AN SEP W -1
Christen/Don*Maine Vocals*Box 189*Anson ME 04911:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Sandy River Coop*Anson ME 04911:FC
Belfast Coop Store*Main St 16*Belfast ME 04915:FC
Bern Porter Books*22 Salmond Rd*Belfast ME 04915:SP AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Chicken Coop*Workshop*Main St*Belfast ME 04915:FC
Maine Lesbian Feminists*Box 125*Belfast ME 04915:LESBIAN HS W
Monroe Food Coop*Rfd 1*Brooks ME 04921:FC
Grabowski/Dorothy*Franklin County Nrc*Rd 2 Chesterville Rd*Farmington ME 04938:SER ECOLOGY SCC AN W -1
Food Mill*Garland ME 04939:FC
Downeast Community*Hidden Valley*Freedom ME 04941**342-5177:POLITICAL COMMUNITY AN
Hidden Valley Downeast Community*Freedom ME 04941**342-9685:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION COMMUNITY
Harmony Food Coop*Harmony ME 04942:FC
Vassalboro Vittles Coop*Box 12*Vassalboro ME 04949:FC
Common Courage Press*Box 702*Monroe ME 04951**207-525-0900:9304 POLITICAL MEDIA 9204 SP BP DEMOCRACY COLOR THIRD-WORLD MINORITIES
National War Tax Resistance Coordinating Committee*Box 774*Monroe ME 04951**207-525-7774:PEACE WAR-TAXES 9308
Stony Hills*Weeks Mills*New Sharon ME 04955:SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Leavitt Hill Farm*New Vineyard ME 04956:COMMUNITY
Maine Wood Heat Co*Rfd 1 Box 38*Norridgwock ME 04957:AT
Moose Pond Coop*52 Hamilton*Pittsfield ME 04967:FC
Wilhelm Reich Museum*Box 687*Rangeley ME 04970:REICH-MUSEUM MUSEUM H MLP ART DB
Lourey/Jeanne*Energy Education*50 Water St*Skowhegan ME 04976:GMPFI GMPFE -1 9101 GMPF F&V W
Middle Rd Coop*Rfd 3 Box 218*Skohegan ME 04976:FC
Benedict Arnold Coop*Solon ME 04979:FC
Hogback Friends Coop*Rfd 2*Thorndike ME 04986:FC
Thorndike Press*One Mile Rd*Thorndike ME 04986:SP
Whitten Hill Farm Community*Rfd 2*Thorndike ME 04986:COMMUNITY
Troy Coop*Whitaker Rd*Troy ME 04987:FC
Byers/Diane*Unity Clamshell*Unity College*Unity ME 04988:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION W -1
Fiddlehead Graphics*Wellington ME 04990:POLITICAL AN
Black Mountain Press*Box 1*Corinth VT 05039:SP POLITICAL MR W
Northeastern Log Homes Inc*Box 126*Groton VT 05046:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Max/Jim*Ottauguechee Down Wind*Box 109*Hartland VT 05048:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Enertech Corp*Box 420*Norwich VT 05055:WINDMILL ENERGY NR AT ECOLOGY AN
New Victoria Publishers Inc*Box 27*Norwich VT 05055**802-649-5297:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Sanctuary*Box 770*Norwich VT 05055:CCP GMPFI GMPFJ GMPF F&V DB
Man & His Environment*Plymouth Union VT 05057:ECOLOGY
White River Coop Inc*3 Weston St*Randolph VT 05060:FC
Kiewel/Jean Anne*National Lawyers Guild*Box 536*S Royalton VT 05068:GMPFCG GMPFR NLG 8807 GMPF F&V ART F -1
Nichols/Robert*Ompompanoosic Affinity Group*Thetford VT 05074:SER ECOLOGY SCC AN HPF -1
Solaruno*Box 516*Windsor VT 05089:AT SOLAR-ENERGY
Vermont Sr Crafts Ctr*Windsor House*Main St*Windsor VT 05089:FC GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V ART DB
East Hill Farm*Andover Rd*Chester VT 05143:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Green Mountains Cabins Inc*Box 190*Chester VT 05143:NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Southeast Vermont Community Action*709 Westminster St*Box 396*Bellows Falls VT 05151:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Benedictine Foundation Of Vt*Weston Friory*Weston VT 05161:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Prospect School*N Bennington VT 05257:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Wood/Megan Eplar*Ecotourism Society*Box 755*N Bennington VT 05257**802-447-2121*802-447-2122(FAX):ECOTOURISM TRAVEL ECOLOGY -1 F 9307
Mason Hill Press*Box 157*Pownal VT 05261:SP
Appropriate Technology Corp*Box 541*328 Old Ferry Rd*Brattleboro VT 05301:NR ECOLOGY AN AT
Coakley/Sue*New England Coalition On Nuclear Pollution Inc*Box 545*Brattleboro VT 05301:GMPFEG GMPFR AN -1 ECOLOGY GMPF F&V F DB
Common Ground*25 Elliot St*Brattleboro VT 05301**802-257-0855:WLT RESTAURANT FC
Dancing Stone*51 Elliot St*Brattleboro VT 05301**802-257-5716:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Experiment In Intl Living*Brattleboro VT 05301:TRAVEL CU EDUCATION
Gottlieb/Richard & Carol*Sunnyside Solar*Rd 4 Box 808*W Brattleboro VT 05301**800-346-3230*802-257-1482*802-254-4670(FAX):NECONP F HPF SOLAR-EQUIPMENT CATALOG DMPR 9104 COURSES -1
Green Mountain Bookstore*Midtown Mall*24 High St*Brattleboro VT 05301**802-257-7777:BOOKSTORE MW AT SEP
Greenberg/John*New England Coalition On Nuclear Pollution*Rd 4 Box 446*W Brattleboro VT 05301**802-464-2260:AN POLITICAL 8801 -1 APN NR AT ECOLOGY SER PUBLICATION GMPF F&V
Heifer Hill*Rt 2 Box 196 A*W Brattleboro VT 05301**254-9567 & 254-2490:
Longhouse*Green River Rfd*Brattleboro VT 05301:
New England Solar Energy Assoc*Box 975*Brattleboro VT 05301:NA AN SOLAR-ENERGY PUBLICATION AT MEDIA
School For Intl Training Bookstore*Kipling Rd*Brattleboro VT 05301:9204 BOOKSTORE AA AA92 AA92-29 AA92-Y AA92-RT AA92-920414
Stone/Margot*Womens Crisis Ctr*Box 933*Brattleboro VT 05301:GMPFI -1 GMPF F&V ART F DB
Worthen/Mark*Stop Uranium Mining Group*Box 486*Jamaica VT 05343:GMPFEG GMPFR -1 URANIUM-MINING MINING GMPF F&V ART DB
American Friends Service Committee*Rd 1*Putney VT 05346:SER ECOLOGY AN 8807 AFSC POLITICAL HRO
Ells/Susan*Center For Popular Economics*Rfd 3 Box 717*Putney VT 05346:ECONOMICS -1 AA85 AA BB MBB F
Gulf Peace Action Team*Box 598*Putney VT 05346**802-387-2600:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Putney Consumers Coop*Box 55*Putney VT 05346**387-5866:COOP FC
Mountain Valley Coop*Main St*Wilmington VT 05363:FC
Natural Foods*Main St*Wilmington VT 05363:FOOD
Audubon Society*Box 33*Burlington VT 05401:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Centenary Press*100 Ledge Rd*Burlington VT 05401:SP
Church St Ctr For Community Education*135 Church St*Burlington VT 05401**802-656-4221:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Committee For Environmental Action*Box 99*U Of VT*Burlington VT 05401:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Environmental Program*U Of VT*153 S Prospect St*Burlington VT 05401:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Everyday Bookstore*106 Church St*Burlington VT 05401**802-862-5191:BOOKSTORE SEP
Kahler/Ellen*Peace & Justice Coalition*21 Church St*Burlington VT 05401**802-862-4929:F -1 9209 GCTVP F&V PEACE
Onion River Coop Inc*274 N Winooski Av*Burlington VT 05401**802-863-3659:COOP FC
Public Interest Research Group*Student Assn*Billings Ctr*Burlington VT 05401:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V DB
Unitarian-Universalist Church*141 Pearl St*Burlington VT 05401:AN POLITICAL W
Vermont Natural Resources Council*5 Ridgewood Dr*Burlington VT 05401**802-863-6296:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Vermont Womens Health Ctr*158 Bank St*Box 29*Burlington VT 05401**802-863-1386:COUNSELING MEN HS WHC W HC
Waterfront Books*98 Brookes Av*Burlington VT 05401**802-658-7477:SP
Alarm*Box 804*Burlington VT 05402:9401 ECOLOGY PUNK ZINE
Autonome Forum*Box 1242*Burlington VT 05402:POLITICAL 9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Burlington Safe Energy Coalition*Box 704*Burlington VT 05402:SER ECOLOGY AN
Mother Natures Natural Foods*1293 Williston Rd*S Burlington VT 05403:STORE FC
Cavrak/Steve*Science For The People*U Of VT Computing Ctr*Burlington VT 05405:GMPFI GMPFC SFTP POLITICAL 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Noble/Jack*Rising Sun*Billings Student Ctr*Ujm*Burlington VT 05405:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION -1
Vermont Small Farm Project*U Of VT Morrill Hall*Burlington VT 05405:NA AN SMALL-FARM CU EDUCATION
Hunneman/Leif*Dissonance*Box 165*Cambridge VT 05444:9310 -1 ZINE
Bradford Books*Box 28*Montgomery VT 05470:SP
Northeast Kingdom Energy Alliance*Box 71*Greensboro Bend VT 05482:SER ECOLOGY AN
Womens Hormone Information Service*Creamery Educational Foundation*Box 367*Shelburne VT 05482:HORMONES WHC W HC
Ward-Wells/Sandy*Vermonters For Pot Peace*Box 237*Underhill VT 05489:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS -1 9307
Civil Liberties Union*Box 810*Montpelier VT 05601**802-223-6304:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Birnbaum/Chip*Public Interest Research Group*26 State St*Montpelier VT 05602:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V DB
Deaett/Mary L*Organic Farmer*15 Barre St*Montpelier VT 05602**802-223-7222*802-223-0269(FAX):9302 -1 F AGRICULTURE PUBLICATION FARMING TRANET
Hunger Mountain Coop Inc*239 Barre St*Montepelier VT 05602:FC
Institute For Gaean Economics*64 Main St 2nd Flr*Montpelier VT 05602:ECONOMICS 9201
The Image Co-Op*Box 1047*Montpelier VT 05602:GMPFT GMPFI FC GMPF F&V DB
Weber/Seward*Vermont Natural Resources Council*7 Main St*Montpelier VT 05602:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Adamant Food Coop*Box 1*Adamant VT 05640:COOP FC
Cherry Hill Cooperative Cannery Inc*Mr 1*Barre VT 05641**802-476-8738:COOP CANNERY COMMUNITY FC
Contemplative Review*Carmelite Monastery*Beckley Hill*Barre VT 05641:MLC MLC-NEW-ROOTS/5K MLC-265. SP PUBLICATION AA84 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Homeward Bound*Box 97*E Calais VT 05650:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
National Wildlife Federation*Northeast Field Rep*E Calais VT 05650:ECOLOGY
Birth Control Clinic*Box 439*Johnson State College*Johnson VT 05656**802-635-2356X375:BIRTH-CONTROL CLINIC W CU EDUCATION WHC HC
Crows Mark Press*Johnson VT 05656:SP
Clearing*Marshfield VT 05658**802-426-3810:H AA84 AA BB MBB
New School*Marshfield VT 05658:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Maia Inst*RR 1 Box 1310*Moretown VT 05660:9310
Children's Campaign For Nuclear Disarmament*Box 550 Rd 1*Plainfield VT 05667**802-454-7119:PEACE CHILDREN NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT 9308
Institute For Social Ecology*Box 89*Plainfield VT 05667**802-454-8493:POLITICAL ECOLOGY H SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Bear Pond Books*Stowe VT 05672**802-253-8236:BOOKSTORE
Food For Thought*Lower Village Rt 100*Stowe VT 05672:RESTAURANT FOOD
Stowe School Inc*RR 1*Stowe VT 05672:NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Lane/Denny*Vermont Fear (Forfeiture Endangers American Rights)*Box 537*Waitsfield VT 05673:DRUGS -1 9307
Vermont Iron Stove Works*Warren VT 05674:POLITICAL AN STOVES IRON-STOVES
Alcazar Records*Silo Distribution*Box 429*Waterbury VT 05676:MUSIC POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Depierro/Dr Kathleen*Stop Forfeiture Of Children's Homes*Box 91*Waterbury VT 05676:9401 -1 F MARIJUANA
Cold Hollow Cider Press*Stowe Rd*Waterbury Ctr VT 05677:FOOD
Rutland Natural Foods Coop*117 West St*Rutland VT 05701**802-775-3134:COOP FC
Southern Vt Womens Health Ctr*187 N Main St*Rutland VT 05701**802-775-1946:WHC W HC
Brook/Megan*Volunteers For Peace Inc*43 Tiffany Rd*Belmont VT 05730**802-259-2759*802-259-2922(FAX):9102 PEACE F DMPR
Coldwell/Peter*Volunteers For Peace*Box 202*43 Tiffany Rd*Belmont VT 05730**802-259-2759*802-259-2922(FAX):9303 -1 PEACE VOLUNTEERS WORKCAMP TRAVEL EDUCATION DIRECTORY
Vermonters Against Splitting Atoms*Box 64*Benson VT 05731:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Holistic Education Press*39 Pearl St*Brandon VT 05733**802-247-8312:PUBLICATION 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION MEDIA
Press At Diamond Hill*Rd 3*Brandon VT 05733:SP
Brigham/Richard*Rutland Safe Energy Alliance*Cuttingsville VT 05738:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Environment Awareness Committee*Green Mt College*Poultney VT 05741:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Clamshell Affinity Group*Middlebury Bike & Ski Touring*22 Main St*Middlebury VT 05753:GMPFCG GMPFR AN GMPF F&V DB
Middlebury Coop*Box 601*Middlebury VT 05753:FC
Students Concerned For Environment*Middlebury Union High School*Middlebury VT 05753:ECOLOGY SCHOOL
Banyan Press*Box 51*Pawlet VT 05761:SP
Merck Forest Foundation*Rupert VT 05768:ECOLOGY
Unicorn*Box 118*Salisburg VT 05769:
Karme-Choling Buddhist Meditation Ctr*Barnet VT 05821:COMMUNITY BUDDHIST
Tail Of The Tiger*Star Rt*Barnet VT 05821**802-633-9389:BUDDHIST COMMUNITY PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Entropy Acres*Box 277*Barton VT 05822:COMMUNITY FARM COOP
Institute For Liberty & Community*Concord VT 05824:PUBLICATION SEPO POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN SEP MEDIA
Art Therapy Publications*Craftsbury Common VT 05827:THERAPY H ART DB
American Society Of Dowsers Inc*Danville VT 05828:DOWSING
Buffalo Mt Food Coop*Box 336*Hardwick VT 05843:FC
Natural Organic Farmers Assn*Rd 1 Box 30*Hardwick VT 05843:AT FARMING
Northeast Kingdom Energy Alliance*Rd 1 Box 30*Hardwick VT 05843:SER ECOLOGY AN
Worldwide Fair Play For Frogs Committee*Lyndonville VT 05851:FROGS POLITICAL
Memphremagog Group*Box 456*Newport VT 05855:NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Vermont Vocals*19 Bay St*Newport VT 05855:DRUGS 9307
Coulter/A*Citizens For Safe Energy*Rfd*Passumpsic VT 05861:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Gefn Press*W Burke VT 05871:SP
Janus Press*Rd 2*W Burke VT 05871:SP
Northeast Kingdom Coop*Box 63A*W Clover VT 05875:COOP FC
Mullein Hill*Box 63-A*W Glover VT 05876:COMMUNITY COOP FARM FOOD
Academy Of Religion & Psychical Research*Box 614*Bloomfield CT 06002:RELIGION PSYCHICAL-RESEARCH PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Broken Streets*57 Morningside Dr East*Bristol CT 06010:SP
Pace*Box 62*Canton CT 06019:SER ECOLOGY AN
Vietnam War Newsletter*Box 122*Collinsville CT 06022:VIETNAM PUBLICATION MEDIA
Fresh Water Coop*Box 68*Enfield CT 06030:FC
Coop On The Hill*U Of CT*Pathology Dept Health Ctr*Farminton CT 06032:FC CU EDUCATION HC
Glastonbury Eco-Action*Highmead*Glastonbury CT 06033:ECOLOGY
Self-Reliance Alliance*1789 Main St*Glastonbury CT 06033:SER ECOLOGY AN
Sierra Club*41 Baldwin Ln*Glastonbury CT 06033:8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY HRO
De Wolfe/David*People For Economic & Social Action*Box 439*Kensington CT 06037**000-566-2585:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY SCC AN -1
Berkshire-Litchfield Environmental Conservancy Council*Box 552*Lakeville CT 06039:ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Center For Environmental Education*269 Oak Grove St*Manchester CT 06040:NR AT AN ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Concerned 6th Graders*Waddell School*163 Broad St*Manchester CT 06040:AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL
Knowledge Ideas & Trends Inc*1131-0 Tolland Turnpike Suite 175*Manchester CT 06040**203-646-1621:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Womens Ctr*Box 1046*Manchester CT 06040:MR POLITICAL W
Central Ct Food Coop*201 Mccuntock St*New Britain CT 06050:FC
Prudence Crandall Ctr For Women*Box 895*New Britain CT 06050:BOOKSTORE WHC W HC
Hensey/Judy*Connecticut Energy Network*West Hill Rd Rfd 2*New Hartford CT 06057:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 ENERGY
Waring Products*New Hartford CT 06057:FOOD
Box Project*56 Red Stone Hill*Plainville CT 06062:WELFARE
Shady Maple Farms*70 Trumbull Av*Plainville CT 06062:FC
Andrews/Bruce*Sic & Sp*Case Books*Box 292*Salisbury CT 06068:9310 POETRY SP -1
Audubon Society*Rt 4*Sharon CT 06069:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Folk Legacy Records*Sharon Mt Rd*Sharon CT 06069:MUSIC NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Simsbury Food Coop*32 Country Ln*Simsbury CT 06070:FC
Workers Coop Union Inc*37 Main St*Stafford Springs CT 06076**684-2779:FC
Constitutional Revival*29 Fairfield Rd*Enfield CT 06082:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Penny Pinchers*279 Sugar Hill Rd*Tolland CT 06084:FC W
Tri-Town Coop*5 Oakdale Av*Winsted CT 06098:FC
Connecticut Gay Task Force*Box 514*Hartford CT 06101:HS
George W Henry Foundation*45 Church St*Hartford CT 06103**522-2646:COUNSELING HS CU EDUCATION
Huntingtons Bookstore*65 Asylum St*Hartford CT 06103:MLC-PL BOOKSTORE MLC SEP
Institute Of Social Ethics*One Gold St Suite 22-BC*Hartford CT 06103**547-1281:ARCHIVE HS
Building Resources*121 Tremont St*Hartford CT 06105**203-233-5165:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Down To Earth Coop*Hill Ctr 350 Farmington*Hartford CT 06105:FC
Womens Issues*Ywca*135 Broad St*Hartford CT 06105:WHC W HC
American Friends Service Committee*55 Van Dyke Av*Hartford CT 06106:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE AFSC 8807 HRO
Civil Liberties Union*32 Grand St*Hartford CT 06106**203-247-9823:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Mierzwinski/Ed*Public Interest Research Group*Box 6000-TRINITY*Hartford CT 06106:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807 -1 RESEARCH
Northeast Citizen Action Resource Ctr*32 Grand St*Hartford CT 06106:9203 POLITICAL RUN-FOR-OFFICE DEMOCRACY
Audubon Society*Box 207*W Hartford CT 06107:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Carstens/Kenneth N*South Africa Ecumenical Ministry*12 S Main St*W Hartford CT 06107**203-236-7508*203-523-4605(FAX):9011 -1 POLITICAL DMPR EXEC-DIR AFRICA
Connecticut River Ecology Action Corp*Chemistry Dept*U Of Hartford*W Hartford CT 06107:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Environmental Quality*19 Sunset Ter*W Hartford CT 06107:ECOLOGY
Peoples Food Coop*110 Longhill Dr*E Hartford CT 06108:FC
Hartford Mens Ctr*95 Canterburg Ctr*Hartford CT 06112:MEN S
Andrew Mountain Press*BC 14353*Hartford CT 06114:SP
Charter Oak Ter Buying Club*155 Willys St*Hartford CT 06118:FC HRO
Kalos Society*Gay Liberation Front*19 Comande Rd*E Hartford CT 06118**568-2656:HS
Peoples Food Coop*869 Forbes St*E Hartford CT 06118:FC
Community Renewal Team Of Greater Hartford Inc*3580 Main St*Hartford CT 06120:SER ECOLOGY AN
Gregoire/R*Center For Environment & Man Inc*275 Windsor St*Hartford CT 06120:AT ECOLOGY -1
Hartford Food Systems*C R T*3580 Main St*Hartford CT 06120:SER ECOLOGY AN FC
Stowe Village Coop*66 Hampton St*Hartford CT 06120:COOP FC
Energy Education Service*Box 224*Hartford CT 06141:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Curbstone Press*321 Jackson St*Willimantic CT 06226:SP BP
Instead Of A Magazine*Box 433*Willimantic CT 06226:9101 PUBLICATION ANARCHIST POLITICAL MEDIA
East Woodstock Coop*Box 4*E Woodstock CT 06244:FC
Hampton Buyers Coop*Rt 97*Hampton CT 06247:FC
Connecticut River Review*36 Mt Hope Rd*Mansfield Ctr CT 06250:SP
Integral Health Services*245 School St*Putnam CT 06260**928-7729:CCP MUSIC ART DB HC
Case/Patricia*Alternative Press Collection*Special Collections Dept*U Of CT*Storrs CT 06268:SP LIBRARY SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION W -1 F
Church Of Individual Life*60 Timber Dr*Storrs CT 06268:AN POLITICAL
Connecticut Coop*21 Summit Rd*Storrs CT 06268:FC
Crisis*Smith High School*Storrs CT 06268:ECOLOGY
Experimental College*U8*U Of CT*Storrs CT 06268:U CU EDUCATION
Goldsmith/Diane J*Connecticut Women's Network*Women's Ctr*U Of CT Box U-118*Storrs CT 06268**203-486-4738:-1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Journal Of World Education*Assn For World Education*School Of Ed U Of CT*Storrs CT 06268:PUBLICATION PPS PR CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mierzwinski/Ed*Public Interest Research Group*U Of CT Box U-8*Storrs CT 06268:GMPFCG GMPFC GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 NR AT ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
New Vocations Ctr*Box U-51*U Of CT*Storrs CT 06268:H EMPLOYMENT WORK JOBS CU EDUCATION
Rocking Horse Press*32 Ellise Rd*Storrs CT 06268:SP
University Of Ct Gay Alliance*U-8 U Of CT*Storrs CT 06268**429-1448:HS CU EDUCATION
University Of Ct Vegetarian Trk Coop*Box U8*Storrs CT 06268:FC CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*U Of CT*27 Whitney Rd*Storrs CT 06268:MR POLITICAL WOP W CU EDUCATION
University Ct Coop Buyers Club*75 Willington Oaks Apt*Willington CT 06279:FC HRO
Ecological Society Of America*Botany Dept*Ct College*New London CT 06320:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Media Management Monographs*9 Mt Vernon Dr*Gales Ferry CT 06335:
Penny Royale Coop*Rt 12 Box 1535*Gales Ferry CT 06335:FC W
Environmental Education Committee*U Of CT*Avery Point*Groton CT 06340:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Neid*Box 112*Groton CT 06340:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Trident Conversion Campaign*Rt 1 Box 430*Volentown CT 06348:SER ECOLOGY AN
Jolly Farmers Coop*Kimball Rd*Lisbon CT 06351:FC
Merlin Books*11 Lake View Hts*Niantic CT 06357**203-739-3757:9306 H BOOKSTORE
Norwich St Ctr Food Coop*307 Main St*Norwich CT 06360:FC
Stop War Toys Campaign*Box 1093*Norwich CT 06360:8911 WAR-TOYS TOYS POLITICAL
War Resistors League*Box 1093*Norwich CT 06360:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE POLITICAL
August Derleth Soc Newsletter*61 Teecomwas Dr*Uncasville CT 06382:SP CU EDUCATION
Incasville Food Coop*United Methodist Church*Uncasville CT 06382:FC CU EDUCATION
Ahimsa*Forge Hill Rd*Voluntown CT 06384:H
Community For Non-Violent Action*Rd 1 Box 430*Voluntown CT 06384**376-9970:COMMUNITY PEACE NONVIOLENCE POLITICAL NR AT SER ECOLOGY AN
Daniels/Marta*American Friends Service Committee*Rd 1 Box 494*Voluntown CT 06384:POLITICAL AN AFSC 8807 SEP F -1 HRO
Uncasville Food Coop*79 Ft Shantuk Rd*Uncasville CT 06387:FC CU EDUCATION
Consumer Coop*183 N Main St*Ansonia CT 06401:FC COOP
Citizens Against Nuclear Technology*Box 405*Cheshire CT 06410:SER ECOLOGY AN
Chyster Coop*33 Kings Hwy*Chester CT 06412:FC
First New England Catalogue*Pequot Press*Chester CT 06412:PUBLICATION CATALOG MEDIA
Globe Pequot Press*Old Chester Rd*Chester CT 06412:SP
Kaleidoscope Candy Factory*30 Court St*Cromwell CT 06416:FOOD
Active Work On Ct River Pollution*Becket Academy*River Rd*E Haddam CT 06423:ECOLOGY
Humane Society*Box 362*E Haddam CT 06423**203-434-1940:ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY
Audubon Society*2325 Burr St*Fairfield CT 06430:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Audubon Society*314 Unquowa Rd*Fairfield CT 06430**259-0416:MLC ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Bee Lake Press*131 Sigwin Dr*Fairfield CT 06430:SP
Fairfield Area For Recycling Energy*214 Dunncea Rd*Fairfield CT 06430:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN RECYCLING
Freedonia Gazette*25 Oxbow Ln*Guilford CT 06437:SP
Down To Earth*883 Boston Post Rd*Madison CT 06443**203-245-3822:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Church World Service*Marlborough Village Green*Box 177 Rt 66*Marlborough CT 06447**203-295-8256:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
American Indians For Development*Box 117*Meriden CT 06450:FC INDIANS
National Assn Of Railroad Pasengers*Box 891*Meriden CT 06450:TRANSPORTATION RAILROAD-PASSENGERS
Atticus Inc*45 Broad St*Middletown CT 06457:BOOKSTORE
Center For The Study Of Ed & Politics*Box Rrr Wesleyan Stn*Middletown CT 06457**347-9411:CU EDUCATION POLITICAL
Ecology House*69 High St*Meddletown CT 06457:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Feminist House*170 College St*Middletown CT 06457:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION W
Nuclear Resistance Group*Box Nrg Wesetam Stn*Middletown CT 06457:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Politics & Education*Wesleyan Stn*Fisk Hall*Middletown CT 06457**347-9411:AN DRAFT SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR EDUCATION PUBLICATION POLITICAL PR SEP MEDIA
Wesleyan Gay Alliance*Box 233 Wesleyan Stn*Middletown CT 06457:HS
Book Beast Inc*Ct Post Ctr*Boston Post Rd*Milford CT 06460:BOOKSTORE SEP
Frazier/Howard*Promoting Enduring Peace*Box 103*Woodmont CT 06460**203-878-4769:9009 -1 AA90-59 AA90-900917 HPF NR AT ECOLOGY AN 8709 PEACE AA90 AA BB MBB SP SER PUBLICATION MEPA POLITICAL
Resource*2 Chapel St*Milford CT 06460:FC
Nostalgia World*Box 231*N Haven CT 06473:SP
Mortali/Georgia*Sound Alliance*Box X*Old Saybrook CT 06475:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 ECOLOGY GMPF F&V W DB
Butterbrooke Farm Seed Coop*78 Barry Rd*Oxford CT 06483:FARM COOP POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Valley Citizens Against Nuclear Energy*Charity Farm*208 Riggs Rd*Oxford CT 06483**888-0847:POLITICAL AN
Golden Hawk*1247 Queen St Rt 10*Southington CT 06489**203-747-8470:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Pye Of Stratford*66 Jefferson St*Stratford CT 06497:ECOLOGY
Small Pond Magazine Of Literature*Box 664*Stratford CT 06497:SP
Stratford Counseling Ctr*2730 Main St*Stratford CT 06497:
Vegetarian Lifestyle Directory*Box 1967*New Haven CT 06509**305-865-2400:PUBLICATION VEGETARIAN FOOD DIRECTORY 8801 MEDIA
Connecticut Air Conservation Committee*60 College St*New Haven CT 06510:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION AIR
Alternative Community*173 Cedar Hill Av*New Haven CT 06511:FH COMMUNITY
Atticus Bookstore*1082 Chapel*New Haven CT 06511:BOOKSTORE
Book World*1143 Chapel St*New Haven CT 06511:BOOKSTORE S MLC-MBB MLC
Community Exchange*Box 753*New Haven CT 06511:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Health Care*150 Sargent Dr*New Haven CT 06511:FC HC
Community Labor Alliance*48 Howe St*New Hahven CT 06511:AACC LABOR
Connecticut Womens Educational & Legal Fund*614 Orange St*New Haven CT 06511:NCBL LEGAL-FUND CU EDUCATION W
Elements Of Life Ltd*977 State St*New Haven CT 06511**203-773-0084:9010 BOOKSTORE H
Feminist Union Anti Nuke Task Force*36 High St #19*New Haven CT 06511:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION W
Hodel/Paul*Peace Education & Action Ctr*64 Edgewood Av*New Haven CT 06511:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V DB HPF NR AT ECOLOGY AN SEP -1
Kelly/Michael*Mobilization For Survival*755 Whitney Av*New Haven CT 06511:GMPFCG GMPFR SCC MFS POLITICAL AN GMPF F&V ART -1
Lowdon/Donna*NE Coop Training Inst*210 Goffe Ter*New Haven CT 06511:SER ECOLOGY AN W TRAINING EDUCATION -1
Mobilization For Survival*48 Howe St*New Haven CT 06511:GMPFCG GMPFR MFS POLITICAL 8807 GMPF F&V DB
New Haven Mens Ctr*400 Prospecourt St*New Haven CT 06511:S MEN
New Haven Womens Liberation Rock Band*1504 Blvd*New Haven CT 06511:MUSIC
New World Bookstore*37 Howe St*New Haven CT 06511**203-865-5535:S BOOKSTORE SEP ID-B ID-N IDAFSA
Rochdale Coop*361 Elm St*New Haven CT 06511:COMMUNITY COOP FC FH
Schaefer/Larry*Environmental Education Ctr*800 Dixwell Av*New Haven CT 06511:NR AT AN -1 ECOLOGY
Inbook*Box 120470*140 Commerce St*E Haven CT 06512**800-243-0138*203-467-4257:9204 BOOKSTORE
Inland Book Co*140 Commerce St*Box 120261*E Haven CT 06512**203-467-4257*203-469-7697(FAX):9205 BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR MRP WOMEN TRAVEL DIRECTORY
Fair Haven Community Health Ctr*374 Grand Av*New Haven CT 06513:W HC
New England Womens Musical Retreat*Box 217*New Haven CT 06513**203-523-1268:MUSIC FESTIVAL 8711 W
Consumer Advocates Inc*Box 4325*Hamden CT 06514**562-8745:CONSUMER POLITICAL AN
Vegetarian Health Directory*73 Orchard Heights Dr*Hamden CT 06514:DIRECTORY HC
Wright/Larry*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*1 Brook Hill Rd*Hamden CT 06514**203-248-7664*WRIGHT-LAWRENCE@YALE.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Center For Interdisciplinary Creativity*Scsc*501 Crescent St*New Haven CT 06515:H
National Lawyers Guild*Box 98*Yale Law School*New Haven CT 06515:AACC NLG 8807
Stop Transportation Of Pollution*97 Long Hill Ter*New Haven CT 06515**426-0472:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Tarrytown Group*Box 509*W Haven CT 06516**203-933-1032:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Connecticut Fireside*Box 5293*Hamden CT 06518:SP BP
Allard K Lowenstein Intl Human Rights Law Project*Yale Law School*401A Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06520:INTERNATIONAL-LAW LAW HRO
Brown/Howard*Earth Metabolic Design*Box 2016 Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06520:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 DESIGN RN AT FUTURE NA
Civic Education Project*Yale U*Box 5445*New Haven CT 06520**203-432-3218:9208 CULTURE EDUCATION
Free School Of New Haven*Box 404A Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06520:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Free School*Dwight Hall*Yale U Christian Assn*New Haven CT 06520:U CU EDUCATION
Gay Alliance Of Yale*2031 Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06520:HS W
Society For Social Responsibility In Science*Yale U*902 Kline Bio Tower*New Haven CT 06520:SCIENCE POLITICAL CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY SER AN
Theater*222 York St*New Haven CT 06520:
Yale Review*1902A Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06520:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Changing Work*Box 5065*New Haven CT 06525:8908 PUBLICATION WORK JOBS EMPLOYMENT MEDIA
Grassroots Economic Organizing Newsletter*Box 5065*New Haven CT 06525**203-389-6194:9407 ECONOMIC PUBLICATION07
Earth Metabolic Design*Box 2016 Yale Stn*New Haven CT 06526:AT
Vietnam Generation*18 Center Rd*Woodbridge CT 06529**203-389-6104(FAX)*KALITAL@MINERVA.CIS.YALE.EDU:VIETNAM 60'S-CONFERENCE CONFERENCE/60'S05
C1C2 Projects*U Of Bridgeport*Bridgeport CT 06602:COUNSELING W CU EDUCATION
Sanguinaria Publishing*85 Ferris St*Bridgeport CT 06605:SP
Werksman/Deborah*Hysteria*Box 8581 Brewster Stn*Bridgeport CT 06605:9211 WOMEN HUMOR PUBLICATION MEDIA -1 F
Focus On Animals*Box 150*Trumbull CT 06611**203-377-1116:TAAM FILM F&V 8704 ANIMALS MEDIA
Now Coop*232 N Elm St*Waterbury CT 06702:FC
Angola Media Project*Box 176*Goshen CT 06756**491-3215:DRAFT POLITICAL ANGOLA
Kent Environmental Education Program*Kent School*Kent CT 06757:ECOLOGY EDUCATION SCHOOL
Audubon Society*Baldwin Hill Rd*Litchfield CT 06759:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Eco-Six*Litchfield Nature Ctr & Museum*Litchfield CT 06759:ECOLOGY ART DB
Winter/Paul*Living Music Foundation*Box 68*Litchfield CT 06759**567-8796*567-4096:VIP ECOLOGY MUSIC NA AN CCP MLC WHALES -1 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901108 ART DB
Connecticut Bicycle Coalition*510 N Church St*Naugatuck CT 06770:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY
Eagle Wing Press Inc*Box 579*Naugatuck CT 06770**203-274-7853 7738:SP MLTRADE 8801 INDIANS PUBLICATION MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC MEDIA
Stop*25 Sunny Valley Rd*New Milford CT 06776:ECOLOGY
Timely Books*Box 267*New Milford CT 06776:
Incredible Bulk*Rd 1 Curtiss Rd*New Preston CT 06777:FC
Housatonic Alliance*28 Shinar Mt Rd*Washington Depot CT 06794**203-868-2879:POLITICAL 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Commonsense For Hard Times Pamphlets*Yelping Hill*W Cornwall CT 06796**672-6092:DRAFT POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hartley Productions*Cat Rock Rd*Cos Cob CT 06807:FILM F&V PSI H AA84 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Sesame Seed*68 W Wooster St*Danbury CT 06810**743-9850:WLT FOOD
Audubon Society*Box 3313*Darien CT 06820:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Committee For Monetary Research & Ed Inc*Box 1630*Greenwich CT 06830:PUBLICATION MONEY RESEARCH EDUCATION MEDIA
Love & Service*35 Amogerone Way*Greenwich CT 06830**661-8893:WLT RESTAURANT FOOD
Meads Books*252 Greenwich Av*Greenwich CT 06830:BOOKSTORE
Outward Bound*384 Field Point Rd*Greenwich CT 06830**800-243-8520*203-661-0797:9002 SELF-HELP H
Whitby School*969 Lake Av*Greenwich CT 06830:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Reference Press Intl*881 Lake Av*Greenwich CT 06831**203-629-4900*203-622-5983(FAX):9102 SP DIRECTORY PARAPSYCHOLOGY-DIRECTORY H
Americares*161 Cherry St*New Canaan CT 06840**800-486-4357:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Audubon Society*Box 241*New Canaan CT 06840:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Green Linnet Inc*70 Turner Hill Rd*New Canaan CT 06840**203-966-0864:DMPR CATALOG MUSIC
Whitney Bookstores*59 Elm St*New Canaan CT 06840:BOOKSTORE SEP W
Aries Newsletter*126 Rowayton Woods*Norwalk CT 06854**203-866-0523:ARO
Earth Stuff!*119 Washington St*S Norwalk CT 06854**203-855-8097:9307 ECOLOGY STORE FESTIVAL
Peace & Justice Coalition Of Fairfield County*Box 4056*Norwalk CT 06855**203-846-9288:9205 PEACE DMPR
Growing Pains Press*Box 617*Old Greenwich CT 06870**348-6860:MLC
Black Swan Books*Box 327*Redding Ridge CT 06876:SP
Connecticut Feminists In The Arts*22 Donnelly Dr*Ridgefield CT 06877:MLC MLC-ART W ART DB
Pilot Press*183 Limekiln Rd*Ridgefield CT 06877:SP
Fairfield Zero Population Growth*Unitarian Church*Ten Lyons Plain Rd*Westport CT 06880:ECOLOGY ZPG POPULATION
Human Lactation Ctr Ltd*666 Sturges Hwy*Westport CT 06880:WHC W HC
Universal Divine Ctr*5 Lockwood Cir*Westport CT 06880:H
Westport Nature Ctr*10 Woodside Ln*Westport CT 06880:GMPFCG GMPFR ECOLOGY GMPF F&V DB
Greenwood Press*88 Post Road W*Box 5007*Westport CT 06881**800-225-5800:9305 LOBBYING-GUIDE 9105 DB SP 9203 SFC SF PRESS
Kamlani/Debbie*E Magazine*Box 5098*Westport CT 06881**203-226-9265:8903 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION -1 W MEDIA
Save The Children*Box 975*Westport CT 06881**800-243-5075*203-226-7272:8809 BANGLADESH-AID RELIEF-AGENCY CHILDREN
Mcintire/Lee*Woodcoch Nature Ctr*50 Deer Run Rd*Wilton CT 06897:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Keep America Beautiful*9 West Broad St*Stamford CT 06902:9403 ECOLOGY
The Paper*57 Stanton Ln*Stamford CT 06902:MR W PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nature Conservancy*151 Brookdale Rd*Stamford CT 06903:ECOLOGY
Abak Press*500 Pepper Ridge Rd*Stamford CT 06905:
Glad Hand Press*77 Rochelle Av*Stamford CT 06905:SP
Malanga/Sally*Ecco Bella*6 Provost Sq Suite 602*Caldwell NJ 07006**201-226-5799*800-888-5320:COSMETICS -1 NATURAL-PRODUCTS CATALOG 9205 ECOLOGY F ECOLOGICAL-PRODUCTS
Religious Task Force Mfs*546 Park Av*E Orange NJ 07010:SER ECOLOGY AN MFS
Passaic Sea Alliance*107 E 8th St*Clifton NJ 07011:GMPFJ GMPFI AN GMPF F&V DB
Humana Press*Box 2148*Clifton NJ 07015:SP
Environmental Network*New Jersey Osha*16 Commerce Dr*Cranford NJ 07016:GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V DB
Rose Shell Press*516 Gallows Hill Rd*Cranford NJ 07016:9308 WOMEN POETRY SMALL-PRESS
Shelterforce*31 Chestnut St*E Orange NJ 07018**201-678-6778:AT APS PR-PO PR PO-PR SPR S HOUSING PUBLICATION MEDIA
From Here Press*Box 219*Fanwood NJ 07023:SP
Lazette*Box 41*Garwood NJ 07027:LESBIAN PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Mira Intl Foods Inc*716 Clinton St*Hoboken NJ 07030:FOOD
Nutley Committee For Peace & Justice*19 D Riverview Gardens*N Arlington NJ 07032:PEACE
Mutual Energy Group*9 Dearfield Dr*Livingston NJ 07039:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
New Jersey High School Resource Ctr*516 Prospect St*Maplewood NJ 07040**763-2199:HIGH-SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Montclair Health Food Ctr*515 Bloomfield Av*Montclair NJ 07041:RESTAURANT FOOD HC
Campaign Against US Military Bases In The Philippines*135 Haddon Pl*Montclair NJ 07042:9010 POLITICAL PHILIPPINES MILITARY
Clark/Gordon*New Jersey Coalition Against War In The Mid-East*89 Walnut St*Montclair NJ 07042**201-744-3263:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Clark/Gordon*New Jersey Sane/Freeze*324 Bloomfield Av*Montclair NJ 07042**201-744-3263*201-509-9774(FAX):GMPFJ GMPFI GMPFCG GMPFR SER ECOLOGY SANE ART AT POLITICAL AN GMPF F&V -1 DB
Dmz*64 Chestnut St*Montclair NJ 07042:9402 VVAW PUBLICATION02 POLITICAL ZINE
Free Aquarian*1 The Crescent Rm 9*Montclair NJ 07042:
Lips*Box 1345*Montclair NJ 07042:
Montclair Sane*31 Essex Av*Montclair NJ 07042:
Students Toward A New Direction*Montclair State College*Montclair NJ 07042**201-744-0301:CU 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
West End Magazine*31 Montague Pl*Montclair NJ 07042:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Institute For The Advancement Of Philosophy Of Children*Upper Montclair NJ 07043:BP EDUCATION CHILDREN
Niagara Magazine*17 Burnside St*Upper Montclair NJ 07043:SP CU EDUCATION
Ahnoi*707 90TH St*N Bergen NJ 07047:SP
Morano/Carl*Video Confidential*8822 Second Av*North Bergen NJ 07047:9310 VIDEO ZINE -1
New Jersey Federation Of Senior Citizens*439 Main St*Orange NJ 07050:SER ECOLOGY AN ELDERLY SENIOR-CITIZENS
Womens Ctr*395 Main St*Orange NJ 07050:W
Warthog Press*29 South Valley Rd*W Orange NJ 07052:
Estee Candy Co*169 Lackawanna Av*Parsippany NJ 07054:FOOD
Passaic Review*195 Gregory Av*Passaic NJ 07055:
Central Jersey/Masaya Friendship Cities Project*525 E Front St*Plainfield NJ 07060**201-756-2666:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Children Of The Rainbow*202 W 8th St*Plainfield NJ 07060:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Mogulls*1280 North Av*Plainfield NJ 07062:FILM F&V MEDIA
Allied Old English*100 Markley St*Port Reading NJ 07064:FOOD
Libertarina Books*Box 26*Carlstadt NJ 07072:BP
Richter Brothers Inc*Box 362*Carlstadt NJ 07072:FOOD
Sahadi & Co*Flavor Tree Foods*200 Carol Pl*Moonachie NJ 07074:FOOD W
Schiff Bio Food Products*Moonachie Av*Moonachie NJ 07074:FOOD
Changes Inc*51 Old Shorthills Rd*Shorthills NJ 07078:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Milburn Peace Committee*180 Hartshorne Dr*Short Hill NJ 07078:PEACE POLITICAL
New Jersey State Coalition For A Nuclear Moratorium*Pirt Student Ctr*Seton Hall U*S Orange NJ 07079:AT AN CU EDUCATION
Springfield Peace Committee*104 Warwick Cir*Springfield NJ 07081:PEACE POLITICAL
Edward & Sons Trading Co*Box 271*Union NJ 07083:NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION FOOD
Free U*Newark State College*Union NJ 07083:U CU EDUCATION
Synergy Plus*2530 Polk St*Union NJ 07083:CU EDUCATION FOOD
Hely/Jim*National Lawyers Guild*126 Hazel Av*Westfall NJ 07090:AACC NLG 8807 -1
Union City Sane*256 West Dudley Av*Westfield NJ 07090:GMPFJ GMPFI ECOLOGY SANE GMPF F&V DB
Davis/Mike*Open Media*Box 2726*Westfield NJ 07091:9310 FUTURE-CITY CITY/FUTURE SP -1
Arab Liberation Front*142 67TH St*W New York NJ 07093:POLITICAL
Social Responsibilities Roundtable*American Library Assn*Woodbridge Public Library*Woodbridge NJ 07095:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Eve*Kean Bldg*Newark State College*Newark NJ 07101:WORK CU EDUCATION W
Constitutional Litigation Clinic*Rutgers School Of Law*Nwrk NJ 07102:PILC LAW POLITICAL 8807 CU EDUCATION NCBL HC
National Lawyers Guild*Rutgers Law School*180 University Av*Newark NJ 07102:AACC NLG 8807
Urban Legal Clinic*Rutgers School Of Law*Newark NJ 07102:PILC LAW POLITICAL NCBL 8807 CU EDUCATION HC
Womens Rights Law Reporter*180 University Av*Newark NJ 07102:AACC LAW PUBLICATION REPORTERS POLITICAL MR W MEDIA
Womens Rights Litigation Clinic*Rutgers School Of Law*Newark NJ 07102:PILC LAW 8807 CU EDUCATION W HC
Architecture 2001*60 Union St*Newark NJ 07105**201-645-4993:ARCHITECTURE
Americans For Human Rights In Ukraine*43 Midland Pl*Newark NJ 07106**201-373-9729:UKRAINE HRO
Church World Service*22 Oakland Ter*Newark NJ 07106**201-375-1531:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Arabic Assn*69 Van Ness Pl*Newark NJ 07108:ARABIC
Varco Inc*1 Montgomery St*Belleville NJ 07109:FOOD
Jackrell/Tom*Ecology Action East*12 Campbell Av*Belleville NJ 07129:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Student Mobilization Committee*Jersey City State College*Jersey City NJ 07305:CU EDUCATION
Alternate School*176 N Fullerton*Montclair NJ 07307:SCHOOL S CU EDUCATION
Anti-Pollution League*77 Homewood Av*Allendale NJ 07401**327-3914:AN POLITICAL AT
American Inst Food Distribution*Box 523*Fair Lawn NJ 07410:SEPO FOOD SEP
Fairlawn Committee For Peace*5-12 Hopper Av*Fair Lawn NJ 07410:PEACE POLITICAL
Black Filmmaker Foundation*Box 315*Franklin Lakes NJ 07417**201-891-8240:BLACK FILM F&V MEDIA
New Day Films*Box 315*Franklin Lakes NJ 07417**201-891-8240:FILM F&V W MEDIA
Pandora Films*Box 315*Franklin Lakes NJ 07417**201-891-8240:FILM F&V W MEDIA
Women Make Movies*Box 315*Franklin Lakes NJ 07417**201-891-8240:VIDEO FILM F&V W MEDIA
Religious Society Of Friends*419 Hollywood Av*Hohokus NJ 07423:QUAKERS
Makofske/William*School Of Environmental Studies*Ramapo College*505 Rampo Valley Rd*Mahway NJ 07430:AT CU EDUCATION -1 POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Ramapo Food Coop*Ramapo College Of Nj*Ramapo Valley Rd Box 542*Mahwah NJ 07430:FC CU EDUCATION
Sierra Club*Box 234*Oakland NJ 07436:AT 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY HRO
The Event*Box 203*Pequannock NJ 07440:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Accca Press*19 Foothills Dr*Pompton Plains NJ 07444:SP
Hillis/Madalyn*National Council For Geocosmic Research Inc*105 Snyder Av*Ramsey NJ 07446**201-825-7233:-1 9112 W H ASTROLOGY AA AA92 AA92-29 AA92-Y AA92-920113
De La Ree Publications*7 Cedarwood Ln*Saddleriver NJ 07458:SP
Places In The Sun Travel*Box 104*Saddle River NJ 07458**800-827-TRIP:TRAVEL NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Teacher Update*Box 205*Saddle River NJ 07458:
Rock Lodge Club*Box 86*Stockholm NJ 07460**201-697-9721:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Loving Brotherhood*Box 556*Sussex NJ 07461**201-875-4710:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Feder/Darrin*William Patterson College Norml*300 Pompton Rd*Student Government Assn Office*Wayne NJ 07470**201-473-2452:DRUGS -1 NORML 9307 MARIJUANA
Passaic County Peace Ctr*5 Wenonah Av*Wayne NJ 07470:PEACE POLITICAL
Some Other Magazine*47 Hazen Ct*Wayne NJ 07470:
Sheldrick/Pamela*Pandora Book Peddlers*885 Belmont Av*N Haledon NJ 07508**201-427-5733:-1 F MULTICULTURAL BOOK-CLUB 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE HRO
Blue Penguin Publications*147 Sylvan Av*Leonia NJ 07605:TRAVEL-INFORMATION DIRECTORY 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Gay Activists Alliance Of Nj*Box 1734*S Hackensack NJ 07606**343-6402:COUNSELING HS W
Woman Health*11 Emily Ct*Demarest NJ 07627:WHC W HC
Englewood Peace Committee*325 Murray Av*Englewood NJ 07631:PEACE POLITICAL
Franklin/Pamela*New Directions For Women*108 W Palisade Av*Englewood NJ 07631**201-568-0226*201-568-6532(FAX):9109 -1 PUBLICATION EDITOR W DMPR POLITICAL SP MR MEDIA
L & M Industries Inc*210 Allison Ct*Englewood NJ 07631:FOOD
Spirit Of The Ground Ginseng*309 Valley Rd*Haworth NJ 07641:FOOD
If Life Then One Among At Least Four*Box 282*Palisades Park NJ 07650:SP
Paramus Environmental Council*170 Villanova Dr*Paramus NJ 07652:SER AN ECOLOGY
Sea Alliance*170 Villanova Dr*Paramus NJ 07652:SER ECOLOGY AN AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900830 40-WELLES
Ararat*585 Saddle River Rd*Saddle Brook NJ 07662:SP
Aquarius Organic Foods & Restaurant*405 Cedar Ln*Teaneck NJ 07666:RESTAURANT FOOD
Bergen Co Wsp*623 Maitland Av*Teaneck NJ 07666:POLITICAL
Bergen County Peace Ctr*687 Larch Av*Teaneck NJ 07666:PEACE POLITICAL
Bravo*1081 Trafalgar St*Teaneck NJ 07666:SP
Middle East Peace Makers*Box 836*Teaneck NJ 07666**201-833-0525*201-833-9179(FAX):9204 POLITICAL PEACE PUBLICATION MIDDLE-EAST MEDIA
New Jersey Student Union*687 Larch Av*Teaneck NJ 07666:STUDENTS UNION
Paper Tiger*687 Larch Av*Teaneck NJ 07666:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Terra Number 1*15 Elkwood Ter*Tenafly NJ 07670:ECOLOGY
Gradman/Steve*Act Up*66 Hurlburt St*Westwood NJ 07675:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Argyros/Dorothy*Monmouth County Coalition Against War In The Mid-East*Box 307*Red Bank NJ 07701**201-774-0217:F 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE -1
Monmouth County Sea*Box 233*Fair Haven NJ 07701:SER ECOLOGY AN
Peace & Equal Rights Committee*Box 307*Red Bank NJ 07701:PEACE POLITICAL
Petrovich/Walter*New System*Industrial Union Party*Box 711*Red Bank NJ 07701:9402 -1 MARXIST02 POLITICAL ZINE
Planned Parenthood Assn*141 Bodman Pl*Red Bank NJ 07701:
Health Resources Publishing*Box 1442*Wall Township NJ 07719**201-681-1133:PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
New Jersey Unschoolers*2 Smith St*Farmingdale NJ 07727**201-928-2473:SP PUBLICATION AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*700 Elton-Adelphia Rd*Freehold NJ 07728:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF 8807 W
Uni-Ed Assoc*Box 2343*Elberon NJ 07740**201-870-0423:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Food & Water Inc*3 Whitman Dr*Denville NJ 07834**800-EAT-SAFE:FOOD-&-WATER WATER-&-FOOD RADIATION-ESPOSED-FOOD
Self-Help Clearinghouse*Saint Clares-Riverside Medical Ctr*Denville NJ 07834**201-625-9565*201-625-9053(TDD):9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Goodland Country Club*Box 575*Hackettstown NJ 07840**201-850-1300:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Shanachie Records*37 E Clinton*Newton NJ 07860**201-579-7763:MUSIC HISPANIC-MUSIC RECORDS 9102
Marcinko/Bill Dale*Afta*47 Crater Av*Wharton NJ 07885:PUBLICATION -1 ART-PR PR-ART PR SFT SF AA86 AA BB MBB AA86-19 AA86-870305 AA85-19 AA85-851223 BOOKSTORE ART DB MEDIA
Citizens For Safe Power*51 Evergreen Rd*Summit NJ 07901:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Somerset Hills Peace*Box 469*Bernardsville NJ 07924:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Literary Review*Fairleigh Dickinson U*285 Madison Av*Madison NJ 07940:CU EDUCATION
Pericarp Books*20 Lorraine Rd*Madison NJ 07940:W
North Jersey Conservation Foundation*300 Mendham Rd*Morristown NJ 07960:ECOLOGY
Educational Consortium For Cable*86 Hawthorne Dr*New Providence NJ 07974**201-277-2870:CABLE-TV HC CU EDUCATION
Remember Tmi Coalition*Box 271*New Vernon NJ 07976:SER ECOLOGY AN
Media Action Coalition*Box 134*Whippany NJ 07981:PUBLICATION MLC-CONGRESS MLC MEDIA
Church World Service*1995 E Marlton Turnpike*Cherry Hill NJ 08003**609-424-2312:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Environmental Advisory Board*3 Hawthorne Dr*Cherry Hill NJ 08003:ECOLOGY
Pinelands Preservation Alliance*120-34B Whitesbog Rd*Browns Mills NJ 08015**609-893-4747:9307 ECOLOGY ROAD-CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM HIGHWAY-CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM/ROADS
American Nutritional Lab*109 Elbow Ln*Burlington NJ 08016:FOOD
Together Inc*7 State St*Glassboro State College*Glassboro NJ 08028:WHC WOP W CU EDUCATION HC
Underground Grammarian*Glassboro State College*Glassboro NJ 08028:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Maledictz Ws Press*310 Jess Av*Haddonfield NJ 08033:SP
Mickle Street Review*46 Centre St*Haddonfield NJ 08033:SP
Reviva Labs Inc*705 Hopkins Rd*Haddon Twp NJ 08033:FOOD
Bio-Search Industries*16 Bellows Ln*Cherry Hills NJ 08034:FOOD
Public Interest Research Group*83 Hamilton Ln*Willingboro NJ 08046:AT PIRG 8807
Asphodel*613 Howard Av*Pitman NJ 08071:SP
Sea Alliance*Box 295*Pitman NJ 08071:GMPFJ GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V DB
Foris Publications Usa*Bird Science Books*Box C-50*Cannaminson NJ 08077:SP
Vegetarian Gourmet*Box 7641*Riverton NJ 08077:9405 VEGETARIAN PUBLICATION
Environmental Improvement Assn*109 111 Chestnust St*Salem NJ 08079:ECOLOGY
Health Is Wealth Products*Sykes Ln*Williamstown NJ 08094:FOOD HC
Jim Phillips Publications*Box 168*Williamstown NJ 08094:
20TH Century Ufo Bureau*756 Haddon Av*Colingswood NJ 08108:UFO
Ben Franklin Bookshoppe*Box 1*Collingswood NJ 08108:PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE MEDIA
Self Study Inst*Box 1291*Merchantville NJ 08109**609-663-5735:H
Cape May Coalition To Stop Intervention In The Mid-East*535 Bank St*Cape May NJ 08204**609-884-0698:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Cape May Bird Observatory*Box 3*Cape May Point NJ 08212:9403 ECOLOGY
Womens Club Of Linwood*409 Vansant Av*Linwood NJ 08221:AN POLITICAL W HRO
Greenpeace*Office Of Campus Activities*Stockton State College*Pomona NJ 08240:GMPFR ECOLOGY GREENPEACE 8807 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Campfest*RR 3 Box 185*Franklinville NJ 08322:MUSIC 8711 FESTIVAL W
Ahimsa*Box H*Malaga NJ 08328**609-694-2887:
American Vegan Society*Malaga NJ 08328**609-694-2887:H VEGETARIAN FOOD
Vegetarian Voice*501 Old Harding Hwy*Malaga NJ 08328:PUBLICATION VEGETARIAN FOOD AAP MEDIA
Youth Environmental Soc Inc*Box 441*Cranbury NJ 08512:SER AN ECOLOGY
Fellowship Of Reconciliation*Rd 1 Box 349*Hopewell NJ 08525:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Citizens For Responsible Power Policies*189 S Harrison St*Trenton NJ 08540:AT AN SER ECOLOGY
Energy Task Force*Unitarian Church*Cherry Hill Rd*Princeton NJ 08540:GMPFCG GMPFR AN CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V DB
Holistic Health Assn*360 Nassau St*Princeton NJ 08540**924-8580:NAM W HC
Moore/Rev Bob*Coalition For Nuclear Disarmament*40 Witherspoon St*Princeton NJ 08540**609-924-5022:MLC MLC-195. MLC-M MLC-NJ MLC-920407 FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR J -1 DISARMAMENT PEACE NUCLEAR-DISARMAMENT 9102 GMPF F&V GMPFJ GMPFI APN
National Midwives Assn*Box 163*Princeton NJ 08540**799-1942:WHC MIDWIVES WOP W HC
Ontario Review*9 Honey Brook Dr*Princeton NJ 08540:SP
Pilgrim Press*39 University Pl*Princeton NJ 08540:SP
Princeton Energy Group*729 Alexander Rd*Princeton NJ 08540:NR AT AN ECOLOGY ENERGY
Princeton U Food Coop*Dod Hall Basement*Princeton NJ 08540:FC
Quarterly Review Of Literature*26 Haslet Av*Princeton NJ 08540:SP ID-O ID-N IDAFSA
Space Studies Inst*Box 82*Princeton NJ 08540:SPACE
Womens Ctr*201 Aaron Burr Hall*Princeton U*Princeton NJ 08540:WOP CU EDUCATION MR POLITICAL W
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*95 Linwood Cir*Princeton NJ 08540:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF 8807 W
Cairns/Cecilia*Alliance To Reverse Nuclear Arms Race*315 West College*Princeton NJ 08544:GMPFCG GMPFR PEACE ARMS-RACE -1 NUCLEAR-ARMS GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
New Jersey Gay Switchboard & Information Ctr*Box 323*Princeton NJ 08550**609-921-2565:SWITCHBOARD HS
Church World Service*125 Washington St*Box 214*Rocky Hill NJ 08553**609-924-6466:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
US1 Poets Cooperative*21 Lake Dr*Roosevelt NJ 08555:POETRY
Africa World Press*Box 1892*Trenton NJ 08607:AFRICA DIRECTORY SP TRANET 9204 9007 PRESS BP
Gioglio/Jerry*Broken Rifle Press*Box 749*Trenton NJ 08607**908-549-0631:-1 DRAFT MILITARY SP CONSCIENTIOUS-OBJECTORS MLTRADE? PEACE 9205 MLC MLC-M MLC-BS MLC-100. MLC-890504
Africa Research & Publications Project*Box 1892*Trenton NJ 08608:SP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PO-PR PR-PO AFRICA RESEARCH SEP
Womens Ctr*Ywca*140 E Hanover St*Trenton NJ 08608:YWCA WOP W
Delaware Valley Sane*33 Pettyridge Rd*Groveville NJ 08620:SANE
Inmate Legal Assn*Third & Federal St*Trenton NJ 08625:PRISON LAW SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
State Education Planning*Box 2019*Trenton NJ 08625:FUTURE
Sky Festivals*Box 7317*W Trenton NJ 08628**215-736-3715:9302 KITES FESTIVAL EVENT INTERNET
Womanspace Inc*Box 7182*Trenton NJ 08628:MR POLITICAL W
Institute For Experiential Learning & Development*1687 Lawrence Rd*Lawrenceville NJ 08648**609-882-6815:H
Mercer County Sea*Box 199*Hingston NJ 08728:SER ECOLOGY AN
Martin/Theodora*National Coalition For Sex Equity In Education*1 Spruce Rd*Clinton NJ 08809**201-735-5045:F -1 SEX-EQUITY EDUCATION W MAILING-LIST 9203 RT
Incunabula Collection Press*Rd 8 Box 1234*Thatchers Hill Rd*Flemington NJ 08822:SP
Vegex Co*Box 152*Flemington NJ 08822:FOOD
Renewable Energy Publications*Box 216*Frenchtown NJ 08825:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR ENERGY
Tri-State Metro Naturists*Box 136*Iselin NJ 08830-0136:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Scarecrow Press Inc*Box 4167*Metuchen NJ 08840**908-548-8600:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS BLACK FILM F&V BIBLIOGRAPHY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ust/Daniel*Jersey Porcupine*321 Maple St #49*Perth-Amboy NJ 08861:9402 -1 LIBERTARIAN02 POLITICAL ZINE
Great Society Press*451 Heckman St #308*Phillipsburg NJ 08865:SP
Footprint Magazine*150 West Summit St*Somerville NJ 08876:SP
Clean Water Action Project*46 Bayard St Rm 319*New Brunswick NJ 08901**201-846-4224:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Brunswick Tenants Committee*184 Commercial Av*New Brunswick NJ 08901:TENANTS
New Brunswick Women Crisis Ctr*56 College Av*New Brunswick NJ 08901:WOP CU EDUCATION W WHC HC
Radio Riot*126 College Av*New Brunswick NJ 08901:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Weintraub/Jeanne*Committee For Intermediate Technology*Blake Hall Cook College*New Brunswick NJ 08901:NR ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION AT -1 W
Womens Crisis Ctr*56 College Av*N Brunswick NJ 08902:POLITICAL WHC MR CU EDUCATION W HC
Center For The American Woman & Politics*Eagleton Inst*Rutgers U*New Brunswick NJ 08903:HC POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Central Jersey Coalition Against US Intervention In Mid-East*Box 792*New Brunswick NJ 08903:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Comtemporary Studies Quarterly*Transaction Period Consortium*Rugeers U*New Brunswick NJ 08903:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Livingston Self-Help Group*Womens Ctr*Livingston College-Rutgers U*New Brunswick NJ 08903:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Society For Conservation Biology*104 Blake Hall*Rutgers University*New Brunswick NJ 08903:9403 ECOLOGY
Urban Communications T & R Ctr*Livingston College*New Brunswick NJ 08903**201-932-4100:VIDEO F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Walt Whitman Ctr For Culture & Politics Of Democracy*Political Science Dept*Rutgers University*New Brunswick NJ 08903:POLITICAL WHITMAN/WALT 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Manor Farm*711 Raritan Av #18*Highland Park NJ 08904:9401 MUSIC BANDS PUNK ZINE
Peace Ctr Of Central Nj*139 Raritan Av*Highland Park NJ 08904:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Sandman/Peter*Public Interest Campaigns*311 N Fourth Av*Highland Park NJ 08904:GMPFI GMPFCG -1 PIRG GMPF F&V DB
Womens Crisis Ctr*56 College Av*New Brunswick NJ 08904:WOP CU EDUCATION W WHC HC
Act Up*135 W 29 10TH Flr*New York NY 10001:8809 AIDS HC HS
Church Women United-Ncc*475 Riverside*New York NY 10001:RELIGION W SEP
Citizens Committee For New York City*3 W 29 6th Fl*New York NY 10001**212-278-4747:POLITICAL
Creative Womens Collective*236 W 27 12TH Fl*New York NY 10001**212-924-0665:WOP SP PUBLICATION J W ART DB MEDIA
Design Industries Foundation For Aids*150 W 26 Suite 602*New York NY 10001**212-727-3100:AIDS HC AIDS-FUND-RAISING ART DB
Employment Rights Project*Columbia U*New York NY 10001:NCBL PILC LAW 8807 CU EDUCATION ED
Fairness & Accuracy In Reporting*130 W 25*New York NY 10001**212-633-6700:NEWS REPORTING TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Healey/John G*Amnesty Intl*322 Eighth Av*New York NY 10001**212-807-8400:8806 PR EXEC-DIR 8710 8911 DMPR POLITICAL PEACE VIP -1
Help Line*3 W 29 St*New York NY 10001:WOP YOUTH W
Hudson Guild Coop*441 W 26*New York NY 10001:FC
Madre*121 W 27 Rm 301*New York NY 10001**212-627-0444:PEACE 9307 CENTRAL-AMERICA POLITICAL WOMEN
New Day Films*121 W 27 Suite 902*New York NY 10001**212-645-8210*212-645-8652(FAX):9201 FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA
Pendergrass/Renee*Monthly Review Press*122 W 27 10TH Flr*New York NY 10001**212-691-2555*212-727-3676(FAX):MLC-WST MLC-ED MLC-150. MLC-920511 9205 -1 F POLITICAL SP MLC MLC-180. MLC-920505 MLC-CU-INDIVIDUALS MLC-F
Routledge & Kegan Paul*29 W 35*New York NY 10001:SP H 8708 SFC PR-SF SF-PR PR DB 8803 SF
Socialist Party*516 W 25*New York NY 10001**212-691-0776:POLITICAL 9008
The New School*66 W 12*New York NY 10001**212-741-5690:9203 EDUCATION SCHOOL ED
Union Of Orthodox Jewish Congregations Of America*333 Seventh Av*New York NY 10001**212-563-4000X132:JEWISH 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Washington Sq Mens Ctr*133 W 4*New York NY 10001:S MEN
Women's Peace Network Inc*121 W 27*New York NY 10001**212-627-0444:W PEACE TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Womens Caucus For Art*340 W 28*New York NY 10001**212-242-1941:S PUBLICATION W ART DB MEDIA
Workers Vanguard*Box 1377*New York NY 10001:PUBLICATION MARXIST POLITICAL MEDIA
Abc No Rio*156 Rivington St*New York NY 10002**212-254-3697:LMCC ART DB
Asian Cinevision Inc*32 E Broadway*New York NY 10002**212-925-8685:ASIA LMCC FILM F&V ART DB MEDIA
Bronx Consumer Coop Inc*465 Grand St*New York NY 10002:FC
Coop Furniture Ctr*465 Grand St*New York NY 10002:FC
Federation Of Cooperatives Inc*465 Grand St*New York NY 10002:FC
Lower East Side Women's Ctr*53 Stanton St*New York NY 10002**212-353-1924:9307 W
New York Conservation Assembly*465 Grand St*New York NY 10002:CONSUMER CHECKING-ACCOUNT-SURVEY INFORMATION
New York Women Against Rape*44 St Marks Pl*New York NY 10002:WOP RAPE WHC W HC
Rochdale Inst*465 Grand Av*New York NY 10002:FC
That New Magazine Inc*Box 1475 Church St Stn*New York NY 10002**212-925-8021:HS PUBLICATION MEDIA
W W 3*141 Allen St*New York NY 10002:BOOKSTORE
3rd St Music School*235 E 11*New York NY 10003**212-777-3240:PERFORMANCE-ART MUSIC EDUCATION ART ED DB
Alternatives To Violence Project*15 Rutherford Pl*New York NY 10003**212-677-2593:VIOLENCE SP PUBLICATION GMPFJ GMPFI POLITICAL GM GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
American Friends Service Committee*15 Rutherford Pl*New York NY 10003:9204 SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE POLITICAL AFSC 8807 W ID-B ID-N ID-P ID-R IDAFSA HRO
Artists For Survival*340 E 9*New York NY 10003:AN POLITICAL ART DB
Battering Men Project*American Friends Service Committee*15 Rutherford Pl*New York NY 10003:WOP MEN DOMESTIC-VIOLENCE 8807 AFSC POLITICAL W HRO
Calamus Books*Box 689 Cooper Stn*New York NY 10003:SP
Center For War & Peace Studies*218 E 18TH St*New York NY 10003**202-862-0700:PEACE 9308 SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL GMPF F&V WAR EDUCATION MEDIA
Center For War Peace & The News Media*Nyu*10 Washington Pl*New York NY 10003**212-998-7960:PEACE PUBLICATION 9308 MEDIA NEWS-MEDIA
Cispes Midatlantic*41 Union Sq W #220*New York NY 10003**212-431-9251:9001 POLITICAL EL-SALVADOR PEACE
City Lore*72 E First St*New York NY 10003**212-529-1955:FILM VIDEO F&V FESTIVAL 9304 INTERNET
Civil Disobediance Task Force*Mobilization For Survival*48 St Marks Pl*New York NY 10003:SER ECOLOGY AN MFS 8807
Cooper Union Forum*Great Hall*7th St At Third Av*New York NY 10003**212-254-6300 EXT 205:PERFORMANCE-ART LMCC ART DB
Council Of Jewish Federations*730 Broadway*New York NY 10003**212-598-3563:JEWISH 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Council On Economic Priorities*30 Irving Pl*New York NY 10003**800-729-4237*212-420-1133:ECONOMICS CORPORATIONS 8704 BOOK-PUBLISHER
Dialogue House*80 E 11 St*New York NY 10003**212-800-221-5844*673-5880:H PROGOFF/IRA
Drama Review*32 Washington Pl*New York NY 10003:PUBLICATION MEDIA
El Centro Chicano De Nueva York*St Marks In The Bowery*10TH St & Second Av*New York NY 10003:CHICANO
Freedom Fighters Of America*235 Park Av S 5th Flr*New York NY 10003:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Freedomways*799 Broadway Suite 542*New York NY 10003:SP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP
Gemma/Gavrielle*Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*36 E 12*New York NY 10003**212-254-2295:F -1 9207 GCTVP POLITICAL TV-PR PR-TV TV F&V VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Gibe/Franken*Teach Me Violence Magazine*61 East 8th St Suite 202*New York NY 10003:9310 INTERNET ZINE -1
Globalvision Inc*215 Park Av Suite Uite 711*New York NY 10003:VIDEO TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Good Food Coop*58 E 4*New York NY 10003:FC
Hallaby/John*National Student Network Against US Intervention*103 Franklin St*New York NY 10003**212-227-0221:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Hands Off*111 E 14TH St #132*New York NY 10003**212-353-2445:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Herstory Films*137 E 13*New York NY 10003:WOP FILM F&V W MEDIA
High Times*Trans-High Corp*235 Park Avenue S*New York NY 10003**212-387-0500*800-827-0228:DRUGS PUBLICATION 9307
Independent Curators Inc*799 Broadway*New York NY 10003**212-254-8200:CURATORS EXHIBITION TRAVELING-ART-EXHIBITION ART DB
Institute For Labor Education & Research*853 Broadway Rm 2007*New York NY 10003**212-674-3322:LABOR SP PUBLICATION FILM F&V MEDIA
International Peace For Cuba Appeal*36 E 12 6th Flr*New York NY 10003**212-475-6910*212-633-6646*212-633-2889(FAX):CUBA PEACE POLITICAL 9301
Journal Of Environmental Economics*Academic Press Inc*111 Fifth Av*New York NY 10003:BUSINESS PUBLICATION ECOLOGY ECONOMICS MEDIA
Keary/Lisa*Multinational Strategies*67 Irving Pl*New York NY 10003**212-674-2677:-1 MLP PUBLICITY-CAMPAIGN CAMPAIGN-PLANNING W
La Mama Etc*74A E 4*New York NY 10003**212-475-7710:PERFORMANCE-ART LMCC ART DB
Lady Carpenter Inst*25 St Marks Pl*New York NY 10003**212-228-2520:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION ED
Midtown Gallery*344 E 14*New York NY 10003**212-674-7200:PERFORMANCE-ART ART GALLERY DB
National Coalition Against Censorship*2 W 64*New York NY 10003:9205 CENSORSHIP
New York Peace Network*Box 1650*New York NY 10003**212-477-5122:9303 PEACE CALENDAR EVENTS-CALENDAR
Pass-Press*170 Second Av #2A Or 2c*New York NY 10003:
Poetry Project*St Marks Church*10TH St & Second Av*New York NY 10003**212-674-0910:S POETRY SP PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Psychotherapy Referral Service For Women*29 Fifth Av*New York NY 10003:WHC THERAPY H W HC
Quaker Project On Community Conflict*15 Rutherford Pl*New York NY 10003**212-982-9288:FC W
Sternhell/Carol*Network Of East-West Women*Journalism Dept Nyu*10 Washington Pl*New York NY 10003**212-998-7999*212-995-4148(FAX):9109 -1 POLITICAL W
Students Against US Intervention In The Mid-East*132-111 E 14*New York NY 10003**212-228-4722*212-253-2445(FAX):9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Teachers & Writers Collaborative*5 Union Sq W*New York NY 10003:CU WRITERS TEACHERS POLITICAL EDUCATION W SEP ED
Ukranian Museum*203 Second Av*New York NY 10003**212-228-0110:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
University Pl Bookstore*821 Broadway*New York NY 10003**212-254-5998:BOOKSTORE S SEP
Veterans Of The Abraham Lincoln Brigade*799 Broadway*New York NY 10003:VETERANS POLITICAL
Volunteers Against Violence*American Friends Service Committee*15 Rutherford Pl*New York NY 10003:WOP VIOLENCE 8807 AFSC POLITICAL W HRO
WW3*141 Allen St*New York NY 10003:SER ECOLOGY AN
Women Strike For Peace*799 Broadway*New York NY 10003**212-254-1925:WOP PEACE POLITICAL AN MR W
Woods/Laurie*National Ctr On Women & Family Law*799 Broadway Rm 402*New York NY 10003**212-674-8200:F FAMILY LAW -1 BATTERED-WOMEN W MAILING-LIST 9203
Health Policy Advisory Ctr*853 Broadway #1607*New York NY 10003-4703**212-267-8890:ORGANIZING WHC POLITICAL MR PPS SP SEPO W SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION SEP COA COA-921203 HC
Audubon Options*700 Broadway*New York NY 10003-9501:9310 ECOLOGY BEQUESTS PUBLICATION
American Museum Of Immigration*Statue Of Liberty Natl Monument*Battery Park Boat Departure*New York NY 10004**212-269-5755:ART DB
Contact II*Box 451 Bowling Green*New York NY 10004:SP MLC
Fraunces Tavern Museum*54 Pearl St*New York NY 10004**212-425-1776:PERFORMANCE-ART J MUSEUM ART DB
From The Ctr*Box 451 Bowling Green Stn*New York NY 10004:SP
Lower Manhattan Cultural Council*42 Broadway 17TH Flr*New York NY 10004**212-269-0320:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE MLC MLC-ART CALENDAR ART DB
Seamens Church Inst*15 State St*New York NY 10004:PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
Strawberry Press*Box 451*Bowling Green Stn*New York NY 10004:
Center For Reproductive Law & Policy*120 Wall St*New York NY 10005**212-514-5534*212-514-5538(FAX):HC WHC REPRODUCTIVE-LAW ABORTION BIRTH-CONTROL PUBLICATION 9307 W
Christopher St Financial Inc*80 Wall St*New York NY 10005**212-800-262-6644*212-269-0110:9003 HS INVESTMENTS SOCIALLY-RESPONSIBLE-INVESTMENT
Federal Hall Natl Memorial*26 Wall St*New York NY 10005**212-264-4451:PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
Labor Committee For Unions In El Salvador*111 Broadway #800*New York NY 10006**212-732-5411:EL-SALVADOR CENTRAL-AMERICA UNION 9308
Trinity Church*St Pauls Chapel*74 Trinity Pl*New York NY 10006**212-285-0800:ART DB
American Friends Service Committee*140 Park Pl*New York NY 10007:SEPL 8807 CU EDUCATION AFSC POLITICAL SEP ED HRO
Foundation For The Community Of Artists*280 Broadway*New York NY 10007**212-227-3770:PERFORMANCE-ART LMCC ART DB
Heresies*280 Broadway Rm 412*New York NY 10007**212-227-2108:PUBLICATION ART W MAILING-LIST 9203 DB MEDIA
Public Interest Research Group*9 Murray St*New York NY 10007:GMPFI GMPFE CONSUMER PIRG 8807 GMPF F&V DB
Saint Pauls Chapel*Broadway At Fulton*New York NY 10007:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE ART DB
Scientists Inst For Public Information*355 Lexington Av*New York NY 10007:GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V
Warren St Performance Loft*46 Warren St*New York NY 10007**212-732-3149:PERFORMANCE-ART ART J
Weissman/Jane*Operation Green Thumb*49 Chambers St Suite 1020*New York NY 10007**212-233-2926:8903 -1 ECOLOGY GARDENING CITY-GARDENING W
Albania Report*Box 912*New York NY 10008:ALBANIA POLITICAL
New York Native*Box 1475 Church Stn*New York NY 10008:HS GAY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Walter Co*Box 735 Church St Stn*New York NY 10008:FOOD
Angus/Susan*Commission On Voluntary Service & Action*Box 117*New York NY 10009**212-974-2405:9402 -1 F VOLUNTEERS DIRECTORY DMPR02 VOLUNTEER-OPPORTUNITIES BOOK
Auto-Free New York*Transportation Alternatives*92 St Marks Pl*New York NY 10009**212-475-4600:9407 PAVING-MORATORIUM HIGHWAYS TRANSPORTATION
East 11TH St Project*519 E 11TH*New York NY 10009:FC
Goldberg/Brian*Drift Distribution*219 E 2nd St #5E*New York NY 10009**212-254-4118*212-254-3154(FAX):FILM VIDEO F&V CATALOG POLITICAL PEACE 9206 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-R AA91-29 AA91-910311 -1 MEDIA
Mag City*437 E 12 #26*New York NY 10009:
United Artists*172 E 4th St 9-B*New York NY 10009:
Us-Soviet Workers Information Committee*Box 1890*New York NY 10009:SOVIET/US-WORKERS WORKERS-SOVIET/US POLITICAL LABOR 9304 INTERNET
Violet Press*Box 398*New York NY 10009:LESBIAN SP W
Abortion Rights Mobilization*175 Fifth Av #712*New York NY 10010:WOP ABORTION WHC W HC
Alternatives To Militarism*175 Fifth Av Suite 1010*New York NY 10010:MILITARISM MLC
American Jewish World Service*15 W 26 9th Flr*New York NY 10010**212-683-1161:JEWISH 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF FLOOD-RELIEF 9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Cultural Information Service*15 W 24 10TH Flr*New York NY 10010:AA91 AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910219 AA84 AA BB MBB ART DB
Dystrophic Epidermolysis Bullosa Research Association of America*141 Fifth Av Suite 7 South*New York NY 10010**212-995-2220:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB EPIDERMOLYSIS-BULLOSA11
Emergency Civil Liberties Committee*175 Fifth Av*New York NY 10010:AACC CLU HRO
Emption Coop*319 E 24 11A*New York NY 10010:FC
Environmental Defense Fund*257 Park Av S*New York NY 10010**800-CALL-EDF:9001 RECYCLING 8809 ECOLOGY
Flounders/Sara*World View Forum*46 W 21*New York NY 10010**212-989-3932:8909 8908 POLITICAL PUBLICATION MARXIST -1 AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST W MEDIA
Gay Counseling*61 Gramercy Pk N*New York NY 10010:COUNSELING HS W
Happy*Sva Freedom Fighters*209 E 23RD St*New York NY 10010**212-679-7350X206:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Hillard/Pat*Worldview Publishers*46 W 21*New York NY 10010**212-206-8222:8908 W POLITICAL PUBLICATION MARXIST -1 MEDIA
League For Socialist Reconstruction*Box 825*New York NY 10010:SOCIALIST POLITICAL W
Mother Earth News*24 E 23RD St*New York NY 10010:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
National Council On Alcoholism*Office On Women*12 W 21*New York NY 10010**212-986-4433:ALCOHOLISM HC W
National Neurofibromatosis Foundation*141 Fifth Av Suite 7 South*New York NY 10010**800-323-7938:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB NEUROFIBROMATOSIS11
National Rare Blood Club*Associated Health Foundation*164 Fifth Av*New York NY 10010:SELF-HELP-GROUP BLOOD-DONOR-INFORMATION HC HRO
New York State Campaign For Abortion Rights*380 Second Av*New York NY 10010:WOP ABORTION WHC CU EDUCATION W ED HC
New York State Coalition For Family Planning*105 E 22ND St Rm 710*New York NY 10010:WHC CU EDUCATION W ED HC
Peoples Alliance*29 W 21 St #2*New York NY 10010:SER ECOLOGY AN
Workers World*46 W 21*New York NY 10010**212-255-0352:AT POLITICAL
Working Womens Inst*15 E 26 4 Fl*Cornell U*New York NY 10010**212-838-4420:JOBS SP PUBLICATION W CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
World View Publisher*46 W 21 St*New York NY 10010**212-255-0352:PUBLISHER BOOK POLITICAL MLC MLC-NCBL BP NCBL
Alternative Life Style Groups*175 West 12 St 19A*New York NY 10011:
Basement Alliance*348 W 20*New York NY 10011:
Battle Acts*46 W 21*New York NY 10011:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Beauty Without Cruelty*175 W 12*New York NY 10011:WLT HC TAAM COSMETICS
Bissonnette/Doris*Intercommunity Ctr For Justice & Peace*20 Washington Sq N*New York NY 10011**212-475-6677:EDUCATION LAW PEACE SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFJ GMPFI GMPF F&V ART ED DB MEDIA -1
Communist Party Usa*235 W 23*New York NY 10011:PARTY POLITICAL
Coop Approach*Food For The Elderly*119 Ninth Av*New York NY 10011:FC
Dialogue House Assoc*45 W 10*New York NY 10011**212-228-9180:H
Dream Community*333 W 21 Apt 2fw*New York NY 10011:DREAMS RESEARCH PUBLICATION MEDIA
Eighth St Bookstore*17 W 8*New York NY 10011**212-254-3210:NW MUSIC BOOKSTORE SEP ART DB
Florant/Anne*Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*201 W 13*New York NY 10011:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF 8807 WOP F -1
Foundation For Alternative Cancer Therapies*Box Hh Old Chelsea Stn*New York NY 10011**212-741-2790:CANCER WHC W HC
Gay Mens Health Crisis*129 W 20*New York NY 10011:8809 AIDS HS W HC
General Seminary Coop*175 Ninth Av*New York NY 10011:FC
Graham/Nancy*Media Network*39 W 14 Suite 403*New York NY 10011**212-929-2663*212-929-2732(FAX):-1 W PR PO-PR PR-PO DMPR DIRECTORY MEDIA
Huntington's Disease Society of America*140 W 22 6th Floor*New York NY 10011**800-345-HDSA:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Identity House*544 Sixth Av*New York NY 10011**212-243-8181:COUNSELING HS WOP W
Integral Yoga Inst*227 W 13TH St*New York NY 10011:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL FOOD
Israel Horizons*150 Fifth Av Suite 911*New York NY 10011**212-255-8760:KIBBUTZIM APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION BP PR MEDIA
Jackson/Janine*Fair*130 West 25TH St*New York NY 10011**212-633-6700:9308 -1 F
Lesbian & Gay Community Services Ctr*208 W 13*New York NY 10011:9308 GAY LESBIAN COMMUNITY-CENTER
Libertarian Feminist Workers Cir Ctr*369 Eighth Av*New York NY 10011:WOP W LIBERTARIAN
Life Style Groups*175 W 12 St #19A*New York NY 10011**212-675-6027:H
Limelight Productions*11 W 18*New York NY 10011**212-581-4895:FILM F&V HC MEDIA
Loft Letter*241 W 23 St*New York NY 10011:SP
Nation Magazine*72 5th Av*New York NY 10011:PUBLICATION POLITICAL 9307 W
Natural Resources Defense Council*40 West 20TH St*New York NY 10011**212-949-0049:9403 ECOLOGY SER POLITICAL NRDC
Parents Of Gays*201 W 13TH St*New York NY 10011:HS
Primary-Secondary Peace Ed Network*20 Washington Sq N*New York NY 10011**212-475-6677:PEACE SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Senior Action In A Gay Environment Inc*208 W 13*New York NY 10011:ELDERLY WOP HS SENIOR-CITIZENS GAY ELDERLY-GAY W
Sites*446 W 20TH St*New York NY 10011:SP
Visual Aids*131 W 24*New York NY 10011**212-206-6758:9112 ART AIDS HC DB
Waverly Pl Coop*% Yoors*108 Waverly Pl*New York NY 10011:FC
Women Employable*37 Washington Sq W #17A*New York NY 10011:WOP WORK W
Youth & Nation*150 Fifth Av Suite 709*New York NY 10011**212-929-4955:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Media Network*39 W 14 #403*New York NY 10011-7489**212-619-3455:9205 ART FILM VIDEO F&V DB MEDIA
Aesthetic Realism Foundation*Terrain Gallery*141 Greene St*New York NY 10012**212-777-4490:LINDA 8902 ART GALLERY DB
Alenikoff/Frances*Edens Expressway*537 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-226-8988:LMCC J PERFORMANCE-ART -1 ART F NW MUSIC DB
Alternative Revenue Service*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**800-955-PEACE:PEACE WAR-TAXES TAXES/WAR MILITARY-SPENDING 9308
American Indian Community House*404 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-598-0100:9206 NATIVE-AMERICAN COMMUNITY
Association Of Independent Video & Filmmakers Inc*625 Broadway 9th Flr*New York NY 10012**212-473-3400:FILM VIDEO LMCC GMPFM GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Blue Mountain Gallery*121 Wooster St*New York NY 10012**212-226-9402:LMCC ART GALLERY DB
Branchini/Caesar*National Ctr For Health Education*72 Spring St Suite 208*New York NY 10012**212-334-9470*212-334-9845(FAX):FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR GMPFM 9101 GMPF F&V -1 EDUCATION ED HC
Brat*115 Spring St*New York NY 10012**212-219-9106:SP HC WHC BREAST-CANCER ABORTION RAPE VIOLENCE 9307 W
Browning/Robert*Alternative Museum*594 Broadway Apt 402*New York NY 10012**212-966-4444:LMCC MUSEUM CCP MUSIC ART J PERFORMANCE-ART -1 DB
Catholic Peace Fellowship*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-673-8990:AN POLITICAL GMPFJ GMPFI GMPF F&V DB PEACE 9308
Center For Book Arts*15 Bleecker St*New York NY 10012**212-460-9768:LMCC BOOKS ART DB
Center For Constitutional Rights*666 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-664-6464:CONSTITUTIONAL-RIGHTS POLITICAL TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Center For Medical Consumers & Health Care Information*237 Thompson St*New York NY 10012**212-674-7105:CANCER WHC MEDICAL CONSUMER BYPASS-SURGERY SURGERY/BYPASS HC
Deep Dish Tv*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-473-8933:9206 TV F&V SATELLITE-TV-NETWORK MEDIA
Dial-A-Poem Poets Lps*222 Bowery*New York NY 10012:SP
Ear Inn*326 Spring St*(all The Way West)*New York NY 10012**212-226-9060:LMCC PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
East Village Eye*611 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-777-6157:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Episcopal Church People For A Free South Africa*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-477-0066:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Figman/Elliot*Poets & Writers Inc*72 Spring St*New York NY 10012**212-226-3586:9102 SP PUBLICATION POETRY WRITING -1 DOM W LMCC DIRECTORY INFORMATION DMPR DB MEDIA
Foundation For Independent Video & Film*625 Broadway*New York NY 10012:LMCC VIDEO FILM F&V ART DB MEDIA
Fourteen Sculptors Gallery*164 Mercer St*New York NY 10012**212-966-5790:LMCC SCULPTURE ART GALLERY DB
Franklin Furnace*112 Franklin St*New York NY 10012**212-925-4671*966-0799:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE GE MLC-ART MLC PR PR-ART ART-PR ART LMCC DB IMPB
Giorno Poetry Systems*222 Bowery*New York NY 10012:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Goodman/Rina*Ward Nasse Gallery*178 Prince St*New York NY 10012**212-925-6951:PERFORMANCE-ART J LMCC -1 ART W GALLERY DB
Greene Space Gallery*105 Greene St*New York NY 10012**212-929-6688:ART GALLERY DB
Greenwich Village Peace Ctr*133 W 4*New York NY 10012:PEACE POLITICAL
Hook/Walter*Institute For Transportation & Development Policy*611 Broadway Rm 616*New York NY 10012:9407 -1 TRANSPORTATION DEVELOPING-COUNTRIES PAVING-MORATORIUM
Iannacone/Linda*Paper Tiger Television*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-420-9045*212-420-8223(FAX):9402 -1 F TELEVISION TV F&V02
Iannacone/Linda*Paper Tiger Television*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-420-9045:9109 -1 TV F&V DMPR W MEDIA
Imperial Herbs*117 Prince St*New York NY 10012:FOOD
Inroads*150 Mercer St*New York NY 10012**212-226-6622:LMCC PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Institute For Media Analysis*145 W 4*New York NY 10012**212-254-1061:MEDIA-ANALYSIS TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Jazz Composers Orchestra Assn Inc*598 Broadway 7th Flr*New York NY 10012**212-925-2121:MUSIC
Jean Cocteau Repertory*Bouwerie Ln Theatre*330 Bowery*New York NY 10012**212-677-0060:J LMCC ART W THEATER DB
Klanner/Lori*Environmental Action Coalition*625 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-677-1601:ECOLOGY -1 W
Lac/Renata*Air Gallery*63 Crosby St*New York NY 10012**212-966-0799:LMCC WOP F ART CHA -1 CHANYG GALLERY DB
Laissez Faire Books*73 Spring St #507*New York NY 10012**212-674-8154:LIBERTARIAN ANARCHIST POLITICAL PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE SEP MEDIA
Lambda Legal Defense & Education Fund*666 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-995-8585:LEGAL-AID 9004 HC AIDS
Love & Rage*Box 3 Prince St Stn*New York NY 10012**212-569-0989*201-344-3397*LOVEANDRAGE@IGC.APC.ORG:9303 GAY LESBIAN POLITICAL SEX PUBLICATION INTERNET
Mcdougal St Food Coop*129 Mcdougal St*New York NY 10012:FC
Mcmurtry/Larry*Pen American Ctr*568 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-334-1660:9004 -1 VIP NAP DMPR POLITICAL ART DB
Mobilization For Survival*135 W 4*New York NY 10012**212-673-1808:MLC-SEP MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL MFS 8807
Movement Support Network*Center For Constitutional Rights*666 Broadway 7th Floor*New York NY 10012:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
National Center for Health Education*72 Spring St Suite 208*New York NY 10012**212-334-9470:PATIENT-INFORMATION HEALTH-EDUCATION EDUCATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
National Clergy Consultation Service On Abortion*55 Washington Sq S*New York NY 10012:WHC PREGNANCY ABORTION W HC
National Council For Universal Unconditional Amnesty*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012:AMNESTY
National Down Syndrome Society*666 Broadway*New York NY 10012**800-221-4602:PATIENT-INFORMATION DOWN-SYNDROME 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
National Video Resources*73 Spring St #606*New York NY 10012**212-274-8080:9205 VIDEO F&V ART DB MEDIA
New Peoples Information Ctr*Washington Square Methodist Church*133 W 4*New York NY 10012:
New York Anti-Nuclear Group*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012:SER ECOLOGY AN
New York Switchboard*133 W 4*New York NY 10012**212-533-3186:COMMUNITY INFORMATION DIRECTORY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nicaragua Solidarity Network*339 Lafayette St*New York NY 10012**212-674-9499:POLITICAL TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE NICARAGUA MEDIA
Nyu Contemporary Arts Gallery*Loeb Student Ctr*566 La Guardia Pl*New York NY 10012**212-598-2027:PERFORMANCE-ART ART GALLERY DB
Older Womens Liberation*505 La Guardian Pl #26B*New York NY 10012:ELDERLY W
Open Space*Loeb Student Ctr*566 Laguardia Pl Rm 109*New York NY 10012:U CU EDUCATION ED
Overlook Press*149 Wooster St 4th Flr*New York NY 10012**212-807-7300X422:BURROUGHS/WILLIAM SP
Peoples Information Ctr*133 W 4*New York NY 10012:FC
Prince St Gallery*121 Wooster St*New York NY 10012**212-226-9402:LMCC ART GALLERY DB
Rainforest Alliance*270 Lafayette St Suite 512*New York NY 10012:9403 ECOLOGY
Reachout Intl Records Inc*611 Broadway Suite 214*New York NY 10012**212-477-0563:MUSIC RECORDS
Reduction Working Group*9 Bleecker St*New York NY 10012**212-677-4899:9405 DRUG-WAR LEGALIZATION-OF-DRUGS DE-CRIMINALIZATION06
Rodriguez/Cecilia*Funding Exchange*666 Broadway*New York NY 10012**212-529-5300:9109 -1 MONEY FUNDING GRANTS POLITICAL W
Rundys Journal*Confederation Courier*217 Elizabeth St #7*New York NY 10012:SP
Segue Foundation*300 Bowery*New York NY 10012:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Sierra Club*625 Broadway 2nd Flr*New York NY 10012**212-473-7390:RADIOACTIVE-WASTE NUCLEAR-WASTE AN 8704 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY HRO
Soho Ctr For Visual Artists*Larry Aldrich*110-114 Prince St*New York NY 10012**212-226-1995:LMCC PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
Soho Television*Artists Television Network*152 Wooster St*New York NY 10012**212-254-4978:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE LMCC TV VIDEO F&V PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB MEDIA
Taraglia/Jerry*Millenium Film Workshop*66 E 4*New York NY 10012**212-673-0090:LMCC ART FILM EDUCATION AUDIO LIBRARY F&V PERFORMANCE-ART J -1 ED DB MEDIA
Transportation Alternatives*494 Broadway Rm 300*New York NY 10012:9203 TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Women Make Movies*225 Lafayette St Suite 207*New York NY 10012**212-925-0606*212-925-2052(FAX):W 9201 FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA
55 Mercer*55 Mercer St*New York NY 10013**212-226-8513:PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
55 White St*55 White St*New York NY 10013:J ART DB
Ahn Tai Chi Studio*Box 301*New York NY 10013:WLT TAI-CHI
Asian American Legal Defense & Education Fund*99 Hudson St 12TH Flr*New York NY 10013**212-966-5932:CU ASIA LEGAL-DEFENSE MLP NCBL POLITICAL EDUCATION ED
Association Of Artist-Run Galleries*164 Mercer St*New York NY 10013**212-226-3107:COOP ART GALLERY DB
Chalk/David*Soho Photo Gallery*15 White St*New York NY 10013**212-226-8571:GALLERY PERFORMANCE-ART J DB -1 LINDA 8902 ART LMCC
Downtown Community Tv*87 Lafayette St*New York NY 10013**212-966-4510*212-219-0248(FAX):9201 FILM-DISTRIBUTOR SP PUBLICATION J LMCC ART DB FILM TV F&V MEDIA
Duane St Loft*137-41 Duane St*New York NY 10013:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Gerstman/Nancy*Zeitgeist Films*247 Centre St 2nd Flr*New York NY 10013**212-274-1989:9301 -1 FILM F&V F
Greene St Dance Studio*98 Greene St*New York NY 10013:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Guerilla Art Action Group*488 Greenwich St*New York NY 10013:ART DB
Guest Editor*179 Duane St*New York NY 10013**212-925-6315:WRITING HSC1 PUBLICATION FICTION ART DB MEDIA
Henry St Settlement House*466 Grand St*New York NY 10013**212-598-0400:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE ART LMCC DB
Kiva Loft*307-9 Canal St 5th Flr*New York NY 10013:PERFORMANCE-ART J LMCC ART DB
Merce Cunningham Studio*463 West St*New York NY 10013:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Museum Of Holography*11 Mercer St*New York NY 10013**212-925-0526:PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
National Campaign For Freedom Of Expression*108 Leonard St 13TH Fl*New York NY 10013**212-202-347-6350:9008 CENSORSHIP POLITICAL ART DB
Now Legal Defense & Education Fund*99 Hudson St*New York NY 10013**212-925-6635:LEGAL-AID DMPR NOW LEGAL-DEFENSE 8807 W
Organization Of Independent Artists*201 Varick St*New York NY 10013**212-299-6688:PERFORMANCE-ART LMCC ART DB
Overthrow*Box 692 Canal St Stn*New York NY 10013**212-533-5028:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MLP PR MEDIA YIPPIES HRO
Park Fast Dance Studio*471 Broadway*New York NY 10013**212-431-6193:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Performance Workshop*178 Duane St*New York NY 10013:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Performing Arts Journal*325 Spring St*New York NY 10013:PR PR-ART ART-PR LMCC MLC-FF MLC ART DB
Performing Garage*33 Wooster St*New York NY 10013**212-966-3651:PERFORMANCE-ART J ART DB
Precisely-Rk Editions*Box 73 Canal St*New York NY 10013:SP
Roulette*228 W Broadway*New York NY 10013**212-431-1022:LMCC ART DB
Saint Lukes Chapel*487 Hudson St*New York NY 10013**212-663-8339:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE ART DB
Shared Forms Theater*17 White St*New York NY 10013**212-966-6479:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Summers/Elaine*Experimental Intermedia*224 Centre St*New York NY 10013**212-431-5127*212-431-6430(FAX):-1 F PERFORMANCE-ART GALLERY ART 9301 AA AA91 AA92-Y AA91-29 AA91-M AA91-911026
Thunders Mouth Press*54 Greene St Suite 4s*New York NY 10013:9105 SP POLITICAL
White Dog Studio*54 White St*New York NY 10013**212-966-6347:LMCC ART DB
Whitney Museum Downtown Branch*384 Broadway*New York NY 10013**212-431-1620:ART W DB
A Different Light*548 Hudson St*New York NY 10014**800-343-4002*212-989-4850:9011 9109 BOOKSTORE HS
Blue Goose Records*245 Waverly Pl*New York NY 10014:MUSIC RECORDS
Choice In Dying*200 Varick St*New York NY 10014**212-366-5540*212-366-5337(FAX)*CID@DORSAI.COM:9303 DYING-PATIENTS HEALTH-CARE LIVING-WILLS WILLS/LIVING DEATH
Circle Repertory Co*99 Seventh Av S*New York NY 10014**212-924-7100:LMCC J ART DB
Creativity Laboratories*A-1106*463 West St*New York NY 10014**212-989-1826:H
Ehrenfeld/Betta*Fifteenth Street School Foundation*4 Jane St*New York NY 10014:9407 -1 F EDUCATION SUMMERHILL-SCHOOL SCHOOL07
Four Walls Eight Windows Press*Box 548 Village Stn*New York NY 10014:9308 WHC HEALTH-CARE RU-486 ABORTION SP
Gay Presses Of Ny*Box 294*New York NY 10014:SP HS W
Gay Synagogue*Congregation Beth Simchat Torah*151 Bank St*New York NY 10014**212-255-2599:HS W
Gayellow Pages*Renaissance House*Box 292 Village Stn*New York NY 10014**212-834-0140:DIRECTORY POLITICAL HS MR W
Greenwich House Pottery*16 Jones St*New York NY 10014**212-242-4106:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE POTTERY AA84 AA BB MBB ART DB
Greenwich House*27 Barrow St*New York NY 10014**212-242-4140:PERFORMANCE-ART ART DB
Help Line*1 West 29*New York NY 10014:
Icarus Films*153 Waverly Pl*New York NY 10014**212-727-1711:FILM F&V ECOLOGY EXXON-VALEZ-SPILL OIL-SPILL MEDIA
International Media Resource Exchange*124 Washington Pl*New York NY 10014**212-463-0108:9206 FILM F&V MEDIA
International Socialist Review*14 Charles Ln*New York NY 10014:PUBLICATION TROTSKYIST POLITICAL SOCIALIST W MEDIA
Jh Press*Box 294*Village Stn*New York NY 10014:
Jones St Coop*26 Jones St*New York NY 10014:FC
Levin/Carol N*Judith's Room*681 Washington St*New York NY 10014**212-727-7330:9308 WOMEN 9305 W BOOKSTORE -1 F
March/Priscilla*Pathfinder Press*410 West St*New York NY 10014**212-741-0690:MLC MLC-BS MLC-8501 W MLC-80. SP CATALOG -1 F S
Militant-Socialist Newsweekly*14 Charles Ln*New York NY 10014**212-929-3486:SOCIALIST SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR W SEP AT MEDIA
National League for Nursing*350 Hudson St*New York NY 10014**800-669-1656:PATIENT-INFORMATION NURSING 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Oscar Wilde Memorial Bookstore*15 Christopher St*New York NY 10014**212-255-8097:HS BOOKSTORE
Renaissance House*Box 292 Village Stn*New York NY 10014**212-674-0120:GAY-YELLOW-PAGES PUBLICATION DIRECTORY MLP HS HC BOOKSTORE MEDIA
Socialist Workers Party*14 Charles Ln*New York NY 10014:ID-F ID-N IDAFSA AN MR POLITICAL W
Ten Penny Players*799 Greenwich St*New York NY 10014:LMCC SP MLC ART DB
Three Lives & Co*131 Seventh Av S*New York NY 10014:BOOKSTORE SEP
Twickenham Press*31 Jane St*New York NY 10014:
Two-Eighteen Press*Box 218 Village Stn*New York NY 10014:
Westbeth Food Coop*% Garson*463 West St*New York NY 10014:FC
Westbeth Playwrights Feminist College*463 West St Studio 402D*New York NY 10014:THEATER W CU EDUCATION ED
Westbeth Theatre Centre*151 Bank St*New York NY 10014**212-691-2272:J LMCC ART DB
Womens Psychotherapy Ctr*228 W 10*New York NY 10014:MR POLITICAL H W
Aesculapius Intl Medicine*334 E 30*New York NY 10016**212-683-3788:HC HRO
Care*660 First Av*New York NY 10016:DMPR 8710
Center On Social Welfare Policy & Law*95 Madison Av*New York NY 10016:PILC LAW 8807
Concern Worldwide Usa*104 E 40 Rm 903*New York NY 10016**212-557-8000:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Film-Makers Cooperative*175 Lexington Av*New York NY 10016**212-889-3820:COOP FILM F&V MEDIA
Garland Publishing*136 Madison Av*New York NY 10016**800-627-6273*212-686-7492*212-889-9399(FAX)*800-627-6273:9204 DMPR BP SP 9206 EDUCATION RT
Human Life Review*150 E 35 St Rm 540*New York NY 10016:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Inform*381 Park Av S*New York NY 10016:MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC GMPFI GMPFE GMPF F&V DB
Information Ctr On Childrens Cultures*US Committee For Unicef*331 E 38TH St*New York NY 10016**212-686-5522:CHILDREN SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Institute For Bioenergetic Analysis*144 E 36 #1A*New York NY 10016:H REICH FH
International Rescue Committee*386 Park Av S*New York NY 10016**212-679-0010:ASIA BANGLADESH
New York Filmmakers Coop*175 Lexington Av*New York NY 10016:FILM F&V COOP MEDIA
Outward Bound*450 Park Av S 10TH Flr*New York NY 10016**212-481-8980:9002 SELF-HELP H
Phoenix Films*470 Park Av S*New York NY 10016**212-684-5910:FILM F&V MEDIA
Stewart Foundation For Creative Psychology*144 E 36*New York NY 10016:H
US Committee For Unicef*333 E 38 6th Flr*New York NY 10016**800-FOR-KIDS:UNICEF CHILDREN 9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Womens Action Alliance Inc*Project Share*370 Lexington Av*New York NY 10016:W
A A World Services*Box 459*New York NY 10017:
Action*Box 416 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017:MEPA 8709 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Africa Resources*Un Dept Of Public Information*United Nations Rm S-0805*New York NY 10017**212-963-6857:AFRICA PUBLICATION UN 9102 MEDIA
African-American Inst*833 United Nations Plaza*New York NY 10017**212-949-5666:AFRICA PUBLICATION 9102 J ART DB MEDIA HRO
Aguilera/Ricardo*Scientists Inst For Public Information*355 Lexington Av*New York NY 10017:GMPFI -1 SCIENCE-INFORMATION 9102 GMPF F&V
Alcoholics Anonymous World Services*Box 459 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017:WHC SELF-HELP-GROUP W HC
American Field Service*313 E 43*New York NY 10017**212-661-4550:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Analog Science Fiction*380 Lexington Av*New York NY 10017:PR-SF SF-PR PR 8711 SCIENCE SP PUBLICATION DB SF MEDIA
Anti-Defamation League Of Bnai B'rith*823 Un Plaza*New York NY 10017**212-490-2525:JEWS HRO
Argus Archives*228 E 49*New York NY 10017:TAAM ANIMALS FILM F&V 8704 MEDIA
Art Against Apartheid*280 Broadway Suite 412*New York NY 10017**212-227-8473:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL ART DB
Bangladesh Aid*American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee*711 Third Av*New York NY 10017**212-687-6200:8809 BANGLADESH-AID
Bangladesh Aid*Presiding Bishops Fund For World Relief*815 Second Av*New York NY 10017**212-867-8400:8809 BANGLADESH-AID
Bhopal Action Resource Ctr*777 United Nations Plaza Suite 9a*New York NY 10017:BHOPAL-INFORMATION ECOLOGY 8807
Bootstrap Press*777 United Nations Plaza Suite 3c*New York NY 10017:9204 SP BP AGRICULTURE FOOD
Commission To Study The Organization Of Peace*866 Un Plaza*New York NY 10017:PEACE
Committee Of A Just World Peace*777 Un Plaza 5th Flr*New York NY 10017:PEACE 9308
Consumer Action Now*355 Lexington Av 16 Fl*New York NY 10017:AT CONSUMER
Council On Intl & Public Affairs*777 United Nations Plaza*New York NY 10017:LABOR-MARKET EMPLOYMENT INTERNATIONAL-AFFAIRS PUBLIC-AFFAIRS 8801
Episcopal Church Presiding Bishop's Fund*815 Second Av*New York NY 10017**800-334-7626:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Gay Scene*Regiment Publications*Box 247 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017:PUBLICATION GAY STUDENTS U POLITICAL HS CU EDUCATION W ED MEDIA
Institute For World Order*777 United Nations Plaza*New York NY 10017**212-490-0010:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA ID-O ID-N ID-P IDAFSA
International Assn For Advancement Of Theology & Eugenics Inc*Box 3495 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017:THEOLOGY EUGENICS PUBLICATION MEDIA
International Network For A Un Second Assembly*301 E 45 #20-B*New York NY 10017:UNITED-NATIONS POLITICAL 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Kandall/Elizabeth*Womens Action Alliance*370 Lexington Av*New York NY 10017:GMPFI GMPF F&V W -1 F DB BP
Les Ruchers De La Cote Dazur Inc*50 E 42*New York NY 10017:FOOD
National Coalition Of Gay Activists*Box A-711 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017**212-691-3625:HS
New World Press*Box 416 Grand Centrl Stn*New York NY 10017:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Pan Africanist Congress Of Azania*211 E 43 Suite 506*New York NY 10017**212-986-7378:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Parliamentarians Global Action*211 E 43RD St 16TH Flr*New York NY 10017**212-687-7755:NUCLEAR-TESTING TESTING/NUCLEAR 9308 8908 PEACE
Ruiz/Lester*World Order Models Project*475 Riverside Dr #460*New York NY 10017**212-870-2391*212-870-2392(FAX):VIP AA88 -1 PEACE POLITICAL AA88-880408 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910119
Sandler/Joanne*International Women's Tribune Ctr*777 Un Plaza 3rd Flr*New York NY 10017**212-687-8633:POLITICAL -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Theater Communications Group*355 Lexington Av*New York NY 10017:AMATEUR-THEATER PUBLICATION BP ART DB MEDIA 8508 THEATER N IMPB
United Nations Assn*485 Fifth Av*New York NY 10017**212-697-3232:UNITED-NATIONS 8908 PEACE
United Nations Council For Namibia*United Nations*New York NY 10017**212-754-5400:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
United Nations Ctr Against Apartheid*United Nations*New York NY 10017**212-754-6674:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
United Nations Economic & Social Council*Un Rm 2977*New York NY 10017**212-754-5727:ECONOMICS SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION GMPFJ GMPFI UN CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V ART ED DB MEDIA
United Nations Environment Programme*United Nations Room DC2-0803*New York NY 10017:9403 ECOLOGY
United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service*United Nations Rm DC2-1103*New York NY 10017:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
University Bookman*Box 3070 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10017:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Well-Being Magazine*41 E 42ND St #921*New York NY 10017**212-490-3999:HC PUBLICATION AAP
Womens Agenda Health Task Force*370 Lexington Av*New York NY 10017:WHC W HC
Womens Universal Movement*45 Tudor City Pl #1716*New York NY 10017:H W
World Assn For World Federation*United Nations Office*777 United Nations Plaza*New York NY 10017**212-599-1320:UNITED-NATIONS 8908 PEACE
World Peace News*777 United Nations Plaza 11TH*New York NY 10017**212-686-1069:SP POLITICAL GMPFJ GMPFI UN PUBLICATION PEACE GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Feminist Psychology Coalition*Therapy Referral Service*33 W 42ND St Rm 607*New York NY 10018:
Kalish/John*WBAI*505 Eighth Av*New York NY 10018**212-279-0707:AACC RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR NFCB PR PR-ART ART-PR NR AT ECOLOGY AN -1 9206 MEDIA
Kino Intl*333 W 39 Suite 503*New York NY 10018**212-629-6880*212-714-0871(FAX):9206 GULLAH FILM F&V MEDIA
New Israel Fund*111 W 40 Suite 2600*New York NY 10018:9003 POLITICAL MIDDLE-EAST
Third World Newsreel*335 W 38 5th Flr*New York NY 10018**212-947-9277:FILM F&V POLITICAL MLC 9206 MEDIA
Ais Eiri*553 W 51*New York NY 10019:SP
Allegro Film Productions*201 W 52*New York NY 10019:SEPO FILM F&V SEP MEDIA
Armchair Detective*129 W 56*New York NY 10019:SP
Bireach Information Ctr*854 Seventh Av Suite 8*New York NY 10019:HS
Business Committee For The Arts Inc*1775 Broadway Suite 510*New York NY 10019**212-664-0600*212-956-5980(FAX):9303 ECONOMICS.ESSAY BUSINESS ART PUBLICATION
Chapman/Nina*Students Organizing Students*905-1600 Broadway*New York NY 10019**212-977-6710:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Choir School*123 W 55*New York NY 10019:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION ED
Cigarroots Co*441 W 56TH St*New York NY 10019:FOOD
Cinema Guild*1697 Broadway*New York NY 10019**212-246-5522:9109 FILM F&V HS 8704 MEDIA
Clinton Food Coop*Housing Cons Coord*777 10TH Av*New York NY 10019:FC
Eve's Garden*119 W 57 Suite 1406*New York NY 10019**212-757-8651:SEXUALITY-BOUTIQUE 8711 MR W 9305
International Videoletters*Womens Interart Ctr*549 W 52*New York NY 10019**212-866-6869:VIDEO PUBLICATION FILM F&V W MEDIA
Lilith-The Jewish Womens Magazine*250 W 57TH St #1328*New York NY 10019**212-757-0818:JUDAISM SP PUBLICATION MR W MEDIA
Naacp Legal Defense Fund*10 Columbus Cir Rm 2030*New York NY 10019:WOP W LEGAL-DEFENSE-FUND POLITICAL PILC LAW
New Alliance Party*2032 Fifth Av*New York NY 10019**212-996-4700:POLITICAL 9008
Psycho Sources*Bantum Books Inc*666 Fifth Av*New York NY 10019:H MBB BB FH
Radical Historians Organization*John Jay College History Dept*445 W 59*New York NY 10019**212-237-8829:MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC CU EDUCATION HISTORY POLITICAL PUBLICATION ED MEDIA
Shiatsu Education Ctr*52 W 55*New York NY 10019:NR AT ECOLOGY AN MASSAGE H POLITICAL
Sojourner*Womens Interart Ctr*549 W 52*New York NY 10019:BP PUBLICATION W ART DB MEDIA
Third World Newsreel*335 38 5th Flr*New York NY 10019**212-947-9277*212-594-6417(FAX):9201 FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA
Wombat Productions Inc*250 W 57 Suite 916*New York NY 10019:FILM F&V MEDIA
Womens Interart Ctr*549 W 52*New York NY 10019**212-246-6570:CU WOP FILM EDUCATION J VIDEO F&V W ART ED DB MEDIA
National Film Board Of Canada*1251 Av Of The Americas*New York NY 10020**212-586-5131:FILM F&V MEDIA
Womens Committee At Time*Rockefeller Ctr*New York NY 10020:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Afghanistan Relief Committee*667 Madison Av 18TH Flr*New York NY 10021**212-335-2931:POLITICAL ASIA AFGHANISTAN RELIEF 9308
Anarchist Federation*Box 1471*695 Park Av*New York NY 10021:ANARCHIST POLITICAL
Books & Co*939 Madison Av*New York NY 10021:BOOKSTORE SEP ART DB
Capek/Mary Ellen S*National Council For Research On Women*Sara Delano Roosevelt Memorial House*47-49 E 65*New York NY 10021**212-570-5001*212-570-5380(FAX):9111 -1 W RESEARCH EXEC-DIR VIP AA AA92 AA92-Y AA92-29 AA92-920118 F
Center For Contemporary Op*1161 York Av #3L*New York NY 10021**212-799-9460:H
Centro Bulletin*Hunter College*695 Park Av*New York NY 10021:HISPANIC PUBLICATION 9102 CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Children's Health Fund*317 E 64*New York NY 10021:9204 CHILDREN HC
Feldman/Jon*Public Interest Research Group*Hunter College*New York NY 10021:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Friends Of The Parks*Lenox Hill*Box 610*New York NY 10021:PARKS ECOLOGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gai Saber Monographs*% Gau Box 480*Lenox Hill Stn*New York NY 10021:SP
Gay Academic Union*Box 480 Lennox Hill Stn*New York NY 10021:HS SP WOP W
Good Earth Foods*1336 First Av*New York NY 10021**212-472-9055:BOOKSTORE FOOD
Hudson Review*684 Park Av*New York NY 10021**212-650-0020:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hunter College Gay Mens Alliance*695 Park Av Rm 124*New York NY 10021**212-360-5054:POLITICAL HS CU EDUCATION ED
Institute For Rational Living*45 E 65 St*New York NY 10021**535-0822:BP H
Odin Press*Box 536*New York NY 10021:SP
Together Foundation Of Global Unity*55 E 75*New York NY 10021**212-628-1939*212-628-4265(FAX):AT 9105
Tsikalas/Kallen E*Education Ctr For Community Organizing*129 E 79*New York NY 10021**212-452-7112*212-452-7150(FAX)*KET@ILT.COLUMBIA.EDU:9406 -1 EDUCATION ORGANIZING IN06
United Action For Animals*Box 635*New York NY 10021**212-800-473-5315:BIOMEDICAL-RESEARCH 9106 ANIMALS ECOLOGY VIVISECTION LABORATORY-ANIMALS HC
Womanschool*170 East 70 St*New York NY 10021**212-688-4606:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION W ED
Women In The Arts*1175 York Av #2G*New York NY 10021:PUBLICATION J W ART DB MEDIA
World Union For Progressive Judaism*838 Fifth Av*New York NY 10021**212-249-0100:JUDAISM RELIGION SP PUBLICATION BP MEDIA
World-View*170 E 64*New York NY 10021**212-TE8-4120:PUBLICATION RELIGION WORLD-AFFAIRS MEDIA
American Foundation For Maternal & Child Health*30 Beekman Pl*New York NY 10022**212-758-5510:CHILD-BIRTH CHILDREN W HC
Billy Bud Films*235 E 57*New York NY 10022**212-755-3968:FILM F&V MEDIA
Dignity*Box 1554 Fdr Stn*New York NY 10022:CATHOLICS PUBLICATION HS MEDIA
Federation Of Jewish Philanthropies Of Ny*130 E 59 St*New York NY 10022:JEWISH PHILANTHROPHY MONEY HRO
Institute Of Human Relations*165 E 56*New York NY 10022**212-751-4000: HRO
Quest Bookstore*240 E 53*New York NY 10022**212-758-5521:BOOKSTORE H
American Council On Science & Health*1995 Broadway*New York NY 10023:PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
American Society For Psychical Research*5 W 73RD St*New York NY 10023:H
Animal Liberation*319 W 74*New York NY 10023:RN ECOLOGY
Ballet News*1865 Broadway*New York NY 10023:SP
Central Pk*Box 1446*New York NY 10023:SP
Council On Interracial Books For Children*Racism & Sexism Resources For Educators*1841 Broadway*New York NY 10023:WOP W EDUCATION ED CHILDREN BOOKS READING-LIST INTERRACIAL RACISM SEXISM MLC-AACC MLC-WST MLC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Drugs Anonymous*Box 473 Ansonia Stn*New York NY 10023**212-874-0700:DRUG-ADDICTION ADDICTION/DRUGS 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Imero Fioentino Assoc*10 W 66*New York NY 10023**212-787-3050:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Kulchur Foundation*888 Park Av*New York NY 10023:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lenono*Studio One*1 W 72*New York NY 10023:ART-PR PR-ART MLP MLP-ART MUSIC ART DB
Linzner/Gordon*Space & Time*138 W 70 4b*New York NY 10023:9203 9106 UG SF-MARKET 8910 -1 PUBLICATION PR-SF SF-PR PR MAGAZINE DB 9005 SFC SF MEDIA
Meet The Composer*2112 Broadway #505*New York NY 10023:NW J MUSIC ART DB
National Abortion Rights Action League*2 W 64*New York NY 10023**212-724-5770:WOP MR AT ABORTION WHC W HC
New Music & Art Exchange*152 W 66*New York NY 10023:PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Orgonomic Publications Inc*Box 565 Ansonia Stn*New York NY 10023:REICH FH H
School Of Actualism Ny Star Ctr*27 W 72 St*New York NY 10023**212-TR-4200:H CU EDUCATION ED
Smit/W Richelen Hendrik*Childrens Tv Workshop*One Lincoln Plaza*New York NY 10023:AACC CHILDREN TV F&V -1
99 Bookshop West*2345 Broadway*New York NY 10024:BOOKSTORE SEP
American Romanian Committee*50 W 89*New York NY 10024**212-874-4490:ROMANIA REFUGEES HRO
Bean & Corn Buying Club*495 West End Av 9c*New York NY 10024:FC HRO
Conference For Catholic Lesbians*Box 436 Planetarium St*New York NY 10024**607-432-9295:9308 CATHOLIC LESBIAN CONFERENCE PUBLICATION
Creative Roots Inc*Box 401 Planetarium Stn*New York NY 10024**212-799-2294:POLITICAL MLC MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC-PROG
Dome Project Inc*251 W 80*New York NY 10024:YOUTH 9206 EDUCATION RT
Free Pacific Assoc*86 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10024:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gestalt Psychotherapy Assoc*211 Central Park West*New York NY 10024**212-362-1212:H
Guarionex Press Ltd*201 West 77TH St*New York NY 10024:SP
History Of Childhood Quarterly*2315 Broadway*New York NY 10024:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Humanist Foundation*250 W 85 St*New York NY 10024**212-799-0191:H AA84 AA BB MBB
Libertarian Forum*215 W 88 #2E*New York NY 10024:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lost Glove*574 West End Av Apt 21*New York NY 10024:
Murray/Jim*Cultural Correspondence*505 West End Av*New York NY 10024**212-420-8196:-1 AA AA92 AA92-Y AA92-29 AA92-2 AA92-920123 DIRECTORY PUBLICATION HSC84 PR-ART ART-PR PR-RLG RLG-PR PR SPR FHC3 POLITICAL ART DB MEDIA
Newsletter Of The Democratic Left*125 W 77*New York NY 10024:PUBLICATION SOCIALIST POLITICAL MEDIA
Nok Publishers Intl*122 W 88 #3R*New York NY 10024:SP
Parnassus-Poetry In Review*205 W 89*New York NY 10024:
Radio Foundation*1 W 89 Suite 5e*New York NY 10024:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Rosethal*84TH St Local Coop*205 W 86*New York NY 10024:FC -1
Strum/Philippa*American Israeli Civil Liberties Coalition*124 W 79*New York NY 10024:MEPA 8709 -1 ISRAEL MIDDLE-EAST CIVIL-LIBERTIES
Twin Cir Publishing Co*86 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10024:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Walden School*1 W 88*New York NY 10024:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION ED
Drennan/Dany*Inquisitor*Box 132*New York NY 10024-0132:9310 -1 HACKING TECH ZINE
Agni Yoga Society*319 W 107TH St*New York NY 10025:H YOGA AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900926
American Committee On The Maghreb*117 W 92 Suite 1b*New York NY 10025**212-864-6588:MAGHREB HRO
Bank St Bookstore*610 W 112*New York NY 10025**800-724-1486*212-678-1654*212-316-7026(FAX):BOOKSTORE 9307
Bauman Enterprises*Box 694 Cathedral Stn*New York NY 10025**212-866-6422:JEWISH FEMINIST LECTURE-BUREAU SPEAKERS-BUREAU W
Beingkind Inc*Box 20560 Park West Stn*New York NY 10025**212-781-4888:9111 ANIMAL-RESCUE ANIMAL-ADOPTION ADOPTION/ANIMALS ECOLOGY
Book Forum*2955 Broadway*New York NY 10025:BOOKSTORE S SEP
Brelbart/John*New Yorkers For Peace In The Gulf*255 W 95 1a*New York NY 10025**212-316-1654*212-228-5712(FAX):-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Broadway Local Food Coop*164 W 100*New York NY 10025:FC
Campaign For Peace & Democracy*Box 1640 Cathedral Stn*New York NY 10025**212-666-5924:POLITICAL PEACE 9105
Community Day Care Action*Coop Bank State College*610 W 112*New York NY 10025:FC CU EDUCATION ED
Daycare Action Coaltion*610 W 112*New York NY 10025:FC
De La Iglesia/Maria Elena*Catalog Of Catalogs*250 W 94*New York NY 10025**212-222-0430:BP SP NR AT ECOLOGY AN -1 MAIL-ORDER DIRECTORY F
Feminists For Animal Rights*Box 694 Cathedral Stn*New York NY 10025:9308 WOMEN ANIMAL-RIGHTS
Gorman/Paul*Green Congregation*Joint Appeal By Religion & Science For The Environment*1047 Amsterdam Av*New York NY 10025**212-800-435-9466*212-316-7404(FAX):9201 -1 VIP ECOLOGY RELIGION
Green Eagle Press*241 W 97TH St*New York NY 10025:SP
Meatball-Westside Software*243 Riverside Dr #804*New York NY 10025**212-865-4679:VIDEO F&V COMPUTERS SOFTWARE MEDIA
Papyrus Books*2915 Broadway*New York NY 10025:BOOKSTORE SEP
Pax Christi Metro New York*405 W 114*New York NY 10025**212-866-3030:8704 PEACE
Pequod*817 West End Av*New York NY 10025:
Socialist Workers Party-Young Socialist Alliance*2744 Broadway*New York NY 10025:POLITICAL W
Sou-En*2444 Broadway*New York NY 10025:STORE FOOD
Tower West Local Coop*95 W 95 Th St 20B*New York NY 10025:FC
Urban Homesteading*1047 Amstedam Av*New York NY 10025:FC
Women Artists Newsletter*300 Riverside Dr Apt 8a*New York NY 10025:W ART PUBLICATION MR POLITICAL CHA CHAAM DB MEDIA
Zahm Productions*Box 20417*New York NY 10025:NUCLEAR-WASTE VIDEO FILM F&V 8807 MEDIA
American Salad Bar*Box 250207*New York NY 10025-1533:9401 MUSIC BANDS PUNK ZINE
Park/Carmon*Childrens Free School*506 W 113TH St*New York NY 10025-8003:NS SCHOOL EDUCATION NAIC ED -1
Affirmative Action Coordinating Ctr*126 W 119*New York NY 10026**212-866-3501:MLC ERA WOP W POLITICAL
National Conference Of Black Lawyers*126 W 119*New York NY 10026**212-866-3501:MLC BLACK LAWYERS PILC LAW POLITICAL NCBL 8807 AACC
Agricultural Missions Inc*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:FC
Alternative Work Project*490 Riverside Dr Rm 517*New York NY 10027**212-866-2221:
American For Mideast Understanding Inc*475 Riverside Dr Rm 771*New York NY 10027:MIDEAST PUBLICATION POLITICAL CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Barnard College Womens Ctr*Ast Resource Collection*3001 Broadway 100 Barnard Hall*New York NY 10027**212-280-2067:LIBRARY HC CU EDUCATION W ED
Barnard Ctr For Research On Women*101 Barnard Hall*3009 Broadway*New York NY 10027**212-854-2067:RESEARCH 9307 W
Caucus For A New Political Science*International Affairs Bldg*420 W 118 St Rm 733*New York NY 10027:POLITICAL GMPFI GMPF F&V DB
Center For Advanced Research In Urban & Environment Affairs*Avery Hall*Columbia U*New York NY 10027:BP ECOLOGY CU ED
Center For Policy Research*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:H
Church Women United*475 Riverside Dr Rm 812*New York NY 10027:WOP MR POLITICAL W
Columbia Journalism Review*700 Journalism Bldg*Columbia U*New York NY 10027:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Columbia-A Magazine Of Poetry & Prose*404 Dodge*Columbia U*New York NY 10027:SP CU EDUCATION ED
Commission On Voluntary Service & Action*475 Riverside Dr Rm 665*New York NY 10027**212-870-2707:RN DIRECTORY PUBLICATION VOLUNTEERS JOBS MEDIA
Corporate Examiner*Corporate Information Ctr*475 Riverside Dr Rm 566*New York NY 10027:AT PUBLICATION ECONOMICS RESEARCH CORPORATIONS MEDIA
Cowan/Wayne*Christianity & Crisis*537 W 121*New York NY 10027:MEPA PR-MEPA MEPA-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR 8709 -1 RELIGION PUBLICATION MEDIA SEP
Division Of Church & Society*National Council Of Churches Of Christ*475 Riverside Dr Rm 572*New York NY 10027**212-870-2385:RELIGION POLITICAL AN AT
Farmers To Coop Assn*Bean & Corn Foundation*Columbia Teachers College Box 188 Tc*New York NY 10027:FC CU EDUCATION ED
Gay People At Columbia*Columbia U Earl Hall Rm 304*New York NY 10027**212-280-3574:HS W
Interfaith Ctr For Corporate Responsibility*475 Riverside Dr Rm 566*New York NY 10027**212-870-2293:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL FORMULA-FEEDING CORPORATE-RESPONSIBILITY
International House*500 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V DB
Kudin Kowap Pearlman*520 W 123*New York NY 10027:FC
Nachr Korea*475 Riverside Dr Rm 1538*New York NY 10027**212-678-6260:KOREA POLITICAL MLC
National Council Of Churches*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:GMPFT GMPFR RELIGION AACC SER ECOLOGY AN BP GMPF F&V DB
Nys Against Columbias Nuclear Reactor*160 Claremont Av*New York NY 10027:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Office Of Peace & Social Justice*Riverside Church*490 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:8911 PEACE
Project Work*490 Riverside Dr Rm 517*New York NY 10027**212-866-2221:FC POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Religion In Comm-Dominated Areas*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rights For American Indians Now*Nyc Chapter % Rogers*505 W 122ND St*New York NY 10027:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Riverside Church Disarmament Program*490 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027**212-222-5900:8704 SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL DISARMAMENT
Translation*307A Mathematics*Columbia U*New York NY 10027:CU EDUCATION ED
Union Theological Book Service*3041 Broadway At 120*New York NY 10027:BOOKSTORE BP SEP
Women Division Of The United Methodist Church*Board Of Global Ministries*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10027:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR W SEP
Womens Counsel Team*Union Theological Seminary*3041 Broadway*New York NY 10027:MR POLITICAL CU EDUCATION W ED
Womens Counseling Project*Barnard Hall Rm 107*Barnard College*New York NY 10027:WOP COUNSELING WHC W CU EDUCATION ED HC
American Coordinating Committee For Equality In Sport & Society*10 E 87*New York NY 10028**212-427-8100:SPORTS SOUTH-AFRICA HRO
Avant Gardener*Box 489*New York NY 10028:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL GARDENING NA
Captive Nations Committee*Box 540*New York NY 10028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Committee For Human Rights In Romania*Box J Gracie Stn*New York NY 10028:ROMANIA PUBLICATION MEDIA
Financial Democracy Campaign*217 E 85 Suite 177*New York NY 10028:9012 S&L-POLITICAL-CAMPAIGN POLITICAL ECONOMICS
Gypsy Feet*1621 Second Av*New York NY 10028**212-879-0175:TRAVEL HS
Herbs & Such*1295 Fifth Av 28D*New York NY 10028:FC
Maternity Ctr Assn*48 E 92*New York NY 10028**212-369-7300:CHILD-BIRTH CHILDREN WHC WOP W HC
Radical Alliance Of Social Service Workers*Box 70*New York NY 10028:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Red Dust*Box 630 Gracie Stn*New York NY 10028:SP
Resources For Personal Empowerment*Box 20316*New York NY 10028**212-800-443-KICK:9109 W SHG MUGGING-DEFENSE-COURSE SELF-DEFENSE-COURSE HC
Scarf Press*58 E 83*New York NY 10028:SP
Single Mothers By Choice*Box 1642*New York NY 10028:9205 MOTHERS WHC HC
Toledot*155 E 93RD St Suite 3c*New York NY 10028:
Center For Collaborative Education*1573 Madison Av #412*New York NY 10029**212-348-7821:EDUCATION 9008 ED
East Harlem Block School*94 E 11*New York NY 10029:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION ED
El Grupo Morvivi*1671 Lexington Av*New York NY 10029:J ART DB
Franklyn Plaza Daycare Ctr*2081 Second Av*New York NY 10029:FC
Pepys Press*1270 Fifth Av*New York NY 10029: SP
Community Film Workshop Council*104 W 136*New York NY 10030:FILM F&V MEDIA
Harlem Teams Food BC*179 W 137*New York NY 10030:FC
Childrens Art Carnival*62 Hamilton Ter*New York NY 10031:J ART CARNIVAL CHILDREN
Experimental College*343 Finely Student Ctr Ccny*113RD St At Convent Av*New York NY 10031:U CU EDUCATION ED
Fiction*English Dept City College*138TH St & Convent Av*New York NY 10031:SP CU EDUCATION PUBLICATION ED MEDIA
Ricorso*City College Of Ny*138 St & Convent Av*New York NY 10031**212-690-8129:H CU EDUCATION ED
Native American Film & Video Festival*3753 Broadway At 155TH St*New York NY 10032**212-283-2420:9206 NATIVE-AMERICAN FILM VIDEO F&V FESTIVAL MEDIA
Tasini/Jonathan*National Writers Union*739 West 186TH St Apt 1a*New York NY 10033**212-927-1208*76450.2377@COMPUSERVE.COM:9308 -1 WRITERS ART
Alfa Candy Corp*219 St*New York NY 10034:FOOD
Friedlander/David*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*1781 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10034**212-942-1156*FRIEDD@PIPELINE.COM:CPSR -105 HRO
A Journal Of Innocence*423 W 46*New York NY 10036:SP
American Buddhist Movement*301 W 45 St*New York NY 10036:NAM BUDDHIST
American Foundation For Aids Research*1515 Broadway Suite 3601*New York NY 10036**212-719-0033*212-719-0712(FAX):9201 AIDS HC
Art + Positive*429 E 44 #2B*New York NY 10036**212-353-3866:9008 AIDS HC ART DB
Bread & Roses*310 W 43*New York NY 10036**212-582-1890:UNION LABOR HISTORY
Breslauer/Jillouise*Women Against Pornography*358 W 47*New York NY 10036**212-307-5055:F -1 PORNOGRAPHY W MAILING-LIST 9203
Buy Freedom*1501 Broadway #2014*New York NY 10036:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Center For Labor Studies*Empire State College*330 W 42*New York NY 10036:BOOKSTORE SEP CU EDUCATION ED
Civil Liberties Union*132 W 43*New York NY 10036**212-382-0557:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
District 1199 Cultural Ctr Inc*310 W 43*New York NY 10036**212-582-1890:MLC-ART MLC ART DB
International Agency For Minority Artist Affairs*147 W 42 Suite 603*New York NY 10036:CHAWAO CHA 8709 W ART DB
Jong/Erica*Authors Guild*330 W 42*New York NY 10036:9206 -1 F VIP WRITERS CENSORSHIP POLITICAL
National Self-Help Clearinghouse*Cuny Grad Ctr Rm 1206A*33 W 42*New York NY 10036**212-840-1259:9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP EDUCATION CU
New York Circus*Box 37 Times Sq Stn*New York NY 10036**212-663-8112:MLC MLC-ART ART DB
Orbis International*330 W 42*New York NY 10036:9406 SIGHT-CARE EYESIGHT-CARE HEALTH-CARE06
Peer Research Lab*25 W 43 #620*New York NY 10036:H 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Public Press Newsletter*423 W 46*New York NY 10036:SP
Riessman/Frank*Social Policy*33 W 42ND St*New York NY 10036:MR PUBLICATION NA AN W -1 MEDIA
Womens Rights Project*Civil Liberties Union*132 W 43*New York NY 10036:WOP ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 W HRO
Liberation Bookstore*421 Lenox Av*Harlem NY 10037:BOOKSTORE
Africa Fund*American Committee Of Africa*198 Broadway*New York NY 10038**212-962-1210:AFRICA SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Committee On Africa*198 Broadway*New York NY 10038**212-962-1210:9102 AACC AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL HRO
Art Hazards Information Ctr*5 Beekman St*New York NY 10038**212-227-6220:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN LMCC HAZARDOUS-MATERIALS ART DB
Committee Of Correspondence*11 John St Rm 506*New York NY 10038:MARXIST POLITICAL 9303 INTERNET
Corporate Data Exchange Inc*198 Broadway Rm 706*New York NY 10038:AT SER ECOLOGY AN SEP
Democratic Socialist Organizing Committee*15 Dutch St #500*New York NY 10038**212-260-3270:SOCIALISM PUBLICATION NR AT ECOLOGY AN SP SEPO SEP SOCIALIST POLITICAL 9008 MEDIA
Democratic Socialists Of America*15 Dutch St #500*New York NY 10038**212-962-0390:PUBLICATION 9308
Lean/Sharon*National Central America Health Rights Network*11 Maiden Lane Suite 10D*New York NY 10038**212-732-4790*212-732-5098(FAX):-1 F WOMEN WHC HEALTH-CARE CENTRAL-AMERICA PUBLICATION 9301
Mobilization For Survival*45 John St #811*New York NY 10038:9204 MFS NUCLEAR-WEAPONS POLITICAL
Public Interest Research Group*9 Murray St 3rd Flr*New York NY 10038:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807
South St Seaport Gallery*215 Water St*New York NY 10038:PERFORMANCE-ART PERFORMANCE J ART GALLERY DB
Wholistic Health Ctr*94 Fulton St 4th Fl*New York NY 10038**212-233-3887:WLT W HC
B G Cantor Sculpture Ctr*1 World Trade Ctr*New York NY 10048**212-938-5136:ART DB
Environmental Grantmakers Assn*1290 Avenue Of The Americas Suite 3450*New York NY 10104:9308 ECOLOGY GRANTS FUNDING
Communication Ministry Inc*Box 2272 Times Sq Stn*New York NY 10108:9004 HC AIDS
Belier Press*Box Bb Old Chelsea Stn*New York NY 10113:SP
Parents & Friends For Childrens Survival*Box 986 Old Chelsea Stn*New York NY 10113**212-691-4709:CHA 8709 ART CHILDREN
Women's Action Coalition*Box 1862 Chelsea Stn*New York NY 10113:9307 W
Americans For Middle-East Understanding*475 Riverside Dr Rm 771*New York NY 10115**212-870-2053:MIDDLE-EAST CU EDUCATION ED HRO
Corporate Examiner*Iccr Rm 566*475 Riverside Dr*New York NY 10115:NAM PUBLICATION MEDIA
Educators For Social Responsibility*475 Riverside Dr Rm 450*New York NY 10115**212-870-2464:9206 EDUCATION
Global Education Assoc*475 Riverside Dr #456*New York NY 10115**212-870-3290:EDUCATION 8908 PEACE ED
Interfaith Ctr On Corporate Responsibility*475 Riverside Dr #566*New York NY 10115**212-870-2293:8704 CORPORATE-RESPONSIBILITY NAM CORPORATIONS
Merip Reports*475 Riverside Dr Rm 518*New York NY 10115**212-870-3282:MIDDLE-EAST PUBLICATION APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PPS POLITICAL MEDIA
National Council Of Churches Aids Task Force*475 Riverside Dr Rm 572*New York NY 10115**212-870-2421:9004 HC AIDS
Theology In Global Context Program*475 Riverside Dr #861*New York NY 10115**212-870-2429:8704 RELIGION
United Methodist Committee On Relief*475 Riverside Dr Rm 1374*New York NY 10115**800-554-8583:METHODIST 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Lesbian Herstory Archives*Box 1258*New York NY 10116**212-874-7232*874-7232:RN AA76 AA BB MBB RNS0206 CHAWAO CHA HISTORY LESBIAN LIBRARY POLITICAL HS MR SEPR PR-SEP SEP ART DB
Shamal Books*Gbox 16*New York NY 10116:SP
Doctors Without Borders*30 Rockefeller Plaza Suite 5425*New York NY 10117**212-649-5961*212-746-8577(FAX):9210 HC POLITICAL
American Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals*441 E 92*New York NY 10128**212-876-7700X3416:ARO TAAM 8704
Bishop Tutu Southern Africa Refugee Scholarship Fund*10 E 87TH St*New York NY 10128**212-427-8100:SOUTH-AFRICA AFRICA EDUCATION SCHOLORSHIP-FUND 9308
John/Dr Robert*International Commission For Human Ecology And Ethnology*Box 7024*New York NY 10128**212-410-6560:9403 -1 ECOLOGY HUMAN-ECOLOGY ETHNOLOGY ANTHROPOLOGY DMPR HRO
Jones/Nataly*Feminist Press*311 E 94*New York NY 10128**212-360-5790:SP -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Kelly/Kathleen*Ny Transfer News Collective*235 E 87*New York NY 10128:-1 F NEWS-SOURCE 9304 INTERNET
Tommy Boy Music*1747 First Av*New York NY 10128:9308 WOMEN MUSIC
Women's Studies Quarterly*Feminist Press At The City U Of NY*311 E 94*New York NY 10128**212-360-5790:WST PUBLICATION W MAILING-LIST 9203 ED MEDIA
Anderson/Lois*Church Women United*475 Riverside Dr Rm 812*New York NY 10150:-1 WOMEN RELIGION 9301 MLP F
Boss*Box 370 Madison Sq Stn*New York NY 10159:SP
Linguafranca*175 Fifth Av*New York NY 10160-0901**914-698-9427:ACADEMIA PUBLICATION 9206 EDUCATION RT MEDIA
Chelsea*Box 5880 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10163:SP
Eads/Valerie*Fighting Woman News*Box 1459 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10163**212-228-0900:PUBLICATION SELF-DEFENSE -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Leonard/Ann*Seeds*Box 3923 Grand Central Stn*New York NY 10163**212-644-1626:F -1 DEVELOPMENT W MAILING-LIST 9203
Asians & Friends News Forum*Box 6628*New York NY 10163-6023:9310 GAY ASIAN ZINE
Refuse & Resist*305 Madison Av Suite 1166*New York NY 10165**212-227-6268:9007 POLITICAL
Association For Voluntary Sterilization*Womens Caucus*122 E 42 St*New York NY 10168:WOP STERILIZATION BIRTH-CONTROL W
International Rescue Committee*122 E 42 12TH Flr*New York NY 10168**212-551-3000:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Midtown Logos Bookstore*342 Madison Av*New York NY 10173**212-697-4888:BOOKSTORE
American Red Cross Disaster Relief Fund*Box 9140 Church St Stn*New York NY 10256**800-842-2200*800-257-7575(SPANISH):9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Palestine Solidarity Committee*Box 372 Peck Slip Stn*New York NY 10272**212-227-1435*212-964-7299:9204 POLITICAL MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Morrison/Chase*Panopticon*Box 30 Cooper Stn*New York NY 10276**212-255-3116:F -1 ART MUSIC COMPOSERS W MAILING-LIST 9203 DB
Smokefree Educational Services Inc*375 South End Av*New York NY 10280**212-912-0960:9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
Garber-Kabalkin/Robin*Women's Studies Program*College Of Staten Island Rm 1-621*130 Stuyvesant Pl*Staten Island NY 10301:9109 -1 W WST CU MR POLITICAL WOP EDUCATION
Methodist Federation For Social Action*76 Clinton Av*Staten Island NY 10301**448-5384:SPIRITUAL PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP H MEDIA
Onawa Growth Ctr For Women*76 Clinton Av*Staten Island NY 10301:WHC W HC
Outerbridge*College Of Staten Island English A323*715 Ocean Ter*Staten Island NY 10301:SP CU EDUCATION ED
Text*298 Ut Pauls Av*Staten Island NY 10304:
National Assn Of Recovered Alcoholics In The Professions*Box 95*Staten Island NY 10305:S SELF-HELP-GROUP
Trans-Species Unltd*Box 81*Staten Island NY 10312**718-667-5701:8806 ECOLOGY ANIMAL-RIGHTS VEGETARIAN
Staten Island Club*Box 469*Staten Island NY 10314: HRO
Uptown Collective*824 E 234*Bronx NY 10401:FC
Angelas Blast*265 E 162*Bronx NY 10432:FC
Environment Monthly*284 Alexander Av*Bronx NY 10454:AT ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bronx Ym Ywha Sr Citizen Food Coop*1130 Grand Concourse*Bronx NY 10456:FC
Peoples Dev Corp Food E*550 E 167*Bronx NY 10456:FC
Lorillard Childrens School*2409 Lorillard Pl*Bronx NY 10458:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION ED
New York Zoological Society*Bronx Zoo*185TH St & Southern Blvd*Bronx NY 10460:9403 ECOLOGY
Wildlife Conservation Intl*185TH & South Blvd Bldg A*Bronx NY 10460:9403 ECOLOGY
Buddhist Assn Of The Usa*3070 Albany Crescent*Bronx NY 10463:BUDDHIST SPIRITUAL
Center For The Survival Of West Dem*3419 Irwin Av*Riverdale NY 10463:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Breast Diseases Assn Of America*3310 Rochambeau Av*Bronx NY 10467**652-1540:BREAST-CANCER HC W
North Bronx Coop*170 3 210*Bronx NY 10467:FC
Womens Health Care Ctr*60 E 208*Bronx NY 10467**920-4086:W HC
Bertrand Russell Today*Box 431*Jerome Av*Bronx NY 10468:SP
Philosophy & The Arts*Box 431*Jerome Av Stn*Bronx NY 10468:ART DB
Provident Buying Club*19 Minerva Pl*Bronx NY 10468:FC HRO
St Angelas Blast Food BC*266 E 163*Bronx NY 10468:FC
Banana Kelly Food Coop*916 Kelly St*Bronx NY 10469:FC
Black Theatre*932 East 212 St F*Bronx NY 10469:THEATER
Gallery Works*1465 Hammersly Av*Bronx NY 10469:SP ART GALLERY DB
Literary Research Newsletter*English & World Literature Dept*Manhattan College*Bronx NY 10471:CU EDUCATION ED
Office Of Student Volunteers*Campus Ministry*Manhattan College*Bronx NY 10471:AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION ED
Riverdale Ctr For Religious Research*5801 Palisade Av*Bronx NY 10471:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Riverdale Neighborhood House Coop*5521 Mosholu Av*Bronx NY 10471:FC
Womens Network*2137 Quimby Av*Bronx NY 10473:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR W SEP
Riverby Consumer Coop Society*111 Dreiser Loop E*Bronx NY 10475:FC
Ardsley Committee For The Environment*29 Concord Rd*Ardsley NY 10502:ECOLOGY
Adaptive Ctr For Educational Success*200 Railroad Av*Bedford Hills NY 10507:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION ED
Sawmill River Coop*19 Old Lyme Rd*Chappaqua NY 10514:FC
Hudson River Fishermans Assoc*Box 303*Cold Spring NY 10516:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT
4h Earthkeepers*27 Hastings Av*Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520**CR1-3629:AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL
Citizens Assn For Safe Energy*27 Hastings Av*Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT
Cortlandt Conservation Assn*44 Cleveland Dr*Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520**271-3770:POLITICAL AN AT
Croton Review*Box 277*Croton On Hudson NY 10520:SP
Intermediate Technology Development Group*Box 337*Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520**914-271-6500:AT BOOKSTORE 8709 9007 BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR
Run Against Hunger*19 Old Post Rd*Croton-On-Hudson NY 10520:HUNGER FOOD
Bodleian Bookshop Inc*185 E Hartsdale Av*Hartsdale NY 10530:S BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP
Foundation For Economic Ed*30 S Broadway*Irvington-On-Hudson NY 10533:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Freeman*Irvington-On-Hudson NY 10533:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Citizens League For Education About Nuclear Energy*5 Brook Pl*Larchmont NY 10538**834-7908:AN POLITICAL AT
Out Of Sorts*25 Old Colony Dr*Larchmont NY 10538:SP
Linguafranca*172 E Boston Post Rd*Mamaroneck NY 10543:RT 9112 EDUCATION PUBLICATION POLITICAL ED MEDIA
Maryknoll Publications*Maryknoll NY 10545:AA84 AA BB MBB SP SEP
Orbis Books*Maryknoll NY 10546**800-258-5838*914-941-7590:8704 SP
Consumers Union*256 Washington St*Mt Vernon NY 10550**664-6400:CONSUMER WHC SEPO PUBLICATION W SEP HC
Mt Vernon Food Coop*18 Archer Av*Mt Vernon NY 10550:FC
Chillimark Health Food Store*Chillimark Shopping Ctr*Briarcliff Manor NY 10560**941-0709:FOOD HC
Dickinson/Irene & Leon*Citizens Committee For Protection Of The Environment*71 Pine Av*Ossining NY 10562:AT -1 ECOLOGY W
Citizens For Gregory Pond*10 Toddville Ln*Peekskill NY 10566**737-6788:AN POLITICAL
Nurse Healers*Prof Assoc Coop*70 Shelley Av Box 7*Port Chester NY 10573:NURSING HC
Purchase Food Coop*Suny At Purchase*Purchase NY 10577:FC CU EDUCATION ED
Temple Of Understanding*Wainwright House*Stuyvesant Av*Rye NY 10580**914-WO7-6080:RELIGION SP PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Cancer Counseling Ctr*29 Quentin Rd*Scarsdale NY 10583**914-723-8534:CANCER HC
Sierra Club*8 White Birch Ln*Scarsdale NY 10583:SER AN POLITICAL 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY HRO
Work In America Inst*700 White Plains Rd*Scarsdale NY 10583:WORK SEP
Pound Ridge Food Coop*Box 111 Kitchawan Rd*S Alem NY 10590:FC
Sleepy Hollow Press*150 White Plains Rd*Tarrytown NY 10591:SP
Tarrytown Group Conference Ctr*East Sunnyside Ln*Tarrytown NY 10591:GMPFJ GMPFI GMPF F&V DB
Hastings/Penny*West Campaign For Mid-West Justice*255 Grove St*White Plains NY 10601**914-682-0488:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Westchester Campaign For Mideast Justice*255 Grove St*White Plains NY 10601**924-682-0488:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Westchester Community*145 Westchester Av*White Plains NY 10601:FC
Westchester Peoples Action Coalition*255 Grove St*White Plains NY 10601:SER ECOLOGY AN
East Timor Action Network*Box 1182*White Plains NY 10602**914-428-7299*914-428-7388(FAX):EAST-TIMOR TIMOR/EAST INDONESIA POLITICAL 9303 INTERNET
Westchester Shad*Box 488*White Plains NY 10602:SER POLITICAL ECOLOGY AN
Feminist Health Research Committee*9 Susan Ct*Whith Plains NY 10605:WHC W HC
Natural Food Assoc Of West County*13 Hewitt Av*White Plains NY 10605:AT FC
Sundance Industries Inc*28 Vermont Av*White Plains NY 10606:FOOD
Childrens Hearing Education & Research*871 Maclean Av*Yonkers NY 10704:SELF-HELP-GROUP SHG HEARING EDUCATION ED HC
Star Health Aids Inc*400 Warburton Av*Hastings On Hudson NY 10706:FOOD HC
Bronxville Coop*9 Lookout Av*Bronxville NY 10708:FC
Citizens League For Education About Nuclear Energy*154 Calhozen Av*New Rochelle NY 10801:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
New Rochelle Bugle*740 Webster Av*New Rochelle NY 10801:PUBLICATION POLITICAL MR W MEDIA
American Society For Def Of Traditon Family & Prop*Box 238 Wykagyl Stn*New Rochelle NY 10804:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Elizabeth Press*103 Van Etten Blvd*New Rochelle NY 10804:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Heller & Son Inc*90 Daisy Farms Dr*New Rochelle NY 10804:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Herity Press*7 Stony Run*New Rochelle NY 10804:SP
Myriade Press*7 Stony Run*New Rochelle NY 10804:SP
Center For Integrative Education*12 Church St*New Rochelle NY 10805:H
Feminist Alliance Health Project*Rockland Community College*75 College Rd*Suffern NY 10901:WHC W CU EDUCATION ED HC
New World Books*2 Cains Rd*Suffern NY 10901**914-354-2600:BOOKSTORE SEP
Ananda Ashram*Rd 3 Box 141*Monroe NY 10950**914-782-5575:CCP MUSIC WLT H ART DB
East-West School*Creative Music & Dance*Rd 3 Box 141*Monroe NY 10950**864-5555:WLT SCHOOL MUSIC DANCE CU EDUCATION ED
Bush/Harold*Hungry Times*224 Kearsing Pkwy*Monsey NY 10952:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rockland Citizens For Safe Energy*300 New Hempstead Rd*New City NY 10956:SER ECOLOGY AN
Childrens Creative Response To Conflict Program*Fellowship Of Reconciliation*Box 271*Nyack NY 10960**914-358-4601:CHILDREN SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Fellowship Of Reconciliation*Box 271*Nyack NY 10960**914-358-4601:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN H DRAFT PUBLICATION AA84 AA BB MBB POLITICAL MEDIA
Hudson River Provisions*Box 524*Suffern NY 10960:FC
Jewish Peace Fellowship*Box 271*Nyack NY 10960:PEACE JEWISH 9308
Middle East Peace Literature Service*Box 271*Nyack NY 10960:PEACE POLITICAL LITERATURE-SERVICE
Nyack Peace Ctr*100 Main St 2nd Flr*Nyack NY 10960:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Sharing Space*Box 271*Nyack NY 10960:W
Association For Study Of Man-Environment Relations*Box 57*Orangeburg NY 10962**914-634-8221:SP PUBLICATION ECOLOGY AT GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART H DB MEDIA
Universal Nutritions*33 Kings Hwy*Orangeburg NY 10962:FOOD
Middletown Coop*Box 542*Otisville NY 10963:FC
Voice Of Liberty Publications*3 Borger Pl*Pearl River NY 10965:
Coop Ed Guild Inc*Rt 45*Pomona NY 10970:CU FC EDUCATION ED
Rockland Consumer Food Coop*1510 Olana Rt 45*Pomona NY 10970:FC
Skyview Acres*Pomona NY 10970:COMMUNITY COOP VILLAGE
Arin/Theodore*Rockland Ecological Coalition*11 Imperial Ln*Spring Valley NY 10977**914-735-7419:AT ECOLOGY -1 POLITICAL SER AN
Scharff/Paul*Fellowship Community*241 Hungry Hollow Rd*Spring Valley NY 10977**914-356-8494:-1 ELDERLY RETIREMENT-HOME HC WER 9105
Three Fold Farm*301 Hungry Hollow Rd*Spring Valley NY 10977:FC
Waldorf Inst*260 Hungry Hollow Rd*Spring Valley NY 10977**914-425-0055:EDUCATION 9008 ED
Weleda Inc*841 S Main St*Spring Valley NY 10977:FOOD
Confide*Box 56*Tappan NY 10983:HS
Chardavogne Barn*Chardavogne Rd*Warwick NY 10990:
200TH Birthday Party*Pppppl*8617 256TH St*Floral Park NY 11001:BICENTENNIAL
Abrams/Robert D*Great Neck Outdoor Environmental Education Ctr*341 Lakeville Rd*Great Neck NY 11020:AT -1 ECOLOGY
Ccc Buying Club*4 Lodge Rd*Great Neck NY 11020:FC HRO
New Alternatives Fund*295 Northern Blvd*Great Neck NY 11021**516-466-0808:8911 INVESTMENT-FUND MUTUAL-FUND 8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Hotline*1355 Northern Blvd*Manhasset NY 11030:
Natural Foods Coop*15 Maple Av*Manhasset NY 11030:FC
North Shore Unitarian Society*Veatch Program*Plandome Rd*Plandome NY 11030:AN POLITICAL
Des Action Natl*Long Island Jewish-Hillside Medical Ctr*New Hyde Park NY 11040:WHC DES WOP W HC
Long Island Environmental Council*95 Middle Neck Rd*Port Washington NY 11050:ECOLOGY AT
Sjogren's Syndrome Foundation*382 Main St*Port Washington NY 11050**516-767-2866:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Twinpines Food Coop*382 Main St*Pt Washington NY 11050:FC
Video Project*Port Wa Public Library*245 Main St*Pt Washington NY 11050**516-883-4400:VIDEO FILM PHOTOGRAPHY F&V MEDIA
Institute For Art & Urban Resources*46-01 21 Av*Long Island City NY 11101:URBAN-RESOURCES J ART DB
Orjene Natural Cosmetics*5-43 48TH Av*Long Island City NY 11101:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Low-Tech Press*30-73 47TH St*Long Island City NY 11103:
Chesney*61 Pierrgpont St*Brooklyn NY 11201:POLITICAL AN
Confrontation*English Dept Brooklyn Ctr*Long Island U*Brooklyn NY 11201:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
National Federal Community Development Ctr Un*16 Court St*Brooklyn NY 11201:FC
National Lawyers Guild*Brooklyn Law School*250 Joralemon St*Brooklyn NY 11201:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION ED
Progressive Labor Party*Box 808*Brooklyn NY 11201:PUBLICATION CHALLENGE POLITICAL MEDIA
Three Vee Co*68-70 Jay St*Brooklyn NY 11201:FOOD
Carlson Publishing Inc*Box 023350*Brooklyn NY 11202**800-336-7460:BLACK WOMEN HISTORY SP 9307 W
Medical Committee For Human Rights*816 New York Av*Brooklyn NY 11202:AACC MCHR HC HRO
Netuei Karta Of Usa*Box 2143*Brooklyn NY 11202:PUBLICATION MLC-SAMPLE-5K MLC MEPA 8709 MEDIA
Pratt Inst Ctr For Community & Environmental Development*379 Dekalb Av*Brooklyn NY 11205:COMMUNITY-DEVELOPEMENT ECOLOGY
Lewis Av Food Plan*75 Lewis Av*Brooklyn NY 11206:FC
Eubanks/Jackie*Social Responsibilities Round Table*American Library Assn*Brooklyn College Library*Brooklyn NY 11210:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION -1 SER S NW ED MEDIA
Junction Mag*Brooklyn College*Bedford Av & Av H*Brooklyn NY 11210:CU EDUCATION ED
Lion & The Unicorn*English Dept*Brooklyn College*Brooklyn NY 11210:SP CU EDUCATION ED
National Assn Of Lesbian & Gay Filmmakers*157 Garfield Pl*Brooklyn NY 11210:WOP FILM F&V HS W MEDIA
Storefront Coop*1724 Flatbush Av*Brooklyn NY 11210:FC
Ym Ywha Coop*1724 Flatbush Av*Brooklyn NY 11210:FC
Autono Media*Box 568 Williamsburg Stn*Brooklyn NY 11211**718-387-6471:POLITICAL MLC MLC-60. MLC-SAMPLE-POLITICAL
Autonomedia Collective*Box 568 Williamsburg Stn*Brooklyn NY 11211**718-387-6471:ART POLITICAL ECONOMICS ECONOMICS.ESSAY 9303 INTERNET
Landau Co*19 Heyward St*Brooklyn NY 11211:FOOD
National Congress Of Neighborhood Women*11-29 Catherine St*Brooklyn NY 11211:AACC W
National Congress Of Neighborhood Women*249 Manhatten Av*Brooklyn NY 11211:WOP POLITICAL W
Red Mill Farms*290 S 5th St*Brooklyn NY 11211:FOOD
Brooklyn Anti-Nuclear Group*Box 612 Van Brunt Stn*Brooklyn NY 11215:SER ECOLOGY AN
Brooklyn Womens Martial Arts*421 Fifth Av*Brooklyn NY 11215:WOP W MARTIAL-ARTS
Community Bookstore*143 Seventh Av*Brooklyn NY 11215**718-783-3075:BOOKSTORE SEP
Earth Rites Press*398 8th St 2l*Brooklyn NY 11215:SP
Feminist Art Journal*41 Montgomery Pl*Brooklyn NY 11215:PUBLICATION W ART DB MEDIA
Long Haul Press*Box 592 Van Brunt Stn*Brooklyn NY 11215:
Other Publications*826 Union St*Brooklyn NY 11215:SP
Out & Out Books*476 Second St*Brooklyn NY 11215:RML BOOKSTORE
Park Slope Food Coop*782 Union St*Brooklyn NY 11215:FC
Prospect Av Senior Citizen*282 Prospect Av*Brooklyn NY 11215:SENIOR-CITIZENS ELDERLY FC
Vegetarian Activist Collective*616 6th St Apt 2*Brooklyn NY 11215:VIDEO F&V FOOD MEDIA
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*Box 74*Brooklyn NY 11215:9203 VVAW VETERANS POLITICAL
Bedford Stuyvesant Family Health Ctr*1368 Fulton St*Brooklyn NY 11216:W HC
Third World Edition*232A Putnam Av*Brooklyn NY 11216:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Children Of War*85 S Oxford St*Brooklyn NY 11217**718-858-6882:PEACE CHILDREN 9308
Coop Federation Of Greater Ny*378 Pacific*Brooklyn NY 11217:FC
Free Spirit*137 Sixth Av*Brooklyn NY 11217**718-638-6990:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hanging Loose*231 Wyckoff St*Brooklyn NY 11217:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Project Equality*85 S Oxford St*Brooklyn NY 11217**212-855-3180:EQUAL-EMPLOYMENT-OPPORTUNITY W
Religious Task Force*85 S Oxford St*Brooklyn NY 11217:PEACE 9308
Womens Ctr*30 Third Av*Brooklyn NY 11217:YWCA WOP W
Edible Complex Food Coop*195 Argyle Rd*Brooklyn NY 11218:FC
Institute For Human Relations*Laboratory Training*Box 233 Kensington Stn*Brooklyn NY 11218**941-1917:H
Cine-Arts Community Group*638 49TH St*Brooklyn NY 11220:SER ECOLOGY AN ART DB
Shantih*Box 125 Bay Ridge St*Brooklyn NY 11220:SP
Sunset Park Community Food Ctr*4603 4th Av*Brooklyn NY 11220:FC
Taoist Esoteric Yoga*674 54TH St*Brooklyn NY 11220:YOGA H
Warbass Coop*Supermarket*505 Neptune Av*Brooklyn NY 11220:FC
Bushwick Food Coop*1151 Bushwick Av*Brooklyn NY 11221:FC
Peoples Press*357 Sumner Av*Brooklyn NY 11221:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR SP POLITICAL PR SEP
Fireworks-Feminist Journal*John Dewey High School*50 Av X*Brooklyn NY 11223**373-6400:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION ED MEDIA
Sterling St Food Coop*78 Sterling St*Brooklyn NY 11225:FC
Where We At*Black Women Artists*154 Crown St*Brooklyn NY 11225:J BLACK W ART DB
Proexistence Publications*1761 East 14TH St*Brooklyn NY 11229:SP
Relix*104 W 29th St 11th Floor*New York NY 10001.:SP
Blank Tape*Box 371*Brooklyn NY 11230:SP
Midwood Environmental Action Group*796 E 19 St*Brooklyn NY 11230:SER ECOLOGY AN
Newscribes*1223 Newkirk Av*Brooklyn NY 11230:SP
American Natural Beverage Corp*Box 85*Van Brunt Stn*Brooklyn NY 11231:FOOD
New Politics*Box 98*Brooklyn NY 11231:POLITICAL PUBLICATION 8704 MEDIA
Pacific St Product Corp*22 First St*Brooklyn NY 11231:FILM F&V S MEDIA
Women Reviewing Women*Seagull Publications*1736 E 53 St*Brooklyn NY 11234:SPR PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Canarsie Fish Coop*755 E 100TH St*Brooklyn NY 11236:FC
Computer People For Peace*291 Sterling Pl*Brooklyn NY 11238:COMPUTERS PEACE PUBLICATION AT POLITICAL MR W MEDIA
Miller/John M*Mobilization For Survival*328 Flatbush Av Suite 155*Brooklyn NY 11238**718-788-6071:9207 -1 MFS POLITICAL DMPR
Uhuru Food Coop*1107 Fulton St*Brooklyn NY 11238:FC
Universal Black Writer*386 Sterling Pl*Brooklyn NY 11238:SP BLACK-WRITERS WRITERS/BLACK
Community Capital Bank*Box 404920*Brooklyn NY 11240:BANK 9201
Pipe Smokers Ephemeris*20-37 120TH St*College Point NY 11356:CU EDUCATION SP ED
Griffon House Publications*Box 81*Whitestone NY 11357:SP
Paris Review*45-39 171 Pl*Flushing NY 11358:
Short Circuit*Fes Ltd Publishing Co*Box 70*Bayside NY 11361:ZINE 9401 ENGINEERING WORK P
Stigliano/Rosemarie*Futures In Education*7200 Douglaston Parkway*Douglaston NY 11362**718-229-3030:9405 CATHOLIC SCHOOL EDUCATION -1 F06
Matheny/Anna*Alley Pond Environmental Ctr*228-06 Northern Blvd*Douglastown NY 11363:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY -1 GMPF F&V ART W DB
Farkash Food Coop*69-24 178 St*Flushing NY 11365:FC
Quantum Leap*65064 Fresh Meadow Ln*Fresh Meadows NY 11365:RESTAURANT FOOD
University Statistical Tracts*75-19 171ST St*Flushing NY 11366:
Ashod Press*138-40 64TH Av*Flushing NY 11367:SP
Center For The Biology Of Natural Systems*Dept Of Earth & Environmental Sciences*Queens College Cuny*Flushing NY 11367:BIOLOGY ECOLOGY SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Cuomo/Joseph*A Shout In The Street*Queens College Press*English Dept-Queens College*Flushing NY 11367:ED NW MUSIC SP PUBLICATION -1 CU EDUCATION ART DB
Out & About Of Queens College*65-30 Kissena Blvd*Flushing NY 11367**380-1087:VIDEO F&V CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Public Interest Research Group*College Union*Queens College*Flushing NY 11367:AT PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION ED
Spirit That Moves US Press*Box 820*Flushing NY 11372:SP AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Choices Womens Medical Ctr Inc*97-77 Queens Blvd*Forest Hills NY 11374**718-275-6020:DMPR W PUBLICATION WHC ABORTION MEDIA HC
Hoffman/Merle*On The Issues*Choices Women's Medical Ctr*97-77 Queens Blvd*Forest Hills NY 11374**212-275-6020:F -1 PUBLICATION W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA HC
Expanding Horizons*93-05 68TH Av*Forest Hills NY 11375:SP
Indigena*114-13 Union Turnpike*Forest Hills NY 11375:NATIVE-AMERICANS PUBLICATION INDIANS PPS MEDIA
Wilhelm Reich Infant Trust Fund*382 Burns St*Forest Hills NY 11375:REICH FH H
American Lecithin Co*32-34 61ST St*Woodside NY 11377:FOOD
Modularist Review*5278 72ND Pl*Flushing NY 11378:
Black Art-An Intl Quarterly*137-55 Southgate St*Jamaica NY 11413:SP PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Association Of Concerned Guyanese*109-29 112TH St*Richmond Hill NY 11420**212-728-0466:GUYANA HRO
Association For The Advancement Of Blind Children*162-10 Highland Av*Jamaica NY 11432:SELF-HELP-GROUP SHG BLIND-CHILDREN CHILDREN/BLIND HC
Human Potentials Inst Inc*84-01 Kent St*Jamaica Estates NY 11432**380-1044:H
Philippine Information Ctr*83-22 160TH St*Queens NY 11432:PHILIPPINES INFORMATION POLITICAL
Farm Fresh Btl Buying Coop Inc*155-25 Styler Rd*Jamaica NY 11433:FC
Afghan Community In America*139-15 95TH Av*Jamaica NY 11435**212-658-3737: HRO
Aum Publications*85-45 149 St*Jamaica NY 11435:PUBLICATION MEDIA
South Ozone Park Community Coop*14205 Rockaway Blvd*S Ozone Park NY 11436:FC
Networking Group*Box 1*Baldwin NY 11510**516-223-4117:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Braids/Olin C*Environmental Improvement Committee*35 Lewis St*Freeport NY 11520:AT ECOLOGY -1
Adelphi School Of Social Research*Garden City NY 11530:SOCIAL-RESEARCH SCHOOL CU EDUCATION ED
Adelphi U Ctr On Aging*Garden City NY 11530**516-486-4530:AGING ELDERLY
American Journal Of Chinese Medicine*Box 555*Garden City NY 11530:CHINA HC PPS
Lead On Environmentally Aware Future*Box 224*Garden City NY 11530:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Melkonlan/Margaret*Long Island Alliance To Prevent Nuclear War*38 Old Country Rd*Garden City NY 11530**516-741-4360:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA NUCLEAR-WAR08
North Shore Open School*136 Chestnut St*Garden City NY 11530:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION ED
US Organization For The Disabled*55 Hamilton Pl*Garden City NY 11530:DISABLED-ATHLETICS ATHLETICS
Clean Earth Ecology Club*Hofstra Box 111*1000 Fulton Av*Hempstead NY 11550:AT ECOLOGY CU ED HRO
Kriya Babaji Yoga Sangam*76 Butler Pl*Hempstead NY 11550**982-7356:YOGA COMMUNITY
National Lawyers Guild*Hofstra U Law School*Hwpstead NY 11550:AACC NLG 8807
Para Laboratories Inc*100 Rose Av*Hempstead NY 11550:FOOD
Learning Connection*900 Jerusalem Av*Uniondale NY 11553**516-538-9100:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ED MEDIA
Lifeline*2201 Hemstead Turnpike*E Meadow NY 11554:HOTLINE
Four Winds Press*Box 365*Locust Valley NY 11560:SP
Solgar Co Inc*410 Ocean Av*Lynbrook NY 11563:FOOD
Malverne Environmental Council*Nottingham Rd*Malverne NY 11565:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Women & Health*Box 210*Old Westbury NY 11568:PPS WHC PR W HC
College Media Journal*Box 258*Roslyn NY 11576**516-248-9118:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION W ED MEDIA
Stone House Press*35 Post Dr*Roslyn Harbor NY 11576:SP W
Adolescence*Libra Publishers Inc*391 Willetts Rd Roslyn Heights*Long Island NY 11577:SP W
Tarakan Music Letter*40 Holly Ln*Roslyn Heights NY 11577:MUSIC SP
Hot Logarithm*Box 281*Sea Cliff NY 11579:SP
Act Up*Box 514*Westbury NY 11590:9107 HS AIDS HC
Alcazar Press*570 Windsor St*Westbury NY 11590:SP
Association Of Mothers For Educated Childbirth*1345 Gipson St*Far Rockaway NY 11691:WHC W HC
Jolean Publishing Co*Box 163*Arverne NY 11692:
Lines Of Type*Box 296*Ft Tilden NY 11695:SP
Amity Food Buying Club*Schooleigee Blvd Senior Ctr*Amityville NY 11701:FC HRO
Gravida*Box 118*Bayville NY 11709:SP
Informer*1953 Hancock Av*N Bellmore NY 11710:SP
Vigor Cup*2740 Grand Av*Bellmore NY 11710:FOOD
Natures Bounty Inc*105 Orville Dr*Bohemia NY 11716:FOOD
Rainbow Henna Corp*170 Wilbur Pl*Bohemia NY 11716:FOOD
Students For Environmental Quality*Bellport High School*Beaver Dam Rd*Brookhaven NY 11719:AT ECOLOGY EDUCATION ED
Writers Ink*Writer Unltd Agency Inc*186 N Coleman Rd*Centereach NY 11720**516-744-6160:HSC1 WRITING SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Long Island Appropriate Technology*1200 Washington Dr*Centerport NY 11721:AT SEP
Manfredonia/Nancy*Citizens For A Clean Environment*23 Deer Path Rd*Central Islip NY 11722:AT ECOLOGY -1 W
Natural Organics Inc*10 Daniel St*Farmingdale NY 11735:FOOD
Long Island Poetry Collective*Box 773*Huntington NY 11743:
Wagner/Robert*Friends World College Library*Plover Ln*Huntington NY 11743**549-4110:SER ECOLOGY AT POLITICAL H NA AN -1 GMPFC GMPFR U GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART ED DB
West Hills Review-A Journal*246 Walt Whitman Rd*Huntington Stn NY 11746**516-427-5240:WHITMAN/WALT SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Poesie-Usa*Box 811*Melville NY 11747:
Babylon Town Environmental Committee*200 E Sunrise Hwy*N Lindehurst NY 11757:AT ECOLOGY
Seads Of Truth*Peacesmith House*90 Pennsylvania Av*Massapequa NY 11758**516-798-0778:SOLAR AT COMMUNITY PEACE
Isleman/Lugene Mueller*Public Interest Research Group*1003 Park Blvd*Massapequa Park NY 11762:GMPFEG GMPFR PIRG 8807 W -1 GMPF F&V DB
Natures Outpost*6 Woodview Dr*Nesconset NY 11767:FC
Food For Body Mind & Soul*114 Main St*Northport NY 11768**516-261-3354:BOOKSTORE FOOD
Northport Buying Club*4 Brewster Av*Northport NY 11768:FC HRO
Hotline*52 Oak Hill Dr*Oyster Bay NY 11771:
Good Times Bookstore*150 E Main St*Pt Jefferson NY 11777**516-928-2664:BOOKSTORE
Health House*420 Lake Av*St James NY 11780:WHC W HC
Long Pond Review*English Dept*Suffolk Community College*Selden Long Island NY 11784:CU EDUCATION ED
Long Island Federation Of Food Coops*331 Terry Rd*Smithtown NY 11787**584-5015:FC
Paumanok Peoples Organization*331 Terry Rd*Box 972*Smithtown NY 11787:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Freedom Foods Coop*Stage Xii Cafeteria*Suny*Stonybrook NY 11790:COOP FOOD CU EDUCATION ED
Sespa*Chemistry Dept*Suny*Stonybrook NY 11790:SCIENCE AT CU EDUCATION ED
North Shore Committee Against Nuclear & Thermal Pollution*Box 231*Wading River Li NY 11792:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
E V Debs Coop Cafeteria*Suny*Stony Brook NY 11794:FC W CU EDUCATION ED
Enact Environmental Action*Stony Brook Union Rm 248*Suny*Stony Brook NY 11794:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY ED
Freedon Food Coop*Stage 12 Suny Stony Brook*Stony Brook NY 11794:FC W CU EDUCATION ED
Public Interest Research Group*Student Union Rm 248*Suny*Stony Brook NY 11794:AT PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION ED
Education & Inst Coop Service Inc*628 Pat Dr*W Islip NY 11795:FC
Educational Advisory Council*Box 231*W Islip NY 11795:GMPFCO GMPFR EDUCATION GMPF F&V ED DB
Veritas Foundation*Box 111*W Sayville NY 11796:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Brisotti/Bill*Long Island Catholic Peace Fellowship*34 Jamaica Av*Wyandanch NY 11798**516-432-1969:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Citizens Rights Committee*32 Charles St*Hicksville NY 11801**938-1389:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Mid Island Safe Energy Coalition*Box 340*Hicksville NY 11801:GMPFEG GMPFR AN GMPF F&V DB
Concerned Citizens Of Suffolk County*73A Sound Av*Riverhead NY 11901:SER ECOLOGY AN
Suffolk For Safe Energy*Box 398*Riverhead NY 11901:SER ECOLOGY AN
Hampton Day School*Box 604*Bridgehampton NY 11932:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
South Fork Safe Energy Coalittion*Box 349*Bridgehampton NY 11932**537-0683:OFF-SHORE-OIL-DRILLING OIL POLITICAL AN
Bird Effort*25 Mudford Av*Easthampton NY 11937:SP
Goldstein/Emmanuel*2600 Magazine*Box 752*Middle Island NY 11953:COMPUTER HACKER PUBLICATION -1 JBB 940707
Montauk Buying Club*Box 2296*Montauk NY 11954:FC HRO
Pushcart Book Press*Box 380*Wainscott NY 11975**963-3454:SP PUBLICATION SPR HOW-TO PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB MEDIA
Zero Population Growth*Box 231*Westhampton NY 11977:AT POPULATION ZPG
People For Environmental Preservation*Box 654*Westhampton NY 11987:AT ECOLOGY
Harian Creative Press*47 Hyde Blvd*Ballston Spa NY 12020:SP
Cahoes Coop Nursery*Day Care Ctr*123 Mahowk St*Cohoes NY 12047:FC
Konda Kai Records*Box 518*Delanson NY 12053:9308 WOMEN MUSIC
Delmar Coop*386 Delaware Av*Delmar NY 12054:FC
Loaves Fishes Buying Club*201 Elm Av*Delman NY 12054:FC HRO
Lebanon Valley Coop*Rd*E Chatham NY 12060:FC
Green Bush Coop*Box 222*E Schodack NY 12063:FC
Glen & Mohawk Milk Coop*Fullmoelle NY 12072:FC
Grafton Community Coop*Box 24*Grafton NY 12082:FC
Hoosick Falls Food Coop*50 Hoosick St*Hoosick Falls NY 12090:FC
Lake Pleasant Coop*Box 553*Lake Pleasant NY 12108:FC
Capital Area Community*1201 Troy Schenectady Rd*Latham NY 12110:FC
Sufi Order*Box 576*Lebanon Springs NY 12114**518-794-8181:MLC MLC-SAMPLE-HPM MLC-70. H CU EDUCATION
Abode Library*Rd 1 Box 1030D*New Lebanon NY 12125:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL H LIBRARY
Abode Of The Message*Box 300*New Lebanon NY 12125**518-794-8090:SUFI SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY
Point Omega Computer Services*Box 376*New Lebanon NY 12125**794-8008:COMPUTERS MAILING-LISTS COMMUNITY MLC
Reza Quality Bakery*Box 396*New Lebanon NY 12125:FC
West Family*Box 38*New Lebanon NY 12125:FC
Adirondack Alternate Energy*Edinburg NY 12134:NR ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL ENERGY AT
Open Pantry*Rd 1 Box 101*Old Dhathan NY 12136:FC
Sachem Press*Box 9*Old Chatham NY 12136:SP
East Greenbush Coop*60 Elliot*E Greenbush NY 12144:FC
Factsheet Five*6 Arizona Av*Rensselaer NY 12144**518-479-3707:9101 PUBLICATION SF ART DB MEDIA
Institute On Man & Science*Rensselaerville NY 12147**518-797-3783:SMALL-TOWNS AT
Rensselaerville Inst*Rensselaerville NY 12147**797-3783:H MLC MLC-SAMPLE/2K MLC-15.
Capital District Growers Coop*Rd 2 Box 355*Rexford NY 12148:FC
Easton Coop*Rd 1*Schaghticoke NY 12154:FC
Bread & Basket*Rd 2 Pm Sherman*Schoharie NY 12157:FC
Full-Tan Sun Club*Rt 1 Box 34*Sprakers NY 12166**518-673-2886:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
National Nudist Council*Route 1 Box 34*Sprakers NY 12166**518-673-2886:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Front Hall Records*Rd 1*Voorheesville NY 12168:MUSIC
Hungry Hedgehog West*Box 49*Stuyvesant Falls NY 12174:FC
Rensselaer Frat Managers Assn*231 Hill St*Troy NY 12180:FC
Troy Food Coop*309 8th St*Troy NY 12180:FC
Alternative Futures*Human Dimensions Ctr*Rensselaer Polytechnic Inst*Troy NY 12181:MLC FUTURE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Solar System Design*Rd 1 Box 426A*Voorheesville NY 12186:THERMAL-SHUTTER SOLAR ECOLOGY ENERGY TECHNOLOGY
End Drug Crime*Box 1623*Albany NY 12201**518-434-3279:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Ribbon Grass*33 Central Av*Albany NY 12201:FC
Learning Exchange Free School*8 Elm St*Albany NY 12202:FC
A Gentle Wind*Box 8103*Albany NY 12203**518-482-0412:WLT
Protect Your Environment Club*Social Science 147*1400 Washington Av*Albany NY 12203:AT ECOLOGY CU HRO
Arbor Hill Day Care Ctr*50 N Lark St*Albany NY 12204:FC
Dairylea Coop Inc*375 Broadway*Menands NY 12204:FC
Honest Weight Food Coop*112 Quail St*Albany NY 12206:FC
Neighborhood Resource Ctr*3401 First St*Albany NY 12206:FC
Community Dark Room*45 Colvin Av*Albany NY 12207:FC
Act Up*727 Madison Av*Albany NY 12208:9107 HS AIDS HC
Community Service Inc*877 Madison Av*Albany NY 12208:FC
Craft Guild Inc*790 Madison Av*Albany NY 12208:FC
Capitol District Gay Community Council*Box 131*Albany NY 12210:HS
Dove Coop*112 Chestnut St*Albany NY 12210:FC
Emergency Committee To End US Intervention In The Mid-East*33 Central Av*Albany NY 12210**518-434-4037*518-482-7448(FAX):9207 GCTVP TV F&V MEDIA 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Environmental Planning Lobby*33 Central Av*Albany NY 12210:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPF F&V DB
Public Interest Research Group*184 Washington Av*Albany NY 12210:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PIRG 8807
One World*Box 13114*Albany NY 12212:AN
Center For Women In Government*Suny Albany Draper Hall Rm 302*1400 Washington Av*Albany NY 12222**518-455-6211:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL WOP CU EDUCATION W MEDIA
Counseling Ctr*1400 Washington Av*Albany NY 12222:POLITICAL MR W
Protect Your Environment Club*Social Science 147*1400 Washington Av*Albany NY 12222:AT ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN HRO
Ruppel/Joanne*Public Interest Research Group*Campus Ctr Rm 382*Suny*Albany NY 12222:GMPFI GMPFC GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPFEG 9101 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Womens Unit*Executive Chamber*State Capitol*Albany NY 12224:CU EDUCATION W
Pilgrims Progress*2871 Old State Rd*Schenectady NY 12303**518-356-1159:H PUBLICATION MEDIA
Miskayuna Coop Nursery School*852 Ashmore St*Schenectady NY 12304:FC
Schenectady Food Coop*75 Lafayette St*Schenectady NY 12305:FC
Art Resources Open To Women*Schenectady Unitarian Church*Wendell Av*Schenectady NY 12308:CHAWAO CHA 8709 W ART DB
Sea*Box 2535 Union College*Schenectady NY 12308:NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Citizens For Parental Rights*1945 Pawtucket Av*Schenectady NY 12309:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Miskayuna Consumers Coop Inc*2227 Nott St*Schenectady NY 12309:FC
Embee Press*82 Pine Grove Av*Kingston NY 12401:SP
Tambuzi Publications*Box 3443 Uptown Stn*Kingston NY 12401:
Citizens To Preserve Hudson Valley*25 Lowppel Ab*Box 412*Catskill NY 12414:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Green Light News*119 Canal St*Box 12 Liberty Sq*Ellenville NY 12428**914-647-3300:H PEACE POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Willow Mixed Media Inc*Box 194 Lennox Av*Glenford NY 12433**914-657-2914:9010 POLITICAL VIDEO F&V HC ART DB MEDIA
High Falls Coop*Main St*High Falls NY 12440:FC
Sri Aurobindo Assn*Box 372*High Falls NY 12440**914-687-9222:COMMUNITY-INFORMATION 9107
Blackbird/Daniel*Seedborne Farm*Rd 2 Box 697*Kerhonksopn NY 12446:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL -1 FARMING
World Fellowship*Box 156*Kerhonkson NY 12446**626-7974:CU EDUCATION H
Collaboration*Matagiri Sri Aurobindo Ctr Inc*Mt Tremper NY 12457:SP
De Bogart/Jane Van*Woodstock Nuclear Opponents*Wittenberg Rd*Mt Tremper NY 12457:AT -1 F AN
Zen Mountain Ctr*Box 197*Mt Tremper NY 12457**914-688-2228:NAM H
Cascade*Box 36*Prattsville NY 12468:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Society Of Brothers*Woodcrest*Rifton NY 12471:COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN SP AA84 AA BB MBB
Irate Conservation Of Ulster County*Box 419*Saugerties NY 12477:CONSUMER
New York Federation For Safe Energy*Box 2308 W Saugerties Rd*Saugerties NY 12477:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Sucasa*Rte 28-A Box 450*W Hurley NY 12491**914-331-5226:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Mid-Hudson Nuclear Opponents*Box 36*W Park NY 12493:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
True Light Beavers*Star Rt*Willow NY 12495**914-679-2949:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Beggars Banquet*16 Rock City Rd*Woodstock NY 12498:FC
Citizens Mobilization To Prevent War In Mid-East*Box 1254*Woodstock NY 12498**914-679-5569:9207 GCTVP TV F&V 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Friends Of The Hudson*Box 619*Woodstock NY 12498:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Golden Notebook*79 Tinker St*Woodstock NY 12498:BOOKSTORE SEP
Guild Shop Cooperative Inc*34 Tinker St*Woodstock NY 12498:FC
Karma Triyana Dharmachakra*Mountaintop Retreat Ctr*Mead Mountain Rd*Woodstock NY 12498:YOGA ZEN RETREAT-CENTER SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
White Buffalo Multimedia*Box 73*Woodstock NY 12498:SP PUBLICATION AA84 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Vosburgh/George*Environmental Action Library*Barlow School*Amenia NY 12501:AT SER AN LIBRARY POLITICAL ECOLOGY -1 SCHOOL
Berthold-Bond/Annie*Green Alternatives*Box 28*Annandale-On-Hudson NY 12504**914-876-6525*914-876-6535(FAX):9306 -1 F HEALTH-CARE ECOLOGY PUBLICATION DMPR
Observer*Box 85 Bard College*Annandale-On-Hudson NY 12504**914-758-8564:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Printed Editions*Box 27*Station Hill Rd*Barrytown NY 12507:SP
Animal Rights Advocates*Box 728*Beacon NY 12508**914-561-7563:ARO
Energy Exchange Coop*Box 291*Beacon NY 12508:FC
New Voices*Box 308*Clintondale NY 12515:SP
Russo/Mike*Hudson Valley Federation*Box 367*Clintondale NY 12515**914-883-6848:-1 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910425 GMPFI GMPFCG GMPFR AN GMPF F&V DB
Food Basket*Rt 1 Box 210*Craryville NY 12521:FC
Hedgehog South Coop*Rt 1 Box 210*Craryville NY 12521:FC
Pumpkin Hollow Farm*RR 1 Box 135*Craryville NY 12521:HC
Mid Valley Growers Coop*Box 285*Gardener NY 12525:FC
Mid Hudson Growers Coop Assn*Produce Suppliers*Highland NY 12528:FC
Multi Community Def Corp*21 Grand St*Highlands NY 12528:FC
Rockfeller University Coop*Tyrell Rd*Millbrook NY 12545:FC
Citizens For Safe Power Transmission*Oblong Books & Records*Main St*Millerton NY 12546:SER ECOLOGY POWER-TRANSMISSION AN
Northeast Transportation Coalition*Millerton NY 12546:TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY
Safe Energy Coalition Of Ny State*Box 495*Millerton NY 12546:SER ECOLOGY AN
Newburgh Community Development*23 Grand St*Newburgh NY 12550:FC
Urban Food Project*245 Liberty St*Newburgh NY 12550:FC
Ariel Bookstore*3 Platskill Av*New Paltz NY 12561:BOOKSTORE SEP
Concerned Citizens Of Highland*Rd 3 Box 76*New Paltz NY 12561:POLITICAL AN
Documentext*437 Springtown Rd*New Paltz NY 12561:DOCUMENTATION ART DB
Emergency No War For Oil Coalition*51 Old Ford Rd*New Paltz NY 12561**914-255-7173:9207 GCTVP TV F&V MEDIA OIL 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Goldstein/Paul*Public Interest Research Group*313 Sub-Suny New Paltz*New Paltz NY 12561:GMPFC GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Hudson Valley Citizens Watch On Nuclear Safety*Box 472*New Paltz NY 12561:AN POLITICAL AT
Safe Energy Coalition Of Ny State*Rd 3 Box 76*New Paltz NY 12561**658-9311:POLITICAL AN
Grasmere*Rd 2 Box 2b*Rhinebeck NY 12572**914-876-7530*212-543-5086:EXTENDED-FAMILY COMMUNITY
Omega Inst For Holistic Studies*Route 2*Lake Dr Box 377*Rhinebeck NY 12572**914-338-6030(WINTER)*914-266-4301:H EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901001 MEDIA
Rechtschaffen/Stephan*Omega Inst*Lake Dr Rd 2 Box 377*Rhinebeck NY 12572**914-338-6030*914-266-4301:8903 -1 H VIP NAP PR PRESIDENT
Salt Point Coop*Netherland Rd*Salt Point NY 12578:FC
Stanfordville Coop*Haight Hill Rd*Stanfordville NY 12581:FC
Mid-Hudson Area Maternity Alternatives*Red Top Rd Box 26A*Walkill NY 12589:CHILD-BIRTH HC
Randolph School*South Av*Wappingers Falls NY 12590:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Christ Church Community Coop*20 Carroll St*Poughkeepsie NY 12601:FC
Clearwater Navigator*112 Market St*Poughkeepsie NY 12601:NR AT SP POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Dette/Cathy*Dutchess County Peace Ctr*76 S Hamilton*Poughkeepsie NY 12601**914-473-4121:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Ferry House Coop*Vassar College*Poughkeepsie NY 12601:FC CU EDUCATION
Sierra Club*Box 1012*Poughkeepsie NY 12602:POLITICAL SER AN 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY HRO
Dutchess County Environmental Assn*8 Cromwell Dr*Poughkeepsie NY 12603:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
True Living Coop*219 Hackensack Rd*Poughkeepsie NY 12603:FC
North Country Buying Club*415 Merrick St*Clayton NY 12624:FC HRO
Skinny-Dip Tours*Rd 1 Box 294*Bloomingburg NY 12721:TRAVEL NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Jewish Vegetarian Society*Box 144*Hurleyville NY 12747:VIDEO F&V VEGETARIAN JEWISH FOOD MEDIA
Cache Coop*10 Church St*Liberty NY 12754:FC
Catskills Vegetarian Society*Box 657*S Fallsburg NY 12779:VIDEO F&V FOOD MEDIA
Vegetarian Hotel*Silver Lake Rd*Woodridge NY 12789:RESTAURANT FOOD
Blueline*Blue Mountain Lake NY 12812:SP
Adirondack Buying Club*Box 15*Brant Lake NY 12815:FC HRO
Village Store Coop*25 E Main St*Glens Falls NY 12816:FC
Brooklea Farm Project*Rd 2*Ft Ann NY 12827**632-5421:
Anderson/Pat*Zbs Media*Rd 1*Ft Edward NY 12828:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR -1 J W ART DB MEDIA
James Bay & Northern Wilderness Task Force*55B Church St*Granville NY 12832**518-642-3221:9206 ECOLOGY DAMN-DAM DAM
Combinations-A Journal Of Photography*Rd 1 Box 83*Greenfield Ctr NY 12833:PHOTOGRAPHY SP
Cosmep Prison Project Newsletter*Rd 1 Box 80*Greenfield Review*Greenfield Ctr NY 12833:SP AA84 AA BB MBB
Greenfield Review Press*Greenfield Ctr NY 12833**584-1728:COSMEP MLC PUBLICATION POETRY MEDIA
Corn Crib Food Coop*Rd 2 Rt 22 Salem St*Greenwich NY 12834:FC
Easton Coop*Rd 3*Greenwich NY 12834:FC
Washington County Food Coop*122 Main St*Hudson Falls NY 12839:FC
Whole Food Coop*Kate Mountain Lodge*Long Lake NY 12847:FC
David Greenberger/David*Duplex Planet*Box 1230*Saratoga Springs NY 12866:9310 ELDERLY ZINE -1 MLC MLC-SAMPLE-5K PUBLICATION
Goodwin/Joel*Humor Project*179 Spring St*Box L*Saratoga Springs NY 12866:-1 HUMOR PUBLICATION HC WER 9105 AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST
Stony Creek Coop*Stony Creek NY 12878:FC
Andirondack Food Coop*Champlain Av Church Of The Cross*Ticonderoga NY 12883:FC
Chilson Food Coop*Middle Chilson Rd*Ticonderoga NY 12883:FC
Upper Hudson Environmental Action Committee*Box 82*Weverton NY 12886:AT ECOLOGY
Dawson/James C*Institute For Man & Environment*Suny*Plattsburgh NY 12901:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Elliott/Andree*Environmental Action*Hudson Hall 028*Plattsburgh State U*Plattsburgh NY 12901:GMPFI GMPFC -1 ECOLOGY W GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Environmental Action Committee*133 Court St*Plattsburg NY 12901:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
North Country Coop*13 City Hall Pl*Plattsburgh NY 12901:FC
Ganienkeh Indian Project*Box 85*Altona NY 12910:SER ECOLOGY AN INDIANS
Barkeater Coop*Box 205*Elizabethtown NY 12932:FC
Moeller/*Ft Covington Farmers*Rfd 1*Ft Covington NY 12937:SER ECOLOGY AN FARMING -1
Adirondack Potato Growers*Coop Supplier Produce*Box 117*Gabriels NY 12939:FC
High Peaks Food Coop*Box 43*Keene NY 12942:FC
North Country Coop*Box 775*Lake Placid NY 12946:FC
Peru Food Coop*Rt 1*Peru NY 12972:FC
North Country Food Coop*Adirondack Park Agency*Ray Brood NY 12977:FC
Adirondack Yesteryears Inc*Lake St Ext Drawer 209*Saranac Lake NY 12983:ECOLOGY
Presbyterian Nutri Ctr*23 Church St*Saranac Lake NY 12983:FC
Earthwood Bldg School*Rt 1 Box 105*W Chazy NY 12992**518-493-7744:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Barkesters Coop*Box 227*Westport NY 12993:FC
Baldwinsville Food Coop*39 Elizabeth St*Baldwinsville NY 13027:FC
Vanly Food Coop*3648 Dayle Rd Rd 3*Baldwinsville NY 13027:FC
Clintons Ditch Coop*Box G*Cicero NY 13030:FC
Center On The Ridge*Rt 20 East Cazenovia*Prof Bldg*Cazenovia NY 13035**655-3393:H
Gates Homested Farms*Manlius Chittengo Rd*Chittenango NY 13037:FOOD
Citizens Against Radioactive Dumping*Box 43*Cincinatus NY 13040:GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPFEC RADIOACTIVE-WASTE 9102 GMPF F&V
Watts/Richard*Public Interest Research Group*401 Corey Union*Cortland NY 13045:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V DB
Citizens Concerned About Sterling*Box 367*Fair Haven NY 13064:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ed-U Press*7174 Mott*Fayetteville NY 13066:SP
Fayette Food Coop*405 Clinton St*Fayetteville NY 13066:FC
Heights Food Coop*31-34 74TH St*Jackson Nts NY 13070:FC
Deruyter Natural Foods Coop*RR 1 Box 67G*Georgetown NY 13072:FC
Central Ny Environment*Box 204*Jamesville NY 13078:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Jamesville Community Store*Jamesville Fed Church*6300 E Seneca Tpke*Jamesville NY 13078:FC
Liverpool Coop*505 2nd St*Liverpool NY 13088:FC
Manwell/Hank*New Environment Bulletin*902 Second Av*Liverpool NY 13088:-1 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION 9310
Marcellus Food Coop Peace Inc*2427 Cherry Valley*Marcellus NY 13108:FC PEACE
Cato Family Food Coop*Rd 1 Box 70*Martville NY 13111:FC
Ecology Action*54 W Fourth St*Oswego NY 13126**342-0133:ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL AT
Students Against Nuclear Energy*717 Seneca Hall Suco*Oswego NY 13126:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Pulaski Food Coop*8219 Ortin Rd*Pulaski NY 13142:FC
Berger/Jim*Clear Eye Inc*Rt 89*Savannah NY 13146:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FC -1
Cleareye Natural Foods*RR 1*Savannah NY 13146**365-2895:FOOD
Savannah Food Coop*United Meth Church*Rt 31 Box 202*Savannah NY 13146:FC CU EDUCATION
Act Up*Box 690*Syracuse NY 13201:9107 HS AIDS HC
Agway Coop Inc*Box 1333*Syracuse NY 13201:FC
Syracuse Free School*May Memorial*E Genessee St*Syracuse NY 13201:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Action Coalition For Retirement With Dignity*257 East Onondoga St*Syracuse NY 13202**422-2331:RETIREMENT H HC
Action Coalition To Create Opportunities For Retirement With Dignity Inc*264 E Onondaga St*Syracuse NY 13202:ELDERLY
Catherdral Immaculate Conception Food Coop*Catherdral Rectory*259 E Onondaga*Syracuse NY 13202:FC
Cooperative Experience Inc*815 Ostrom Av*Syracuse NY 13202:FC
Peace Inc*100 New St*Syracuse NY 13202:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Action Magazine*710 Lodi St Apt B1104*Syracuse NY 13203:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Constructive Action For Good Health*1104 Ross Towers*710 Lodi St*Syracuse NY 13203:SP HC
Liberal Party Of Onondaga County*1300 Roosevelt Av*Syracuse NY 13203:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Upstate Nuclear Action Coalition*924 Burnet Av*Syracuse NY 13203:AT AN
Optiwear*3100 James St*Syracuse NY 13206:9407 OZONE-HOLE ULTRAVIOLET-SENSOR
Griffin-Wirth Assoc*168 Parkway Dr*Syracuse NY 13207**315-471-4953:GULF-WAR-VIDEO DESERT-STORM-VIDEO IRAQ-VIDEO 9301 9111 VIDEO F&V DESERT-STORM MEDIA
Bjorkman/Judy*American Friends Service Committee*821 Euclid Av*Syracuse NY 13210:MEPA AFSC 8807 W PEACE POLITICAL -1 GMPF F&V HRO
Gay Students Assn*Syracuse U*103 College Pl*Syracuse NY 13210**423-3599:HS CU EDUCATION W
Holocaust*321 1/2 Westcott St #3*Syracuse NY 13210:9401 CHRISTIAN PUNK ZINE
Institute For Family Research & Education*760 Ostrom Av*Syracuse NY 13210:SEX-EDUCATION HC W
Lesbian Feminists Of Syracuse*Syracuse U*Womens Ctr*Syracuse NY 13210:LESBIAN HS W CU EDUCATION
Nefco*No East Side Food Coop*417 Hawley St*Syracuse NY 13210:FC
Program In Non-Violent C & C*249 Physics Bldg*Syracuse U*Syracuse NY 13210:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*1004 E Adams St*Syracuse NY 13210:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 GMPF F&V DB
Public Interest Research Group*732 S Crouse Av*Syracuse NY 13210:GMPFI GMPFEG PIRG 8807 GMPF F&V DB
Real Food Coop*1000 Ackerman*Syracuse NY 13210:FC
Small School Project*834 Westcott St*Syracuse NY 13210:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Southwest Food Coop*401 South Av*Syracuse NY 13210:FC
Syracuse Coop*550 Westcott*Syracuse NY 13210:COOP FOOD
Syracuse Real Food Coop*618 Kensington Box 226*Syracuse NY 13210:FC
Womens Information Ctr*601 Allen St*Syracuse NY 13210:WOP W
North Syracuse Coop*7310 Buckley Rd*N Syracuse NY 13212:FC
North Syracuse Food Coop*114 Single Dr*Syracuse NY 13212:FC
Free U*Lemoyne College*Syracuse NY 13214:U CU EDUCATION
American Sciences Press Inc*20 Cross Rd*Syracuse NY 13224:MATHEMATICS SP
Church World Service*3049 E Genesee St*Syracuse NY 13224**314-455-9055:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
New Environment Assn*270 Fenway Dr*Syracuse NY 13224:ECOLOGY SP FC PPS PUBLICATION GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB
Schwarzlander/H*New Environment Bulletin*270 Fenway Dr*Syracuse NY 13224:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY PUBLICATION -1
Weitzmann/Margaret*North Country Action Committee*427 Salt Springs Rd*Syracuse NY 13224:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 W
New Hearer*Rfd 1 Box 138A*Franklin NY 13235:SP
Alternative Orange*126T Schine Ctr*Syracuse U*Syracuse NY 13244:9306 POLITICAL PUBLICATION
Hilltop Coop*Pine Rd Rd 1*Blassvale NY 13308:FC
Free U*Kirkland-Hamilton Colleges*Clinton NY 13323:U CU EDUCATION
Whole Earth Foods*16 College St*Clinton NY 13323:FC CU EDUCATION
North American Vegetarian Society*Box 72*Dolgeville NY 13329**518-568-7970:TAAM VEGETARIAN FOOD 8704
Ecology Club*Box 1000 Colgate U*Hamilton NY 13346:NR AT AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY HRO
Hamilton Food Coop*46 Madison St*Hamilton NY 13346:FC
Shock-Stop Hazards Of Ck*Box 303*Holland Patent NY 13354:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Community Coop*622 E Main St*Little Falls NY 13365:FC
Good Food Coop*Rt 3 Box 322*Lowville NY 13367:FC
Lowville Food Buying Club*Rural Route*Lowville NY 13367:FC HRO
Solyons Food Buying Club*Rural Rt*Lyon Falls NY 13368:FC HRO
Morrisville Food Coop*Rd 1 South St*Morrisville NY 13408:FC
Oneida Food Coop*519 Stone St*Oneida NY 13421:FC
National Humanistic Ed Ctr*Sagamore Conference Ctr*Sagamore Rd*Raquette Lake NY 13436:S MLC H POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Sagamore Inst*Box 146*Raquette Lake NY 13436**518-587-8770:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Jaskolka/Chester W*New School For Social Research*Box 1445*Rome NY 13440:GMPFC CU GMPFR POLITICAL -1 SCHOOL U EDUCATION GMPF F&V DB
Peace Of Our Minds*Rt 1 Box 171*W Edmeston NY 13485:RT 9112 EDUCATION PEACE PUBLICATION CHILDREN MEDIA
Womens Resource Ctr*10000 Cornelia St*Utica NY 13502:POLITICAL MR YWCA WOP CU EDUCATION W
Fulton Safe Drinking Water Action Committee*819 W Third St S*Fulton NY 13609:9306 WATER/DRINKING DRINKING-WATER ECOLOGY PUBLICATION
Birds Foot Farm*Star Rte*Canton NY 13617:COMMUNITY FC
Fiction Intl*English Dept*St Lawrence U*Canton NY 13617:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Middle East Action Coalition*Box 383*Canton NY 13617**315-386-4852*315-265-7120(FAX):9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Students For Environmental Action*Noble Ctr*St Lawrence U*Canton NY 13617:GMPFI GMPFC GMPFEG 9101 POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Thousand Island Apiaries*Clayton NY 13624:FOOD
Upstate People For Set*Ritch Rd*Dekalb NY 13630:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Norman/Alice*North Country Action Committee*Box 124*Edwards NY 13635:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Rossie Coop*Grass Lake Rd*Rossie NY 13646:FC
Bulletin Of Concerned Asian Scholars*Political Science Dept*Suny*Potsdam NY 13676:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR POLITICAL ASIA PUBLICATION SEP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Potsdam Consumer Coop*75 Market St*Potsdam NY 13676:FC
Dekalb Concerned Citizens*Rt 1 Box 121*Richville NY 13681:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Upstate People For Safe Energy Technology*Rt 1 Box 121*Richville NY 13681**355-2512:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
White Roots Of Peace*Mohawk Nation At Akwesasne*Rooseveltown NY 13683:RNS0206 RN PUBLICATION INDIANS PEACE MEDIA
Shanandoah/Jeanne*Akwesasne Notes*Mohawk Nation*Box 196*Rooseveltown NY 13683-0196**613-575-2063*518-358-9531:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 INDIANS SP NR APS POLITICAL F AT PR-PO PO-PR PR NATIVE-AMERICAN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Citizens For Clean Land Air & Water*Rt 1 Box 248*Waddington NY 13694:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Cortland Area Buying Club Assn*Rd 2 Montgomery Rd % Duff*Marathon NY 13803:FC HRO
Good Cheap Food*Meredith NY 13805:FC
North Valley Buyers Club*Rural Delivery 2 Box 200*Newark Vlalley NY 13811:FC HRO
Moms/Rob*Upstate Campaign For Global Security*15 Mountainview Dr*Oneonta NY 13820:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Wider Oneonta Rights Coalition*66 Chestnut St*Oneonta NY 13820:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Ecology Action Of Oswego*54 West 4th St*Oswego NY 13827:AT ECOLOGY
Christian Homesteading Movement*Rd 2*Oxford NY 13830:COMMUNITY FH HOMESTEADING H
Rickford Pennypinchers*Rural Delivery*Rickford NY 13835:FC
Hudiberg/Peter*Nuclear Freeze Campaign*Box 61 Montgomery Rd*S Plymouth NY 13844:GMPFJ GMPFR AN GMPF F&V -1 NF DB
Alternate Cultures Reading Room*Drawer B*Suny*Binghamton NY 13901:RN MLC S NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Looking Left*Suny*Binghamton NY 13901**607-798-2484:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Lynch Jr/Donald*Broome Community College Environment Action*Club Rd 4 Box 638*Binghamton NY 13901:AT W CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1 HRO
Office Ctr Food Coop*Suny*Binghamton NY 13901:FC CU EDUCATION
Richard/John*Public Interest Research Group*Suny Union*Vestal NY 13901:GMPFC GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Rape Crisis Ctr*Womens Ctr*56-589 Whitney Av*Binghampton NY 13902:WOP W WHC HC
Bellevue Press*60 Schubert St*Binghamton NY 13905:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rising Free*15 Vermont Av*Binghampton NY 13905:SER ECOLOGY AN
Moody St Irregulars*Box 157*Clarence Ctr NY 14032:
Textile Bridge Press*Box 157*Clarence Ctr NY 14032:
Environmental Conservation Board Of Colden*Town Hall*Colden NY 14033:AT ECOLOGY
Mongerson/Carol*Coalition On West Valley Nuclear Wastes*Sharp St*E Concord NY 14055**714-941-3168:9302 NUCLEAR-WASTES ECOLOGY INTERNET AT -1 F NUCLEAR-WASTE WASTES/NUCLEAR
Springville Radiation Studies Group*10734 Sharp St*E Concord NY 14055:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Westfield Main Coop*99 Chestnut St*Fredonia NY 14063:FC
Boombah Herald*15 Park Blvd*Lancaster NY 14086:SP
Lewston Food Coop*429 Truon*Lewiston NY 14092:FC
Youngstown Coop*545 Main St*Youngstown NY 14174:FC
Just Buffalo Press*111 Elmwood Av*Buffalo NY 14201:SP
Craig/Marilyn*Buffalo Bach*336 Esser Av*Buffalo NY 14207**716-873-0255:9401 -1 F MARIJUANA
Cause School*295 Carlton St*Buffalo NY 14209:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Draft Counseling Ctr Of Buffalo*72 N Parade Av*Buffalo NY 14211:DRAFT COUNSELING POLITICAL
Indochina Peace Campaign*477 Koons Av*Buffalo NY 14211:PEACE INDOCHINA POLITICAL
Neighborhood Self-Reliance*368 Baynes St 1st Flr*Buffalo NY 14213:ECOLOGY AT POLITICAL
Central Community School Of Buffalo*Main St & Jewett Pkwy*Buffalo NY 14214:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Central Park Food Club*181 Beard St*Buffalo NY 14214:FC HRO
Citizens Against War Indictments*124 Jewett Pkwy*Buffalo NY 14214:DRAFT POLITICAL
Everybodies Bookstore*3102 Main St*Buffalo NY 14214:POLITICAL MR BOOKSTORE W SEP
Fillmore Leroy Buying Club*307 Leroy Av*Buffalo NY 14214:FC HRO
Talking Leaves Books*3144 Main St*Buffalo NY 14214**716-837-8554:BOOKSTORE SEP
Earths Daughters*Box 41*Central Pk Stat NY 14215:SP W
Schultz/Gerald*Environmental Law Society*88 Manhattan Av*Buffalo NY 14215:AT ECOLOGY LAW -1
Skeptical Inquirer*Box 229 Central Pk Stn*Buffalo NY 14215**716-834-3222:PARANORMAL-PHENOMENA OCCULTISM PSEUDOSCIENCE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Afro-Americans In New York*Life & History*Box 1663*Buffalo NY 14216:SP
Clyde Press*373 Lincoln Pkwy*Buffalo NY 14216:SP
Hillside Press*719 Parkside Av*Buffalo NY 14216:SP
Labor Arts Books*1064 Amherst St*Buffalo NY 14216:BOOKSTORE ART DB
Bikeways In Buffalo*309 Highland Av*Buffalo NY 14222:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Buckle*State U College*1300 Elmwood Av-Eng Dept*Buffalo NY 14222:SP CU EDUCATION
Creative Education Foundation Inc*State U*Chase Hall 1300 Elmwood Av*Buffalo NY 14222:H CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*Box 70-RM 311 Squire Hall*Suny*Buffalo NY 14222:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Yeast West Bakery*241 1/2 Lexington*Buffalo NY 14222:FC BAKERY
Living Free*Personal Journal Of Self-Liberation*Box 29 Hiler Branch*Kenmore NY 14223:BP 9403 LIBERTARIAN SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Mattachine Society*127 Wendover Av*Buffalo NY 14223**881-5335:HS
Third Eye*189 Kelvin Dr*Buffalo NY 14223:
Black Rose Books*U Toronto Press*340 Nagel Dr*Buffalo NY 14225:SP POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Ecology & Environment Inc*195 Sugg Rd*Cheektowaga NY 14225:AT ECOLOGY
American Humanist Assn*7 Harwood Dr*Amherst NY 14226:HUMANIST SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Human Dimensions Inst*4380 Main St*Buffalo NY 14226**716 839-2336:H
The Humanist*7 Harwood Dr*Amherst NY 14226:SP
Weirdbook*Box 149 Amherst Branch*Buffalo NY 14226**716-839-2415:SP PUBLICATION DB AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE UG SF MEDIA
Dorrity/Ellie*Buffalo Coalition To Stop US Intervention In Mid-East*Box 2140*Buffalo NY 14240**716-881-1525:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Creedences*420 Capen Hall*Ny State U*Buffalo NY 14260:SP CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*J Lord Obrien Hall*Box 88 Suny*Buffalo NY 14260:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Rachel Carson Colege Food Coop*Silkenson Quad*Sunyab Amherst Campus*Amherst NY 14260:FC CU EDUCATION W
Ub Norml*Buffalo Student Assn*111 Talbert Hall*Amherst NY 14260:9401 NORML MARIJUANA
Weyl/Greg*Public Interest Research Group*221 Talbert Hall*Suny*Buffalo NY 14260**716-636-2494:MLC MLC-SAMPLE-5K AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE PIRG GMPFC GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART -1 DB
Avon Coop*47 Temple St*Avon NY 14414:FC
Bergen Food Coop*6385 N Lake Rd*Bergen NY 14416:FC
Brockport Holley Food Coop*87 Erie St*Brockport NY 14420:FC
Empty Cloud*Rt 645*Canandaigua NY 14424:FC
Cheese Log*Box 802*Fairport NY 14450:9401 HUMOR PUNK ZINE
Genesee Valley Citizens For Peace*Box 363*Geneseo NY 14454:PEACE POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Thoreau Society Bulletin*Suny*Genesco NY 14454:CU EDUCATION
Thoughts For All Seasons*State U College At Genesco*Genesco NY 14454:CU EDUCATION
Seneca Review*Hobart & William Smith Colleges*Geneva NY 14456:SP CU EDUCATION
Wild Winds Organic Farms*Country Rd 36*Naples NY 14512:FOOD
Newark Coop*133 E Miller*Newark NY 14513:FC
St Michaels Food Coop*208 Wilson St*Newark NY 14513:FC
Once Again Peanut Butter College*Rd 1*Nunda NY 14517:FC CU EDUCATION
Fork*39 Cullens Run*Pittsford NY 14535:FC
Furnaceville Coop*5330 Steel Rd*Sodus NY 14551:FC
Lakeside Buying Club*7666 Creekside Cir*Sodus NY 14551:FC HRO
Outlaw Collective*Box 166*Springwater NY 14560:GMPFI 9101 GMPF F&V DB
People's Anti-War Mobilization*304-36 St Paul St*Rochester NY 14604**716-232-9050:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Rural Ny Farmworks*339 East Av 305*Rochester NY 14604:FC
Worldwide News Service*100 St Paul St*Rochester NY 14604:BOOKSTORE S SEP
Act Up*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:9107 HS AIDS HC
Afterimage*Visual Studies Workshop Press*31 Prince St*Rochester NY 14607:SP PR-BOP BOP-PR PR-PHOTO PHOTO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR BOP PBB BB PHOTOGRAPHY ART DB
Coalition For Topfree Equality*237 Vassar St*Rochester NY 14607**716-244-1219:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Committee On The Middle East For Peace*715 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607**716-244-7191:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Communiversity*713 Monroe*Rochester NY 14607:U 8807 CU EDUCATION
Federation Of Rochester Coops*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:FC
Gay Alliance Of Genesee Valley*179 Atlantic Av*Rochester NY 14607**244-8640:LIBRARY HS W
Genessee Coop*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607**244-3900:COOP FOOD
Naturist Rochester*237 Vassar St*Rochester NY 14607**716-244-1219:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
New York State Coop Federation*713 Monroe*Rochester NY 14607**461-2230:FC 8807 CU EDUCATION
Park Av Bookstore*360 Park Av*Rochester NY 14607:BOOKSTORE SEP
Peace & Justice Ctr*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Regular Restaurant*713 Monroe*Rochester NY 14607:FC
Rochester Drug Coop Inc*320 N Goodman Box 1670*Rochester NY 14607:FC
Rochester Educational Alternatives*80 Edgerton St*Rochester NY 14607:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Rochester Safe Energy Alliance*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Rochester Womens Health Collective*3 Arlington St*Rochester NY 14607:WHC W HC
Vocations For Social Change*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:RN POLITICAL S FC NR AT ECOLOGY AN VSC JOBS EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL-CHANGE-JOBS 8807
Women In Sunlight*6 R Of W*713 Monroe Av*Rochester NY 14607:LESBIAN PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Cinagro Produce Collective*166 Public Market*Rochester NY 14609:FC
Conservation Coun Of Fenessee Valley*99 Penfield Rd*Rochester NY 14610:CONSUMER
Rochester Ashram*93 Spruce Av*Rochester NY 14611:COMMUNITY YOGA
Empire Comics*572 Stone Rd*Rochester NY 14616:BOOKSTORE
Progress Without Pollution*67 Stanridge Ct*Rochester NY 14617:ECOLOGY
Exit*50 Inglewood Dr*Rochester NY 14619:SP
Venderbilt Poetry Review*50 Inglewood Dr*Rochester NY 14619:
Szymco/Corinne*Environmental Data Research Inst*797 Elmwood Av*Rochester NY 14620:GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPFEC 9102 GMPF F&V -1 W
War Tax Resistance*66 Avon Pl*Rochester NY 14620:TAX-RESISTANCE WTR
Free U*Rochester Inst Technology*One Lomb Memorial Dr*Rochester NY 14623:U CU EDUCATION
Niblack Foods*900 Jefferson Rd #5*Rochester NY 14623:FOOD
Miorita*U Of Rochester*Box 13-049*Rochester NY 14627:CU EDUCATION
Peace Ctr For Southern Tier*1006 W 3rd St*Jamestown NY 14701:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Eagle-Eye Communicator*Box 391*Jamestown NY 14702:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Bolivar Food Coop*Rd 1 Box 76*Bolivar NY 14715:FC
Sportsbooks*Box 494*Bolivar NY 14715:
Conewango Buyers Organiztion*Rd 1*Cattaraugus NY 14719:FC
Chautauqua Institution*Chatauqua NY 14722**716-357-5635:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Valley View Cheese Coop*Rd 1 Box 162*Conewango Valley NY 14726:FC
Allegany Mountain Press*111 N 10TH St*Olean NY 14760:SP
Chaffee/Kelly*Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals*Rte 16 Hinsdale Hwy*Olean NY 14760**716-372-8541:-1 ARO
Olean Warehouse Grocery Coop Inc*Box 551 Haskell Rd*Olean NY 14761:FC
Cupboard Coop*Rd 3 Box 142*Addison NY 14801:FC
Peoples Campaign*Box 787*Alfred NY 14802:SER ECOLOGY AN
Pine High Food Coop*37 High St*Alfred NY 14802:FC
Staff Food Coop*Alfred U*Alfred NY 14802:FC CU EDUCATION
Fudala/Jeanne*Unac Ecology Action*Box 142*Alpine NY 14805:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1 W
Ecsnr*Box 734*Andover NY 14806:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Bishopville Valley Coop*Rd 1 Box 200 A*Arkport NY 14807:FC
Big Flats Coop*547 Maple St*Big Flats NY 14814:FC
One Percent For Peace*Box 94*Brooktondale NY 14817**607-273-1919:PEACE 9308
Eats*Rfd 3 Pine Hl Box 266*Corning NY 14830:FC
Dundee Publishing*Box 202*Dundee NY 14837:SP
Durak*Rd 1 Box 352*Joe Green Rd*Erin NY 14838:SP
Hornell Food Coop*Rd 1*Hornell NY 14843:FC
Horseheads Food Coop*1st Presbyterian Church*705 Westinghouse Rd*Horseheads NY 14845:FC
Alternatives Federal Credit Union*301 W State St*Ithaca NY 14850**607-273-4611:9010 CREDIT-UNIONS DMPR
Borealis Bookstore*106 N Cayuga St*Ithaca NY 14850**607-272-7752:8710 SF-BOOKSTORE BOOKSTORE BS-SF DB SF SEP
Citizens Committee To Save Cayuga Lake*Box 237*Ithaca NY 14850**272-8046:POLITICAL SER AN ECOLOGY
Cornell Draft & Military Information Ctr*Anabel Taylor Hall*Cornell U*Ithaca NY 14850:DRAFT MILITARY POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Cornell Modern Indonesia Project*102 West Av*Ithaca NY 14850:BP INDONESIA POLITICAL
Digicomp Research Corp*Terrace Hill*Ithaca NY 14850**273-5900:H
Foundation Of Light*399 Turkey Hill Rd*Ithaca NY 14850:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gamma Books*307 Willow Av*Ithica NY 14850:SP
Handwork Craft Collective*State St*Ithaca NY 14850:FC
Ithaca Neighborhood Health Care Project*410 Esty St*Ithaca NY 14850:HC
Ithaca Project*310 Fourth St*Ithaca NY 14850:
Kay/David*Tompkins County Sane/Freeze*205 Hook Pl*Ithaca NY 14850**607-255-2123*607-273-2205(FAX):-1 SANE FREEZE 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Learning Web*318 Anabel Taylor Hall*Cornell U*Ithaca NY 14850**607-256-5026:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mcbooks Inc*908 Steammill Rd*Ithaca NY 14850:BOOKSTORE AA84 AA BB MBB SEP
Moosewood Restaurant*Dewitt Mall*Ithaca NY 14850:FC
New York State Federation Of Coops*203 College Av*Ithaca NY 14850:FC CU EDUCATION
Sawtooth Builders*203 Dey St*Ithaca NY 14850:FC
Somadhara Bakery*De Witt Mall*Ithaca NY 14850**273-8213:BAKERY COOP FC
Triangle Bookstore*403 College Av*Ithaca NY 14850:BOOKSTORE SEP
Act Up*Box 115*Ithaca NY 14851:9107 HS AIDS HC
Greenstar Co-Op*Box 753*Ithaca NY 14851:9104 COOP
Voyagers Intl*Box 915*Ithaca NY 14851**607-257-3091*607-257-3699(FAX):ECOTOURISM TRAVEL ECOLOGY 9307
Alternative Energy Group*121 Anabel Taylor Hall*Cornell U*Ithaca NY 14853:GMPFC GMPFEG GMPFR ECOLOGY AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901001 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Citizens Network*Anabel Taylor Hall*Cornell U*Ithaca NY 14853**607-255-8276:PEACE RELIGION ETHICS SOCIAL-POLICY ARMS-RACE DMPR 8710 CU EDUCATION
Cornell Womens Ctr*107 Willard Straight Hall*Ithaca NY 14853:MR POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE W
Epoch*245 Goldwin Smith Hall*Cornell U*Ithica NY 14853:SP CU EDUCATION
Turtle Creek Farm*651 Halsey Valley Rd*Spender NY 14883**607-589-6858:COMMUNITY
Farm Sanctuary*Box 150*Watkins Glen NY 14891**607-583-2225:ARO
Mushroom Alliance*804 Grove St*Elmira NY 14901:SER ECOLOGY AN HRO
Suddenly Single Project*Ywca*211 Lake St*Elmira NY 14901:YWCA WOP SINGLE-PARENTS W
No Country Coop*Stone Oaks II*Bradford Woods PA 15015:FC
Gasp*Box 92*Elrama PA 15038:
South Area Coop*3319 Elmdale Dr*Bethel Pk PA 15102:FC
Maple View Ter Buying Club*Maple View Ter #4C*Braddock PA 15104:FC HRO
Rankin Christian Ctr BC*230 Third Av*Rankin PA 15104:FC
Church World Service*Bishop Boyle Ctr*120 E Ninth Av 2nd Flr*Homestead PA 15120**412-461-5734:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Nicholas/Barbara*Food Bank*Box 127*Mckeesport PA 15134**412-672-4949:9205 F -1 FOOD MLP
Focus On Renewal Food Club*701 Chartiers Av*Mckees Rocks PA 15136:FC HRO
Gemini Press*625 Pennsylvania Av*Oakmont PA 15139:BB PHOTOGRAPHY SP
Sheraden Food Coop*3109 Bergman*Pittsburgh PA 15204:FC
Ingram Penny Pinchers*234 W Prospect Av*Pittsburgh PA 15205:FC
Bethesda Food Club*529 Lowell St*Pittsburgh PA 15206:FC HRO
Hodge/Leroy*Pittsburgh Committee For A Comprehensive Peace In Mid-East*201 Roup Av*Pittsburgh PA 15206**412-361-6188:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE VIDEO-GUIDE
Pittsburgh Peace Inst*116 S Highland Av*Pittsburgh PA 15206:PEACE 9301
Pointbreeze Food Club*242 Hastings St*Pittsburgh PA 15206:FC HRO
Ricketts/Ray*Act Up*209 S Fairmont*Pittsburgh PA 15206:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Homewood Av Food Club*124 N Homewood Av*Pittsburgh PA 15208:FC HRO
Leroi Rd Food Club*7040 Reynolds St*Pittsburgh PA 15208:FC HRO
Women Becoming*7315 Financy St*Pittsburgh PA 15208:MR POLITICAL W
Olijnyk/Michael*Mattress Factory*500 Sampsonia Way*Pittsburgh PA 15212**412-231-3169:9110 -1 ART MUSEUM PERFORMANCE-ART GALLERY DB
Cry Out!*Box 71096*Pittsburgh PA 15213:9107 HS AIDS HC
Finger/Susan*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Civil Engineering Cmu*5000 Forbes Av*Pittsburgh PA 15213**412-268-8828*SFINGER@CS.CMU.EDU:F CPSR -105 HRO
First Baptist Food Coop*Bills Field & Bayard Sts*Pittsburgh PA 15213:FC
Fisher/Jeffrey*Radiation Awareness Group*Carnegie Mellon U Art Dept*Pittsburgh PA 15213:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION -1 ART DB
Friends Peace Ctr*4836 Ellsworth Av*Pittsburgh PA 15213:AT PEACE
Knauer/Josh*Student Envirolink*Skibo Hall*Carnegie Mellon U*Pittsburgh PA 15213**412-268-4949*ENV-LINK@ANDREW.CMU.EDU:9303 -1 ECOLOGY STUDENTS/ENVIRONMENT INTERNET
Parkview Av Food Club*3243 Parkview Av*Pittsburgh PA 15213:FC HRO
Pittsburgh Friends Peace Ctr*4836 Ellsworth St*Pittsburgh PA 15213:PEACE POLITICAL
Power Memorial Library*Magee Womens Hospital*Forbes Av & Halket St*Pittsburgh PA 15213**412-681-5700:LIBRARY WHC W HC
Sahara Restaurant*344 Atwood St*Pittsburgh PA 15213:RESTAURANT FOOD
Southside Food Club*2005 Saran St*Pittsburgh PA 15213:FC HRO
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*643 Melwood Av*Pittsburgh PA 15213:VVAW POLITICAL 8807
Allegheny Dwellings Food Coop*1702 Bellea Dr*Pittsburgh PA 15214:FC
Citizens Against Slum Housing*2330 N Charles St*Pittsburgh PA 15214:HOUSING
Sharpsburg Food Coop*808 Penn St*Sharpsburg PA 15215:FC
Cash In Hand*1628 Enniston St*Pittsburgh PA 15217:FC
Cheerleaders*Spaz*5812 Darlington Rd*Pittsburgh PA 15217:9401 CHEERLEADERS PUNK ZINE
Link Dial A Movement*2414 Shady Av*Pittsburgh PA 15217**412-521-3527:
Marshall/David*Environment Pittsburgh*5703 Forbes Av*Pittsburgh PA 15217:AT ECOLOGY -1
Parkside Coop*6611 Darlington Rd*Pittsburgh PA 15217:FC
Squirrel Hill Food Club*5527 Wilkins Av*Pittsburgh PA 15217:FC HRO
Steelworkers For Democracy*3418 Beechwood Blvd*Pittsburgh PA 15217:
War Resistors League*5406 Bartlett St*Pittsburgh PA 15217:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Kelly Av Food Club*7112 Michigan Av*Pittsburgh PA 15218:FC HRO
Shady Ln School*Charleston St & S Braddock Av*Pittsburgh PA 15218:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Environmental Review*435 College Hall*Duquesne U*Pittsburgh PA 15219:PPS ECOLOGY PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Cleis Press*Box 8933*Pittsburgh PA 15221** MLC W
Know Inc*Box 86031*Pittsburgh PA 15221**412-241-4848:NEWS-SERVICE WHC SP PUBLICATION WOP W MEDIA HC
Modern Times Bookstore*415 Kelly Av*Wilkinsburg PA 15221:S BOOKSTORE
Neighborhood Coop*506 Cascade Rd*Forest Hills PA 15221:FC
Penn Now*Box 86024*Pittsburgh PA 15221:PUBLICATION NOW MR 8807 W MEDIA
Wilkinsburg Food Club*1319 Woodlawn*Wilkinsburg PA 15221:FC HRO
Clean Water Action Project*4 Smithfield St 6th Fl*Pittsburgh PA 15222**412-765-3053:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
The Store*2100 Smallman St*Pittsburgh PA 15222:FC
Thomas Merton Ctr*5125 Penn Av*Pittsburgh PA 15224**412-361-3022:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
St Bernards Food Club*311 Washington St*Mt Lebanon PA 15228:FC HRO
Appalachian Forum*Box 1992*Pittsburgh PA 15230:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Shulkin/David*Price*926 Bellefonte St*Pittsburgh PA 15232**412-682-8015:-1 HC WER 9105
Stone Wall Bookstore*732 Filbert St*Pittsburgh PA 15232**621-7166:BOOKSTORE SEP
Scotti/Vincent*Concerned Christian Citizens*1409 Pennsylvania Av*Pittsburgh PA 15233:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL -1 CHRISTIAN
St Josephs Man Food Coop*1407 Pennsylvania Av*Pittsburgh PA 15233:FC
Sloop Press*653 Sloop Rd*Pittsburgh PA 15237:SP
Lesbian Feminist Study*Clearing House-Womens Studies*1012 Cl U Of Pittsburgh*Pittsburgh PA 15260:WOP W WST CU EDUCATION
Pitt Student Un Food Coop*305 Schenly Hl*Pittsburgh PA 15260:FC
Project Solo*U Of PA*311 Alumni Hall*Pittsburgh PA 15260**624-6461:COMPUTERS AT CU EDUCATION
Arden Food Coop*2198 Main St*Washington PA 15301:FC
Waynesburg Food Coop*Rd 1 Box 224*Waynesburg PA 15370:FC
Unspeakable Visions Of The Individual*Box 439*California PA 15419:BP SP
Beaver Run Farm*Box 192 Rd 3*Bedford PA 15522:COMMUNITY CRAFTS
Pro-Life Reporter*US Coalition For Life*Box 315*Export PA 15632:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Concerned Residents Of The Yough*Box 360*Yukon PA 15698:9407 ECOLOGY TOXIC-WASTES-DUMP DUMP/TOXIC-WASTES07
Brockaway Food Coop*Rd 1 Box 208*Brockaway PA 15824:FC
Earthbook Lending Library*Box 556*Harmony PA 16037:MW AT LIBRARY S
Community Federation For Self Help*89A Valencia Rd*Valencia PA 16059:FC
Ecotrek*Rd 2 Box 173*Zelienople PA 16063:ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Mckeever Environmental Learning Ctr*Rd 3 Box 121*Sandy Lake PA 16145:AT ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Ludlow Area Coop*Box 196*Ludlow PA 16333:FC
Glade Coop*1710 Pennsylvania Av E*Warren PA 16365:FC
Bays Printing*300 Pine St & Angling Rd*Edinboro PA 16412:SP
Institute For Community Services*Box 723*Edinboro PA 16412:H S AA84 AA BB MBB
Townsend/Silas*Erie Grassroots Calendar*Box 224*Waterford PA 16441**814-796-2221:9307 -1 CALENDAR LETTER-WRITER
Erie Times Newspaper*205 W 12 St*Erie PA 16501:
Journal Of Erie Studies*417 State St*Erie PA 16501:
Pax Christi Usa*348 E 10TH St*Erie PA 16503**814-453-4955:9307 PEACE
Pax Ctr*345 E 9th St*Erie PA 16503**814-459-8349:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Whole Foods Coop*318 E Sixth St*Erie PA 16507**814-456-0282:9307 FC
Erie Regional Peace & Justice Ctr*Box 3122*Erie PA 16508:9307 PEACE
Humane Society*418 W 38TH St*Erie PA 16508**814-866-7411:ARO
Food Coop*2021 E 20TH St*Erie PA 16510:COOP FOOD FC
King Publishing*Carters Beach*Erie PA 16511:SP
Pennsylvania Montessori Academy*429 Lotz Av Lakemont*Altoona PA 16602:BP CU EDUCATION
Vipond/J S*Hja Norml*Box 11*Hollidaysburg PA 16648-0011:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1 NORML
Eastern Federation*433 Orlando*State College PA 16801**237-3900:AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL AT CU EDUCATION
Environmental Coalition On Nuclear Power*433 Orlando Av*State College PA 16801:SER CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY AN
Johnsrud/Judith*Central Pa Committee On Nuclear Power*433 Orlando Av*State College PA 16801**237-3900:POLITICAL AN CU EDUCATION AT -1 W
Pivot*221 S Barnard*State College PA 16801:CU EDUCATION
Eco-Action*223 Hub*University Pk PA 16802:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
National Assn Of Science Technology & Society*117 Willard Bldg*Pa State U*University Park PA 16802:SCIENCE TECHNOLOGY 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Penn State Free U*Hetzel Union Bldg*Park PA 16802:U CU EDUCATION
Shaw Annual*S-234 Burrowes Bldg*University Pk PA 16802:SP CU EDUCATION
Students & Youth Against Racism*Hub Desk*University Park PA 16802**814-284-2931:RACISM YOUTH 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Julian Woods Community*Rd*Julian PA 16844:COMMUNITY
Pennsylvania Valley Against Nukes*175 North St*Milheim PA 16854:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Falcon*English Dept*Mansfield State College*Mansfield PA 16933:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Tioga Coop*Rd 2 Box 74*Middlebury Ctr PA 16935:FC
Church World Service*3913 Market St*Camp Hill PA 17011**717-761-8180:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Cumberland Journal*8 Oakwood Cir*Camp Hill PA 17011:SP
Environmental Studies Library*Box 1287*Carlisle PA 17013:RNS0209 RN AA76 AA BB MBB S LIBRARY CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Sangerdale Farms*Fredericksburg PA 17026:FOOD
Ultralight Publications*Box 234*Hummelstown PA 17036**717-566-0468:FLYING AIRPLANES PUBLICATION MEDIA
People Against Nuclear Energy*Box 268*Middletown PA 17057:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Home Of Frosted Sunshine*RR 1 Box 612*Shermans Dale PA 17090:SP
Harrisburg Mideast Peace Network*315 Peffer St*Harrisburg PA 17102**717-233-3072:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Three Mile Island Alert*315 Peffer St*Harrisburg PA 17102:NR AT SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN
Robb/Doris*Public Interest Research Group*1037 Maclay St*Harrisburg PA 17103:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V W DB
Casey*Susquehanna Valley Norml*Box 10505*Harrisburg PA 17105-0505**717-697-4255:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Rawlings/Gail*Pennsylvania Commission Against Rape*2200 N Third St*Harrisburg PA 17110**717-232-6745:F -1 RAPE WHC SEXUAL-ASSAULT BATTERED-WOMEN W MAILING-LIST 9203 HC
Country Journal*6405 Flank Dr*Harrisburg PA 17112:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Dial A Poem*135 Echo Dr*Chambersburg PA 17201:SP POETRY
Better Foods Inc*N Washington St*Greencastle PA 17225:FOOD
Adams County Food Coop*Rd 2 Box 267*Fairfield PA 17320:FC
York Environmental Alliance*Rd 1 Box 1330*Felton PA 17322:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V DB
Logbridge Rhodes Inc*Box 4511*Gettysburg PA 17325:
Swann/Mark*York Committee For A Safe Environment*Rd 1*New Pk PA 17352:AT ECOLOGY -1
Forthright Pub*Box 293*Red Lion PA 17356:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Sonnewald Educational Homestead*Rd 1 Box 1508*Spring Grove PA 17362**717-225-3456:COOP COMMUNITY
York Natural Food & Health Assn*Rt 1 Box 457*Spring Grove PA 17362:AT FOOD HC
Shumway/Anne*Nuclear Omega*Rd 7*York PA 17402:AT AN -1 F
Stapp/Bill*Pennsylvania Alliance For Environmental Ed*1912 Karyl Ln*York PA 17404:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY -1 GMPF F&V ART DB
Switchboard*Box 2046*York PA 17405:
Mennonite Central Committee*21 S 12TH St*Box 500*Akron PA 17501**717-859-1151:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07 PEACE MENNONITE 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF
Lancaster Environmental Action*Rd 1 Box 197*Bainbridge PA 17502:AT ECOLOGY
Susquehanna Safe Energy Alliance*Rd 1 Box 299*Columbia PA 17512:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Boomsma/George L*Save Solanco Environment*Rd 1*Peach Bottom PA 17563:AT ECOLOGY -1
Save Solancos Environment*Box 64*Quarryville PA 17566:AT ECOLOGY
Hob-Nob*715 Dorsea Rd*Lancaster PA 17601:SP
Fluck/Sandy*Lancaster Peace Education Project*110 N Lime St*Lancaster PA 17602**717-393-1735:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE EDUCATION
Lancaster City Food Buying Club*630 Rockland*Lancaster PA 17602:FC HRO
Lancaster Independent Press*Box 275*Lancaster PA 17605**717-393-7811:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Book Nook*110 Eck Cir*Williamsport PA 17701:BOOKSTORE
Hurwitz/Janet C H*Lycoming County Peace Campaign*1000 Dawne Dr*Williamsport PA 17701**717-326-6982:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Trans-Species Unltd*Box 1553*Williamsport PA 17703**717-322-3252:8806 ECOLOGY ANIMAL-RIGHTS VEGETARIAN TAAM
Womens Resource Ctr*Rusell Hall*Lock Haven State*Lock Haven PA 17745:MR POLITICAL CU EDUCATION W
Full Cir Farm*Rt 1*Beavertown PA 17813:
Menethy/Emery*Environmental Concern*Rd 1 Overbrook*Catawissa PA 17820:AT ECOLOGY -1
Dwelling Place Bookstore*200 Market St*Lewisburg PA 17837**717-523-7878:MULTICULTURAL 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Garvin/Harry R*Bucknell Review*Bucknell U*Lewisburg PA 17837:PUBLICATION NW MUSIC CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA -1
West Branch*English Dept*Bucknell U*Lewisburg PA 17837**717-524-4591:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Walnut Acres*Penns Creek PA 17862:FOOD
Ohara Journal*Box 106*Pottsville PA 17901:SP
Centennial School*Le High U*Bethlehem PA 18001:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Bethlehem Coop*417 Wyandotte St*Bethlehem PA 18015:FC
Lepoco*313 W 4th St*Bethlehem PA 18015**215-691-8730:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Lehigh Valley Homophile Organization*Box 1003 Moravian Stn*Bethlehem PA 18018:LIBRARY HS
Well*623 Spring/Liberty St*Bethlehem PA 18018:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Renaissance & Renascences In Western Literature*Allentown College*Center Valley PA 18034:SP CU EDUCATION
Sandts Honey Co*714 Wagener Ln Rd 2*Easton PA 18042:FOOD
Community Regeneration*222 Main St*Emmaus PA 18049:PUBLICATION ECOLOGY 9107 MEDIA
Compost Science-Land Utilization*Box 351*Emmaus PA 18049**215-967-4135:SP LAND-UTILIZATION NR AT ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION AGRICULTURE MEDIA
Environmental Action Bulletin*33 E Minor St*Emmaus PA 18049:PPS ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
International Federation Of Organic Agriculture Movements*Box 900*Emmaus PA 18049:AGRICULTURE FOOD SEP
Rodale Coop*33 East Minor St*Emmaus PA 18049:FC
Wildlands Conservancy*601 Orchid Pl*Emmaus PA 18049:9403 ECOLOGY
Sunny Rest Lodge*425 Sunny Rest Dr*Palmerton PA 18071**215-377-2911:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Stay Smart*Carbon-Lehigh Intermediate Unit*2370 Main St*Shcnecksville PA 18078**215-799-4111:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Kripalu Yoga Ashram*7 Walters Rd*Sumneytown PA 18084**234-4568:COMMUNITY YOGA SPIRITUAL H
Upper Perkiomen Food Coop*Box 175*Sumneytown PA 18084:FC
Organic Gardening*33 E Minor St*Emmaus PA 18098:9403 GARDENING SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Lv-Ark*Box 3224*Allentown PA 18103**215-821-9552:ARO
Log Cabin Publishers*Box 1536*Allentown PA 18105:
Damascus Rd Press*6271 Hill Dr*Wescosville PA 18106:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Beltzille Coop*Rd 3 Box 169*Lehighton PA 18235:FC
Pocono Environmental Education Ctr*Rd 1 Box 268*Dingmans Ferry PA 18328:BP ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Kinesis*Box 278*Milford PA 18337:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Alternative Energy Information Group*Box 21*Minisink Hills PA 18341:SER ECOLOGY AN
Save The Valley*Box 66*Minisink Hills PA 18341:
Alternative Energy Information Group*Box 188*Mt Bethel PA 18343**897-6296:ENERGY POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT
Holy Shankaracharya Order*Rd 3 Box 3430*Stroudsburg PA 18360**717-629-0481:H AA84 AA BB MBB
Poconos Ashram U*Rd 8 Box 8116*Stroudsburg PA 18360:H CU EDUCATION
Society For Animal Rights*421 S State St*Clarks Summit PA 18411**717-586-2200:ANIMAL-RIGHTS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Highlights For Children Inc*803 Church St*Honesdale PA 18431:BP CHILDREN PUBLICATION
Himalayan Inst*RR 1 Box 400*Honesdale PA 18431**800-444-5772*717-253-5551:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 H CONFERENCE EDUCATION POLITICAL NR ECOLOGY AN YOGA AT
White Cloud*Rd 1 Box 215*Newfoundland PA 18445:RESTAURANT FC
Graham/Laurie*Susquehanna-Wayne Environmental*Rd 1 Box 55*Union Dale PA 18470:AT ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION -1 W
I Am You Journal*4949 Birney Av*Moosic PA 18507:AN POLITICAL
Citizens Committee For Environmental Concern*71 Warren St*Tunkhannock PA 18657:AT ECOLOGY
Luzerne-Lackawana Environmental Council*Kirby Health Ctr*71 N Franklin St*Wilkes Barre PA 18701:AT ECOLOGY HC
Deinotation & Press*Box 194*Susquehanna PA 18847:SP
Kisslinger/Jack*Sunspot*Box 211*Susquehannah PA 18847**800-377-2614*717-853-3060:9308 NUDIST-CAMP FAMILY-NUDIST-CAMP -1 NATURIST-CLUB
International Church Of Ageless Wisdom*Box 101*Wyalusing PA 18853**717-746-1864:CHURCH SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Quixott Press*Church School Rd R D 4*Doylestown PA 18901:SP
Raw Dog Press*129 Worthington Av*Doylestown PA 18901:SP
Bird & Bull Press*2 Jericho Mtn Rd RD2*Newtown PA 18940:SP
Inglesia/Denise*National Museum Of Women In The Arts*Media Marketplace*6 Penns Trail*Newtown PA 18940**215-968-5020:F -1 MUSEUM ART W MAILING-LIST 9203 DB
Women For Sobriety*Box 618*Quakertown PA 18951:WOP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PO-PR PR-PO PR PUBLICATION W SEP MEDIA
Richboro Press*Box 1*Richboro PA 18954:SP
Limierick Ecology Action*Box 207*Salford PA 18957:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Bryn Gweled Homesteads*1150 Woods Rd*Southampton PA 18966**215-357-3977:ECLECTIC COMMUNITY
Bucks County Vegetarian Society*Box 909*Shouthampton PA 18966:VEGETARIAN FOOD
Community Educational Service Council Inc*1150 Woods Rd*Southampton PA 18966**357-3977:RN AA76 AA BB MBB MONEY COMMUNITY MLC MLC-MW MLC-HPM MLC-NALSAS FC
Prison Visitation Service To War Objectors*855 Woods Rd*Southampton PA 18966:PRISON DRAFT POLITICAL
Individual Liberty*Box 1147*Warminster PA 18974:LIBERTARIAN PUBLICATION POLITICAL SP MEDIA
Pine Row Publications*Box 428*Washington Crossing PA 18977:
Newman/Dr J L*Womens Resource Ctr*Pa State U*1600 Woodland Rd*Abington PA 19001:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION W -1
Cross Kitchen Coop*638 Woodcrest Av*Ardmore PA 19003:FC
Love/James*Taxpayers Assets Project*12 Church Rd*Ardmore PA 19003**215-658-0880*215-649-4066(FAX):GOVERNMENT-DATABASES DATABASE/GOVERNMENT TAXPAYER-DATABASES DATABASES/TAXPAYER -1 9307
Taylor/Ethyl*Women Strike For Peace*41 Conshohocken State Rd #704*Bala Cynwyd PA 19004:AT -1 PEACE W
Swedenborg Scientific Assn*Paper Mill Rd*Bryn Athyn PA 19009:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Areas Of Concern*Box 429*Bryn Mawr PA 19010:AT POLITICAL SEP
Concerned Citizens Of De Valley*Box 429*Bryn Mawr PA 19010:AT
Contemporary Poetry*Bryn Mawr College*Bryn Mawr PA 19010:SP POETRY CU EDUCATION
Intercollegiate Studies Inst*14 South Bryn Mawr Av*Bryn Mawr PA 19010:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Political Sc Reviewer*14 South Bryn Mawr Av*Bryn Mawr PA 19010:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Erivan Yogurt*1984 Audobon Dr*Dresher PA 19025:FOOD
Carms Farm*4942 Woodland Av*Drexel Hill PA 19026:AN POLITICAL AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-G AA90-29 AA90-910306
Bicyclist Federation Of Pa*445 Dreshertown Rd*Fort Washington PA 19034**215-646-7879:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION W
Come All Ye*Box 494*Hatboro PA 19040:SP SPR
Legacy Books*Box 494*Hatboro PA 19040:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Aavs*Noble Plaza Suite 204*801 Old York Rd*Jenkintown PA 19046**215-887-0816:ARO
American Anti-Vivisection Society*204 Noble Plaza*801 Old York Rd*Jenkintown PA 19046:TAAM ANIMALS 8704
Efco Importers*Box 741*Jenkintown PA 19046:FOOD
Bucks Country Peace Ctr*102 W Maple Av*Langhorne PA 19047**215-750-7220:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Hart/David*Bucks County Peace Ctr*102 W Maple Av*Langhorne PA 19047**215-750-7220:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Swarthmore Coop Assn*401 Dartmouth Av*Swarthmore PA 19050:FC
Children Of Aging Parents*1609 Woodbourne Rd*Levittown PA 19057:9112 PARENTS ELDERLY-PARENTS HC PARENTS/ELDERLY
Selene Coop*104 E State St*Media PA 19063:FC W
Marquee*624 Wynne Rd*Springfield PA 19064:
School In Rose Valley*Rose Valley Rd*Moyland PA 19065:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Swarthmore Coop*240 Ridley Creek*Moylan PA 19065:FC
Davids Bookshelf*Morrisville Shopping Ctr*Morrisville PA 19067:BOOKSTORE
Custody Action For Lesbian Mothers*Box 281*Narberth PA 19072**215-667-7508:LAW SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Delaware County Campaign For Peace In The Mideast*Box 128*Swarthmore PA 19081**215-544-9668:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Soderlund/Jean*Peace Collection*Swarthmore College*Swarthmore PA 19081:MEPA 8709 PEACE -1 CU EDUCATION W
Free U*Villanovan*Villanova PA 19085:U CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*Villanonva Law School*Garey Hall*Villanova PA 19085:AACC LAW NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Pendle Hill*338 Plush Mill Rd*Wallingford PA 19086**215-566-4507:H BOOKSTORE SEP
Cellar Door Coop*9 Meadowcroft Rd*Gulph Mills PA 19087:FC
Horn Of Plenty*138 Morningside Cir*Wayne PA 19087:FC
International Primal Assn Inc*7 Walt Ln*Wyncote PA 19095**215-887-1471:H PRIMAL-THERAPY
Bicycle Network*Box 8194*Philadelphia PA 19101**215-236-4439:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Built Environment Education*Box 13507*Philadelphia PA 19101:AT ECOLOGY
Fisher/Ellen*Greater Philadelphia Women's Yellow Pages*Box 42397*Philadelphia PA 19101**215-446-4747:F -1 YELLOW-PAGES W MAILING-LIST 9203
Heighborhood Resources Health*813 S 48 St*Philadelphia PA 19101:MSC HC
International House*3701 Chestnut St*Philadelphia PA 19101:9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Peace For Guatemala*Box 41740*Philadelphia PA 19101**202-636-4288:GUATEMALA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Philadelphia Networking Systems*Box 8266*Philadelphia PA 19101:POLITICAL MR W
Womens Political Caucus*640 Rodman St*Philadelphia PA 19101:WHC POLITICAL W HC
Martin Bormann's Cranial Splints*Box 8166*Philadelphia PA 19101-8166:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Bennett/Asia A*American Friends Service Committee*1501 Cherry St*Philadelphia PA 19102**215-563-9372*215-241-6179*215-864-0104(FAX):9204 AFSC PEACE DMPR -1 DRAFT F SER ECOLOGY FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA HRO
Birchard/Bruce*Friends Peace Committee*1515 Cherry St*Philadelphia PA 19102**215-241-7230:PEACE SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY LIBRARY SEPL CU EDUCATION SEP MEDIA -1 AN
Friends Journal*1501 Cherry St*Philadelphia PA 19102**564-4779:TAAM 8704 SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION AT SEP MEDIA
Lippincott/Peg*Teaching In A Nuclear Agency*1515 Cherry St*Philadelphia PA 19102:GMPFI GMPFJ AN GMPF F&V W -1 F DB
National Action Research On The Military Industrial Complex*160 N 15 St*Philadelphia PA 19102**215-241-7175:RESEARCH MILITARY-INDUSTRIAL-COMPLEX PEACE SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL MILITARY
Nationwide Women's Program*American Friends Service Comm*1501 Cherry St*Philadelphia PA 19102:ID-P 8401 IDAFSA CCP MUSIC MR GMPFI 8807 AFSC POLITICAL GMPF F&V DB HRO
Rare Center For Tropical Bird Conservation*1529 Walnut St*Philadelphia PA 19102:9403 ECOLOGY
Act Up*Box 15919*Philadelphia PA 19103:9107 HS AIDS HC
Educational Futures*2118 Spruce St*Philadelphia PA 19103**215-735-2118:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Evelev/Helen*Zero Nuclear Weapons*2215 St James St*Philadelphia PA 19103:AT -1 F APN
Frank/Sue*Agonizer*2508 Pine St*Philadelphia PA 19103:9310 SF ZINE -1
Gay & Lesbian Naturists*Box 2239*Philadelphia PA 19103:GAY HS LESBIAN NATURIST-GROUP 9011 W
Gay Bibliography*Box 2383*Philadelphia PA 19103:SP BIBLIOGRAPHY GAY HS
Humanistic Psychotherapy Studies Ctr*2127 Pine St*Philadelphia PA 19103:H
Karp/Essie*Women's Caucus For Art*Moore College Of Art*20TH & The Parkway*Philadelphia PA 19103**215-854-0922:F -1 ART CU W MAILING-LIST 9203 DB
Kennedy House*1901 Jfk Blvd*Philadelphia PA 19103:FC
Lippin/Rick*International Arts-Medicine Assn*19 S 22ND St*Philadelphia PA 19103:HC WER 9105 ART -1 DB
Nutrition Development Services*222 N 17 St*Philadelphia PA 19103:FC
Parents Flag*Box 15711*Philadelphia PA 19103:9004 HC AIDS
Philadelphia Federation Of Consumer Societies*917 Noble St*Philadelphia PA 19103:FC
Rittenhouse Food Coop*1906 Rittenhouse Sq*Philadelphia PA 19103:FC
Running Press*125 S Twentysecond St*Philadelphia PA 19103:SP NR ECOLOGY AN AT
Task Force On Gay Liberation*American Library Assn*Box 2383*Philadelphia PA 19103:BIBLIOGRAPHY HS
William Penn House*1919 Chestnut St*Philadelphia PA 19103:FC
Women Strike For Peace*1930 Chestnut St #1509*Philadelphia PA 19103:POLITICAL PEACE AT W
Wooden Shoe Bookstore*112 S 20TH St*Philadelphia PA 19103**215-569-2477:ANARCHIST POLITICAL GAY LESBIAN ECOLOGY AN RECORDS BOOKSTORE W SEP
Blackaby/Linda*Neighborhood Film Project*3701 Chestnut St*Philadelphia PA 19104**215-387-5125:-1 FILM F&V AIVF 9201 MEDIA
Campus India Restaurant*33 S 40TH St*Philadelphia PA 19104:RESTAURANT FOOD
Community Mailing List Service*3525 Lancaster Av*Philadelphia PA 19104**382-6096:COMPUTERS MAILING-LIST-SERVICE W
Concerned Committee Council*437 N 41ST St*Philadelphia PA 19104:
Delaware Valley Coalition For Cooperation*201 N 36TH*Philadelphia PA 19104**222-5666:FC
Ecology Food Coop*201 N 36TH St*Philadelphia PA 19104:COOP FC ECOLOGY
Hamilton Village Council*3916 Locust Walk*Philadelphia PA 19104**386-8388:COMMUNITY
House Of Our Own*3920 Spruce St*Philadelphia PA 19104:BOOKSTORE SEP
Institute For The Study Of Human Issues Inc*3401 Market St Suite 252*Philadelphia PA 19104:MLC H EDUCATION RESEARCH
Jewish Free U*Psychology Dept*U Of PA*Philadelphia PA 19104:U CU EDUCATION
Mt Olivet Coop*42 & Wallace Sts*Philadelphia PA 19104:FC
National Lawyers Guild*U Of PA Law Scholl*34TH & Chestnut Sts*Philadelphia PA 19104:AACC LAW NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Orbis*3508 Market St Suite 350*Philadelphia PA 19104:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Overtone Press*4421 Chestnut St*Philadelphia PA 19104:SP
Penn Advancement School*5th & Luzerne St*Philadelphia PA 19104:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Pennsylvania Book Ctr*3726 Walnut St*Philadelphia PA 19104:BOOKSTORE S SEP
Philadelphia Food Coop Federation*3214 Winter St*Philadelphia PA 19104:FC
Phily Skills Exchange*3500 Lancaster*Philadelphia PA 19104:FC
St Marys Coop Nursery School*3916 Locust Walk*Philadelphia PA 19104:FC
Weinberg/David*WXPN Radio*3905 Spruce St*Philadelphia PA 19104**215-243-6677:BP RADIO NFCB PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR-ART ART-PR -1 MEDIA
Wildlife Preservation Trust Intl*34TH & Girard Av*Philadelphia PA 19104:9403 ECOLOGY
World Game Of R Buckminster Fuller*3500 Market St*Philadelphia PA 19104**215-387-5400:SP PUBLICATION GAMES FULLER/BUCKMINSTER MEDIA
Media History Digest*Box 867 William Penn Stn*Philadelphia PA 19105:
Nordic Books*Box 1941*Philadelphia PA 19105:SP
Rockingchair*Box 27*Philadelphia PA 19105:SP
New Frontier Magazine*46 N Front St*Philadelphia PA 19106**215-567-1685:PUBLICATION DIRECTORY MEDIA
Boericke & Tafel Inc*1011 Arch St*Philadelphia PA 19107:FOOD
Childrens Village Food Coop*801 Arch St*Philadelphia PA 19107:FC
Giovannis Room*345 S 12TH St*Philadelphia PA 19107**215-923-2960:BOOKSTORE SEP ID-P 8401 IDAFSA
Mobilization For Survival*1213 Race St*Philadelphia PA 19107:POLITICAL MFS 8807 SEP
Philadelphia Journalism Review*212 North Clarion St*Philadelphia PA 19107:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Scope*1213 Race St*Philadelphia PA 19107:CONSUMER
Thorson/Jane*Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*1213 Race St*Philadelphia PA 19107**215-563-7110:SEPO DRAFT SER ECOLOGY AN AT WILPF PEACE POLITICAL WOP 8807 W SEP -1 F DB GMPF F&V
Women Organized Against Rape*125 S 9th St Suite 601*Philadelphia PA 19107**215-922-7400:W WHC RAPE 9102 HC
Ywca Health Ctr*1233 Locust St 3rd Flr*Philadelphia PA 19107:WHC W HC
Most Precious Bold Food Club*28 & Diamond St*Philadelphia PA 19110:FC HRO
Well Fed Family Coop*6901 Rising Sun Ad*Philadelphia PA 19111:FC
Sonoraco Co*9990 Global Rd*Philadelphia PA 19115:FOOD
Philadelphia Consumers Services Coop*134 Gardner St*Philadelphia PA 19116:FC
Cooking For Survival Consciousness*Box 26762*Elkins Pk PA 19117**215-635-1022:PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
Chestnut Hill Academy*500 W Willow Grove*Philadelphia PA 19118:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION RN S GMPF F&V DB
Institute For The Achievement Of Human Potential*8801 Stenton Av*Philadelphia PA 19118:CU EDUCATION H PATTERNING AA84 AA MBB BB
Miquon Upper School*8836 Cufeld*Philadelphia PA 19118:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Cca*723 Westview St*Philadelphia PA 19119:FC
Coop Consumer Viewpoint New Information Ctr*559 Carpenter Ln*Philadelphia PA 19119:FC
Delaware Valley Coalition For Consumer Education & Coopeation*559 Carpenter Ln*Philadelphia PA 19119:FC
Hebden/Steve*Weavers Way*554 Carpenter Ln*Philadelphia PA 19119:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
People Coop*Summit Presbyterian Church*Westview & Greene St*Philadelphia PA 19119:
Weavers Way Coop Assn*559 W Carpenter Ln*Philadelphia PA 19119:FC
Women Assoc*402 W Mt Airy Av*Philadelphia PA 19119**248-4916:H
Jesuit Volunteer Corps*18TH & Thompson Sts*Philadelphia PA 19121:COMMUNITY MLC
Multipurpose Learning Ctr Coop*2909 W Columbia Av*Philadelphia PA 19121:FC
St Elizabeths Food Buying Club*23 & Berks Sts*Philadelphia PA 19121:FC HRO
Wayland Temple Coop*2500 W Columbia Av*Philadelphia PA 19121:FC
Wharton Ctr*1708 N 22ND St*Philadelphia PA 19121:
Alternative Acquisitions Project*Temple U*Philadelphia PA 19122:SEPL LIBRARY SEP CU EDUCATION
Alternatives In Print*Temple U Library*Philadelphia PA 19122:SPR PUBLICATION DIRECTORY PR MEDIA
Bilalian Food Buying Club*1319 Susquehanna Av*Philadelphia PA 19122:FC HRO
Clever/Elaine Cox*Contemporary Culture Collection*Temple University Library*Philadelphia PA 19122**215-787-3225:9201 CU CULTURE 9301 LIBRARY -1 F
Free U*Box 95 Sac Temple U*13TH & Montgomery*Philadelphia PA 19122:U CU EDUCATION
Journal Of Modern Literature*1904 N Pk*Philadelphia PA 19122:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Oic Food Coop*1231 N Board St*Philadelphia PA 19122:FC
Public Interest Research Group*Temple U*School Of Law*Philadelphia PA 19122:AT PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Temple Free Press*Box 326*Temple U*Philadelphia PA 19122:SP CU EDUCATION
Temple Worker*Box 111*Temple U*Philadelphia PA 19122:CU EDUCATION
Welfare Rights Coop*1231 N Franklin St*Philadelphia PA 19122:FC
Guild House*711 Spring Garden St*Philadelphia PA 19123:FC
Penn Herb Co*603 N 2nd St*Philadelphia PA 19123:FOOD
Research For Better Schools*444 N 3rd St*Philadelphia PA 19123**215-574-9300:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Frankford Ywca Food Coop*Ariot & Leiper Sts*Philadelphia PA 19124:FC
Real Fun*Box 15243*Philadelphia PA 19125**215-423-3481:HUMOR APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Summerhill Society*1008 Prospect Av*Philadelphia PA 19126:SUMMERHILL CU EDUCATION
Manaynk Food Coop*117 Dupont St*Philadelphia PA 19127:FC
Center For Women In Medicine*Medical College Of Pa*3300 Henry Av*Philadelphia PA 19129:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Bawa Muhaiyaddeen Fellowship*5820 Overbrook Av-Carriage Hs*Philadelphia PA 19131:H
Free U*Associated Students*St Joseph College*Philadelphia PA 19131:U CU EDUCATION
Guru Bawa Fellowship*5820 Overbrook Av*Philadelphia PA 19131**215-879-9960:H PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Mill Creek Community Ctr*4624 Lancaster*Philadelphia PA 19131:FC
Coalition Against Slum Housing*152 W Lehigh*Philadelphia PA 19133:HOUSING
Cross Roads Committee Ctr*2916 N 6th St*Philadelphia PA 19133:
El Centro Community Coop*2916 North 6 St*Philadelphia PA 19133:FC
St Edwards Coop*2417 North 8 St*Philadelphia PA 19133:FC
Coop Buying Club*1030 E Washington Ln*Philadelphia PA 19138:FC HRO
Immaculate Conception Food Coop*1020 E Price St*Philadelphia PA 19138:FC
Genesis II*Box 24003*Philadelphia PA 19139:MR PUBLICATION COSMEP POLITICAL W MEDIA
Haddington Coop*5500 Haverford Av*Philadelphia PA 19139:FC
National Committee For The Restoration Of Civil Liberties In The Philippines*249 S Melville St*Philadelphia PA 19139:PHILIPPINES LIBRARY
United Church Of Christ Gay Caucus*Box 24005*Philadelphia PA 19139:CHURCH HS
White Rock Coop*53 & Chestnut Sts*Philadelphia PA 19139:FC
Triple Jeopardy*1633 W Bristol*Philadelphia PA 19140:WHC W HC
Triumph Baptist Church Coop*1538 Wingohocking St*Philadelphia PA 19140:FC
Zion Baptist Coop*Broad & Venango Sts*Philadelphia PA 19140:FC
Consumers Ed & Protection Assn*6048 Ogontz Av*Philadelphia PA 19141:CONSUMER PPS AT CU EDUCATION
Keenan/John*Four Quarters*La Salle U*Philadelphia PA 19141**215-951-1145:9205 MLC MLC-60. MLC-CU MLC-M MLC-891113 -1 SP PUBLICATION COSMEP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Paired Press*6237 N 13TH St*Philadelphia PA 19141:SP
Happy Times*6408 Woodland Av*Philadelphia PA 19142:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Act For Peace In The Mideast*4808 Windsor Av*Philadelphia PA 19143**215-727-1218:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Becker/Matt*Movement For A New Society*4722 Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143**215-724-1464:COMMUNITY FH FC SER NR ECOLOGY AN SEPO H 8807 SEP AT MNS POLITICAL MLC -1 PEACE
Calvary Food Coop*48 & Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
Citizens To End Nuclear Threats*4608 Kensessing*Philadelphia PA 19143:AT APN
Coalition To Stop US Intervention*613 S 48TH St*Philadelphia PA 19143**215-724-1618:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Community Assoc Printing Collective*4722 Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:SP COMMUNITY FH
Coop Number 2*920 St Bernard St*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
Coop Number 3*1010 S Farragut St*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
Fang*906 S 49 St #19*Philadelphia PA 19143:SER ECOLOGY AN
Life Ctr*4722 Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143**215-724-1464:FC
Mariposa Food Coop*4726 Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
Men Against Patriarchy*4811 Springfield*Philadelphia PA 19143:S MEN
Militarism Resource Project*318 S 49TH St*Philadelphia PA 19143:GMPFI GMPFJ MILITARY GMPF F&V DB
New Society Publishers*4527 Springfield Av*Philadelphia PA 19143**800-333-9093:9204 BP DMPR 8801 MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC-HC MLC-HSO MLC-CONSUMER MLC SP 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
North American Nonviolence Training Network*4722 Baltimore Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:NONVIOLENCE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Palmetto Food Service*4601 Chester Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
Peoples Research Inst On E & E*4820 Windsor Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:SER ECOLOGY AN
Seeds For Change*4819 Springfield Av*Philadelphia PA 19143:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Smith/Marci*West Philly Keystone Alliance*818 S St Bernard Pl*Philadelphia PA 19143:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
University Energy Coop*1109 S 49 St*Philadelphia PA 19143:FC
American Christians For The Abolition Of Torture*300 W Apsley St*Philadelphia PA 19144:TORTURE HRO
Aquarian Research Foundation*5620 Morton St*Philadelphia PA 19144**215-849-3237*849-1259:COMMUNITY RESEARCH PSI AT SCIENCE H FH PUBLICATION MEDIA
Canaan Baptist Coop*Pulaski & Sinona St*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC
Chimera-A Complete Theatre Piece*5538 Morris St*Philadelphia PA 19144:SP
Food Conspiracies*403 W Schoolhouse Ln*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC
Germantown Peoples Coop*Green & Tulpehocken*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC
Hospitality Guide Of North America*5620 Morton St*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC DIRECTORY HOSPITALITY COMMUNITY HC
Other Side Magazine*300 W Apsley St*Philadelphia PA 19144:CHRISTIAN PUBLICATION POLITICAL 8704 MEDIA
Pervinsky/John*National Lawyers Guild*123 W Abbotsford Av*Philadelphia PA 19144:AACC NLG 8807 -1
Philadelphia Womens Health Collective*5030 Newhall St*Philadelphia PA 19144:WHC W HC
Pueblo To People*6117 Germantown Rd*Philadelphia PA 19144**215-849-0808:8911 CATALOG LATIN-AMERICA-PRODUCTS
Togetherness House*143 W Schoolhouse Ln*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC
Tulpehocken Apts*Wayne Av*Philadelphia PA 19144:FC
Womens Health Collective*5030 Newhall St*Philadelphia PA 19144:WHC W HC
2005AD Inc*2005 Naudain St*Philadelphia PA 19146:SPACESHIP CABIN SIMULATOR AT
Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors*2208 South St*Philadelphia PA 19146**215-545-4626:CONSCIENTIOUS-OBJECTORS MILITARY 8712 NR AT ECOLOGY AN PEACE 9308
Counter Pentagon*Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors*2208 South St*Philadelphia PA 19146:PUBLICATION PENTAGON MILITARY POLITICAL MEDIA
Grays Ferry Community Ctr Coop*1501 South 29 St*Philadelphia PA 19146:FC
Holy Trinity Coop*1515 N Allstion St*Philadelphia PA 19146:FC
Pro Choice Alliance*640 Rodman St*Philadelphia PA 19146:WHC W HC
War Resistors League*2208 South St*Philadelphia PA 19146:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Help Inc*638 South St*Philadelphia PA 19147:HOTLINE
Judys*627 S 3rd*Philadelphia PA 19147:RESTAURANT FOOD
Southwark House Coop*101 Elisworth St*Philadelphia PA 19147:FC
Greenwich Neighbors Food Coop*2029 S 8th St*Philadelphia PA 19148:FC
Men Organized Against Rape*3417 Spruce St*Philadelphia PA 19174:MEN RAPE
Penn Consumers Board*3417 Spruce St*Philadelphia PA 19174:FC
Pennsylvania Women Self-Help Group*112 Logan Hall*U Of PA*Philadelphia PA 19174:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Womens Cultural Ctr*3601 Locust Walk*Philadelphia PA 19174:MR POLITICAL W ART DB
Womens Suburban Clinic*1440 Russell Rd*Paoli PA 19301:WHC W HC
Brandywine War Tax Resistance Fund*Box 477 Rd 1*Avondale PA 19311:WTR TAX-RESISTANCE
Horn Of Plenty*58 Main Av*Berwyn PA 19312:FC
Fellowship Of Intentional Communities*Cheney PA 19319:COMMUNITY FH
Inslee/F & J*Chester County Keystone Alliance*330 Country Club Rd*Coatesville PA 19320:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL -1 HRO
School Of Living*Route 1 Box 185-A*Cochranville PA 19330:COMMUNITY LAND-TRUST 9107
Daemion*Old Lancaster & Valley Forge Rd*Devon PA 19333:HOTLINE
Marchwood Coop*430 Concord Av*Exton PA 19341:FC
Tanguy Homesteads*Rfd 1 Box 174*Glen Mills PA 19342:SUBURBAN NONSECTARIAN COOP COMMUNITY
Upattinas Learning Ctr*Rd 1 Box 378*Glenmoore PA 19343**215-458-5138:9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION NS
Vanishing Press*225 N Matlack St*W Chester PA 19380:SP
Clinton/Sally*How On Earth!*Box 3347*W Chester PA 19381**717-529-8638:9205 VEGETARIAN FOOD ECOLOGY ANIMAL-RIGHTS TEENAGERS PUBLICATION DMPR -1 F MEDIA
Students Against Nuclear Development*159 N Whitehall Rd*Morristown PA 19403:SER ECOLOGY AN
Mclaughlin/Frank*World Systems Learning*Box 126*Eagleville PA 19408:SER ECOLOGY AN EDUCATION -1
Black Student Union*Montgomery County Community College*340 Dekalb Pike*Blue Bell PA 19422:BLACK STUDENTS CU EDUCATION
Paper Air*825 Morris Rd*Blue Bell PA 19422:
Peace & Social Action Committee*Gwynedd Friends Meeting*Gwynedd PA 19436:PEACE
Camphill Village-Kimberton Hills*Box 155*Kimberton PA 19442:COMMUNITY ANTHROPOSOPHY HC HRO
Clearcreek Coop*1015 Pecan Dr*Lansdale PA 19446:FC
Kimberton Coop*40 Galacia Dr*Phoenixville PA 19460:FC
Periwinkle Valley Coop*26 Buchwalter*Phoenixville PA 19460:FC
Fellowship House Farm*Rd 3*Pottstown PA 19464:CONFERENCE-CENTER INTERRACIAL
Limerick Ecology Action News*Box 761*Pottstown PA 19464:SER AN ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Society For Social Responsibility In Science*Fellowship House Farm Rd #3*Pottstown PA 19464**326-3008:SCIENCE POLITICAL AN
Philmer Enterprises*4 Hunters Run*Springhouse PA 19477:
Douglassville Coop*Rd 1 Box 490*Douglassville PA 19518:FC
Soil Environmental Conservationist Committee*Rd 1 Box 112A*Hamburg PA 19526**562-8766:ECOLOGY SOIL POLITICAL AN AT
Hawk Mountain Sanctuary Assn*Rt 2 Box 191*Kempton PA 19529:9403 ECOLOGY
Rainbow Farms Coop*Rd 2 Box 24*Kempton PA 19529:FC
Rainbow Farm Food Coop*Box 1*Lynnport PA 19557:FC
Vitale/Bill*Reading-Bucks Alliance*1242 Hill Rd*Reading PA 19602**215-373-1725:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Natures Garden Ltd*Reading Mall*Reading PA 19606:RESTAURANT FOOD
Alternative Booksellers*10 Margaret Dr*Reading PA 19609**215-373-0442:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL HS MR AAP W
Delaware Draft Counseling*192 S College*Newark DE 19711:POLITICAL DRAFT CU EDUCATION
Delaware Free U*Pencader Dining Hall*U Of DE*Newark DE 19711:U CU EDUCATION
Farm-Out*801 Valley Rd*Newark DE 19711:POLITICAL AN
Newark Community Coop Inc*16 Haines St*Newark DE 19711:FC
International Reading Assn*800 Barksdale Rd*Box 8139*Newark DE 19714:READING 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
D H Lawrence Review*204 Memorial Hall*U Of DE*Newark DE 19716:SP CU EDUCATION
Citizens Against War*U Of DE 361 Lane Hall*Newark DE 19717**307-731-3354:POLITICAL 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Advocacy Ctr*Box 276*Yorklyn DE 19736**302-239-7203:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 TEEN-PARENTS VIDEO F&V EDUCATION MEDIA
Delaware Draft Counseling*1106 N Adams St*Wilmington DE 19801:POLITICAL DRAFT
En Passant-Poetry*4612 Sylvanus Dr*Wilmington DE 19803:SP
Coalition For Nuclear Development*2610 Glendon Dr*Wilmington DE 19806:SER ECOLOGY AN
Delaware Friends Of Bikecology*108 Wayland Rd*Wilmington DE 19807:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY
Socially Conscious Investment Service*Dean Witter Reynolds Inc*Greenville Ctr Suite E-209*Greenville DE 19807**302-573-4000:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Tressler Ctr For Human Growth*2 Centerville Rd*Wilmington DE 19808**302-994-6663:H
Delaware Friends For Bikecology*2117 Meadow Ln*Wilmington DE 19810:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION AT ECOLOGY
Hoeschele/Petra*Safe Energy Coalition*2007 Dogwood Ln*Wilmington DE 19810:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 ENERGY
Wilmington Coop*806 W 22ND*Arden DE 19810:FC
Crafts Report-Marketing & Mgmt For Crafts Professionals*700 Orange St*Wilmington DE 19899**302-656-2209:CRAFTS BUSINESS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Blue Nile Trading Co*2826 B Georgia NW*Washington DC 20001:FC
Central America Papers Project*1755 Massachusetts Av*Washington DC 20001**202-797-0882:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Central American Data Ctr*1534 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20001**202-232-6608:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Childrens Defense Fund*122 C St NW*Washington DC 20001:CHILDREN HC LEGAL-AID
Comadres Usa*945 G St NW*Washington DC 20001**202-393-0126:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Institute For Public Interest Representation*Georgetown U Law Ctr*600 New Jersey Av NW*Washington DC 20001:PILC LAW NCBL POLITICAL 8807 CU EDUCATION
International Assn Of Fish & Wildlife Agencies*444 North Capitol St Suite 534*Washington DC 20001:9403 ECOLOGY
Mid-Atlantic News*1110 Sixth St NW #300*Washington DC 20001:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
National Military Discharge Review Project*Georgetown U Law Ctr*600 New Jersey Av NW*Washington DC 20001:PILC LAW POLITICAL MILITARY-DISCHARGE NCBL 8807
Public Interest Research Group*1429 21ST St NW*Washington DC 20001:AT CONSUMER PIRG 8807
Ujamaa Shule*8th & Q Sts NW*Washington DC 20001:FC
Campaign For New Transportation Priorities*900 2nd NE*Washington DC 20002:9401 TRANSPORTATION02
Caring Inst*519 C St NE*Washington DC 20002:9206 H HC
Center For Social Christian Action*United Church Of Christ*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:AT POLITICAL CHRISTIAN CU EDUCATION
Central America Working Group*Church Of The Brethren*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-797-7010:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Church Of The Brethren*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:AN POLITICAL
Church Women United*110 Maryland Ave SE*Washington DC 20002:9308
Civil Liberties Union*122 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:AACC ACLU LEGAL-AID HRO
Colgrove/Jane*National Assn Of Railroad Passengers*900 Second St NE Suite 308*Washington DC 20002**202-408-8362*202-408-8287(FAX):9202 -1 TRANSPORTATION RAILROAD-PASSENGERS AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-920203 W
Dc Statehood Party*423 4th St NE*Washington DC 20002:POLITICAL
Defense Budget Project*777 N Capitol St NE Suite 710*Washington DC 20002**202-408-1517*202-408-1526(FAX):MILITARY-SPENDING POLITICAL
Devine/Tom*Government Accountability Project*810 First St NE Suite 630*Washington DC 20002**202-408-0034:9308 -1 GOVERNMENT
Echeverria/Paula*Women Strike For Peace*120 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:MEPA 8709 -1 PEACE W
Engage-Social Action*United Methodist Church*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-546-6924:SP PUBLICATION GMPFJ GMPFI CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Friends Committee On Natl Legislation*245 2nd St NE*Washington DC 20002**202-547-6000:9308 SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL AT LEGISLATION/NATIONAL NATIONAL-LEGISLATION
Friends Of The Filipino People*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-543-1093:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SEP MEDIA PHILLIPINES
Greensboro Civil Rights Fund*1324 N Capitol St NW*Washington DC 20002**202-387-5564:LAW SP CIVIL-RIGHTS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Harris/Sam*Results*236 Massachusetts Av NE Suite 300*Washington DC 20002:8907 FOOD HUNGER POLITICAL -1
Heritage Foundation*214 Massachusetts Av NE*Washington DC 20002:LIBRARY PUBLICATION AA84 AA MBB BB BP MEDIA
Impact Legislative Network*100 Maryland Ave NE*Washington DC 20002**202-544-8636:9308
Interfaith Action For Economic Justice*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:ECONOMICS POVERTY-REPORT 8807
International Institute For Energy Conservation*420 C St NW*Washington DC 20002:9403 ECOLOGY
Interreligious Task Force On US Food Policy*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-543-2800:FOOD-POLICY SP PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
Karen Silkwood Fund*1324 N Capital St*Washington DC 20002:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Lockwood/Ted*Washington Office On Africa*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-546-7961:8909 SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL AFRICA SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR SEP AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-Y AA90-910 -1
Nachr Korea*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-546-4304:KOREA POLITICAL MLC
National Coalition To Ban Handguns*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:BP HANDGUNS GUN-CONTROL
National Ctr For Law & The Deaf*7th & Florida Av NE*Washington DC 20002:DEAFNESS PILC LAW 8807
National Peace Academy Campaign*110 Maryland Av NE Suite 409*Washington DC 20002**202-546-9500:PEACE POLITICAL AN
National Tax Limitation Committee*201 Massachusetts Av NE Suite C-7*Washington DC 20002:8810 TAX-LIMITS POLITICAL
Ocean Education Project*245 Second St NE*Washington DC 20002**202-544-2312:OCEAN SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Office Of Church & Society*United Church Of Christ*110 Maryland Av*Washington DC 20002:AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Pax World Foundation*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**301-229-2647:PEACE AT THIRD-WORLD POLITICAL
Peacepac For The Prevention Of Nuclear War*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:PEACE 9308
Policy Review*Heritage Foundation*513 C St NE*Washington DC 20002:PUBLICATION POLITICAL PA MEDIA
Population Inst*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:9403 ECOLOGY
Religious Coalition For Abortion Rights*100 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002:WOP WHC ABORTION W HC
Save Our Seas*245 Second St NE*Washington DC 20002**202-544-2312:OCEAN PUBLICATION ECOLOGY WATER MEDIA
Sierra Club*408 C St NE*Washington DC 20002:9403 ECOLOGY HRO
Warnke/Paul C*Council For A Livable World Education Fund*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-546-0795*202-456-5142(FAX):9403 -1 VIP NUCLEAR-WEAPONS DISARMAMENT PEACE EDUCATION FUND DMPR SER
Washington Office On Latin America*110 Maryland Av NE*Washington DC 20002**202-544-8045:LATIN-AMERICA SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Women Strike For Peace*105 2nd St NE*Washington DC 20002:PEACE WOMEN 9308
World Hunger Education Service*245 Second St NE*Washington DC 20002:HUNGER AT FOOD
300-10 Action Plan*132 Third St SE*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Rivers*801 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003:9403 ECOLOGY
Campaign For Un Reform*418 Seventh St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-3956:UNITED-NATIONS 8908 PEACE
Cato Inst*1000 Massachusetts Av*Washington DC 20003**202-546-0200*202-546-0728(FAX):9401 MARIJUANA
Clark/Mike*Environmental Policy Inst*218 D St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-544-2600:POLITICAL PUBLICATION DMPR 8801 8806 VIP PR PRESIDENT ECOLOGY -1 MEDIA
Clean Water Action Project*317 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-547-1196:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
Congress Watcher*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-4996:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR NR AT ECOLOGY AN CONGRESS MEDIA
Critical Mass Energy Journal*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-4996:APS PUBLICATION SPR BB GMPFM AN POLITICAL SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
First Things First*23 7th St SE*Washington DC 20003:BOOKSTORE W
Friends Of The Earth*218 D St SE*Washington DC 20003:9403 ECOLOGY
Human Events*Congressional Bldg*422 First St SE*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Liberty Lobby*300 Independence Av SE*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Luce/Don*Asia Resource Ctr*Box 15275*Washington DC 20003:GMPFS -1 9101 GMPF F&V ASIA MEDIA
Marshall/Will*Progressive Policy Inst*316 Pennsylvania Av SE Suite 555*Washington DC 20003**202-547-0001*202-546-5554(FAX):9301 -1 POLICY POLITICAL
Miller/Page*National Coordinating Committee For The Promotion Of History*400 A St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-544-2422:9308 -1 F HISTORY
Monaco/Grace*Candlelighters*123 C St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-544-1696:RN SELF-HELP-GROUP AA83 BB MBB MLC S RNS0206 -1 WHC AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-910531 W HC
National Anti-Vivisection Society*112 North Carolina Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-543-6601:TAAM 8704 ANIMAL-RIGHTS ANTI-VIVISECTION
National Assn Of Professional Educators*412 First St SE #6200*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION EDUCATION MEDIA
National Coalition Against Misuse Of Pesticides*701 E St SE*Washington DC 20003:9403 ECOLOGY
National Coalition Versus Pesticides*530 Seventh St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-543-5450:9001 ECOLOGY PESTICIDES TOXIC-FREE-PEST-CONTROL
National Congress Of American Indians*900 Pensylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-9404:INDIANS AMERICAN-INDIANS NUCLEAR-WASTE AN ECOLOGY
National Rural Ctr*920 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003:RURAL
Nicaragua Network*1247 E St SE*Washington DC 20003:NICARAGUA 9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Northeast-Midwest Inst*218 D St SE*Washington DC 20003:MIDWEST
People & Taxes*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-544-1710:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR TAXES MEDIA
Privacy Journal*Box 15300*Washington DC 20003:PRIVACY PPS PUBLICATION MLC AACC MEDIA
Public Citizen Action Group*133 C St SE*Washington DC 20003:AT
Public Interest Research Group*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-4790:PUBLICATION POLITICAL CONSUMER MEDIA PIRG
Robinson/Randall*Transafrica*545 8th St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-547-2550:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL MEPA -1
Rotenberg/Marc*Computer Professionals For Social Responsiblity*666 Pennsylvania Avenue SE Suite 303*Washington DC 20003**202-544-9240*202-547-5481(FAX)*ROTENBERG@WASHOFC.CPSR.ORG:9308 -1 POLITICAL CPSR COMPUTER PEACE SOCIAL-RESPONSIBILITY CPFSR INTERNET HRO
Spotlight*300 Independence Av SE*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Student Action Corps For Animals*Box 15588*Washington DC 20003:TAAM ANIMALS 8704
Sun Day*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-4996:9206 SOLAR-ENERGY ENERGY/SOLAR
Taxpayers Action Fund*325 Pennsylvania Av*Washington DC 20003:TAXES CONSUMER
Twentieth Century Fund*400 A St SE*Washington DC 20003:FUTURE FOUNDATION PRIVACY
Washington Intl Arts Letter*325 Pennsylvania Av NE*Washington DC 20003:PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Winter/Bill*Libertarian Party*1528 Pennsylvania Av*Washington DC 20003**800-682-1776*202-543-1988*LPHQ@DIGEX.NET:POLITICAL 9008 LIBERTARIAN
World Federalist Assn*418 7th St SE*Washington DC 20003**202-546-3950*800-HATE-WAR:POLITICAL 8709 W 8908 PEACE WAR
Working Group On Community Right-To-Know*215 Pennsylvania Av SE*Washington DC 20003-1155:9204 RIGHT-TO-KNOW RECYCLING POLLUTION ECOLOGY SP BP TOXICS-RELEASE
Covert Action Info Bulletin*Box 50272 F St Stn*Washington DC 20004:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR SP PR AACC SPYING PUBLICATION SEP MEDIA
Detroit Free Press*14TH F Sts NW*Washington DC 20004:AACC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Families Against Mandatory Minimums*1001 Pennsylvania Av NW #200S*Washington DC 20004:9211 DRUG-OFFENSES SENTENCES/DRUG MINIMUM-SENTENCES
Foundation For Middle East Peace*555 13TH St NW Suite 800*Washington DC 20004:9204 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE POLITICAL
Fried/Bruce*Americas Coalition For Transit Now*1317 F St*Washington DC 20004**202-638-0215:9009 -1 ECOLOGY TRANSPORTATION
Joint Ctr For Political Studies*1301 Pennsylvania Av NW*Washington DC 20004**202-626-3500:AA84 AA BB MBB SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
National Assn Of Artists' Organizations*918 F St NW*Washington DC 20004**202-346-6350*202-347-7376(FAX):ART 9301 LMCC ARTISTS DB
National Campaign For Freedom Of Expression*Box 50245 F Stn*Washington DC 20004**202-393-ARTS:9007 CENSORSHIP ART DB
Steinberg/David*Washington Project For The Arts*434 7th St NW*Washington DC 20004:GMPFR -1 9101 GMPF F&V ART AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST DB
Washington Review*Box 50132*Washington DC 20004**202-638-0515:SP PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Women Today*621 Natl Press Bldg*Washington DC 20004**202-628-6663:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Access*1511 K St NW Suite 643*Washington DC 20005**202-783-6050*202-783-4767(FAX):INTERNATIONAL-SECURITY SECURITY/INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATION PEACE 9308 WORLD-AFFAIRS
Act Up*Box 9318*Washington DC 20005:9107 HS AIDS HC
Alien Rights Law Project*1400 I St NW Suite 450*Washington DC 20005**202-682-5900:HRO
American Public Health Assn*1015 15TH St NW*Washington DC 20005**202-789-5600:HEALTH SP PUBLICATION GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA HC
Asian-American Free Labor Inst*1125 15TH St NW Suite 401*Washington DC 20005**202-737-3000:LABOR HRO
Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America*1125 15th St NW Suite 502*Washington DC 20005**800-7-ASTHMA:PATIENT-INFORMATION ALLERGIES 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Bonk/Kathy*Communications Consortium*1333 H St NW 11TH Flr*Washington DC 20005**202-682-1270:PRESS-LIST REPORTERS -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Bowen/Kathy*Center For Defense Information*1500 Massachussetts Ave NW*Washington DC 20005**202-862-0700*202-862-0708(FAX):DEFENSE-INFORMATION MILITARY PEACE PUBLICATION 9308 -1
Center For The Study Of Social Policy*1250 Eye NW #503*Washington DC 20005**202-371-1565:9308 SOCIAL-POLICY RESEARCH
Committee For Natl Health Insurance*1757 N St NW*Washington DC 20005:WOP WHC HEALTH-INSURANCE INSURANCE W HC
Committee In Solidarity With The People Of El Salvador*Box 12056*Washington DC 20005**202-265-0890:EL-SALVADOR CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Consumer Federation Of America*1314 14TH St 2nd Flr*Washington DC 20005:CONSUMER
Council For Basic Education*725 15TH St NW*Washington DC 20005:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Development Gap*1400 I St NW #520*Washington DC 20005:9103 ECONOMICS THIRD-WORLD
Didion/Dale*Carrying Capacity Network*1325 G St NW Suite 1003*Washington DC 20005**202-800-466-4866*202-879-3044*201-879-3019(FAX):9009 -1 PUBLICATION ECOLOGY MLC MLC-360. MLC-M MLC-910111 MLC-EC MLC-PURCHASE MEDIA
Dreher/Bob*Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund Inc*1531 P St NW Suite 200*Washington DC 20005:-1 9102 ECOLOGY HRO
East Coast Migrant Health Project*1234 Massachusetts Av*Washington DC 20005:MR MIGRANT W HC
Environmental Fund*1325 G St NW #1003*Washington DC 20005:NR AT AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Essential Information Inc*1530 P St NW*Washington DC 20005**202-387-8030*202-234-5176(FAX):9303 MULTINATIONAL-MONITOR ENVIRONMENTAL-REPORTS ECOLOGY PUBLICATION NADER/RALPH
Feminists Against Pornography*1519 P St NW*Washington DC 20005:WOP PORNOGRAPHY W
Gamaliel*Committee For Creative Non Violence*1335 N St NW*Washington DC 20005:RELIGION PUBLICATION MLC AT MEDIA
Global Tomorrow Coalition*1325 G St NW #915*Washington DC 20005:9103
Gubser/Peter*American Near East Refugee Aid*1522 K St NW #202*Washington DC 20005**202-347-2558:REFUGEES HC REFUGEE-AID 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE HRO POLITICAL
Handgun Control*1225 Eye St NW*Washington DC 20005**202-898-0792:8810 GUN-CONTROL LOBBY POLITICAL
Hanes/Rose M*Population-Environment Balance*1325 G St NW Suite 1003*Washington DC 20005:9011 -1 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Hocker/Phil*Mineral Policy Ctr*1325 Massachusetts Av NW #550*Washington DC 20005:-1 9102 ECOLOGY MINERALS MINING
Institute For Law & Social Research*1125 15TH St NW Suite 625*Washington DC 20005:LAW SOCIAL-RESEARCH
Institute For Security & Cooperation In Outer Space*8 Logan Circle NW*Washington DC 20005:SOVIET-UNION SPACE-COOPERATION SECURITY RUSSIA
International Campaign For Tibet*1511 K St NW Suite 739*Washington DC 20005**202-628-4123*202-347-6825(FAX):TIBET POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lawyers Committee For Human Rights Under Law*Southern Africa Project*1400 I St NW Suite 400*Washington DC 20005**202-371-1212:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA
Mackin/Jillian M*National Assn Of People With Aids*1413 K St NW 10TH Flr*Washington DC 20005**202-898-0414*202-898-0435(FAX):9301 -1 AIDS HEALTH-CARE PEOPLE-WITH-AIDS DMPR
Michelman/Kate*National Abortion Rights Action League*1101 14TH St NW*Washington DC 20005:-1 NARAL ABORTION WHC POLITICAL W HC
Montgomery/Kathryn*Center For Media Education*1511 K St Suite 518*Washington DC 20005**202-628-2620*202-628-2554(FAX)*CME@ACCESS.DIGEX.NET:9403 -1 F MEDIA EDUCATION06
National Archives For Black Womens History*1318 Vermont Av NW*Washington DC 20005:WOP BLACK-WOMEN HISTORY W
National Black Child Development Inst*1463 Rhode Island Av NW*Washington DC 20005:WOP J CHILDREN W ART DB BLACK-CHILDREN EDUCATION HC
National Coalition For The Homeless*1439 Rhode Island Av NW*Washington DC 20005:HOMELESS HOUSING 8901
National Consumers League*815 15TH St NW Suite 516*Washington DC 20005**202-639-8140:WOP CONSUMER W
National Council On Alcoholism*1511 K St NW #320*Washington DC 20005:ALCOHOLISM HC 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
National Ctr For Access Unlimited*1522 K St Suite 1112*Washington DC 20005:9201 HANDICAPPED DISABLED HC
National Ctr Homeopathy*1500 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20005**202-223-6182:WLT HC HOMEOPATHY
National Womens Health Network*1325 G St NW Lower Level*Washington DC 20005**202-347-1140:DMPR W WHC HC
Natural Resources Defense Council*1350 New York Av NW*Washington DC 20005:8809 ECOLOGY
Nestle Infant Formula Audit Committee*1101 Vermont Av NW Suite 900*Washington DC 20005**202-289-5006:WLT INFANT-FORMULA POLITICAL
Network In Solidairty With The People Of Guatemala*1314 14TH St NW*Washington DC 20005**202-483-0050:GUATEMALA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Potomac Alliance*1413 K St NW 8 Flr*Washington DC 20005:GMPFCG GMPFS SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V DB
Shell Boycott*United Mine Workers Of America*900 15TH St NW*Washington DC 20005**202-842-7200:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Stanley/Bob*American Public Transit Assn*1201 New York Av NW*Washington DC 20005**202-898-4103:9009 -1 ECOLOGY TRANSPORTATION PUBLIC-TRANSPORTATION
Telecommunications Research & Action Ctr*Box 12038*Washington DC 20005:RESEARCH
Tgomery/Kathryn*Center For Media Education*1511 K St Suite 518*Washington DC 20005**202-628-2620*202-628-2554(FAX)*CME@ACCESS.DIGEX.NET:9403 -1 F MEDIA EDUCATION06
Timmons/Deborah R*American College Of Nurse Midwives*1522 K St NW Suite 1000*Washington DC 20005**202-289-0171:WHC MIDWIVES -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 HC
US Climate Action Network*1350 New York Av NW Suite 300*Washington DC 20005**202-783-5917(FAX)*USCAN@IGC.ORG:9406 CLIMATE WEATHER ECOLOGY NGO06
Mental Health Law Project*1101 15TH St NW Suite 1212*Washington DC 20005-2765**202-467-5730:MENTAL-HEALTH LAW AA91 AA91-29 AA91-Y AA RMLI RMLI-TEST RMLI-TEST-920112 HC
Woods/Harriet*National Women's Political Caucus*1275 K St NW*Washington DC 20005-4051**202-898-1100*202-898-0458(FAX):9206 DMPR -1 W POLITICAL
Action On Smoking And Health*2013 H St NW*Washington DC 20006**202-659-4310:TOBACCO CIGARETTES 9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
Afl-Cio Film Library*815 Sixteenth St NW*Washington DC 20006**202-853-3000:LABOR LIBRARY FILM F&V AACC MEDIA
Arab-American Inst*918 16TH St NW #601*Washington DC 20006:9008
Calvert Social Investment Fund*1700 Pennsylvania Av NW*Washington DC 20006**202-800-368-2748:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY NAM
Campaigns & Elections*1835 K St NW #403*Washington DC 20006**202-331-3222:ELECTION-INFORMATION PUBLICATION 9105 MEDIA
Citizens Against Prohibition*1825 I St NW #400*Washington DC 20006**202-429-6827:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Citizens Democracy Corps*2021 K St NW Suite 215*Washington DC 20006:9208 POLITICAL DEMOCRACY
Clarke/Tom*Council On Environmental Quality*722 Jackson Pl NW*Washington DC 20006:AT ECOLOGY -1 AN
Federationist*Afl-Cio*815 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20006:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Friends Of The Un Environment Program*1889 F St NW*Washington DC 20006:9103 ECOLOGY UN
Futuremics Inc*1629 K St NW Suite 5129*Washington DC 20006:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR FUTURE SEP
Gay Peoples Alliance*800 21ST St NW Rm 435*Washington DC 20006:GAY POLITICAL W
International Inst For Environment & Development*1709 New York Av NW #700*Washington DC 20006:ECOLOGY 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
National Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*1335 P St NW*Washington DC 20006**202-986-0060:MID-EAST 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Paralyzed Veterans of America*801 Eighteenth St NW*Washington DC 20006**202-872-1300*202-416-7691:PATIENT-INFORMATION VETERANS 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB SPINAL-CORD-INJURY11
Peace Action*1819 H St NW Suite 640*Washington DC 20006:PEACE 9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Protect Your Environment Club*George Washington U Thurston Hall*1900 F St NW Rm 71*Washington DC 20006:AT ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION HRO
Swisher/Randy*Public Interest Research Group*800 21ST St NW*Washington DC 20006:AT PIRG 8807 -1
US English*818 Connecticut Av NW Suite 200*Washington DC 20006:8911 DMPR LANGUAGE ENGLISH-LANGUAGE
Wilderness Society*900 17TH St NW*Washington DC 20006:9403 ECOLOGY
World Resources Inst*1735 New York Av NW Suite 400*Washington DC 20006:GLOBAL-RESOURCES RESOURCES ECOLOGY 8807
Youth Inst For Peace*815 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20006:GMPFR GMPFCG PEACE YOUTH GMPF F&V05 DB
46TH St Coop*4701 Berkeley Trc NW*Washington DC 20007:FC
Alexander Graham Bell Assn For The Deaf*3417 Volta Pl NW*Washington DC 20007:SELF-HELP-GROUP
Amazing Grace Collective*Grace Church*1041 Wisconsin Av NW*Washington DC 20007:ART DB
Animal Welfare Inst*Box 3650*Washington DC 20007:ANIMAL-WELFARE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center For Community Change*1000 Wisconsin Av NW*Washington DC 20007**202-338-6310:FUND-RAISING MONEY AT FC PUBLICATION SEP MEDIA
Community Soap Factory*Box 32057*Washington DC 20007**202-387-6933:SOAP FACTORY BUSINESS FC
Finders*3920 West St NW*Washington DC 20007**202-337-9814:FH COMMUNITY
Furchgott/David M*International Sculpture Ctr*1050 Potomac St NW*Washington DC 20007**202-965-6066:9011 -1 SCULPTURE ART-PR PR-ART SCULPTURE-PR PR-SCULPTURE PR DMPR ART DB
International Parents Organization*1537 35TH St NW*Washington DC 20007:SELF-HELP-GROUP PARENTS
National Recycling Coalition*1101 30TH St NW Suite 305*Washington DC 20007:9403 ECOLOGY
O St Coop*3249 O St NW*Washington DC 20007:FC
Religious Coalition For A Moral Drug Policy*3421 M St NW Suite 351*Washington DC 20007:9402 RELIGION DRUGS MARIJUANA02
Scheele/Lesley*Greenpeace*1436 U St NW*Washington DC 20007:8902 ECOLOGY VIP NAP PR POLITICAL -1 GREENPEACE W
Sherwood/Diane E*New Paradigm Intl*3525 O St NW*Washington DC 20007**202-298-7580:9401 -1 F03
Spina Bifida Association of America*4590 MacArthur Blvd NW Suite 250*Washington DC 20007**800-621-3141:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB HYDROCEPHALUS NEURAL-TUBE-DEFECTS11
Switchboard*1041 Wisconsin Av NW*Washington DC 20007:
World Priorities*Box 25140*Washington DC 20007:9404 SP MILITARY-EXPENDITURES SOCIAL-EXPENDITURES BOOK04
Yes! Bookstore*1035 31ST St NW*Washington DC 20007**800-252-3433*202-338-7874:CU RESTAURANT EDUCATION BOOKSTORE H DIRECTORY AAP FOOD
Africare*2204 R St NW*Washington DC 20008:POLITICAL NCBL AFRICA
Allen/Martha Leslie*Women's Inst For Freedom Of The Press*3306 Ross Pl NW*Washington DC 20008**202-966-7783:F -1 DIRECTORY W MAILING-LIST 9203 LAW SP PUBLICATION WOP MEDIA
Alliance Of Displaced Homemakers*3003 Van Ness St NW*Washington DC 20008:WHC W HC
Engelbert/Phyllis*Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Middle East*2111 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20008**202-234-2000:-1 F MIDDLE-EAST POLITICAL 9205 TV GCTVP F&V VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA
Fleishman/David*Washington Peace Ctr*2111 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20008**202-234-2000:MEPA 8709 -1 PEACE POLITICAL SER AN
Foundation For Co-Creation*Box 11478*Washington DC 20008:AA84 AA MBB BB
Inner Peace Movement Inc*5103 Connecticut Av NW*Box 4897*Washington DC 20008:H PEACE
Media Report To Women*3306 Ross Pl NW*Washington DC 20008**202-363-0812:VIDEO FILM DIRECTORY PUBLICATION F&V MR POLITICAL W MEDIA
National Campaign For A Peace Tax Fund*2121 Decatur Pl NW*Washington DC 20008**202-483-3751:WAR-TAXES 9308 PEACE TAX-FUND 8704
Quaker House*2121 Dekatur Pl NW*Washington DC 20008:PEACE COMMUNITY
Supporters Of Silkwood*2111 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20008:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN SILKWOOD
Trebach/Arnold S*Drug Policy Foundation*4455 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20008**202-537-5005*202-537-3007(FAX)*76546.215@COMPUSERVE.COM:9307 -1 VIP NAP DRUG-POLICY MARIJUANA DRUG-RESEARCH POLITICAL DMPR CONFERENCE MLC MLC-380. MLC-BS MLC-PO MLC-900814 DRUGS HC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Vegetarian Society Of Dc*Box 4921*Washington DC 20008**301-589-0722:9405 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Washington Area Jews For An Israeli Palestinian Peace*Box 4491*Washington DC 20008:MEPA 8709 PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Washington Area Military & Draft Law Panel*2111 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20008:
World Peace Tax Fund*2121 Decatur Pl NW*Washington DC 20008**202-483-3751:PEACE TAX-FUND POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
3ho Foundation*1704 Q St NW*Washington DC 20009**202-483-6660:YOGA COMMUNITY H
Act Up*Box 21303*Washington DC 20009:9107 HS AIDS HC
Africian Change & Progress Society*1225 Euclid St NW*Washington DC 20009:FC
Agricultural Pollution Prevention Project*1718 Connecticut Av NW Suite 600*Washington DC 20009:9404 SP AGRICULTURE POLLUTION-PREVENTION PESTICIDES FOOD BOOK04
Aids Action Council*1875 Connecticut Av NW Suite 700*Washington DC 20009:9405 AIDS HEALTH-CARE06
Alliance For Cannabis Therapeutics*Box 21210*Washington DC 20009**202-483-8595:9401 CANNABIS HC MARIJUANA
American Friends Service Committee*1822 R St NW*Washington DC 20009:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE AFSC 8807 HRO
American Scholar*1811 Q St NW*Washington DC 20009:SP
Artists Call Against US Intervention In Central America*1827 Ontario Pl NW*Washington DC 20009**202-328-8415:CENTRAL-AMERICA CU EDUCATION ART DB HRO
August Moon*1368 Euclid St NW*Washington DC 20009:FC
Bahouth/Peter*Greenpeace*1436 U St NW*Washington DC 20009**202-462-1177:8808 ECOLOGY 9205 TV GCTVP F&V VIDEO-GUIDE MEDIA -1 VIP NAP DMPR EXEC-DIR GREENPEACE
Bass/Dennis*Center For Science In The Public Interest*1875 Connecticut Av NE Suite 300*Washington DC 20009**202-332-9110:PIRG SCIENCE FC AT LAW CONSUMER SEP AA90 AA90-900717 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-29 AA91-910318 PUBLICATION VIP -1 MEDIA
Boomerang Newsletter*1882 Columbia Rd NW*Washington DC 20009:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bothwell/Robert*National Committee For Responsive Philanthropy*2001 S St NW Suite 620*Washington DC 20009**202-387-9177:-1 PHILANTHROPY FUND-RAISING W MAILING-LIST 9203 MLC-458. MLC-ECOLOGY MLC-2K MLC-WOMEN MLC MONEY GRANTS HRO
Catholics For A Free Choice*1436 U St NW #301*Washington DC 20009**202-638-1706:WHC ABORTION W MAILING-LIST 9203 HC
Center For The Study Of Commercialism*1875 Connecticut Av NW #300*Washington DC 20009**202-332-9110:9205 BUSINESS ADVERTISING CENSORSHIP
Clearinghouse Of Free-Standing Educational Institutions*1806 Vernon St NW*Washington DC 20009**462-6333:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Clearinghouse On Science & Human Rights*1515 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20009**202-467-5236:SCIENCE HRO
Coalition For A Natl Health Service*1747 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**483-3321:HC
Commission For The Advancement Of Public Interest Organizations*Box 53424*Washington DC 20009:NA AN PIRG
Committee Against Registration & The Draft*Box 6583 T St Stn*Washington DC 20009:DRAFT MILITARY POLITICAL DMPR 8801
Conference Of Alternative State & Local Public Policies*2000 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20009**387-6030:WEJ PUBLIC-OFFICIALS AA76 AA BB MBB AA1-FREE MLC POLITICAL CONFERENCE PUBLIC-POLICY
Dc Gazette*1739 Connecticut Av*Washington DC 20009**232-5544:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR SPR S AAP MLC-LM MLC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Dc Solar Coalition*1717 18TH St NW #3233*Washington DC 20009:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN SOLAR
Development Group For Alternative Policies*2200 19TH St NW Suite 206*Washington DC 20009:SEPO POLITICAL SEP
Durrin Films*1748 Kalorama Rd NW*Washington DC 20009**202-966-2626:FILM F&V WORKER-SAFETY CHILD-BIRTH HC MEDIA
Earth Works*1724 20TH St NW*Washington DC 20009:BOOKSTORE
Environmental Exchange*1718 Connecticut Av NW #600*Washington DC 20009**202-387-2182:9401 ECOLOGY AIR-POLLUTION TRANSPORTATION02
Environmental Support Ctr*1731 Connecticut Av NW #200*Washington DC 20009**202-328-7813:9206 ECOLOGY
Esther/Rick*Student Pugwash*1638 R St NW Suite 32*Washington DC 20009**202-328-6555*202-797-4664(FAX)**USPUGWASH@IGC.ORG (INTERNET):9302 -1 PEACE PUGWASH-CONFERENCE CONFERENCE/PUGWASH CAREERS INTERNSHIPS DIRECTORY
Exploratory Project On The Conditions Of Peace*1601 Connecticut Av NW #500*Washington DC 20009:PEACE
Feminist Anti Nuclear Task Force*1747 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Fithian/Lisa*Human Rights Action For Health Care*2111 Florida Av*Washington DC 20009**202-234-0245:9303 -1 F HC INTERNET
Food For Thought*1738 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009:RESTAURANT FC
Forum School*1779 Lanier Pl NW*Washington DC 20009:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Fund For Education & Training*1601 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**202-483-4559:9203 PEACE EDUCATION TRAINING POLITICAL JOB-TRAINING-FUND COLLEGE-EDUCATION-FUND EDUCATION-LOANS
Greenpeace Usa*1436 U St NW*Washington DC 20009:9403 ECOLOGY
Home Rule Natural Foods*1825 Columbia Rd NW*Washington DC 20009**462-5150:BOOKSTORE FOOD-STORE FOOD
Homelessness Information Exchange*1830 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**202-462-7551:HOMELESS 9106
Institute For Local Self-Reliance*2425 18TH St NW 2nd Flr*Washington DC 20009**202-232-4108*202-232-4108:AT POLITICAL SELF-RELIANCE ECONOMICS RESEARCH SPR URBAN PUBLICATION SCIENCE PPS MLC SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Institute For Soviet-American Relations*1608 New Hampshire Av NW 2nd Flr*Washington DC 20009:SOVIET-UNION RUSSIA PEACE
Kalorama Kafe*18TH & Kalorana Rd NW*Washington DC 20009:FC
Menorah-Sparks Of Jewish Renewal*Public Resource Ctr*1747 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**483-7902:JUDAISM SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Mothers Embracing Nuclear Disarmament*1801 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20009**202-232-0418:PEACE DISARMAMENT 9308
National Assn For The Education Of Young Children*1834 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009:BP 9204 EDUCATION CHILDREN
National Consumer Coop Bank*1630 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**512-477-3933:COOP CONSUMER BANK MONEY LOANS 8807
National Ctr For Policy Alternatives*2000 Florida Av NW*Washington DC 20009:AA84 AA BB MBB POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN
National Federation Of Community Broadcasters*1716 21ST St NW*Washington DC 20009:AT RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR NFCB MEDIA
National Home Study Council*1601 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20009**234-5100:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
National Lawyers Guild*Box 258*1624 Crescent Pl*Washington DC 20009:AACC LAW NLG 8807
National Organization For Women*1736 R St NW*Washington DC 20009:PUBLICATION NOW 8807 W MEDIA
National Science Teachers Assn*1742 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009:9403 ECOLOGY
New Art Examiner*2718 Ontario Rd NW*Washington DC 20009**202-483-8208:PUBLICATION POLITICAL 9105 SP ART DB MEDIA
Partnership For Democracy*2335 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20009:9203 POLITICAL RUN-FOR-OFFICE DEMOCRACY
Peoples Fund*1771 Church St NW*Washington DC 20009:
Project On The Status & Education Of Women*Assn Of American Colleges*1818 R St NW*Washington DC 20009:RAPE PARTY-RAPE 8704 W
Psychologists For Social Responsibility*1841 Columbia Rd NW Suite 216*Washington DC 20009**202-797-7907:H AN POLITICAL
Public Resource Ctr*1747 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009:SER ECOLOGY FC POLITICAL AN WOP W
Rural Coalition*2001 S St NW Suite 500*Washington DC 20009**202-483-1500:AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Smith/Sam*Progressive Review*1739 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20009**202-232-5544*202-234-6222(FAX):AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-REVIEW-COPY AA90-900525 EDITOR VIP NAP -1 PUBLICATION POLITICAL S MLC MLC-80 MLC-DC AA84 MEDIA
Special Approaches To Juvenile Assistance*1742 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20009:
Stonewall Nation Media Collective*1724 20TH St NW*Washington DC 20009:MEDIA
Sweet Jasmine*2228 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20009:FC
The Other Economic Summit*1442 Harvard St NW*Washington DC 20009:ECONOMICS POLITICAL CONFERENCE
Washington Area Labor Committee Against War In The Middle East*Seiu Local 722*1673 Columbia Rd NW*Washington DC 20009**202-483-6221:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Washington Area Womens Ctr Newsletter*1736 R St NW*Washington DC 20009:MR PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Washington Blade*1408 U St NW 2nd Flr*Washington DC 20009**202-797-7000*202-797-7040(FAX):9209 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Washington Dc Gazette Guide*1939 Connecticut Av NW 2*Washington DC 20009:
Dickey Alternative Peoples Film Collective*1457 Monroe St NW*Washington DC 20010:GMPFI FILM GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Gnu*1647 Lamont St NW 3*Washington DC 20010:FC
Womens Health Project*Public Interest Research Group*1722 Irving St*Washington DC 20010:WHC PIRG W HC
Black Caucus On Police*4011 14TH St NW*Washington DC 20011:POLICE BLACK
Computer People For Peace*1616 Longfellow NW*Washington DC 20011:PEACE
Latvian Information Bulletin*4325 17TH St NW*Washington DC 20011:PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Humanist*Box 8690*Washington DC 20011**202-882-6193:H POLITICAL APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Proutist Universal*Box 56466*Washington DC 20011**202-882-6193:PROUT PUBLICATION POLITICAL 8704 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Replogle/Michael*Institute For Transportation & Development Policy*Box 56538 Brightwood Stn*Washington DC 20011**301-589-1810:9201 NEW-OPTIONS 8811 TRANSPORTATION -1
Scientific Workers For Social Action*1616 Longfellow St*Washington DC 20011:SCIENCE WORK UNION POLITICAL
Washington Buddhist Vihara*5017 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20011**723-0773:BUDDHIST SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Washington Way Buying Club*6311 7th St NW*Washington DC 20011:FC HRO
African Liberation Support Committee*1648 Roxanna Rd NW*Washington DC 20012:AFRICA BLACK
Center For Voting & Democracy*6905 5th St NW #200*Washington DC 20012**202-882-7378:9308 VOTING DEMOCRACY ELECTIONS POLITICAL
Free U*Montgomery Jr College*Takoma Park MD 20012:U CU EDUCATION
Potomac Myotherapy Inst*7826 Eastern Av NW St LL-1*Washington DC 20012**726-1150:WLT HC MYOTHERAPY
United Farm Workers*7332 Piney Branch*Takoma Park MD 20012:UFW UNION 8807
American Red Cross*Box 37243*Washington DC 20013**800-842-2200*202-737-8300:8809 RELIEF HURRICANE-GILBERT-RELIEF DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY
Gage/Franklin*Task Force Against Nuclear Pollution*Box 1817*Washington DC 20013:AT NECONP AN -1 POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY POLLUTION/NUCLEAR
National Alliance For Animals Education Fund*Box 75116*Washington DC 20013**703-684-0654:TAAM ANIMAL-LEGISLATION LEGISLATION EDUCATION 8704
Appalachiana Inc*Georgetown Sq Shopping Mall*10400 Old Georgetown Rd*Bethesda MD 20014**530-6770:CRAFTS BOOKSTORE
Breast Cancer Digest*National Cancer Inst*Building 31 Rm 4B39*Bethesda MD 20014:BREAST-CANCER PUBLICATION HC W MEDIA
Quest Ctr For Human Growth*4933 Auburn Av*Bethesda MD 20014**652-0697:H
Wives Pension Rights Organization*5008 Acacia Av*Bethesda MD 20014:MARRIAGE WIVES W
Coalition Of Womens Art Orgs*9112 Brierly Rd*Chevy Chase MD 20015:WOP W ART DB
Compassion Corps*Box 42516*Washington DC 20015**301-770-PETA:ANIMAL-RIGHTS RESEARCH-ANIMALS 9307 W
Corinth Books*7308 Maple Av*Chevy Chase MD 20015:SP
Encounters*5225 Connecticut Av NW Suite 209*Washington DC 20015**363-3033:H
Feldman/Melissa*Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine*Box 6322*Washington DC 20015**202-686-2210:9110 -1 MEDICINE WHC W HC
People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals*Box 42516*Washington DC 20015:TAAM ANIMALS 8704 ECOLOGY
Rachel Carson Foundation*8940 Jones Mill Rd*Washington DC 20015:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY SP PUBLICATION GMPF F&V ART W DB MEDIA
Churches Ctr For Theology & Public Policy*4500 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20016**363-3088:SER ECOLOGY AN SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
City Wide Housing Coalition*4534 47TH St NW*Washington DC 20016:AT HOUSING
Conference Group On Transformational Politics*Government Dept*American University*Washington DC 20016:CU POLITICS GOVERNMENT 9201
Environment*4000 Albemarle St Suite 504*Washington DC 20016:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Episcopal Peace Fellowship*Hearst Hall*Wisconsin Av At Woodley Road NW*Washington DC 20016:PEACE 9308
Folk Education Assn*4112 38TH St NW*Washington DC 20016:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 CONFERENCE EDUCATION
Nonviolence Intl*Box 39127*Washington DC 20016**202-745-0701:9204 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE POLITICAL
Poet Lore*4000 Albemarle St NW Suite 504*Washington DC 20016:
Revision*Heldref Publications*4000 Albemarle St NW*Washington DC 20016:8806 PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Wasser/David*Physicians Committee*5100 Wisconsin Av NW Suite 404*Washington DC 20016:-1 HEALTH-CARE 9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Wesley Theological Seminary Coop*4400 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20016:FC W
Africa Faith & Justice Network*Box 29378*Washington DC 20017**202-832-3412:HRO
Black United Front*1300 Newton NE*Washington DC 20017:BLACK POLITICAL
Catholic Peace Fellowship*3619 12TH St NE*Washington DC 20017:POLITICAL CATHOLICS PEACE AN
Center Of Concern Summer Inst*3700 13TH St NE*Washington DC 20017**202-635-2757:8704 H 8708 GLOBAL-THINKING-CONFERENCE NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL WOP 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Council Of Adult Stutterers Speech & Hearing Clinic*Catholic U*Washington DC 20017:SELF-HELP-GROUP STUTTERING CU EDUCATION HC
Megargee/Chris*Center For Educational Design & Communication*821 Varnum St NE*Washington DC 20017**202-635-7987:9009 -1 EDUCATION DESIGN AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900920 BOX-1067 ART DB
Mother Earth*4121 Harewood Rd NE*Washington DC 20017:FC
Public Interest Research Group*715 Monroe St*Washington DC 20017:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807
Sojourners*1321 Otis St NE*Box 29272*Washington DC 20017**202-636-3637:PEACE POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Traveling Salvation Show*3901 Harewood Rd NE*Washington DC 20017**529-1113:H
Zachmann/Alice*Guatemala Human Rights Commission Usa*3321 12TH St NE*Washington DC 20017**202-529-6599*202-526-4611(FAX):GUATEMALA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308 -1 F
Academy On Human Rights & Peace*3120 Apple Rd NE*Washington DC 20018**202-832-8286:POLITICAL PEACE HRO
Bread For The World Education Fund*802 Rhode Island Av NE*Washington DC 20018:8807 FOOD
Network-A Catholic Social Justice Lobby*806 Rhode Island Av NE*Washington DC 20018**526-4070:LAW SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN 8704 MEDIA
Smith/Katherine*Bread For The World*802 Rhode Island Av NE*Washington DC 20018**202-269-0200:9205 F -1 HUNGER FOOD CHRISTIAN MLC GMPF F&V
African Natl Congress Of South Africa*Box 6729*Washington DC 20020**202-350-4323:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Rational Alternative Policy To The Interdiction Of Drugs*1340 Valley Pl SE*Washington DC 20020:DRUG-POLICY 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Americans For Constitutional Action*955 Lenfant Pl N*Washington DC 20024:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Everybody A Winner Competitive Insanity Coop Alternatives*729 Delaware Av SW*Washington DC 20024:FC
Chester/Jeff*Center For Media Education*Box 330039*Washington DC 20033**202-628-2620*CME@DIGEX.NET:9308 -1 MEDIA EDUCATION 9307
Black Buzzard Press*8508 Hempstead Av*Bethesda MD 20034:SP
Clean Air*9711 Macarthur Blvd*Washington DC 20034:AT ECOLOGY AIR
Montgomery Environmental Coalition*6215 Stoneham Rd*Bethesda MD 20034:AT ECOLOGY
Public Interest Campaign*9711 Macarthur Blvd*Washington DC 20034:POLITICAL PIRG
Civille/Richard*Center For Civic Networking*Box 65272*Washington DC 20035**202-362-3831*RCIVILLE@CAP.GWU.EDU:9308 INTERNET NETWORKING -1
20-20 Vision*1000 16TH NW #810*Washington DC 20036**202-728-1157:POLITICAL PEACE
Advocacy Institute*1730 Rhode Island Av NW Suite 600*Washington DC 20036**202-659-8475:9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
African Wildlife Foundation*1717 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
American Enterprise Inst For Pub Policy Research*1150 17TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:PUBLIC-POLICY PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Farmland Trust*1920 N St NW #400*Washington DC 20036**202-659-5170:9211 FARMLAND PROPERTY-TAXES TAXES/PROPERTY
American Trails*1400 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
Americans For Safe Food*1501 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:9103 FOOD
Arms Control Assn*11 Dupont Cir NW*Washington DC 20036**797-6450:ARMS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Armstrong/Scott*Information Trust*1330 Connecticut Av NW Suite 220*Washington DC 20036**202-296-4833:9308 -1 GOVERNMENT-DATABASES DATABASES/GOVERNMENT
B'nai B'rith Disaster Relief Fund*1640 Rhode Island Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-857-6582:JEWISH 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Bicycle Federation Of America*1506 21ST St NW #200*Washington DC 20036:9405 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION DIRECTORY05
Burwell/David G*Rails To Trails*1400 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY -1 RAILROAD-TRAILS TRAILS/RAILROAD PUBLICATION
Business & Professional Womens Foundation*2012 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036**293-1200:HC MR WOP BUSINESS W
Camp/Sharon*Population Crisis Committee*1120 19TH St NW #550*Washington DC 20036:8810 NAP VIP PR -1 W
Campaign For Lower Energy Prices*1300 Court Av NW Rm 401*Washington DC 20036:NR AT ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Campaign For Military Service*2027 Mass Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-265-6666*202-265-7393(FAX)*LIFT-THE-BAN@ACCESS.DIGEX.COM:MILITARY-SERVICE HOMOSEXUAL-MILITARY SERVICE GAY LESBIAN HOMOSEXUAL 9307
Campaign To End Discrimination Against Pregnant Women*1126 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:WHC W HC
Center For Marine Conservation*1725 Desales St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 9006 ECOLOGY DMPR CATALOG WHALES
Center For Science In The Public Interest*1501 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:SCIENCE 9103
Central American Historical Inst*Georgetown University Hospital*Washington DC 20036**202-625-8246:CENTRAL-AMERICA HISTORY 9308
Central American Refugee Ctr*3112 Mount Plesant St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-328-9799:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Civil Liberties Union*1400 20TH St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-457-0800:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Clean Water Action Project*1320 18TH St NW*Box 19312*Washington DC 20036:WATER SEP 9403 ECOLOGY
Coalition On Smoking Or Health*1150 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-452-1184:9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
Colling/George*Urban Environment Conference*1714 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1 CONFERENCE
Columbia Rd Review*Box 19932*Washington DC 20036:SP
Common Cause*2030 M St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-833-1200:PUBLICATION 9308
Conservation Intl*1015 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
Defenders Of Wildlife*1244 19TH St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-659-9510:PPS TAAM ANIMALS 8704 DMPR 9403 ECOLOGY
Delphi Intl Group*1019 19TH St NW #900*Washington DC 20036:PEACE 9308
Diffusion The Newsleter Of Soc Exp*Box 19367*Washington DC 20036:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Earth Lobby*1120 19TH St NW Suite 550*Washington DC 20036**202-785-1706:9207 POPULATION FAMILY-PLANNING W WHC ECOLOGY HC
Eckholm/Erik*Worldwatch Inst*1776 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-452-1999:AA90-90 POPULATION NATURAL-RESOURCES POLITICAL PPS NR AT SER ECOLOGY NA AN SEP -1 PUBLICATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900910 GMPF F&V ECONOMICS MEDIA
Energy Conservation Coalition*1412 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB
Fans*Box 19312*Washington DC 20036:SPORTS CONSUMER
Feminist Futures*Ctr For Women's Policy Studies*2000 P St NW Suite 508*Washington DC 20036**202-872-1770:9109 W PUBLICATION MEDIA FUTURE
First Class*1522 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-797-5102:9203 EDUCATION SCHOOL
Foundation For Economic Trends*1130 17TH St NW #630*Washington DC 20036:ECONOMICS 9201
Freedom Of Information Clearinghouse*Box 19367*Washington DC 20036:CIVIL-LIBERTIES LIBRARY
Gas Guzzler Campaign*1730 Rhode Island Av NW #600*Washington DC 20036:9407 TRANSPORTATION PAVING-MORATORIUM GASOLINE
Gray Panthers*1424 16TH St NW #L1*Washington DC 20036:ELDERLY DMPR 8801
Health Research Group*2000 P St NW Suite 708*Washington DC 20036:MSC WHC W HC
Home & School Inst*1201 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:9204 EDUCATION HOME-SCHOOLING SCHOOLING-AT-HOME
Howard Jr/William W*National Wildlife Federation*1400 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036**800-432-6564:9011 DMPR -1 VIP EXEC-DIR ECOLOGY PUBLICATION AT FOREST-PLANNING PILC LAW BP MEDIA
Humane Society Of The United States*2100 L St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
International Food Policy Research Inst*1776 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:SEPO FOOD SEP
International Voluntary Services*1424 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:VOLUNTEERS 9308
Jewish Committee On The Middle East*Box 18367*Washington DC 20036**202-362-5266*202-362-6955(FAX)*202-362-5266*202-362-6965(FAX):9308 PEACE MIDDLE-EAST POLITICAL JEWISH CHRISTIAN MUSLIM 9105 AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-910520
Kalish/Jim*Dc Issue Watch*2000 M St NW #400*Washington DC 20036**202-785-4837:9205 -1 POLITICAL PUBLICATION MLC MLC-35. MLC-M MLC-DC MLC-.5K MLC-900124 MEDIA
Kampia/Rob*National Organization For The Reform Of Marijuana Laws*1001 Connecticut Av NW Suite 1010*Washington DC 20036**NATLNORML@AOL.COM:9407 -1 MARIJUANA NORML DRUGS07
Kramerbooks & Afterwords*1517 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20036:BOOKSTORE SEP
Krumboltz/Ann*Environmental Action Foundation*724 Dupont Cir Bldg*Washington DC 20036**202-659-9682:ECOLOGY -1 W SEP PUBLICATION NR AT SER POLITICAL
League Of Conservation Voters*1707 L St NW Suite 550*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
League Of Women Voters*1730 M St NW*Washington DC 20036:PILC LAW NCBL 8807 W VOTERS/WOMEN
Love/James*Taxpayer Assets Project*Box 19367*Washington DC 20036**202-387-8030*202-234-5176(FAX)*TAP@ESSENTIAL.ORG:9308 -1 DATABASES/GOVERNMENT GOVERNMENT-DATABASES
Marti/Annemarie*Population Communication*2028 P St NW*Washington DC 20036:GMPFI W -1 ECOLOGY GMPFEG 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB
National Assn Of Commissions For Women*One Dupont Cir Suite 831*Washington DC 20036**202-833-4692:HC W
National Campaign Against Toxic Hazards*1300 Connecticut Av NW Rm 401*Washington DC 20036:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY TOXIC-WASTES GMPF F&V ART DB
National Clean Air Coalition*1400 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:GMPFI GMPFE GMPF F&V ART ECOLOGY CLEAN-AIR AIR/CLEAN DB
National Ctr For Neighborhood Enterprise*1367 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20036:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
National Ctr For Science Law & Public Policy*1424 16TH St NW #105*Washington DC 20036:SCIENCE LAW PUBLIC-POLICY 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
National Inst For Dispute Resolution*1901 L St NW #600*Washington DC 20036**202-466-4764:9308 DISPUTE-RESOLUTION VIOLENCE PEACE
National Organization For Women*1000 16TH St NW Suite 700*Washington DC 20036**202-331-0066:W POLITICAL 9008 NOW CONFERENCE
National Osteoporosis Foundation*1150 17th St NW Suite 500*Washington DC 20036**800-223-9994:PATIENT-INFORMATION OSTEOPOROSIS BONE-DISEASE 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
National Trust For Historic Preservation*1785 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036**673-4000:ECOLOGY
New Options Inc*Box 19324*Washington DC 20036**202-822-0929:H PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA
Out!*Box 18781*Washington DC 20036:9107 HS AIDS HC
Palmer/Kristina*Middle East Inst*1761 N St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-785-1141:9101 -1 POLITICAL W
Panos Inst*1717 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
Pemberton/Miriam*National Commission For Economic Conversion & Disarmament*1828 Jefferson Pl NW*Washington DC 20036**202-728-0815*202-728-0826(FAX):9308 -1 ECONOMIC-CONVERSION CONVERSION/ECONOMIC DISARMAMENT PEACE
Physicians For Social Responsibility*1000 16TH St NW #810*Washington DC 20036:PEACE 9308
Planned Parenthood*1108 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:FILM F&V BIRTH-CONTROL POPULATION-CONTROL WHC HC
Professionals Coalition For Nuclear Arms Control*1616 P St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-332-4823:ARMS-CONTROL NUCLEAR-ARMS-CONTROL 8908 PEACE
Project On Corporate Responsibility*1525 18TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:CONSUMER INFORMATION PACT CHILDREN CORPORATIONS
Public Citizen Health Research Group*2000 P St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-872-0320:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN HC
Public Interest Research Group*2000 P St NW*Box 19312*Washington DC 20036**833-9700:AN NADER/RALPH RESEARCH CONSUMER POLITICAL PIRG 8807
Renew America*1400 16TH St NW #710*Washington DC 20036**202-232-2252:EDUCATION ECOLOGY 9107
Resources For The Future*1616 P St NW*Washington DC 20036:9403 ECOLOGY
Richard/John*Essential Information*Box 19405*Washington DC 20036**202-387-8034*JRICHARD@ESSENTIAL.ORG:9308 -1 INFORMATION DATABASES 8901 W LOBBYING-GUIDE SP 9105
Riley/Lois*Center For Study Of Responsive Law*Box 19367*Washington DC 20036:-1 AA AA92 AA92-RMLCF AA92-Y AA92-F AA92-920730 8704 LAW SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rucag*Box 19312*Washington DC 20036:POLITICAL AN
Rural Coalition*1000 Wisconsin Av NW*Washington DC 20036**202-342-0739:
Ryan/Carol*Nuclear Information Resource Service*1536 16TH St NW*Washington DC 20036:GMPFR GMPFCG BP AN ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART W -1 F DB
Safe Energy Communication Council*1717 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:ENERGY 8901
Search For Common Ground*2005 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Standing Committee On World Order Under Law*1800 M St NW*Washington DC 20036**202-331-2276:LAW HRO
Stillman/Brad*Consumer Federation Of America*1424 16TH St NW Suite 604*Washington DC 20036**202-387-6121*BSTILLMAN@ESSENTIAL.ORG:9308 -1 CONSUMER
US Committee For Unhcr*2012 Massachusetts Av NW*Washington DC 20036**800-220-1115:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
War Control Planners*Box 19127*Washington DC 20036**785-0708:PEACE WAR POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Washington Area Womens Ctr Summer School*17TH & M Sts NW*Washington DC 20036:MR SCHOOL CU EDUCATION BP W
Watson-Davis/Leslie*National Black Women's Health Project*1615 M St NW Suite 230*Washington DC 20036**202-835-0117:9306 -1 F W WHC HEALTH-CARE BLACK-WOMEN
Wolfson/Paul*Public Citizen*2000 P St NW Suite 700*Box 19404*Washington DC 20036**202-833-3000*202-293-9142:CONSUMER PUBLICATION 8807 POLITICAL 9008 MEDIA 9403 ECOLOGY 9308 -1 NADER/RALPH PIRG
Women For A Secure Future*214 Massachusetts Av NE*Washington DC 20036**202-547-7812:PEACE WOMEN FUTURE 9308
Wood Energy Inst*1101 Connecticut Av NW Rm 700*Washington DC 20036:ENERGY WOOD AT MLC
Young Women's Project*Inst For Women's Policy Research*1400 20TH St NW Suite 104*Washington DC 20036:9109 W
Zero Population Growth*1400 16TH St NW #320*Washington DC 20036:POPULATION ZPG 9201 NEW-OPTIONS 9403 ECOLOGY
Joyce/Anne*Middle East Policy Council*1730 M St NW Suite 512*Washington DC 20036-4505**202-296-6767*202-296-5791(FAX):9204 -1 ISRAEL PALESTINE MIDDLE-EAST PUBLICATION POLITICAL EDITOR F DMPR MEDIA
Conservation Foundation*1250 24TH St NW*Washington DC 20037:9403 ECOLOGY
Group Health Assoc Inc*2121 Pennsylvania NW*Washington DC 20037:FC HEALTH-INSURANCE INSURANCE HC
Humane Society Of The United States*2100 L St NW*Washington DC 20037**457-1100:HUMANE-SOCIETY SP PUBLICATION ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY MEDIA
Jerusalem Fund For Education & Community Development*2435 Virginia Av NW*Washington DC 20037**202-338-1958:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Traffic Usa*1250 24TH St NW*Washington DC 20037:9403 ECOLOGY
Urban Inst*2100 M St NW*Washington DC 20037**223-1950:AT AA84 AA MBB BB
Witness For Peace*2201 P St NW Rm 109*Washington DC 20037:9010 PEACE
World Wildlife Fund-Us*1250 24TH St NW*Washington DC 20037:9403 ECOLOGY
Emergency Committee For Political Prisoners*Box 28191*Washington DC 20038:8909 POLITICAL IRAN/CONTRA
Common Cause*Box 220*Washington DC 20044:POLITICAL MR W
National Ctr For Urban Ethnic Affairs*Box 20 Cardinal Stn-Cath U*Washington DC 20044:ETHNIC-AFFAIRS URBAN CU EDUCATION
National Organization For Women*Box 7813*Washington DC 20044:9308 WOMEN NOW
Radio Amateur Satellite Corp*Box 27*Washington DC 20044**488-8649:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR SATELLITE AT PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Etzioni/Amitai*Communitarian Network*2130 H St NW Rm 714F*Washington DC 20052:-1 FAMILY-LEAVE SOCIAL-POLICY VIP NAP POLITICAL 9301
Book Annex*1239 Wisconsin Av*Washington DC 20057:BOOKSTORE
Of Human Rights*Box 648 East Campus*Georgetown U*Washington DC 20057:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Afro-American Resource Ctr*Box 746-HOWARD U*Washington DC 20059:ID-A ID-B ID-R IDAFSA 9008 CU EDUCATION
Anemone Press*Box 441*Howard U*Washington DC 20059:SP CU EDUCATION
Salvadoran Humanitarian Aid Research & Education*Box 24 Cardinal Station*Washington DC 20064:EL-SALVADOR CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Project Cure*2020 K St NW Suite 350*Washington DC 20070:HC CANCER-CURE
Commission On Us-Soviet Relations*731 8th St SE*Washington DC 20077:SOVIET-UNION RUSSIA PEACE
Human Rights Campaign Fund*Box 1723*Washington DC 20077**202-628-4160:POLITICAL CONGRESS GAY LESBIAN HS REPRODUCTIVE-FREEDOM WHC AIDS 9102 HC
Farm Animal Reform Movement*Box 70123*Washington DC 20088:NAM TAAM ANIMALS 8704
Washington Spectator*Box 70023*Washington DC 20088:GMPFI GMPFM PUBLICATION POLITICAL GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Educational Resources Information Ctr*Office Of Dissemination & Resources*National Inst Of Education*Washington DC 20208**254-5555:EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Coop Development*500 12TH SW #550*Washington DC 20250:FC
National Civil Rights Clearinghouse Library*US Commission On Civil Rights*1121 Vermont Av NW*Washington DC 20425**202-254-6636:CIVIL-RIGHTS LIBRARY
Hennin/Chris*Education With Production Foundation*1818 H St NW #J-3028*Washington DC 20433:-1 EDUCATION 9201
Young/Patricia*National Committee For World Food Day*1001 22ND St NW*Washington DC 20437**202-653-2404:AA84 FOOD -1 AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-850417 W
Csa Office Of Economic Development*1200 19TH St NW*Washington DC 20506:FC
Congressional Clearinghouse On The Future*3565 House Annex #2*Washington DC 20515**202-225-3153:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL FUTURE MEDIA ECOLOGY NR AT
Action Library*Af/As/L/Room M-407*806 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20525:NR ECOLOGY POLITICAL LIBRARY NA AN MW AT SEP
Action-Peace Corps*806 Connecticut Av*Washington DC 20525**202-254-5010:AT POLITICAL AN PEACE-CORPS
National Ctr For Service Learning Action*606 Connecticut Av NW*Washington DC 20525**800-424-8580:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
International Council For Bird Preservation*Usfws National Museum Of Natural History*Washington DC 20560:9403 ECOLOGY
Energy Consumer*Dept Of Energy*Office Of Consumer Affairs*Washington DC 20585:ENERGY CONSUMER SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Woodburn Hill Farm*Rt 3 Box 98*Mechanicsville MD 20659**884-5615:COMMUNITY FH
Alternative Farming Systems Information Ctr*National Agricultural Library Rm 11*Beltsville MD 20705**301-344-3724:9001 ECOLOGY FARMING-ORGANICALLY GAR
Quixote Ctr*3311 Chauncey Pl #301*Mt Rainier MD 20712**301-699-0042:MLC AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900918 H
Jones/Chuck*Glen Burnieland*9195 H Hitching Post Ln*Laurel MD 20723:9310 HUMOR FAMILY ZINE -1
Beautiful Day Books*5010 Berwyn Rd*College Park MD 20740**301-345-7013:BP DOM BOOKSTORE
Beautiful Day Trading Co*4915 Berwyn Rd*College Park MD 20740:FC CU EDUCATION
Berwyn Cafe*5010 Berwyn Rd*College Park MD 20740:RESTAURANT CU EDUCATION FOOD
Berwyn Heights Coop*6206 Roatan St*Berwyn Heights MD 20740:FC
Boone/Robert*Anacostia Watershed Society*5110 Roanoke Pl*College Park MD 20740**301-459-8377:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Maryland Book Exchange*4500 College Av*College Park MD 20740:POLITICAL BOOKSTORE SEP
Scop Publications Inc*Box 376*College Park MD 20740:SP CU EDUCATION
Soeken/Dr Donald*Integrity Intl*6215 Greenbelt Rd Suite 102*College Park MD 20740**301-953-7358:9108 -1 WHISTLE-BLOWER-CENTER
Beyer/Rosanne*Public Interest Research Group*3110 Main Dining Hall*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742:GMPFR PIRG 8807 W -1 SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Community Information Ctr*Box 40*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742**454-5441:LIBRARY SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Maryland Alliance For Space Colonization*3112 Student Union Bldg*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742**454-4234:SPACE-COLONIZATION SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Maryland Food Coop*U Of MD*201 Student University Blding*College Park MD 20742:SER ECOLOGY AN FC CU EDUCATION
Maryland Free U*Student Government Assoc*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742:U CU EDUCATION
Moses/Clair G*Feminist Studies*Women's Studies Program*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742**301-405-7415*301-314-9190(FAX):9405 -1 F WOMEN WST PUBLICATION05 MAILING-LIST SEP AA90 BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901015 CU EDUCATION
Musil/Caryn*National Women's Studies Assn*Art Sociology Bldg*U Of MD*College Park MD 20742**301-454-3757:F -1 WST CU W MAILING-LIST 9203
Womens Ctr*U Of MD*Student Union Bldg Rm 1127*College Park MD 20742**454-5411:HC W CU EDUCATION
Dufief Food Coop*14932 Dufief Dr*Gaithersburg MD 20760:FC
New Visions Press*Box 2025*Gaithersburg MD 20760:SP
Rhode Island Clamshell*10359 Watkins Mill Dr*Gaithersburg MD 20760:AN ECOLOGY
Womens Program*National Clearinghouse For Alcohol Info*9119 Gaither Rd*Gaithersburg MD 20760**948-4450:ALCOHOLISM HC W
Chesapeake Environmental Protection Assn*Box 117*Galesville MD 20765:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Writers Ctr Bookstore*Glen Echo Pk*Glen Echo MD 20768:BOOKSTORE
Institute For Alternative Agriculture*9200 Edmonston Rd*Greenbelt MD 20770:9403 ECOLOGY
Scott Report*374 Langford Rd*Harwood MD 20776:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Quest For Peace*Box 5206*Hyattsville MD 20782:PEACE 9308
Quixote Ctr*Box 5206*Hyattsville MD 20782**301-699-0042:PEACE PUBLICATION CENTRAL-AMERICA 9102 MEDIA
New Carrollton Buying Club*6407 Fairborn Ter*New Carrollton MD 20784:FC HRO
National Tuberous Sclerosis Association*8000 Corporate Drive Suite 120*Landover MD 20785**800-225-6872:PATIENT-INFORMATION TUBEROUS-SCLEROSIS SCLEROSIS/TUBEROUS 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Breast Cancer Advisory Ctr*Box 422*Kensington MD 20795**949-2530:BREAST-CANCER WHC W HC
Prince Georges County Environmental Coalition*7004 Dolphin Rd*Lanham MD 20801**552-3584:AN ECOLOGY POLITICAL AT
Clearinghouse On Women's Issues*Box 70603*Friendship Heights MD 20813:8512 W WEJ
Cystic Fibrosis Foundation*6931 Arlington Road*Bethesda MD 20814**800-FIGHT-CF:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Ecological Society Of America*9650 Rockville Pike*Bethesda MD 20814:9403 ECOLOGY
Wildlife Society*5410 Grosvenor Ln*Bethesda MD 20814:9403 ECOLOGY
Hunter/Larry*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*2921 Terrace Dr*Chevy Chase MD 20815**301-496-9300*HUNTER@NLM.NIH.GOV:CPSR -105 HRO
Rachel Carson Council Inc*8940 Jones Mill Rd*Chevy Chase MD 20815:9403 ECOLOGY
Katz-Fishman/Walda*Science For The People*6617 Millwood Rd*Bethesda MD 20817:AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-R AA91-29 AA91-910403 -1 POLITICAL GMPFI GMPFCG SFTP 8807 W GMPF F&V ART DB
Snyder Family Enterprises*8628 Garfield St*Bethesda MD 20817:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Glut Food Coop*4005 34TH St*Mt Rainier MD 20822**779-1978:COOP FOOD FC
Neighborhoods Uniting Project*3706 Rhode Island Av*Mt Rainier MD 20822:CONSUMER
Resources For Development & Democracy*17119 Old Baltimore Rd*Olney MD 20832:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
American Latvian Assn In The US*Box 432*400 Hurley Av*Rockville MD 20850**301-340-1914:LATVIA HRO
Conservation & Renewable Energy Inquiry & Referral Service*Box 1607*Rockville MD 20850**800-523-2929:ECOLOGY ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lupus Foundation of America*4 Research Place Suite 180*Rockville MD 20850**301-670-9292:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB LUPUS SYSTEMIC-LUPUS-ERYTHEMATOSUS11
National Criminal Justice Reference Service*Box 6000*Rockville MD 20850**800-732-3277*301-251-5500*800-999-0950(STATISTICS):CRIMINAL-JUSTICE REFERENCE-SERVICE DEATH-PENALTY 9308
National Solar Heating & Cooling Information Ctr*Box 1607*Rockville MD 20850**800-523-2929:TECHNOLOGY SOLAR ECOLOGY AT
American Kidney Fund*6110 Executive Blvd Suite 1010*Rockville MD 20852**800-638-8299:PATIENT-INFORMATION KIDNEY-DISEASE 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB RENAL-DISEASE11
Cucumber Bookstore*5611 Kraft Dr*Rockville MD 20852**301-881-2722:BOOKSTORE SEP MW AT
Health Resources Administration*Rm 10-35 Parklawn Bldg*5600 Fishers Ln*Rockville MD 20852:WHC W HC
National Rape Prevention Ctr*5600 Fishers Ln*Rockville MD 20852**443-1910:RAPE HC W
Sidney Kramer Books*11910 Parklawn Dr V*Rockville MD 20852:BOOKSTORE
Ariadne Press*4817 Tallahassee Av*Rockville MD 20853:SP
Cosmic Study Ctr*7405 Masters Dr*Potomac MD 20854**299-7158:H
National Wildlife Refuge Assn*10824 Fox Hunt Ln*Potomac MD 20854:9403 ECOLOGY
Meridith Coop*19117 Meridith Dr*Derwood MD 20855:FC
Independent Books*Box 104*Sandy Spring MD 20860:PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Zen College*16815 Germantown Rd*Germantown MD 20874**428-0665:NAM ZEN CU EDUCATION
Fratz/Doug*Quantum*8217 Langport Ter*Gaithersburg MD 20877:MAGAZINE 9203 SFC SF 9106 SF-MARKET UG PUBLICATION PUBLISHER -1 PR-SF SF-PR DB MLC MEDIA
Adam & Lari*D*14723 Botany Way*N Potomac MD 20878:9401 -1 MUSIC PUNK ZINE
Kill The Robot*13605 Glenhurst Rd*Gaithersburg MD 20878:9401 GAY VEGEN HARDCORE PUNK ZINE
Owens/Neal*Sunbox Co*19217 Orbit Dr*Gaithersburg MD 20879**800-548-3968*301-869-5980:9406 -1 DMPR SAD SEASONAL-DEPRESSION SEASONAL-AFFECTIVE-DISORDER HEALTH-CARE07
Center For Public Dialogue*10615 Brunswick Av*Kensington MD 20895:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Garrett Park Citizens Assn*Box 92*Garrett Park MD 20896:NFZ AN POLITICAL 8807
Garrett Park Press*Box 190*Garrett Park MD 20896:9308 SP MINORITY-AID FINANCIAL-AID/MINORITIES
Family Therapy Network*5828 Bradford Rd*Silver Spring MD 20901**301-585-5545:H THERAPY 9106 HC
Barbarian Bookstore*11254 Triangle Ln*Wheaton MD 20902**946-4184:OCCULTISM FANTASY SF-BOOKSTORE BOOKSTORE BS-SF DB SF
Vocal Majority*10311 Folk St*Silver Spring MD 20902:
Sherman/Lois*Montgomery Intercounty Connector Coalition*14800 Pebblestone Dr*Silver Spring MD 20905**301-384-8071:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Libertarians For Life*13424 Hathaway Dr #12*Wheaton MD 20906:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Adelphi Records*Box 288*Silver Spring MD 20907:MUSIC
Conservation & Renewable Energy Inquiry & Referral Service*Box 8900*Silver Spring MD 20907**800-523-2929:9001 ECOLOGY ENERGY-CONSERVATION DOM
American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition*8630 Fenton St Suite 412*Silver Spring MD 20910**301-587-6315:PATIENT-INFORMATION PARENTERAL-NUTRITION ENTERAL-NUTRITION NUTRITION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB MALNUTRITION11
As Is*118 Fleetwood Ter*Silver Spring MD 20910:SP
International Montessori Society*912 Thayer Av*Silver Spring MD 20910**301-589-1127:MONTESSORI EDUCATION 9008
National Assn Of The Deaf*814 Thayer Av*Silver Spring MD 20910:DEAFNESS
Cows For Kids*310 Tulip Av*Takoma Park MD 20912:9206 EL-SALVADOR CHILDREN
Health & Energy Learning Project*Box 5357*Takoma Park MD 20912**543-1070:HEALTH ENERGY EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA HC
Hero Project*308 Boyd Av*Tacoma Park MD 20912:9010
Institute For Energy & Environmental Research*6935 Laurel Av*Takoma Park MD 20912:9308 ENERGY ECOLOGY PLUTONIUM RESEARCH
Adventist Development And Relief Agency*Box 4289*Silver Spring MD 20914**800-424-2372:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Trees For The Future Inc*11606 Estona Dr*Box 1786*Silver Spring MD 20915:ECOLOGY 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Life Extension Services*558 Baltimroe Pike*Bel Air MD 21014:CRYONICS05
Maryland Safe Energy Network*7172 Sanner Rd*Clarksville MD 21029:SER ECOLOGY AN
South River Coop*833 Spruce Trail*Crownsville MD 21032:FC
Lifestyle Assoc*4730 Sheppard Ln*Ellicott City MD 21043**988-9319:COMMUNITY SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Smoloskyp*Box 561*Ellicott City MD 21043:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center For The Study Of Economics*2000 Century Plaza #238*Columbia MD 21044:ECONOMICS 9103
Church World Service*Joseph Square Suite 226*5485 Harpers Farm Rd*Columbia MD 21044**301-730-6996:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Mad River Ln Coop*5395 Mad River Ln*Baltimore MD 21044:FC
Patuxent Alliance*Box 834 American County Bldg*Columbia MD 21044:SER ECOLOGY AN
Traditional Acupuncture Foundation*American City Bldg Suite 100*Columbia MD 21044**301-997-4888:ACUPUNCTURE HC H
Nia Coop*8830 Tidesebb Ct*Baltimore MD 21045:FC
Peace Odysseys*5250 Patriot Ln*Columbia MD 21045**301-730-8296:8704 PEACE
Smith/Steve*Dsr Inc*9527 Good Lion Rd*Columbia MD 21045**301-964-1647:-1 AFRICA FILM F&V ZIMBABWE AIVFPR AIVFDS AIVFF AIVFEP AIVFCCG AIVF 9201 MEDIA
School Of Living*Green Revolution*Rt 1 Box 129*Freeland MD 21053:AT POLITICAL SCHOOL ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION SEP
New Life Christian Coop*1015 Londonberry Dr*Glen Burnie MD 21061:FC
Glyndon Coop*27 Butler Rd*Glyndon MD 21071:FC
Swand Publications*120 N Longcross Rd*Linthicum Heights MD 21090:
Croftonn Food Group*1714 Tipton Dr*Crofton MD 21114:FC
Junction Inc*Old County Jail*Box 206*Westminster MD 21157:
Washington Dateline*1240 Pinch Valley Rd*Westminster MD 21157:PUBLICATION MEDIA
31ST St Bookstore Cooperative*425 E 31ST St*Baltimore MD 21201**410-243-3131:LESBIAN MULTICULTURAL 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Atomic Books*229 W Read St*Baltimore MD 21201**410-728-5490*410-686-0000(FAX)*ATOMICBOOKS@PRO-CYNOSURE.CTS.COM:BOOKSTORE PSYCHEDELIC-BOOKS 9307
Ecumedia*320 Cathedral St*Baltimore MD 21201:TV F&V MEDIA
Exquisite Corpse*U Of Baltimore English Dept*Charles At Mt Royal Av*Baltimore MD 21201:WRITING HSC1 PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Maran Printing Services*320 N Eutaw St*Baltimore MD 21201:SP
New Era Bookstore*408 Park Av*Baltimore MD 21201**301-539-6364:BOOKSTORE SEP
Annie E Casey Foundation*111 Market Pl*Baltimore MD 21202**410-234-2872:9406 KIDS CHILDREN HEALTH-CARE ECONOMICS STATISTICS STATE-STATISTICS FOUNDATION06
Fellowship Of Lights*1300 N Calvert St*Baltimore MD 21202:HOTLINE
Masjid Ala*426 N Gay St*Baltimore MD 21202:FC
Halloween*Box 382*Baltimore MD 21203**301-521-4669:POLITICAL
Knononautic Society*Box 382*Baltimore MD 21203**AGENT11:TIME-TRAVEL
National Lawyers Guild*Box 1245*Baltimore MD 21203:AACC NLG 8807
Revolutionary Union*Box 1992*Baltimore MD 21203:POLITICAL
Vegetarian Resource Group*Box 1463*Baltimore MD 21203**301-366-VEGE:9010 VEGETARIAN FOOD PUBLICATION DMPR MEDIA
Baltimore County Task Force On Bikeways*111 W Chesapeake Av*Towson MD 21204:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
On Our Minds*Newsletter For The Towson Women Ctr*Towson State College*Baltimore MD 21204:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION W SEP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Power House*107 Shealey Av*Towson MD 21204:STORE FOOD
Womens Ctr*Box 2013*Townson State College*Baltimore MD 21204:BOOKSTORE W CU EDUCATION
Baltimore Experimental School*5224 Penbroke Av*Baltimore MD 21207:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Kite Lines*7106 Campfield Rd*Baltimore MD 21207**484-6287:KITES SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
NE Life Coop*4500 Liberty Hts*Baltimore MD 21207:FC
Aum Esoteric Study Ctr*4803 Yellowwood Rd*Baltimore MD 21209**664-6959:H S
Savitria*2405 Ruscombe Ln*Baltimore MD 21209**664-6959:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL
Trail Of Tears*1213 W Northern Pkwy*Baltimore MD 21209:
Campus Ministry*Loyola College*4501 N Charles St*Baltimore MD 21210:CU EDUCATION
Beaudouin/David*Chesapeake Alliance*6408 Clearspring Rd*Baltimore MD 21212:GMPFCG GMPFR AN -1 GMPF F&V ART DB
House Of Type*5502 Craig Av*Baltimore MD 21212:SP
Movement For A New Society*Marvelous Toy Works*2111 Eastern Av*Baltimore MD 21213**215-276-5130:MNS POLITICAL 8807
Animal Welfare League*2916 Gibbons Av*Baltimore MD 21214**301-426-3381:ARO
Hamilton Popcorn & Peanut*2916 Overland Av*Baltimore MD 21214:FC
Womens Studies Library*2708 Overland Av*Baltimore MD 21214:MR POLITICAL LIBRARY W WST CU EDUCATION
Celebration*2707 Lawina Rd*Baltimore MD 21216:SP
Coop*1720 N Ellamont St*Baltimore MD 21216:FC
Heritage Press*Box 18625*Baltimore MD 21216:SP
Jonah House*1933 Park Av*Baltimore MD 21217:AN RESISTANCE COMMUNITY POLITICAL
Masgid As Saffall Coop*1335 Myrtle Av*Baltimore MD 21217:FC
Alternative Press Centre Inc*Box 7229*Baltimore MD 21218**301-243-2471:AA83 AA INDEX READERS-GUIDE REFERENCE LIBRARY POLITICAL MR MBB BB AACC W
Baltimore Coalition To Stop US In The Mideast*426 E 31ST St*Baltimore MD 21218**301-235-7040:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Donelan/Fran*American Friends Service Committee*319 E 25 St*Baltimore MD 21218:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT MEPA AFSC 8807 NCBL MILITARY-PROJECT -1 GMPF F&V F HRO
Fort Meade Project*319 East 25TH St*Baltimore MD 21218:
Foster/Bill*Public Interest Research Group*3125 Guilford Av*Baltimore MD 21218:GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG -1 GMPF F&V ART DB
Great Atlantic Radio Conspiracy*2743 Maryland Av*Baltimore MD 21218**301-243-6987:CATALOG POLITICAL MLC NFCB SEPO RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR SEP AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900827 BOX-1067 MEDIA
Harwood Food Club*2644 Guilford Av*Baltimore MD 21218:FC HRO
Loch Raven Coop*923 E 37 St*Baltimore MD 21218:FC
Massachusetts Media Ministries*2116 N Charles St*Baltimore MD 21218:FILM F&V MEDIA
Mens Program*Great Atlantic Radio*2743 Maryland*Baltimore MD 21218:S MEN RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Northwood Real Food Coop*2830 St Paul St*Baltimore MD 21218:FC
Nuclear Free America*325 E 25TH St*Baltimore MD 21218**235-3575*301-235-3575:POLITICAL PUBLICATION 8807 NUCLEAR-WEAPONS 8704 AN MEDIA PEACE NFZ 9308
Oakenshawe Coop*214 Homewood Ter*Baltimore MD 21218:FC
Office On Global Education*2115 N Charles St*Baltimore MD 21218**301-727-6106:9010 PEACE HUNGER DEVELOPMENT-AID
Peoples Free Medical Clinic*3028 Greenmount Av*Baltimore MD 21218:CLINIC W HC
Research Group One*2743 Maryland Av*Baltimore MD 21218:HC W
Social Anarchism*2743 Maryland Av*Baltimore MD 21218:POLITICAL ANARCHIST AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Thirty-First St Bookstore*425 E 31ST St*Baltimore MD 21218:BOOKSTORE SEP
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*319 East 25TH St*Baltimore MD 21218:VETERANS VVAW 8807
Waverly Peoples Food Coop*3207 Independence*Baltimore MD 21218:FC
Survivors Of Incest Anonymous*Box 21817*Baltimore MD 21222**301-282-3400:24-HOUR-HOTLINE HOTLINE/24-HOUR INCEST SEXUAL-ABUSE ABUSE/SEXUAL RAPE WHC 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Cepa*400 N Linwood Av*Baltimore MD 21224:CONSUMER
Community Service Ctr*4940 Estern Av*Baltimore MD 21224:FC
Clergy & Laity Concerned*1201 Maple Av*Baltimore MD 21227:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V ART PEACE DB
Stitching Coop*984 Circle Dr*Baltimore MD 21227:FC
Foundation For Self-Sufficiency*Research Ctr*35 Maple Av*Cantonsville MD 21228:NA AN
Redeemer Food Coop*4211 Vermont Av*Baltimore MD 21229:FC
Social Security Food Coop*518 Normandy Av*Baltimore MD 21229:FC
South Baltimore Food Coop*112 E West St*Baltimore MD 21230:FC
SE Committee Organization*10 S Wolfe St*Baltimore MD 21231:CONSUMER
Hollander Ridge Coop*7303 Mollory Ct*Baltimore MD 21237:FC
Food Connection*1134 Elbank*Baltimore MD 21239:FC
Woodbourne Coop*0301 Woodburne Av*Baltimore MD 21239:FC
Catholic Relief Services*Box 17090*Baltimore MD 21298**800-SEND-HOPE*410-625-2220:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Chesapeake Bay Foundation Inc*162 Prince George St*Annapolis MD 21401:9403 ECOLOGY
Holistic Health Ctr*133A Lee Dr*Annapolis MD 21403**410-268-3752:9203 WHC W ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
Montague/Peter*Environmental Research Foundation*Box 5036*Annapolis MD 21403**ERF@IGC.APC.ORG:9308 -1 ECOLOGY RESEARCH
Society For The Prevention Of Cruelty To Animals*Box 3471*Annapolis MD 21403**301-268-4388*301-268-1769:ARO
Switchboard*Box 349*Annapolis MD 21404:
Acheron Press*Bear Creek At The Kettle*Friendsville MD 21531:SP
Waterfarm*RR 3 Box 206*Chestertown MD 21620:COMMUNITY
Clergy & Laity Concerned*Box 7*Frederick MD 21701:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V ART PEACE DB
Doorsh/Ellen*Antietam Press*Box 62*Boonsboro MD 21713:SP NW MUSIC -1 ART W DB
Hagerstown Gay Hotline*Box 1276*Hagerstown MD 21740:HOTLINE HS
Catholic Charities Usa*13331 Pennsylvania Av*Hagerstown MD 21742:CATHOLIC 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Joint Appeal By Science & Religion For The Environment*Box 1917*Salisbury MD 21801**800-826-9800:9203 ECOLOGY SCIENCE RELIGION
Blakeslee/Carolyn*Art Calendar*Box 199*Upper Fairmont MD 21867:ZINE 9311 -1 ART P ARTIST/WORKING WORK F
Alternative Coop*5107 Bradfield Ct*Annandale VA 22003:FC
Sleepy Hollow Woods Coop*3812 Tall Oak Ct*Northern Va VA 22003:FC
Share*5220 Lighthorne*Burke VA 22015:FC
Consortium On Peace Research Education & Development*George Mason University*4400 University Dr*Fairfax VA 22030**703-323-2806:PEACE CONFLICT-RESOLUTION PUBLICATION 9308
Food Coop Club*George Mason U*Fairfax VA 22030:FC CU EDUCATION HRO
Institute For Ecological Policies*9208 Christopher St*Fairfax VA 22030:ECOLOGY GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB
Phoebe*G M U*4400 University Dr*Fairfax VA 22030:CU EDUCATION W
Popinjay Press*4206 Collier Rd*Fairfax VA 22030:SP
Envionmentalist*Student Union*George Mason U*Fairfax VA 22031:SER AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Institute For Ecological Policy*9208 Christopher St*Fairfax VA 22031:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
National Capitol Naturists*Box 3122*Fairfax VA 22038**703-241-BARE:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Citizens Clearinghouse For Hazardous Waste*Box 6806*Falls Church VA 22040:9403 ECOLOGY
Fourth World Assembly*3030 Sleepy Hollow Rd*Falls Church VA 22042:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Woman Activist*2310 Barbour Rd*Falls Church VA 22043:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
April Dawn Publishing Co*Box 4433*Falls Church VA 22044:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Center For New Leadership*2641 Mann Ct*Falls Church VA 22046:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Cancer Victory Bulletin*Box 231*Ft Belvoir VA 22060:CANCER PUBLICATION MEDIA
International Reciprocal Trade Assn*9513 Beach Mill Rd*Great Falls VA 22066:9204 BARTER-EXCHANGE TRADE
Folkstone Food Coop*12348 Folkstone Dr*Herndon VA 22070:FC
Lifers For Prison Reform*Box 25*Lorton VA 22079:PRISON
Center For Study Of Multiple Birth*1415 Green Run Ln*Reston VA 22090**703-435-9659:BP W MLC-SPR MLC-NFCB MLC-WHC MLC CHILDBIRTH WHC CHILD-BIRTH HC
American Alliance For Health & Physical Education*1900 Association Dr*Reston VA 22091**703-476-3400:PHYSICAL-EDUCATION HC EDUCATION/PHYSICAL FITNESS
Council For Exceptional Children*1920 Assoc Dr*Reston VA 22091:BP CHILDREN EDUCATION EXCEPTIONAL-CHILDREN
Freedom House*Box 118*Mclean VA 22101:
Hardy Dr Coop*6308 Hardy Dr*Mclean VA 22101:FC
Mclean Coop*1408 Collen Ln*Northern Va VA 22101:FC
National Coalition For Children*6542 Hitt Av*Mclean VA 22101:PUBLICATION MEDIA CHILDREN
Viet-Nam Assistance For The Handicapped*Box 6554*Mclean VA 22106:9208 VIETNAM-WAR-VETERANS VETERANS/VIETNAM HANDICAPPED HEALTH-CARE HC
Manassas Review*Northern Va Community College*Manassas VA 22110:CU EDUCATION
Washington Spectator & Between The Lines*Box 442*Merrifield VA 22116:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Congressional Staff Directory*Box 62*Mt Vernon VA 22121:CONGRESS DIRECTORY
Bare Buns Travel*Box 11*Oakton VA 22124**703-281-7736:TRAVEL NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Jensen/Louise*Vinne Environmental League*11422 Waples Mill Rd*Oakton VA 22124:AT ECOLOGY -1 AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST W
Potomac Rambling Bares*Box 515*Oakton VA 22124:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Soup To Nuts*Rt 7*Purcellve VA 22132:FC
Alternative Coop*6408 Julian St*Springfield VA 22150:FC
High Energy Electrostatics Research*Box 5286*Springfield VA 22150:ENERGY
Whole Food Alliance*6408 Julian St*Northern Va VA 22150:FC
Burke Organic Society*5532 Queensberry Av*Northern Va VA 22151:FC
Concerned Educators Against Forced Unionism*8001 Braddock Rd Suite 500*Springfield VA 22151:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Conservation Cir Coop*6949 Conservation Dr*Springfield VA 22153:FC
National Right To Work Committee*8001 Braddock Rd*Springfield VA 22160**703-321-9820:RIGHT-TO-WORK LABOR-NEWS 9102 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Health Activation Network*Box 923*Vienna VA 22180**703-938-5426:AT HC
Naturally Yours*330 Maple Av W*Vienna VA 22180:RESTAURANT FOOD
St James Coop*313 Park St NE*Northern Va VA 22180:FC
Trout Unltd*501 Church St NE #103*Vienna VA 22180:SER ECOLOGY AN
National Wildlife Foundation*8925 Leesburg Pike*Vienna VA 22184**800-432-6564*703-790-4000:8911 ECOLOGY DIRECTORY
Piedmont Environmental Council*Box 460*Warrenton VA 22186:SER AN ECOLOGY
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*Rt 1 Box 351 A*Warrenton VA 22186**617-891-9084:APN 8704 WILPF PEACE 8807 W
Synergy*2517 Linwood Ln*Woodbridge VA 22192:FH
Americans For Justice In The Middle East*1311 N Troy St Apt 9*Arlington VA 22201:MIDDLE-EAST HRO
Ashton Heights Food Coop*516 N Irving St*Arlington VA 22201:FC
Community Computers*2704 N Pershing Dr*Arlington VA 22201**703-527-4600:COMPUTERS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community*2800 Pershing Dr*Arlington VA 22201:FC
Meta Network*2000 N 15TH St*Arlington VA 22201**703-243-6622:COMPUTER-CONFERENCE 9106 CONFERENCE/COMPUTER
Metasystems Design Group Inc*2000 N 15TH St Suite 103*Arlington VA 22201**703-243-6622*703-844-9798*INFO@TMN COM:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS
New World Alliance*3129 N 9th Rd*Arlington VA 22201:SER ECOLOGY AN
The Community*2800 N Pershing Dr*Arlington VA 22201:COOP COMMUNITY
De Pauw/Linda Grant*Minerva Ctr*1101 S Arlington Ridge Rd #210*Arlington VA 22202**703-892-4388:F -1 MILITARY PUBLICATION MILITARY-WOMEN VETERANS W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
National Vanguard*Box 2264*Arlington VA 22202:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Unity Of Knowledge Publications*618-26TH St S*Arlington VA 22202**703-684-8993:H
Nova Community Food Coop*2915 S 6 St*Arlington VA 22204:FC
Daily Bread*6300 N Washington*Arlington VA 22205:FC
Gesundheit Inst*2630 Robert Walker Pl*Arlington VA 22207**703-525-8169*703-527-6207(FAX)*703-525-8169*703-525-8169*703-527-6207(FAX)*703-525-8169:9209 DOCTORS MEDICINE PUBLICATION HC COMMUNITY 9105 AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-910701
21ST Century Party*1600 Wilson Blvd #707*Arlington VA 22209**800-394-21ST:9211 POLITICAL PARTY
Chelonia Inst*Box 9174*Arlington VA 22209:9403 ECOLOGY
Conservation Fund*1800 N Kent St Suite 1120*Arlington VA 22209:9403 ECOLOGY
Emerald/Neal D*Trout Unlimited*1500 Wilson Blvd Suite 310*Arlington VA 22209:9403 ECOLOGY TROUT FISHING -1
Feminist Majority Foundation*1600 Wilson Blvd*Arlington VA 22209**703-522-2214*703-522-2219(FAX):W 9201 FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA
Izaak Walton League Of America Inc*1401 Wilson Blvd.level B*Arlington VA 22209:9403 ECOLOGY
National Hospice Organization*1901 N Ft Myer*Rosslyn VA 22209**703-243-5900:PUBLICATION HOSPICE MEDIA
Nature Conservancy*1815 North Lynn St*Arlington VA 22209:9403 ECOLOGY
Norman/Henry R*Volunteers In Technical Assistance*1600 Wilson Blvd Suite 500*Arlington VA 22209**703-276-1800*703-527-1086(BBS)*703-243-1865(FAX):PUBLICATION 9102 AT -1 DMPR VOLUNTEERS MEDIA
Vita Publications Services*Box 12028*Arlington VA 22209:8909 AT
Tax Analysts*6830 N Fairfax Dr*Arlington VA 22213**703-533-4400:NADER/RALPH05
Taxation With Representation Fund*6830 N Fairfax Dr*Arlington VA 22213**703-532-1850:TAXES CONSUMER LAW
Citizens Clearinghouse For Hazardous Wastes*Box 926*Arlington VA 22216**703-276-7070:8911 WASTES POLLUTION MLP WASTE/HAZARDOUS
Alliance For Perinatal Research & Services Inc*321 S Pitt St*Alexandria VA 22301**703-548-6628:HC W
Liberation Graphics*Box 2394*Alexandria VA 22301**703-549-4957:POLITICAL POSTERS CATALOG RUSSIA 9102
Bioguide Press*Box 16072*Alexandria VA 22302:MONEY-SOURCES FUND-RAISING DIRECTORY 8807
Concern For Helping Animals In Israel*Box 3341*Alexandria VA 22302**703-533-8366:ANIMAL-RIGHTS VEGETARIAN FOOD
Tennessee Av Coop*811 Beverly Dr*Alexandria VA 22302:FC
Mcgrath/Eileen*American Medical Women's Assn*801 N Fairfax St Suite 400*Alexandria VA 22304**703-838-0500:WHC -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 HC
Human Potential*2721 Carter Farm Ct*Alexandria VA 22306:H PUBLICATION MEDIA
Asia Mail*Box 7003*Alexandria VA 22307:SP
Waynewood Coop*913 Dalebrook Dr*Alexandria VA 22308:FC
Mental Patient Liberation Project*3407 Wessynton Way*Alexandria VA 22309:
Pollacks Coop*8912 Woodley Dr*Alexandria VA 22309:FC
Editorial Experts*5905 Pratt St*Alexandria VA 22310:SP
Cossolotto/Matthew*Citizens For Proportional Representation*Box 11166*Alexandria VA 22312**703-914-0205:9211 ELECTION-SYSTEM PROPORTIONAL-REPRESENTATION REPRESENTATION/PROPORTIONAL -1
Books For All Times Ltd*Box 2*Alexandria VA 22313:SP
Youth Acton News*Box 312*Alexandria VA 22313:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Capitol Steps*1505 King St*Alexandria VA 22314**800-733-STEP*703-683-8766:9404 HUMOR SATIRE COMEDY POLITICAL WASHINGTON GOVERNMENT THEATER 800# MUSICAL-COMEDY04
Cities In Schools*1199 N Fairfax St*Alexandria VA 22314:9405 EDUCATION07
Foundation For Intl Community Assistance*901 King St*Alexandria VA 22314:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Huffman Press*311 Madison St*Alexandria VA 22314:SP
Institute For Alternative Futures*108 N Alfred St*Alexandria VA 22314:FUTURE 9201
National Mental Health Association*1021 Prince St*Alexandria VA 22314**800-969-NMHA:PATIENT-INFORMATION MENTAL-HEALTH 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
National Rehabilitation Association*633 S Washington St*Alexandria VA 22314**703-836-0850:PATIENT-INFORMATION REHABILITATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Eca Assoc*Box 15004*Chesapeake VA 22320:SP
Nimrodez*727A Ltl Back Rvr Rd*Hampton VA 22369:FC
Free U*Student Assn*Mary Washington College*Fredericksburg VA 22401:U CU EDUCATION
Jacobson/Mark*Paving Moratorium Alliance*Box 8558*Fredericksburg VA 22404**703-371-1222:9203 -1 TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY PUBLICATION HIGHWAY-POLICY MEDIA
Mu Publications*Box 612*Dahlgren VA 22448:
American Life Lobby*Box 490*Stafford VA 22554:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Golden Acres Orchard*Rt 2 Box 770*Bayard Front Royal VA 22630:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Stoneground Community Market*Middletown VA 22645:FC
Nesbitt/Patty*Shenandoah Alliance*Rt 2 Box 374*Strasburg VA 22657:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V ART W DB
Avalon*Box 763*Madison VA 22727**703-923-4316:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Nethers Community School*Box 41*Woodville VA 22749**703-987-8917:COMMUNITY SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Olvalley Folk Coop*Rt 6 Box 157*Hansonburg VA 22801:FC
National Lawyers Guild*Lgl Assoc*U Va School Of Law*Charlottesville VA 22901:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Offender Aid & Restoration*414 4th St NE*Charlottesville VA 22901:PRISON
Unlimited Vitality*400 E Market St*Charlottsville VA 22902:FC
American Cannabis Research Experiment*Box 3240*Charlottesville VA 22903**JEG5S@UVA.PCMAIL.VIRGINIA.EDU:9401 MARIJUANA
Pearse/Beth*Charlottesville Coalition For Peace In The Mid-East*Box 3381*Charlottesville VA 22903:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Community Collaborators*Box 5429*Charlottesville VA 22905:SP
New Healthview Newsletter*612 Rio Rd W*Charlottsville VA 22906:PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
Rutherford Inst*Box 7482*Charlottesville VA 22906:LEGAL-AID RELIGIOUS-DISCRIMINATION-AID 9301
Piedmont Alliance*Rt 2 Box 183*Afton VA 22920:SER ECOLOGY AN
Safe Alternatives For Future Energy*Rt 2 Box 183*Afton VA 22920:SER ECOLOGY AN
Shannon Farm*Rt 2 Box 183*Afton VA 22920:FH COMMUNITY
Innisfree Village*Rt 2 Box 500*Crozet VA 22932**804-823-5400:HANDICAPPED COMMUNITY MENTAL-HEALTH HC
Safe Alternatives For Future Energy*4 Cedar Creek Rd*Earlysville VA 22936:SER ECOLOGY AN
Kolberg/Del*Oiko*Box 115*Greenwood VA 22943**703-456-8232:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION -1 MLP 9301 MEDIA
Cp Graham Press*Box 5*Keswick VA 22947:SP
Charrlettsville Food Coop*Rt 1 Box 45A*Roseland VA 22967:COOP FC
Dharma Self-Help & Analytical Ctr*Rfd 1 Box 113-AAND*Shipman VA 22971:H
Safe Alternatives For Future Energy*Rt 1 Box 113A*Shipman VA 22971:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Cramer/Tom*Piankatank Alliance*Post Office*Achilles VA 23001:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Holdcroft Coop*River Hill Farm*Rt 1 Box 135*Charles City VA 23030:FC
Pray Curser Press*Elm Bank*Dutton VA 23050:SP
Communities*Journal Of Coop Living*Box 426*Louisa VA 23093:AT PUBLICATION COMMUNITY DIRECTORY MEDIA
Federation Of Egalitarian Communities*Box 426*Louisa VA 23093:COMMUNITY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Leaves Of Twin Oaks*Twin Oaks Community*Louisa VA 23093:RNS0112 RN S PUBLICATION MEDIA
Tupelo Community*Louisa VA 23093:COMMUNITY
Twin Oaks Community*Louisa VA 23093**703-894-5126:COMMUNITY AA84 AA BB MBB
Brandermill Coop*3800 Mctyres Cove Rd*Midlothian VA 23113:FC
Adams/Barb*Richmond Alternative Energy Committee*208 Dundee Av*Richmond VA 23210:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 ENERGY
Civil Liberties Union*6 North 6th St*Richmond VA 23219**804-644-8022:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Grace Pl Restaurant*826 W Grace St*Richmond VA 23220:RESTAURANT FOOD W
Graphic Arts Studio*Box 5013*Richmond VA 23220:SP ART DB
Palimpsest Press*1421 Grove Av #2*Richmond VA 23220:SP
Richmond Military & Draft Counseling*700 W Franklin St*Richmond VA 23220:MILITARY DRAFT COUNSELING POLITICAL
Richmond Peace Education Ctr*14 N Laurel St*Richmond VA 23220:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Richmond Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*3126 Grayland Av*Richmond VA 23221**804-353-1647:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Richmond Reactor Coalition*3116 C Hanover Av*Richmond VA 23221:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ho Co*5930 Morningside Dr*Richmond VA 23226:FC
Sign Of The Penitent Dunce*103 Tuckahoe Blvd*Richmond VA 23226:SP
Church World Service*St Josephs Villa Campus*8000 Brook Rd*Richmond VA 23227**804-262-9053:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Three Cho & Coop*2411 Pleasant Run Dr*Richmond VA 23233:FC
Boyd Press*8304 Whitewood Rd*Richmond VA 23235:SP
National Society Of Accountants For Coops*1015 Floyd Av*Richmond VA 23284:FC
Peninsula Citizens Concerned For Peace*20 Orchard Av*Hampton VA 23361:PEACE
Association For Research & Enlightenment*Box 595*Atlantic Av & 67TH St*Virginia Beach VA 23451:RN AA76 AA BB MBB SOFTWARE SP CAYCE/EDGAR H W
Beau Press*3810 Atlantic Av Apt 404*Virginia Beach VA 23451:SP W
Interfaith Peace Fellowship*2909 Pinewood Dr*Va Beach VA 23452:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PEACE
Heritage Store*Box 444*Virginia Beach VA 23458**804-428-0100:H W AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901026
Brothers Against Legalized Degradation*1339 W Norcova Dr*Norfolk VA 23502:PRISON
Tidewater Military & Draft Counseling*733 C Av SW*Norfolk VA 23504:DRAFT
Cabin Creek Quilters*Box 383*Cabin Creek WV 23505:FC
Associated Writing Programs*Awp % Old Dominion U*Norfolk VA 23508:SP CU EDUCATION
January 19TH Mobilization*Box 7702*Norfolk VA 23509:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Reflect*3306 Argonne Av*Norfolk VA 23509:SP DB UG SF
Clean Water Action Project*201 Granby St Rm 510*Norfolk VA 23510**804-623-4784:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
Abiola Third World Press*6517 Diesel Ct*Norfolk VA 23513:THIRD-WORLD
Third World Press*6517 Diesel Ct*Norfolk VA 23513:THIRD-WORLD
Cousteau Society*930 West 21ST St*Norfolk VA 23517:9403 ECOLOGY
Cousteau/Jacques-Yves*Cousteau Society*930 W 21 St*Norfolk VA 23517:-1 ECOLOGY DMPR VIP NAP MLCP
Peninsula Nature & Science Ctr*524 J Clyde Morris Blvd*Newport News VA 23601:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Heresy Press*713 Paul St*Newport News VA 23605:SP
Captains Log*Christopehr Newport College*Newport News VA 23606:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Tidewater Nicaragua Project Foundation*3916 Shell Rd*Hampton VA 23669**804-723-7179:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA PUBLICATION 9308
Hungary Mother Coop*3509 Tyre Neck Rd*Portsmouth VA 23703:FC
White Tail Park*Box 160*Zuni VA 23898**804-859-6123:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Thiele/Christopher*Citizens Concerned About Waste Incineration Now*Rt 1 Box 1478*Buckingham VA 23921**804-969-3217:9303 -1 ECOLOGY WASTE-INCINERATION INCINERATION/WASTE BURNING-WASTE GARBAGE/INCENERATION INTERNET
Hayer/Sandy*Little Sisters Of The Mother Herb*Route 1 Box 2142*Crewe VA 23930**804-645-1038:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Werth/Lennice*Virginia Bach*Route 1 Box 2142*Crewe VA 23930**804-645-1038:DRUGS -1 9307
Plowshares Peace Ctr*Box 1623*Roanoke VA 24008:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Educational Research Bureau*Box 2194*Roanoke VA 24009:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Herby/Peter*Plowshare Peace Ctr*125 W Kirk Av*Roanoke VA 24011:GMPFR -1 PEACE AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900908 GMPF F&V ART DB
Roanoke Coop*1330 Grandin SW*Roanoke VA 24015:FC
Federation Of Roanoke Buying Clubs*702 Shenandoah Av NW*Roanoke VA 24016:FC HRO
Hollins Critic*Box 9538*Hollins College VA 24020:PUBLICATION MLC CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Eastes/Jane*Students For Safe Energy*303 Wilson Av*Blacksburg VA 24060:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 ENERGY AN GMPF F&V W
Anderson/Susan*Vpi & Su Norml*Box 654*Blacksburg VA 24063**703-951-2013:DRUGS NORML -1 F 9307
Natural Uus*Box 247*Blacksburg VA 24063:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Floyd Mill Coop*Rt 1 Box 67*Check VA 24072:FC
Martinsville Buying Club*504 Warwick Ter*Collinsville VA 24078:FC HRO
Country Records*Box 191*Floyd VA 24091:MUSIC
Redman/Colleen*The Bell*Box 634*Floyd VA 24091:-1 9310
Craig Food Buying Club*316 Market St*New Castle VA 24127:FC HRO
Back Valley Buying Club*Pt Bank Fish Hatchery*Paint Bank VA 24131:FC HRO
Paxton Press*1649 Sunset Av*Salem VA 24153:SP
Life Issues Bookshelf*Greystone*Thaxton VA 24174:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Holston Mountain Arts & Crafts*279 E Main St*Abingdon VA 24210:FC ART DB
Conrad/Bob*Coalition For Jobs & The Environment*211 W Main St*Box 645*Abingdon VA 24210-0645:-1 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY 9310
Daughters Of Mother Jones*Box 166*Cleveland VA 24225:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Dickenson County Food Coop*Rt 1 Box 161*Clinchco VA 24226:FC
Committee On Appalachina Coops*Box 56*St Paul VA 24283:FC
Rooftop Of Va Crafts*Box 853*Galax VA 24333:FC
Slemp/Gary*Mountain Heritage Alliance*Rt 3 Box 859*Marion VA 24354**703-783-9248:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Mueller/Bob*Virginians For Wilderness*Rt 1 Box 250*Staunton VA 24401**703-885-6983:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Whaif Food Coop*324 Sherwood Av*Stawnton VA 24401:FC
North Mountain Community*Rt 2 Box 207*Lexington VA 24450**703-463-7095:COMMUNITY FARM WALDEN-II FH
Shenandoah*Box 722*Lexington VA 24450:SP
James River Coop*115 Temple Cir*Lynchburg VA 24502:FC
Lynchburg Coop*105 Pennsylvania Av*Lynchburg VA 24502:FC
Blue Ridge Food Coop*Rt 4 Box 167*Amherst VA 24521:FC
Legacy*Rt 4 Box 265*Bedford VA 24523**703-297-5982:MLC MLC-90 MLC-FC H
Prema Dharmasala & Fellowship Assn*Rt 4 Box 265*Bedford VA 24523:H MLC
World Community*Rt 4 Box 265*Bedford VA 24523:FC
Pittsylvania County Buying Club*Box 936*Chatham VA 24531:FC AT HRO
Springtree Community*Rt 2 Box 50-A-1*Scottsville VA 24590:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY FC
Freeman & Wolf Buying Club*Freeman WV 24724:FC HRO
Bookstore*104 S Jefferson*Lewisburg WV 24901:BOOKSTORE MLC MLC-SAMPLE-5K
Wadsworth/Rick*West Va Peace Action*Box 906*Lewisburg WV 24901:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Bellefeuille/Kathleen*West Virginia Citizens Against Nuclear Power*Box 509*Alderson WV 24910:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Run Of The Mill Coop*Rt 6 Box 2b*Alderson WV 24910:FC
Sunshine*Box 208*Hillsboro WV 24926:FC
Pocahontas Communications*Rt 2*Dunmore WV 24934:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Bunch Of Folks*Friars Hill WV 24939:FC
Institute For Earth Education*Cedar Cove*Box 115*Greenville WV 24945:9403 ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Monroe Country Food Coop*Box 236*Linside WV 24951:FC
Blue Sulphur Springs Food Collective*Falling Spring Farm*Renick WV 24966:FC
Health Awareness Intl*2363 Harrison Av*St Albans WV 25117:H HC
Save*Box 633*St Albans WV 25177**304-727-9813:ARO
White Oak Buying Club*General Delivery*Chloe WV 25235:FC HRO
Liberty Bell*Box 21*Reedy WV 25270:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Cedar Lakes Crafts Ctr*Ripley WV 25271:FC
Common Ground Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 116*Sandyville WV 25275:FC HRO
Growing Tree Coop*128 1/2 Court St*Spencer W VA 25276:AT COOP POLITICAL FC AN
Kanawha Valley Womens Health Group*1114 Quarrier St*Charleston WV 25301:WHC W HC
Mountain State Press*U Of Charleston*2300 Maccorkle*Charleston WV 25304:CU EDUCATION
Creative Person*1000 Byus Dr*Charleston WV 25311:PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Graffiti*1505 Lee St*Charleston WV 25311:9310 ZINE
Library Imagination Paper*1000 Byus Dr*Charleston WV 25311:PUBLICATION LIBRARY MEDIA
Appalachia Educational Laboratory*Box 1348*Charleston WV 25325**304-344-8371:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Dirty Hot Dog*Rt 2 Box 65C*Berkeley Springs WV 25411:FC
Alternative Munchies*Rt 2 Box 109B*Charleston WV 25414:FC
American Society For Continuous Education*Rt 1 Box 279*Charles Town WV 25414**304-725-4437:CU EDUCATION H MLC MLC-HPM/SAMPLE MLC-73.
Claymont Society Of Continuous Education*Box 112*Charlestown WV 25414**304-725-4437:H
Albatross Gallery*Harpers Ferry WV 25425:FC ART GALLERY DB
Intergalactic Garage*Box 3047*Shepherdstown WV 25443:9303 BOOKSTORE INTERNET
Hilgartner/Tom*Azure Plume*Box 535*Ceredo WV 25507:9310 -1 POETRY ZINE
Coon Creek Coop*Box 196*Culloden WV 25510:FC
Catholic Worker Farm*Rt 1 Box 308*W Hamlin WV 25571:CATHOLICS COMMUNITY FARM
Lincoln Country Food Coop*Rt 1*W Hamlin WV 25571:FC
Appalachian South Folklife Ctr*Box 5*Pipestem WV 25979**304-466-0543:
New Vrindaban Community*Rd 1 Box 620*Moundsville WV 26041**304-845-2790:COMMUNITY FARM DAIRY SPIRITUAL YOGA AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-851010
Rural Arts & Crafts Assn*Box 227*Parkersburg WV 26101:FC ART DB
Far Out Coop*8 Mile Ridge*Reader WV 26167:FC
Laurel Review*W Virginia Wesleyan College*Buckhannon WV 26201:W CU EDUCATION
Backcountry*Cheat Mountain Press*Box 390*Elkins WV 26241:SP
Barbour Country Coop*Rt 1 Moon Run Farm*Kerns WV 26276:FC
Miller/Terry*Down The Road Highway Alternatives*Box 11*Kerens WV 26276**304-636-4522:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Committee For Safe Energy*Rt 7 Box 540*Morgantown WV 26505:SER ECOLOGY AN
Earth House Buying Club*723 College Av*Morgantown WV 26505:FC CU EDUCATION HRO
Mountain Community Union*Rt 5 Box 309*Morgantown WV 26505:SER ECOLOGY AN AT
War Resistors League*Box 744*Morgantown WV 26505:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
West Virginia Alliance*723 College Av*Morgantown WV 26505:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Alternative Vocations-Lifestyles Ctr*Student Educational Services*West Virginia U*Morgantown WV 26506:H VOCATIONS INFORMATION W CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*Mountainlair Sow*Wv U*Morgantown WV 26506:CONSUMER PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
New Urinda Ban Community*Moundsville WV 26541:COMMUNITY FH
Westwind Press*Rt 1 Box 208*Farmington WV 26571**304-287-7160:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Belknap/Roger*West Virginia Hemp Inc*700 Kanawha Dr*Sutton WV 26601**304-765-7444:DRUGS NORML -1 9307
Hill & Dale Press*Box 263*Terra Alta WV 26764:SP
Highland Food Coop*General Delivery*Moyers WV 26813:FC
Agahpay Fellowship*Rt 3 Box 111*Moorefield WV 26836:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY
Mckeown/Bonnie*H-No! Fix Local Roads*Box 463*Wardensville WV 26851**304-874-3004:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Wolff/Susan*Women Against War*Box 196*Bethania NC 27010**919-760-4544:F WOMEN 9301 WAR PEACE -1
Spring St Coop*6685 Hwy 8*Germantown NC 27019:FC
Conrad/Judy*Laurabrook Peace Fund*5535 Yadkinville Rd*Pfafftown NC 27040**919-922-2672:F -1 WORKSHOPS RETREATS 9301
Brown Mountain Coop*Gw France*Westfield NC 27053:FC
Homeless But Not Helpless*418 N Spruce St*Winston-Salem NC 27101**919-725-2090:HOMELESS VOTING 9301
Mitchell/Steve & Kathy*Support Group For Conscientious Objectors*Oak Hill Mennonite Church*1850 Gyro Dr*Winston-Salem NC 27101**919-722-0450:-1 CONSCIENTIOUS-OBJECTORS 9301
Piedmont Craftsmen Inc*300 Main St*Winstonsalem NC 27101:FC
Barra/Ron & Mary*Winston-Salem Citca*2153 Jamestown Rd*Winston-Salem NC 27106**919-924-4209:-1 CENTRAL-AMERICA POLITICAL 9301
Isley/Wes*North Carolina Triad Un Assn*Box 24911*Winston-Salem NC 27114**919-788-2271:-1 UNITED-NATIONS 9301
Shalom Community*6003 Bush Rd*Browns Summit NC 27214**375-3885 OR 621-5702:
Shalom*Rfd 2 Box 405*Brown Summit NC 27214:COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN
Heartwood Realty & Builders*Box 36*Bynum NC 27228**929-5658:LAND-MANAGEMENT ECOLOGY REAL-ESTATE
Colonnades*Box 2245*Elon College NC 27244:SP CU EDUCATION
Zarzar/Dr Rudy*American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee*Box 873*Elon College NC 27244**919-584-6492:ARAB/AMERICANS -1 9301
Epinette/Chuck*American Friends Service Committee*Box 2234*High Point NC 27261:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE AFSC MEPA -1 HRO
Dear/Stephen*North Carolina Rural Communities Assistance Project*Box 27*Pittsboro NC 27312**919-542-4781*919-542-0563(FAX):RURAL-COMMUNITIES -1 9301
Love-A Journal*Box 9*Prospect Hill NC 27314:LOVE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bar-S-Ranch*R 2 Box 402*Reidsville NC 27320**919-349-8976:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
M & M Foods*Rt 1 Box 32*Seagrove NC 27341:FC
Ramar Press*Seven Lakes Box 548*W End NC 27376:SP
Wimberley/Jesse*Piedmont Peace Project*Rt 1 Box 23-A*W End NC 27376**919-673-2826:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Austin/Terry*American Friends Service Committee*1202-A Grove St*Greensboro NC 27401**919-275-8414:AFSC -1 9301 HRO
Knight/Ken*Greensboro Citizens For Peace & Justice*600 N Mendenhall St*Greensboro NC 27401**919-274-6599:-1 9301
Socialist Workers Party*2219 E Market St*Greensboro NC 27401**919-272-5996:POLITICAL 9301
International Poetry Review*Box 2047*Greensboro NC 27402:POETRY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Unicorn Foundation*Box 3307*Greensboro NC 27402:POETRY SP MLC
Kenton/Gary*Citizens For Waste Reduction & Recycling*515 Fifth Av*Greensboro NC 27405**919-272-4020:WASTE-REDUCTION RECYCLING -1 9301
Consumers Advisory Press*Box 77107*Greensboro NC 27407:SP
Deep Roots*3728 Spring Garden St*Greensboro NC 27407:FC
Bamford/Sherman*Preserve Appalachian Wilderness*2700 Lafayette Av*Greensboro NC 27408:9407 -1 APPALACHIA ECOLOGY PAVING-MORATORIUM
Coraddi*U Of NC*Elliott Ctr*Greensboro NC 27412:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Pouch Foods*Box 21382*Greensboro NC 27420:NAM FOOD
Fletcher/Linda*Guilford County Greens*Box 29189*Greensboro NC 27429**919-370-4057:-1 GREENS F 9301
Brooks/Dorothy*Military Families Support Networking*Box 2047*Buies Creek NC 27506**704-265-3483:-1 F 9301
Center For Early Adolescence*U Of NC*Carr Mill Mall Suite 223*Carrboro NC 27510**919-966-1148:ADOLESCENCE HC CU EDUCATION
Advisory Board Record*KXE6S Verein Press*Box 2066 Or 2204*Chapel Hill NC 27514:SP
Carolina Farm Stewardship Assoc*Rt 9 Box 377*Chapel Hill NC 27514:GMPFI FARMING GMPF F&V
Carolina Gay Assn*Box 39*Carolina Union*Chapel Hill NC 27514**942-2039:HS
Carolina Quarterly*Greenlaw Hall 066-A*U Of N Carolina*Chapel Hill NC 27514:SP CU EDUCATION
Change*1825 N Lake Shore Dr*Chapel Hill NC 27514:9310
Institute For Southern Studies*Box 230*Chapel Hill NC 27514:GMPFE GMPFI EDUCATION SOUTH GMPF F&V
Matthews/Doug*Amnesty Intl*Box 404*Chapel Hill NC 27514**919-644-6177:-1 9301
North Carolina Jewish Vegetarian Society*1310 Leclair St*Chapel Hill NC 27514:VEGETARIAN FOOD
Pyewacket Cafe*452 W Franklin St*Chapel Hill NC 27514:RESTAURANT FOOD
Safransky/Sy*The Sun*412 W Rosemary St*Chapel Hill NC 27514**919-942-5282:-1 PUBLICATION H DMPR 8801 VIP NAP APS POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN SP MEDIA
Student Environmental Action Coalition*Box 1168*Chapel Hill NC 27514**919-967-4600*SEAC@UNC.BITNET:STUDENTS ECOLOGY PUBLICATION 9304 INTERNET
Synergetics Society*1825 N Lake Shore Dr*Chapel Hill NC 27514:H
Tinker Press*702 Gimghoul Rd*Chapel Hill NC 27514:SP
Ussery/Debbie*Carolina Population Ctr*504 University Sq E*Chapel Hill NC 27514:GMPFCG GMPFR POPULATION GMPF F&V -1 SEA CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Coalition For Peace In The Mid-East*Box 2822*Chapel Hill NC 27515**919-929-4463:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Prolifers For Survival*Box 3316*Chapel Hill NC 27515:AN POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Mccormick/Charles*Road Kill*207 Pritchard Av*Chapel Hill NC 27516**919-968-2494:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Ranson St*323 Mcmasters St*Chapel Hill NC 27516:ZINE 9311 RESTAURANT-WORKERS WORK P
Middle Of Nowhere*Box 248*Kittrell NC 27544**919-690-0000:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Fertile Hills Coop*Rt 1 Box 43D*Rougemont NC 27572:FC
Eye Nine*2213 Mariner Cir*Raleigh NC 27603:9401 PUNK ZINE
Jobs & Environment Campaign*606-102 Willard Pl*Raleigh NC 27603**919-832-2629*919-832-2659(FAX):9307 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY POLLUTION
North Carolina Coalition For Renewable Energy Resources*708 Mcculloch*Raleigh NC 27603**919-354-2018:RENEWABLE-ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Noahs Food Store Coop*Box 12523 745 W Johnson*Raleigh NC 27605:FC
Acid Rain Foundation*1410 Varsity Dr*Raleigh NC 27606:9403 ECOLOGY
American Holistic Medical Assn*4101 Lake Boone Trail Suite 201*Raleigh NC 27607**919-787-5146:WER 9105 9106 HC
Schoonbacher/Carol*Emergency Coalition For Peace In The Mid-East*2710 Clark Av*Raleigh NC 27607**919-856-0028:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Nu Rite*4704 Poland Pl*Raleigh NC 27609**919-787-6676:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION PR PR-ART ART-PR ART DB MEDIA
Center For Reflection On The Second Law*8420 Camellia Dr*Raleigh NC 27613:9103
North Carolina Network For Animals*Box 33565*Raleigh NC 27636**919-787-5190:ARO
Church World Service*1006 Lamond Av*Durham NC 27701**919-688-3843:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Summersford/Steve*War Resisters League*604 W Chapel Hill St*Durham NC 27701:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 WRL PEACE
Africa News Service*Box 3851*Durham NC 27702**909-286-0747:PUBLICATION SP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR 8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA SEP MEDIA HRO
Institute For Southern Studies*Box 531*Durham NC 27702:
Kudzu Alliance*Box 531*Durham NC 27702:SER ECOLOGY AN
Operation Breakthrough*Box 1470*Durham NC 27702:FOOD HRO
South Africa Committee*Box 3851*Durham NC 27702**919-682-7342:AFRICA THIRD-WORLD
Witness For Peace*Box 567*Durham NC 27702**919-688-5049:PEACE CENTRAL-AMERICA POLITICAL 9107
Kudzu Alliance*720 Ninth St*Durham NC 27705:AN POLITICAL
Ladyslipper*Box 3130*Durham NC 27705**800-634-6044*919-683-1570:MUSIC CATALOG DMPR 8710 W
North Carolina Occupational Safety & Health Project*Box 2514*Durham NC 27705**919-286-2276:OCCUPATIONAL-SAFETY HC
Peoples Alliance*Box 3053*Durhan NC 27705:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Regulator Bookshop*720 Ninth St*Durham NC 27705**919-286-2700:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE AA76 AA BB MBB SEP
Free U*Asdu*Duke U*Durham NC 27706:U CU EDUCATION
Mortimer/Lee*Citizens For Proportional Representation*4116 Livingstone Pl*Durham NC 27707**919-489-7028:ELECTORAL-REFORM PROPORTIONAL-REPRESENTATION POLITICAL -1 9301
Americal Literature*Duke University Press*6667 College Stn*Durham NC 27708:SP CU EDUCATION
People's Alliance*Box 3053*Durham NC 27715:POLITICAL 9301
Falls Of The Tar Publications*Box 4194*Rocky Mount NC 27801:SP
Community Buying Club*1505 E Wright Rd*Greenville NC 27834:FC HRO
Tar River Poetry*English Dept*E Carolina U*Greenville NC 27834:CU EDUCATION
Hough/Lawrence*Society For Utopian Studies*Ecu Political Science Dept*Greenville NC 27858:UTOPIAN-STUDIES EDUCATION PUBLICATION 9107 -1 MEDIA
Carolina Brown Lung Assn*Box 1101*Roanoke Rapids NC 27870**919-537-1858:HC
Political Prisoners Solidarity Committee*Box 137*Tillery NC 27887:PRISON
Albermarle Coop Assn*Box 398*Edenton NC 27932:FC
Chowan Coop Produce Exchange*Box 398*Edenton NC 27932:FC
Scupparnong Landings*Box 167*Kill Devil Hills NC 27948:
Sound & Sea Fishermens Assn Coop*Merry Hill NC 27957:FC
Coop*Box 336*Ocracoke NC 27960:FC SEP
Arden Organics*99 Pond Rd*Asheville NC 28020:FOOD
Morse/Jerry*Union County Norml*271 Indian Trail*Unionville Rd*Indian Trail NC 28079**704-821-8478:9401 -1 MARIJUANA NORML
Stout/Linda*Piedmont Peace Project*406 Jackson Park Rd*Kannapolis NC 28081**704-938-5090:F -1 ANTI-WAR-INFORMATION 9301
Political Action Group Of Davidson College*Box 2883*Davidson NC 28083:CU POLITICAL 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Lincolntown Natural Foods Coop*Box 1322 215 N Poplar*Lincolntown NC 28092:FC
Just Me & You Kid Publishing*Box 68*Midland NC 28107-0068:9205 SINGLE-MOTHERS PUBLICATION MOTHERS-BY-CHOICE WHC MEDIA HC
Ruth Organic Coop*Rt 4 Box 57A*Rutherfordton NC 28139:FC W
Anson County Food Club*Rt 3 Box 317*Wadesboro NC 28170:FC HRO
Any Day Now*500 W Trade St Box 360*Charlotte NC 28202**704-551-7836:WOMEN VIDEO F&V DOMESTIC-VIOLENCE VIOLENCE/DOMESTIC ABUSE 9307 W
Safe Energy Alliance*527 E Kingston Av*Charlotte NC 28203:SER ECOLOGY AN
National Sharecroppers Fund*2128 Commonwealth*Charlotte NC 28205:SHARECROPPERS SEP
Rural Advancement Fund*2128 Commonwealth Av*Charlotte NC 28205:RURAL SEP
Thyssen/Sylvia*Multidisciplinary Assn For Psychedelic Studies Inc*1801 Tippah Av*Charlotte NC 28205**704-358-9830*704-358-1650(FAX)*RICKMAPS@AOL.COM:9401 -1 F PSYCHELICS DRUG-USAGE P
Carolina Environmental Study Group*854 Henley Pl*Charlotte NC 28207:SER AN ECOLOGY
Charlotte Draft Counseling Service*2501 Inverness Rd*Charlotte NC 28209:MILITARY POLITICAL DRAFT W
Crampton/Scott*Queens College Students*1822 Cassamia Pl*Charlotte NC 28211**704-365-0467:-1 STUDENTS 9301
Essene Teachings Inc*3427 Denson Pl*Charlotte NC 28215**536-8159:H SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
University Of The 12 Rays*3427 Denson Pl*Charlotte NC 28215**536-8159:AA84 AA H SP PUBLICATION MBB BB CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Church World Service*300 Hawthorne Ln*Box 221264*Charlotte NC 28222**704-333-9255:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
North Carolina Naturists*Box 33845*Charlotte NC 28233**704-872-4536:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Graves/Carrie*Jobs With Peace*1534 West Blvd*Charlotte NC 28234:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 PEACE W
Carothers/Bill*Charlotteans For Free South Africa*Box 36574*Charlotte NC 28235**704-394-5502:SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL -1 9301
Sparrow/Kathy*Charlotte Peace & Justice Council*Box 669572*Charlotte NC 28266**704-399-2480:-1 F 9301
Sommers/Greg*Quaker House*223 Hillside Av*Fayetteville NC 28301**919-323-3912*919-323-3935(FAX):-1 DRAFT MILITARY 9301 COUNSELING PEACE
Curveship Press*St Andrews Presyterian College*Laurinberg NC 28352:SP CU EDUCATION
St Andrews Press*St Andrews College*Laurinburg NC 28352:SP CU EDUCATION
Pembroke Magazine*Box 60 Psu*Pembroke NC 28372:
Evans/Alice*Peaceworks*Box 5161*Wilmington NC 28403**919-343-0898:-1 F 9301
Vegetarian Society Of Lower Cape Fear*Box 3411*Wilmington NC 28406**919-791-4907:9405 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Best/Denny*Campus Awareness Organization*Student Activities Office*601 S College Rd*Wilmington NC 28407**919-395-3553:STUDENTS CU POLITICAL -1 9301
Whispering Pines*Box 148*Longwood NC 28452**919-287-6404:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*Box 1163*Jacksonville NC 28540:PEACE MILITARY POLITICAL VVAW 8807
North Carolinda Fund For Development*Box 874*Kingston NC 28561:FC
Hemlocks & Balsams*Box 537*Banner Elk NC 28604:SP
Hughes/Mary Beth*Blue Ridge Alliance For Safe Energy*Blue Ridge Resource Ctr*121 W Howard St*Boone NC 28607:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V W
Appalachian Journal*132 Stanford Hall*Appalachian State U*Boone NC 28608:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Guerena/Salvador*Latino Librarianship*Box 611*Jefferson NC 28640:-1 W LATINO PUBLICATION HISPANIC LIBRARY 9102 MEDIA
Mcfarland & Co Inc*Box 611*Jefferson NC 28640:
Gold Crest Publishing*502 E St*Box 369*N Wilkesboro NC 28659:SP
Meadows Mill Co*Box 1288*N Wilkesboro NC 28659:FOOD
I Care Inc*Box 349*Statesville NC 28677:CONSUMER
Woodard/Mike*Jubilee House Community*902 Boulevard*Statesville NC 28677**704-872-9230:COMMUNITY -1 9301
Bama Coop*Rt 1 Box 15*Sugar Grove NC 28679:FC
Still Wind Community*Box 4*Sugar Grove NC 28679:COMMUNITY
Windborne*Box 4*Sugar Grove NC 28679:FC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Omni Farm Coop*Rt 2*W Jefferson NC 28694:FC
Mountain Skit Crafts*Box 771*Bryson City NC 28702:FC
United Research*Box 1146*Black Mountain NC 28711:H
Carolina Morning Designs*1580 Hannah Branch Rd*Burnsville NC 28714**704-675-9575:9203 MEDITATION CUSHION
Journal Of Self Propelled Transportation*Rt 5 Box 341-B*Burnsville NC 28714:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 PUBLICATION TRANSPORTATION EDUCATION MEDIA
Listening Project*1901 Hannah Branch Rd*Burnsville NC 28714:H 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Ten Thousand Things*Rt 5*Burnsville NC 28714:FC
Walters/Herb*Rural Southern Voices For Peace*1898 Hannah Branch Rd*Burnsville NC 28714**704-675-5933*704-675-9335(FAX):9203 PEACE ARMED-FORCES SOUTH -1 9301
Laird/Mary Kay*Women's Intl League For Peace & Freedom*28 Queen Rd*Candler NC 28715**704-667-0463:F -1 WOMEN 9301
Spangenbery/Ward*West Carolina Peace & Justice Society*Box 1301*Cullowhee NC 28723**704-497-4113:-1 9301
Last Bit Coop*Box 7*Hot Springs NC 28743:FC
Southern Dharma Retreat Ctr*Route 1 Box 34-H*Hot Springs NC 28743**704-622-7112:EDUCATION H 9107
Spring Creek Coop*Rt 2 Box 157*Hot Springs NC 28743:FC
Haywood Buying Club*Box 185*Lake Junaluska NC 28745:FC HRO
Doggett Mountain Coop*Rt 2 Box 191 D*Leicestur NC 28748:FC
Katuah Journal*Box 638*Katuah Province NC 28748**704-683-1414:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION APPALACHIA 9102 MEDIA
Country Boutique Crafts Coop*Box 472*Marshall NC 28753:FC
High Health Coop*Box 184*Mars Hill NC 28754:FC HC
Back Home*Box 370*Mountain Home NC 28758:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Backhome*Box 370*Mountain Home NC 28758**704-696-3838:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION 9106 MEDIA
Rara Avis*Rt 2 Box 104*Old Fort NC 28762:FC
Eclectic Reader*Star Rt Box 286*Topton NC 28781:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Turtle's Fix-It Shop*1118 Reem's Creek Rd*Weaverville NC 28787**704-645-7627:9203 BICYCLE-CAMPER-TRAILER CAMPER-TRAILER TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY
Holm/Lynn*Carolinians For Safe Energy*388 Merrimon Av*Asheville NC 28801:GMPFCG GMPFR ENERGY -1 GMPF F&V W
Fobes/Jeff*Green Line*Box 144*Asheville NC 28802:PUBLICATION -1 9301
Jonas/Billy*Bicyle Band*31 Park Av*Asheville NC 28802:9203 -1 ECOLOGY ART TRAVELING-SHOW BICYCLE-POWERED-BAND DB
Prohn/Dianne*Peace Links North Carolina*Box 2592*Asheville NC 28802**704-693-8776:-1 F 9301
South Paw (preserve Appalachian Wilderness)*Box 3141*Asheville NC 28802**803-878-2234:9307 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Biltmore Natural Foods*Box 5713*Ashville NC 28803:FOOD
Greer/Steven*Shambhala Inst*118 Cumberland Av*Asheville NC 28803**704-253-0509:-1 CLINIC WER 9105 HC
Natural Lifestyle Supplies*16 Lookout Dr*Asheville NC 28804**800-752-2775:9203 9206 FOOD MAIL-ORDER CATALOG
Aztec Organics*99 Pond Rd*Ashville NC 28806:FOOD
Boniske/Kitty*20-20 Vision*Box 5855*Asheville NC 28813**704-274-8222:-1 F 9301
Clark/Patrick*Western Carolina Citizens For Social Concerns*Box 5855*Asheville NC 28813**704-675-9575:9203 -1 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION TRANSPORTATION DMPR MEDIA
Livingston/Steve*Operation Safe Return*Box 5855*Asheville NC 28813**704-274-4227:-1 9301
Americans For The Universality Of Unesco*Box 18418*Asheville NC 28814:UNESCO 9103
Clark/Patrick*Kokopelli Notes*Box 8186*Asherville NC 28814-8186:9403 -1 TRAVEL ZINE PUBLICATION
Southern Poetry Review*English Dept*U Of NC*Charlotte NC 28823:CU EDUCATION
Cedar Creek*260 Gantt Mill Rd*Leesville SC 29070**803-894-5159:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Natural Guard*Rt 3 Box 630*Orangeburg SC 29115:SER ECOLOGY AN
Grassroots Organizing Workshop*18 Bluff Rd*Columbia SC 29201**803-254-0398:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Harbinger*18 Bluff Rd*Columbia SC 29201**803-254-4565:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Palmetto Alliance*18 Bluff Rd*Columbia SC 29201**803-771-9999:POLITICAL AN
South Carolinians Against War In The Mid-East*Wesley United Methodist Church*1725 Gervais St*Columbia SC 29201**803-799-1426:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Natural Guard*Box 2510*Columbia SC 29202:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Tales End Press*2513 2513 Reynolds Dr*Columbia SC 29204:SP
Caroline Peace Resource Ctr*Drawer 50426*Columbia SC 29250:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE W
Joyful Alternative*747 Sabuda Av*Box 5507*Columbia SC 29250:BOOKSTORE SEP POLITICAL
Kitemaug Press*229 Mohawk Dr*Spartanburg SC 29301:SP
Palmetto Alliance*314 Oak Grove Rd*Spartansburg SC 29301:SER ECOLOGY AN
Zerres/Chris*New Age Coop*Sherman Chiro College*Spartanburg SC 29303:FC CU EDUCATION -1
Carolinas Celebration*Box 731*Laurens SC 29360:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Community Land-Link Network*Box 276*Charleston SC 29402:9303 COMMUNITY PUBLICATION INTERNET
Johnson/Martha*Charlston Palmetto Alliance*Box 582*Charlston SC 29402:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V W
National Lawyers Guild*Box 582*Charleston SC 29402:AACC NLG 8807
Palmetto Alliance*Box 582*Charleston SC 29403:SER ECOLOGY AN
Vital Speeches Of The Day*Box 1247*Mount Pleasant SC 29465:PUBLICATION SPEECHES MEDIA
Berkeley Colleton Dorchester Housing Coop*Box 1215*Moncks Corner SC 29466:FC
South Carolina Sea Island Farmers Coop*Rt 1 Box 226D*Ravanel SC 29470:FC
International Primate Protection*Box 766*Summerville SC 29484:9403 ECOLOGY
Peoples Community Coop*120 Benson St*Walterboro SC 29488:COOP
Southern Libertarian Messenger*Rt 10 Box 52-A*Florence SC 29501**803-669-8545:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR LIBERTARIAN POLITICAL MEDIA
South Atlantic Packing Co*Box 4929*Florence SC 29502:FOOD
Coast Clean Energy Alliance*431 E Beach*Ocean Springs SC 29564:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Life Coop*Box 1067*N Myrtle Beach SC 29577:COOP FOOD
Life Coop*Box 2296*N Myrtle Beach SC 29582:FC
Pawleys Island Perspective*Box 1260*Pawleys Island SC 29585: PUBLICATION
Friends United For Safe Energy*Acorn Natural Foods*Box 5985*Greenville SC 29606:SER ECOLOGY AN FC FOOD ENERGY
Share Coop*Box 1055*Clemson SC 29631:FC
South Carolina Review*English Dept*Clemson U*Clemson SC 29631:CU EDUCATION
Remicks Haven*9 Remickville Dr*Cleveland SC 29635**803-836-3447:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Clemson Coop*Wesley House*Seneca Rd*Clemson SC 29637:FC
Hawthorne Press*Stony Point Rt 2*Greenwood SC 29646:SP
Sunny Acres Press*Rt 6 Box 442*Seneca SC 29678:SP
Foothills Coop*Sunset SC 29685:FC
Danfuski Island Coop*Danfuski Island SC 29915:FC
Hampton County Buying Club*Box 706*Hampton SC 29924:COOP FC HRO
Beaufort Jasper Comprehensive Health Services*Box 4981*Helton Head SC 29928:FC HC
Dekalb Literary Arts Journal*Dekalb College*Clarkston GA 30021:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Cantwell/Becky*Clergy & Laity Concerned*340 Mead Rd*Decatur GA 30030**212-964-6730:-1 F AN POLITICAL AT AACC CALC 9206 SEP
Public Interest Research Group*110 E Maple St*Decatur GA 30030:CONSUMER RESEARCH NADER/RALPH PIRG 8807
Southern Christian Leadership Conference*334 Auburn Av NE*Atlanta GA 30030:CHRISTIAN BLACK POLITICAL
Winona Park Cheese Coop*440 Avery St*Decatur GA 30030:FC
Loaves & Fishes Coop*1679 Columbia Dr SE*Decatur GA 30032:FC
Kaplan/Brian*Atlanta Sierra Club Group*1376 Nalley Cir*Decatur GA 30033**404-315-0088:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK HRO
Voice Of Liberty*692 Sunnybrook Dr*Decatur GA 30033:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Thunderbolt*Box 1211*Arietta GA 30061:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Vintners Press*9890 La View Cir*Roswell GA 30075:SP
Night Owl's Network*3260 Keith Bridge Rd #131*Cummings GA 30130:ZINE 9311 NIGHTIME-WORKERS WORK P
Old Red Kimono*Humanities Dept-Floyd Jr College*Box 1864*Rome GA 30161:SP CU EDUCATION
A Coop*Box 7 Annandale Village*Suwanee GA 30174:FC
Daniel Press*1432 Graceland Ct*Morrow GA 30260:SP
Wilson/Reagan*Fulton-Coweta Citizens Committee*8 Amlajack Blvd #211*Newman GA 30265:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Critique*English Dept*Georgia Technology*Atlanta GA 30302:SP
Act Up*Box 57089*Atlanta GA 30303:9107 HS AIDS HC
Advances In Consumer Research*Assoc For Consumer Research*Georgia State U Marketing Dept*Atlanta GA 30303:BUSINESS PUBLICATION CONSUMER CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Cabashe/Tandi*American Friends Service Committee*92 Piedmont Av NE*Atlanta GA 30303:PEACE 9204 SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFJ GMPFI 8807 AFSC POLITICAL GMPF F&V ART DB IDAFSA -1 HRO
Care*151 Ellis St*Atlanta GA 30303**800-521-CARE:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Social Responsibility Investment Group Inc*127 Peachtree St NE Suite 622*Atlanta GA 30303**404-577-3635:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Georgians Against Nuclear Energy*Box 8574*Atlanta GA 30306**351-1825:POLITICAL AN
Stone Soup*1243 Virginia*Atlanta GA 30306:FC W
War Resistors League*1225 Cameron Ct*Atlanta GA 30306:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Balsamo/Anne*Perforations 5*% Public Domain Inc*Box 8899*Atlanta GA 30306-0899**404-894-8923*PERF5@PD.ORG:9403 ZINE -1 F06
Atlanta Lesbian Feminist Alliance*Box 5502*Atlanta GA 30307:POLITICAL LESBIAN MR W
Attica Memorial Foundation*Box 5294*Atlanta GA 30307:PRISON
Awin-Gi Counseling*540 Moreland Av NE*Atlanta GA 30307:MILITARY
Georgia Solar Coalition*Box 5506*Atlanta GA 30307**404-525-7657:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING W
Georgians For Clean Energy*Box 5239*Atlanta GA 30307:AN POLITICAL
Movement For A New Society*Box 5434*Atlanta GA 30307**378-7946:FC GMPFJ GMPFI MNS POLITICAL 8807 GMPF F&V ART DB
Radio Free Georgia*Box 5332*Atlanta GA 30307:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR W MEDIA
Amnesty Intl*730 Peachtree*Atlanta GA 30308**404-876-57661: HRO
Wild Foods Forum*4 Carlisle Way NE*Atlanta GA 30308:9403 PLANTS/WILD SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Aid Atlanta*1132 W Peachtree St NW*Atlanta GA 30309:8809 AIDS HC HS
Emergency Land Fund*836 Beecher St SW*Atlanta GA 30310**758-5506:LAND SP PUBLICATION LAND-FUND SEP MEDIA
Freedon Uhuru Foods Coop*Wanzu*1388 Gordon SW Box 689*Atlanta GA 30310:FC
Fund For Southern Communities*552 Hill St*Atlanta GA 30312**577-3178:MONEY FUND-RAISING
Kudzu Coop Market*456 Cherokee Av SE*Atlanta GA 30312:FC
Georgia Consumer Council*Box 311*Morris Brown College*Atlanta GA 30314:CONSUMER CU EDUCATION W
Sage*Box 115*Atlanta GA 30314**404-681-3643*404-753-8383(FAX):PUBLICATION WST ETHNIC-STUDIES CU W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Atlanta Community*507 Atlanta Av*Atlanta GA 30315:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL CHRISTIAN
Magnolia Coop Warehouse Inc*1081 Memorial Dr SE*Atlanta GA 30316:FC
Feminist Womens Health Ctr*580 14TH St NW*Atlanta GA 30318**874-7551:WHC W HC
Global Alliance For Transforming Education*4202 Ashwoody Trail*Atlanta GA 30319**404-458-5678:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 CONFERENCE EDUCATION
Quickie Press*3685 Donaldson Dr NE*Atlanta GA 30319:SP
Recalcitrant Press*3848 Fox Glen Ct*Atlanta GA 30319:SP
Tinhorn Press*1491 Cortel Ln NE*Atlanta GA 30320:SP
Golden Temple Natural Foods*1782 Cheshire Bridge Rd NE*Atlanta GA 30324:RESTAURANT FOOD
Thumbs Up Press*6440 Tanacrest Court NW*Atlanta GA 30328:SP
American Cancer Society*1599 Clifton Road NE*Atlanta GA 30329**800-ACS-2345:PATIENT-INFORMATION CANCER 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
Free U*Student Ctr*Georgia Technology*Atlanta GA 30332:U CU EDUCATION
Together Food Coop*Ga Inst Of Technology*Stud Gov Box 30174*Atlanta GA 30332:FC
Tudor Press*5015 Spaulding Dr NE*Atlanta GA 30340:SP
Network Earth*1 Cnn Ctr*Box 105366*Atlanta GA 30348**404-827-4040:ECOLOGY TV VIDEO F&V CABLE-TV 9106 MEDIA
Owens Foundation For Wildlife Conservation*Box 53396*Atlanta GA 30355:9211 AFRICA ELEPHANTS ECOLOGY CONSERVATION FOUNDATION
Art Papers*Box 77348*Atlanta GA 30357**404-588-1837:9209 ART PUBLICATION VARIOUS...920908 DB MEDIA
Creative Loafing*Box 7689*Atlanta GA 30357:
Wolfcreek Wilderness School*Coop Outdoor Ed*Wolfcreek Rd Box 596*Blairsville GA 30512:FC
Pea Ridge Coop*Rt 4 Liberty Community*Dawsonville GA 30534:FC
Sunshine Farm Coop*Rt 2 Box 208*Ellijay GA 30540:FC
Center For Spiritual Awareness*Box 7*Lakemont GA 30552**782-3931:MLC H WLT
Csa*Roads End Box 7*Lakemont GA 30552:FC
Georgia Mountain Arts Products*Box 67*Tallullah Falls GA 30573:FC ART W DB
Athenians For Clean Energy*Box 47*Athens GA 30601:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPFEG ENERGY 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB
Athens Citizens Party*185 W Washington St*Athens GA 30601:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Georgia Review*U Of GA*Athens GA 30602:SP CU EDUCATION W
Canvas Chautauqua*Box 447*Athens GA 30603:9101 PUBLICATION PEACE AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910219 MEDIA
Jubilee Partners*Box 459*Comer GA 30629**783-5244:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY
East Georgia Farmers Coop*567 9 St Box 35*Waynesboror GA 30830:FC
Cotton Lane Press*2 Cotton Ln*Augusta GA 30902:SP
Augusta College Food Coop*2500 Walton Way*Augusta GA 30904:FC CU EDUCATION
Augusta Draft Info Service*3021 Fox Spring Rd*Augusta GA 30904:MILITARY
Cafe Naturale*18855 Central Av*Augusta GA 30904:FC
Dogwood Alliance*1114 Cobb St*Augusta GA 30904:SER ECOLOGY AN
Macon Whole Earth Buying Club*1441 Adams St*Macon GA 31201:FC HRO
Ocmulgee Alliance For Safe Energy*Box 5686*Macon GA 31201:GMPFCG GMPFR SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V
Ashantilly Press*Box 573*Darien GA 31305:SP
National Coalition For Marine Conservation*Box 23298*Savannah GA 31403:9403 ECOLOGY
Cole/Sue*Oatland Island Education Ctr*711 Sandtown Rd*Savannah GA 31410:GMPFCG GMPFPR AN -1 GMPF F&V W
Coastal Naturists*Box 3593*Savannah GA 31414:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Savannah Garden Of Eden*Box 5892*Savannah GA 31414**912-354-6630:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Plantagenet House Inc*Box 271*Blackshear GA 31516:
St Simons Food Coop*4217 5 E Beach*St Simons GA 31522:FC
Southwest Georgia Project*Box 1933*Albany GA 31702:
Habitat For Humanity*Habitat & Church Streets*Americus GA 31709:HOUSING DMPR 8710
Vine/Kudzu*American Friends Service Committee*Box 20*Americus GA 31709:SA AN AFSC 8807 -1 HRO
Homestead Food Coop*Rt 3 Box 205*Cairo GA 31728:FC
Good Foods Coop*2800 Tift Av #F42*Tiftonn GA 31794:FC
Natural Alternatives*2265 Post Rd*Jacksonville FL 32004:FC
Florida Nonviolence Training*Star Rt Box 19*Crescent City FL 32012:AN POLITICAL NONVIOLENCE
Stonesoup School*Star Rt Box 11-1*Crescent City FL 32012:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Rook Press*2700 Ridge Rd*Daytona Beach FL 32018:SP
Jen Press*129 South Cory Dr*Edgewater FL 32032:SP
Hufstetter/Connie*Periwinkel Alliance*Box 1009*Fernando Beach FL 32034:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Live Without Trident*Box 1009*Fernandina Beach FL 32034:SER ECOLOGY AN
Sunny Sands Resort*502 Central Blvd*Pierson FL 32080**904-749-2233:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Earthvision*Box 347*Saint Augustine FL 32085:ECOLOGY 8709
American Civil Defense Assn*Box 1057*Starke FL 32091:CIVIL-DEFENSE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Daytona Beach Hemp Awareness Council*Box 10384*Daytona Beach FL 32120:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Tara Oaks*Box 836*Sparr FL 32192**904-622-8990:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Kalliope*101 W State St*Jacksonville FL 32202:
Paper Bag Conspiracy*3626 Post St*Jacksonville FL 32205:FC
Minutewomen*4810 Longbow Rd*Jacksonville FL 32210:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Men For Era*9439 San Jose Blvd #251*Jacksonville FL 32217:MEN ERA
Northeast Florida Naturists*Box 24048*Jacksonville FL 32241:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
American Syrian Lebanese Leader*Box 50728*Jacksonville FL 32250:SYRIA LEBANON POLITICAL
Grass Roots Free School*2458 Grass Roots Way*Tallahassee FL 32301:CU FC SCHOOL EDUCATION
Macqueen/Kim*Southern Culture Quarterly*Fez Press Inc*Box 2453*Tallahassee FL 32303:9310 SOUTH CULTURE ZINE -1 F
Apalachee Quarterly*Box 20106*Tallahassee FL 32304:SP
Catfish Alliance*Box 20049*Tallahassee FL 32304**222-7080:POLITICAL AN
Leon County Food Coop Warehouse*649 West Gaines St*Tallahassee FL 32304**904-222-9916:FC
Natures Way*1932 W Tennessee*Tallahasee FL 32304:RESTAURANT FOOD
Progressive Technology*Box 20049*Tallahassee FL 32304:GMPFI AT POLITICAL GMPF F&V ART DB
Science For The People*Box 20049*Tallahassee FL 32304**222-7080:PPS MLC AT BOOKSTORE SCIENCE POLITICAL SFTP 8807
Spectrum--Cooperative Newspaper*For The Tallahassee Community*2105 Autumn Ln*Tallahassee FL 32304:
Center For Participant Education*Fl State U*251 Union Bldg*Tallahassee FL 32306:U CU EDUCATION
Act Up*1226 Brandt Dr*Tallahassee FL 32308:9107 HS AIDS HC
Alternate Currents*Miccousukee Land Coop*Rt 7 Box Mlc*Tallahassee FL 32308:FC
Catfish Alliance*Box U-5862*Tallahassee FL 32313:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Tallahassee Bare-Devils*Box 20656*Tallahassee FL 32316**904-576-5083:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Bay Bares*106 Peachtree Dr*Lynn Haven FL 32444**904-265-1842:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Lawrence/Robert*Therapeutic & Ecological Applications Of Cannabis Hemp*Box 1297*Youngstown FL 32466:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Christian Educators Assoc Of The Southeast*125 John St*Pensacola FL 32503:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Everyman Natural Food Coop*2902 N 12TH St*Pensacola FL 32503:FC
Panhandler*English Dept*U Of W Fl*Pensacola FL 32504:SP CU EDUCATION
Ethos Trace Inc*Box 2255*Pace FL 32571**904-994-9160:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Iris Books*802 W University Av*Gainesville FL 32601**904-375-7477:WOMEN'S-STUDIES 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*Box 13179*Gainesville FL 32601:MILITARY VVAW 8807
Goerings Book Ctr*1310 W University Av*Gainesville FL 32603:BOOKSTORE SEP
Environmental Action Group*304 J Wayne Reitz Union*U Of FL*Gainesville FL 32611:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Lecanto Tofu*Box 444*Lecanto FL 32661:FC
Spiritual Advisory Council*14345 SE 103RD Ter*Summerfield FL 32691**862-3776:H
Hill Coop*1100 S Roger Wma Dr*Apopka FL 32703:FC
Skydiving*Box 189*Deltona FL 32725:SP
Audubon Society*Box 7*Maitland FL 32751:ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Save The Manatee Club*500 N Maitland Av*Maitland FL 32751:9403 ECOLOGY HRO
Hill Coop*Box 166*Scottsmore FL 32775:FC
Porcupine Press*1251 Via Estrella*Winter Pk FL 32789:SP
Zygon-Journal Of Religion & Science*Box 2764 Rollins College*Winter Pk FL 32789**305-646-2134:RELIGION SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA NR ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL HOUSING AT
Florida Coalition For Peace & Justice*Box 2486*Orlando FL 32802:8911 PEACE
Hedrick/J*Peoples Transit Organization*1729 Heppard Rd*Orlando FL 32803:SER ECOLOGY AN TRANSPORTATION -1
Action Now*Box 550623*Orlando FL 32855:9107 HS AIDS HC
Muszynski/James*South Orange Community Council*Box 592296*Orlando FL 32859-2296**407-855-4841:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Geraventure Corp*Box 2131*Melbourne FL 32901:SP
Howard Allen Enterprises*Box 76*Cape Canaveral FL 32920:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Natures Harvest*1425 Highland Av*Melbourne FL 32935:FC
Belles Lettres*785 Verbenia Dr*Satellite Beach FL 32937:SPR BOOK-REVIEW BOOK-PR PR-BOOK WOMENS-BOOKS-REVIEW W
Jenkins/K T*Belles Letters*785 Verbenia Dr*Satelite Beach FL 32937:BOOK-PR SPR PUBLICATION PR-BOOK -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Dyal Coop*988 Nicklaus*Rockledge FL 32955:FC
Vogue Cuisine Inc*437 Golden Isles Dr*Hallandale FL 33009:FOOD
Coop*19421 SW 307TH St*Homestead FL 33030:FC
Bee Natural Honey Inc*14240 SW 256 Box 4085*Princeton FL 33032:FOOD HONEY
Gnome Baker*Box 23*Key West FL 33041:SP
Key West Coop*816 Center St*Key West FL 33041:FC
Coop*10930 NW 32ND Ct*Coral Springs FL 33065:FC
Hermitage Coop*9550 NW 42ND Ct*Coral Springs FL 33065:FC
Fight For Life*6231 SW 10TH Ct*N Lauderdale FL 33068:9107 HS AIDS HC
Animal Rights Foundation*Box 841154*Pembrooke Pines FL 33084**305-432-1095:ARO
Peace Education Foundation*Box 191153*Miami FL 33119**305-372-0533:PEACE 9308
Law & Economics Ctr*U Of Miami*Box 248000*Coral Gables FL 33124:PUBLICATION BP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Granny Feel Goods*121 SE 2nd Av*Miami FL 33131:RESTAURANT FOOD
Alternatives*300 NE 2nd Av*Miami FL 33132**577-6768:PUBLICATION H MLC MEDIA
Friends Of The Everglades*3744 Stewart Av*Coconut Grove FL 33133:9403 ECOLOGY
Kuntz/Robert*Cure Aids Now*2240 S Dixie Hwy*Coconut Grove FL 33133:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Oak Food Store*3030 Grand Av*Coconut Grove FL 33133:STORE FOOD
South Florida Free Beaches*Box 330902*Coconut Grove FL 33133**305-966-1870:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Cuban Representation Of Exiles*1784 W Flager St Rm 21*Miami FL 33135:CUBA PUBLICATION MEDIA
Meyer/Peter*Swamp Rats*723 NW Ninth Av*Miami FL 33136:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Civil Liberties Union*225 NE 34 St Suite 208*Miami FL 33137**305-576-2336:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Florida Arts Gazette*2895 Biscayne Blvd Suite 269*Miami FL 33137:SP ART DB
Act Up*Lambda Passages*7545 Biscayne Blvd*Miami FL 33138:9107 HS AIDS HC
Center For Dialog*2175 NW 26TH St*Miami FL 33142:
Delphi Foundation Inst*8603 S Dixie Hwy*Miami FL 33143**800-331-9611:EDUCATION CHILDREN 9106
Gestalt Therapy Inst Of Fl*7900 SW 68TH Ter*Miami FL 33143**271-8105:H
International Yoga Society*6111 SW 74 Av*Miami FL 33143:YOGA
Association For Breast Cancer Detection Earlier*1110 S Dixie Hwy*Coral Gables FL 33146:WHC W HC
International Oceanographic Foundation*4600 Rickenbacker Causeway*Virginia Key*Miami FL 33149:9403 ECOLOGY
Coop Task Force South Fl*Aide For Ongoing & Existing Coops*175 NW 101ST St*Miami FL 33150:FC
Roundtable Of The Light Centers*1801 Southwest 82 Pl*Miami FL 33155**264-4118:H
Coop*15925 SW 90TH Av*Miami FL 33157:FC
Here Comes The Sun*2188 NE 123RD St*N Miami FL 33161:STORE FOOD
North Dade Food Coop*Box 610385*Miami FL 33161:SER ECOLOGY AN FC FOOD
Air On Lean*290 NE 154TH St*Miami FL 33162:FC
Earthwise*Box 680-536*Miami FL 33168:SP
Coop*12150 SW 45TH St*Miami FL 33175:FC
Life Labs Environmental Demonstration Ctr*Miami Dade Community College*11011 SW 104 St*Miami FL 33176:SER AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Owner Builder Ctr*11011 SW 104 St*Miami FL 33176**305-596-1018:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Ring-A-Ding Ink*1050 NE 169TH Ter*N Miami Beach FL 33180:SP
Here Comes The Sun*2188 NE 123 St*N Miami FL 33181:RESTAURANT FOOD
Redlands Buying Club*18450 SW 212TH St*Perrine FL 33187:FC HRO
Food Coop*Fiu University Hs 212B*Miami FL 33199:FC
Clarks Out Of Town News*4 Wall St*Ft Lauderdale FL 33301:BOOKSTORE
Aquarian Messenger*2716 NE 30TH Pl*Ft Lauderdale FL 33306:H
American Assn Of Pro-Life Obstetricians & Gynecologists*266 Pine Av*Lauderdale-By-The-Sea FL 33308:HC PRO-LIFE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Coop*717 NW 30TH St*Ft Lauderdale FL 33311:FC
Hammell/John*Life Extension Foundation*2490 Griffin Rd*Fort Lauderdale FL 33312**800-841-5433*305-989-8269(FAX):9406 -1 LONGEVITY CRYOGENICS06
Haven For Spiritual Travellers*1333 SW 25 Av*Ft Lauderdale FL 33312:H
Real Earth*6508 SW 39TH St*Davie FL 33314:FC
Mi Z Coop*6041 SW 9th*Plantation FL 33317:FC
Ashley Books*4600 W Commercial Blvd*Fort Lauderdale FL 33319:PUBLICATION MLC W MEDIA
Sunflower Coop*8123 NW 72ND Av*Tamarac FL 33319:FC
Mark-Age Inform-Nations*Box 290368*Ft Lauderdale FL 33329**303-587-5555:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hunter/Diana*Women's Publications Inc*13326 Southwest 28TH St*Ft Lauderdale FL 33330**305-370-9153:9308 -1 F WOMEN HOME-IMPROVEMENT CONSTRUCTION SP
Margarite Cosmetics*101 Gale Pl*W Palm Beach FL 33409:FOOD
Agnes Cocuzza Coop*8590 Kelso Dr*Lake Pk FL 33410:FC
Hippocrates Health Inst*1443 Palmdale Ct*W Palm Beach FL 33411**267-9525:AT H MLC FOOD HC
Stevens Tropical Plantation*6550 Okeechobee Blvd*W Palm Beach FL 33411:FOOD
Kerensky/Elaine*Faraway Family Playhouse*Box 276304*Boca Raton FL 33427:9109 -1 SP FAMILY W
Faivus/Pam*Public Interest Research Group*Florida Atlantic U*University Ctr*Boca Raton FL 33431:GMPFR GMPFC PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Gay Academic Union*Florida Atlantic U*Student Activities Office*Boca Raton FL 33432:HS CU EDUCATION W
Southern Gay Liberator*Box 2118*Boca Raton FL 33432**391-8693:PUBLICATION POLITICAL HS MR LIBRARY W MEDIA
House Of Prayer*3300 N Seacrest Blvd*Boynton Beach FL 33435:FC
Yogashakti Ashram Mission Inc*839 S Federal Hwy*Deerfield Beach FL 33441:H
Ufo Reward*National Enquirer*Lantana FL 33464:UFO
Sunspot Gardens*14125 North Rd*Loxahatchee FL 33470**407-793-0423:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Denes Health Food For Pets*44 Cocoanut Row*Palm Beach FL 33480:FOOD HC
Woodland Coop*3407 27TH St E*Bradenton FL 33505:FC
Water Wise Co*501 Youth Camp Rd*Center Hill FL 33514:FOOD
Book Business Mart*Box 1140*Clearwater FL 33517:SP
Cottingham School*206 23RD Av N*Indian Rock Beach FL 33535:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Paradise Lakes Resort*Box 750*Land O Lakes FL 33539**813-949-1313:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Consumers Cure Inc*Box 10578*St Petersburg FL 33542:CONSUMER ENERGY
Canoe Outpost*State Rd 476*Nobleton FL 33554:FC
Bayshore Books*Box 848*Nokomis FL 33555:SP ID-P IDAFSA
Bingo Distributors*Box 305*Sarasota FL 33578**813-365-0585:FC
Fund For Advancement Of Camping*4502 N Tamiami Trail*Sarasota FL 33578**312-322-0827:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Sprout Publications Inc*Box 4064*Sarasota FL 33578:
Manna North Food Coop*1016 23RD St*Sarasota FL 33580:FC
New College Press*5700 N Trail*Sarasota FL 33580:BP SP CU EDUCATION
Rose Press*2981 S Webber Pl*Sarasota FL 33580:SP W
Manna South Food Coop*2220 Doud*Sarasota FL 33581:FC
Grace Fellowship Coop*1230 Hancock Av*Sarasota FL 33582:FC W
Clown College*Box 1528*Venice FL 33595**813-488-2226:CLOWN SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Coop*W906*244 St Augustine Av*Venice FL 33595:FC
Carpetbaggers Press*404 Erie Av*Tampa FL 33606:SP
Citrus Press*5009 Dickens Av*Tampa FL 33609:SP
Natural Kitchen*4100 W Kennedy Blvd Suite 130*Tampa FL 33609:RESTAURANT FOOD
Community Network Development Project*Florida Mental Health Inst*13301 N 30TH St*Tampa FL 33612**813-974-4672:COMMUNITY MENTAL-HEALTH HC
Sunshine Action Group*12702 20TH St N*Tampa FL 33612:AN POLITICAL
United Farm Workers*14705 Carnation Dr*Tampa FL 33612:UFW UNION 8807
Aubrey Organics*4419 N Manhattan Av*Tampa FL 33614:TAAM 8704 FOOD
Postern Press*414 River Hills Dr*Temple Ter FL 33617:SP
Gay Coalition Ctr*Box 2466*U Of S Florida*Tampa FL 33620:PUBLICATION HS CU EDUCATION W MEDIA
Gryphon*College Of Arts & Letters Rm 370*Dept Of Humanities U Of S Fl*Tampa FL 33620:SP CU EDUCATION ART DB
Progressive Student Union Ctr*U Of S Fl*Tampa FL 33620:STUDENTS SEP CU EDUCATION
Sunshine Action Group*U Of S Fl*Center 2384 Usf*Tampa FL 33620:GMPFCG GMPFC GMPFR AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
University Community Food Coop*U Of S Fl University Ctr 110*Tampa FL 33620:FC CU EDUCATION
American Studies Press*13511 Palmwood Ln*Tampa FL 33624:SP
Brigit Books*3434 4th St N #5*St Petersburg FL 33704**813-522-5775:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Churchman*1074 23RD Av N*St Petersburg FL 33704:RELIGION SP PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Brister/Robert*American Friends Service Committee*130 19TH Av SE*St Petersburg FL 33705:SA AN AFSC 8807 IDAFSA -1 HRO
Pro-Nica*130 19TH Av SE*St Petersburg FL 33705**813-896-0310:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Tampa Bay Sunshine Action Group*130 19TH Av*St Petersburg FL 33705:SER ECOLOGY AN
Sunshine Community Coop*1333 59TH St N*St Petersburg FL 33710:FC
On The Move*Box 2985*St Petersburg FL 33731**813-223-9171:MOBILE-BOOKSTORE 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Washington Crap Report*Box 10309*St Petersburg FL 33733: POLITICAL PUBLICATION
Florida Capitol For Age Of Enlightenment*1805 S Leota*Avon Pk FL 33825:FC H
Justice In The Mideast*813 Cambell Av*Lake Wales FL 33853**813-676-2199:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Price/Catherine*Florida Coalition For Peace & Justice*813 Campbell Av*Lake Wales FL 33853**813-676-2199:F -1 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Sunny Coop*4038 Coronado Pkwy*Cape Coral FL 33904:FC
Naples Coop*Box 984*Naples FL 33909:FC
Sanibel Naturists*Box 6789*Ft Myers FL 33911**813-939-1784:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Discovery*3528 SW 3rd Av*Cape Coral FL 33914**813-549-6646:SP PARENTS 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Television Sponsors Dir*Everglads Publishing Co*Drawer 1*Everglades FL 33929:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Natural Living Ctr Inc*1129 San Marco Rd*Marco Island FL 33937**762-9711:BOOKSTORE FOOD
Arsenault/Eileen*Collier County Audubon Society*Box 1514*Naples FL 33939:GMPFE GMPFR ECOLOGY GMPFEG -1 9101 GMPF F&V ART W DB
Charisma Chapel Coop*5700 Shirley St*Naples FL 33940:FC W
Pine Grove Coop*Box 314*Pineland FL 33945:FC
Curry/J W*Runaway Spoon Press*Box 3621*Port Charlotte FL 33949:9310 POETRY SP -1
Dimichele/Bill*Runaway Spoon Press*Box 3621*Port Charlotte FL 33949:9310 POETRY SP -1
International Osprey Foundation Inc*Box 250*Sanibel FL 33957:9403 ECOLOGY
American Family Foundation*Box 2265*Bonita Springs FL 33959:AA90-GREEN DEPROGRAMMING MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901130
Noctilogue*Drawer 40018*Sarasota FL 34242:9308 WOMEN SEXUALITY PUBLICATION
Aimless*1015 Nokomis St*Clearwater FL 34615:9401 MTV GANGSTA PUNK ZINE
Riverboat Club Inc*Box 1156*Land Olakes FL 34639**813-996-6008:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Skinflint News*1460 Noell Blvd*Palm Harbor FL 34683:9403 CHEAP-LIVING SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Beach Travel Club*Box 725*Tarpon Springs FL 34688**813-733-8198:NATURIST-GROUP 9011 HRO
Epistolary Stud Farm*429 Hope St*Tarpon Springs FL 34689:MAIL-ART ART DB
Clark/Scott*Subconscious Soup*Box 421272*Kissimmee FL 34742**SUBSOUP@AOL.COM:9402 -1 HEMP02 POLITICAL ZINE
American Sunbathing Assn*1703 N Main St*Kissimmee FL 34744**407-933-2064*407-933-7577(FAX):NATURIST-GROUP 9011
American Nudist Research Library*4425 S Pleasant Hill Rd*Kissimmee FL 34746**407-348-8963:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Bynum/Johnny*Alabama Teach*Rt 3 Box 620*Blountsville AL 35031:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
War Resistors League*567-B Tyler Loop Rd*Pinson AL 35126:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Gymno-Vita Park*Box 121*Vandiver AL 35176**205-672-7105:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Hand/Judy*Soc*Box 811*Birmingham AL 35201:SER ECOLOGY AN SEP W -1
Alabama Consumer Assn*Economics Dept*Birmingham College*Birmingham AL 35204:CONSUMER CU EDUCATION
Alabama Communities Regional News*1108 S 29TH St*Birmingham AL 35205:
Alabama Safe Energy Alliance*2717 Hanover Cir*Birmingham AL 35205:SER ECOLOGY AN
American Fertility Society*2140 Eleventh Av S*Birmingham AL 35205:9201 FERTILITY WHC HC
Baltic Av Press*1027 South 30TH St G-2*Birmingham AL 35205:SP
Douglas/Scott*Alabama New South Coalition*2 Green Springs*Birmingham AL 35205:-1 GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL SOUTH MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Morningside*1108 S 29TH St*Birmingham AL 35205:URBAN COMMUNITY
Breslin/Bryson*Science For The People*2349 Ctr Ways*Birmingham AL 35206:GMPFI GMPFEG -1 POLITICAL SFTP GMPF F&V ART DB
Angelstone*316 Woodland Dr*Birmingham AL 35209:SP
Priests For Free Ministry*2548 Yorkmont Dr*Birmingham AL 35226:RELIGION PUBLICATION SPIRITUAL MEDIA
Aura Literary Arts Review*117 Campbell Hall*University Stn*Birmingham AL 35294:SP CU EDUCATION ART DB
Sterne Library Press*U Of AL*University Stn*Barmingham AL 35294:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*1317 14TH Av*Tuscaloosa AL 35401:MILITARY VVAW 8807
Federation Of Southern Cooperatives*Box 95*Epes AL 35460:COOP ECONOMICS CATALOG COMMUNITY
Patton/Gwendolyn*Federation Of Southern Co-Op*Box 95*Epes AL 35460:F -1 FC GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE COOP SOUTH
Alabama Review*U Of AL Press*Box Cs Ctr For Southern History*University AL 35486:SP CU EDUCATION
Black Warrior Review*Box 2936*Tuscaloosa AL 35486:MLC BLACK PUBLICATION S SP MEDIA
Gorgas Oak Press*Graduate School Of Library Service*U Of AL Box 6242*University AL 35486:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Prevent Atomic Waste*Rt 5 Box 215*Athens AL 35601:SER ECOLOGY AN ATOMIC-WASTE NUCLEAR-WASTE
Safe Energy Alliance*3005 Mcgee St*Sheffield AL 35660:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Hurst Press*Hazelhurst Ceramics*Hazel Green AL 35750:SP
International Assn Of Educators For World Peace*2013 Orba Dr*Huntsville AL 35801**539-7205:H PEACE
NE Ala Craftsmens Assn*2011 Stanford Dr SW*Huntsville AL 35801:FC
Pearly Gates*2308 Memorial Pkwy SW*Huntsville AL 35801:RESTAURANT FOOD
Huntsville Food Coop*2000 Shades Crest Rd*Huntsville AL 35806:FC
Draft Info Group*2603 Thornhill Rd NW*Huntsville AL 35810:MILITARY
International Assn Of Educators For World Peace*Box 3282*Huntsville AL 35810**539-7205:H PEACE
Huntsville Literary Assn*U Of AL*Huntsville AL 35899:SP CU EDUCATION
Rural Farmers Coop*Box 100*Forest Home AL 36030:COOP FARMING
Success Through Independent Learning*Box 742*Tallassee AL 36078:PUBLICATION 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION MEDIA HRO
Martin Feeder Pig Coop*Box 1080*Tuskegee Inst AL 36088:FC
South Alabama Self Help Assn*Drawer 1080*Tuskegee Inst AL 36088:FC
Elmore Committee Action Committee*Drawer H*Wetumpka AL 36092:CONSUMER GARDENING
Civil Liberties Union*Box 447*Montgomery AL 36101**205-262-0304:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Southern Poverty Law Ctr*1001 S Hull St*Box 548*Montgomery AL 36101:AACC PILC LAW POLITICAL MLC LEGAL-AID NCBL 8807
South Rainbow Education Project*45 E Patton Av*Montgomery AL 36105**205-288-5754:GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE SOUTH EDUCATION 9308 PEACE
Safe Energy Alliance*3354 Drexel Rd*Montgomery AL 36106:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Alabama Bicycle Council*3024 Pelzer Av*Montgomery AL 36109:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Alabama Environmental Quality Assn*Box 11000*Montgomery AL 36111:ECOLOGY MLC
Southern Poverty Law Ctr*400 Washington Av*Box 548*Montgomery AL 36195:BLACK 8712 DMPR KU-KLUX-KLAN POVERTY POLITICAL 8704 LAW
United Sewing Coop*Clark County 913 Depot Rd*Jackson AL 36545:FC
Leveille/Paul*Eastern Shore Art Ctr*401 Oak St*Fairhope AL 36553**205-928-2228:INSTRUCTOR ARTIST TAM ART-COURSES -1 ART DB
War Resistors League*2058 Gimon Cir N*Mobile AL 36605:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Peoples Pantry*1706 Withers Av*Mobile AL 36608:FC
Horse Of A Different Color*Box 16936*Mobile AL 36616:9109 W CLOTHING T-SHIRTS
Experimental College*U Of Southern Alabama*Mobile AL 36688:U CU EDUCATION
Freedom Quilting Bee*Rt 1 Box 72*Alberta AL 36720:FC
Cash & Carry Grocery Coop*Box 26*Greensboro AL 36744:FC
Creehale Sewing Coop*20 Washington St*Greensboro AL 36744:FC
Lower Peachtree Sewing*Rt 1 Box 150*Lower Peachtree AL 36751:FC
Doctor Jazz*Box 1043*Auburn AL 36830:SP
Extracurricular Studies Program*Union Bldg Rm 316*Auburn U*Auburn AL 36830:U CU EDUCATION
Southern Humanities Review*9090 Haley Centre*Auburn U*Auburn AL 36830:CU EDUCATION
Golden Bib Press*1425 Golf Club Ln*Clarksville TN 37040:SP HRO
Concerned Citizens Of Tn*Dixon Springs TN 37057**532-2001:POLITICAL AN ECOLOGY ENERGY
Energy People Inc*Dixona*Dixon Springs TN 37057**269-6786:ENERGY SP POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Authors Coop Publishing Co*Rt 4 Box 137*Franklin TN 37064:SP PUBLISHER PR-SF SF-PR PR DB SF
Sodbuster*108 Sycamore*Hendersonville TN 37075:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Agape Community*Rt 1 Box 171A*Liberty TN 37095:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY FH
Cannon County Farmers Assn*Rt 1*Liberty TN 37095:POLITICAL
Rfd*Route 1 Box 84-A*Liberty TN 37095:GAY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Penuel Ridge Retreat Ctr*Route 4 Box 304-2*Ashland City TN 37105**615-792-3734:RETREAT-CENTER 9107
Free U*Vanderbilt U*21ST & West End*Nashville TN 37203:U CU EDUCATION
The Romantist*3610 Meadowbrook Av*Nashville TN 37205:SP
Young/Faith*Safe T*110 Pembroke Av*Nashville TN 37205:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL SA AN W -1
Radio Free Nashville*Box 887*Fisk U*Nashville TN 37208:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Winston-Derek Publishers Inc*Box 90883*Nashville TN 37209**356-7384:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Agriculture Marketing Project*Vanderbilt Medical Ctr*Nashville TN 37210:SEPO AGRICULTURE FARMING SEP HC
Tennessee Safe Power Group*326 Binkley Dr*Nashville TN 37211:AN POLITICAL
Civil Liberties Union*Box 120160*Nashville TN 37212**615-256-7028:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
La Casa*Box 121013*Nashville TN 37212**615-228-1823:NICARAGUA 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Progressive Education*3621 Westbrook Av*Box 120574*Nashville TN 37212:POLITICAL CU EDUCATION AA85 AA85-19 AA85-850829 AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-871014
Southern Progressive Periodicals Directory*Box 120574*Nashville TN 37212:SP PUBLICATION DIRECTORY MEDIA
Survival Summer For Mid Tn*1210 Cedar Ln*Nashville TN 37212:SER ECOLOGY AN
Kids For A Clean Environment*Box 158254*Nashville TN 37215:9403 ECOLOGY
Nashville Mens Ctr*1st U-U Church*1808 Woodmont*Nashville TN 37215:S MEN CU EDUCATION
Tennessee Network For Animals*Box 158452*Nashville TN 37215**615-383-8516:ARO
Battery Press*Box 3107*Uptown Stn*Nashville TN 37219:SP CU EDUCATION
Clean Water Intl*Box 315*Cleveland TN 37311:FOOD
Sequayah Craft Guild*Box 95*Coker Creek TN 37314:FC
Campus Kitchen*Collegedale TN 37315:RESTAURANT CU EDUCATION FOOD
Sovex Natural Foods Inc*9500 Apison Pike*Collegedale TN 37315:FOOD
Sewanee Review*U Of The S*Sewanee TN 37375:SP CU EDUCATION
College Of Man*U Of TN*Chattanooga TN 37401:U CU EDUCATION
Poetry Miscellany*English Dept*U Of TN*Chattanooga TN 37402:CU EDUCATION
Chattanoogans For Safe Energy*608 Graham St*Chattanooga TN 37405:SA AN
Second Growth*Box 24*292 East Tn State U*Johnson City TN 37601:SP CU EDUCATION
American Massage & Therapy Assn*Box 1270*Kingsport TN 37662**245-8071:WLT HC MASSAGE H
Small Farm*Rt 5 Cline Rd Box 345*Dandridge TN 37725:SP FARMING GARDENING AGRICULTURE
Model Valley Folk Art*Eagan TN 37730:FC ART DB
Rugby Restoration Assn*Box 8*Rugby TN 37753:FC
Smokey Mountains Food Coop*Rt 1 Box 188*Hartford TN 37753:FC
Save Our Cumberland Mountains*Box 49*Lake City TN 37769:ECOLOGY
Davis/Walter*Southern Empowerment Project*323 Ellis Av*Maryville TN 37801**615-984-6500:8904 POLITICAL MLC MLC-81. MLC-8810 MLC-TN -1
Shubert/Ken*Local Alliance For Mid-East Peace*406 N Houston St*Maryville TN 37801**615-977-7526*615-637-6831(FAX):-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Highlander Research & Ed Ctr*Box 370 Rfd 3*New Market TN 37820**615-933-3443:CU FILM F&V S NS SCHOOL EDUCATION CONSUMER POLITICAL NUCLEAR-WASTE AN 8807 SEP MEDIA
Rural Legal Services Of Tn Inc*Box 3358 Jackson Sq*Oak Ridge TN 37830:LEGAL-AID
East End Coop*Rt 1 Box 623*Strawberry Plains TN 37871:FC
East Tn Energy Group*1538 Highland Av*Knoxville TN 37916**546-7811:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT
Environment Ctr*U Of TN*Knoxville TN 37916:AT ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Free U*U Of TN*Student Senate Office*Knoxville TN 37916:U CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*U Of TN Law School*1505 W Cumberland Av*Knoxville TN 37916:AACC NLG 8807 POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Southern Energy Network*Renewable Energy Projects*1522 Highland Dr*Knoxville TN 37916:SER ECOLOGY AN
Coal Employment Project*3105 Culpepper Rd*Knoxville TN 37917:WOP W EMPLOYMENT LABOR
Commission On Religion In Appalachia*864 Weisgarber Rd*Knoxville TN 37919:RELIGION APPALACHIA
WRKB*Knoxville Committee Coop*901 College St*Knoxville TN 37921:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR CU EDUCATION FC MEDIA
Chronicle*1850 Peabody Av*Memphis TN 38104:SP HRO
Memphis Ctr For Reproductive Health*1462 Poplar Av*Memphis TN 38104:WHC W HC
Raccoon*1407 Union Suite 401*Midmemphis Tower*Memphis TN 38104:SP
St Lukes Press*St 401*1407 Union Av*Memphis TN 38104:SP
Mcclucky/Bill*Possum Alliance*4317 Rhodes*Memphis TN 38111:GMPFCG GMPFR SER ECOLOGY AN -1 SEP GMPF F&V ART DB HRO
Memphis State Review*English Dept*Memphis State U*Memphis TN 38152:CU EDUCATION
Elvis The Record*Box 16831*Memphis TN 38166:SP
Old Hickory Press*Box 1178*Jackson TN 38301:SP
Tn Norml*RR 1 Box 47A*Goodspring TN 38460-9801:9401 NORML MARIJUANA
Birth Gazette & Reproductive Watch*The Farm*Summertown TN 38483**615-964-2519:PUBLICATION CHILD-BIRTH REPRODUCTION 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION MEDIA
Bowen/Mary Ellen*Farm School Home Study Program*The Farm*Summertown TN 38483**615-964-2325:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION W
Farm Foods*156 Drakes Ln*Summertown TN 38483:FC
National Coalition Of Alternative Community Schools*58 Schoolhouse Rd*Summertown TN 38483**615-964-3670:NCACS 9104 SCHOOL PUBLICATION EDUCATION 9008 MEDIA
Dunmire Hollow*Rt 3 Box 265A*Waynesboro TN 38485**722-5096:COOP COMMUNITY
Rural Legal Services Of Tn Inc*Arcade Bldg Courthouse Sq*Cookeville TN 38501:LEGAL-AID
Sundance Community*Rt 2 Box 79*Whitleyville TN 38588:COMMUNITY
Tribal Sundance*Rt 2 Box 79*Whitleyville TN 38588:S
Living Blues*232 Sunflower Av*Clarksdale MS 38614:PUBLICATION MUSIC BLUES MEDIA
Community Good Foods*1002 Jackson Av*Oxford MS 38655:SER ECOLOGY AN FC
National Federation For Decency*Box 2440*Tupelo MS 38801:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Staple Cotton Coop Assn*210 214 W Market St*Greenwood MS 38930:FC
Madison County Sewing Coop*Box 74*Canton MS 39045:FC
Haxton/Emily*Mississippi River Alliance*Rt 1 Box 191*Natchez MS 39120:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 GMPF F&V DB
Laurel Hill Plantation*Rt 3 Box J191 Kb*Matchez MS 39120:SER ECOLOGY AN
Claiborne County Citizens For Safe Energy*Box 474*Port Gibson MS 39150:SER ECOLOGY AN
Freedom Info Service*Drawer D*Tougaloo MS 39174:
Civil Liberties Union*921 N Congress St*Jackson MS 39202**601-355-6464:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Lesbian Front*Box 8342*Jackson MS 39204:LESBIAN PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Mississippi Gay Alliance*Box 8342*Jackson MS 39204**601-372-3449:HS
Craftspersons Guild Of Ms*301 N Lamar Box 1341*Jackson MS 39205:FC W
Grits & Greens*4274 Oaklawn*Jackson MS 39206:FC
Womens Monthly*Box 3568*Jackson MS 39207:MR POLITICAL PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Coop*320 Flag Chapel Dr*Jackson MS 39209:FC
Mississippi Solar Coalition*887 Briarwood Dr*Jackson MS 39211**601-956-4868:SOLAR SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Okra*3512 Oakland Av*Jackson MS 39212:SP
Black Orchid*3512 Oakland Av*Jackson MS 39213:SP
Jackson Human Rights Project*Box 11235*Jackson MS 39213:
Swain Jr/Johnnie*Environmental Resource Project*Jackson State U*Jackson MS 39217:AACC CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Emergency Land Fund*Box 22786*Jackson MS 39225:FC LAND
Mashulaville Community Farm Ctr*Rt 4 Box 81B*Macon MS 39341:FC
Mississippi Review*Box 5144 Southern Stn*Hattiesburg MS 39401:
Southern Quarterly*Box 5078*Southern Stn Usm*Hattiesburg MS 39401:
Una Vegetable Coop*Rt 1 Box 66*Prairie MS 39756:FC
Southern Rural Development Ctr*Box 5406*Mississippi State U*Mississippi State MS 39762**601-325-3207:CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*Box 3598*Louisville KY 40201:AACC NLG 8807
Civil Liberties Union*425 W Muhammad Ali Blvd*Louisville KY 40202**502-581-1181:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Louisville Committee For Israeli & Palestinan*1st Unitarian Church*4th & York St*Louisville KY 40202**502-634-9559:MIDDLE-EAST ISRAEL PALESTINE 9308 PEACE
Kentucky Peace Network*322 W York St*Louisville KY 40203:PEACE POLITICAL
Environmental Alternatives*818 Chestnut St*Louisville KY 40204:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPF F&V
Innominate Press*1052 Alta Vista Rd*Louisville KY 40205:SP
National Council For Environmental Balance Inc*4169 Westport Rd*Louisville KY 40207:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Paddlewheel Alliance*4703 Crofton Rd*Louisville KY 40207:SER ECOLOGY AN
Free U Of Louisville*U Of Louisville Sga*Louisville KY 40208:U CU EDUCATION
Social Education Fund*4622 W Broadway*Louisville KY 40211:EDUCATION 9308 PEACE
Good Neighbor Food Coop*9005 Trentham Ln*Louisville KY 40222:FC
Braden/Anne*Social Education Fund*Box 11308*Louisville KY 40251-0308:9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN F -1 MEDIA
Louisville Review*U Of Louisville-English Dept*315 Bingham Humanities*Louisville KY 40292:CU EDUCATION
First Christian Church*112 College St*Georgetown KY 40324:AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Irvine Natural Food Coop*Star Route*Irvine KY 40336:FC
Bluegrass Literary Review*Midway College*Midway KY 40347:SP CU EDUCATION
Morehead Community Coop*208 Elizabeth Av*Morehead KY 40351:FC
Cedar Creek Food Coop*Rt 3*Owentown KY 40359:FC
Larkspur Press*Rt 3*Monterey KY 40359:SP
Coopers Inc*111 Bob O Link*Berea KY 40403:FC
Directory*Box 2307*Berea KY 40403:
Friendly Homes*111 Bobolink*Brea KY 40403**606-986-8000:COMMUNITY
Folk School Assn Of America*Cbox 287*Berea KY 40408**606-986-9341:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Fritsch/Albert T*Appalachia Science In The Public Interest*Route 5 Box 423*Livingston KY 40445**606-453-2105:AA84 SCIENCE SEP -1 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-91012 GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V PIRG CALENDAR
Possume Trot Corp*Box 249*Mckee KY 40447:FC
Safe Alternatives For Energy*Box 111*Lexington KY 40501:AN POLITICAL
Environmental Action Society*U Of KY*120 Clay Av*Lexington KY 40502:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Kentucky Ctr For Biopsychosynthesis*1226 Lakewood Dr*Lexington KY 40502**266-0571:H
Polyglot Press*336 Desha Rd*Lexington KY 40502:SP
Callaloo*U Of KY English Dept*Lexington KY 40506**606-257-3114:BLACK PUBLICATION POETRY SP CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Free U*U Of KY*Lexington KY 40506:U CU EDUCATION
King Library Press*Special Collections*U Of KY Libraries*Lexington KY 40506:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Outdoor Ed For The Handicapped Project*403 Bradley Hall*U Of KY*Lexington KY 40506**606-258-2772:HANDICAPPED SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Anvil Press*220 Market St*Lexington KY 40508:SP
Cannabis Action Network*Box 54528*Lexington KY 40555:9401 MARIJUANA
Peace Taxpayers*Box 383*Lexington KY 40585**606-299-3074:PEACE TAX-RESISTANCE 9308
Coalition For Alternatives In Postsecondary Education*Council On Higher Education*1050 US Rt 127 S*Frankfort KY 40601**502-564-3553:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Whippoorwill Press*Rt 2 Box 332*Frankfort KY 40601:SP
Snowy Egret*205 S Ninth St*Williamsburg KY 40769:SP
Harlan Buying Club*Harlan County Community Action Agency*314 S Main St*Harlan KY 40831:FC HRO
Laurel Forks Crafts*Crafts Coop*Henderson Settlement*Frakes KY 40940:FC
Red Bird Mission Crafts*Beverly KY 40940:FC
Addicts Anonymous*Box 2000*Lexington KY 41001:SELF-HELP-GROUP
Campbell County Coop*202 Orchard Ln*Alexandria KY 41001:FC
National Youth Pro-Life Coalition*72 Summer Hill*Newport KY 41071:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Newport Food Buying Club*Box 325*Newport KY 41072:FC HRO
Springer/Nancy*Zimmer Area Citizens Of Ky*41 E Alexandria Pike*Coldsprings KY 41076:GMPFEG GMPFR GMPFPR -1 GMPF F&V ART W DB
Morehead Community Coop*Rt 3 Box 93*Olive Hill KY 41164:FC
Appalachian Industires*Rt 1 Box 6a*Vanceburg KY 41179:FC
Grass Roots Economic Development Corp*Box 703*Jackson KY 41339:FC AT
Grass Roots Craftsmen*Appalachian Mountains*Lost Creek KY 41348:FC
Cumberlands*College Box 2*Pikeville KY 41501:SP CU EDUCATION
Wind Literary Journal*Rfd Rt 1 Box 809K*Pikeville KY 41501**606-631-1129:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Good Day Food Coop*Blue River KY 41607:FC
David Appalachian Crafts & Child Care Ctr*Hwy 404*David KY 41616:FC
Appal Group To Save Land & People*Rt 2 Box 340*Hazard KY 41701:ECOLOGY
Hound Dog Hookers*Crafts Coop*Blacky KY 41804:FC
Appalshop*306 Madison St*Whitesburg KY 41858**606-633-0108*606-633-1009(FAX):9201 FILM F&V FILM-DISTRIBUTOR MEDIA
Cozy Corner Bookstore*Whitesburg KY 41858:BOOKSTORE SEP
June Appal Recordings*Box 743*Whitesburg KY 41858:MUSIC MLC MLC-SAMPLE-5K W
Cumberland Food Coop Inc*Rt 7 Box 183*Somerset KY 42501:FC
Cumberland Farm Products*Monticello KY 42633:FC
Kentucky Hills Industries*Box 186*Pine Knot KY 42635:FC
W Alke Cumberland*Box 197*Columbus KY 42728:FC
Godsland*Kettle KY 42752:
Windspirit Farm & Music Community*Rt 4 Box 252*Kettle KY 42752**502-433-5518:CULTURAL MUSIC COMMUNITY ART DB
Hart County Buying Club*Rt 2 Box 2298*Upton KY 42784:FC CU EDUCATION HRO
Hilliard Coop*6445 Woerner Temply Rd*Amlin OH 43002:FC
Ohio-Wesleyan Free U*Box 47 Welch Hall*Ohio Wesleyan U*Delevan OH 43015:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Linc Resources*6065 Frantz Rd Suite 205*Dublin OH 43017**614-885-5599:9210 ART EDUCATION PUBLISHING-INDUSTRY PUBLICATION DB MEDIA
Kenyon Review*Kenyon College*Gambier OH 43022:PUBLICATION SP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Hanover Food Buying Club*9613 E Taylor Rd SW*Reynoldsburg OH 43068:FC HRO
Worthington Foods*900 Proprietors Rd*Worthington OH 43085:FOOD
Vitality Food Folks*1650 Lookout St*Lancaster OH 43130:FC
Logan Food Coop*32201 Logan Hornemill*Logan OH 43138:FC
Summit Lodge Resort*Box 951C*Logan OH 43138**614-385-6822:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
North Oak St Chowder & Marching Society*112 North Oak St*London OH 43140:
16TH Av Food Coop*82 E 16TH Av*Columbus OH 43201:FC SEP
Bike For A Better City*72 W Norwhich*Columbus OH 43201**294-6003:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Coalition Of Concerned Utility Users*Box 10006*Columbus OH 43201:AT UTILITY-USERS
Gay Activists Alliance*1739 N High St*Columbus OH 43201:GAY W
Molk/Steve*Central Ohio Safe Energy Committee*40 Smith Pl*Columbus OH 43201:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 ENERGY
My Back Pages Bookstore*1896 N High St*Columbus OH 43201:MR W BOOKSTORE
Ohioans For Utility Reform*Box 10006*Columbus OH 43201:AT UTILITY-REFORM
Testtube Newsletter*Box 8421*Columbus OH 43201:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR MEDIA
Women Against Rape*Box 02084*Columbus OH 43202:RAPE WHC W HC
Bexley Food Coop*508 N Cassidy*Columbus OH 43209:FC
Budkeye Village Intl Food Coop*2661 Defiance Dr*Columbus OH 43210:FC
Modern Language Journal*314 Cunz Hall*Oh State U*Columbus OH 43210:CU EDUCATION
National Ctr For Research In Vocational Education*Oh State U*1960 Kenny Rd*Columbus OH 43210**614-486-3655:JOBS SP PUBLICATION WOP W CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Under The Sign Of Pisces*1858 Neil Av Mall*Columbus OH 43210:
Womens Ctr*Oh State U*Ohio Union 1739 N Hight St*Columgus OH 43210:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Tri Village Food Coop*866 Copeland Rd*Columbus OH 43212:FC
Federation Of Oh River Coops*320 Outerbilt St #d*Columbus OH 43213:FC
Beechwold Natural Clinic*4191 N High St*Columbus OH 43214**614-262-1308:CLINIC WER 9105 HC
Bennett/John M*Luna Bisonte Prods*137 Leland Av*Columbus OH 43214**846-4126:MLC-ART COSMEP PUBLICATION POETRY MLC ART DB SP
Urban Alternatives Group*5268 Rush Av*Columbus OH 43214**614-888-4858:
Bruedigam/Dena*Claustrophobia*400 N High St #137*Columbus OH 43215**DBRUEDIG@MAGNUS.ACS.OHIO-STATE.EDU:9402 -1 LIBERTARIAN02 POLITICAL ZINE
Civil Liberties Union*360 S Third St*Columbus OH 43215**614-228-8951:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Ohioana Quarterly*1105 Ohio Dept Bldg*65 S Front St*Columbus OH 43215:SP
Public Interest Research Group*65 S 4th St*Columbus OH 43215:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807
Ohio Cons Assn*Box 1559*Columbus OH 43216:CONSUMER
Ross Labs*625 Cleveland Av*Columbia OH 43216:FOOD
Source Telecomputing Corp*Box 80212*Columbus OH 43220**703-821-6660:COMPUTER-SERVICE SP PUBLICATION ONLINE-SERVICE MEDIA SERVICE/ONLINE
Humanistic Inst Of Oh*1568 Guilford Rd*Columbus OH 43221:H
Church World Service*3963 Cleveland Av*Columbus OH 43224**614-471-1188:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Miller/Doris*Mid-East Peace Committee*526 Pamilco St*Columbus OH 43228**614-678-9792:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Cornfeld Review*Oh State U*1465 Mt Vernon Av*Marion OH 43302:SP W CU EDUCATION
Green Beings Food Coop*119 W Columbus St*W Liberty OH 43357:FC
Bowling Green Free U*Student Council*U Of Bowling Green*Bowling Green OH 43402:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Humane Society*735 Haskins St*Bowling Green OH 43402**419-352-5141:ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY
Abtracts Of Popular Culture*Univ Hall 100*Bowling Green State U*Toledo OH 43403:PUBLICATION POPULAR-CULTURE-ABSTRACTS CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Ann Arbor Review*Bowling Green State U*Bowling Green OH 43403:SP CU EDUCATION W
Eco-Centric*Environmental Studies Ctr*Bowling Green State U*Bowling Green OH 43403:PPS CU EDUCATION GMPFC GMPFR ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Journal Of Popular Film*Univ Hall 101*Bowling Green U*Bowling Green OH 43403:PUBLICATION FILM F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mid-American Review*English Dept-Bowling Green State U*Bowling Green OH 43403:CU EDUCATION
Salthouse*Dept Of English-B G S U*Bowling Green OH 43403:SP CU EDUCATION
Women For Women*Womens Ctr 3150 Student Service*Bowling Green State U*Bowling Green OH 43403:MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Coyne/John*National Lawyers Guild*2340 Oak Harbor Rd*Fremont OH 43420:AACC NLG 8807 -1
Doug*Sanduski County Norml*Box 282*Freemont OH 43420**419-334-8215:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Van Landingham Iii/Rick*Citizens For Buckeye Basin Parks*527 Sioux Trail*Rossford OH 43460**419-666-5291:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Ringenberg Publications*713 N Main St*Hicksville OH 43526:SP
Farm Labor Organizing Committee*714 1/2 S Saint Clair*Toledo OH 43604**419-243-3456:DRAFT LABOR
Toledo Nutrition Club*18 Kenilworth*Toledo OH 43608:FC HRO
Jalmers Health Food*1469 Sylvania Av*Toledo OH 43612:RESTAURANT FOOD HC
Mills/Lou Anne*Toledo Design Forum*3701 Maxwell Rd*Toledo OH 43613**419-474-9982:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Crosby Gardens Environmental Library*5403 Elmer Dr*Toledo OH 43615:NR AT AN LIBRARY ECOLOGY
Olney Friends School*Barnesville OH 43713:FC SCHOOL EDUCATION AFSC HRO
Raven Rocks Publications*54118 Crum Rd*Beallsville OH 43716:SP
Salt Kork Coop*259 S 3*Byesville OH 43723:FC
Jackson St Coop*24514 Tr 167*Fresno OH 43824:FC
Yellow Springs Community Food Coop*J Bryan Community Ctr Dayton St*Yellow Springs OH 43857:FC
Medical Foundation Bellaire*3000 Guernsey St*Bellaire OH 43906:FC HC
Friends & Family Coop*801 N Lincoln Av*Bridgeport OH 43912:FC
Ram Films*200 Lovers Ln*Steubenville OH 43952:FILM F&V FARMING MLC MEDIA
Valley Nuts*136 Kingston Av*Stubenville OH 43952:FC
Universal Listening Post*Box 68*Sarahsville OH 43979**732-2747:H W
Avon Lake Food Coop*212 Parkwood*Avon Lake OH 44012:FC
Berea Grains Coop*364 Wyleswood Dr*Berea OH 44017:FC
Organization Resource Assoc*106 E Bridge St*Berea OH 44017**216-243-3740:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lowell/Jim*Asphodel Bookshop*17192 Ravenna Rd Rt 44*Burton OH 44021:NW MUSIC BOOKSTORE ART S -1 DB
Rainbow Publishing Co*Box 397*Chesterland OH 44026:SP
Relationships*12331 Hillcrest Dr*Chesterland OH 44026**729-2324:H
Sunflower Alliance*Box 151*Jefferson OH 44047:SER ECOLOGY AN
Citizens For A Safe Environment*Box 265*Mentor OH 44060:AT ECOLOGY
Hobby Horse Publishing*10091 Hobby Horse Ln Box 54*Mentor OH 44060:SP
Act Up*Wilder Box 55*Oberlin College*Oberlin OH 44074:9107 HS AIDS HC CU EDUCATION
American Friends Service Committee*Box 9 Wilder Hall*Oberlin College*Oberlin OH 44074:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE AFSC 8807 CU EDUCATION HRO
Coop Bookstore*37 W College St*Oberlin OH 44074:BOOKSTORE SEP
Field*English Dept*Oberlin College*Oberlin OH 44074:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Oberlin College Gay Union & Oh Gay Rights Coalition*Box 30 Wilder Hall*Oberlin OH 44074:HS CU EDUCATION
Oberlin Good Food Coop*37 W College St*Oberlin OH 44074:CU EDUCATION FC
Oberlin Student Coop Assn*Box 28 Wilder Hall*Oberlin OH 44074:FC
Leffel/Lynne*Ocean*6171 Sidley Rd*Thompson OH 44086:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION W
Wakeman Coop*7809 Poorman Rd*Vermilion OH 44089:FC
Ashtabula Coop*7490 Noble Rd*Windsor OH 44099:FC
Gay Education & Awareness Resources Foundation*Box 6177*Cleveland OH 44101**321-6632:SWITCHBOARD HS PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Poets League Of Greater Cleveland Newsletter*Box 6055*Cleveland OH 44101:
Inner City Coop*65 & Hough*Cleveland OH 44103:FC
North Church Coop*4001 Superior*Cleveland OH 44103:FC
East End Coop*10500 Shale*Cleveland OH 44104:FC
Bits Press*English Dept*Case Western Reserve U*Cleveland OH 44106:SP CU EDUCATION
Clergy & Laity Concerned*11205 Euclid*Cleveland OH 44106:PEACE POLITICAL CALC 8807
Cleveland Now Health Care Task Force*2648 Euclid Heights Blvd*Cleveland OH 44106:WHC NOW W HC
Edgerton/Tony & Lois*American Friends Service Committee*10916 Magnolia Dr*Cleveland OH 44106**216-231-4245:9008 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900829 W AFSC PEACE POLITICAL -1 40-WELLES HRO
Food Community Organization Of People*11628 Euclid Av*Cleveland OH 44106:FC
Grundner/Dr Tom*National Public Telecomputing Network*Box 1987*Cleveland OH 44106**216-247-5800*TMG@NPTN ORG:9310 INTERNET COMPUTING-SERVICE COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Harrison/Norman*Citizens For Safe Energy*11308 Hessler St*Cleveland OH 44106:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 SEP
Medical Aid For Indochina*11205 Euclid Av*Cleveland OH 44106:HC
Mobilization For Survival*10916 Magnolia Dr*Cleveland OH 44106:SER AN ECOLOGY MFS 8807
National Health Care Services*10605 Chester Av Suite 302*Cleveland OH 44106:WHC W HC
National Inst For Responsible Fatherhood & Family Development*8555 Hough Av*Cleveland OH 44106:9405 CHILDREN FATHERHOOD FAMILIES HEALTH-CARE07
Western Reserve Alliance*Peace House*10916 Magnolia Dr*Cleveland OH 44106:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Workshop In Nonviolence*2232 Elandon Dr*Cleveland Heights OH 44106:NONVIOLENCE
Health Education Consultants*1284 Manor Pk*Lakewood OH 44107**216-521-1766:VD VENEREAL-DISEASE DISEASE STD SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED-DISEASE 9004 AIDS HC
Afro-American Coop*1073 E 105*Cleveland OH 44108:FC
Defranco/Kim*Progressive Studen Union*3224 W 41ST St*Cleveland OH 44109**216-651-2748:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Committee Against The US War In The Persian Gulf*2200 Kerwin Rd #113*University Heights OH 44111**216-382-4597:GULF-WAR 9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
St Marks Coop*15305 Triskett*Cleveland OH 44111:FC
Cleveland Coalition For Peace In Mid-East*Issiah Ctr*3606 Bridge Av*Cleveland OH 44113:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Cleveland Coop Federation*1223 W 6 St*Cleveland OH 44113:FC
Gidley/Teresa*Civil Liberties Union*1223 W 6th St*Cleveland OH 44113:WOP ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 -1 F HRO
Kinsman Produce Coop*2820 E 79 St*Cleveland OH 44113:FC
Urban Community Schools*West 25TH & Washington*Cleveland OH 44113:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Westside Peoples Food Coop*4241 Lorain Av*Cleveland OH 44113:FC
Kaiser Community Health Foundation*Bond Court Bldg E 9 St*Cleveland OH 44114:FC HC
Cleveland Rape Crisis Ctr*Ywca*3201 Euclid Av*Cleveland OH 44115:MR WHC RAPE W HC
Cleveland State U Poetry Ctr*Dept English*Cleveland State U*Cleveland OH 44115:SP POETRY CU EDUCATION
Free Afternoon Womens Clinic*123RD St & Euclid Av*Cleveland OH 44115:WHC W HC
National Lawyers Guild*Cleve-Marshall College Law*Cleveland OH 44115:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Petronko/J*Public Interest Research Group*Box 24 Cleveland State U*Cleveland OH 44115:GMPFC GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Pilgrim Press*700 Prospect Av E*Cleveland OH 44115:9109 W SP
Free U*John Carroll U*Cleveland OH 44118:U CU EDUCATION
Nam*3314 E Overlook*Cleveland OH 44118:POLITICAL
Pastiche*3877 Meadowbrook Blvd*University Heights OH 44118:CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*3689 Berkley Av*Cleveland Heights OH 44118:CONSUMER PIRG 8807
What She Wants*Box 18072*Cleveland Heights OH 44118**321-1677:PUBLICATION POLITICAL MR W MEDIA
Women Speak Out For Peace & Justice*Box 18138*Cleveland OH 44118:POLITICAL PEACE W
Citizens Against Radiation Pollution*1793 Wilton Rd*Cleve Heights OH 44119:SER ECOLOGY AN RADIATION
Mt Pleasant Coop*13422 Kinsman*Cleveland OH 44120:FC
Network For Ohio Animal Action*Box 21004*Cleveland OH 44121**216-321-6222:ARO
Nuclear Age Resource Ctr*4250 Richmond Rd*Cleveland OH 44122:GMPFI J GMPFS ECOLOGY GMPFEC 9102 GMPF F&V ART DB
Psychotronic Systems*3463 Rexway Rd*Beachwood OH 44122:H
Organo Farms Coop*4772 Osborn Rd*Cleveland OH 44128:FC
Euclid Food Coop*101 E 272*Euclid OH 44132:FC
Colon On The Cob*5218 Theodore St 2nd Floor*Maple Hts OH 44137:9401 PUNK ZINE
Vitamix Corp*8615 Usher Rd*Cleveland OH 44138:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL FOOD
Akron Peoples Party*2739 S Cleveland-Massilion*Barberton OH 44203:POLITICAL
Green Valley Outing Club*Box 2684*Bath OH 44210**216-659-9934:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Hiram Poetry Review*Box 162*Hiram OH 44234:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Partridge Press*2712 Hudson-Aurora Rd*Hudson OH 44236:SP
Kent Environmental Council*1116 Norwood St*Kent OH 44240:ECOLOGY
Kent Popular Press*Box 715*Kent OH 44240:MLC MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15.
New Kent Quarterly*239 Student Ctr*Kent State U*Kent OH 44240:SP CU EDUCATION
The Difficulties*429 Irma #3*Kent OH 44240:SP
Alternative Lifestyles Group*Center For Peaceful Change*Kent State U*Kent OH 44242**672-3143:H INFORMATION PEACE CU EDUCATION
Center For Peaceful Change*Kent State U*Kent OH 44242**672-3143:PEACE CU EDUCATION
Kent Gay Liberation Front*Univ Ctr Rm 233 Ksu*Kent OH 44242**672-2068:HS CU EDUCATION
American Friends Service Committee*513 W Exchange St*Akron OH 44302:GMPFR POLITICAL PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN AFSC 8807 GMPF F&V ART DB HRO
Community Action Council Food Coop*230 W Center St*Akron OH 44302:FC
Natures Way Food Coop*590 W Market St*Akron OH 44303:FC
Lighter Than Air Society*1800 Tripplett Blvd*Akron OH 44306:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Jackson/Jim*Center For Environmental Studies*U Of Akron*Akron OH 44325:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Goals For The Greater Akron Area*One General St*Akron OH 44329:FUTURE
Friends For Responsibility Inc*Energy & Environment*8618 Old Orchard Rd SE*Warren OH 44484:SER AN ECOLOGY
Good Karma Food Coop*934 Oak St*Youngstown OH 44501:FC
Pig Iron Press*Box 237*Youngstown OH 44501:H S MLC PUBLICATION DB UG SF MEDIA
Good Karma Food Coop*62 Pyatt St*Youngstown OH 44502:FC
Youngstown Coalition For Safe Energy*840 Pennsylvania*Youngstown OH 44504:AT AN
Mens Liberation*Youngstown State U*Youngstown OH 44505:S MEN CU EDUCATION
Graber Produce*13755 Duquette Av*NE Hartville OH 44632:FOOD
Wooster Food Coop*247 W N*Wooster OH 44691:FC
Canton Area Peace Move*1524 Olive Pl NE*Canton OH 44705:PEACE POLITICAL
Beminda Books*Box 9251*Canton OH 44711:SP
American Sentry Report*Box 653*Ashland OH 44805:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ashland Poetry Press*Ashland College*Ashland OH 44805:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mifflin Coop*1180 Cr 30 A Rt 4*Ashland OH 44805:FC
Solar Usage Now Inc*Box 306 420 E Tiffin St*Bascom OH 44809:MW MLC-BS MLC-BD MLC AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE NR ECOLOGY AN AT S
Ashland Christian Food Coop*28 Chapel St*Savannah OH 44874:FC
Light Of The Universe*161 N Sandusky St*Tiffin OH 44883**447-4044:H
Food Buying Club*101 Walnut St*Franklin OH 45005:FC HRO
Hollywood Community Ctr Food*101 Walnut St*Franklin OH 45005:FC
Equality*28 E Vine St*Oxford OH 45056:
Vanorio/Ame K*Single Parents Educating Children In Alternative Learning*2 Pineview Dr #5*Amelia OH 45102:9206 -1 F HOME-SCHOOLING SCHOOL PUBLICATION MEDIA EDUCATION
Beach/Ron*WCNE*5327 Hutchinson Rd*Batavia OH 45103:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR -1 MEDIA
Stonelick Coop*2923 Jackson Pike*Batavia OH 45103:FC
New Directions For Women Project*Grail Grailville*Loveland OH 45140:WOP W
Peace Resource Ctr*Pyle Ctr Box 1183*Wilmington College*Cincinnati OH 45177:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE CU EDUCATION
Wilmington College Peace Resource Ctr*Hiroshima-Nagasaki Memorial Collection*Pyle Ctr Box 1183*Wilmington OH 45177:PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFC CU EDUCATION GMPFS PUBLICATION GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Union For Experimenting Colleges & Universities*Box 85315*Cincinnati OH 45201**513-621-6444:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Center For Financial Freedom & Accuracy In Financial Reporting*105 W 4 St*Cincinnati OH 45202:AA84 AA BB MBB PUBLICATION ECONOMICS FINANCIAL-REPORTING MEDIA
Cincinnati Area Coalition Against Intervention In The Mid-East*1858 William Taft Rd*Cincinnati OH 45204**513-961-8126:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Cincinnati Mens Network*820 Mcpherson*Cincinnati OH 45205:S MEN
House Of Keys*3720 Ledgewood Dr*Cincinnati OH 45207:SP
Butler Friends Coop*5323 Graceland*Indianapolis IN 45208:FC
Care About People*1813 Freeman Av*Cincinnati OH 45214**513-421-4104:RN PRISON
Mosaic Press*358 Oliver Rd*Cincinnati OH 45215:UG DB SF
Gay & Lesbian March Activists*Box 19530*Cincinnati OH 45219:LESBIAN 9107 HS AIDS HC W
Eden Natural Foods*347 Ludlow Av*Cincinnati OH 45220:STORE FOOD
Cincinnati Poetry Review*U Of Cincinnati*English Dept*Cincinnati OH 45221:SP CU EDUCATION
Womens Affairs Council*415 Tuc*Cincinnati OH 45221:W
Cincinnatus Gymnosophical Society*1716 Hanfield St*Cincinnati OH 45223**513-NU-1-DITY:NATURIST-GROUP 9305
Ernst/Colleen*Crazy Ladies Bookstore*4039 Hamilton Av*Cincinnati OH 45223**513-541-4198:BOOKSTORE -1 PUBLICATION F MAILING-LIST 9203 SEP
Hiltz & Hayes Publishing Co*6304 Hamilton Av*Cincinnati OH 45224:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Weisberger/John*Cincinnati Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*5931 Belmont Av*Cincinnati OH 45224**513-542-9663*513-961-8126(FAX):-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Western Hills*3358 Mchenry Av*Cincinnati OH 45225:FC
Friendly Food Coop*3960 Winding Way Dr*Cincinnati OH 45229:FC
Peacemaker*1255 Paddock Hills Av*Cincinnatti OH 45229**513-242-2980:DRAFT PEACE SEP
Cincinnati Chess Federation*Box 30072*Cincinnati OH 45230:SP
National Assn For Creative Children & Adults*8080 Springvalley Dr*Cincinnati OH 45236:H SELF-HELP-GROUP CHILDREN EDUCATION
L T Patterson Strategy Letter*Box 37432*Cincinnati OH 45237:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Peacemaker*10208 Sylvan Av*Cincinnati OH 45241:MAGAZINE PEACE
Writers Digest*9933 Alliance Rd*Cincinnati OH 45242:WRITING
Oak Ridge Press*5815 Cherokee Dr*Cincinnati OH 45243:SP
Ye Olde Printery*5815 Cherokee Dr*Cincinnati OH 45243:SP
Germantown Coop*147 Mccall Rd*Germantown OH 45327:FC
Earth Foods Coop*3739 Shira Rd*Greenville OH 45331:FC
United Peoples Buying Club*606 Front St*Greenville OH 45331:FC HRO
Food For Thought*8085 S Palmer Rd*New Carlisle OH 45344:FC
Honey Creek Coop*200 Villa Dr*Newcastle OH 45344:FC
Good Food Coop*372 S Synder Rd*New Lebanon OH 45345:FC
Golden Rule Coop*1265 1/2 Peters Rd*Troy OH 45373:FC
Antioch College*Yellow Sprngs OH 45387**513-767-7331 X494:SCHOOL U VIDEO F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Antioch Community Bookstore*Yellow Springs OH 45387:S BOOKSTORE
Antioch Review*Box 148*Yellow Springs OH 45387:PUBLICATION SPR SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP MEDIA
Antioch School*1160 Corry St*Yellow Springs OH 45387:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Antiochans For Hemp Awareness*Antioch College*Community Government*Yellow Springs OH 45387**513-767-6427:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Community Service Inc*Box 243*Yellow Springs OH 45387:SEP
Community Service*Box 243*Yellow Springs OH 45387**513-767-2161:MW SP RN FC LAND ECONOMICS PUBLICATION MLC AT S COMMUNITY FH MEDIA
Downhill Farm*917 Xenia Av*Yellow Springs OH 45387**294-3345:COMMUNITY MLC
Fellowship Of Religious Humanists*Box 278*Yellow Springs OH 45387:H
Life Foods*220 Xenia Av*Yellow Springs OH 45387:NAM FOOD
Pulse-Finger Press*Box 488*Yellow Springs OH 45387:SP
Religious Humanists*Box 278*Yellow Springs OH 45387:GMPFH GMPFE GMPFR GMPF F&V
Tulecke/Hazel*Movement For A New Society*903 Xenia Av*Yellow Springs OH 45387**513-767-1633:MNS POLITICAL 8807 GMPFCG GMPFR SA AN GMPF F&V ART F -1
Winds Cafe*230 Senia Av*Yellow Springs OH 45387:FC
Yellow Springs Gay Liberation & Radicalesbians*Antioch College Union*Yellow Springs OH 45387**513-767-7331:HS CU EDUCATION
National Gi Office*Box 1625*Dayton OH 45401**513-274-3171:GI MILITARY
Bazata/Bonnie*American Friends Service Committee*915 Salem Av*Dayton OH 45406**513-278-4225:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AT -1 PEACE AFSC 8807 AA86 AA86-900512 AA90 AA90-29 AA90-900904 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-R AA91-29 AA91-910422 W GMPF F&V DB HRO
View From Dayton*Box 9332 Wbbr*Dayton OH 45409-9332:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Staff Of Life Food Coop*2517 Ghent Av*Dayton OH 45420:FC
Film Heritage*College Of Liberal Arts*Wright State U*Dayton OH 45431:PUBLICATION LIBRARY CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Nexus*Wright State U*Dayton OH 45431:SP MLC CU EDUCATION
Images*English Dept*Wright State U*Dayton OH 45435:SP CU EDUCATION
Arlotta Press*6340 Millbank Dr*Dayton OH 45459:SP
National Issues Forums*100 Commons Rd*Dayton OH 45459:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Appalachian Free School*571 W Fifth St*Chillicothe OH 45601:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
New Infinity Review*Box 804*Ironton OH 45638:SP
Barrows/Cliff*Ohio Norml*Box 36*New Plymouth OH 45654**614-385-4167:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1 NORML
Shawnee Press*1903 Grandview Av*W Portmouth OH 45662:SP
Athens News*Box 543*Athens OH 45701**614-592-3568:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Baron/Matthew*Student Environmental Action Coalition*13206 Dutch Creek*Athens OH 45701:ECOLOGY EDUCATION -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Croissant & Co*Box 282*Adhens OH 45701:SP
Institute For Democracy In Education*119 Mccracken Hall*Ohio U*Athens OH 45701:PUBLICATION 9104 NCACS SCHOOL CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Ohio Review*Ellis Hall*Ohio U*Athens OH 45701:SP CU EDUCATION
Sunflower Farm*Rt 1 Box 90*Amesville OH 45711**488-2118:COMMUNITY
Marietta Crafts Natural*Marietta College*Marietta OH 45740:FC CU EDUCATION W
Marietta Natural Foods Coop*Lowell OH 45744:FC W
Lima Area Food Buying Club*Box 1466*Lima OH 45802:FC HRO
Lima-Troy Area Uaw Cap Council*1440 Bellefontaine Av*Lima OH 45804:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Lima*1412 Trebor Dr*Lima OH 45805:FC
Saharan Peoples Support Committee*217 E Lehr*Ada OH 45810:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Herr Gardens Coop*123 S Lawn Av*Bluffton OH 45817:FC
Loveland Group Food Coop*7596 W 93 St*Zionsville IN 46077:FC
Coop*1109 N Tuxedo*Indianapolis IN 46201:FC
Civil Liberties Union*445 N Pennsylvania St Suite 501*Indianapolis IN 46204**317-635-4056:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Firing Line*Box 1055*Indianapolis IN 46205:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Young Socialist Alliance*3843 Washington Blvd*Indianapolis IN 46205:W
American College Of Sports Medicine*Box 1440*Indianapolis IN 46206:9405 SPORTS HEALTH-CARE COLLEGE EDUCATION07
Childrens House*2401 W 39TH St*Indianapolis IN 46208:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Church World Service*1100 W 42ND St*Indianapolis IN 46208**317-923-2938:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Indianapolis Mayors Bicycle Task Force*1426 W 29TH St*Indianapolis IN 46208**924-9151:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Indianapolis Peace Ctr*3808 N Meridian*Indianapolis IN 46208**317-924-1553:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Project Equality*1100 W 42ND St*Indianapolis IN 46208**317-924-4226:EQUAL-EMPLOYMENT-OPPORTUNITY W
Indianapolis Norml*3746 North College Av*Indianapolis IN 46218:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 NORML
Indianapolis Peace & Freedom Party*4742 Munter Ln*Indianapolis IN 46218:POLITICAL
Gethsemane Lutheran Coop*6810 E 10*Indianapolis IN 46219:FC
Brashear/Diane B*Institute Of Women's Health*Indiana U Ob/Gyn Dept*926 W Michigan St*Indianapolis IN 46223**317-274-2014:WHC RESEARCH -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 HC
Knowledge Systems*7777 W Morris St*Indianapolis IN 46231:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Liberty Press-Liberty Classic*7440 North Shadeland*Indianapolis IN 46250:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Pendragon Press*Box 50096*Castleton IN 46250:SP
Save The Dunes Council*Box 114*Beverly Shores IN 46301**879-3937:ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Workers For Democracy*433 Locust*Hammond IN 46324:
Compulsive Printer*5560 Evergreen*Portage IN 46368:SP
Schereville Coop 1177*650 W 67TH Pl*Schereville IN 46375:FC
American Friends Service Committee*7 Napoleon*Valpo IN 46383:SER ECOLOGY AN AFSC 8807 HRO
Community Action To Reverse Pollution*8125 Maple Av*Gary IN 46400**938-6925:POLITICAL POLLUTION SER ECOLOGY AN
Lane/Dr James B*Steel Shavings*In U Northwest History Dept*3400 Broadway*Gary IN 46408:-1 STEEL-HISTORY PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Bender-Miller/Terry*Fellowship Of Reconciliation*1703 Benham*Elkhart IN 46514:GMPFJ GMPFR FOR -1 PEACE GMPF F&V
Elkhart Peace Fellowship*326 Cleveland*Elkhart IN 46514:PEACE
Fellowship Of Hope*1611 Compton*Elkhart IN 46514:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL MENNONITE W
Just Plain Foods*55678 Eberly*Elkhart IN 46514:FC
Church World Service*Box 968*Elkhart IN 46515**219-264-3102*212-870-3151:DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID PEACE CALENDAR RELIEF AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900827 BOX-1067 FLOOD-RELIEF
Office On Global Education*Church World Service*28606 Phillips St*Elkhart IN 46515**264-3102:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Goshen Peace & Freedom Party*802 N 6th St*Goshen IN 46526:POLITICAL PEACE
Sunny Haven Recreation Park*Box 95*Granger IN 46530**219-277-5356:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Press Of The Indiana Kid*852 East Marion St*Nappanee IN 46550:SP W
Crossett/Dave*National Lawyers Guild*Notre Dame Law School*Notre Dame IN 46556:AACC NLG CU EDUCATION -1
Womens Career Ctr*802 N Lafayette*S Bend IN 46601:YWCA WOP W
Food For Thought*1017 S 27 St*S Bend IN 46615:FC
Access*620 Harrison*S Bend IN 46616:NAM H
Lemonemana*1616 Scottswood*S Bend IN 46617:FC
And Books*702 S Michigan Suite 836*S Bend IN 46618:SP
Gloster/Sean*South Bend Norml*Box 10176*South Bend IN 46680**219-233-6581*219-287-9809:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Big Wheel Press*Rt 1 State Rd 8*Auburn IN 46706:SP
Camden Food Coop*Rt 3 Box 240*Howe IN 46746:FC
Central Soya Co*1300 Ft Wayne Natl Bank*Fort Wayne IN 46802:FOOD
Friends Of The Third World*611 West Wayne St*Ft Wayne IN 46802**422-6821:
Three Rivers Corp*1126 Broadway*Fort Wayne IN 46802:FC SER
Three Rivers Food Coop*1111 Broadway*Ft Wayne IN 46802:FC
Stedmans Bent Franklin Hobby Press*4422 Dodge Av*Ft Wayne IN 46805:SP
Ye Olde Food Coop*1232 Crescent*Ft Wayne IN 46805:FC
Michigan Council Coop Nurseries*2470 Porter Rd*Breckenridge MI 46815:FC
Greenpeace*4219 Mirada Dr*Ft Wayne IN 46816:SER AN ECOLOGY GREENPEACE 8807
Cedar Creek Publishers*2310 Sawmill Rd*Fort Wayne IN 46825:SP
Foodco Appliance Corp*Griscer Div*Waterloo IN 46931:FOOD
Marion Coop*810 W 5th*Marion IN 46952:FC W
Fellowship Of Reconciliation*Box 25*N Manchester IN 46962:SER ECOLOGY AN FOR
Peace Studies Inst*Manchester College*N Manchester IN 46962:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL SEPL SEP PEACE CU EDUCATION
Wabash Coop*Rt 5*Wabash IN 46992:FC
Tri-State Country Club*RR 1 Box 198*Bennington IN 47011**812-427-3914:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Brotherhood Of Eternal Truth*1002 E Market St*New Albany IN 47150:H
People--Yes*Box 588*Columbus IN 47201:
Moore/Michael S*Jefferson Proving Ground Survival Committee*Box 35*Madison IN 47250:9010 -1 PEACE MILITARY
Save The Valley*Box 813*Madison IN 47250:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900924
Ball State U Forum*Ball State U*Muncie IN 47306:SP CU EDUCATION
Environmental Action*Student Ctr #B11*Ball State U*Muncie IN 47306:SER AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Free U*Student Assn*Ball State U*Muncie IN 47306:U CU EDUCATION
War Resistors League*Box 401 Student Ctr*Muncie IN 47306:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE WRL
Rural Times Library*Box 26*Albany IN 47320:PUBLICATION LIBRARY MEDIA
Guide To Womens Periodicals*5173 Turner Rd*Richmond IN 47374:DIRECTORY PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Swanger/Joanna*Clear Creek Food Cooperative*Box E-290 Earlham College*Richmond IN 47374:FC -1 W AA91 AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-911209
University Peace Studies Network*Earlham College*Richmond IN 47374**962-6561:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Womens Periodicals Guide*5173 Turner Rd*Richmond IN 47374:DIRECTORY PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Young Friends Of North America*Box E-1368 Earlham College*Richmond IN 47374:AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Artful Dodge*110 South Roosevelt*Bloomington IN 47401:SP
Bloomington Free Ryder*Biweekly Newspaper*104 1/2 East Kirkwood*Bloomington IN 47401:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
College English*English Dept*Indiana U*Bloomington IN 47401:SP CU EDUCATION
Earth Kitchen & Blooming Foods*419 E Kirkwood*Bloomington IN 47401:FC
Free U*Union Board Office*Indiana Memorial Union*Bloomington IN 47401:U CU EDUCATION
Indiana Writes*316 North Jordan*Bloomington IN 47401:SP
National Lawyers Guild*In U Law School*Bloomington IN 47401:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Neighborhood Organization Research Group*814 East Third St*Indiana U*Bloomington IN 47401**812-337-0441:NEIGHBORHOOD CU EDUCATION
Raintree Press*4043 Morningside Dr*Bloomington IN 47401:SP
The Ryder*104 1/2 E Kirkwood*Bloomington IN 47401**812-339-2001:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Elf Lore Family Inc*Box 1082*Bloomington IN 47402:FOLKLORE PAGANISM H 8704
Planet Fest*Ebpx*Box 1328*Bloomington IN 47402:9206 ECOLOGY PEACE FESTIVAL
Survival Cards*Box 1805*Bloomington IN 47402:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bloomington Peace Coalition*Rm 48-K Imv*Bloomington IN 47405:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Committee Against War In The Middle East*Indiana U*Bloomington IN 47405:9101 PEACE MIDDLE-EAST POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Daumer/Elizabeth*Feminist Teacher*442 Ballantine Hall*Indiana University*Bloomington IN 47405:EDUCATION PUBLICATION -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Institute For Sex Research Library*416 Morrison Hall*Bloomington IN 47405:SEX RESEARCH SEPL CU EDUCATION SEP LIBRARY
Kegley/Ryan T*Diesel*Foster-Martin 301*Bloomington IN 47406:9401 -1 POLITICAL PUNK ZINE
Chrysalis*Box 61*Helmsburg IN 47435**812-988-6446:COMMUNITY WALDEN-II H OWENITE
Tokarski/Sandra*Citizens For Appropriate Rural Roads*Box 54*Stanford IN 47463**812-825-9553:F RURAL-ROADS 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Melchior/Jane*Protect Our Woods*8760 N Crystal Rd*Dubois IN 47527**812-678-2667:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Red Geranium Bookstore*531 E Church St*New Harmony IN 47631**812-682-4423:BOOKSTORE05
Citizens For Non-Nuclear Future*3900 N Fulton Av #6A*Evansville IN 47710:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Center For Communal Studies*School Of Liberal Arts*U Of Southern Inc*Evansville IN 47712**812-464-1719:COMMUNITY CU EDUCATION
Fellowship Of Intential Community*Center For Communal Studies*8600 University Blvd*Evansville IN 47712**812-464-1727:COMMUNITY 9104
Mobilization For Survival*War Resisters League*904 N Weinbach*Evansville IN 47712:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL WRL MFS 8807
Scann*Box 119 In State U*Evansville IN 47712:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Nuclear Waste Action Committee*1019 Bellemeade Av*Evansville IN 47714:AN POLITICAL
Save The Valley*Box 2002*Evansville IN 47714:SER ECOLOGY AN
Black American Literature Forum*In State U Parsons Hall 237*Terre Haute IN 47809:MLC SP BLACK CU EDUCATION
Russell Community*24 Russell St*W Lafayette IN 47906:COMMUNITY
Vons Bookstore*315 W State St*W Lafayette IN 47906:BOOKSTORE SEP
Haiku Review*Rt 1*Battle Ground IN 47920:SP
Twinrocker Handmade Paper*RR 2*Brookston IN 47923:SP MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC
Sugar Creek Alliance*110 Marshall St*Crawfordsville IN 47933:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Coop*Rt 1*Perryville IN 47974:FC
Aubert/Alvin*Obsidian*English Dept*Wayne State U*Detroit MI 48000:MLC -1 BLACK PUBLICATION SP CU EDUCATION AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST MEDIA
Detroit Country Day School*2230 SW 13 Mile*Birmingham MI 48010:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Eastern Michigan Environmental Council*21220 W 14 Mill Dr*Birmingham MI 48010:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPF F&V
Institute For Advanced Pastoral Studies*380 Lone Pine Rd*Bloomfield Hills MI 48013:H S
Lightworks Magazine*5328 Lauren Ct*Bloomfield Hills MI 48013:W
Roeper City & Country School*2190 N Woodward*Bloomfield Hills MI 48013:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Centerline Coop*8421 Pershing*Center Line MI 48015:FC
Clarkston Country Cupboard*8330 Pogubsin Tr*Clarkston MI 48016:FC
Green Valley Coop*6527 Clarkston Rd*Clarkston MI 48016:FC
Carrot Patch*3432 Cutler*Drayton Plains MI 48020:FC
Nadineers Produce*Meth Church 29887 11 Mile Rd*Farmington MI 48024:FC
Live Oak Coop*620 W Woodward Heights*Hazel Park MI 48030:FC
Bookpeople Inc*6399 Orchard Lake Rd*W Bloomfield MI 48033:BOOKSTORE SEP
Keego Buying Club*2091 Cass Lake Rd*Keego Harbor MI 48033:FC HRO
Punpenny/Jennifer*Dedtoit Safe Energy Coalition*24879 Glenside*Southfield MI 48034:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V W
Southfield Food Coop*21815 Poinciana A*Southfield MI 48034:FC
Oxford-Orion Food Coop*2914 Stoney Creek*Lake Orion MI 48035:FC
Green Baggers*328 Canal*Millford MI 48042:FC
Clinton Coop*34750 Village Rd*Mount Clemens MI 48043:FC
Kgb Underground*147 North Rose*Mt Clemens MI 48043:9310 REVIEWS COMIX ZINE
Goodrich Good Earth*60 Pearl St*Oxford MI 48051:FC
Oxford Orion Food Coop*40 Dennison*Oxford MI 48051:FC
Uplands Hills Ecological Awareness Ctr*2575 Indian Lake Rd*Oxford MI 48051:AT NS SCHOOL ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Whispering Oaks Inc*5864 Baldwin*Oxford MI 48051**313-628-7200:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Sylvan Lake Food Coop*1755 Lakeland*Pontiac MI 48053:FC
Carrot Patch Coop*15 Clayburn*Pontiac MI 48054:
Public Interest Research Group*19A Oakland Ctr Rm 1*Oakland U*Rochester MI 48063:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Rochester Coop*674 W Hamlin*Rochester MI 48063:FC
Community Coop*159 Sisson*Romeo MI 48065:FC
Coop*131 Turner*Romeo MI 48065:FC
New Horizons Bookstore*20757 13 Mile Rd*Roseville MI 48066**313-296-1560:BOOKSTORE S SEP
Michigan Owner Builder Ctr*1505 E 11 Mile Rd*Royal Oak MI 48067**313-545-7033:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING
Her Story*Box 1073*Royal Oak MI 48068:HISTORY PUBLICATION 9307 W
Usa Communications*Box 900*Royal Oak MI 48068:H
Coop Optical*32041 John R Rd*Madison Heights MI 48071:FC
Michigan Metaphysical Society*3036 W 12 Mile Rd*Berkley MI 48072:H
Grainery Food Coop*8463 Doncaster*Sterling Heights MI 48077:FC
St Pats Food Coop Production*9086 Hutchins*Union Lake MI 48083:FC CU EDUCATION
Energy Conversion Devices*1675 West Maple Rd*Troy MI 48084:SER ECOLOGY AN
Fluoride*Box 692*Warren MI 48090:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Washington Buying Club*60614 Mound*Washington MI 48094:FC HRO
Washington Coop*60390 Mohave Ln*Washington MI 48094:FC
Carrot Patch Coop*7506 Andersonville Rd*Waterford MI 48095:FC
Green Valley Coop*4411 Lotus Dr*Waterford MI 48095:FC
Cheese Etc*4753 Butler*Troy MI 48098:FC
Detroit Area Mi Fed Rep*1044 Harting*Troy MI 48098:FC
Many Hands*1402 Hill St*Ann Arbor MI 48101:FH
Childrens Community School*805 Mckinley*Ann Arbor MI 48103:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Inside Track*306 Westwood*Ann Arbor MI 48103:SP
Kienholz Product Inc*4400 Loch Alpine W*Ann Arbor MI 48103:FOOD
Michigan Fed Newsletter*211 Charles*Ann Arbor MI 48103:PUBLICATION FC MEDIA
Ainsworth/Donna*Interfaith Council For Peace & Justice*730 Tappen*Ann Arbor MI 48104**313-662-1870:-1 F 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Alternative Press*1207 Henry St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:SP
American Friends Service Committee*1414 Hill St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:PEACE POLITICAL AFSC 8807 HRO
Ann Arbor Bicycle League*Ecology Ctr*417 Detroit St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION SER NR AT ECOLOGY AN W
Ann Arbor Itemized Food Coop*545 S Seventh*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC W
Ann Arbor Peoples Food Coop*722 Packard*Ann Arbor MI 48104**761-8173:COOP FC W
Anti-Sexism Resource Ctr*Residential College East Quad*U Of MI*Ann Arbor MI 48104:MEN CU EDUCATION
Ardis*2901 Heatherway*Ann Arbor MI 48104:SP
Childrens Community*1917 Washtenaw*Ann Arbor MI 48104:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Community Systems Foundation*1130 Hill St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:SEP
Free U Of Ann Arbor*Uac Michigan Union*Ann Arbor MI 48104:U CU EDUCATION
Full Disclosure*1112 S University 2nd Flr*Ann Arbor MI 48104**313-747-7027:PUBLICATION 8711 PRIVACY SECRECY MEDIA
Gay Womens Advocate Office*326 Michigan Union*Ann Arbor MI 48104:LESBIAN PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Intercooperative Council*4002 Michigan Union*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Joint House*923 S Forest*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Lenny Bruce House*1507 Washtenaw*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Michigan House*315 N State St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Montgomery/Pat*Clonlara*1289 Jewett St*Ann Arbor MI 48104**313-769-4515:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
National Coalition Of Alternative Community Schools*1289 Jewett St*Ann Arbor MI 48104**769-4511:COMMUNITY-SCHOOLS SCHOOL MLC CU EDUCATION NCACS
National Lawyers Guild*U Of Mich Law School*Hutchins Hall*Ann Arbor MI 48104:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Pantry Food Coop*2388 Yost Blvd*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Peoples Action Coalition*802 Monroe*Ann Arbor MI 48104:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Peoples Advocate*1443 Washtenaw*Ann Arbor MI 48104:
Peoples Food Coop*722 Packard*Ann Arbor MI 48104:COOP FC
Peoples Warehouse*Mich Federation Of Coops*727 Ellsworth Rd Bldg E15*Ann Arbor MI 48104:SER ECOLOGY AN FC WAREHOUSE
Peoples Wherehouse*727 W Ellsworth Rd*Ann Arbor MI 48104**761-4642:FC
Siddha Yoga Dham*1520 Hill St*Ann Arbor MI 48104**313-994-5625:YOGA SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Up*1520 Hill St*Ann Arbor MI 48104:MUSIC
Westport House*2002 Shadford Rd*Ann Arbor MI 48104:SP
Xanadu House*1811 Washtenaw*Ann Arbor MI 48104:FC
Youth Liberation*2000 Washtenaw Av*Ann Arbor MI 48104:MR POLITICAL YOUTH W
American Town Meetings Project*611 Longshore Dr*Ann Arbor MI 48105**313-665-5579:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA
Michigan Alliance For Peace*4318 Michigan Union*530 S State St*Ann Arbor MI 48105:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
NW Boarding Coop*1500 Gilbert Ct*Ann Arbor MI 48105:FC
Bach School*Ann Arbor MI 48106:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Birkett/Rich*Ann Arbor Norml*Box 6014*Ann Arbor MI 48106**313-663-9048*313-453-8840:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1 NORML
Informed Homebirth*Box 3675*Ann Arbor MI 48106:HOMEBIRTH CHILD-BIRTH HC W
Mens Ctr*Basic Education Project*Box 1025*Ann Arbor MI 48106:S MEN
Michigan Federation Of Food Coops*Box 1405*Ann Arbor MI 48106**313-761-4642:FC PUBLICATION
Save Our Constitution*Box 3079*Ann Arbor MI 48106**313-746-9670:9401 MARIJUANA
Aatec Publications*Box 7119*Ann Arbor MI 48107**313-995-1470:AT PRESS MLC MLC-MW
Arbor Publications*Box 8185*Ann Arbor MI 48107:SP
Coop*Box 7293*Ann Arbor MI 48107:SP
Natural Energies*Box 8010*Ann Arbor MI 48107:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
North American Students Of Cooperation*Box 7715*Ann Arbor MI 48107**313-663-0889:INFORMATION COMMUNITY POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN COOP SP MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC
Scott/Eric*All The Kings Horses*Box 7226*Ann Arbor MI 48107:9310 -1 ZINE
Valentine/John*Arbor Alliance Science For The People*Box 7828*Ann Arbor MI 48107:GMPFEG GMPFR -1 SFTP SCIENCE GMPF F&V ART DB
4th Av Peoples Food Coop*212 N 4th Av*Ann Arbor MI 48108:FC
Applerose*300 W Liberty*Ann Arbor MI 48108:
Sun Structures*Integrated Environmental Design*225 E Liberty St*Ann Arbor MI 48108:AT ECOLOGY SOLAR-ENERGY
Wildflour Bakery*208 N 4th*Ann Arbor MI 48108:FC
Center For Afro American & American Studies*U Of MI*909 Monroe St*Ann Arbor MI 48109:SEPL AFRO-AMERICAN-STUDIES SEP CU EDUCATION
Clark/Gracia*African Studies Assn Women's Caucus*Ctr For Afro-American & African Studies*U Of MI 200 W Engineering*Ann Arbor MI 48109**313-764-9986:-1 AFRICA CU W MAILING-LIST 9203
Environmental Law Society*Hutchins Hall*U Of MI Law School*Ann Arbor MI 48109**994-4989:LAW ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Inter Cooperative Council*4002 Michigan Union*Ann Arbor MI 48109:FC
Lesbian-Gay Male Programs Office*3116 Michigan Union*530 S State*Ann Arbor MI 48109**763-4186:HS W
Michigan Quarterly Review*3032 Rackham Bldg*U Of MI*Ann Arbor MI 48109:CU EDUCATION
Occasional Papers In Womens Studies*354 Lorch Hall*U Of MI*Ann Arbor MI 48109:W WST CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*4106 Mi Union-Um*Ann Arbor MI 48109:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Science For The People*4318 Michigan Union*Ann Arbor MI 48109:GMPFI GMPFEG SFTP GMPF F&V ART DB
Chelsea Food Coop*303 Railroad*Chelsea MI 48118:FC
Hi Life*13867 Old US 12*Chelsea MI 48118:FC
Seva Foundation*108 Spring Lake Dr*Chelsea MI 48118**313-475-1351:BLINDNESS 9103 DMPR HC
Workers Market 1*Uaw Local 600*12821 Dix*Dearborn MI 48120:FC CU EDUCATION
Alpine Enterprises*Box 766*Dearborn MI 48121:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Conspiracy Digest*Box 766*Dearborn MI 48121:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ha Community Coop*24662 Hopkins*Dearborn Heights MI 48127:FC
Willies Workshop*353 Sidney*Dundee MI 48131:SP
Bread Of Life*290115 Wesley*Flat Rock MI 48134:FC
Natures Best*18988 Doris*Livonia MI 48152:FC W
Milan Coop*36 E Main*Milan MI 48160:FC
Food Coop*Box 115*Plymouth MI 48170:FC
Whammo Food Coop*47212 Stone Crest*Plymouth MI 48170:FC
Down River Coop*9314 Williams*Taylor MI 48180:FC
Kyle/Chuck*Michigan Norml*11280 Mckinley*Taylor MI 48180**313-287-9077:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Norwayne Peoples Coop*33431 Bentley Ct*Westland MI 48185:FC
Project Adult*Box 518*Whitmore Lake MI 48189:DRUGS
Mariavite Old Catholic Church*2803 10TH Av*Wyandotte MI 48192**284-5096:CATHOLICS HS
Roots & Wings*16607 Barberry C2*Southgate MI 48195**313-285-3679:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Journal Of Narrative Technique*Eastern Michigan U*Ypsilanti MI 48197:CU EDUCATION
Mundy/Kathleen J*Greenpeace*117 Goodison East Mi U*Ypsilanti MI 48197:GMPFR ECOLOGY GREENPEACE 8807 -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART W DB
Staple Food Coop*2301 Hickmann*Ypsilanti MI 48197:FC
Family Food Coop*600 E Warren*Detroit MI 48201:FC
Mobilization For Survival*1542 W Alexandrine*Detroit MI 48201:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN MFS 8807
Black & Red*Box 9546*Detroit MI 48202:SP ANARCHIST POLITICAL
Center For Black Studies*Wayne State U*Detroit MI 48202:BLACK CU EDUCATION
Center For Peace & Conflict Studies*Wayne State U*5229 Cass Av*Detroit MI 48202**313-577-3468:PEACE SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Comprehensive Health Services Of Detroit*6500 John C Lodge*Detroit MI 48202:FC HC
Coop Optical*7408 Woodward*Detroit MI 48202:FC
Detroit Council For World Affairs*Wayne State U*5229 Cass Av*Detroit MI 48202:GMPFS GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Energy & Environmental Information Project*Wayne State U*4866 3rd St Rm 300*Detroit MI 48202:SER AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Moving Out*Box 26 Ucb*Wayne State U*Detroit MI 48202:PUBLICATION POLITICAL MR W CU EDUCATION MEDIA
National Lawyers Guild*Wayne State U Law School*Detroit MI 48202:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Obsidian-Black Literature In Review*English Dept*Wayne State U*Detroit MI 48202:SP CU EDUCATION
Wayne State Glf*Box 23 Ucb*Wayne State U*Detroit MI 48202**577-3450:HS CU EDUCATION
Alexander Cromwell Community Ctr Coop*74 Glendale*Detroit MI 48203:FC
California Sunshine*129 California*Highland Park MI 48203:
Hudson Enterprises*159 Louise*Highland Pk MI 48203:FC W
Lare/Ron*Aids Action Planning Committee*15 W Arizona*Detroit MI 48203:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Project-Headline*13627 Gratiot*Detroit MI 48205:U CU EDUCATION
Sister Food Coop*11529 Linwood*Detroit MI 48206:FC
Church Of The Messiah*231 E Grand Blvd*Detroit MI 48207:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY
Conservation Research Advisory Council*1030 Stafford Pl*Detroit MI 48207:CONSUMER
Detroit Summer*Box 07313*Detroit MI 48207:9203 POLITICAL 9206 CITY-REBUILDING
Franklin Settlement Food Coop*Dairy Coop*3360 Charlevoix*Detroit MI 48207:FC DAIRY FOOD
Mustard Seed Coop*231 E Grand Blvd*Detroit MI 48207:FC
Christians For Socialism*3540 14TH St*Detroit MI 48208:GMPFJ GMPFI POLITICAL SOCIALISM GMPF F&V
War Resistors League*1542 W Alexandrine*Detroit MI 48208:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE WRL
Western Ymca Food Coop*1601 Clark*Detroit MI 48209:FC
Unified States Of Awareness*3760 Wesson*Detroit MI 48210**313-895-5981:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Operation Get Down Coop*9980 Gratiot*E Detroit MI 48213:FC
Coalition Of Labor Union Women*8731 E Jefferson Av*Detroit MI 48214:WHC W HC
Detroit Transit Alternative*10612 E Jefferson*Detroit MI 48214**313-821-8250:RUNAWAY-HOUSE
Indian Village Coop*2911 Iroquois*Detroit MI 48214:FC
Inner City Sub Ctr*8411 E Forest*Detroit MI 48214:FC
Luria/Daniel D*Solidarity House*8000 E Jefferson Av*Detroit MI 48214:POLITICAL -1 SEP
Corridors*14500 Scripps*Detroit MI 48215:SP
St Ambrose Senior Action*14920 Hampton*Detroit MI 48215:FC
El Soplon Press*19454 Woodbine*Detroit MI 48219:SP
Ferndale Coop Inc*470 E 9 Mile Rd*Ferndale MI 48220:FC
Frontier Coop Herbs*606 Albany*Ferndale MI 48220:FC
Miller/Lloyd*A-Albionic Research*Box 20273*Ferndale MI 48220**313-885-1181(FAX)*74204.3113@COMPUSERVE.COM:9405 -1 CONSPIRACY SP DMPR05 !TRADE-OFFER-9405
Paperbacks Unltd*22634 Woodward Av*Ferndale MI 48220:ID-B 8803 IDAFSA BOOKSTORE MW AT SEP
Parkdale Food Coop*623 Troy*Ferndale MI 48220:FC
Cellar Bookstore*18090 Wyoming*Detroit MI 48221:BOOKSTORE
Free University Student Government*U Of Detroit*4110 W Mcnichols*Detroit MI 48221:U CU EDUCATION
Lotus Press*Box 21607 College Park Stn*Detroit MI 48221:CU EDUCATION
Oakgrove Co Op*Oakgrove Anne Church*198011 Cherry Lawn*Detroit MI 48221:FC W
Brighton Community Ctr*Mary Knock Nurseries*14451 Burt Rd*Detroit MI 48223:FC
Project Redirection Detroit*15770 Heyden*Detroit MI 48223:MEN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Adagio Press*19972 Lochmoor Dr*Harper Woods MI 48225:SP
Detroit Free Press*321 W Lafayette Blvd*Detroit MI 48226:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION SEP MEDIA
Office For Justice & Peace*Archdiocese Of Detroit*305 Michigan Av*Detroit MI 48226:LM PEACE AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900702 40-WELLES
Rooney/Jean*Center For Justice & Peace*305 Michigan Av*Detroit MI 48226:SEP -1 PEACE W
St Bernard Coop*1234 Washington Blvd*Detroit MI 48226:FC
Team For Justice*1035 St Antoine*Detroit MI 48226**313-965-3242:LAW SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Malebag*15770 Heyden*Detroit MI 48227:MEN PUBLICATION S MEDIA
National Assn Of The Physically Handicapped*6473 Grandville*Detroit MI 48228:PHYSICALLY-HANDICAPPED HANDICAPPED SELF-HELP-GROUP
Detroit Area Coalition For The Environment*4866 3rd St Rm 300*Detroit MI 48229:POLITICAL AN ECOLOGY
St Ambrose Senior Fc*1037 Nottingham*Grosse Point Park MI 48230:FC
Childbirth Without Pain Education Assn*20134 Snowden*Detroit MI 48235**313-341-3816:CHILD-BIRTH LAMAZE W HC
Guild Communications Ctr*19731 Forrer*Detroit MI 48235**835-4426:
Michigan Ctr Un League*Tech Asstn*Box 5210*Detroit MI 48235:FC
Peoples Food Coop*19319 Tracy*Detroit MI 48235:FC W
Spread Eagle Distribution*19731 Forrer*Detroit MI 48235:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR
Lunchroom Press*Box 36027*Grosse Pointe Farms MI 48236: HRO
Cooperative Service Inc*25900 Greenfield #326*Oak Park MI 48237**313-874-4000:ELDERLY HOUSING FC
Oakland County Human Rights Party*13770 Wales*Oak Park MI 48237:POLITICAL
Shrines Of The Black Madonna*13535 Livernois*Detroit MI 48238:BOOKSTORE FC W
Safe Energy Coalition*17736 Five Points*Detroit MI 48240:SER ECOLOGY AN
Rosa & Raymond Parks Inst For Self Development*65 Cadillac Sq Suite 3200*Detroit MI 48266:9201 CIVIL-RIGHTS CHILDREN SCHOLARSHIPS
Blue Water*955 Huron Crest*Bad Axe MI 48413:FC
Hillside*6585 Exchange Rd*Durand MI 48429:FC
Busy Bee Coop*405 E High St*Fenton MI 48430:FC
Fenton Feasters*920 Worchester*Fenton MI 48430:FC
Grand Blanc*1159 Hannah*Grand Blanc MI 48439:FC W
New Pages*4426 S Belsay Rd*Grand Blanc MI 48439**313-742-9583:APS PUBLICATION SPR SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP MEDIA
Quality Food Coop*8630 Mcintosh*Harbor Beach MI 48441:FC
Holly Harvesters*2361 Rahale Elk Rd*Holly MI 48442:FC W
Natures Fare*5980 Rodd Rd*Holly MI 48442:FC
Imlay City Food Coop*6940 Armstrong*Imlay City MI 48444:FC
Lapeer Area Food Coop*Box 212*2189 River Bend*Lapeer MI 48446:FC
Blue Water Coop*2901 Germania*Ubly MI 48475:FC CU EDUCATION
Central Park Coop*Box 873*Flint MI 48501:FC
Charles Stewart Mott Foundation*500 Mott Foundation Bldg*Flint MI 48502:GMPFFD GMPFI FOUNDATION GMPF F&V
Feminist Federal Credit Union*310 E 3rd*Flint MI 48502**238-7621:CREDIT-UNIONS MONEY W
Full Moon Buying Club*Box 3382*Flint MI 48502:FC HRO
Eisenhower Community Coop*1121 Durand St*Flint MI 48503:FC
Eisenhower Community Food Coop*1235 Pershing*Flint MI 48503:FC
Warm Hearth Food Coop*1806 E Ct*Flint MI 48503:FC
Bear Claw Press*1407 W Paterson*Flint MI 48504:SP
Country Kitchen*5278 S Dyewood Dr*Flint MI 48504:FC
Burton Community*5005 Lapeer Rd*Flint MI 48509:FC
Sasginaw Valley Food Coop*218 S Hamilton*Saginaw MI 48602:FC
Midland Karma Coop*Box 252*Freeland MI 48623:FC
Celebration Foods*26 Lexington Ct*Midland MI 48640:FC
Saginaw Valley Nuclear Study Group*5711 Summerset Dr*Midland MI 48640**835-1303:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Sinclair/Mary*Citizens Committee For Protect Of Mi*5711 Summerset Dr*Midland MI 48640**835-1303:SER ECOLOGY -1 AN POLITICAL W
Great Lakes Energy Alliance*706 Sibley*Bay City MI 48706:SER ECOLOGY AN
Family Food Bin*2404 E M 72*Harrisville MI 48740:FC
Thumb Community Food Coop*Lee Hill Rd Box 68A*Mayville MI 48744:FC
Cass River Community Coop*6293 Janice Rd*Millington MI 48746:FC W
Central Organic*7410 W Harrison*Alma MI 48801:FC
Cedar Lake Foods*Box 116*Cedar Lake MI 48812:FOOD
Allegra*526 Forest*E Lansing MI 48823:PUBLICATION SPR ART DB MEDIA
American Lesbian Medical Assn*Box 811*E Lansing MI 48823:WHC LESBIAN W HC
Center For Alternatives In-To Higher Education*1118 S Harrison*E Lansing MI 48823:
Centering*At Ebh Msu*E Lansing MI 48823:PUBLICATION MEDIA
East Lansing Food Coop*308 W Grand River*E Lansing MI 48823:FC
Ghost Dance*Atl Ebh Msu*E Lansing MI 48823:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Lesbian Connections*Box 811*E Lansing MI 48823:LESBIAN HS PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Mayer/Jo*Peace Education Ctr*1118 S Harrison*E Lansing MI 48823**517-351-4648:GMPFR J W -1 PEACE 9102 GMPF F&V ART AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-910712 AA91-W DB
Michigan State Free U*Student Service Bldg*Michigan State Co L*E Lansing MI 48823:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Msu Dept Agri Ecos*Rm Agri Hall Msu*E Lansing MI 48823:FC
Portable Herstory*U U Church*855 Grove St*E Lansing MI 48823:HISTORY CU EDUCATION W
Centennial Review*110 Morrill Hall Mich State U*E Lansing MI 48824:SP CU EDUCATION
Gamber/R*Public Interest Research Group*22 Student Services Bldg*Mich State U*E Lansing MI 48824:GMPFC GMPFCG GMPFR PIRG 8807 -1 POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Gypsy Scholar*English Dept*Mi State U*E Lansing MI 48824:SP CU EDUCATION
Red Cedar Review*325 Morrill Hall*English Dept-Mi State U*E Lansing MI 48824:SP CU EDUCATION
Student Housing Corp*Housing Referrals*311-B Student Srvc Bldg*E Lansing MI 48824:FC
Save Our Constitution*Box 4935*East Lansing MI 48826:9401 MARIJUANA
Plains Bible Food Coop*524 Michigan St*Eaton Rapids MI 48827:FC
Edmore Food Coop*Box 253*Edmore MI 48829:FC
Flat River Coop*151 N Backus*Greenville MI 48838:FC
Room Of Our Own Womyn's Bookstore*Box 129*1486 Haslett Rd*Haslett MI 48840**517-339-0270:MUSIC ART 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Service Press Inc*6369 Reynolds Rd*Haslett MI 48840:SP
Lakewood Coop*601 Willowbark*Lake Odessas MI 48841:FC
Livingston County Coop*565 Sleaford*Howell MI 48843:FC
Liberty Foods*252 E Johnson Rd*Ithaca MI 48847:FC
Mount Pleasant Coop*214 N Franklin St*Mt Pleasant MI 48858:FC
Womens Health & Information Project*Box 110 Warriner*Cmu*Mt Pleasant MI 48858:WHC W HC
Central Michigan Gay Liberation*Box 34-WARRINER Hall*Central Mi U*Mt Pleasant MI 48859:COUNSELING HS CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*Voc Rm-U Ctr Bldg*Central Mi U*Mt Pleasant MI 48859:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Womens Health Project*Box 110 Warringer Hall*Mt Pleasant MI 48859:BOOKSTORE W HC
Livingston County Coop*1416 Faussett Rd Box 8*Oak Grove MI 48863:FC
Happiness Holding Tank*1790 Grand River*Okemos MI 48864:SP
Michigan Environmental Education Assoc*4360 Hagadorn Rd*Okemos MI 48864:GMPFE GMPFI ECOLOGY GMPF F&V EDUCATION
Shilo Grass Roots Coop*8236 N State Rd*Orleans MI 48865:FC
Forest Hills Club*Box 105*Saranac MI 48881**616-642-9526:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Potter/Jeff*Out Your Backdoor*4686 Meridian Rd*Williamston MI 48895:9301 -1 ZINE PUBLICATION
Church World Service*809 Center St*Box 10206*Lansing MI 48901**517-484-7144:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Grand River Review*Capitol City Moon*Box 15052*Lansing MI 48901:SP
League Of Mi Bicyclists*Box 13001*Lansing MI 48901:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Michigan Migrant Ministry*205 W Saginaw St*Lansing MI 48901:
National Lawyers Guild*Box 18232*Lansing MI 48901:AACC NLG 8807
Rietz/Chris*Elderly Instruments*1100 N Washington*Box 14210*Lansing MI 48901**517-372-7890*517-372-5155(FAX):MUSICAL-INSTRUMENT -1 MAIL-ORDER CATALOG MUSIC DMPR 8801 AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-880311 INSTRUMENTS/MUSICAL
Noside Action Buying Club*101 E Willow*Lansing MI 48906:FC HRO
Bureau Community Services*Low Income Coop Development*Box 30015 State Secondary*Lansing MI 48909:FC
Official Services To Aging*Lansing MI 48909:FC
Health Ctr*2316 S Cedar St*Lansing MI 48910:FC HC
Human Rights Party*426 W Barnes*Lansing MI 48910:POLITICAL
Lansing Coop Security*5214 S Logan*Lansing MI 48910:FC
Laroy From Buying Club*2240 Red Rd*Lansing MI 48910:FC HRO
Michigan Agricultural Marketing Assn*7573 W Saginaw*Lansing MI 48910:FC
Mt Vernon Buying Club*3338 N Waverly*Lansing MI 48910:FC HRO
Washington Watch*South Point Plaza*Lansing MI 48910:POLITICAL MR W
Wolfmoon Bakery & Food Coop*2011 E Michigan*Lansing MI 48912:COOP FOOD FC
Kingsley Retiree Food Coop*1220 W Kalamazoo*Lansing MI 48915:FC
Genesee Westmoreland Coop*310 Chanti Clr*Lansing MI 48917:FC
Public Interest Research Foundation*220 N Chestnut*Lansing MI 48933:POLITICAL AN PIRG 8807
Free U*Kalamazoo College*Kalamazoo MI 49001:U CU EDUCATION
Noahs Raft*439 Park Pl*Kalamazoo MI 49001:AN POLITICAL
Peoples Food Coop Kalamazoo*436 N Burdick*Kalamazoo MI 49001:FC
Lake Village*7943 S 25TH St*Kalamazoo MI 49002:COMMUNITY FAMILY
J/Carolyn*Lavender Morning*Box 729*Kalamazoo MI 49005:LESBIAN -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Beach Leaf Press*7000 N Westnedge Av*Kalamazoo MI 49007:SP
Kalamazoo Nature Ctr*7000 N Westnedge Av*Kalamazoo MI 49007**382-5694:AN POLITICAL MW AT
Counseling Ctr*Womens Studies*Western Mi U*Kalamazoo MI 49008:W WST CU EDUCATION
Seafer Project Trident*439 Park Pl*Kalamazoo MI 49008:SER ECOLOGY AN
Tillers Intl*1402 Hillcrest Av*Kalamazoo MI 49008:9206 HORSE-FARMING FARMING PUBLICATION MEDIA
Allegan Coop*140 Robinson*Allegan MI 49010:FC
Tuwaqachi*2103 121 Av Rt 2*Allegan MI 49010:H
Church World Service*424 Riverside Dr Suite 103*Battle Creek MI 49015**616-962-6384:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Battle Creek Coop*733 W Michigan Av*Battle Creek MI 49017:FC
Marshall Food Coop*11869 H Dr*N Battle Creek MI 49017:FC
Summer Oaks Lakes Resort*21901 Collier Av*Battle Creek MI 49017**616-962-1600:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Old Mill Coop*417 S Main*Bellevue MI 49021:FC
Benton Harbor Produce Terminal*Box 127*Benton Harbor MI 49022:FC
Down To Earth*232 Union City Rd*Coldwater MI 49036:FC
Circle Pines Ctr*Bldg Mtsl Ed Rec Camping*Rt 1 Box 312*Delton MI 49046:CU FC FH H NS SCHOOL EDUCATION COOP MLC-WST MLC-NR MLC-EC COMMUNITY MLC
Organic Growers Coop Inc*48548 60TH Av*Lawrence MI 49064:COOP AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE FOOD
Sunshower*48548 60TH Av*Lawrence MI 49064:FC
County Line Coop*Rt 1*Marcellus MI 49067:FC
Marshall Food Coop*17489 20 Mile Rd*Marshall MI 49068:FC
Pawpaw Food Coop & Bakery*243 E Michigan*Paw Paw MI 49070:FC
Aborigine Press*9539 E D E Av*Richland MI 49083:
St Gregorys Abbey*Rt 3 Box 330*Three Rivers MI 49093:FARM COMMUNITY
National Writing Inst*7946 Wright Rd*Niles MI 49120:WRITING-COURSE 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Simple Foods*610 Wildwood*Jackson MI 49201:FC
Murphy Dr Coop*573 Murphy Dr*Jackson MI 49202:FC
Northside Food Coop*1315 Maquire*Jackson MI 49202:FC
Ackerman/Al*Popular Reality*135 W High St*Jackson MI 49203:9310 SP -1
Riverbend Timber Farming*415 E Adrian*Blissfield MI 49228**517-486-4566:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Community Coop*Box 144*Albion MI 49237:FC
Alternatives*Hillsdale College*Hillsdale MI 49242:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Imprimis*Hillsdale College*Hillsdale MI 49242:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Onstead Coop*7850 N Hawkins Hwy*Manitou Beach MI 49253:FC
Michigan Ctr Food Coop*465 Napolean Rd*Michigan Ctr MI 49254:FC
Adrian Food Coop*256 Maple*Onsted MI 49265:FC
Parma Food Coop*11753 Mackie Rd*Parma MI 49269:FC
Hillsdale Family Coop*291 Wheatland Rd*Pittsford MI 49271:FC
Pleasant Lake Coop*10401 Coope Rd*Pleasant Lake MI 49272:FC
Jackson Family Coops*4401 Maple Ln Rd*Rives Junction MI 49277:FC
Parma Food Coop*9900 King Rd*Spring Arbor MI 49283:FC
Wild Asparagus*315 Ctr*Stockbridge MI 49285:FC
Pleasant Lake Coop*10401 Cooper Rd*Pleasant Lake MI 49292:FC
Remus Food Coop*W Isabella County Line Rd*Barryton MI 49305:FC
Everything For Everybody*6240 N Broadway*Freeport MI 49325:FC
True Grit*2353 Amy School*Pierson MI 49339:FC
Remus Food Coop*Rt 2*Remus MI 49340:FC
People Of The Earth*1174 Ransom Rd*White Cloud MI 49349:SER ECOLOGY AN
Mime Journal*Perf Arts Ctr-Grand Valley State Colleges*Allendale MI 49401:CU EDUCATION ART DB
Public Interest Research Group*So Wing Campus Ctr*Grand Valley State Colleges*Allendale MI 49401:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Speas/Dave*Gvsu Norml*Student Activities Office*Kirkhof Ctr*Grand Valley State University*Allendale MI 49401:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1 NORML
Vivekananda Monastery & Retreat*Box 254 Rt 2*122 Av*Fennville MI 49408**313-543-4545:COMMUNITY FARM BOOKSTORE S FH
Big Scream*2782 Dixie SW*Grandville MI 49418:SP
Allendale Coop*6861 Baldwin*Hudsonville MI 49426:FC
Unicopia Food Coop Inc*934 W Mt Garfield*Muskegon MI 49441:FC
Now Health Task Force*Muskegon Ottawa Chapter*Box 3964*Muskegon Heights MI 49444:WHC NOW W HC
Non-Political Party Buyers*3920 Westrom Rd*Whitehall MI 49461:FC
White Lake Coop*3920 Westrom*Whitehall MI 49461:FC
Street Academy*143 Bostwick*Grand Rapids MI 49502:
Dodge/Kay T*Center For Environmental Study*143 Bostwick NE*Grand Rapids MI 49503**616-771-3935*616-771-4005(FAX)*CESDODGE@IGC.APC.ORG:ECOLOGY EDUCATION -1 F 9307
Grandville City Ctr*3380 Division SW*Grandville MI 49503:FC
Southwest G R Coop*333 Rumsey SW*Grand Rapids MI 49503:FC
Westown Food Coop*1181 4th St NW*Grand Rapids MI 49504:FC
Community Food Coop*110 Travis NE*Grand Rapids MI 49505:FC
Grand Rapids Food Coop*600 Lafayette NE*Grand Rapids MI 49505:FC
Spiritual Research Society*740 Hubbard NE*Grand Rapids MI 49505:H
Light Haven*3512 Mccoy SE*Grand Rapids MI 49506**949-3574:H
Coop Optical*13465 Dix Toledo*Southgate MI 49508:FC
South Kent Center Seniors*4500 S Division*Grand Rapids MI 49508:FC
Bicycle Action Project*948 N Alabama St*Indianapolis IN 49602:9406 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION07
Environmental Energies Inc*Box 73*Front St*Copernish MI 49625:AT ECOLOGY
WNMC*Northwestern Michigan College*1701 E Front St*Traverse City MI 49684:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Boyne Valley Natural Foods Coop*Box 233*Boyne City MI 49712:FC
Concerned Citizens For Charlevoix*Box 2222*Charlevoix MI 49720:SER ECOLOGY AN
Levering Food Coop*Levering MI 49755:FC
Grain Train*311 1/2 E Mitchell #8*Petoskey MI 49770**347-2381:FC
Grain Train*421 Howard St*Petoskey MI 49770:FC
North Lower Penensula Michigan Federal Republic*Box 771*Petoskey MI 49770:FC
Beautiful Leaf Woodworking*Rt 1 Box 293*Sault Saint Marie MI 49783:FC GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V
Chatham Buying Club*Box 162*Chatham MI 49816:FC HRO
Passages N*Wm Bonifas Fine Arts Ctr*Escanaba MI 49829:ART DB
Chunga Review*Box 158*Felch MI 49831:SP
Davis/Kathy*Citizens Against Roads*Box 11*Grand Marais MI 49839:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Marquette Draft Info Service*1200 Hebard Ct*Marquette MI 49855:DRAFT
Marquette Food Coop*230 W Ohio St*Marquette MI 49855:FC
Beautiful Leaf Woodworking Shop*Rt 1 Box 278*Munising MI 49862:FC
Rock Food Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 41A*Rock MI 49880:FC HRO
Superior Foods*Box 397*Ahmeek MI 49901:FC
Sundance Ranch*Box 51*Gaastra MI 49927**417-286-3735:COMMUNITY FH NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
George/Diana*Copper Country Peace Alliance*Box 554*Houghton MI 49931:GMPFI GMPFJ PEACE -1 GMPF F&V DB SER F
Lake Superior Review*Box 724*Ironwood MI 49938:PUBLICATION MLC MEDIA
Unicopia*934 W Mt Garfield*Muskegon MI 49941:FC
Red Rocks Food Coop*701 Broad St*Lansing MI 49946:FC

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