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Geographic listing - US zip code order, 50000 - 99999

Ames Free U*Ia State U*Ames IA 50010:U CU EDUCATION
Center For Agricultural & Rural Development*Isu*578 East Hall*Ames IA 50010:SEPO AGRICULTURE SEP
Community Action & Resource Group*Memorial Union Rm 65*Ia State U*Ames IA 50010:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Mutual Aid Food Assn*136 Main St*Ames IA 50010:FC COOP
Photron*Box 1906*Ames IA 50010:
Wheatsfield Grocery*413 Douglas*Ames IA 50010:FC MLC MLC-FC-SAMPLE MLC-30. AA85 AA BB MBB
Wica News-Womens Coalition*Rm 6s Memorial Union*U Of IA*Ames IA 50010:MR PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE W CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Poet & Critic*Isu 203 Ross Hall*Ames IA 50011:
Nishna Valley Buying Club*103 W 14 St*Atlantic IA 50022:FC HRO
Animal Lifeline*Box 12*Carlisle IA 50047**515-989-3473:ARO
Homesteaders Buying Club*RR*Cummings IA 50061:FC HRO
Marshalltown Buying Club*404 N 16TH St*Marshalltown IA 50158:FC HRO
Inner Peace Movement Inc*RR 5 Box 10*Osceola IA 50213:H PEACE
Iowa Socialist Party*Box 8211*Des Moines IA 50306:GMPFI POLITICAL SOCIALIST W GMPF F&V ART DB
Church World Service*3816 36TH St Suite 203*Des Moines IA 50310**515-274-2224:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Cure*1342 30TH St*Des Moines IA 50311:POLITICAL AN
Men Intl*Box 862*Marshalltown IA 50311:S MEN
New College*Drake U*26TH St & University Av*Desmoines IA 50311:U CU EDUCATION
Des Moines Food Coop*Rufus Jones House*1535 11TH St*Des Moines IA 50314:COOP FC
Conference On The Future Of Ia*523 E 12TH St*Des Moines IA 50319:FUTURE
National Catholic Rural Life Conference*4625 NW Beaver Dr*Des Moines IA 50322:RELIGION CATHOLICS RURAL GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB
Olsen/Carl*Iowans For Medical Marijuana*Box 4091*Des Moines IA 50333**515-243-7351:9402 -1 HEALTH-CARE MARIJUANA02
Public Interest Research Group*Rm 140 Maucker Union*U Of IA*Cedar Falls IA 50613:AN PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Quam Press*1515 Columbia Dr*Cedar Falls IA 50613:SP
North American Review*U Of N Ia*Cedar Falls IA 50614:SP BP CU EDUCATION
Edible Soy Products*711 Seventh St*Hudson IA 50643:FOOD SOYBEANS
Iatros*10 E Charles*Oelwein IA 50662**319-283-3491:HC WER 9105
Draft Horse Journal*RR 3*Waverly IA 50677:SP PUBLICATION HORSE-POWER MEDIA
Citizens For Community Improvement*Box 875*Waterloo IA 50754:CONSUMER
Keenen/Betsy*Yankee Permaculture*Box 264*Maloy IA 50852:AGRICULTURE SP -1 9107 W
Ansuda Publications*Box 158*Harris IA 51345:SP UP PUBLISHER PR-SF SF-PR PR DB SF
Environmental Coordinating Organization*3555 Hillcrest*Dubuque IA 52001**319-582-2580:ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Social Development Office*1229 Mt Loretta*Dubuque IA 52001:AN POLITICAL W
Worm/Richard*Eco*3555 Hillcrest*Dubuque IA 52001:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Cosmic Communication Community*100 Elm Ct*Decorah IA 52101**319-382-9317:H
Oneonta Community Coop*421 W Water St*Decorah IA 52101:FC
Seed Savers Exchange*Rt 3 Box 239*Decorah IA 52101:SEEDS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
West Union Buying Club*200 B Otter St*W Union IA 52175:FC CU EDUCATION HRO
Amana Society*Amana IA 52203:COMMUNITY
Douglas/B R*Iowa Socialist Party*Box 924*Iowa City IA 52240:GMPFI -1 POLITICAL SOCIALIST 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB
Educational Media Services*509 S Dubuque St*Iowa City IA 52240:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL EDUCATION
Gay Liberation Front*U Of IA*Student Activities Ctr*Iowa City IA 52240**319-353-7162:HS CU EDUCATION W
Gehry Press*1319 Pine St*Iowa City IA 52240:SP
Hayes/Gwenne*Emma Goldman Clinic For Women*227 N Dubuque St*Iowa City IA 52240**319-337-3042*319-337-2754(FAX):WHC W -1 F MLC MLC-IOWA MLC-60. CLINIC HC
Image & Idea Inc*Box 1991*Iowa City IA 52240:SP
Iowa City Womens Press Collective*130 N Madison St*Iowa City IA 52240:SP W
Iowa Mfs*120 N Dubuque*Iowa City IA 52240:SER ECOLOGY AN MFS
Iowa Review*U Of IA*468 Epb*Iowa City IA 52240:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Melrose Day Care Ctr*701 Melrose Av*Iowa City IA 52240:SCHOOL DAY-CARE CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*U Of IA Law School*Cedar Rapids IA 52240:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
New Pioneers Coop Society*22 S Van Buren*Iowa City IA 52240:FC
Typewriter*Box 409*Iowa City IA 52240:
West Side Story*West High School*2901 Melrose Av*Iowa City IA 52240**319-351-4550X47:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Womens Resource & Action Ctr*U Of IA*3 E Market St*Iowa City IA 52240**319-353-6265:CLINIC W CU EDUCATION HC
No Name Buying Club*1105 17TH Av*Coralville IA 52241:FC HRO
Wholesome House Buying Club*713 6 Av*Coralville IA 52241:FC HRO
Free Environment*Great Plains Federaton*Imu Student Union*Iowa City IA 52242:SER AN ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Free Lemonade*303 Jefferson Bldg*Iowa City IA 52242:CU EDUCATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
Iowa Nuclear News*Activities Ctr Imu*Iowa City IA 52242:AT AN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Windhover Press*102 Epb U Of IA*Iowa City IA 52242:SP AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE CU EDUCATION
Womens Resource & Action Ctr*130 N Madison St*Iowa City IA 52242:WOP W AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-880328
Happy Press*Box 585*Iowa City IA 52244:SP
Society For The Reduction Of Human Labor*1610 E College St*Iowa City IA 52245:9406 LABOR HUMAN-LABOR WORK06
Iowans For Moral Education*Box 304*Kalona IA 52247:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Shiloh Snack Bar Buying Club*RR 2 Box 37*Kalona IA 52247:FC HRO
Health Link*Family Health Ctr*Toledo IA 52342**515-484-4953:FAMILY HC
Bread Of Life Buying Club*Whittier IA 52360:FC HRO
Cedar Rapids Clinic For Women*86 1/2 16TH St SW*Cedar Rapids IA 52404:WHC W HC
Womens Ctr*Ottumwa Heights College*Ottumwa IA 52501:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Patter Publications*Box 204*Burlington IA 52601:9308 HEALTH-CARE IMMUNIZATION-INFORMATION SP
Quad City Food Coop*321 Flagg St*Walcott IA 52773:FC
Classic Images Review*Box 4079*Davenport IA 52808:SP
Kettle Morning Food Coop*523 S Main St*Hartford WI 53027:FC
Mu-Ne-Dowk Foundation*Box 268 Rt 1*Kiel WI 53042**894-2681:H
Second Hand*Box 204*Plymouth WI 53073:SP
Wisconsin Education Fund*Box 321*Port Washington WI 53074:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Safe Haven Ltd*1905 S 10*Sheboygan WI 53081:AN POLITICAL
Seems*Box 359*Sheboygan WI 53081:SP
Wetlands For Wildlife*Box 344*West Bend WI 53095:9403 ECOLOGY
Sun Ray Hills*Box 246*Burlington WI 53105**414-539-2592:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Whole Wheat Coop*1615 22 St*Kenosha WI 53140:FC
Southport Press*Carthage College*Kenosha WI 53141:SP CU EDUCATION
Student Mobilization For Survival*209 Parkside Union*Box 2000*Kenosha WI 53141:GMPFJ GMPFC CU EDUCATION GMPFR MFS POLITICAL 8807 GMPF F&V ART DB
Herbarium Inc*11016 152ND Av*Kenosha WI 53142:FOOD
Oak Creek Ecology Council*340 E Puetz Rd*Oak Creek WI 53154:ECOLOGY
Wolfsong Publications*3123 S Kennedy Dr*Sturtevant WI 53177:SP PUBLICATION DB UG SF MEDIA
Nuclear Project*21420 Sierra Dr*Waukesha WI 53186:MEPA 8709 AN
Friends Of Poetry*English Dept*U Of WI*Whitewater WI 53190:SP POETRY CU EDUCATION
Wisconsin Assn For Environmental Education*Roseman 141*U Of WI*Whitewater WI 53190:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Act Up*Box 1707*Milwaukee WI 53201:9107 HS AIDS HC
Cream City Review*Box 413 English Dept*U Of WI Curtin Hall*Milwaukee WI 53201:SP CU EDUCATION
National Coalition Of Gay Sexually Transmitted Disease Services*Box 239*Milwaukee WI 53201**414-277-7671:HS VD VENEREAL-DISEASE DISEASE STD SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED-DISEASE 9004 AIDS HC
Universal Foods Corp*Box 737*Milwaukee WI 53201:FOOD
WYMS*Milwaukee Public Schools*Drawer 10K*Milwaukee WI 53201:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Arts Service Assoc*Box 92222*Milwaukee WI 53202**276-5599:ART DB
Civil Liberties Union*207 E Buffalo St #325*Milwaukee WI 53202**414-272-4032:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Hey Lady*1819 N Oakland Av*Milwaukee WI 53202:SP
Lee Foundation For Nutritional Research*241 E Erie St*Milwaukee WI 53202:NUTRITION PUBLICATION FOOD SEP MEDIA
Northwestern Coffee Mills*217 N Broadway*Milwaukee WI 53202:FOOD
People's Books & Crafts*1808 N Farwell Av*Milwaukee WI 53202:ID-B ID-N IDAFSA POLITICAL BOOKSTORE SEP
Plymouth Inst*Ctr For Urban Community Development*929 N Sixth St*Milwaukee WI 53202:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Project Equality*1442 N Farwell Av Suite 210*Milwaukee WI 53202**414-272-2642:EQUAL-EMPLOYMENT-OPPORTUNITY W
Ragamuffin Coop*1035 N Waverly Pl*Milwaukee WI 53202:FC
Art Muscle*909 W National Av*Milwaukee WI 53204**414-672-8485:PUBLICATION 9105 ART DB MEDIA
Salvatorian Gay Ministry Task Force*1735 Hi-Mount Bl*Milwaukee WI 53208:HS
Sexual Assault Treatment Ctr*2711 W Wells*Milwaukee WI 53208:WHC RAPE W HC
Modern Products*3015 W Vera Av*Milwaukee WI 53209:FOOD
Metatron Press*2447 N 59TH St*Milwaukee WI 53210:
Peacemaking Assoc*2437 N Grant Blvd*Milwaukee WI 53210**414-445-9736:PEACE 9308
Mobilization For Survival*4109 N Lorkin*Milwaukee WI 53211:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN MFS 8807
Roots Coop*2204 N Booth*Milwaukee WI 53211:FC
Sackbut Review*2513 E Webster Pl*Milwaukee WI 53211:SP
Solidarity Bookstore & Ctr*3212 N Marietta Av*Milwaukee WI 53211:BOOKSTORE
Wisconsin Coalition For Ed Reform*3019 N Farwell Av*Milwaukee WI 53211**414-962-8425:CU ORGANIZING EDUCATION PUBLICATION PARENT-RIGHTS STUDENTS-BOOK MEDIA
Rasmussen/Dave*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*2015 E Kenwood Blvd*Milwaukee WI 53211-3310**414-229-5133*DAVE@UWM.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Dead Serious*712 E Meinecke Av*Milwaukee WI 53212:SER AN ECOLOGY
Mideast Crisis Coalition*1001 E Keefe*Milwaukee WI 53212**414-964-5158:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Mobilization For Survival*1001 E Keefe*Milwaukee WI 53212**414-964-5158:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA MFS
Peoples Food Coop Ltd*2549 N Buffum*Milwaukee WI 53212:COOP FOOD FC
Rethinking Schools*1001 E Keefe Av*Milwaukee WI 53212**414-964-9646:PUBLICATION 9206 EDUCATION RT MEDIA
Spiritual Science Seminar*419 W Vliet St*Milwaukee WI 53212:H
Wisconsin Family*2105 N Booth St*Milwaukee WI 53212:COMMUNITY EX-ADDICTS THERAPY
Chr Hansens Laboratory Inc*9015 W Maple St*Milwaukee WI 53214:FOOD
Research Ctr On Women*Alverno College*3401 S 39TH St*Milwaukee WI 53215:WOP RESEARCH LIBRARY W CU EDUCATION
Rowe Publications*3906 N 69TH St*Milwaukee WI 53216:SP
Oster Corp*5055 N Lydell Av*Milwaukee WI 53217:FOOD
Family Health Plan Coop*6901 W Edgerton Av*Milwaukee WI 53220:FC HC
Wisconsin Animal Education Network*Box 83122*Milwaukee WI 53223**414-353-1647:ARO
American Society For Colposcopy & Colpomicroscopy*8700 W Wisconsin Av*Milwaukee WI 53226:WHC W HC
Friends Mime Theatre*1248 N 86TH St*Milwaukee WI 53226:MIME THEATER SEP
Highland Community School*2004 W Highland Av*Milwaukee WI 53233:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
House Of Lavender Inc*2455 W Juneau*Milwaukee WI 53233:COOP COMMUNITY
Maria/Casa*Mobilization For Survival*1131 N 21ST St*Milwaukee WI 53233:GMPFCG GMPFR MFS POLITICAL 8807 F GMPF F&V ART -1
Marquette Free U*Asmu*600 North 14TH St*Milwaukee WI 53233:U CU EDUCATION
Mobilization For Survival*Box 05943*Milwaukee WI 53233:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN MFS 8807 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900829 40-WELLES
Racine Environmental Designs*1354 W Lawn Av*Racine WI 53405:MW AT ECOLOGY
Beloit Poetry Journal*Box 2*Beloit WI 53511:SP
Coop Detat*942 1/2 Wisconsin St*Beloit WI 53511:FC
Radioactivists*9625 Union Valley Rd*Black Earth WI 53515:SER ECOLOGY AN
Kamms Farm Bakery*Rt 1*Brooklyn WI 53521:FC
Valley View Recreation*Box 605*Cambridge WI 53523**608-423-3060:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Active Acres Cooperative*R 3 Box 230*Dodgeville WI 53533**608-935-2442:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY
Kavaloski/Vincent & Jane*Ecumenical Partnership For Peace & Justice*Rt 3 Box 228E*Dodgeville WI 53533**608-935-3007:-1 PEACE PUBLICATION W 9102 MEDIA
Pohlkamps*1907 Bristol St*Middleton WI 53562:SA AN POLITICAL
Perishable Press Ltd*Box 7*Mt Horeb WI 53572:SP
Midwest Bookwatch*278 Orchard Dr*Oregon WI 53575: BOOK-REVIEWS
Testolin/Terry A*Center For Community Technology*133 N Central #106*Richland Ctr WI 53581:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 TECHNOLOGY
Spring Green General Store*125 W Jefferson Box 52*Spring Green WI 53588:FC
Hyer/Joan*Untamed Shrew*N7609 Airport Rd*Waterloo WI 53594**414-478-3644:-1 F 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Act Up*Box 2675*Madison WI 53701:9107 HS AIDS HC
Aurora*Box 1624*Madison WI 53701:UG DB SP SF
Modern Haiku*Box 1752*Madison WI 53701:HAIKU POETRY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
No Limits*Box 2605*Madison WI 53701:SA AN POLITICAL
Nukewatch*Box 2658*Madison WI 53701**608-256-4146:PEACE P 9308
Out! Newspaper*Box 148*Madison WI 53701**608-256-7664:GAY LESBIAN HS APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION PR MEDIA
Practical Anarchy*Box 173*Madison WI 53701:ANARCHIST POLITICAL 9307
Renaissance Of Madison Inc*Box 687*Madison WI 53701**257-7575:CLINIC HS HC
The United Lesbian Switchboard*Box 310*Madison WI 53701**257-7378:SWITCHBOARD LESBIAN HS W
Wild Hog In The Woods*604 University Box 1004*Madison WI 53701:FC
World Council Of Credit Unions Inc*Box 391*Madison WI 53701:FC CREDIT-UNIONS
Amon-Ra Affinity Group*% Marthas Coop*225 Lakelawn Pl*Madison WI 53703:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Communication Network*953 Jenefer St*Madison WI 53703:INFORMATION DIRECTORY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Action On Latin America*Madison Campus Ministry*731 State St*Madison WI 53703:LATIN-AMERICA POLITICAL SEP
Erwin/Knoll*The Progressive*409 E Main St*Madison WI 53703**608-257-4626:-1 PUBLICATION POLITICAL VIP NAP 9105 MEDIA
Forbidden Additions*1341 Williamson #b*Madison WI 53703:SP
International Coop*140 W Gilman*Madison WI 53703:FC
Landmark/Eric*Saprophile*714 E Johnson*Madison WI 53703:9310 -1 DARKER-TRENDS DEATH ZINE
Liz Karl Memorial Food Coub*636 Landgon*Madison WI 53703:FC W
Masel/Ben*Wisconsin Norml*Box 3481*Madison WI 53703**608-257-5456*608-257-HEMP*BMASEL@IGC.APC.ORG:DRUGS NORML -1 9307
Material World Coop*216 N Henry St*Madison WI 53703:FC
National Consumer Coop Bank*30 W Mifflin St #401*Madison WI 53703**608-258-4399:COOP BANK LOANS MONEY 8807
Natures Bakery Collective*1019 Williamson St*Madison WI 53703:FC
Near East Side Community Health Ctr*1133 Williamson St*Madison WI 53703:WHC CLINIC W HC
Quercus Alba Bakery*301 Bedford*Madison WI 53703:FC
Shakti Bookshop*320 State St*Madison WI 53703**608-255-5007:BOOKSTORE S AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901009
Shanklin/Michael*Center For Conflict Resolution*731 State St*Madison WI 53703**608-255-0479:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 PEACE NONVIOLENCE POLITICAL MLC AACC AA90 AA MBB AA90-29 AA90-900912
Whole Earth Learning Community*817 E Johnson Av*Madison WI 53703:CU COMMUNITY FH NA AN FC BOOKSTORE S EDUCATION
Williamson St Grocery Coop*1202 Williamson St*Madison WI 53703:FC
Womens Peace Presence To Stop Project Elf*731 State St*Madison WI 53703:PROJECT-ELF ELF PEACE MILITARY POLITICAL W
Wsa Community Pharmacy*341 State St*Madison WI 53703:FC
Dinur/Esty*Peoples News Service*Box 3074*Madison WI 53704**608-241-4812:9011 -1 PUBLICATION POLITICAL NEWS-SERVICE PO-PR PR-PO PR MEDIA
Earth Care Paper Co*Box 3335*Madison WI 53704**608-256-5522:9001 ECOLOGY PAPER-RECYCLING DOM PAPER-PRODUCTS RECYCLED-PAPER 8911 CATALOG
Penstemon Press*1614 Fordem #302*Madison WI 53704:SP
Schlosser/Art Paul*Art's Garbage Gazzette*214 Dunning*Madison WI 53704:9310 -1 SILLY MADONNA ZINE
World Perspectives*Box 3074*Madison WI 53704**608-241-4812:POLITICAL PUBLICATION MLC MLC-90 MLC-CU MLC-35. MLC-5K MLC-9012 MEDIA
Yahma Linden Gathering*2117 Linden Av*Madison WI 53704:COOP COMMUNITY
Clergy & Laity Concerned*2719 Marshall Ct*Madison WI 53705:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V ART PEACE DB
Halfpenny Press*5401 Greening Ln*Madison WI 53705:SP
National Womens Political Caucus*Box 5406*Madison WI 53705**608-257-7337:W PUBLICATION WHC ABORTION RU-486 9102 MEDIA HC
Arts In Society*Lowell Hall Rm 728*610 Langdon St*Madison WI 53706:PUBLICATION J ART DB MEDIA
Ba Shiru*U Of WI*866 Van Hise*Madison WI 53706:SP CU EDUCATION
Environmental Law College*U Of WI*Law Library*Madison WI 53706:SEPL LAW U ECOLOGY SEP CU EDUCATION
Hoofer Ecology Ctr*800 Langdon St*Madison WI 53706:GMPFCG GMPFR ECOLOGY GMPF F&V
Institute For Environmental Studies*610 N Walnut*Madison WI 53706:GMPFC CU EDUCATION GMPFR ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB
Land Tenure Ctr*310 King Hall*U Of WI*Madison WI 53706:LAND SEP CU EDUCATION
Madison Review*Dept Of English-H C White Hall*600 N Park St*Madison WI 53706: SP
National Lawyers Guild*U Of WI Law School*Madison WI 53706:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
U Center For Coops*610 Langdon St*Madison WI 53706:FC
Abraxas*2518 Gregory St*Madison WI 53711:SP
Bates/Sam*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*1406 Drake St #1*Madison WI 53711**608-262-2542*SAMUEL@CS.WISC.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Freedom From Religion Foundation*726 Miami Pass*Madison WI 53711:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ghost Pony Press*2518 Gregory St*Madison WI 53711:SP
Church World Service*1955 W Broadway Suite 104*Madison WI 53713**608-222-7008:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Country Life Rest*2465 Ferry St*Madison WI 53713:FC
Intra Community Coop*204 Regas Rd*Madison WI 53714:FC
American Cannabis Society*Box 9208*Madison WI 53715:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Apa Notes*1121 University Av*Madison WI 53715:SER ECOLOGY AN
Center For Community Technology*1121 University Av*Madison WI 53715**608-251-2207:COMMUNITY-TECHNOLOGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Crepuscular Press*1312 Fish Hatchery Rd*Madison WI 53715:SP
Eagle Heights Consumers Union*611 Eagle Heights Community Ctr*Madison WI 53715:COOP FOOD
Group Health Coop*1 S Pk*Madison WI 53715:FC HC
Lakeside Printing Coop & Gallery*1330 Regent St*Madison WI 53715:FC ART GALLERY DB
M Gentlemen For Gender Justice*University Ymca*306 Brooks St*Madison WI 53715:AA84 AA BB MBB MEN S CU EDUCATION
Madison Black Hills Alliance*306 N Brooks*Madison WI 53715:SER ECOLOGY AN BLACK-HILLS
Main Course Restaurant Collective*306 N Brooks St*Madison WI 53715:FC
Mifflin St Community Coop*32 N Basset*Madison WI 53715:COOP FOOD
Natures Bakery Coop*1101 Williamson St*Madison WI 53715:COOP BAKERY FOOD
Peoples Church*722 Spruce St*Madison WI 53715:SA AN POLITICAL
Ohliger/John*Basic Choices*Ox 9598*Madison WI 53715-0598:9310 -1 ADULT-ED FILM-REVIEW ZINE
Levy/Lynn*Of A Like Mind*Box 6021*Madison WI 53716**608-838-8629:F -1 PUBLICATION SPIRITUALITY RELIGION W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Barnard Orchard*6192 Verona Rd*Madison WI 53719:FC
Connorsville Food Coop*General Delivery*Downing WI 53734:FC
North American Mentor Magazine*1745 Madison St*Fennimore WI 53809:SP
Diamond Dairy Goat Farm*Rt 2*Portage WI 53901:FOOD
Sunshine Farms*Rt 4*Portage WI 53901:FOOD
Grainary*408 Oak St*Baraboo WI 53913:FC
Iones Store*Rt 1*Wonewoc WI 53968:FC
Whole Foods Country Store*Box 221*Amery WI 54001:FC
New Richmond Food Coop*208 N 3 St*New Richmond WI 54017:FC
The Photoletter*Box 56*Osceola WI 54020: PHOTOGRAPHY PUBLICATION
Whole Earth Coop*111 E Walnut St*River Falls WI 54022:FC
Coming Changes Newsletter*710 Reid St*Depere WI 54115:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Menominee County Coop*Keshena WI 54135:COOP FC
Primipara*Box 371*Oconto WI 54153:SP
Coldfoot Creek*Rt 1 Box 110AA*Pembine WI 54156**715-324-6422:COMMUNITY
Lakeshore Whole Foods Coop*Rt 1 Hwy 10 Box 15*Cato WI 54206:FC
Dragonsbreath Press*Rt 1*Sister Bay WI 54234:SP
Big Stone Colony*Graceville MN 54240:CHRISTIAN FARM COMMUNITY
Evergreen Grocery*1035 Main St*Green Bay WI 54301:COOP FC
Life Tools Coop*401 N Clay*Green Bay WI 54301:FC
Family Nutrition Ctr*850A Lombardi Av*Green Bay WI 54304**414-432-6886:FC FOOD AA AA91 AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-911026
Fnord! Publications*2660 Trojan Dr #912*Green Bay WI 54304**OBSCURE@CYPHER COM:9310 INTERNET ZINE
Big Dipper Buying Club*Box 612*Wausau WI 54401:FC HRO
Heises Wausau Farms*Rt 3*Wausau WI 54401:FOOD
Store Front*605 1/2 3rd St*Wausau WI 54401:BOOKSTORE
Midwest Renewable Energy Assn*Box 249*116 Cross St*Amherst WI 54406:9206 ENERGY RENEWABLE-ENERGY ECOLOGY
George Sroda Publications*Amherst Jct WI 54407:SP
Sane*Rt 1 Box 76*Bowler WI 54416:SER ECOLOGY AN SANE
Medford Food Buyers*Rt 4 Box 454*Medford WI 54451:FC
Plan It Earth*101 W Clark*Spencer WI 54479:FC
Dixon/Gertrude*League Against Nuclear Dangers*3368 Oak Av*Stevens Point WI 54481:GMPFB -1 AN GMPF F&V F
Earth Crust Bakery*633 N 2 St*Stevens Point WI 54481:FC
Environmental Council*U Of WI Rm 109*Stevens Point WI 54481:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFC GMPFR GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION
Land Education Assoc Foundation*3368 Oak Av*Stevens Point WI 54481:SER ECOLOGY AN EDUCATION LAND
Wind*Stevens Pt Area Coop*633 Second St*Stevens Point WI 54481:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN FC
Wrone/Prof*Environmental Congress*History Dept*U Of WI*Stevens Point WI 54481:SER AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Dells Coop*Box 185*Tigerton WI 54486:FC
Bakon Yeast Co*Box 124*Rhinelander WI 54501:FOOD
Lake Country Food Buying Club*Box 1141*Rhinelander WI 54501:FC HRO
White Pine Committee Board*Box 254*Rhinelander WI 54501:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Park Falls Food Buying Club*Fifield WI 54524:FC HRO
Mcnaughton Buying Club*Box 95*Mcnaughton WI 54543:FC HRO
Juniper Press*1310 Shorewood Dr*La Crosse WI 54601:SP MLC-S MLC-SP MLC NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Sumac Press*613 North 22 St*La Crosse WI 54601:SP
War Resistors League*301 N 22 St*La Crosse WI 54601:SER ECOLOGY AN WTR POLITICAL
Little Bear Trading Co*RR 1 Box 266A*Cochrane WI 54622:FC
Arpin Bakery*Rt 2 Box 102*Fountain City WI 54629:FC BAKERY
Kickapoo Exchange*Box 52*Gays Mills WI 54631:FC SEP
Incredible Edibles*Rt 3 Box 345*Sparta WI 54654:FC
Kickapoo Valley Energy Alternatives Project*Box 153*Viola WI 54664:NR AT AN ECOLOGY
Viola Natural Foods Coop*RR 1 Box 86*Viola WI 54664:FC W
Rice Lake Peoples Food Club*623 S Main*Rice Lake WI 54686:FC HRO
Eau Claire Area Ecology Action*22 1/2 S Barstow*Eau Claire WI 54701**715-835-2672:ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Northern Sun Alliance*Northern Thunder*22 S Barstow*Eau Claire WI 54701:POLITICAL SA SER AN ECOLOGY FC
Olson/Joyce*Northern Thunder*22 1/2 S Barstow*Eau Claire WI 54701:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Research Utilization Network*Political Science Dept*U Of WI*Eau Claire WI 54701:GMPFC GMPFI SP PUBLICATION GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Rhiannon Press*1105 Bradley*Eau Claire WI 54701:SP
Connorsville Coop*Rt 2 Box 110*Boyceville WI 54725:
Organic Growers*Rt 2 Box 110*Boyceville WI 54725:FC
Citizens For Tomorrow*Rt 1 Box 112*Durand WI 54736**715-672-5521:POLITICAL AN
Cause*Box 505*Menomonie WI 54751:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Crow King Editions*511 Sunset Dr*Menomonie WI 54751:SP
Wilson/Katie*Stop The Tyrone Nuke*Box 505*Menomonie WI 54751:AN -1 W
Citizens For Tomorrow*Rt 4 Box 191*Mondovi WI 54755:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Ostensible Farm*Rt 1 Box 77A*Pepin WI 54759:FARM FOOD
Good Neighbors*Rt 1 Box 102*Prairie Farm WI 54762:FC
Womens Health Information Group*Rt 1 Box 134*Prairie Farm WI 54762:WHC W HC
Badger Safe Energy Alliance*Rib 191*Rock Falls WI 54764:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Otter Creek Buying Club*Rt 1*Wheeler WI 54772:FC HRO
Kronsteadt/Lucy*Sanguine Elf Committee*Rt 2 Box 166Q*Ashland WI 54806:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Natural Alternatives Buying Club*Box 366*Frederic WI 54837:FC HRO
Radio Project*Lac Courte Oreilles Tribe*Rt 2*Hayward WI 54843:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Totagatic Buying Club*Rt 3 Box 280*Hayward WI 54843:FC HRO
South Shore Food Buying Club*Box 3*Herbster WI 54844:FC HRO
Neighborhood Natural Foods*Main St*Iron River WI 54847:FC
South Shore Buying Club*Box 4*Portwing WI 54865:FC HRO
Common Health Warehouse*810 Clough Av*Superior WI 54880**715-392-9862:HC
Proropudas/Co*Douglas County Nuclear Freeze Committee*1605 Hughilt Av*Superior WI 54880:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Dorea Peace Community*1645 60TH St Cthd*Turtle Lake WI 54889**715-268-2816:PEACE COMMUNITY POLITICAL AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900914
Green Mountain Quarterly*460 N Main St*Oshkosh WI 54901:PUBLICATION POLITICAL SPR MLC MLC-ART ART DB MEDIA
Oshkosh Free U*Box 162 Dempsey Hall*U Of WI*Oshkosh WI 54901:U CU EDUCATION
Potluck Food Buying Club*1312 Spruce St*Oshkosh WI 54901:FC HRO
Willers/Bill*Superior Wilderness Action Network*Biology Dept*U Of WI*Oshkosh WI 54901**414-233-8997:-1 9307 ECOLOGY ROAD-CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM HIGHWAY-CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM/ROADS
Wisconsin Review*Box 276 Dempsey Hall*U Of WI*Oshkosh WI 54901**715-424-2267:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Womens Ctr*124 Blackhawk Commons*U Of WI*Oshkosh WI 54901:WOP MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Mertes/Cindy*Wind Inc*Rt 2 Box 320F*Iola WI 54945:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Working For Independence From Nuclear Danger*Rt 2 Box 320F*Iola WI 54945:SER ECOLOGY AN
Poetry Scope*1125 Valley Rd*Menasha WI 54952:
Parchment*524 Larson St*Waupaca WI 54981:
Mountain Organization Merchandise Store*126 S Ashland St*Cambridge MN 55008:FC
Center City Buying Club*Box 11*Center City MN 55012:FC HRO
Forest Lake Buying Club*8360 202 St N*Forest Lake MN 55025:FC HRO
Mens Rights Assn*17854 Lyons St*Forest Lake MN 55025:MEN
Wholesome Foods Buying Club*Rt 3 Box 151*Goodhue MN 55027:FC HRO
North American Water Office*Box 174*Lake Elmo MN 55042**612-770-3861:ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Mora Food Club*Rt 3*Mora MN 55051:FC HRO
Carleton Miscellany*Carleton College*Northfield MN 55057:SP CU EDUCATION
Free U*St Olaf College*Northfield MN 55057:U CU EDUCATION
Nuclear War Graphics Project*100 Nevada St*Northfield MN 55057**507-645-7736:8704 AN
Radical Research Ctr*Carleton College*Northfield MN 55057:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Harvest Coop*137 12 E Frant St*Owatonna MN 55060:FC
Special Foods Co*503 Bush St*Red Wing MN 55066:FOOD
Hollows Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 188*Shafer MN 55074:FC HRO
Rolling Meadows Buying Club*3153 E 78 St*Inver Grove Heights MN 55075:FC HRO
Arc Retreat*Rt 1 Box 81*Stanchfield MN 55080:FC
St Croix Review*Box 244*Stillwater MN 55082:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Taylors Falls Producers & Consumers Buying Club*RR 1 Box 104*Taylors Falls MN 55084:FC HRO
Christs Household Of Faith*355 Marshall Av*St Paul MN 55102:RELIGION W
Common Pl Restaurant*366 Selby Av*St Paul MN 55102:FC RESTAURANT
Espinosa/Juanita*Two Rivers Native Film & Video Festival*75 W 5th St*St Paul MN 55102**612-291-3221:9206 -1 F NATIVE-AMERICAN FILM VIDEO F&V FESTIVAL MEDIA
Gale/Bob*Independent Media Distributors Alliance*Box 2154*St Paul MN 55102**612-298-0117*612-298-0123(BBS)*EMAIL BGALE@WELL.SF.CA.US:9205 -1 ART PUBLICATION TV F&V DB MEDIA
Saint Paul Norml*Box 2865*St Paul MN 55102**612-776-5467:9402 NORML MARIJUANA02
St Paul Tenants Union*500 Laurel Av*St Paul MN 55102:FC
Tenants Union*401 Selby Av*St Paul MN 55102:TENANTS HOUSING
Three Community Buying Club*566 Marshall Av*St Paul MN 55102:FC HRO
Turtle Island Holistic Health Community*569-71 Selby Av*St Paul MN 55102**612-291-7637:W HC
Women Of All Red Nations*St Paul Urban Indian Health Board Clinic*643 Virginia St*St Paul MN 55103:INDIANS WHC W HC
Coughlin Publications*1985 Selby Av*St Paul MN 55104:SP
Dandelion*1985 Selby Av*St Paul MN 55104:SA AN POLITICAL
Higher Education Consortium For Urban Affairs*1536 Hewitt Av*St Paul MN 55104**612-646-8832:EDUCATION POLITICAL PEACE 9102 ART DB
Labor Bookstore*508 N Snelling Av*St Paul MN 55104:BOOKSTORE SEP
Mollner/Carol*National Network Of Women's Funds*1821 University Av W Suite 221-S*Saint Paul MN 55104**612-641-0742:F -1 FUND-RAISING WOMENS-FUNDS PHILANTHROPY W MAILING-LIST 9203 HRO
Prevention News*1934 University Av W*St Paul MN 55104**612-641-1568:PUBLICATION CHILDREN CHILD-ABUSE HC 9102 MEDIA
Anderson/Curt*Bent Antenna*E G Press*1506 Grand Av #3*St Paul MN 55105:9310 SP -1 60'S-TV-SERIES TV-SERIES
Central America Resource Ctr*1407 Cleveland Av*St Paul MN 55105**612-644-8030:GUATEMALA POLITICAL W 9102
Gryphon Press*193 S Cleveland Av*St Paul MN 55105:SP
Mcdonald/Michael*Hungry Mind*1648 Grand Av*St Paul MN 55105:BOOKSTORE S SEP -1 AA88 AA BB MBB AA88-19 AA88-880321
Mississippi Market Coop*1459 St Clair*St Paul MN 55105:FC
Persimmon Productions*1011 Lincoln*St Paul MN 55105:FC
International Ecology Society*1471 Barclay St*St Paul MN 55106**612-774-4971:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Ally Press*524 Orleans St*St Paul MN 55107:SP MLC MLC-50. MLC-SAMPLE-NAP MLC-SAMPLE-PR
Guadelupe Project*381 E Robie*St Paul MN 55107:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Northside St Academy*2301 Oliver Av N*Minneapolis MN 55107:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Wanderer*201 Ohio St*St Paul MN 55107:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Childcare*1250 Fifield Av*St Paul MN 55108:FC
Group Health Plan*2500 Como Av*St Paul MN 55108:FC HC
Mapleton Intervenors*2120 Carter Av*St Paul MN 55108:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Saint Anthony Park Foods*1435 N Cleveland*St Paul MN 55108:FC
Asian Pages*Box 130593*Roseville MN 55113**612-223-8351*612-223-8604(FAX):ASIAN PUBLICATION CHINA 9102 MEDIA
The Phoenix*2464 Arona St*Roseville MN 55113:PUBLICATION 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Green Grass Grocery*928 Raymond Av*St Paul MN 55114:FC
Minnesota Freeze Campaign*People For Survival*2395 Univeav*St Paul MN 55114:SER ECOLOGY AN
St Anthonys Park Too*928 Raymond Av N*St Paul MN 55114:FC
Caravan Dance Collective*721 Snelling Av S*St Paul MN 55116:FC
Planned Parenthood Of Mn*Population Resource Ctr*1965 Ford Pkway*St Paul MN 55116:FILM F&V WHC W MEDIA HC
Pallady/Loyal*Cartoon Markets*90 W Winnipeg Av Suite One*St Paul MN 55117:ZINE 9311 -1 CARTOONIST WORK P
Philbrook/Burnham J*Global Volunteers*375 E Little Canada Rd*St Paul MN 55117**800-487-1074*612-482-1074*612-482-0915(FAX):9303 -1 VOLUNTEER-OPPORTUNITIES TRAVEL ECONOMICS.ESSAY SERVICE-OPPORTUNITIES INTERNATIONAL-SERVICE
Moonsign Book*Box 43383*St Paul MN 55164**612-291-1970:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Birrenbach/John*Institute For Hemp*Box 65130*St Paul MN 55165**612-222-2628*INSTHEMP@IGC.APC.ORG (INTERNET):MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Buffalo Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 121*Buffalo MN 55313:FC HRO
Community Cupboard Buying Club*26080 Whild Rose Ln*Excelsion MN 55331:FC HRO
Abdallah Inc*12220 12TH Av S*Burnsville MN 55337:FOOD
Wildlife Forever*12301 Whitewater Drive Suite 210*Minnetonka MN 55343:9403 ECOLOGY
Pride Inst*14400 Martin Dr*Eden Prairie MN 55344:9109 HS MLC MLC-40. MLC-9009 MLC-WHC MLC-WOMENS-PUBLICATIONS HC
Long Lake Buying Club*1900 Co Rd #6*Long Lake MN 55356:FC HRO
Princeton Buying Club*Rt 4 Box 82*Princeton MN 55371:FC HRO
Minnesota Summerhill Community School*Box 271*Spray Island*Spring Park MN 55384:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Clear Lake Food Buying Club*Watkins MN 55389:COOP FC HRO
Practical Parenting*18318 Minnetonka Blvd*Deephaven MN 55391:CHILDREN SP PARENTING PUBLICATION
Environmental Conservation Library*Minneapolis Public Library & Information Ctr*300 Nicollet Mall*Minneapolis MN 55401:SEPL ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION SEP
Amazon Bookstore*1612 Harmon Pl*Minneapolis MN 55403**612-338-6560:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Utne Reader*1624 Harmon Pl*Minneapolis MN 55403**612-338-5040:ID-F ID-Y 8602 IDAFSA ECLECTIC PUBLICATION 9301
American Refugee Committee*2344 Nicollet #350*Minneapolis MN 55404**612-872-7060:REFUGEES HRO
Bethlehem Presbyterian Church*2539 Pleasant Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC
Church World Service*122 W Franklin Av Rm 4*Minneapolis MN 55404**612-872-7332:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Cornucopia Ctr*2116 2 Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC
Electric Fetus*2010 4th Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404:S
Gestalt Ctr*212 W Franklin*Minneapolis MN 55404:H
Joint Religious Legislative Committee*122 W Franklin Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404:ELDERLY
Minnesota Fellowship Of Reconciliation*2025 Nicollet Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404**612-870-1501:PEACE FOR PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Minnesota Tenants Union*1513 E Franklin Av*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC TENANTS
North Country Coop*2129 Riverside*Minneapolis MN 55404:COOP FOOD
Peoples Notary Services*2001 22ND Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC
Seward Cafe*2129 E Franklin Av*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC
Seward Community Coop*2201 E Franlin Av*Minneapolis MN 55404:FC COOP
Talking Drum*1920 11TH Av S*Minneapolis MN 55404**612-872-0164:PUBLICATION POLITICAL 9102 MEDIA
Act Up*Box 50201*Minneapolis MN 55405:9107 HS AIDS HC
Butcher Shop*2117 Lyndale Ave S*Minneapolis MN 55405:9401 POLITICAL PUNK ZINE
KMOJ*Center For Committee Development*810 Fifth Av N*Minneapolis MN 55405:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Wedge Coop*2105 Lyndale Av S*Minneapolis MN 55405:FC
Education Exploration Ctr*2329 9th St*Minneapolis MN 55406:GMPFE GMPFI EDUCATION GMPF F&V
Matthews Ctr Parents Coop*2318 29 Av S*Minneapolis MN 55406:FC PARENTS
World Citizen Inc*3721 48TH Av S*Minneapolis MN 55406:PEACE PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Alliance For Cultural Democracy*Box 7591*Minneapolis MN 55407:9206 CULTURE ART DEMOCRACY PUBLICATION DB MEDIA
Baby Split Bowling News*Box 7205*Minneapolis MN 55407:9401 PUNK ZINE
City Hill School*1536 E Lake St*Minneapolis MN 55407:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Food Resource Ctr*3104 16TH Av S*Minneapolis MN 55407:FOOD SEP
Katz/Steve*People With Aids Coalition*4353 Columbus Av S*Minneapolis MN 55407:PWA -1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Lake St Review*Box 7188 Powderhorn Stn*Minneapolis MN 55407:MLC S
Madhatter Press*3101 12TH Av S #5*Minneapolis MN 55407:
Movement For A New Society*3628 Park Av S*Minneapolis MN 55407**825-8644:MNS POLITICAL 8807
Olson Distribution*2645 16TH Av S*Minneapolis MN 55407**612-724-2976:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR 9105
Olson/Dan*Soil Of Liberty Books*Box 7056 Powder Horn Stn*Minneapolis WI 55407:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 LIBERTARIAN POLITICAL S PUBLICATION
Peoples Co Bakery*1534 E Lake St*Minneapolis MN 55407:FC
Powderhorn Coop*3440 Bloomington Av S*Minneapolis MN 55407:FC
Abortion Education & Referral Service*3225 Hennepin Av S Rm 227*Minneapolis MN 55408**612-825-4147:ABORTION WHC W HC
Changes Magazine*3139 E Calhoun Blvd*Minneapolis MN 55408:PUBLICATION MEDIA
East Calhoun*3255 Bryant Av S*Minneapolis MN 55408:FC
Grace Care & Share Buying Club*2614 Johnson St NE*Minneapolis MN 55408:FC W HRO
Great Lakes School Of Log Bldg*3544 1/2 Grand Av*Minneapolis MN 55408**612-822-5955:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Raffa/Elissa*Womyn's Braille Press*Box 8475*Minneapolis MN 55408**612-872-4352:9210 -1 W BRAILLE-PRESS SP F MLC MLC-140. MLC-RT
Rowan Tree*Box 8814*Minneapolis MN 55408:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Sagaris*2619 Garfield Av S*Minneapolis MN 55408:FC
Sez*Box 8803*Minneapolis MN 55408:SP
Whisper*Box 8719 Lake St Stn*Minneapolis MN 55408:9101 PROSTITUTION
Barkey/Jeanne*Organization Against Pornography*310 E 38*Minneapolis MN 55409**612-822-1476:F -1 PORNOGRAPHY W MAILING-LIST 9203
Judson Life School*4101 Harriet Av S*Minneapolis MN 55409:U CU EDUCATION
Ritchie/Mark*Earthwork*3838 Blaisdell*Minneapolis MN 55409:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Twin City Womens Film Collective*4537 Grand Av S*Minneapolis MN 55409:FC
Archer/Elaine*New Front Films Inc*4900 Ewing Av S*Minneapolis MN 55410:FILM F&V -1 W MEDIA
Linden Hills Coop*4306 Upton Av S*Minneapolis MN 55410:FC
Minnesota Herbicide Coalition*5913 Ewing Av S*Minneapolis MN 55410:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY HERBICIDES GMPF F&V
Aboveground Records Inc*Box 11276*Minneapolis MN 55411**612-521-0625:GAY HS MUSIC RECORDS
Mackenzie/Vicki*Clergy & Laity Concerned*1550 Hillside Av*Minneapolis MN 55411:SER ECOLOGY AN 8807 W CALC -1
Freedom House*1929 NE 2nd St*Minneapolis MN 55413:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Meditation Ctr*631 University Av NE*Minneapolis MN 55413:H FC
3rd World Inst*Newman Ctr*U Of MN*1701 Uni Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR THIRD-WORLD SEP CU EDUCATION
Action For Corporate Accountability*1313 5th St SE #302E*Minneapolis MN 55414:8911 CORPORATION-INFORMATION BOYCOTT-LIST
Cheese Rustlers*510 Kasota Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:FC
Community Preschool*3400 Dupont Av S*Minneapolis MN 55414:FC
Dinkytown News*301 14TH Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:BOOKSTORE
Distributing Alliance Of The Northcountry Cooperatives*510 Kasota Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-378-9774:COOP FC
Education Exploration Ctr*Box 14087*Minneapolis MN 55414:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Gale/Bob*Intermedia Arts Minnesota*425 Ontario St #5E*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-627-4444:AIVFDS EDUCATION ART VIDEO F&V -1 AIVF 9201 DB MEDIA
Gorbachev/Mikhail*Green Cross*43 Main St SE*Minneapolis MN 55414**800-372-7677:9401 ECOLOGY -1 VIP
Institute For Local Self-Reliance*1313 Fifth St SE Suite 306*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-379-3815*612-379-3920(FAX):9307 ECOLOGY ROAD-CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM HIGHWAY-CONSTRUCTION CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM/ROADS SELF-RELIANCE
Mander/Kai*Institute For Agriculture & Trade Policy*1313 Fifth St SE Suite 303*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-379-5980*612-379-5982(FAX):AGRICULTURE TRADE-POLICY NAFTA -1 9303 INTERNET
Mens Awareness Network*1813 University Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:S MEN
Minne Ha! Ha!*Box 14009 Dinkytown Stn*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-378-9156:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR SPR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Minnesotans For A Nuclear Moratorium*144 Melbourne Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:AN ENERGY CONSUMER POLITICAL
North Country Video Ctr*1078 11TH Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414**612-331-2279:VIDEO TV F&V PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
North Stone Press*Box 14098 Stn D*Minneapolis MN 55414:SP
Second Foundation School*1219 University Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:SCHOOL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE CU EDUCATION
See/H*Public Interest Research Group*2412 University Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55414:SER ECOLOGY AN PIRG 8807 -1 GMPF F&V
Sing Heavenly Muse*Box 14027*Minneapolis MN 55414:SP
Brochins Book & Gift Shop*4813 Mtka Blvd*Minneapolis MN 55416:BOOKSTORE
Global Education Resource Ctr*6300 Walker St*St Louis Park MN 55416**612-928-6784*612-928-6723(FAX):EDUCATION 9307
Palm Beach Beauty Products*950 Xenia Av*Minneapolis MN 55416:FOOD
Grace Care & Share Buying Club*2510 Cleveland St NE*Minneapolis MN 55418:FC W HRO
Woodswomen*25 W Diamond Lake*Minneapolis MN 55419**612-822-3809:9308 WOMEN AFRICA TRAVEL EXPEDITIONS
Creekside Citizens Buying Club*9801 Pennsylvania Av S*Bloomington MN 55420:FC HRO
Universal Cooperatives*301 Metro Dr 5 Fl*Minneapolis MN 55420:FC
Courage Stroke Network*3915 Golden Valley Rd*Golden Valley MN 55422**800-553-6321:9208 EDB HC STROKE-SURVIVORS
Mildweed Chronicle*Box 24303*Minneapolis MN 55424:MLC PUBLICATION MEDIA HRO
Women In World Areas Studies*6425 W 33RD St*St Louis Park MN 55426**612-925-4300:SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Eckankar*Box 27300*Minneapolis MN 55427**321-3100:H
Teachers For Change*7720 Winnetka Heights Dr*Minneapolis MN 55427:TEACHERS
Bread Of Life Community Buying Club*802 131ST St NE*Minneapolis MN 55434:FC HRO
Bethany Fellowship*6820 Auto Club Rd*Minneapolis MN 55438:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY HRO
June Apple Musicians Coop*Box 9701*Minneapolis MN 55440:FC W
Civil Liberties Union*1021 W Broadway*Minneapolis MN 55441**612-522-2423:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Rydberg/Roger*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*3225 Wellington Ln*Plymouth MN 55441**612-540-4818:CPSR -105 HRO
Freewheel Bike Coop*1812 6 St S*Mpls MN 55454:FC
New Riverside Cafe*329 Cedar Av S*Minneapolis MN 55454:FC
The Collective Voice*1929 S 5th St*Minneapolis MN 55454**612-333-1276:PUBLICATION POLITICAL 9102 ART DB MEDIA
Unity Theatre*708 26 Av S*Minneapolis MN 55454:FC
West Bank Cdc Inc*2000 S 5 St*Minneapolis MN 55454:FC
West Bank Supermarket Coop*417 Cedar Av S*Minneapolis MN 55454:FC
West Bank Tenants Union*2000 S 5 St*Minneapolis MN 55454:FC
Frish/Marni*U Of MN Norml*Cmu 235*300 Washington Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55455**612-673-9412*612-777-4853(FAX):DRUGS -1 F 9307
Harold D Smith Bookstore*U Of MN*259 19TH St S*Minneapolis MN 55455:BOOKSTORE CU EDUCATION
Living-Learning Ctr*University College*1425 University Av SE*Minneapolis MN 55455:H CU EDUCATION
Mep Publications*U Of MN 215 Ford Hall*224 Church St SE*Minneapolis MN 55455:ANTHROPOLOGY CU EDUCATION HRO
Minnesota Gay Activists*B-67 Coffman Memorial Union*U Of MN*Minneapolis MN 55455**339-2881:HS CU EDUCATION
Moon/Karen*Center For Advanced Feminist Studies*U Of MN 496 Ford Hall*224 Church St NE*Minneapolis MN 55455**612-624-6310:F -1 WST CU W MAILING-LIST 9203
North Country Coop*2129 Riverside Av*Minneapolis MN 55455:FC
Project Public Life*Humphrey Inst*U Of MN*Minneapolis MN 55455:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Underground Space Ctr*11 Mines & Metallurgy*221 Church St SE*Minneapolis MN 55455**612-376-1200:SPACE MINES METALLURGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Womens Movement Collection*Social Welfare History*U Of MN Libraries*Minneapolis MN 55455**612-373-4420:LIBRARY HC W CU EDUCATION
Minnesota Naturists*Box 811*Minneapolis MN 55458:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Finland Buying Club*90 Park Hill Rd*Finland MN 55603:FC HRO
Cook County Whole Food Coop*Box 813*Grand Marais MN 55604:FC
Moose Valley Buying Club*Hooland MN 55606:FC HRO
Bread Of Life Buying Club*North Star Rt Box 16A*Two Harbors MN 55616:FC HRO
Pioneer Crafts Coop*Box 175*Two Harbors MN 55616:FC
Askov Buying Club*Star Rt Box 60*Bruno MN 55712:FC HRO
Bread Of Life Buying Club*173 Reservation Rd*Cloquet MN 55720:FC HRO
Embarrass Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 324A1*Embarrass MN 55732:FC HRO
Silverdale Buying Club*Box 105*Gheen MN 55740:FC HRO
Hibbing Coop*Star Rt 4 Box 114A*Hibbing MN 55746:FC
Mesaba Coop Pk*Star Rt #2 Box 110*Hibbing MN 55746:FC
The Eighties*308 First St*Moose Lake MN 55767:SP
Grand Marais Bible*Rt 1 Box 79*Meadowlands MN 55785:FC
Thistledew Buying Club*Star Tr Box W 18*Tago MN 55788:FC HRO
Natural Harverst Buying Club*119 Chestnut*Virginia MN 55792:FC W HRO
Organic Food Coop Of Marquette*5 More Dr*Virginia MN 55792:FC W
Ywca Buying Club*202 W 2 St*Duluth MN 55802:FC HRO
Zenith City Arts*Dewitt-Seitz Marketplace*394 Lake Av S*Duluth MN 55802**218-726-0473:9106 PUBLICATION ART-PR PR-ART ART DB MEDIA
Clean Water Action Project*2904 West 3rd St*Duluth MN 55804**218-628-0391:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
Wheat Germ Buying Club*919 Lakewood Rd*Duluth MN 55804:FC HRO
Community Buying Club*631 E 8th St*Duluth MN 55805:FC HRO
Northwinds Alliance*507 E 7th St*Duluth MN 55805:SER ECOLOGY AN
Proutist Universal*1202 E 3rd St*Duluth MN 55805**218-728-1897:PROUT PUBLICATION POLITICAL 8704 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Whole Foods Community Coop*631 East 8 St*Duluth MN 55805:FC
Peoples Action For Change Buying Club*206 W 4 St*Duluth MN 55806:FC HRO
West End Buying Club*1817 W 4 St*Duluth MN 55806:FC HRO
Minnesota Zen Meditation Ctr*3343 E Calhoun Pkwy*Minneapolis MN 55808**612-822-5313:ZEN SP PUBLICATION MEDITATION MEDIA
Clean Water Action Project*1418 1st Av NE*Rochester MN 55904**507-281-1116:8806 ECOLOGY WATER PUBLICATION MEDIA
Sogn Valley Food Group*Rt 3 Box 40*Kenyon MN 55946:FC
North Country Anvil*Box 37*Millville MN 55957**507-798-2366:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION POLITICAL SPR PPS SA AN S MEDIA
Full O Life Foods Natures Inn*Rt 1*Spring Grove MN 55974:FC
Natures Inn Restaurant*Rt 1*Spring Grove MN 55974:FC
Wholesaome Foods Buying Club*Rt 1*Wanamingo MN 55983:FC HRO
Bailey Farm Community*RR 3*Winona MN 55987:COMMUNITY
Creative Connection*122 E 2 St*Winona MN 55987:FC
Great River Review*211 W 7 St*Winona MN 55987:SP
Wisconsin Valley Land Coop*Rt 3*Winona MN 55987:SA AN POLITICAL
Wiscoy Organic Farm Community*RR 3*Winona MN 55987**507-534-3795:COMMUNITY FARM MACROBIOTIC MONTESSORI CU EDUCATION
Cherry Creek Theater Co*120 S Broad St*Mankato MN 56001**345-7885:THEATER PUBLICATION SP MEDIA
Exchange*Mankato State U Box 5*Mankato MN 56001:SP CU EDUCATION
Human Economy Ctr*Economics Dept*Mankato St U Box 14*Mankato MN 56001**253-5428:ECONOMICS SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
People For A Non-Nuclear World*331 Dillon St*Mankato MN 56001:SER ECOLOGY AN
Wintergreen Community Coop*1414 W Main St*Albert Lea MN 56007:FC
Midland Soya*Box 84*Lesueur MN 56058:FOOD
Natural Foods Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 244*Mapleton MN 56065:FC HRO
St Peters Buying Club*100 S Front St*St Peter MN 56082:FC HRO
Sweet Earth*Rt 3 Box 148*St Peter MN 56082:
Waseca County Buying Club*Waseca Community Ctr*Waseca MN 56093:FC HRO
Coop*Box 92*Wilder MN 56184:FC
Learning Resource Ctr*Worthington Community College*Worthington MN 56187:S CU EDUCATION
Baudette Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 2045*Baudette MN 56223:FC HRO
Buffalo Buying*Lucan MN 56255:FC
Ox Head Press*414 N 6th St*Marshall MN 56258:SP
Aca Regional Distribution SW*Rt 5 Box 43*Montevideo MN 56265:FC
Dance Board Alternative*Rt 5 Box 43*Montevideo MN 56265:FC
Good Foods Buyers Club*304 N First St*Montevideo MN 56265:FC HRO
Open Chute Drop In Ctr*U Of MN*Morris MN 56267:CU EDUCATION
Pomme De Terre Food Coop*703 Orego N Av Box 293*Morris MN 56267:FC
Good Earth Food Coop*420 E St Germain*St Cloud MN 56301:FC
North Star Press*Box 451*St Cloud MN 56301:SP BP
Six District Minnesotans For A Nuclear Moratorium*1045 Borgett Av*St Cloud MN 56301:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Rainbow Coalition*507 7th Av N*St Cloud MN 56303:POLITICAL PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Disarmament Newsletter*Box 5588*Collegeville MN 56321:APN PEACE 8704 PUBLICATION NF CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mille Lacs Area Coop*Box 233*Isle MN 56342:FC
Little Free Press*1011 6th Av NE #21*Little Falls MN 56345**612-871-3957:PUBLICATION ECONOMICS MEDIA
Aca Region Distributional Midcentral*Rt 1*Long Prairie MN 56347:FC
Everybodys Market Coop*105 Central Av*Long Prairie MN 56347:FC
General Assembly To Stop The Powerline*Box 5*Lowry MN 56349**612-283-5439:POWERLINE SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Hold That Line*Lowry Town Hall*Lowry MN 56349:POLITICAL AN
Alternate Sources Of Energy*Rt 2 Box 90A*Milaca MN 56353:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Alternative Sources Of Energy*107 S Central Av*Milaca MN 56353**612-983-6892:RN APS PR-PO PR PO-PR SPR PPS NR AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY ENERGY MLC PUBLICATION AT MEDIA
Milaca Coop*Milaca Elementry School*Milaca MN 56353:FC
Pure Prairie Foods Buying Club*Parkers Prairie MN 56361:FC HRO
Double 7 Ranch Buying Club*Rt 1*Villard MN 56385:FC HRO
Natural Foods Buying Club*415 1 Av NE*Brainerd MN 56401:FC HRO
Aitkin Community Pantry*9 Fifth Av NW*Aitkin MN 56431:FC
Bertha Buying Club*Rt 1*Bertha MN 56437:FC W HRO
Countryside Food Coop*Box 262*Hackensack MN 56452:FC
Gridley Buying Club*Box 13*Manhattan Beach MN 56463:FC HRO
Mission Township Buying Club*Star Rt Box 139A*Merrifield MN 56465:FC HRO
Wholesome Harvest Food Coop*115 W 3 St*Park Rapids MN 56470:FC
Good Earth Buying Club*3100 Jean Duluth Rd*Duluth MN 56501:FC W HRO
Sisu Coop*Rt 4 Box 380*Detroit Lakes MN 56501:FC
New York Mills Arts Retreat*RR 1 Box 217*Ny Mills MN 56567**218-385-3339:ART RETREAT-CENTER EDUCATION 9307
Harmony Food Coop*123 Beltrami Av*Bemidgi MN 56601:FC
Loonfeather*Box 48*Haggnauer Hall*Bemidji MN 56601:
Truly Fine Press*500 Central*Bemidji MN 56601:SP
Woodburners Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 77*Bagley MN 56621:FC HRO
Big Falls Close Enough BC*Box 276*Big Falls MN 56627:FC
Alvwood Buying Club*Alvwood Rt*Blackduck MN 56630:FC HRO
Saum Community Buying Club*24 Ponemah Rt*Blackduck MN 56630:FC HRO
Woodburners Buying Club*RR 1*Clearbrook MN 56634:FC HRO
Deer River Buying Club*Rt 1 Box 60A*Deer River MN 56636:FC HRO
Coop*N Route*Kelliher MN 56650:FC
Kelliher Buying Club*Kelliher MN 56650:FC HRO
Good Foods Store*Lengby MN 56651:FC
Mizpah Buying Club*Box 13*Mizpah MN 56660:FC HRO
County Buying Club*Ray MN 56669:FC HRO
Save Our Northland-Phase 2*Remer MN 56672:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Saum Buying Club*Saum MN 56674:FC HRO
Meschke Buying Club*810 S 8 St*New Ulm MN 56703:FC HRO
Warroad Buying Club*Box 226*Warroad MN 56763:FC HRO
Students For Safe Energy & Environment*802 Eleventh Av*Brookings SD 57006:SER AN ECOLOGY EDUCATION
United Ministry Higher Education*South Dakota State U*802 11TH Av*Brookings SD 57006:U CU EDUCATION
Tschetter Colony*Olivet SD 57052:COMMUNITY
South Dakota Review*Box 111*University Exchange*Vermillion SD 57069:CU EDUCATION
Yankton Coop*700 W 5 St*Yankton SD 57078:FC
Astro Black Books*Box 46*Sioux Falls SD 57101:SP
East Dakotah Food Coop*335 S Ohillips Av*Sioux Falls SD 57102:FC
Landsat Photos*Eros Data Ctr*Sioux Falls SD 57198:SPACE-PHOTOS EARTH-PHOTOS
Peace & Justice Ctr*Box 405*Watertown SD 57201:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V
Spicer/Legia*South Dakota Peace & Justice Ctr*Box 405*Watertown SD 57201**605-882-2822:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
White Rock Colony*Rosholt SD 57260:COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN FARM
East Eagle Press*Box 812*Huron SD 57350:SP
Asetoyer/Charon*Native American Women's Health Education Resource Ctr*Box 572*Lake Andes SD 57356**605-487-7072:9212 WOMEN HEALTH-CARE WHC ABORTION CHILDBIRTH REPRODUCTIVE-RIGHTS NATIVE-AMERICANS HC -1 F
Natural Abundance Food Coop*218 N Main St*Aberdeen SD 57401:FC
Food Coop Project*Rosebud Sioux Tribe Community Action Program*Rosebud ND 57570:FC
Coop Buying Club Inc*1024 Quincy St*Rapid City SD 57701:COOP FC HRO
Mother Butler Indian Ctr*Box 6*Rapid City SD 57709:NATIVE-AMERICANS INDIANS
Women Of All Red Nations*Box 2508*Rapid City SD 57709:WOP POLITICAL AN AACC W
Wounded Knee Defense-Offense Committee*Box 2508*Rapid City SD 57709:NATIVE-AMERICANS INDIANS POLITICAL
Womens Health Collective*General Delivery*Porcupine SD 57772:WHC W HC
Church World Service*15 Broadway*Fargo ND 58102**701-293-0910:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Plain Foods Coops*303 Robert St*Fargo ND 58102:FC
Bloodroot*Box 891*Grand Forks ND 58201:SP
Grand Forks Food Coop*1602 9 Av N*Grand Forks ND 58201:FC SEP
North Dakota Womens Information Collective*Box 324*Twainley Hall*Grand Forks ND 58201:HC W
Hampsten/Elizabeth*Plainswoman Magazine*Box 8027*Grand Forks ND 58202**701-777-8043:F -1 PUBLICATION HISTORY WEST W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA WOMEN
Forest River Community*Fordville ND 58231:HUTTERIAN COMMUNITY FARM ANABAPTIST
Area Low Income Council*Box 698*Devils Lake ND 58301:FC
Dakota Prairie Buying Club*Box 698*Devils Lake ND 58301:FC HRO
Big Springs Farm*Forest River Community*Fordville ND 58321:
Fellowship Natural Foods*Box 724*Jamestown College ND 58401:CU EDUCATION FOOD
Bismarch Buying Club*Brentwood Est Rt 1*Bismarch ND 58501:FC HRO
Kirschmann Development & Design Co*314 E Thayer Av Rm 210*Bismark ND 58501:FOOD
Sojournors*704 Mandan St*Bismark ND 58501:SER ECOLOGY AN
West River Natural Foods Buying Club*Box 484*Mandan ND 58554:FC HRO
Dakota Resource Council*Box 1095*113 W First St*Dickinson ND 58601**701-227-1851:SP PUBLICATION GMPFI GMPFE GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Experimental College*Minot State College*Minot ND 58701:U CU EDUCATION
Willowood Press*Box 1846*Minot ND 58702**606-272-5693*701-838-0579:SP PUBLICATION 9006 MAILING-LISTS LIBRARY-MAILING-LISTS MEDIA
Black Jack & Valley Grapevine*Box 249*Big Timber MT 59011:SP
Brady/Steve*Dsi Sti Stas & Suhatio Nation*Box 542*Lame Deer MT 59043**406-477-8344:9308 -1 NATIVE-AMERICANS NORTHERN-CHEYENNE CHEYENNE/NORTHERN
Natural Healing Ctr*South Rt Box 10*Lavina MT 59046**406-575-4345:NAM HC
Northern Plains Resource Council*419 Stapleton Bldg*Billings MT 59101:SEPO GMPFI GMPFE SEP GMPF F&V
Western Organization Of Resource Councils*412 Stapleton Bldg*Billings MT 59101:ECOLOGY NATURAL-RESOURCES
Civil Liberties Union*Box 3012*Billings MT 59103**406-248-1086:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Health Foods Shop*507 1 Av N*Great Falls MT 59401:FC HC
Odasz/Frank*Big Sky Telegraph*Western Montana State College*Dillon MT 59501**406-68-7338*FRANKO@BIGSKY DILLON MT US:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Buying Club*1503 Gallatin St*Helena MT 59601:COOP HRO
Environmental Information Ctr*Box 1184*Helena MT 59601:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN SEP
Feathered Pipe Ranch*Box 1682*Helena MT 59601**406-442-8196:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Friendship Ctr Meat Buying Club*1503 Galletin*Helena MT 59601:FC HRO
Helena Food Coop*902 Hauser*Helena MT 59601:FC W
Hot Springs Gazette*12 S Benton*Helena MT 59601:PUBLICATION NATURIST-GROUP 9011 MEDIA
Jaks Publishing Co*Box 5625*1106 N Washington St*Helena MT 59601:
Northern Rockies Action Group*9 Placer St*Helena MT 59601:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN
Sweet Grass Bakery*425 Last Chance Gluch*Helena MT 59601:FC
Hofsommer/Mary*National Ctr For Appropriate Technology*Box 3838*Butte MT 59701**406-723-6533*406-494-2905(FAX):RN SER NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PUBLICATION -1 AA AA92 AA92-29. AA92-LIST AA92-921219 MEDIA
Greater Yellowstone Coalition*Box 1874*13TH South Wilson*Bozeman MT 59711:9403 ECOLOGY
Center For Political Economics & Natural Resources*Mt State U*Bozeman MT 59717:ECONOMICS NATURAL-RESOURCES POLITICAL PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Cut Bank*English Dept*U Of MT*Missoula MT 59801:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Freeman/Rick*Northern Rim Inst*333 S 5th E*Missoula MT 59801**406-549-0385*406-549-9022(FAX)*JEANBOB@SELWAY.UMT.EDU:-1 BIOREGION ECOLOGY 9307
Gilded Lily*515 S Higgins*Missoula MT 59801:RESTAURANT FOOD
Headwaters Alliance*401 E Spruce*Missoula MT 59801:AN POLITICAL H
Women & Technology Project*315 S 4th E*Missoula MT 59801**406-728-3041:AT SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Earth First!*Box 5176*Missoula MT 59806:9403 ECOLOGY04
Great Bear Foundation*Box 2699*Missoula MT 59806:9403 ECOLOGY
Alliance For The Wild Rockies*Box 8731*Missoula MT 59807:9403 ECOLOGY
Borrowed Times*Box 8507*Missoula MT 59807:SA AN POLITICAL MR PUBLICATION AACC W
Giltedge*Box 8081*Missoula MT 59807:SP
Nuclear-Free-Zone*Box 7282*Missoula MT 59807:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL NFZ
Parker/Jim*Student Coalition For Social Responsibility*Box 7354*Missoula MT 59807**406-728-1001:-1 EDUCATION TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL MEDIA
Wild Rockies Action Fund*Box 8395*Missoula MT 59807:ECOLOGY ROCKIES FUND 940404
Williams/John*Bikecentennial*Box 8308*Missoula MT 59807**406-721-1776:9206 -1 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Turah*Box 494*Bonner MT 59823:AN H POLITICAL
Baty/Doug*Flathead Resource Organization*Box 26*Dixon MT 59831**406-246-3520:NATIVE-AMERICANS 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Rainbows End Nutritional Foods*902 S First St*Hamilton MT 59840:FC
Poor Richard Bookshop*Box 98*Pinesdale MT 59841:PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE MEDIA
North Valley Farmers Market*1980 Coan Rd*Columbia Alls MT 59912:FC
Root Foods*Box 282*Coram MT 59913:FC
Project Bluebird*Box 396*Somers MT 59932**406-857-3521:ECOLOGY BIRDHOUSES MAIL-ORDER CATALOG 9307 W
Flathead Citizens For Safe Energy*205 Meadows Rd*Whitefish MT 59937:AN POLITICAL H
Flathead Food Coop*Box 872*Whitefish MT 59937**406-862-3458:FC
Great Divide Exchange*Box 2033*Whitefish MT 59937:FC SEP
Viani/Sooney*Whitefish Nuclear Awareness Group*1365 Lion Mountain Rd*Whitefish MT 59937:GMPFCG GMPFI -1 AN GMPF F&V
Womens Studies Intl Quarterly*244 Lincoln Hall*U Of IL*Urbana IL 60001:SP PUBLICATION W WST CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Illinois Safe Energy Alliance*Box 469*Antioch IL 60002:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Jr Carlson Labs Inc*15 College Dr*Arlington Heights IL 60004:CU EDUCATION FOOD
Clergy & Laity Concerned*2025 S Goebbert Rd*Arlington Heights IL 60005:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V ART PEACE DB
Greenberg/Michael*Making Medicine Work*850 Biesterfield Rd Suite 3002*Elk Grove IL 60007**800-848-4977:-1 HC WER 9105
Pollution & Environmental Programs*Box 309*54 S Broadway*Palatine IL 60010:AT ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Bowland-Jacob Intl Inc*365 E Prairie St Box 557*Crystal Lake IL 60014:FOOD
Postgraduate Ctr Of Forest*Hospital Foundation*555 Wilson Ln*Des Plaines IL 60016:H HC
Green Pleasant Press*Box 259*Glenco IL 60022:SA AN POLITICAL
Himalayan Inst*1505 Greenwood Rd*Glenview IL 60025:H
Midwest Parentcraft Ctr*627 Beaver Rd*Glenview IL 60025**348-8514:CHILD-BIRTH S
Grayslake Gelatin Co*Box 248*Graslake IL 60030:FOOD
American Assn For Ethiopian Jews*2789 Oak St*Highland Park IL 60035**312-433-1700:ETHIOPIA JEWS HRO
National Consumers United*Box 913*Highland Park IL 60035:CONSUMER
Rhino*77 Lakewood Pl*Highland Park IL 60035:SP
Barat Review*Barat College*Lake Forest IL 60045:SP CU EDUCATION
Merganzer Press*659 Northmoor Rd*Lake Forest IL 60045:
Waukegan Citizens Action Program*417 Northgate Rd*Lindenhurst IL 60046**356-2616:AN POLITICAL
Clergy & Laity Concerned*Box 1023*Libertyville IL 60048:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 GMPF F&V ART PEACE DB
Libertarian Party Illinois*1602 W Colonial Pky*Inverness IL 60067:POLITICAL PARTY/POLITICAL LIBERTARIAN
Pollution & Environment Problems*Box 309*Palatine IL 60067:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Teen Punks In Heat*Box 62*Prospect Heights IL 60070:9101 SEX PUBLICATION MEDIA
Antique Printer*4900 Jerome*Skokie IL 60076:SP
Black Cat Press*8248 Noth Kenton*Skokie IL 60076:SP
Socialist Party Of Il*Box 1696*Skokie IL 60076**312-761-0493:8704 SOCIALIST PUBLICATION POLITICAL W MEDIA
Bahai Natl Ctr*112 Linden Av*Wilmette IL 60091**256-4400:MLC H
National Spiritual Assembly Of*Bahais Of The US*536 Sheridan Av*Wilmette IL 60091:H BAHAI
North Shore Peace Initiative*1125 Wilmette Av*Wilmette IL 60091:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Kumquat*305 Bridgewater*Bloomington IL 60108:9401 PUNK ZINE
Dekalb Area Alliance For Responsible Energy*Box 261*Dekalb IL 60115:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Living-Learning*N Il U*Dekalb IL 60115:U CU EDUCATION
Church Of The Brethern World Ministries*1451 Dundee Av*Elgin IL 60120:PEACE 9308
Church Of The Brethren General Board*1451 Dundee Av*Elgin IL 60120**800-323-8039*708-742-5100:9010 VSC JOBS EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL-CHANGE-JOBS VOLUNTEER-SERVICE
Elsa*Box 675*Elmhurst IL 60126**708-833-8896:ARO
Winesburg Express*624 Duane St*Glen Ellyn IL 60137:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Church World Service*8 E St Charles Rd Suite 101*Lombard IL 60148**708-953-2767:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Chicken Coop*19009 River Rd*Marengo IL 60152:FC
Elams*2625 Gardner Rd*Broadview IL 60153:FOOD
Simpkinson/Anne*Common Boundary*Box 445*Mt Morris IL 60154**815-734-1117:9307 -1 H PUBLICATION DMPR F
Ccw Hobby Press*1730 N 20TH Av*Melrose Park IL 60160:SP
Format*405 S 7th St*Charles IL 60174:SP
Fox Fed*1602 Oak St*St Charles IL 60174:FC
Free Souls*Box 781*Wheaton IL 60187:AN POLITICAL
Theosophical Society Of America*Box 270*Wheaton IL 60187:H
World Relief*1028 College Av Suite A*Wheaton IL 60187**312-462-7566:8809 BANGLADESH-AID
World Relief*Box Wrc*Wheaton IL 60189**800-535-5433*708-665-0235:EVANGELICAL 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF FLOOD-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY
Albatross*Box 4*1999 N Sheridan Rd*Evanston IL 60201:
Center For Urban Affairs*2040 Sheridan Rd*Evanston IL 60201**492-3395:HOUSING COOP INFORMATION 9103
College Community Studies*2303 Sheridan*Evanston IL 60201:CU EDUCATION
Evanston Womens Ctr*Weadon Methodist Church*2214 Ridge*Evanston IL 60201:W
Great Expectations*911 Foster St*Evanston IL 60201:ID-B 8902 IDAFSA S BOOKSTORE SEP
Northwestern University Gay Union*Box 60*Norris Ctr*Evanston IL 60201:HS
Peking Book House*1520 Sherman House*Evanston IL 60201:BOOKSTORE SEP
Press Of Ward Schori*2716 Noyes St*Evanston IL 60201:SP
Progressive Student Coalition*NW University Ctr*1999 Sheridan Rd*Evanston IL 60201:SER ECOLOGY AN CU STUDENTS
Self-Help Ctr*1600 Dodge Av Suite S-122*Evanston IL 60201**312-328-0470:9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Sunrise Press*2004 Grant St*Evanston IL 60201:
Womens Collection*Special Collections Dept*Northwestern U Library*Evanston IL 60201**312-492-7658:WOP PUBLICATION HC W
Epic*1024 Judson Av*Evanston IL 60202:SP
Evanston Womens Liberation Union*2214 Ridge*Evanston IL 60202**312-475-4480:WHC W HC
Plucked Chicken*1604 Greenleaf*Evanston IL 60202:
Reba Place Fellowship*723 Seward St*Evanston IL 60202:FC
Shakespeare Newsletter*1217 Ashland Av*Chicago Cir*Evanston IL 60202:SP
Crane/Alison*American Assn Of Therapeutic Humor*9040 Forestview Rd*Skokie IL 60203:-1 HC WER 9105 W
Center For The Art Of Living*Box 788*Evanston IL 60204:SP ART DB
Concerned Citizens For Ethical Research*Box 1334*Evanston IL 60204**312-792-7117:ANIMAL-RIGHTS RESEARCH-ANIMALS 9307 W
Center For Urban Affairs & Policy Research*Northwestern U*2040 Sheridan Rd*Evanston IL 60208**708-491-3395:URBAN-AFFAIRS POLICY-RESEARCH CU 9206 EDUCATION RT
Arche Intl*210 S Marion St*Oak Park IL 60302**848-8191:H W
Vegetarian Times*Box 570*141 S Oak Pk Av*Oak Park IL 60302**212-490-3999:MLC MLC-CU MLC-60. VEGETARIAN FOOD HC PUBLICATION AAP MEDIA
War Resistors League*645 N Taylor*Oak Park IL 60302:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Cinefantastique*931 N Lombard*Oak Park IL 60303:FILM F&V PUBLICATION DB 8710 SF MEDIA
Vegetarian Times*Box 570*Oak Park IL 60303:9405 VEGETARIAN PUBLICATION
Another Chicago Magazine*720 S Kenilworth Av*Oak Park IL 60304:SP
Cats Pajamas Press*527 Lyman*Oak Park IL 60304:SP
Goldhamer/Don*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*528 S Humphrey*Oak Park IL 60304**312-702-7166*D-GOLDHAMER@UCHICAGO.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Chicago Sun Club*Box 853*Chicago Heights IL 60411**708-758-5496:NATURIST-GROUP 9011 HRO
Journal Of Irreproducible Results*Box 234*Chicago Heights IL 60411:RN SCIENCE AT PUBLICATION SATIRE PPS MEDIA
North American Naturists*Box 853*Chicago Heights IL 60411**708-758-5496:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Live Free*Box 1743*Harvey IL 60426:9101 SURVIVALIST PUBLICATION MEDIA
Humane Society*2015 175TH St*Lansing IL 60438**312-474-0906:ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY
Tvic*Box 45*Lansing IL 60438:CROSSDRESSING HS
Contemporary Curriculums*Box 152*Lockport IL 60441:SP
Citizens Against Federal Takeover*203 Bryer Ln*Morris IL 60450:SER ECOLOGY AN
Creative Woman*Governors State U*Park Forest South IL 60466:SP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR W SEP CU EDUCATION
Midwest Energy Alternatives Network*Governors State U*Park Forest South IL 60466:PPS AT ENERGY SEP CU EDUCATION
Transport History Press*Box 201*Park Forest IL 60466:AA85 AA BB MBB
Beatrice Scientific Co*5846 W 117TH Pl*Worth IL 60482:FOOD W
Alliance Link*Equal Rights Alliance*5256 Fairmont Av*Downers Grove IL 60515:MR POLITICAL W ERA
Peace Justice Ctr*4509 Bryan Pl*Downers Grove IL 60515:PEACE POLITICAL
Continuing Education Systems*112 South Grant St*Hinsdale IL 60521:SP
Vitose Corp*5315 Dansher Rd*Countryside IL 60525:FOOD
Amurol Products Co*1100 E Chicago Av*Naperville IL 60540:FOOD
Story Press*4142 Rose Av*Western Springs IL 60558:
Cesarian Support*414 N Cass Av*Westmount IL 60559:CHILD-BIRTH CESARIAN HC W
Mid-America Legal Foundation*20 North Wacker Dr*Chicago IL 60600:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Renewal Society*111 N Wabash Suite 620*Chicago IL 60602:AACC
National Organization For Women*53 W Jackson #1504*Chicago IL 60602:NOW S 8807 W
African Caribbean Books*700 E Oakwood Blvd*Chicago IL 60603:BOOKSTORE
Businessmen For The Public Interest*17 E Monroe St #212*Chicago IL 60603**641-5570:POLITICAL CONSUMER SER ECOLOGY AN PILC LAW PIRG 8807 NCBL
Center Cinema Coop*School Of The Art Inst*Michigan At Adams*Chicago IL 60603**236-1519:FILM COOP F&V SCHOOL CU EDUCATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901224 AA90-YELLOW ART DB MEDIA
Citizen Information Service*67 E Madison*Chicago IL 60603:AACC POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Second Harvest*116 S Michigan Av Suite 3*Chicago IL 60603**800-532-3663:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Video Data Bank*School Of The Art Inst*37 S Wabash*Chicago IL 60603**312-899-5172*312-263-0141(FAX):9201 FILM FILM-DISTRIBUTOR VIDEO F&V PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901009 ART DB MEDIA
Myasthenia Gravis Foundation*53 W Jackson Blvd Suite 660*Chicago IL 60604**800-541-5454:PATIENT-INFORMATION 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB11
National Committee On Prevention Of Child Abuse*332 S Michigan Av*Chicago IL 60604**312-663-3520:CHILD-ABUSE HC WOP W
Parrish/Ray*Midwest Committee For Military Counseling*59 E Van Buren 14TH Flr*Chicago IL 60604**312-939-3349:-1 MILITARY-COUNSELING DRAFT-COUNSELING VETERANS 9301
American Friends Service Committee*407 S Dearborn St*Chicago IL 60605:ID-P ID-N ID-F ID-R IDAFSA AFSC HRO
Archdiocese Committee On Latin America*1300 S Wabash*Chicago IL 60605:
Hutchinson/Rich*American Friends Service Committee*59 E Van Buren Suite 1400*Chicago IL 60605**312-427-2533:AFSC -1 AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-881102 PEACE HRO
Midwest Womens Ctr*828 S Wabash St Suite 200*Chicago IL 60605**312-922-8530:WHC WOP W HC
Rev Jesse Jacksons Push*930 E 50TH St*Chicago IL 60605:CONSUMER
World Without War*421 S Wabash 2fl*Chicago IL 60605:PEACE POLITICAL WAR AA84 AA BB MBB
Maxworks Cooperative*717 W Maxwell St*Chicago IL 60607**312-226-3248:COOP RECYCLING-COOP 9107
Us-Guatemala Labor Education Project*Actwu Chicago Joint Board*333 S Ashland*Chicago IL 60607:GUATEMALA CENTRAL-AMERICA LABOR-EDUCATION EDUCATION/LABOR 9308
Casa Aztlan*1831 S Racine*Chicago IL 60608:
Church Committee On Human Rights In Asia*1821 W Cullerton*Chicago IL 60608:ASIA HUMAN-RIGHTS
Mujeres Latinas En Accion*1832 W 17TH St*Chicago IL 60608**312-226-1544:WOP HC W HISPANIC
Delmark Records*7 W Grand St*Chicago IL 60610:MUSIC
Human Resource Developers Inc*112 W Oak St*Chicago IL 60610:H
Mayuba Bookstore*1434 N Wells St*Chicago IL 60610**312-642-5044:S BOOKSTORE SEP
Noble Press*213 W Inst Pl*Chicago IL 60610:9109 W SP
Peace Museum*430 W Erie*Chicago IL 60610:PEACE MUSEUM 8807 ART DB
Peterson/Pat*Barbaras Bookstore*1350 N Wells St*Chicago IL 60610**312-642-5044:BOOKSTORE S -1 F
Rams Head Press*Newberry Library*60 West Walton*Chicago IL 60610:SP LIBRARY
Center For Study Of Multiple Gestation*333 E Superior St Suite 463-5*Chicago IL 60611:MULTIPLE-BIRTH SP
Chicago Defender*2400 S Michigan Av*Chicago IL 60611:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP
Chicago Mens Gathering*Box 11076*Chicago IL 60611:MEN S
Community Service*Box 11548*Chicago IL 60611:
Creadon/Patrick*The 90'S*400 N Michigan Av*Chicago IL 60611**312-321-9321*312-321-9323(FAX):9205 TV GCTVP F&V MLC MLC-45. MLC-TV -1 MEDIA
Weinberg/Tom*Center For New Television*400 N Michigan Av #1608*Chicago IL 60611**312-321-9321*312-321-9323(FAX):FILM COMPETITION FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR -1 TV GMPFTV 9102 GMPF F&V ART DB AA90 AA BB AA90-59. AA90-900714 40-WELLES MEDIA
Salsedo Press*320 N Damen*Chicago IL 60612:
Urban Preceptorship Program*U Of IL Medical Ctr-Prev Med Dept*835 S Wolcott St*Chicago IL 60612:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Volunteers Of America*2678 W Washington*Chicago IL 60612:
Feicke/Kim*Progressive Student Union*4310 N Winchester*Chicago IL 60613**312-404-6615:-1 F STUDENTS 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Lal/Anil*New World Resource Ctr*1476 W Irving Pk*Chicago IL 60613**312-348-3370:S BOOKSTORE SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Stern/Dan*Midwestern Research Group*1427 W Warner St*Chicago IL 60613:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Church Of The Three Crosses*333 Wisconsin*Chicago IL 60614:
Flying Fish*1304 W Schubert*Chicago IL 60614:MUSIC
Growth Process Ctr*639 W Diversey Pkwy*Chicago IL 60614:H
Guild Bookstore*2456 N Lincoln Av*Chicago IL 60614:MR POLITICAL BOOKSTORE W
National Assn For The Cottage Industry*Box 14460*Chicago IL 60614**312-472-8116:COTTAGE-INDUSTRY WORK-AT-HOME SELF-EMPLOYED
Stehlik/Milos*Facets Multimedia Inc*1517 W Fullerton Av*Chicago IL 60614**800-331-6197*312-281-9075:MLC MLC-9201 MLC-PROG-PUBS MLC-100. MLC-AAPC AIVFDS AIVFF AIVFEP AIVFAA AIVFCCG -1 CATALOG AIVF 9201 MAILING-LIST-TRADE-? MLC-WAOP MLC-9109 MLC-120. MLC-WST FILM VIDEO F&V ART DB MEDIA
Thresholds*2700 N Lakeview Av*Chicago IL 60614:S
Traveling Salvation Show*2233 N Kenmore Av*Chicago IL 60614:H
Victims Of Incest Can Emerge Survivors*Box 148309*Chicago IL 60614**800-7-VOICES-8:9112 INCEST SEXUAL-ABUSE WHC HC
Voices In Action*Box 148309*Chicago IL 60614**312-327-1500:INCEST SEXUAL-ABUSE 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Hermitage Manor Coop Society*1526 E 55 St*Chicago IL 60615:FC
Patch/Sam*Illinois Black Political Caucus*4724 S Michigan Av*Chicago IL 60615:AACC -1 POLITICAL BLACK
Push Youth Division*930 E 50TH St*Chicago IL 60615:YOUTH
Case Analysis*401 E 32ND #1002*Chicago IL 60616:SP
El Centro De La Causa*731 W 17TH St*Chicago IL 60616:
Mcgee/Henry*Joint Negro Appeal*2400 S Michigan Av*Chicago IL 60616:AACC BLACK -1
Michael Reese Health Plan*3055 S Cottage Grove*Chicago IL 60616:FC HC
Sociological Practice*401 E 32ND #1002*Chicago IL 60616:
Teatro Del Barrio*9125 S Houston*Chicago IL 60617:
Back To Nature*3101 N Milwaukee Av*Chicago IL 60618**312-463-5758:WLT ECOLOGY
Klinski Publishing*3928 N St Louis*Chicago IL 60618:SP
Allen/Gina M*Third World Press*7524 S Cottage Grove Av*Chicago IL 60619**312-651-0700*312-651-7286(FAX):9103 DMPR -1 SP BLACK-PUBLISHER F MEDIA
Institute Of Positive Education*7524 S Cottage Grove*Chicago IL 60619**651-6121:CU BLACK PRESS EDUCATION MLC SP
Task Force On Community Broadcasting*8456 S Rhodes*Chicago IL 60619:BLACK TV F&V MEDIA
Hatwood/Azalia (yannanita)*Families & Inmates For Action*9053 S Aberdeen*Chicago IL 60620:AACC -1 PRISON INMATES
Northwest Community Organization*1109 N Ashland*Chicago IL 60622:
Presentation School*740 S Springfield Av*Chicago IL 60624:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Binder/Marijon*Global Concerns Ctr*2131 W Berwyn*Chicago IL 60625**312-728-6336:8704 ECOLOGY -1
Pecirno/Bob*WZRD*5500 N St Louis Av*Chicago IL 60625:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR -1 MEDIA
Union Of Pr Students*Que Ondee Sola-Northeastern Il U*5500 N St Louis*Chicago IL 60625:CU EDUCATION
Heartland Cafe*7000 N Glenwood Av*Chicago IL 60626:RESTAURANT FOOD
Latin American Student Organization*1037 W Loyola Av*Chicago IL 60626:
Impasse*6210 S Saint Louis Av*Chicago IL 60629:COUNSELING VOLUNTEERS
Pax Christi Usa*3000 N Mango Av*Chicago IL 60634**312-736-2113:PEACE POLITICAL AN
Pax Christi*6337 W Cornelia*Chicago IL 60634:PEACE 9308
Julia Gay Mem Un Methodist Church*1701 W Garfield Blvd*Chicago IL 60636:HS SEP W
Armed Forces & Society*Box 46*Soc Science Bldg 1126 E 59*Chicago IL 60637:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR MILITARY SEP
Bulletin Of Atomic Scientists*1020 E 58 St*Chicago IL 60637**312-363-5225:AT PUBLICATION AN POLITICAL SCIENCE MEDIA
Crossroads Student Ctr*5621 S Blackstone*Chicago IL 60637:AACC
Csseppt*1212 E 59 St*Chicago IL 60637:PRISON TAIWAN
Du Sable Museum Of African American History*740 E 56 Pl*Chicago IL 60637:MUSEUM ART DB
Icuis*5700 S Woodlawn*Chicago IL 60637:
In The Light*5615 S Woodlawn*Chicago IL 60637:SP
Institute Of The Church In An Urban Industrial Society*5700 S Woodlawn Av*Chicago IL 60637:8704 CHURCH INDUSTRIAL-SOCIETY
Jones/Cheryl*Signs*U Of Chicago Press*5920 S Woodlawn*Chicago IL 60637**312-702-7361:F -1 PUBLICATION WST CU EDUCATION RESEARCH W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Journal Of Law & Economics*U Of Chicago*1111 East 60 St*Chicago IL 60637:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Logos Inst*Chicago Theological Seminary*5757 S University Av*Chicago IL 60637:H
Marks/Jim*Chicago Review*U Of Chicago*Chicago IL 60637:NW MUSIC PUBLICATION -1 CU EDUCATION ART DB MEDIA
Midwest Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors*5615 S Woodlawn*Chicago IL 60637:CONSCIENTIOUS-OBJECTORS
Science For Vietnam*1103 East 57TH St Rm 47*Chicago IL 60637**312-753-3722:SCIENCE VIETNAM
Seminary Coop Bookstore*5727 University Av*Chicago IL 60637:POLITICAL BOOKSTORE SEP
Cherryburn Press*4722 Dover St*Chicago IL 60640:SP
Community Television Network*1105 W Lawrence Av #210*Chicago IL 60640**312-728-4030:TV F&V AIVF 9201 MEDIA
Focusing*Box 408439*Chicago IL 60640:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Palestine Human Rights Information Ctr*4753 N Broadway #930*Chicago IL 60640**312-271-4492:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Prologue Alternative High School*1105 W Lawrence*Chicago IL 60640:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Women & Children First*5233 N Clark*Chicago IL 60640**312-769-9299:CHILDREN 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Emergency Committee For Peace In The Mideast*3411 W Diversey #1*Chicago IL 60647**312-384-8544:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Federation For Industrial Retention & Renewal*3411 W Diversey*Chicago IL 60647:9206 INDUSTRY
Sugarless Candy Corp Of America*3537 North Av*Chicago IL 60647:FOOD
The Neighborhood Works*2125 W North Av*Chicago IL 60647**312-278-4800:ORGANIZING COMMUNITY-ORGANIZING ECOLOGY
This Is Not Television*3120 Diversey*Chicago IL 60647:SA AN POLITICAL TV F&V MEDIA
Twin Quills Press*8018 Churchill*Niles IL 60648:SP
South Shore Food Coop*8008 S Jeffry*Chicago IL 60649:FC
Bulletin Of The Atomic Scientists*1020 E 58 St*Chicago IL 60650:AN PUBLICATION MEDIA
Outside*3401 W Division St*Chicago IL 60651**312-342-7777:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Syncline*7825 S Ridgeway*Chicago IL 60652:
Kenwood-Oakland Organization*4612 S Lake Park 1w*Chicago IL 60653:
Kupona Network*4611 S Ellis Av*Chicago IL 60653:BLACK 8809 AIDS HC HS
Appeal To Reason*Box 3774-MERCHANDISE Mart*Chicago IL 60654:SP
Elpanor Books*Box 3152 Marchandise Mart Plaza*Chicago IL 60654:SP
People's Tribune*Box 3524*Chicago IL 60654**PT.DIST-REQUEST@UMICH.EDU:9405 POLITICAL PUBLICATION07
Bread Shop*3400 N Halsted*Chicago IL 60657:FC RESTAURANT
Hull House*3212 N Broadway*Chicago IL 60657:
Kartemquin Films*1901 W Wellington*Chicago IL 60657**312-472-4366:FILM F&V MEDIA
Mayuba Bookstore*2907 N Broadway*Chicago IL 60657:BOOKSTORE
Peterson/Pat*Barbaras Bookstore*3130 N Broadway*Chicago IL 60657**312-477-0411:NW MUSIC BOOKSTORE SEP ART -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST DB
Women In The Director's Chair*3435 N Sheffield Suite 202*Chicago IL 60657**312-281-4988:9308 WOMEN FILM VIDEO F&V FESTIVAL
South Shore Food Coop*8008 S Jeffery*Chicago IL 60659:FC
Lakes & Prairies Press*6334 North Sheridan Rd #4-D*Chicago IL 60660:
Alzheimer's Assn*Box 5675*Chicago IL 60680**800-272-3900:9110 HC
Banner Press*Box 6469*Chicago IL 60680:BHOPAL-INFORMATION SP 8807
Blazing Star*Box 7892*Chicago IL 60680:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP
Burstein/Daniel*Call El Clarin*Box 5597*Chicago IL 60680:POLITICAL SEP PUBLICATION -1 AN MEDIA
Class Struggle*Box 5539*Chicago IL 60680:AACC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Energy Resources Ctr*Box 4348*Chicago IL 60680:AT
Gay Liberation*U Of IL*750 Halsted Ctr Rm 518*Chicago IL 60680:HS CU EDUCATION W
Kollaph/Ron*Citizens Against Nuclear Power*Box 6625*Chicago IL 60680:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V
Liberation Distributors*Box 5341*Chicago IL 60680**313-987-0004:9205 MRP SER ECOLOGY AN BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR
Poetry*Box 4348*Chicago IL 60680:
Trans-Species Unltd*Box 805859*Chicago IL 60680**312-751-0118:ECOLOGY ANIMAL-RIGHTS VEGETARIAN
White Walls*Box 8204*Chicago IL 60680:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Before The Rapture*Box A3604*Chicago IL 60690:SP
Charles H Kerr Publishing*Box 914*Chicago IL 60690:9405 SP POLITICAL07
Gay Horizons*3225 N Sheffield*Chicago IL 60690:S HS GAY W
Good Shepherd Parish Mcc*Box 2392*Chicago IL 60690:HS
Integrity Inc*Box 2516*Chicago IL 60690:EPISCOPAL HS
Original Art Report*Box 1641*Chicago IL 60690:SP ART DB PUBLICATION
American Science & Surplus*Box 48838*Niles IL 60714:SURPLUS MAIL-ORDER CATALOG SCIENTIFIC-EQUIPMENT 9307
Mens Program Unit*University Ymca*1001 South Wright St*Champaign IL 60820**217-337-1517:MEN CU EDUCATION
Stelle Group*127 Sun St*Stelle IL 60919**815-256-2235:COMMUNITY MLC MLC-HERITAGE PUBLICATION AAP MEDIA
Rorem/Bridget*Appleseed*117 N Linden St*Essex IL 60935:GMPFCG GMPFR SER ECOLOGY AN -1 W GMPF F&V
Crawlspace*908 W 5th St*Belvidere IL 61008:SP
Milk Ctr Food Coop*10867 Randall Rd*Capron IL 61012:FC
Otter Creek Buying Club*410 Laona*Durand IL 61024:FC HRO
Freeport Food Coop*RR 1 1005 S Chicago*Freeport IL 61032:FC
Straddle Creek Food Coop*207 W Market*Box 184*Mt Carroll IL 61053:FC
Private Property-Free Enterprise*104 Emily St*Mojnt Morris IL 61054:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Salem Communal Brotherhood*RR 1*Rock City IL 61070:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY
Chronicles Of Culture*Rockford College Inst*Rockford IL 61101:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION PR CU EDUCATION SEP MEDIA HRO
Resource Ctr On Women & Health Care*1601 Parkview Av*Rockford IL 61101:WHC W HC
Womens Medical Organization*Parkview Av*Rockford IL 61101:WHC W HC
Campbell/Stan*Safe*326 Noavon*Rockford IL 61103:GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V
Laetare Partners*326 N Avon*Rockford IL 61103:COMMUNITY URBAN SPIRITUAL
Community Food Coop*410 S 8th Box 4044*Rockford IL 61110:FC
Friends Of The Earth*RR 1 Box 122*Aledo IL 61231:SER POLITICAL AN ECOLOGY FOE 8807
Blue Lake Club*Box 13*Erie IL 61250**309-659-9297:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Food Chain Buying Club*119 5th Av*Moline IL 61265:FC HRO
Caroline House Publishers*Box 738*Ottowa IL 61350:SP W
Green Hill Publications*236 Forest Park Pl*Ottawa IL 61350:BP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Associated Citizens For Protection Of Environment*Box 531*Sheffield IL 61361:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Plow Creek Fellowship*Rt 2 Box 1-C*Tiskilwa IL 61368**646-7242:COMMUNITY CHRISTIAN ANABAPTIST
Citizens For Responsible Energy*RR*Tonica IL 61370:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Free U*Knox College*Galesburg IL 61401:U CU EDUCATION
Communiversity*Office Of Academic Services*Western Il U*Macomb IL 61455:U CU EDUCATION
Journal Of Developing Areas*Western Illinois U*900 W Adams St*Macomb IL 61455:SP PUBLICATION PPS CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mississippi Valley Review*English Dept*W Il U*Macomb IL 61455:CU EDUCATION
Eggert/Karen S*Heartland Free-Net*Jobst North Technology Ctr*Peoria IL 61625**309-677-2544*XXADM@HEARTLAND BRADLEY EDU:9310 FREE-NET CONSULTING COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Proverbial Press*209 Orleans Dr*Bloomington IL 61701:SP
Scarlet Ibis Press*Box 487*Bloomington IL 61701:SP
Act Up*Box 3452*Bloomington IL 61702:9107 HS AIDS HC
Post Amerikan*Box 3452*Bloomington IL 61702**309-828-7232:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR POLITICAL PUBLICATION SPR SA AN MEDIA
Coalition For The Right To Choose*Box 514*Normal IL 61761:WHC W HC
Exploration*English Dept*Il State U*Normal IL 61761:SP CU EDUCATION
Midwest American Assn Of Christ Schools*Box 587*Normal IL 61761:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nassar/Mrs Hanan*Arab-American University Graduates*Box 408*Normal IL 61761**309-452-6588:MEPA 8709 -1 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Pikestaff Forum*Box 127*Normal IL 61761:
Prairie Alliance*210 W Mulberry*Normal IL 61761:SER ECOLOGY AN
Afterimage Book Publishers*305 S Cottage Grove*Urbana IL 61801:SP CU EDUCATION
Anti-Plutonium League*706 S Coler #4*Urbana IL 61801**217-328-1991:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Martin/Glen*Prairie Alliance*204 Wood St*Urbana IL 61801:GMPFEG GMPFR CU EDUCATION -1 AN GMPF F&V ART AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST DB
Sloan/Joshua*Students For The Legalization Of Marijuana*Box 4205*Urbana IL 61801**217-352-4367:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Tolliver/Dale*Horizon Bookstore*1115 1/2 W Oregon*Urbana IL 61801**217-328-2988:NA AN BOOKSTORE CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V GMPFCG GMPFR ART -1 DB
Human Kinetics Publishing Inc*Box 5076*Champaign IL 61820:SP
Illinois Alliance To Prevent Nuclear War*Box 2187 Stn A*Champaign IL 61820:SER ECOLOGY AN NUCLEAR-WAR PEACE WAR
Used Bookstore*1001 S Wright St*Champaign IL 61820:BOOKSTORE SEP
Farm Aid*Box 228*Champaign IL 61824**800-327-6243:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Council Of Planning Librarians*Box 229*Monticello IL 61856:LIBRARY PLANNING
Viobin Corp*226 W Livingston St*Monticello IL 61856:FOOD
Salt Creek Assn*Rt 1*Weldon IL 61882:AN POLITICAL
Cahen/Didier*A World In Prose*1818 Phillips Pl*Charleston IL 61920:9310 POETRY SP -1
Munson Books*3436 Willow Dr*Mattoon IL 61938:PUBLICATION POLITICAL SEP MEDIA
Phylliss Schoolafly Report*Box 618*Alton IL 62002:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Southern Illinois Learning Ctr*Box 67 Siu*Edwardsville IL 62025:U CU EDUCATION
Straddle Creek Food Coop*207 W Market*Mt Carroll IL 62053:FC
Coop Robert Blazel*Sociology Dept*Quincy College*Quincy IL 62301:FC CU EDUCATION
Springfield Sangamon County Food Coop*601 E 2nd Jefferson Sts*Springfield IL 62701:FC
King Harvest Food Coop*1441 N 5th St*Springfield IL 62702:COOP FOOD FC
Church World Service*909 S 5th St Suite B*Springfield IL 62703**217-544-3951:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Batter-Lite Foods Inc*Box 259*Springfield IL 62705:FOOD
Issues In Radical Therapy*Icp Collective*RR 1*Springfield IL 62707**217-525-2977:APS PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION THERAPY H MEDIA
Christian-Patriots Defense League*Box 565*Flora IL 62839:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hendricks/Drew*Siuc Norml*Office Of Student Development*Student Center Siuc*Carbondale IL 62901**618-529-4821:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Peoples Mart*913 S Illinois R Rt 5*Carbondale IL 62901:FC
Prairie Alliance*Student Environmental Ctr*S Il U*Carbondale IL 62901:AN CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY
Public Interest Research Group*Student Govt-Student Ctr 3rd Flr*Southern Ill U*Carbondale IL 62901:RNS0206 RN CONSUMER PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*408 W Freeman*Carbondale IL 62901:WOP WHC MR POLITICAL W HC
United Front*Box 544*Cairo IL 62914:
Illinois South Project*Box 1182*Herrin IL 62948**618-942-6613:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Appletree Alliance*1401 Noah St Spg*Johnston City IL 62951:SER ECOLOGY AN
Wtao*Rt 5 Box 286*Murphysboro IL 62966**618-687-2000:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Cornerstone Press*Box 388*Arnold MO 63010:SP BP
Shadetree Coop*Rt 1 Box 558*Catawissa MO 63015:FC
Wild Canid Survival & Research Ctr*Box 760*Eureka MO 63025:9403 ECOLOGY
Fate*480 Durwood Dr*Florissant MO 63033:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Cardinal Mindszenty Foundation*Box 11321 Clayton Branch*St Louis MO 63105:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Midwest Coop Assn*925 S Bemiston*St Louis MO 63105:COOP FOOD
Red Line*Box 11321*St Louis MO 63105:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Utility Consumers Council*631 E Polo Dr*Clayton MO 63105:CONSUMER ENERGY
Big River Assn*14 S Euclid Av*St Louis MO 63108:SP
Civil Liberties Union*4557 Laclede Av*St Louis MO 63108**314-361-2111:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Daily Planet News*243 N Euclid*St Louis MO 63108:BOOKSTORE
Early Learning*4552 Mcpherson St*St Louis MO 63108:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Institute For Peace & Justice*4144 Lindell #122*St Louis MO 63108**314-533-4445:RELIGION 9308 GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPF F&V
Kleindienst/Kris*Left Bank Books*399 N Euclid Av*St Louis MO 63108**314-367-6731:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Mcginnis/Jim*Institute For Education In Peace & Justice*3700 W Pine St*St Louis MO 63108:POLITICAL SEP -1 PEACE
Nuage Labs Ltd*4200 Laclede Av*St Louis MO 63108:FOOD
Reproductive Health Services*100 N Euclid*St Louis MO 63108**314-367-0300:FILM F&V REPRODUCTION WHC HC
Salvation Army Flood Relief*3800 Lindell Blvd*St Louis MO 63108**800-935-6639:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Cfef*2208 North Warson Rd*St Louis MO 63114:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Citizens Informer*Box 2494*Overland MO 63114:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Alternative Learning*Webster College*470 E Lockwood*Webster Grove MO 63119:U CU EDUCATION
Ronart Press Ltd*7605 Arlington Av*St Louis MO 63119:SP
Social Action Collective*470 E Lockwood Day Box 255*St Louis MO 63119:
Webster Review*Webster College*Webster Groves MO 63119**314-432-2657:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Cauldron Press*English Dept-U Of Mo*8001 Natural Bridge Rd*St Louis MO 63121:SP CU EDUCATION
Kw Coop*9 Douglas Ln*Kirkwood MO 63122:FC
Mark Twain Journal*Kirkwood MO 63122:
Awake America*Box 22431*St Louis MO 63126:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Crisis Intervention Ctr*Box 1202*Washington U*St Louis MO 63130**314-863-0100:CRISIS-RESEARCH RESEARCH CRISIS-INTERVENTION CU EDUCATION
Environment*560 Stinity*St Louis MO 63130:AT ECOLOGY
Feminist Health Coalition*Box 1182*St Louis MO 63130:WHC W HC
Mobilization For Survival*438 Skinker*St Louis MO 63130:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN MFS 8807
Patient Advocacy Legal Service*Washington U Law School*St Louis MO 63130**314-652-9661:MENTAL-HEALTH LEGAL-AID PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
Pauls Books Inc*6691 Delmar Blvd*St Louis MO 63130:BOOKSTORE SEP
Rubel/David*Coalition For The Environment*6267 Delmar Blvd*St Louis MO 63130:GMPFI GMPFE -1 GMPFEG 9101 GMPF F&V POLITICAL SA SER ECOLOGY AN ART DB
St Louis Womens Health Collective*Womens Resource Ctr*Box 1182*St Louis MO 63130:WHC W HC
Telos*Box 3111*St Louis MO 63130:
War Resistors League*962 Warder*St Louis MO 63130:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Carondolet Coop*Olivette Coop*9310 Old Bonhomme*St Louis MO 63132:FC
Focus-Midwest*8606 Olive St Rd*St Louis MO 63132:PUBLICATION SP MEDIA
Olivette Coop*9310 Old Bonhomme*St Louis MO 63132:FC
Compton Grand Meat Coop*3504 Caroline St*St Louis MO 63134:FC
Parents Rights Inc*12571 Northwinds Dr*St Louis MO 63141:PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Directions*Box 6876*St Louis MO 63144**314-531-2900:UAW UNION AUTO-WORKERS LABOR 9304 INTERNET
Saint Louis Animal Rights Team*Box 28501*St Louis MO 63146**314-851-0928:ARO
St Louis Media Project*Box 23001 P Laclede Stn*St Louis MO 63156:MEDIA
Westminister Neighboring School*4501 Westminister*St Louis MO 63166:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Hawthorne Ulc Campground*Box 71*Elsberry MO 63343:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Magee Root Co*Eolia MO 63344:FOOD
Chariton Review*NE Missouri State U*Kirksville MO 63501:SP CU EDUCATION
Warsaw Coop*Rt 2 Box 83*Edwards MO 63555:FC
Communities Magazine*Sandhill Farm*Rt 1 Box 155-S*Rutledge MO 63563:PUBLICATION COMMUNITY 9104 MEDIA
Sandhill Farm*Rt 1 Box 10*Rutledge MO 63563:COMMUNITY
Mars Bright Farm*General Delivery*Reynolds MO 63666:COMMUNITY FH
Cape Rock*Southeast Missouri State*Cape Girardeau MO 63701:SP
Napsac Family Centered Childbirth Program*Box 267*Marble Hill MO 63764**238-2010:FC NAM HC
National Assn Of Parents & Professionals*For Safe Alternatives In Childbirth*Box 267*Marble Hill MO 63764:CHILD-BIRTH W HC
National Society Of Parents &*Professionals For Safe Alt Childbirth*Rt 1*Marble Hill MO 63764:WOP CHILD-BIRTH WHC W HC
Country Store House*Rt 1 Box 20503*Bates City MO 64011:FC
Phoenix Inst*Box 128*Excelsior Sp MO 64024:H
Coop Food Fair*16501 E Truman Rd*Independence MO 64050:FC
International U*1301 S Noland Rd*Independence MO 64055:H U AA84 POETRY PUBLICATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-59 AA90-891206 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Unity School Of Christianity*Dept Of World Unity*Unity Village MO 64063:H CU EDUCATION
Clownhead*Box 156*Warrenburg MO 64093:9401 PUNK ZINE
Free U*Univ Union Program Office*Central Missouri State U*Warrensburg MO 64093:U CU EDUCATION
Humane Society*Argyle Bldg*306 E 12TH St*Kansas City MO 64106**816-474-0888:ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY
Live Ctr Food Coop*915 W 17TH St*Kansas City MO 64108:COOP FOOD FC
Non Violent Studies Inst*912 31ST St*Kansas City MO 64109:SA AN PEACE TAX-RESISTANCE POLITICAL
American Friends Service Committee*4405 Gillham Rd*Kansas City KS 64110:ID-F ID-B ID-P 8902 ID-R IDAFSA AFSC HRO
Great Plains Alliance*4311 Holmes*Kansas City MO 64110:SER ECOLOGY AN
Kansas Peoples Energy Project*4311 Holmes*Kansas City MO 64110**753-5370:ENERGY SER ECOLOGY AN
Womens Union*G-5 U-Ctr*U Of MO*Kansas City MO 64110:MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Act Up*Box 10331*Kansas City KS 64111:9107 HS AIDS HC
Chouteau Review*Box 10016*Kansas City MO 64111:SP
Clearly Natures Own*4303 Main*Kansas City MO 64111:FC
Foolkiller*Box 10104*Kansas City MO 64111:SA AN POLITICAL
Committees Of Correspondence*Box 30208*Kansas City MO 64112:POLITICAL 8710
Green Committees Of Correspondence*Box 30208*Kansas City MO 64112**816-931-9366:ECOLOGY 9008 POLITICAL 9103 conference
Cottage Press*101 East Dartmouth Rd*Kansas City MO 64113:SP
Helicon Nine*Box 22412*Kansas City MO 64113:SP
New Life Research*Box 22467*Kansas City MO 64113:NAM AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Dena Foundation*4117 Northwest Willow Dr*Kansas City MO 64116**816 452-8285:H W
People For Animal Rights*9617 View High Dr*Kansas City MO 64134**816-767-1199*816-761-7866:ARO
Children Intl*2000 E Red Bridge Rd*Box 419055*Kansas City MO 64141:CHILDRENS-AID 8711
NW Missouri Food Buying Club*3 & Fillmore*Maryville MO 64468:FC HRO
Pony X Press*Box 115 Fairleigh Stn*St Joseph MO 64506:SP
Slaon Publishing Co*111 South Pine St*Norbone MO 64668:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Marsh/Les*Project 71 East*3295 Ivy Ln RR 9*Joplin MO 64804**417-782-3263:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Ozark Regional Land Trust*427 S Main St*Carthage MO 64836**417-358-4484:LAND-TRUST ECOLOGY 9107
Spiral Inn-Moniteau Farm*Rt 1 Box 9*Jamestown MO 65046**849-2157:MACROBIOTIC COMMUNITY
Sheba Review*1324 E High St*Jefferson City MO 65101:SP
Church World Service*316 Jackson*Box 1073*Jefferson City MO 65102**314-635-1012:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Great Plains Alliance*4311 Holmes St*Kansas City MO 65110:POLITICAL AN
American Council On Conservation*238 Stanley Hall*U Of MO*Columbia MO 65201:ECOLOGY CONSUMER AT CU EDUCATION
Columbia Foods Coop*915 E Broadway*Columbia MO 65201:FC
Community Service Projects*Box 2032*Stephens College*Columbia MO 65201:CU EDUCATION
Communiversity*107 Gentry Hall*U Of MO*Columbia MO 65201:U CU EDUCATION
Missouri Crafts Coop*1 U Of MO*Columbia MO 65201:FC CU EDUCATION
War Resistors League*509 Clinkscales Rd*Columbia MO 65201:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Alternative Press Review*Box 1446*Columbia MO 65205:SPR REVIEWER/SMALL-PRESSES PUBLICATION 9307
Great Plains Alliance*Box 7371*Columbus MO 65205:SER ECOLOGY AN
Environmental Education Organization*116 Gentry Hall*U Of MO*Columbia MO 65211:SER AN ECOLOGY EDUCATION CU
Missouri Review*English Dept*231 Arts & Science*U Of MO At Columbia*Columbia MO 65211:CU EDUCATION ART DB
Missouri Farm Magazine*Rt 1*Clark MO 65243:9206 HORSE-FARMING FARMING PUBLICATION MEDIA
Concerned Citizens*820 Jefferson*319 W 7th St*Fulton MO 65251:POLITICAL AN
Bittersweet*Lebanon High School*777 Brice St*Lebanon MO 65536:SP
Living In The Ozarks Newsletter*Box 1126*Branson MO 65616:OZARKS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ozark Communicator*Box 1126*Branso MO 65616:FC SA AN POLITICAL
North American Bioregional Council*HCR3 Box 3*Brixey MO 65618:BIOREGIONAL-PROJECT ECOLOGY SA AN POLITICAL
Fleming-Foto-Grafiks*Rt E Box 619*Caulfield MO 65626:BOP PBB BB SP ART DB
Haenke/David*Ozark Area Community Congress*Box 67-2*Caulfield MO 65626:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 COMMUNITY
Polk City Food Club*219 E Broadway*Bolivar MO 65631:FC HRO
East Wind Community*Box 6-B2*Tecumseh MO 65760:SER ECOLOGY AN RN COMMUNITY WALDEN-II MLC S FC 8404 AA84 AA MBB BB
Economic Democracy Assn*Box 682*Tecumseh MO 65760:FC
Federation Of Egalitarian Communities*Box CM2*Tecumseh MO 65760**417-679-4682:NR AT ECOLOGY AN COMMUNITY
Friends Of Community*Box FC4*Tecumsch MO 65760:SA POLITICAL AN HC
Ozark Area Community Congress*Rt 1 Box 204 13*Mountain Grove MO 65771:SER ECOLOGY AN
West Plains Gazette*Box 469*W Plains MO 65775**417-256-9677:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Recore/Dana R*Nucleus Publications*Rte 2 Box 49*Willow Springs MO 65793**417-469-4130:9001 -1 SP H
Springfield Community Foods*300 N Waverly*Springfield MO 65802:FC POLITICAL SA AN
Renaissance Books & Gifts*1337 E Montclair*Springfield MO 65804**417-883-5161:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Butler/Jim*Great Plains Federation*916 S Missouri*Springfield MO 65806:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL -1 SEP
Ore*916 Missouri*Springfield MO 65806:SA POLITICAL AN
Ozarkians For Responsible Energy*916 S Missouri St*Springfield MO 65806:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Child Care Commentary*Box 278*Eudora KS 66025:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gay Legal Encounter & Exchange*Box 2*Lansing KS 66043:PRISON HS W
Adventure Bookstore*1010 Massachusetts St*Lawrence KS 66044:BOOKSTORE SEP
Institute Of Social & Environmental Studies*607 Blake Hall*U Of KS*Lawrence KS 66044:BP ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Moderate Anarchist Affinity Group*Box 1402*Lawrence KS 66044:ANARCHIST POLITICAL
Cottonwood Review*U Of KS*Lawrence KS 66045:SP CU EDUCATION
Gay Services Of Ks*Box O*Kansas Union Uk Rm 104B*Lawrence KS 66045**913-842-7505:HS W
Kansas U Free U*Kansas Union-Sua Office*Lawrence KS 66045:U CU EDUCATION
Wilcox Collection*Kansas Collection*U Of KS Libraries*Lawrence KS 66045**913-864-4274:LIBRARY POLITICAL CU EDUCATION ID-P 8401 IDAFSA
Free U*St Mary College*Leavenworth KS 66048:U W CU EDUCATION
Wilcox Report*Editorial Research Service*Box 2047*Olathe KS 66061:PUBLICATION MEDIA
E C K A N*111 West St Box 110*Ottowa KS 66067:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Kansas Organic Producers Assn*Box 266*Perry KS 66075:FC
Blaufuss/Francis*Wolf Creek Nuclear Opposition*Westphalia KS 66093:AN -1
Northeast Action Group Buying Club*950 Quindero Blvd*Kansas City KS 66101:COOP FC HRO
Our Lady St Rose Food Club*2300 N 8th St*Kansas City KS 66101:FC HRO
Total Action Group Buying Club*1620 S 37TH St*Kansas City KS 66101:COOP FC HRO
Kangam*Box 3354*Kansas City KS 66103:
Alternative School*Cross-Lines Council*1620 S 37TH*Kansas City KS 66106:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Kc Food Coop Network*Tag Buying Club*1620 S 37TH St*Kansas City KS 66106:FC HRO
Survival Network*Box 6130*Kansas City KS 66106:AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-851007
Quindaro*Box 5224*Kanasa City KS 66119:SP
Childcraft*Box 29137*Overland Park KS 66201**800-362-PLAY:9107 CATALOG DMPR CHILDRENS-CLOTHES CLOTHES MAIL-ORDER
Bkmk Press*Johnson County Library*8700 W 63 St*Shawnee Mission KS 66202:PUBLICATION LIBRARY MEDIA
Kansas City Consumer Assn*7720 W 61 St*Shawnee Mission KS 66202:CONSUMER
Ecumenikos Food Coop*5311 Johnson Dr*Shawnee Msns KS 66205:FC
Mid-America Coalition For Energy Alternatives*5130 Mission Rd*Shawnee Mission KS 66205:ENERGY CONSUMER AN POLITICAL
Rainy Day Books Press*2812 W 53RD St*Fairway KS 66205:SP
Canterbury Coop*7820 Canterbury*Prairie Village KS 66208:FC
Crabgrass Press*4900 Tomahawk Rd*Prairie Village KS 66208:SP
Club*901 A Knox Ln*Manhattan KS 66502:FC HRO
Free University Network*1221 Thurston*Manhattan KS 66502**913-532-5866:SP PUBLICATION GMPFC GMPFI CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V MEDIA
Journal Of The West*Box 1009*Manhattan KS 66502:
Peoples Grocery*811 Colorado St*Manhattan KS 66502:FC
Rahman/Taal*Middle East Coalition*2351 Grandview Ter*Manhattan KS 66502**913-539-5189:-1 POLITICAL 9205 TV GCTVP F&V MEDIA
Sunflower University Press*Box 1009*Manhattan KS 66502:
University Of Man*1221 Thruston*Manhattan KS 66502:NA AN H CU EDUCATION SEP
Kansas Quarterly*Denison Hall*Ks State U*Manhattan KS 66506:CU EDUCATION
Pregnancy Counseling*118 Holtz Hall*Ks State U*Manhattan KS 66506:CHILD-BIRTH PREGNANCY W CU EDUCATION HC
Mid-American Coalition For Energy Alternatives*Box 2128*Topeka KS 66603:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Church World Service*3615 SW 29TH St*Topeka KS 66614**913-272-8322:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Washburn Free U*Washburn U*Topeka KS 66621:CU EDUCATION
Wichita Free U*Box 56*Wichita State U*Wichita KS 66621:CU EDUCATION
Gethsemone Whole Foods*Box 647*Chanute KS 66720:FC
Kansas Free Beaches*RR 4 Box 11*Fredonia KS 66736:NUDE-BEACH
Little Balkans Press*601 Grandview Heights Ter*Pittsburg KS 66762:
Midwest Quarterly*Pittsburg State U*Pittsburg KS 66762:CU EDUCATION
Free U*Union Activity Council*Emporia State Teachers College*Emporia KS 66801:U CU EDUCATION
Neosho River Free School*Students Activity Council*Emporia KS 66801:SER ECOLOGY AN EDUCATION SCHOOL
Sunflower Alliance*Neosho River Free School*Emporia State College*Emporia KS 66801:AN POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Wolk Creek Nuclear Opposition*RR 1 Box 56*Burlington KS 66839:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Cottonwood River Valley Coop*Rt 1 Box 101*Marion KS 66861:FC W
Norlin/David*KVCO*2221 Campus Dr*Concordia KS 66901:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR -1 MEDIA
Havel/A*Looser Potential*Box 84*Belleville KS 66935:9401 -1 PUNK ZINE PUBLICATION
From Swords To Plowshares*Box 347*722 Main St*Newton KS 67114:POLITICAL PEACE SEP
Growth Assoc*1901 E 1st Box 467*Newton KS 67114:H
Peace & Social Concerns*Box 347*722 Main St*Newton KS 67114:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Consortium On Peace Research*Bethel College*N Newton KS 67117:GMPFJ GMPFI PEACE GMPFCG GMPFPR GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Curry/Scott*Act Up*9300 E 101ST St N*Valley Ctr KS 67147:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Fairview Mennonite House*1505 Fairview*Wichita KS 67203:VOLUNTEERS COMMUNITY MENNONITE
Nuclear Cargo*1006 Amidon*Wichita KS 67203:SER ECOLOGY AN
Oak Park Press*1233 N River Blvd*Wichita KS 67203:SP
Sobin/A G*Ark River Review*Box 14 Wsu*Wichita KS 67208:SP -1
Printing House At The Sign Of The Four Ducks*2222 Rivera*Wichita KS 67211:SP
Asc Committment To Social Justice Committee*1400 S Sheridan*Wichita KS 67213**316-943-1203: HRO
Poverty Records*2719B E Central*Wichita KS 67214:SER ECOLOGY AN MUSIC RECORDS
Parsons Buyers Club*Box 955*Parsons KS 67357:COOP FC HRO
Green/Jeanne*Sane*630 E Iron St*Salina KS 67401:GMPFCG GMPFPR -1 AN GMPF F&V W
Kempa/Randy*Land Inst*2440 E Water Well Rd*Salina KS 67401**913-823-5376:ECOLOGY CONFERENCE -1 AA87 AA BB MBB AA87-19 AA87-870201
Land Inst*Rt 3*Salina KS 67401**913-823-8967:WLT NR AT ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION
Beloit Food Coop*RR 3*Beloit KS 67420:FC
Wyatt/Randy*Backroads Bicycling*Box 372*Clay Center KS 67432-0372:9403 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION -1 TRAVEL ZINE PUBLICATION
Far Mar Co Inc*Grain Marketing*Box 1667*Hutchinson KS 67504:FC
Sunflour*Garfield KS 67529:FC
Whole Food Buyers*Quinter KS 67552:FC
Big Creek Food Coop*Ecumenical Ctr*6th & Elm Sts*Hays KS 67601:FC
Yoder/Kaye*Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*141 N Charles*Mcpherson KS 67760**316-241-2935:SER ECOLOGY AN WILPF -1 W PEACE
Kansans Concerned*Box 275*Dighton KS 67839:PEACE POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Christian Political Action Movement*Box 497*Gretna NE 68028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Land Review*Center For Rural Affairs*Box 405*Walthill NE 68067:SA AN POLITICAL
Small Farm Advocate*Center For Rural Affairs*Box 405*Walthill NE 68067:NR AT ECOLOGY AN SMALL-FARM FARM/SMALL
Communications Workshop*U Of NE At Omaha*Omaha NE 68101**402-554-2600:VIDEO F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Free U*U Of NE Omaha*Box 688 Downtown Stn*Omaha NE 68101:U CU EDUCATION
New Covenant Justice & Peace Ctr*1717 Izard St*Omaha NE 68102:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Quality Environment Council*Box 31704*Omaha NE 68131**895-3452:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Annex 21*Uno 60TH & Dodge St*Omaha NE 68181:SP CU EDUCATION
Stock Seed Farms*Box 112*Murdock NE 68407**402-867-3771:SEEDS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Blue Hotel*Box 82213*Lincoln NE 68501:SP
National Literacy Hotline*Box 81826*Lincoln NE 68501**800-228-8813:9203 LITERACY HOTLINE
Pure Water Inc*3725 Touzalin Av*Lincoln NE 68501:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Shsawa Music*Box 84253*Lincoln NE 68501:9308 WOMEN MUSIC
Ferguson/Diane*Gnaws*1626 South 20TH*Lincoln NE 68502**402-475-5269:-1 ARO W
Association For Unity Research & Awareness*1548 Grace St*Lincon NE 68503**402-466-0732:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Walker/Dorothy*National Lawyers Guild*309 W Rio Rd*Omaha NE 68505:AACC NLG 8807 F -1
Mercantine Press*4351 Washington St*Lincoln NE 68506:
Church World Service*Lincoln Center Bldg Suite 411*215 Centennial Mall S*Lincoln NE 68508**402-477-5486:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Civil Liberties Union*633 S 9th St*Box 81455*Lincoln NE 68508**402-476-8091:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
National Council Of Teachers Of English*U Of Nebr English Dept*Lincoln NE 68508:TEACHERS ENGLISH CU EDUCATION
Nebraska Free U*Rm 334 Nebraska Union*U Of NE*Lincoln NE 68508:U CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*Nebraska Union Rm 336*U Of NE*Lincoln NE 68508**472-2448:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Womens Resource Ctr*116 Nebraska Union*Lincoln NE 68508:MR POLITICAL HC W
Lincoln Gazette*545 S 29TH St*Lincoln NE 68510**432-5241:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION POLITICAL SPR AN MR AACC W MEDIA
Open Harvest Whole Foods Coop*2637 Randol*Lincoln NE 68510**475-9069:COOP FC
Prairie Schooner*201 Andrews Hall*U Of NE*Lincoln NE 68588:SP CU EDUCATION
Small Farm Energy Project*Center For Rural Affairs*Box 736*Hartington NE 68739**254-6893:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL RURAL FARMING FOOD
Sons Of Liberty*Box 214*Metairie LA 70004:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Salesman*320 East William David*Metairie LA 70005:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Suneidesis Consociation*Velaashby Farms*Box 628*Buras LA 70041:COMMUNITY
Pontchartrain Review*Box 1065*Chalmette LA 70044:
Killona Citizens Alliance*Box 20*Killona LA 70066:SA AN POLITICAL
United For Safety*109 Holly Pl*Laplace LA 70068:SA POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Montz Coalition*177 Evang Elilne Rd*Laplace LA 70069:SER ECOLOGY AN
Long Measure Press*Box 1618*Meraux LA 70075:
Mothers For Safe Energy*2617 River Bend Dr*Violet LA 70092:SA AN POLITICAL
Cont Arts Ctr*900 Camp St*New Orleans LA 70112:SA POLITICAL AN ART DB
Free U*Louisiana State U*New Orleans LA 70112:U CU EDUCATION
League Of Women Voters*234 Loyola St #421*New Orleans LA 70112:SA AN POLITICAL
Prison Reform Task Force*2203 Second St*New Orleans LA 70112:SA AN POLITICAL
New Africa Bookstore*1972 Florida Av*New Orleans LA 70113:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP AFRICA
Action Linkage*330 Morgan St #43*New Orleans LA 70114**602-684-7861:FUTURE RESEARCH THEOBALD/ROBERT
Acornites*1808 Robert St*New Orleans LA 70115:SA POLITICAL AN
Alive*2231 Pershing*New Orleans LA 70115:SA AN POLITICAL
Community Service Ctr*4000 Magazine St*New Orleans LA 70115:SA AN POLITICAL
Oystershell Alliance*1808 Robert St*New Orleans LA 70115:AN POLITICAL
Peoples Directory*700 Frenchman St*New Orleans LA 70116:PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Orleans Tenant Organization*3742 Florida Av*New Orleans LA 70117:TENANTS
Southern Organizing Coalition*1814 Arts*New Orleans LA 70117:SA POLITICAL AN ART DB
Blueprint For Social Justice*Loyola Twomey Ctr*Loyola University Box 12*New Orleans LA 70118:9310
Free U*Tulane U*New Orleans LA 70118:U CU EDUCATION
Lowlands Review*6048 Perrier*New Orleans LA 70118:
Mato Earthsong*4415 Carondolet*New Orleans LA 70118:SA AN POLITICAL
New Orleans Review*Loyola U*New Orleans LA 70118:SP CU EDUCATION
South Conf Education Fund*9130 Fig St*New Orleans LA 70118:CU EDUCATION
St Marks Community Ctr*1130 N Rampart*New Orleans LA 70118:SA AN POLITICAL
Tulane Environmental Action*Univ Ctr*Mccalister*New Orleans LA 70118:SA POLITICAL AN CU ECOLOGY
Tulane Literary Mag*University Ctr*New Orleans LA 70118:CU EDUCATION
Tulane U Gay Students*Associated Student Body*University Ctr*New Orleans LA 70118**865-6208:HS CU EDUCATION
Wester/Judith*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Loyola U City College Box 14*6363 St Charles Av*New Orleans LA 70118**504-895-3613:F CPSR -105 HRO
Womens Ctr*Loyola U*Box 36*New Orleans LA 70118:MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Aplin/Kevin*Cannabis Action Network*4428 South Carrollton*New Orleans LA 70119**504-482-4094:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Urban League Of No*1620 Dumaine St*New Orleans LA 70119:SA AN POLITICAL
Whispering Wind Magazine*8009 Wales St*New Orleans LA 70126**241-5866:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Orleans Video Access Ctr*2010 Magazine St*New Orleans LA 70130**524-8626:VIDEO-ACCESS SP PUBLICATION FILM F&V MEDIA
People Of The Living God*2101 Prytania*New Orleans LA 70130:CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY NONSECTARIAN
Lisa*4250 Maple Leaf Dr*New Orleans LA 70131**504-581-2320:ARO W
Delta Womens Clinic*Box 51359*New Orleans LA 70151:WHC W HC
Louisianna Sissies In Struggle*Box 51012*New Orleans LA 70151:S HS
Southern Agitator*Box 52467*New Orleans LA 70152:SER ECOLOGY AN
Sunshine Group*1808 Robert St*New Orleans LA 70155:AN POLITICAL
Bryant/Pat*Gulf Coast Tenants*Box 56101*New Orleans LA 70156**504-949-4919:-1 F TENANTS 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Act Up*Box 7075*New Orleans LA 70172:9107 HS AIDS HC
Anchorage Press*Box 8067*New Orleans LA 70182:SP
Filmmakers Directory*Box 401*Abita Springs LA 70420:FILM DIRECTORY PUBLICATION REFERENCE F&V MEDIA
Alternatives*Rt 1 Box 199*Pine Grove LA 70455:SER ECOLOGY AN
Free U*U Of Louisiana*Lafayette LA 70501:U CU EDUCATION
Rev Cloud Dark Fire*1017 Kaliste Saloom*Lafayette LA 70501:SA AN POLITICAL
Southern Cooperative Development Fund Inc*Box 3885*1006 Surrey St*Lafayette LA 70501**318-232-9206:
Southwestern Review*Box 44691*Lafayette LA 70504:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Crawfish Alliance*952 Azalea St*Lafayette LA 70506:SA POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Grant/Jim*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*806 Martin Luther King Dr*Abbeville LA 70510**318-231-5226*JAG@CACS.USL.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Agape*Box 192*Franklin LA 70538:SP
Natural Cajun Pl*Rte 6 Box 520*New Iberia LA 70560**318-364-0949:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Restore*3800 Ryan St*Lake Charles LA 70605:SA POLITICAL AN
Angolite*La State Prison*Angola LA 70712:SA AN POLITICAL
St Francisville Safe Energy*Drawer D*St Francisville LA 70775:SA AN POLITICAL
Youve A Right To Know*Drawer E*St Francisville LA 70775:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Birth & Sex Information Counseling*Lsu Infirmary Rm 267*Baton Rouge LA 70803**388-1555:COUNSELING PEER-COUNSELING SEX-INFORMATION HS
Free U*Louisiana State U*Box Bu*Baton Rouge LA 70803:U CU EDUCATION
Baton Rouge Freeze Campaign*546 Bienville*Baton Rouge LA 70806:SER ECOLOGY AN
Gothic*4998 Perkins Rd*Baton Rouge LA 70808:SP
Jobs & Environment Campaign*8841 Blue Bonnet Rd Suite C*Baton Rouge LA 70810**504-769-7939*504-767-8321(FAX):9307 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY POLLUTION
Southern Review*Drawer D University Stn*Baton Rouge LA 70893:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Stemming The Tide*Center For Dis Action*Box Cc Lsu*Baton Rouge LA 70893:SA AN POLITICAL
Shreveport Peace Initiative*3302 Heatherbrook*Haughton LA 71037**318-949-4888:9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Act Up*Box 44523*Shreveport LA 71134:9107 HS AIDS HC
Louisiana Entertains*Box 12904*Alexandria LA 71315:
Farm Coop*Box 944*Natchitoches LA 71457:FARM COOP
Independent Community Consultants*Box 141*Hampton AR 71744**798-4510:RESEARCH COMMUNITY PLANNING SEP
Caddo Valley Coop*Rt 1 Box 300A*Glenwood AR 71943:FC
Conway Weavers*320 Oliver*Conway AR 72032:FC
Shiegocki/Elizabeth*Arkansas Peace Ctr*Box 9015*N Little Rock AR 72119:GMPFI J -1 PEACE 9102 GMPF F&V ART W DB
Southern Farmers Assn Farm Supplies*824 N Palm St*N Little Rock AR 72119:FC
National Ed Program*900 East Ctr Av*Searcy AR 72143:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
August House Inc Publishers*1010 W 3rd St*Little Rock AR 72201:SP
Civil Liberties Union*209 W Capitol Suite 214*Little Rock AR 72201**501-374-2660:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Acorn*532 W 15TH St*Little Rock AR 72202**376-7151:FC AT
Arkansas Coalition For Conservation*217 W 15TH St*Little Rock AR 72202:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPF F&V
Arkansas Community Organizations For Reform Now (acorn)*523 West 15 St*Little Rock AR 72202:ORGANIZING COMMUNITY SEP
Open U*U Of Ar-Community Affairs*35TH & U*Little Rock AR 72204:U CU EDUCATION
Schwarz/Glen*Arkansas Norml*Box 191031*Little Rock AR 72219**501-562-3868*501-371-0701:9401 -1 MARIJUANA NORML
Arkansas Solar Action Coalition*1145 W Hearn*Blytheville AR 72315**501-762-2769:SOLAR SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
East Central Arkansas Economic Opportunity Buying Club*125 N Grant St*Forest City AR 72335:FC HRO
Crowleys Ridge Area Fold*Trade Exch 214 S Main*Box 1497*Jonesboro AR 72450:FC
NE Ark Farmers Coop*Crowleys Ricge Dev Council*249 S Main St*Jonesboro AR 72450:FC
Gucwa/James*Dogwood Alliance*Box 230*Rushing Rte*Mountain View AR 72560:GMPFL GMPFCG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V
Total Lifestyles*Box 1137*Harrison AR 72601:RNS0206 RN
Center For War & The Child*Box 487*Eureka Springs AR 72632**501-253-8900:WAR-TOYS TOYS PEACE 9308
Eureka Conspiracy & Christophers*Box 485*Eureka Springs AR 72632:FC
Cove Creek Coop*General Delivery Main St*Leslie AR 72645:FC
Cave Mountain Buying Club*General Delivery*Ponca AR 72670:FC HRO
Sassafras*Ponca AR 72670:COMMUNITY
Basic Natural Foods*117 W Rock*Fayetteville AR 72701:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Cornucopia Coop*Roat Cap*Rt 8 Box 262 A*Fayetville AR 72701:FC
Storers*1247 Baldwin Av*Fayetteville AR 72701:FC
Summercorn Vegetarian Cafe*401 Watson*Fayetteville AR 72701:RESTAURANT FC
Womens Center-Health Collective*207 N Razorback Rd*Fayetteville AR 72701**501-443-2000:WHC W HC
Arkansas Naturists*Box 821*Fayetteville AR 72702:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Bennett/James R*Gustavus Myers Ctr*2582 Jimmie Av*Fayetteville AR 72703**501-442-4600:9204 -1 HUMAN-RIGHTS BIGOTRY INTOLERANCE RESEARCH DIRECTORY
Redstar Buying Club*Star Route*Kingston AR 72742:FC HRO
Mulberry Farm School*Star Route*Pettigrew AR 72752:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Sahnti Gardens Coop*Pettigrew AR 72752:FC
Social Revolutionary Anarchist*News Service*Rt 2 Box 347*Springdale AR 72764**751-6904:ANARCHIST NEWS-SERVICE POLITICAL
Mossy Creek Coop*Rt 1*Wesley AR 72773:FC
Arkansans For Safe Power*1805 Bradley Ln*Russellville AR 72801:AN POLITICAL
Ebeneezer Hills Msn Coop*Rt 2 Box 128*Clarksville AR 72830:FC
A R V A C Rural Industries*Crafts Coop*Box 1*Dardanelle AR 72834:FC
Full Count Press*223 N Broadway*Edmond OK 73034:SP
Extra-Curriculum*Center For Student Development*U Of OK*Norman OK 73069:U CU EDUCATION
National Lawyers Guild*U Of OK Law School*Monnet Hall*Norman OK 73069:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Point Riders Press*Box 2731*Norman OK 73070:
Feed The Children*Box 36*Oklahoma City OK 73101**800-628-9933:CHILDREN 9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Benedictine Peace House*2920 N Rohson*Oklahoma City OK 73103:PEACE TV-PR PR-TV TV GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Buffalo Coops*6903 N Eastern*Oklahoma City OK 73111:FC
Jobs & Environment Campaign*3000 United Founders Blvd #125*Oklahoma City OK 73112**405-848-8684*405-848-7349(FAX):9307 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY POLLUTION
Citizens United For Responsible Energy*3115 Harvey Pkwy*Oklahoma City OK 73118**525-9004:ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Oklahoma Growth Ctr*537 NW 41*Oklahoma City OK 73118:H
Funnell/*Citizens Action For Safe Energy*2206 SE 49TH St*Oklahoma City OK 73129:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Church World Service*2901 N Classen Blvd Rm 260*Box 60905*Oklahoma City OK 73146**405-525-3051:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Stat*Box 60886*Oklahoma City OK 73146:9107 HS AIDS HC
Lawton Whole Food Coop*1811 W Gord Blvd*Lawton OK 73501:FC
Ragged Readin*Box 1461*Lawton OK 73502:SP
Johnson Seed Co*411 W Chestnut*Enid OK 73701:FOOD
Committee For Responsible Ed*905 W Lansing*Broken Arrow OK 74012:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Evans Publications*Box 665*Perkins OK 74059:SP
Cimmarron Review*Ok State U Press*Stillwater OK 74074:SP CU EDUCATION
Diver/Steve*Environmental Awareness Ctr*Box 809 Student Union Basement*Stillwater OK 74074:GMPFR GMPFC CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY GMPF F&V -1
Pine Noble Coop Natures Cellar*1019 W Osage*Stillwater OK 74074:FC
Academic Publications*U Of Tulsa*600 S College*Tulsa OK 74104:SP CU EDUCATION
Free U*Canterbury Ctr*2839 East 5th*Tulsa OK 74104:U CU EDUCATION
James Joyce Quarterly*600 S College*Tulsa OK 74104:CU EDUCATION
Mohimont/Lewis*B P Publications*Box 4161*Tulsa OK 74104:PUBLICATION -1 MEDIA
Praxis Project*Free U In Tulsa-Canterbury Ctr*2839 East 5th St*Tulsa OK 74104:U CU EDUCATION
Cardinal Press*76 N Yorktown*Tulsa OK 74110:SP
American Assoc For Justice*201 Columbia Bldg*Tulsa OK 74114:PUBLICATION MEDIA
News Behind The News*5905 E 26 St*Tulsa OK 74114:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nimrod*2210 S Main*Tulsa OK 74114:SP
Neighbor For Neighbor Community Store*1506 E 46 St N*Tulsa OK 74126:FC
Sun Meadows*Box 521068*Tulsa OK 74152**918-266-7651:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Cherokee Nation Oklahoma*Box 948*Tahlequah OK 74464:FC
Native Americans For A Clean Environment*Box 1671*Tahlequah OK 74465:9403 ECOLOGY
High Plains Coop*32 E Lake Dr*Ponca City OK 74601:FC
Zoellich/Ruthann*Ok Environment Information & Media Ctr*East Central U*Ada OK 74820:W SEP CU EDUCATION -1 ECOLOGY
Sexyg*Box 2365*Grand Prairie TX 75051:MENSA SEX
Slovak/Bobby*Bsane*1213 Alspaugh Ln*Grand Prairie TX 75052:GMPFEG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V ART DB
Over The Garden Fence*Box 386*Lake Dallas TX 75065:ECOLOGY AT CONSUMER PUBLICATION MEDIA
Mundus Artium*U Of TX At Dallas*Box 688*Richardson TX 75080:CU EDUCATION
Recycle Committee*Box 571*Richardson TX 75080:ECOLOGY
Translation Review*U Of Tx-Dallas*Box 688*Richardson TX 75080:CU EDUCATION
Uu North Food Coop*914 Teakwood*Richardson TX 75080:FC
Center For Nonviolent Persuasion*3229 Bordeaux*Sherman TX 75090**214-893-3886:SP PUBLICATION GMPFCG GMPFI GMPF F&V MEDIA
Answers To Economic Problems*Box 58*Cedar Hill TX 75104:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Creative Curriculum College*Eastfield College*3737 Motley*Mesquite TX 75149:U CU EDUCATION
Pondarosa Ranch*Box 133*Wills Point TX 75169**214-873-3311:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Abortion Counseling & Services*2921 Fairmount*Fairmount Ctr*Dallas TX 75201:WHC ABORTION W HC
Bagley/Bob*Bullish Bob Bagley Securities*2535-A Cedar Springs*Dallas TX 75201:FINANCIAL-ADVICE INVESTMENT-ADVICE HUMOR ZINE NEWSLETTER -1 9402 VIDEO F&V JBB02
Institute For Social Justice*4415 San Jacinto*Dallas TX 75204:GMPFCG GMPFI GMPF F&V
Center For World Peace*635 N Hampton*Dallas TX 75208:H POLITICAL PEACE
Cooperation*5423 Druid Ln*Dallas TX 75209:COOP FOOD
Short Course*Mountain View College*4849 W Illinois*Dallas TX 75211:U CU EDUCATION
Comanche Peak Life Force*6348 Palo Pihto*Dallas TX 75214:SER ECOLOGY AN
Fourth World Assembly*Realistic Living*Box 140826*Dallas TX 75214:POLITICAL CONFERENCE
Greenhouse Coop*6515 Trammel*Dallas TX 75214:FC
Morrison Enterprises*5416 Gaston*Dallas TX 75214:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR
Sheperds Bush Inc*5416 Gaston Av*Dallas TX 75214:H
Yarbrough/David*Dallas Inst Of Humanities & Culture*7025 Clayton*Dallas TX 75214**214-327-5688:-1 9106 ART DB
Black Womens United Front*3611 Dunbar*Dallas TX 75215:FC BLACK W
Dallas Coalition For Mideast Peace*3100 Martin Luther King Blvd*Dallas TX 75215**214-421-4082:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Guts*Box 190712*Dallas TX 75219:9107 HS AIDS HC
Reference Book Review*Box 19954*Dallas TX 75219:SP
We Are The Weird*Box 2002*Dallas TX 75221**214-368-2310(FAX):9106 PUBLICATION JOE-BOB BOB VARIOUS...910504 MEDIA
Free U*214 Student Ctr Smu*Dallas TX 75222:U CU EDUCATION
Spring*Box 222069*Dallas TX 75222:
Humanist Concerns Ctr*Box 11082*Dallas TX 75223:H
Case*1426 S Polk*Dallas TX 75224:POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE AN
Gestalt Inst Of Dallas*8616 Northwest Plaza Suite 401*Dallas TX 75225:H
Solar Engineering*Box 59964*Dallas TX 75229:NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Webb Royal Coop*3206 Coral Rock Ln*Dallas TX 75229:FC
School Bell*11524 East Ricks Cir*Dallas TX 75230:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Unity Church Of Dallas*6525 Forest Ln*Dallas TX 75230:H
Children's Craniofacial Assn*10210 N Central Expressway*Dallas TX 75231:9405 CHILDREN HEALTH-CARE CRANIOFACIAL-SURGERY SURGERY/CRANIOFACIAL07
Stults Rd Coop*8418 Birchcroft Dr*Dallas TX 75231:FC
Tropical Soap Co*Box 31673*Dallas TX 75231:FOOD
Belisle/Mavis*War Resisters League*2710 Woodmere*Dallas TX 75233:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1 WRL PEACE
Mothers Coop*2413 Gilford*Dallas TX 75235:FC
Northlake Coop*11025 Fern Hollow*Dallas TX 75238:FC
St Marks Coop*10600 Preston Rd*Dallas TX 75238:FC
Direction Foundations*7742 Village Trail*Dallas TX 75240:H
Fun-Ed*13608 Midway Rd*Dallas TX 75244**214-960-2666:9203 EDUCATION SCHOOL
Sands*17302 Club Hill Dr*Dallas TX 75248:SP HRO
Smu Press*Smu*Dallas TX 75275:SP CU EDUCATION
Southwest Review*Smu*Dallas TX 75275:CU EDUCATION
Arden Coop*2912 Hazel St*Texarkana TX 75503:FC
Natural Food Assoc*Box 210*Atlanta TX 75551**214-796-4136:SP PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
Trinity Community*4317 Graves St*Longview TX 75604:FC
Panola Harrison Elec Coop*Marshall TX 75670:FC
Both Sides Now*Rt 6 Box 28*Tyler TX 75704**214-592-4263:SER ECOLOGY AN APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
National Lawyers Guild*Box 1848*Nacogdoches TX 75961:AACC NLG 8807
Student Activities Directorate*Southern Methodis U*Rm 209 Student Ctr*Dallas TX 75961:U CU EDUCATION
Thicket*Box 339*Woodville TX 75979:
Center For Earth Covered Buildings*U Of TX*Arlington TX 76010:AT HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Free U*U Of TX*Arlington TX 76010:U CU EDUCATION
People Buying Together*503 S Ctr*Arlington TX 76010**261-7451:FC
Wayne-Lock Free U*Student Congress*U Of TX*Arlington TX 76010:SCHOOL U CU EDUCATION
Arlington Coop*4211 Hempstead Ct*Arlington TX 76013:FC
Radix Inst*Sery Pl #2*Acton Office Bldg*Granbury TX 76048**395-1555:THERAPY HC H
Northeast Food Coop*828 Harwood Rd*Hurst TX 76053:FC
Cowtown Natural Food Store*3539 E Lancaster*Ft Worth TX 76103:FC
Inner City Community Coop*1400 Hemphill*Ft Worth TX 76104:FC
People Buying Together*1400 Hemphill*Ft Worth TX 76104:FC
Journal Of The Synergetic Society*3405 Worth Hills Dr*Ft Worth TX 76109:H
Descant*English Dept*Texas Christian U*Fort Worth TX 76129:SP CU EDUCATION
Tree Tops Coop*8705 Clay Hibbens Rd*Ft Worth TX 76180:FC
Free U Of Denton*Box 13765*Ntsu Stn*Denton TX 76203:U CU EDUCATION
Bluebonnet*Rt 1 Box 146*Alvord TX 76225**817-627-2313:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
River Hills Resort*Rt 2 Box 242-B*Aubrey TX 76227**817-365-9571:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Community Action Corp*601 Bread St*Wichita Falls TX 76301:FC
Vanderbilt Review*911 W Vanderbilt*Stephenville TX 76401:
Coop*Rt 3 Box 688*Whitney TX 76692:FC
Free U*Student Government*Baylor U*Waco TX 76703:U CU EDUCATION
Streetfarmers Coop*Geology Dept*Baylor U*Waco TX 76703:FC CU EDUCATION
Awareness Unity & Research Assn*Box 3942*Houston TX 77001:LIBRARY HS
Afro-American Book Distributors*2537 Prospect*Houston TX 77004**528-8669:BOOKSTORE SEP
Revista Chicano-Riquera*U Of Houston*Agnes Arnold Hall Rm 429*Houston TX 77004:CHICANO PUBLICATION MLC-BS MLC-WST SP MLC CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Shape Ctr Neighborhood Coop*3323 Wichita*Houston TX 77004:FC
Sundry School*Campus Activities Dept*U Of Houston*Houston TX 77004:U CU EDUCATION
Citizens Anti-Nuclear Information Team*1424 Kipling*Houston TX 77006:SER ECOLOGY AN
Citizens Environmental Coalition*1413 Westheimer Rd*Houston TX 77006**523-3431:RN AA76 AA BB MBB S ECOLOGY GMPFI GMPFE GMPF F&V ART DB
Espiritu Inst*1214 Miramar*Houston TX 77006:H
National Lawyers Guild*210 C Stratford*Houston TX 77006:AACC NLG 8807
Pueblo To People*1616 Montrose Blvd #3500*Houston TX 77006**800-843-5257*713-523-1197:POLITICAL CATALOG COOP-PRODUCTS 9107
Space City*906 Willard*Houston TX 77006:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hohocon*1310 Tulane Box #2*Houston TX 77008-4106**DRUNKFUX@CYPHER COM:9310 INTERNET ZINE
Jobs & Environment Campaign*12655 Woodforest Suite 200*Houston TX 77015**713-453-0853*713-451-8879(FAX):9307 JOBS EMPLOYMENT ECOLOGY POLLUTION
Church Of The Redeemer*4411 Dallas St*Box 18155*Houston TX 77023:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL
Raza Unida Party*5115 Harrisburg*Houston TX 77023:
Brown Rabbit Press*Box 19111*Houston TX 77024:SP
Energy/Ecology*Box 19247*Houston TX 77024:S ECOLOGY
Texas Beachfront*Box 20433*Houston TX 77025:NUDE-BEACH
Aids Foundation Houston*3927 Essex Ln*Houston TX 77027:8809 AIDS HC HS
Associates For Christian Schools*4900 Jackwood*Houston TX 77035:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Variety Press*5214 Starkridge*Houston TX 77035:
Southcoast*8807 Jason*Houston TX 77036:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Houston Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*Box 52115*Houston TX 77052**713-447-014:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Coastal Conservation Assn*4801 Woodway Suite 220 West*Houston TX 77056:9403 ECOLOGY
Lowy Publishing*5047 Wigton*Houston TX 77096:
Inklings*1846 Richmond Av*Houston TX 77098**713-521-3369:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Coffee & Hashbrowns*12206 Plumbrook*Houston TX 77099:9401 PUNK ZINE
Houston Coalition To Stop US Intervention In The Mid-East*Box 540381*Houston TX 77254**713-447-0144:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MIDDLE-EAST
Leroy/Greg*Public Search*Box 540381*Houston TX 77254**713-522-9299:-1 DOD-CAMPUS-TIES CAMPUS-DOD-TIES DEFENSE-DEPT MILITARY 9304 INTERNET
Biehl/Kathy*Ladies' Fetish & Taboo Society*Box 542327*Houston TX 77254-2327:9310 -1 F WOMEN FETISH ZINE
Interfaith Peaceforce*Box 56123*Houston TX 77256:POLITICAL AN PEACE
Act Up*Box 66275*Houston TX 77266:9107 HS AIDS HC
Guts*Box 270392*Houston TX 77277:9107 HS AIDS HC
Texas Review*Sam Houston U*Huntsville TX 77340:CU EDUCATION
Justasa*Box 7065*The Woodlands TX 77387**713-288-4SUN:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Chinguapin School*2615 E Wallisville Rd*Highlands TX 77562:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Carmel Ctr*1208 Pennsylvania*S Houston TX 77587:H
Allen Enterprises*Box 2362*Texas City TX 77590:SP
Community Ed Cooperative*College Of The Mainland*8001 Palmer Hwy*Texas City TX 77590**938-1211:COOP SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Servicios Internacionales*Box 941*Texas City TX 77590:SP
Center For Education & Research In Free Enterprise*Texas A&m U*College Stn TX 77843:PUBLICATION FREE-ENTERPRISE BUSINESS CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Free U*Texas A & M U*Memorial Student Ctr Box 5718*College Stn TX 77844:U CU EDUCATION
Live Oak Ranch*R 1 Box 916*Washington TX 77880**409-878-2216:AA90-BLUE NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901210 HRO
Aloe Products Inc*Box 769*Kerrville TX 78028:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Silva Mind Control*1110 Cedar*Box 1415*Laredo TX 78040:H
Texas Assn Of Coops*520 Garza*Laredo TX 78080:FC
Mutual Ufo Network*103 Oldtowne Rd*Sequin TX 78155:UFO
Crusader*Black Silent Majority Committee*Box 5519*San Antonio TX 78201:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Texas Ctr Union League*6061 NW Exressway*San Antonio TX 78201:FC
Center For The Study Of Tropical Birds*218 Conway*San Antonio TX 78209:9403 ECOLOGY
Mables Community Tabale*318 Pershing*San Antonio TX 78209:FC
Schoonover-Higgins/Jacquie*Crispaz*1135 Mission Rd*San Antonio TX 78210**512-534-6996:9301 -1 F EL-SALVADOR PEACE POLITICAL DMPR
Mujer A Mujer*Box 12322*San Antonio TX 78212:W 8811 WEJ
Voice For Animals*219 Dawnridge*San Antonio TX 78213**512-737-3138:ARO
Bronow/Ron*Physicians Who Care*215 E Quincy Suite 305*San Antonio TX 78215**512-226-1400:-1 HC WER 9105
Gibbs/John*San Antonio Norml*2138 Austin Highway*San Antonio TX 78218**512-654-8720:9402 NORML -1 MARIJUANA02
Roosevelt Ecology Club*5110 Walzem Rd*San Antonio TX 78218:ECOLOGY HRO
Coalition For Justice In The Maquiladoras*3120 W Ashby*San Antonio TX 78228**210-732-8957:9405 NAFTA LABOR MAQUILADORAS MEXICO07
Solar Energy Coalition Of Tx*Box 28183*San Antonio TX 78228:POLITICAL SER AN AT ECOLOGY SOLAR-ENERGY
Safe*5106 Casa Oro*San Antonio TX 78233:SER ECOLOGY AN
San Antonio Vegetarian Society*Box 790391*San Antonio TX 78279**512-646-7432:9405 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Experimental College*Trinity U*715 Stadium Dr*San Antonio TX 78284:U CU EDUCATION
All Points Of View*Box 321*San Antonio TX 78292:BOOKSTORE MW AT
Biography Press*1240 W Highland Av*Rt 1 Box 745*Aransas Pass TX 78336:SP
Humane Society*6262 Weber Rd Suite 305*Corpus Christi TX 78413**512-854-3142:ANIMAL-EXPLOITATION 8704 ECOLOGY
Riversedge*Box 1547*Edinburg TX 78539:SP
Sandpipers Holiday Park*Rt 7 Box 309*Edinburg TX 78539**512-383-7589:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
South Padre Island Naturists*Box 5603*Port Isabel TX 78578**512-943-7534:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Concerned Citizens For Safe Energy*Rt 2 Box 173*Bastrap TX 78602:SER ECOLOGY AN
Greenbriar School*Rt 2 Box 173*Bastrop TX 78602:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION FC
Greenbriar School*Box 466*Elgin TX 78651:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Neighborhood Ctr Coop*117 Av M*Marble Falls TX 78654:FC
Foundation For A Compassionate Society*227 Congress Av #100*Austin TX 78701:HC WHC REPRODUCTIVE-FREEDOM BIRTH-CONTROL ABORTION 9307 W
Mitchell/Kathy*Austin Campaign For Peace In Mid-East*J-502 W 17TH*Austin TX 78701**512-480-0157:F -1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
New Guild*512 W 23RD St*Austin TX 78701:COMMUNITY FH
Post/Susan*Book Woman*324 E Sixth St*Austin TX 78701**512-472-2785:BOOKSTORE -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Southwest Educational Development Laboratory*211 E 7th St*Austin TX 78701**476-6861:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Texas Observer*307 W 7th St*Austin TX 78701:PUBLICATION 9303 INTERNET
Trinity Coop Gallery*607 Trinity*Austin TX 78701:FC ART GALLERY DB
Civil Liberties Union*1611 E First St*Austin TX 78702**512-477-5849:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Journal Books*704 Baylor St*Austin TX 78703:
Austin Accountants For The Public Interest*2508 Ridgeview*Austin TX 78704:ACCOUNTING CPA
Plain View Inc*1509 Dexter*Austin TX 78704:
Texas Solar Energy Coalition*516 Ter Dr*Austin TX 78704**447-9274:SOLAR ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Art Darkroom Coop*2000 Pearl*Austin TX 78705:FC W
Circle A Roundup/Gathering*504 W 24*Box 81*Austin TX 78705:POLITICAL ACTIVISTS 9304 INTERNET
First Floor Coop Education Project*2000 Pearl*Austin TX 78705:FC W
Gay People Of Austin*2330 Guadalupe St*Austin TX 78705**477-6699:COUNSELING HS W
National Lawyers Guild*Townes Hall Rm 109*2500 Red River*Austin TX 78705:AACC NLG 8807
Owens/Michael*Texas Federation Of Food Coops*2500 Nueres*Austin TX 78705:SER ECOLOGY AN FC FOOD -1
University Coop Society*23 Gradalupe*Austin TX 78705:FC BOOKSTORE
Whitehall Coop*2500 Nueces*Austin TX 78705**472-3329:COMMUNITY FC
Williams/Steven*Whole Earth Bookstore*2410 San Antonio St*Austin TX 78705**512-478-1577:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Wind Through The Pines Coop Ed PROJECT2*2000 Pearl*Austin TX 78705:FC NS SCHOOL EDUCATION W HRO
Act Up*Box 13322*Austin TX 78711:9107 HS AIDS HC
Ptak/Joe*Texas Hemp Campaign*Box 13549*Austin TX 78711**512-441-4099*512-837-4674*THC@HITEX.AUSTIN.TX.US:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Sweethardt Herbs*Box 126602*Austin TX 78711:FOOD
Carta Abierta*Center For Mexican-American Studies*Texas U*Austin TX 78712:SP CU EDUCATION
Nuclear Resistance Life Force*Box 7020*Austin TX 78712:SER ECOLOGY AN
Texas Union Informal Classes*U Of TX*Austin TX 78712:U CU EDUCATION
Austin Seth Ctr*Box 7786*Austin TX 78713**512-479-8909:H SETH 8704
Davisson/David*Mindplumbing Illustrated*Box 8076*Austin TX 78713:9310 -1 STRANGE ZINE
Naturists Advocating Vegetarian & Ecological Lifestyles*Box 7382*Austin TX 78713**512-467-8371:VEGETARIAN FOOD ECOLOGY NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Bat Conservation Intl*Box 162603*Austin TX 78716:9201 NEW-OPTIONS BATS ECOLOGY
Therapy Sisters*3109 Lafayette Av*Austin TX 78722:9308 WOMEN MUSIC
Church World Service*6633 E Highway 290 Suite 200*Austin TX 78723**512-478-7894:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Interstate*6901 Dubuque Ln*Austin TX 78723:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Northeast Austin Coop*6204 Walnut Hills Dr*Austin TX 78723:FC
Sprinkle/Kristi*Fine Print*6448 Highway 290 E*Austin TX 78723**800-874-7082*KRISTI@WIXER.BGA.COM:9308 -1 F BOOKSTORE VARIOUS...9308
National Wildflower Research Ctr*2600 Fm 973 North*Austin TX 78725**512-929-3600:FLOWERS WILDFLOWERS ECOLOGY EDB 8704
Productivity Group*5103 Beverly Skyline*Austin TX 78731:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Austin Womens Health Ctr*1902 S Interregional Hwy*Austin TX 78741:WHC W HC
Joshua*Arthur's Cousin*2501 Wickersham Lane #2132*Austin TX 78741:9310 -1 ZINE
Abba Books & Broadsides*3913 Wilbert Rd*Austin TX 78751:SP
Juice Factory*4501 Guadalupa*Austin TX 78751:RESTAURANT FOOD
All Austin Coop Nursery*4700 Grover*Austin TX 78756:FC
Texas Electric Coops*8140 Burnet Rd*Austin TX 78758:FC
Kitty Torture Quarterly*Bosco Da Gama*Box 5931*Austin TX 78763:W
Austin Memorial & Burial Information Society*Box 4382*Austin TX 78765:FC
Coops Social Change Network*602 Elmwood Pl*Austin TX 78765:FC
Live Oak Fund*Box 4601*Austin TX 78765**476-5714:MONEY FUND-RAISING
Through Our Eyes Publications*Box 4403-159*Austin TX 78765:NICARAGUA POLITICAL HRO
Texas Circuit*Box 2082*Austin TX 78767:FC
Central America Resources Ctr*Box 2327*Austin TX 78768:POLITICAL
Documentation Exchange*Box 2327*Austin TX 78768**512-476-9841*512-476-0130(FAX):9303 MEXICO CENTRAL-AMERICA INFORMATION-CLEARINGHOUSE NAFTA TRADE INTERNET
Amarillo Nuclear Awareness Committee*Box 148*Bushland TX 79012:SER ECOLOGY AN
Nuclear Waste Task Force*218 E Bedford*Dimmitt TX 79027**806-647-5735:NUCLEAR-WASTE AN ECOLOGY 8807
Peace Farm*Hcr 2 Box 25*Panhandle TX 79068:NUCLEAR-WEAPONS PEACE 9310
Peac*1008 S Madison*Amarillo TX 79101:SER ECOLOGY AN
Sargent Brothers Print Shop*1502 Crockett St*Amarillo TX 79102:SP
Conradiana*Dept Of English Box 4530*Texas Tech U*Lubbock TX 79409:SP CU EDUCATION
Free U*University Ctr Programs*Texas Tech University Box 4310*Lubbock TX 79409:U CU EDUCATION
Bill's Shirt Thing*Box 53832*Lubbock TX 79453:9310 INTERNET ZINE
Cdc Communications*Box 53011*Lubbock TX 79453**SRATTE@CYPHER COM:9310 INTERNET ZINE
Dream Whip*Box 53832*Lubbock TX 79453:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Texas Toker*Box 3888*Midland TX 79702:
Big Bend Coop*Box 812*Alpine TX 79830:FC
National Character Laboratory*4635 Leeds Av*El Paso TX 79903:H
Church World Service*13741 E Mississippi*Aurora CO 80012**303-367-4980:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Powerline Amateur Press*15664 E Bails Dr*Aurora CO 80012:SP
Raptor Education Foundation Inc*21901 East Hampden Av*Aurora CO 80013:9403 ECOLOGY
Timberweeks Coop*2910 S Richfield*Aurora CO 80013:FC
Boulder Valley Inst*10365 Arapahoe*Lafayette CO 80026:H
Womens Ctr*Community College Of Denver*3645 W 112 Av*Westminster CO 80030:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Behavioral Medicine Assoc*6504 E Costilla Pl*Englewood CO 80112**303-779-6021:H SUBLIMINAL-TAPES TAPE-CATALOG 8711
Grass Roots Coop*7262 E Davies Pl*Englewood CO 80112:FC
Great Alternatives*7224 S Clarkson*Littleton CO 80122:FC
Latter Day Coop*1998 58TH Ln*Boone CO 80125:FC
Loretto Heights College*May Bonfils Stanton Library*30001 S Federal Blvd*Loretto CO 80130:HC LIBRARY W CU EDUCATION
Tax Fax*Box 636*Littleton CO 80160:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Colorado Free University*1510 York St*Denver CO 80201**303-399-0093:9203 EDUCATION SCHOOL U
Folks United To Thwart Unsafe Radiation Emission*Box 2625*Denver CO 80201:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Oil Chemical & Atomic Workers Union*Box 2812*Denver CO 80201**303-987-2229:UNION POLITICAL 9008
Changing Scene*1527 Champa St*Denver CO 80202:ART DB
Nunez Jr/Albert*Environmental Action Of Co*1100 14TH St*Denver CO 80202:AT CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Ananda Marga*No American Sectorial Headquarters*854 Pearl St*Denver CO 80203**623-6602:H YOGA
Coloradans For Safe Power*1450 Logan St*Denver CO 80203:GMPFCG GMPFS ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V
Food On The Hill*1030 Pearl #9*Denver CO 80203:FC
Flynn/Kevin*Aurarians Against Nukes*Box 39*1111 W Colfax*Denver CO 80204:GMPFEG GMPFR -1 AN GMPF F&V ART DB
Civil Liberties Union*815 E 22ND Av*Denver CO 80205**303-861-2258:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Denver Catholic Worker*2420 Welton St*Denver CO 80205:SER ECOLOGY AN CATHOLICS
Donachy/Barbara*Nuclear Arsenal Project*2216 Race St*Denver CO 80205**303-377-7998:9302 -1 F NUCLEAR-WEAPONS ART EXHIBITION INTERNET
Eastside Action Ctr Buying Club*2420 Welton St*Denver CO 80205:COOP FC HRO
Institute Mountain West*2096 Emerson St*Denver CO 80205**303-573-6394:COUNSELING SEP
Colorado Holistic Health Network*Box 61297*Denver CO 80206**303-399-1840:H PUBLICATION W MEDIA HC
Denver Peace & Justice Committee*100 Fillmore St*Denver CO 80206**303-322-5061:PEACE CENTRAL-AMERICA PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA GMPF F&V DB
Environmental Action Of Co*1290 William St*Denver CO 80206:SER AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Learning Tools*1359 Gaylord*Denver CO 80206**303-321-3597:CU EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rocky Flats Action Group*935 Garfield St*Denver CO 80206**388-4954:DISARMAMENT NUCLEAR-WEAPONS POLITICAL AN
Tattered Cover Bookstore*2955 E First Av*Denver CO 80206**303-322-7727*800-833-9327*303-399-2279(FAX):ID-B 8507 IDAFSA BOOKSTORE AD
Vegetarian Society Of Colorado*Box 6773*Denver CO 80206**303-777-4828:9405 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Denver Area Mens Network*2323 Dahlia*Denver CO 80207:S MEN
Africa Today*% Gsis*U Of Denver*Denver CO 80208:SP CU EDUCATION
Center For Teaching Intl Relations*U Of Denver*Denver CO 80208**303-753-3106:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Denver Quarterly*U Of Denver*Denver CO 80208:SP CU EDUCATION
Environmental Awareness Group*2050 E Evans*Box 24*Denver CO 80208:SER AN ECOLOGY
Act Up*432 S Broadway #100*Denver CO 80209:9107 HS AIDS HC
Center For New Beginnings*200 S Sherman St*Denver CO 80209:H
Discount Coop*216 S Grant*Denver CO 80209:FC
Pattern Research*Box 9845*Denver CO 80209**303-778-0880:H 9107
Corner Mercantile*1383 S Josephine*Denver CO 80210:FC W
Feminist Speeches Inc*1571 South Clayton*Denver CO 80210**777-2865:SPEECHES PUBLICATION SOFTWARE MLC S MEDIA
Green Mountain Grainery*1119 S Washington*Denver CO 80210:RESTAURANT FOOD
Mile High Appetites*37 E Colorado Av*Denver CO 80210:FC
Pied Typer*2334 South Milwaukee St*Denver CO 80210:SP
Hooker House*3151 W 24TH Av*Denver CO 80211**303-477-5176:COOP COMMUNITY
Peoples Utility Alliance*3425 W 38 Av*Denver CO 80211:SER ECOLOGY AN UTILITY
Clare Gardens Buying Club*2626 Osceola*Denver CO 80212:FC W HRO
Soria/Sharon*National Gay & Lesbian Domestic Violence Victims Network*Box 140131*Denver CO 80214**800-238-4347*303-266-3477:9202 -1 HS LESBIAN DOMESTIC-VIOLENCE W
World Committee For World Constit Conv*8800 W 14TH Av*Denver CO 80215:H AA84 AA MBB BB
World Constitution & Parliament Assn*1480 Hoyt St Suite 31*Lakewood CO 80215**303-233-3548*233-3548:MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC MLC-EC POLITICAL 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Rauch/Tom*Colorado Campaign For Mid-East Peace*3-1535 High St*Denver CO 80216**303-322-6353:-1 PEACE MIDDLE-EAST GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE
Infinite Energy*Box 17945*Denver CO 80217**303-629-0203:ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Morris/Glen T*Fourth World Ctr For The Study Of Indigenous Law & Politics*Box 173364*Denver CO 80217**303-556-2850*303-556-4822(FAX)*FWC@SCICOM.ALPHACDC.COM:9308 -1 EXEC-DIR ANTHROPOLOGY INDIGENOUS-LAW NATIVE-AMERICANS PUBLICATION HRO
American Friends Service Committee*1660 Lafayette St*Denver CO 80218**303-832-1676:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PEACE AFSC 8807 ID-P ID-R IDAFSA HRO
Category Six Books*1029 E Eleventh Av*Denver CO 80218**303-832-6263:GAY LESBIAN STUDIES 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Densmore Discoveries*Box 18-X*Denver CO 80218:
National Lawyers Guild*1764 Gilping*Denver CO 80218:AACC NLG 8807
Rocky Flats Nuclear Weapons Facilities Project*American Friends Service Committee*1660 Lafayette St Suite D*Denver CO 80218**303-832-4508:SP PUBLICATION AN MEDIA
Coloradans For Safe Power*1176 Monaco*Denver CO 80220**321-3701:ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Naturally*1506 Locust*Denver CO 80220:RESTAURANT FOOD
The Bridge*A Rev Of Crosscultural Aff & Intntl Training*1800 Pontiac St*Denver CO 80220:SP CROSS-CULTURAL TRAINING
Frog Liberation Front*4692 Arkansas*Denver CO 80222:ECOLOGY
People House*200 S Marshall*Lakewood CO 80226:H
Wholemind*1657 S Kline Ct*Lakewood CO 80226:H FH
Help House*2751 S Jay*Denver CO 80227:HOTLINE
Fungophile Inc*Box 48053*Denver CO 80248:MUSHROOM-CULTIVATION AGRICULTURE FOOD 9105 HRO
American Solar Energy Society*2400 Central Av #B-1*Boulder CO 80301**303-443-3130:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 SOLAR-ENERGY CONFERENCE EDUCATION
Celestial Seasonings*1780 55TH St*Boulder CO 80301:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Earthview Press*Box 11036*Boulder CO 80301:ECOLOGY SP 8709
Access To Energy*Box 2298*Boulder CO 80302:PPS PR
Boulder Womens Network*3575 9th St*Boulder CO 80302**303-443-2619:W
Brandt-Winter/Caren*National Lawyers Guild*645 North St*Boulder CO 80302:AACC NLG 8807 F -1
Brown/John*Earth Dynamics*Box 1175*Boulder CO 80302:AT -1
Buzzworm Magazine*2305 Canyon Blvd Suite 206*Boulder CO 80302**303-442-1969:PUBLICATION DIRECTORY 9403 ECOLOGY
Center Of Light & Truth*3360 4th St*Boulder CO 80302:H
Colorado Consumers Assn*Box 989*Boulder CO 80302:CONSUMER
Coop*2765 5th St*Boulder CO 80302:FC
Golem Press*Box 1342*Boulder CO 80302:BP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Jones/Kathryn*Together Foundation Of Global Unity*2129 13TH St*Boulder CO 80302**303-444-9567*303-444-7512(FAX):-1 AT 9105 AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-29 AA91-Y AA91-910507 W
Mediasense*3232 6th St*Boulder CO 80302**303-449-0211:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Naropa Inst*2130 Arapahoe Av*Boulder CO 80302**303-444-0202:BUDDHIST COMMUNITY MLC MLC-ART H AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901119 CONFERENCE ART DB
Native American Rights Fund*1506 Broadway*Boulder CO 80302**447-8760:AMERICAN-INDIANS INDIANS POLITICAL PILC LAW SEPO NCBL MLC-CU MLC-60. MLC-ED MLC SEP
Paladin Press*Box 1307*Boulder CO 80302:BP SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Pruett Publishing Co*2928 Pearl*Boulder CO 80302:SP W
Ruffled Feathers Publishing Co*2700 Fourth St*Boulder CO 80302:SP
Solar Environmental Systems*Box 455*Boulder CO 80302:AT ECOLOGY
Stark/Ellen*Morning Sun*Salina Star Rt Gold Hill*Boulder CO 80302:SER ECOLOGY AN W -1
Teilhard Foundation*2290 Emerald Rd*Boulder CO 80302**303-443-3647:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Truth Consciousness*10668 Gold Hill Rd*Boulder CO 80302**303-449-7660:MLC H ASHRAM
Vajradhatu*1111 Pearl St*Boulder CO 80302**444-0202:H
Harris/Jan*Nova Publishing Co*4882 Kellogg Cir*Boulder CO 80303**303-443-7745*303-545-9223(FAX):9301 F -1 SP ECOLOGY BOOK-PUBLISHER PUBLISHER/BOOKS DMPR
Survive Publications Inc*5735 Arapahoe Av*Boulder CO 80303**303-449-2064:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Barsamian/David*Alternative Radio*2129 Mapleton*Boulder CO 80304**303-444-8788:9304 -1 RADIO
Black/David*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*3121 Seventh St*Boulder CO 80304**303-673-3554*DAVID@BVT.COM:CPSR -105 HRO
Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn Soc For Freedom & Justice*Box 4654*Boulder CO 80306:PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Homebrewers Assn*Box 287*Boulder CO 80306**303-447-0816:HOMEBREWING
Committee Of Mining & The Environment*Box 1698*Boulder CO 80306:SER AN ECOLOGY MINING
Everybody Ltd*Box 951*Boulder CO 80306:FOOD
Great Eastern Book Co*Box 271*Boulder CO 80306:SP
Mediaworks Ltd*Box 4494*Boulder CO 80306:FC
Mink/Kate*Boulder Energy Conservation Ctr*1101 Arapahoe Av 2nd Flr*Box 791*Boulder CO 80306:GMPFI GMPFE -1 ENERGY-CONSERVATION CONSERVATION/ENERGY 9102 GMPF F&V W
New Periodicals Index*Box 4494*Boulder CO 80306**494-1439:
Pro-Vital*Box 1038*Boulder CO 80306:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Soldier Of Fortune*Box 693*Boulder CO 80306:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Tarriktar/Tem*Mountain Astrologer*Box 17275*Boulder CO 80308**303-628-3982:-1 9206 ASTROLOGY PUBLICATION DMPR MEDIA
Cook/Jeff*World Citizens*Umc 331A Box 207*Boulder CO 80309:-1 GMPFCG GMPFR CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V ART DB
Frontiers*Womens Studies*U Of CO*Boulder CO 80309:SP SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR MR W SEP WST CU EDUCATION
Natural Resources Clinic*U Of CO Law School*Boulder CO 80309:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION HC
University Of Co*Programming Board*Rm 334 Umc*Boulder CO 80309:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Veggie Life*Box 57159*Boulder CO 80322:9405 VEGETARIAN PUBLICATION
Bread Brothers Coop*10687 Twin Spruce Rd Rt 2*Golden CO 80401:FC
Adventure Trails Survival School*Laughing Coyote Mountain*Black Hawk CO 80422:SCHOOL EDUCATION SP H
Dormant Brain Research & Development Lab*Laughing Coyote Mountain*Black Hawk CO 80422:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Domestic Technology Inst*Box 2043*Evergreen CO 80439**303-674-1597:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING AT
University Of The Wilderness*Box 1687*Evergreen CO 80439**303-674-9724:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Uncle John's Food*Box 439*Fairplay CO 80440**719-836-2710:9203 FOOD MAIL-ORDER DRIED-FOOD
Harrison/Scott*Urgent Action Network*Box 1270*Nederland CO 80466**303-440-0913*303-258-7881(FAX)*SHARRISON@IGC.ORG:9303 -1 POLITICAL INTERNET HRO
Kriho/Laura*Boulder Hemp Initiative Project*Box 729*Nederland CO 80466**303-369-1782:9401 -1 F MARIJUANA
Nederland Coop*Mtn People Food Coop*Box 820*Nederland CO 80466:FC
Loria/Olivia*Pinewood School*112 Rd D*Pine CO 80470**303-838-4418:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION W
Steamboat Coop*Box 1535*Steamboat Springs CO 80471:FC
Ft Collins Food Coop*250 E Mountain St*Ft Collins CO 80521:FC
Mancuso/Michael*Nuclear Education & Action Group*Co State U*530 S Whitcomb*Fort Collins CO 80521:GMPFC GMPFR AN -1 GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Wild Foundation*211 W Magnolia*Fort Collins CO 80521:9403 ECOLOGY
Committee To Restore The Constitution*Box 986*Ft Collins CO 80522:CONSTITUTION AA84 AA BB MBB PUBLICATION MEDIA
Environ*Box 2204*Ft Collins CO 80522:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Foothills Alliance*Box 1013*Fort Collins CO 80522:SER ECOLOGY AN
Schroeder/Rick*Audubon Society*Box 1245*Ft Collins CO 80522:GMPFCG GMPFI -1 ECOLOGY AUDUBON GMPF F&V HRO
Wogglebug Books*Box 414*Ft Collins CO 80522:BOOKSTORE CHILDREN NATURAL-SCIENCE
Colorado State Review*322 Eddy English Dept*Co State U*Fort Collins CO 80523:SP CU EDUCATION
High Plains Art Ctr*250 E Mountain Av*Ft Collins CO 80524:FC ART DB
First World Congress On Ecotourism*Box 271068*Fort Collins CO 80527**303-225-8031*303-226-0281(FAX):ECOTOURISM TRAVEL CONFERENCE 9307
Foundation House Publications*4817 N Country Rd 29*Loveland CO 80537:8701 PEACE
Ontological Society*Box 328*5569 Co Rd 29*Loveland CO 80537:FH H
Society Of Emissaries*5569 N County Rd 29*Loveland CO 80537**667-4675:PUBLICATION COMMUNITY FH H MEDIA
Solar Energy Assn Of NE Colorado*425 N 15TH Av*Greeley CO 80631**303-356-4000:SOLAR ENERGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
NE County Anti-Nuclear Alliance*Box 1123*Fort Morgan CO 80701:SER ECOLOGY AN
Center On Law & Pacifism*Box 15854*Colorado Springs CO 80901**303-635-0041:LAW PEACE SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFI GMPF F&V MEDIA
Cultwatch Response*Box 1842*Colorado Springs CO 80901:9101 PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ralph Myles Pub Inc*Box 1533*Colorado Springs CO 80901:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Summit Lighthouse*Box A*Colorado Springs CO 80901:H
Maize Press*Colorado College*Box 10*Colorado Springs CO 80903**303-636-3249:SP CU EDUCATION
Pikes Peak Justice & Peace Committee*235 E Fountain Blvd*Colorado Springs CO 80903:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Hughes/Dave*Old Colorado Communications*6 North 24TH St*Colorado Springs CO 80904**719-632-4848*DAVE@OLDCOLO COM:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Skorman/Richard*US Environmental Film Festival*1026 W Colorado Av*Colorado Springs CO 80904:GMPFI GMPFE 9102 GMPF F&V FILM-FESTIVAL FESTIVAL/FILM ECOLOGY -1
United States Space Foundation*1525 Vapor Trail*Colorado Springs CO 80916**719-550-1000*719-550-1011(FAX):9203 SPACE-EXPLORATION
Personal Freedom Network*Box 9801*Colorado Springs CO 80932:
New Age Network Of Co Springs*Box 6647*Colorado Springs CO 80934**303-634-1855:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Look Quick*Box 222*Pueblo CO 81002:
Audubon River Trails Nature Ctr*5200 W 11TH St*Pueblo CO 81003:NA AN ECOLOGY
Consumer Information Ctr*Pueblo CO 81009:CONSUMER SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center On Law & Pacifism*Box 308*Cokedale CO 81032:PEACE LAW PACIFISM 9308
Red Rockers*Box 3*Farisita CO 81037:COMMUNITY ENERGY AT
D Coop*Box 87*Gardner CO 81040:FC
Juajatollas Food Coop*Main St Box 87*Gardner CO 81040:FC
Environmental Action Resource Service*Box 514*La Veta CO 81055**303-746-2252:BOOKS TECHNOLOGY SOLAR AN EARS REPRINT-SERVICE ECOLOGY POLITICAL MW AT
Orphan County Coop*528 Main St*Walsenburg CO 81089:FC
La Tienda Del Campo Inc*Box 1593*Pagosa Springs CO 81147:FC
Communication Creativity*Box 213*Saguche CO 81149:SP
Valley View Hot Springs*Box 175*Villa Grove CO 81155:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Buena Vista Food Coop*Rt 1 Box 200*Buena Vista CO 81211:FC
Trailhead Ventures*Box Cc*Buena Vista CO 81211**303-395-8001:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Our Gang Publications*630 Woodlawn Av*Canon City CO 81212:SP
Earth Village Inst*Woodland Hills Youth Foundation*Box 221*Crested Butte CO 81224**303-349-7156:ECOLOGY 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
High Country Citizens Alliance*Box 1066*Crested Butte CO 81224:SER ECOLOGY AN
Durango Natural Food Inc*575 8th Av*Durango CO 81301:FC
Durango Owner Builder Ctr*Box 3447*Durango CO 81301**303-247-2417:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING
Qnimas Valley Collective*4318 County Rd #203*Durango CO 81301:FC
Mrs Kast Buying Club*212 W Montezuma*Cortez CO 81321:FC W HRO
Apple Hill Coop*Rt 1 Box 231*Dolores CO 81323:FC
Delta County Citizens Concerned About Radiation Pollution*RR 1 Box 34*Cedaredge CO 81413:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Western Slope Energy Research Ctr*Box 746*Hotchkiss CO 81419:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY-RESEARCH RESEARCH
Burrell Fruit Farm*Rt 1 Box 62*Paonia CO 81428:STORE FOOD
High Country News*Box V*Paonia CO 81428:PUBLICATION GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
North Fork Valley Public Radio*Rt 1 Box 62 Garvin Mesa*Paonia CO 81428:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR NFCB MEDIA
White Buffalo Produce*Star Rt 1*Paonia CO 81428:FC
Mountain Soy*116 N Oak Box 69*Telluride CO 81435:FC
San Miguel Citizens Alliance*Box 441*Telluride CO 81435:SER ECOLOGY AN
Umcamphaghre Natural Foods*Box 69*Telluride CO 81435:FC
Good Eats Food Coop*298 27 1/4 Rd*Grand Junction CO 81501:FC
Two Rivers Citizens Assoc*Box 2932*Grand Juction CO 81502:SER ECOLOGY AN
Whole Earth Natural Foods*730 Cooper Av*Glenwood Springs CO 81601:RESTAURANT FC
Grassroots Tv Network*Box 2006*Aspen CO 81611:FILM TV F&V MEDIA
Aiki Works Inc*Box 7845*Aspen CO 81612:9103
Aspen Anthology*Box 3185*Aspen CO 81612:SP
Colorado Rocky Mountain School*Carbondale CO 81623:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Solar Technology Inst*Box 1115*Carbondale CO 81623-1115:9206 ENERGY PUBLICATION SOLAR-ENERGY MEDIA
Eagle Coop*Box 862*Eagle CO 81631:FC
Windstar Foundation*Box 178*Snowmass CO 81654**303-927-3402:CU SP PUBLICATION OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING MEDIA
Vail Coop*Box 164*Vail CO 81657:FC
Wyoming Advocates For Animals*316 E Pershing Blvd*Cheyenne WY 82001:ARO
Gilliam/Anndee*High Country Books*306 S 2nd*Laramie WY 82070**307-742-5640:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Laramie Peoples Market*111 Ivinson*Laramie WY 82070:COOP FOOD FC
University Common Ministry*1115 Grand Av*Laramie WY 82070**307-742-5969:9308 PEACE
Vocations For Social Change*111 S Ivinson*Laramie WY 82070:MR VSC JOBS EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL-CHANGE-JOBS 8807 W
Whole Earth Grainery Truck Store*111 S Ivinson Av*Laramie WY 82070**307-745-9753:STORE BOOKSTORE AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE FOOD
Cody Country Art League*Box 1524*Cody WY 82414**307-587-3597:ART DB
Lambda Inc*721 Sheridan Av*Cody WY 82414:FOOD
Queen Bee Gardens*Rfd Box 101M*Lovell WY 82431:FOOD
National Outdoor Leadership School*Box AA*Lander WY 82520**307-332-4381:SCHOOL HIKING CAMPING OUTDOOR GMPFH GMPFR CU EDUCATION GMPF F&V
Powder River Basin Resource Council*48 N Main St*Sheridan WY 82801**307-672-5809:SP PUBLICATION ECOLOGY MEDIA
Dooryard Press*Box 221*Story WY 82842:SP
Wolf Fund*Box 471*Moose WY 83012:9403 ECOLOGY
Backroads*Box 370*Wilson WY 83014:SP MLC
Contemporary Issues Clearinghouse*1410 S 2nd St*Pocatello ID 83201:LIBRARY AA84 AA BB MBB
Pocatello Free Clinic*421 Memorial Dr*Pocatello ID 83201:CLINIC HC
Tamarack Learning Cooperative*225 N Lincoln*Pocatello ID 83201:CU EDUCATION
Mens Studies Counseling*Box 8027*Id State U*Pocatello ID 83209:S MEN CU EDUCATION
Cache Valley Newsletter*Rt 3 Box 273*Preston ID 83263:SP
Garden Coop*Box 531*Twin Falls ID 83301:COOP FC
Idaho Naturists*Box 431*Ketchum ID 83340:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Paul/Liz*Grandwater Alliance*Box 4090*Ketchum ID 83340:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Wildflower/Leni*Community School*Box 2118*Ketchum ID 83340:RT EDUCATION 9112 -1 SCHOOL
Groundwater Alliance*Box 965*Sun Valley ID 83353:SER ECOLOGY AN
Good Health*1018 Idaho*Kewiston ID 83501:FC HC
Caxton Printers*Box 700*Caldwell ID 83605:PUBLICATION BP MEDIA
Dunn/Gary*Caretaker Gazette*HC 76 Box 4022*Garden Valley ID 83622**208-462-3993:-1 PUBLICATION 940909
Harvest Moon Natural Foods*Box 1224*Mccall ID 83638:FC
Inky Trails & Time To Pause*Box 345*Middleton ID 83644:SP
For A Habitable World*2141 1st Av S*Payette ID 83661:SER ECOLOGY AN
Idaho Conservation League*Box 844*Boise ID 83701:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Snake River Alliance*Box 1731*Boise ID 83701:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN SEP
Idaho Citizens Coalition*Box 1591*Boise ID 83702:AN POLITICAL H
Idaho Heritage Bookstore*Box 9365*Boise ID 83707:BOOKSTORE
Peregrine Fund Inc*5666 West Flying Hawk Ln*Boise ID 83709:9403 ECOLOGY
Boundary County Concerned Citizens*Rt 1 Box 618*Bonners Ferry ID 83805:SER ECOLOGY AN
Country Coop*Rt 1 Box 617*Bonners Ferry ID 83805:FC
Klein/Tom*Idaho Bach*3310 Driftwood Dr.*Coeur D'alene ID 83814**208-773-3974:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Ruppel/Stephen*Pinecone Alliance*Box 2152*Coeur Dalene ID 83814:GMPFI GMPFE -1 ECOLOGY GMPFEG AN 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB
Sunrise Natural Foods*1606 N 4th*Coeur D Alene ID 83814:FC
Advanced Building Tech Group*Architecture Dept*U Of ID*Moscow ID 83843:AT CU EDUCATION
Greene/Bob*Bookpeople Of Moscow*521 South Main*Moscow ID 83843**208-882-7957* AT PR BOOKSTORE BOP PBB BB ART -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST DB
Idaho Study Group*Box 8482*Moscow ID 83843:SEP
Snapdragon*English Dept*U Of ID*Moscow ID 83843:SP CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*U Of ID*Moscow ID 83843:WOP MR W CU EDUCATION
Timeless Books*Box 60*Porthill ID 83853:YOGA H
Peece River Coop*Rt 4 Box 152*St Maries ID 83861:FC
Albion Labs Inc*Box 750*Clearfield UT 84015:FOOD
Plum*77 W 7065 S*Midvale UT 84047:
Natures Herbs Inc*Box 336*Orem UT 84057:FOOD
Community Wireless*Box 1372*Park City UT 84060:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Natures Laboratories*Box 543*Pleasant Grove UT 84062:FOOD
Iga Coop Supermarket*4460 S 1900 West St*Roy UT 84067:FC
Peoples Coop*129 N 5th W*Salt Lake City UT 84103:COOP FOOD
Mailhot/Paul*Coalition Against US War In The Mid-East*1390 S Park St*Salt Lake City UT 84105**801-455-4125:-1 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Southern Utah Wilderness Alliance*1471 South 1100 East*Salt Lake City UT 84105:9204 ECOLOGY SP LIVESTOCK-GRAZING COWS AGRICULTURE
Litmus*5410 Hillside Dr*Murray UT 84107:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Institute Of Maintenance Research*2217 Evergreen Av*Salt Lake City UT 84109**801-485-3185:RESEARCH PUBLICATION HOW-TO ENERGY TOOLS MATERIALS AT MEDIA
Utah Naturists*Box 9058*Salt Lake City UT 84109**801-278-9740:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Dont Waste Utah Campaign*Box 1563*Salt Lake City UT 84110**801-532-4796:NUCLEAR-WASTE AN ECOLOGY 8807
League Of Ut Consumers*180 East First S*Salt Lake City UT 84111:CONSUMER
Utahns For A Nuclear Weapons Freeze*Crossroads Urban Ctr*347 South 4th East*Salt Lake City UT 84111:SER ECOLOGY AN NUCLEAR-WEAPONS
Free U Of UT*Student Activities Ctr*U Of UT*Salt Lake City UT 84112:U CU EDUCATION
Quarterly West*312 Olpin Union*U Of UT*Salt Lake City UT 84112**801-581-3938:SP MLC CU EDUCATION
Western Humanities Review*U Of UT Press*Salt Lake City UT 84112**581-7438:HUMANITIES SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Womens Resource Ctr*293 Union Bldg*U Of UT*Salt Lake City UT 84112:WHC W WOP CU EDUCATION HC
Community Action Program For Economic Opportunities*28 E 2100 S Suite 101*Salt Lake City UT 84115:GMPFR GMPF F&V
Manna*2966 Westcove Dr*W Valley City UT 84119:
Trace Minerals Research Labs*Box 50*Hooper UT 84315:FOOD
Asusu Free U*Umc Oi*Ut State U*Logan UT 84322:U CU EDUCATION
Western American Literature*Umc 32*Ut State U*Logan UT 84322:LITERATURE SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Solar Products Inc*2815 Industrial Dr*Ogden UT 84401:FOOD
Halchiita Nalyehe Bahoogan*Box 45*Mexican Hat UT 84531:FC
Real People Press*Box F*Moab UT 84532:SP
Chasqui*Byu*Provo UT 84602:SP
Gordon/Janet*Citizens Call*Box 1722*Cedar City UT 84720**801-487-2095:-1 ECOLOGY RADIATION-EXPOSURE GMPFCG GMPFS GMPF F&V ART W DB
Gentle Survivalist*Box 4004*St George UT 84770:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Hilaire Du Berrier Reports*Box 786*St George UT 84770:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Act Up*Box 13274*Phoenix AZ 85002:9107 HS AIDS HC
Gabriel Press*35 E Vernon Av*Phoenix AZ 85004:SP
Alwin House*1204 E Roosevelt*Phoenix AZ 85006**253-7887:H
Sunbow Food Coop*1401 E Sheridan*Phoenix AZ 85006:FC
Cactus Alliance*1322 W Roosevelt*Phoenix AZ 85007:SER ECOLOGY AN
Primer Publishers*5738 North Central*Phoenix AZ 85012:SP
Creative Guidelines*6522 N 23RD Av*Phoenix AZ 85015:H
Association For Research & Enlightenment*4626 E Indian School Rd*Phoenix AZ 85018:H
Dd Beauty Pillow*341 E Belmony St*Phoenix AZ 85020:FOOD
Intrepid Journeys Ltd*1123 W Northview*Phoenix AZ 85021**602-944-2716:9108 TRAVEL DMPR H
Canyon State Naturists*Box 2742 Nrs I*New River AZ 85027**602-465-9609:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Advanced Solar Energy Technology*1609 W Windrose*Phoenix AZ 85029:SOLAR ENERGY AT PPS
Ground Saucer Watch Inc*13238 N 7th Dr*Phoenix AZ 85029**942-7216:UFO
Shangri La Nudist Resort*Box 4343 New River Rte*Phoenix AZ 85029**602-465-9416:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Universal Society For The Expansion Of Human Dimensions*6413 W Mitchell*Phoenix AZ 85033**846-2639:H
Mohit/Nina*Arizonans For Peace*919 E Southern Av*Phoenix AZ 85040:LM -1 PEACE W
Gumbo-A Magazine Of The Arts*5626 South Vista Granda*Phoenix AZ 85041:SP ART DB
Omega New Age Directory*6418 S 39TH Av*Phoenix AZ 85041**800-888-OMEGA*602-237-3213:H DIRECTORY 9107
Society For A New Earth*Box 62892*Phoenix AZ 85062:AN POLITICAL COMMUNITY
Caare*Box 33093*Phoenix AZ 85067**602-264-7481*602-340-8329:ARO
Green/William R*Az 4 Norml*Box 50434*Phoenix AZ 85076**602-491-1139*602-921-2878(BBS):9401 -1 MARIJUANA NORML
Tucson Coalition For Mid-East Understanding*Box 1870*Tucson AZ 85101**602-881-5235:MIDDLE-EAST GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
United Consumers Producers Coop*1944 S Hobson*Mesa AZ 85202:FC
Sunrise Press*Box 742*Chandler AZ 85224:
American College Of Nutripathy*6821 E Thomas*Scottsdale AZ 85251**946-5515:NAM NUTRITION COLLEGE CU EDUCATION
Trilateral Observer*Box 582*Scottsdale AZ 85251:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rainy Day People Project*Box 472*Scottsdale AZ 85252:9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Arcosanti Foundation*6433 Doubletree Rd*Scottsdale AZ 85253**948-6145:H ARCHITECTURE MLC COMMUNITY
Cosanti Foundation*6433 Doubletree Rd*Scottsdale AZ 85253**602-948-6145:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING
Americans Concerned About South Africa*Box 4235*Scottsdale AZ 85258:PUBLICATION POLITICAL SOUTH-AFRICA AFRICA MEDIA
Naturally Vitamin Supplements Inc*14851 N Scottsdale Rd*Scottsdale AZ 85260:FOOD
Food For The Hungry*Box 12272*Scottsdale AZ 85267**800-2-HUNGER:HUNGER 9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Star Publications*Box 3142*Scottsdale AZ 85271**602-941-0770:9204 SP DMPR
Arizonans For Safe Energy*309 E 14TH St*Tempe AZ 85281:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Cabbagehead Press*1272 E Loma Vista Dr*Tempe AZ 85281:SP
Cook/Jeffrey*Solar Utilization Now*Az State U*Tempe AZ 85281:AT CU EDUCATION -1 SOLAR-ENERGY
Gentle Strength*38 E 5th St*Tempe AZ 85281**968-4831:COOP FC
National Lawyers Guild*Az State U Law School*Tempe AZ 85281:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
National No Nukes Prison Support Collective*Box 37*Tempe AZ 85281:SER ECOLOGY AN PRISON
Porch*English Dept*Az State U*Tempe AZ 85281:CU EDUCATION
Shanks/Gayle*Changing Hands Bookstore*414 S Mill Av*Tempe AZ 85281**602-966-0203:MW AT BOOKSTORE -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
American Federation Of Astrologers Bulletin*6535 S Rural Rd*Box 22040*Tempe AZ 85282:ASTROLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Chung Fu Kuan*Box 27806*Tempe AZ 85282:H
Driscoll/Jim*Operation Real Security*2076 E Alameda Dr*Tempe AZ 85282**602-921-3090:PEACE SECURITY -1 9308
Macro Society Workshop*Box 26661*Tempe AZ 85282:COMMUNITY FH
Homesteaders News*8427 W Glendale #117*Glendale AZ 85305**607-522-3324:PUBLICATION MEDIA
United Farm Workers*Box 256*San Luis AZ 85349:UNION LABOR UFW 8807
Karl Bern Publishers*9939 Riviera Dr*Sun City AZ 85351:
Kofa Environmental Control Club*1210 17TH St*Yuma AZ 85364:ECOLOGY HRO
Healing Light Foundation*Box 205*Ft Thomas AZ 85536:
Peyote Way Church Of God*Box 7x*Bonita Route*Willcox AZ 85546:CHURCH PEYOTE H
Arivaca Coop*Box 19*Arivaca AZ 85601:FC
Williams/Glo*Blue Sky Learning Ctr*Box 460*Arivaca AZ 85601:W -1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Bisbee Food Coop*Drawer Df 22 Main*Bisbee AZ 85603:FC
Oracle Food Coop*Box 742*Oracle AZ 85623:FC
Rancho Linda Vista Coop*Rancho Linda Vista*Oracle AZ 85623:FC
San Simon Farmers Coop*Box 214*San Simon AZ 85632:FC
Jardin Del Sol*Box 36*Marana AZ 85653**602-882-2334:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Experimental Schools Corp*Box 2735*Tucson AZ 85702:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Tucson Coalition For Mideast Understanding*Box 1870*Tucson AZ 85702:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Tucson Hemp Coalition*Box 78093*Tucson AZ 85703-8093:9401 MARIJUANA
Institute For Healing Arts*300 E River Rd*Tucson AZ 85704:WLT HC ART DB
Single Impressions*1240 W Eureka*Tucson AZ 85704**888-7176:SINGLE-PARENTS
Antigone Books*600 N 4th Av*Tucson AZ 85705**602-792-3715:9303 GAY LESBIAN BOOKSTORE SEP
Food Conspiracy Cooperative*412 N 4th Av*Tucson AZ 85705:PPS FC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Kowalski/Nancy*Wingspan*422 North 4th Av*Tucson AZ 85705**602-624-1779:9205 DMPR -1 F HC GAY LESBIAN BISEXUALITY
Movement For A New Society*232 E Limberlost*Tucson AZ 85705**888-6452:MNS POLITICAL 8807
New West Trails Inc*622 N 7th Av*Tucson AZ 85705**623-2003:DIRECTORY
New West Trails*232 E Linkerlost*Tucson AZ 85705:FC
Small Planet Bakery*411 N 7th Av*Tucson AZ 85705:FC
Tucson Mens Cooperative*121 E 2nd St*Tucson AZ 85705:S MEN FC
New Kauri*2551 West Mossman Rd*Tucson AZ 85706:SP
Action For Nuclear Disarmament*5516 E Rosewood*Tucson AZ 85711:SER ECOLOGY AN
J W Foods*4834 Oasie Luisa*Tucson AZ 85711:FC W
Wilson/Jokie*Scatologica*4301 E 29TH St #210*Tucson AZ 85711-6370:9310 -1 LOWLIFE ZINE
Harbinger House*2802 N Alvernon Way*Tucson AZ 85712**602-326-9595:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Things For Thinkers*4500 E Speedway*Tucson AZ 85712**602-326-7679:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP
Community Food Bank*30 W 28TH*S Tucson AZ 85713:FC SEP
Friends Of The Earth*2452 N Indian Ridge Dr*Tucson AZ 85715:SER AN ECOLOGY FOE 8807
Arizona Consumers Council*6480 Camino De Michael*Tucson AZ 85718:CONSUMER
Journal Of Early Adolescence*1201 E Calle Elena*Tucson AZ 85718:PUBLICATION ADOLESCENCE MEDIA
Bear Family*1277 E Lester*Tucson AZ 85719:FC
Open Line*1949 E Helen St*Tucson AZ 85719:HOTLINE W
Tuscon Free U*715 North Pk*Tucson AZ 85719:U CU EDUCATION
Moulasses Soulkiss*1611 N Santa Rita (rear)*Tucson AZ 85719-4139:9310 PERSONAL ZINE
Arizona Quarterly*U Of AZ*Tucson AZ 85721:SP CU EDUCATION
Blue Moon News*English Dept*U Of AZ*Tucson AZ 85721:SP CU EDUCATION
Books Of The SW*U Of AZ Library*A349 Main Library*Tucson AZ 85721:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Project Well Aware About Health*College Of Agency*U Of AZ*Tucson AZ 85721**602-626-3055:MSC AA84 AA MBB BB CU EDUCATION HC
Sonora Review*English Dept*U Of AZ*Tucson AZ 85721:CU EDUCATION
Sun Tracks*Eng Dept*U Of Ariz*Tucson AZ 85721:CU EDUCATION
Southwest Alternatives Inst*Box 3355*Tucson AZ 85722:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Action For Nuclear Disarmament*Box 13445*Tucson AZ 85732:SER ECOLOGY AN
Zephyr Press*3316 N Chapel Av*Box 13448*Tucson AZ 85732**602-322-5090:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 SP SOUND EDUCATION
Nuclear Resister*Box 43383*Tucson AZ 85733**602-323-8697:PEACE 9308 8911 AN
Astronomy Quarterly*Box 35549*Tucson AZ 85740:SP ASTRONOMY PUBLICATION
Native Seeds*3950 W New York Dr*Tucson AZ 85745:SEEDS 8704
Alpine Buying Club*Box 158*Alpine AZ 85920:FC HRO
Concord*Box 876*Snowflake AZ 85937:COMMUNITY FH
Silvercreek Coop*Box 876*Snowflake AZ 85937:FC
Aradia*%u U Fellowship*504 N Leroux*Flagstaff AZ 86001:BOOKSTORE SEP
Highland Buying Club*613 W Grand Canyon*Flagstaff AZ 86001:FC HRO
Foundation For Intl Community Assistance*1031 N Skyview*Flagstaff AZ 86004:THIRD-WORLD FOREIGN-ASSISTANCE 8704
Coop*209 Desert View*Holbrook AZ 86025:FC
Techqua Ikachi-Traditional Hopi Viewpoint*Box 174*Hotevilla AZ 86030:NATIVE-AMERICANS
Naahtee Coop Inc*Indian Wells Rural Branch*Indian Wells AZ 86031:FC
Todd-Dine Benalyebahowan*Star Rt Box 410*Swinslow AZ 86047:FC
New Prospect Natural Foods Coop*236 Montezuma St*Prescott AZ 86301:COOP FC
Hohm*Box 4272*Prescott AZ 86302**602-778-9189:8903 COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Chino Valley Coop*General Delivery*Chino Valley AZ 86323:FC
Open Sky*Box 176*Chino Valley AZ 86323:FC
Cornville Coop*Box 371*Cornville AZ 86325:FC
Desert Publication*Cornville AZ 86325:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hope Foods*Box 365*Cottonwood AZ 86326:FC W
Dewey Coop*Box 113*Dewey AZ 86327:FC
Davis/Scott*Arcosanti*Hc 74 Box 4136*Mayer AZ 86333**602-632-7135:9204 -1 ART ARCHITECTURE DB
Dimensions*Box 211*Rimrock AZ 86335:H PUBLICATION MEDIA
Aquarian Educational Group*Box 267*Sedona AZ 86336:PUBLICATION H MEDIA
World Research Foundation*Box 2818*40 Soldier Pass Rd #2*Sedona AZ 86336**602-282-1208:DMPR HEALTH-CARE H MEDICINE MAIL-ORDER CATALOG
Eat For Living*Box 3544*W Sedona AZ 86340:FC
Faithist Journal*2324 Suffock Av*Kingman AZ 86401**757-4569:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Blue Gap Food Coop*Chinle AZ 86503:COOP FC
Rock Point Buying Club*Rp Community Scholl*Chinle AZ 86503:FC HRO
Rough Rock Demonstration School*Box 217 Rrds*Chinle AZ 86503**602-728-3311:AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-59 AA90-910112 AA90-Y SCHOOL CU EDUCATION AA90-YELLOW
Navaho Arts & Crafts Enterprises*Drawer A*Window Rock AZ 86515:FC ART DB
Begay/Michael*Office Of Navajo Uranium Workers*Box 110*Red Valley AZ 86544**602-653-5716:-1 ECOLOGY URANIUM-WORKERS NAVAJO-WORKERS
Sandoval Environmental Action Community*Box 1220*Bernalillo NM 87004**505-867-5781:FOREST-PLANNING ECOLOGY 8807 POLITICAL AN
American Indian Environmental Council*General Delivery*Casa Blanca NM 87007**505-552-6490:INDIANS FOREST-PLANNING ECOLOGY 8807
Jemez Bodhi Mandala*Box 44*Jemez Springs NM 87025:H
Acoma Food Coop*Box 67*Acomita NM 87034:FC
Duende Press*Box 571*Placitas NM 87043:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bosque Farms Coop*2490 Margaret Dr*Bosque Farms NM 87068:FC
Ad Hoc Nuclear Alert Committee*908 Fruit Av NW*Albuquerque NM 87102:AN POLITICAL
National Indian Youth Council*318 Elm St SE*Albuquerque NM 87102**505-266-7966:INDIANS YOUTH SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN SEP MEDIA
Southwest Maternity Ctr*504 Luna Blvd NW*Albuquerque NM 87102**505-243-5584:WHC W HC
Torreon Food Stamp Coop Assn*Box 193*Cuba NM 87103:FC
Zomeworks Corp*Box 712*Albuquerque NM 87103:NR ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL HOUSING AT
De Colores*Box 7264*Albuquerque NM 87104:SP
Mediaguide*1801 Gabaldon NW*Albuquerque NM 87104**505-842-9049:9404 SP MEDIA DIRECTORY04
New Mexico Peace Conversion Project*836 Garden St SW*Albuquerque NM 87105:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Tonantzin Land Inst*1504 Bridge St SW*Albuquerque NM 87105**505-843-7451:LAND FOREST-PLANNING ECOLOGY 8807
American Indian Law Students*1117 Stanford NE*Albuquerque NM 87106:AACC INDIANS
Blake Newsletter*English Dept*U Of NM*Alguquerque NM 87106:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Brotherhood Of Life*110 Dartmouth SE*Albuquerque NM 87106:BOOKSTORE S
Cactus Alliance*201 Pine St SE*Albuquerque NM 87106:GMPFE GMPFEG GMPFR AN GMPF F&V ART DB
Christensen/Carl*Living Batch Bookstore*106 Cornell Dr*Albuquerque NM 87106**505-262-1619:PR-BOP BOP-PR PR-PHOTO PHOTO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR BOOKSTORE BOP PBB BB ART -1 MW AT SEP DB
Grasshopper Press*212 Tulane SE*Albuquerque NM 87106:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Laluch Nuclear*Box 4524*Albuquerque NM 87106:SER ECOLOGY AN
Morell/Mary*Full Circle Books*2205 Silver SE*Albuquerque NM 87106**505-266-0022:BOOKSTORE -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Nmccaw*Box 4524*Albuquerque NM 87106:ECOLOGY
Organic Growers*1312 Lobo Pl NE*Albuquerque NM 87106**505-268-5504:9404 ORGANIC-GARDENING PUBLICATION04
Physicians For Social Responsibility*Box 4096*Albuquerque NM 87106**898-3083:POLITICAL PSR HC HRO
Robinson/Paul*Southwest Research & Information Ctr*Box 4524*Albuquerque NM 87106**505-262-1862:FOREST-PLANNING RNS0212 RN WHC POLITICAL S AN ECOLOGY INFORMATION PUBLICATION SP HC -1
Albuquerque Mobilization For Survival*War Resisters League*5021 Guadalupe Trail*Albuquerque NM 87107:GMPFE GMPFEG GMPFR WRL MFS PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Anonymous Owl Press*3209 Wellesley NE #1*Albuquerque NM 87107:SP
Bunting/Dorie*Citizens Against Nuclear Threats*5021 Gudalupe NW*Albuquerque NM 87107:GMPFCG GMPFR W -1 AN GMPF F&V
Rio Grande Writers Newsletter*Box 40126*Albuquerque NM 87107:SP
Seers Catalogue*4207 San Isidro NW*Albuquerque NM 87107:CATALOG H
War Resisters League*5021 Guadalupe Trail NW*Albuquerque NM 87107:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Gold Key Foundation*1112 Carlisle Blvd SE*Albuquerque NM 87108**505-266-1064:H
Persian Gulf Crisis Committee*8020 Central Av SE #340*Albuquerque NM 87108**505-268-8873:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Bell/Jon*Unm Norml*3131 Adams NE F35*Albuquerque NM 87110**505-888-4263:DRUGS NORML -1 9307
Stallings Press*3904 Andrew Dr NE*Albuquerque NM 87110:SP
Book Talk*8632 Horacio Pl NE*Albuquerque NM 87111:SPR SP
Mothers Of Aids Patients*1811 Field Dr NE*Albuquerque NM 87112**619-293-3985*619-576-6366*619-293-3985:9004 HC AIDS
Psyche Research Inst*10701 Lomas NE Suite 210*Albuquerque NM 87112**505 292 -0370:H
Konoma Committee School*422 Camino De Bosque NW*Albuquergue NM 87114:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Osha*8812 4th St NW*Alameda NM 87114**898-7018:COOP FC
American Medical Psychic Research Assoc*135 Madison Av NE*Albuquerque NM 87123**265-0221:H PSYCHIC-RESEARCH HC
New Mexico Family Educators*678 Lisbon Av SE*Rio Rancho NM 87124:9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Motivation Development Ctr*Box 25643*Albuquerque NM 87125**265-6557:H
Blake-An Illustrated Quarterly*English Dept*U Of NM*Albuquerque NM 87131:SP BP CU EDUCATION
Computer Music Journal*Box 20 Unm Post Office*Albuquerque NM 87131:SP
Native American Studies*U Of NM*1812 Las Lomas*Albuquerque NM 87131:FILM F&V POLITICAL CU EDUCATION MEDIA
New America*Hum Rm 324*U Of NM*Albuquerque NM 87131:SP CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*U Of NM*1824 Las Lomas NE*Albuquerque NM 87131:BOOKSTORE WOP W CU EDUCATION
Southwest Solaradobe School*Box 7460*Old Albuquerque Stn*Albuquerque NM 87194**505-842-0342:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Doodly-Squat Press*Box 40124*Albuquerque NM 87196:SP
Inter-Hemispheric Education Resource Ctr*Box 4506*Albuquerque NM 87196**505-842-8288*505-246-1601(FAX):POLITICAL EDUCATION
Resource Ctr*Box 4726*Albuquerque NM 87196:MLC-W MLC-WST MLC ENERGY SER ECOLOGY AN
Save The Jemez*Box 4067*Albuquerque NM 87196**505-266-1947:FOREST-PLANNING ECOLOGY 8807
Committee On Native American Struggles*Box 6401*Albuquerque NM 87197:INDIANS LAW SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nmccaw*1108 Martinelli Dr*Gallup NM 87301:ECOLOGY
Nutria Buying Club*No 1 Burke Dr*Ballur NM 87301:FC HRO
Crownpoint Weavers Assn*Box 328*Crownpoint NM 87313:FC
Eastern Navaho Feed*Box 104*Crownpoint NM 87313:FC
Tsaaszi*Cbox 12*Pine Hill NM 87321:
Nmccaw*212 Sunset San Juan County*Farmington NM 87401:ECOLOGY
Anthropology Film Ctr*Box 493*Santa Fe NM 87501**983-4127:FILM ANTHROPOLOGY MAN F&V MEDIA HRO
Concerned Citizens For Nuclear Safety*107 Cienega*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-986-1973:9407 NUCLEAR-SAFETY07
Earth Energy Media*535 Cordova Rd Apt 431*Santa Fe NM 87501:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Ferco*Box 493*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-983-4127:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
John Muir Publications*Box 613*Santa Fe NM 87501:RN SP PUBLICATION NA NR AT ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
National Assn For The Legal Support Of Alternative Schools*Box 2823*Santa Fe NM 87501**471-6928:MLC AA76 AA BB MBB AN POLITICAL NS SCHOOL LAW EDUCATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nmccaw*Box 2533*Santa Fe NM 87501:ECOLOGY
Rising Sun Inc*Box 148*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-982-4182:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Schoenburg/Peter*Public Defender*215 W San Francisco*Albuquerque NM 87501:AACC -1 LAW
Seeds Of Change*1364 Rufina Cir #5*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-438-8080*505-438-7052(FAX):9201 SEEDS AGRICULTURE FARMING ECOLOGY CATALOG DMPR MAILING-LIST-TRADE-?
The Ark*133 Romero St*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-988-3709:9001 BOOKSTORE H DOM
Wind-Light Workshop*RR 2 Box 271*Santa Fe NM 87501**505-471-2573:WIND SOLAR SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Far West Publishing Co*Box 5588*Santa Fe NM 87502:PUBLICATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-59 AA90-900927 MEDIA
Rising Tide Press*Box 6136*Santa Fe NM 87502:9306 SP NUCLEAR-POWER PLUTONIUM
Santa Fe Sun*Box 5588*Santa Fe NM 87502**505-988-2033:9001 PUBLICATION DMPR H MEDIA
El Palacio*Box 2087*Santa Fe NM 87503:SP
Institute For Regional Education*Box 2404*Santa Fe NM 87504**505-982-2272:WLT AA83 AA BB MBB CU EDUCATION
Lighthawk-The Environmental Air Force*Box 8163*Santa Fe NM 87504:9112 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION AIRPLANES FLYING-SERVICE MEDIA
Ocean Tree Books*Box 1295*Santa Fe NM 87504**505-983-1412:SP PEACE 9102
Parados Community*Box 2241*Santa Fe NM 87504:COOP PARTNERSHIP COMMUNITY
Quotidian Independent Documentary Research*Box 2623*Santa Fe NM 87504**505-983-9641:9206 NEW-MEXICO FILM F&V MEDIA
Goggin/Lewisa*Rainforest Information Ctr*Route 2 Box 404*Santa Fe NM 87505**505-471-5510*505-982-2416(FAX):9301 -1 F ECOLOGY INDIGENOUS-PEOPLE ECUADOR RAINFOREST
Jones/Edward M*Voice For Children*7 Casa Del Oro Ct*Santa Fe NM 87505**505-983-1021:9407 DMPR -1 EDUCATION HOME-SCHOOLING PUBLICATION07
Arroyo Hondo Food Club*Box 308*Arroyo Hondo NM 87513:FC HRO
La Voz Nortena*Box 26*Dixon NM 87527:
Walden Foundation*Box 5*El Rito NM 87530:MLC PUBLICATION AT MEDIA
Nmccaw*Rt 1 Box 385A*Espanola NM 87532:ECOLOGY
Nmccaw*113 Monte Rey N*Los Alamos NM 87544:ECOLOGY
Roadrunner Naturists*Box 956*Los Alamos NM 87544:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Vigil/Roberto*Concerned Citizens Of Questa*Box 333*Questa NM 87556:-1 9102 ECOLOGY
Magic Tortoise*Box 44*San Creistobal NM 87564:FC
Circle Of Loving Companions*Box 8*San Juan Pueblo NM 87566:HS
New Age Mailing Lists*Box 970*Santa Cruz NM 87567**505-753-5086*505-753-9249(FAX):MLP MLP-HOT MAILING-LISTS NAM W
Spiritual Community Publications*Box 970*Santa Cruz NM 87567**457-2990:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY DIRECTORY H SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bates/David*Taos Environmental Assn*Box 15*Taos NM 87571:-1 9102 ECOLOGY
Global Realities & Education*Las Palomas De Taos*Box 3400*Taos NM 87571:GMPFI EDUCATION GMPF F&V DB
Indian House*Box 472*Taos NM 87571:SP
Mcdowell/Sue*Northern New Mexico Legal Services*Box 948*Taos NM 87571:-1 9102 ECOLOGY W
Music Of The Spheres*Box 1751*Taos NM 87571**505-758-0405:MUSIC H 8704 PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Saxe/Hank*Amigos Bravos*Box 6168*Taos NM 87571:-1 9102 ECOLOGY AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST
Taos Action For Survival Council*Box 3135*Taos NM 87571:SER ECOLOGY AN
Unit Construction*Box 745*Taos NM 87571:SHELTER
Uncompromising Books Inc*216 M Paseo Del Pueblo Norte*Taos NM 87571-5902:9404 SP AMERICAN-INDIAN INDIAN/AMERICAN PRISON BOOK04
Loeber Jr/Tom*Peoples Resource Council*1222 Apache Dr*Socorro NM 87801:GMPFEG GMPFR -1 GMPF F&V ART DB
New Mexico Humanities Review*Box A New Mexico Technology*Socorro NM 87801:SP
Saurian Press*Box A-New Mexico Technology*Socorro NM 87801:SP
Alternate Energy Publishing Co*Box 25984*Albuquerque NM 87925:ECOLOGY
New Mexico Solar Energy Assn*Box 350L*Las Cruces NM 88003**505-983-2861:ENERGY SOLAR SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL MLC NA SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Puerto Del Sol*Box 3e*Las Cruces NM 88003:SP
Womens Ctr*Box 3923*Las Cruces NM 88003:MR POLITICAL W
Bilingue Publications*Drawer H*Las Cruces NM 88004:SP
Dry Country News*14250 N Hwy 85*Las Cruces NM 88005:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
City Of The Sun*Box 356*Columbus NM 88029:H
New Age Church Of Truth*Star Rt 2*Hatch Rd NE*Deming NM 88030:H
Plains Woman Bookstore*Box 128*Mesilla NM 88046:BOOKSTORE W
Shultis/Dan*National Home School Service*Box 91*Rodeo NM 88056**505-557-2250:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Nmccaw*411 Howell Grant County*Silver City NM 88061:ECOLOGY
Silver City Food Coop*511 N Bullard*Silver City NM 88061:FC
Carlsbad Nuclear Waste Forum*1308 Beta*Carlsbad NM 88220:POLITICAL WASTE-DISPOSAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Nmccaw*1802 Grayson Lea County*Hobbs NM 88240:ECOLOGY
Florencia Land Rights Coordinating Committee*Box 1326*Loving NM 88256:SER ECOLOGY AN LAND-RIGHTS
Taeria Fndn Spiritual Community*Box 782*Carrizozo NM 88301:COMMUNITY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nmccaw*Box 628*Tucumcari NM 88401:ECOLOGY
New Life Foundation*Box 684*Boulder City NV 89005**702-293-4444:H AA84 AA BB MBB NAM
Consumer League Of Nv*1408 E Owens Av*N Las Vegas NV 89030:CONSUMER
Imero Fioentino Assoc*2781 S Bronco*Las Vegas NV 89102**702-876-6661:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Vita Plus*953 E Sahara Bldg 22B*Las Vegas NV 89104:FOOD
Poor People Pulling Together*1285 W Miller*Las Vegas NV 89106:CONSUMER
Sagebrush Alliance*704 W Mcwilliams*Las Vegas NV 89106:SER ECOLOGY AN
Nudist Apartments Of Nevada*Box 43824*Las Vegas NV 89116**702-594-FREE:HOUSING/NUDIST NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Great Basin Alliance*Box 27*Baker NV 89311:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
School Of The Natural Order*Box 578*Baker NV 89311:H CU EDUCATION
Freedom Of Information Services*Box 1277*Crystal Bay NV 89402:
Nevada Environmental Education Council*1600 Royal Dr*Reno NV 89503:ECOLOGY EDUCATION
Bonanza Inc*Box 971*Reno NV 89504:SP
Civil Liberties Union*Box 40967*Reno NV 89504**702-786-8260:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Janes Book Service*Box 2805*Reno NV 89505:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Women-In-Literature Inc*Box 60550*Reno NV 89506**702-972-1671:POETRY WRITING SP W
Life Energy Sciences*316 California #210*Reno NV 89509:NAM
Pansophic Inst*80 Mayberry Dr*Reno NV 89509:H
Native Nevadan Environmental Research*Box 7440*Reno NV 89510:SER ECOLOGY AN INDIANS RESEARCH
Citizen Alert*Box 5391*Reno NV 89513**702-827-4200:CONSUMER POLITICAL AN PPS GMPFPR GMPFCG GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB
Black Rock Press*Special Collections Dept*U Of NV Library*Reno NV 89557:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Western Shoshone Sacred Lands Assn*Box 185*Battle Mt NV 89820**702-738-3992:SHOSHONE INDIANS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Seventh Generation Fund*Star Route*Lee NV 89829**702-744-4231:NATIVE-AMERICAN-FOUNDATION FOUNDATION 9107
Shoshone Sacred Land Assoc*Was Sack*Lee NV 89829:SER ECOLOGY AN
Architects & Planners In Support Of Nicaragua*Box 1151*Topanga CA 90001**213-455-1340:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Mori/Mark*Image Film/Video Ctr*Box 29314*Los Angeles CA 90001**213-469-1145:9303 -1 FILM VIDEO F&V INTERNET
Ucla Comminications Law Program*U Of CA Law School*Los Angeles CA 90001:NCBL PILC LAW 8807 CU EDUCATION
Womans Bldg*1727 N Spring St*Los Angeles CA 90001:BOOKSTORE W
International Professional Surrogates Assn*Box 7415*Los Angeles CA 90004**213-469-4720:SEX-SURROGATES SURROGATES/SEX
Lets Live*444 N Larchmont Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90004:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Raisin Consciousness*3547 White House Pl*Los Angeles CA 90004:
Sivananda Yoga Ctr*115 N Larchmont Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90004**464-1276:H
Amnesty Intl*633 Shatto Pl Rm 213*Los Angeles CA 90005**213-388-1237: HRO
Citizens Commission On Police Repression*633 S Shatto Pl #200*Los Angeles CA 90005**387-3937:LAW POLICE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Civil Liberties Union*633 S Shatto Pl*Los Angeles CA 90005**213-487-1720:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Consumer Federation Of Ca*621 S Virgil Av*Los Angeles CA 90005:CONSUMER
Gay Rights Panel*American Civil Liberties Union*633 S Shatto Pl*Los Angeles CA 90005:HS LIBRARY W
Alcoholism Ctr For Women*1147 S Alvarado St*Los Angeles CA 90006**381-7805:ALCOHOLISM HS W
Church Of World Messianity*3068 San Marino St*Los Angeles CA 90006**387-8366:H
International Buddhist Meditation Ctr*928 S New Hampshire Av*Los Angeles CA 90006**384-0850:H
University Of Oriental Studies*939 S New Hampshire Av*Los Angeles CA 90006**487-1235:H NR AT ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Zen Ctr Of Los Angeles*927 S Normandie Av*La CA 90006**384-8996:H
Ellis Island*1204 W 27 St*Los Angeles CA 90007:COMMUNITY URBAN FARM POLITICAL FH
Gay Students Union Usc*313B Student Union*University Park CA 90007:HS CU W EDUCATION
Washoe Press*Box 91922*Los Angeles CA 90009:SP
Central City Community Mental Hlth Ctr*4211 S Avalon Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90011**232-4111:H
Liberation Day Coordinating Committee*4211 S Avalon Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90011:POLITICAL
Los Angeles Womens Video Ctr*1727 N Spring St*Los Angeles CA 90012:FILM VIDEO F&V W MEDIA
Sisterhood Bookstore*Womens Bldg*1727 Spring St*Los Angeles CA 90012:BOOKSTORE SEP W
Womens Graphic Ctr*1727 N Spring St*Los Angeles CA 90012**221-6161:GRAPHICS J W ART DB
Xin Qiao Friendship Bookstore*971 Chunking Rd Chinatown*Los Angeles CA 90012:POLITICAL BOOKSTORE SEP
Unity-In-Diversity Council*1010 S Flower St #500*Los Angeles CA 90015**213-742-6832:H
Black Theater*4716 W Washington Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90016:THEATER
Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation*Box 17160*Los Angeles CA 90017:9207 AIDS HEALTH-CARE HC
Kev Enterprises*Foy Stn*Box 17567*Los Angeles CA 90017:FOOD
Jefferson Community Buying Club*3443 10TH Av*Los Angeles CA 90018:FC HRO
Movement Of Spiritual Awareness*3500 W Adams*Los Angeles CA 90018:FC
Institute For Marxist Study*1251 S St Andres Pl*Los Angeles CA 90019:BOOKSTORE SEP POLITICAL MARXIST
La County Dept Of Health Services*Info & Resources Unit*1102 S Crenshaw Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90019**937-2380:H HC
Proutist Universal*1245 S Norton Av*Los Angeles CA 90019**213-737-9742:PROUT PUBLICATION POLITICAL 8704 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Agape Fellowship*332 S Virgil*Los Angelos CA 90020:FC
African Activists Assn*African Studies Ctr*U Of CA*405 Hilgard Av*Los Angeles CA 90024:AFRICA CU EDUCATION
African Studies Assn*255 Kinsey Hall*U Of CA*Los Angeles CA 90024**213-206-8011:CU EDUCATION HRO
Black Law Journal*Dood Hall A2*U Of CA*Los Angeles CA 90024**825-7941:BLACK LAW SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
California Conservation Project*1745 Selly Av #18*Los Angeles CA 90024:SEPO POLITICAL ECOLOGY SEP
Fight Inflation Together*1434 Westwood Blvd #10*Los Angeles CA 90024:INFLATION SEP
Gay Students Union Ucla*Under Grad Student Body Assn*308 Westwood Plaza*Los Angeles CA 90024:HS CU W EDUCATION
International Foundation For Integral Psychology*10921 Wilshire Blvd Suite 901*Los Angeles CA 90024**479-7008:H
Mann/Nancy R*Quality Enhancement Seminars Inc*1081 Westwood Blvd Suite 217*Los Angeles CA 90024**800-574-5544*310-824-9623*310-824-7170(FAX):9402 -1 F DEMING-SEMINARS QUALITY-SEMINARS SEMINARS02
Parents & Friends Of Gays*Box 24528*Los Angeles CA 90024**213-472-4804:HS
Psychology Clinic*Franz Hall*U Of CA*Los Angeles CA 90024:H CU EDUCATION HC
Psychology Dept Fernald School*405 Hilgard*U Of CA*Los Angeles CA 90024**879-1049:H CU EDUCATION
Public Interest Research Group*U Of CA Kh 311*308 Westwood Plaza*Los Angeles CA 90024:CONSUMER PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Sisterhood Bookstore*1351 Westwood Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90024**213-477-7300:9308 WOMEN ID-B ID-N IDAFSA POLITICAL MR BOOKSTORE W SEP
Ucla Extension*10995 Le Conte Av*U Of CA*Los Angeles CA 90024:H CU EDUCATION
Ucla Help Line*308 Westwood*Los Angeles CA 90024:HOTLINE
Aztlan-Intl Journal Of Chicano Studies*Ucla*405 Hilgard Av*Los Angeles CA 90025:CHICANO SP CU EDUCATION
Bobby Is Fred*Box 25656*Los Angeles CA 90025:9310 ZINE
Bobby Is Fred*Word Of Mouth*Box 25656*Los Angeles CA 90025:9401 MUSIC BANDS PUNK ZINE
Chicano Studies Research Ctr Publications*U Of CA*405 Hilgard Av*Los Angeles CA 90025:SP CU EDUCATION
Dale/Mark*Human Awareness Inst*1616 Barrington Av #101*W La CA 90025:9112 SP H -1
Astrological Psychology Inst*Berkeley Synthesis Foundation*2508 Berkeley Av*Los Angeles CA 90026:H
California Scene*Box 26032*Los Angeles CA 90026:HS
National Socialist League*Box 26496*Los Angeles CA 90026:SOCIALIST POLITICAL HS W
Tai Chi*Box 26156*Los Angeles CA 90026**665-7773:TAI-CHI SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*1073 W Kensington Rd*Los Angeles CA 90026:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE WILPF 8807 W
Cancer Control Society*2043 North Berendo*Los Angeles CA 90027:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Fellowship Of Reconciliation*4607 Prospect Av*Los Angeles CA 90027:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Glossolalia*2041 N Vermont #402*Los Angeles CA 90027:9401 W HC PUNK ZINE
Health Task Force*National Organization For Women*2413 Ronda Vista Dr*Los Angeles CA 90027:WHC NOW W HC
Hotline*Childrens Hospital*4650 Sunset Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90027:HOTLINE TELEPHONE HC
Philosophical Research Society*3910 Los Feliz Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90027**213-663-2167*213-663-9443(FAX):H AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901015
Pigs Whisker Music*Box 27522*Los Angeles CA 90027:
United Liberal Catholic Church Of America*2450 N Catalina St*Los Angeles CA 90027**664-4255:H LIBRARY
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*4603 Prospect Av*Los Angeles CA 90027:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF W
Aetherius Society*American Headquarters*6202 Afton Pl*Los Angeles CA 90028:H
Angriff Press*Box 2726*Los Angeles CA 90028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Answer Me!*1608 N Cahuenga Blvd #666*Hollywood CA 90028:9401 PUNK ZINE
Compass*Box 1586*Los Angeles CA 90028:HS
Freedom*5930 Franklin Av*Los Angeles CA 90028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Garden Of Eatin*5300 Santa Monica Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90028:FOOD
Help-Adult Hotline*5607 Fernwood*Hollywood CA 90028:HOTLINE ADULT TELEPHONE
Herzog/Shanta*American Ctr Of Films For Children*International Childrens Film Festival*6519 Fountain Av*Los Angeles CA 90028:GMPFPR FILM CHILDREN FILM-FESTIVAL GMPF F&V ART MEDIA -1 F
Homophile Effort For Legal Protection*Box 3416*Los Angeles CA 90028**463-3146:LEGAL-AID HS
Homosexual Information Ctr*6715 Hollywood Blvd*Hollywood CA 90028**464-8431:HS LIBRARY INFORMATION
American Vets Of Abe Lincoln Brigade*1241 N Mariposa*Los Angeles CA 90029:VETERANS POLITICAL
Budget Films*4590 Santa Monica Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90029**660-0187:FILM F&V CHEAP-FILMS MEDIA
Natural Fudge Co*5224 Fountain Av*Hollywood CA 90029:RESTAURANT FOOD
Plantin Press*1052 Manzanita St*Los Angeles CA 90029:SP
Tumaros Inc*5300 Santa Monica Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90029:FOOD
Hoffman/Rodney*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*4022 Elderbank Dr*Los Angeles CA 90031**213-259-2560*RODNEY@OXY.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
California State Committee On Nuclear Information*Ca State U*Los Angeles CA 90032:SER ECOLOGY AN CU NUCLEAR-INFORMATION EDUCATION
California State La Committee On Nuclear Info*Ca State U*Los Angeles CA 90032:POLITICAL AN CU EDUCATION
Center For The Study Of Armament & Disarmament*5251 State U Dr*Los Angeles CA 90032:SEPL PEACE POLITICAL DISARMAMENT SEP CU EDUCATION
Catholic Agitator*632 N Brittania St*Los Angeles CA 90033**264-8144:PUBLICATION RELIGION CATHOLICS MEDIA
Bhaktivedanta Book Trust*3764 Watseka Av*Los Angeles CA 90034:H
Center For Media & Values*1962 S Shenandoah*Los Angeles CA 90034**310-559-2944:8911 PUBLICATION 9203 VIDEO F&V WAR&PEACE PEACE POLITICAL MEDIA
Davis/Bill*Christic Inst*8773 Venice Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90034**310-287-1556*310-287-1559(FAX)*CHRISTIC@IGC.ORG:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Leland Films*6036 Comey Av*Los Angeles CA 90034**213-931-3277:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Modern Play School*6063 Hargis St*Los Angels CA 90034:SCHOOL EDUCATION
Summerhill Society*6063 Hargis St*Los Angeles CA 90034:EDUCATION
Healthy Happy Holy Organization*1620 Preuss*Los Angeles CA 90035**213-273-9422:KUNDALINI YOGA COMMUNITY URBAN SPIRITUAL RESTAURANT H FOOD HC
Mens Awareness Network*1608 S Durango Av*Los Angeles CA 90035:MEN
Ornament*Box 35029*Los Angeles CA 90035:SP
Pearlman/Nancy*Educational Communications*Box 351419*Los Angeles CA 90035**310-559-9160:9212 -1 F ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA DIRECTORY
Personescence*1608 S Durango Av*Los Angeles CA 90035:H
American Foundation For Aids Research*5900 Wilshire Blvd 2nd Flr*Los Angeles CA 90036**213-857-5900:9004 RESEARCH FOUNDATION AIDS HC
Chevalier Publications*Box 36091*Los Angeles CA 90036:CROSSDRESSING HS
Inkana Natural Foods Restaurant*131 S La Brea Av*Los Angeles CA 90036:RESTAURANT FOOD
Langer/Jerry*National Network For Artist Placement*935 West Av 37*Los Angeles CA 90036**213-225-3096*213-222-4035(FAX):9202 -1 ART JOBS EMPLOYMENT PUBLICATION PLACEMENT-SERVICE DB MEDIA
Los Angeles Commission Of Assaults Against Women*543 N Fairfax Av*Los Angeles CA 90036**392-8381:LAW SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Medical Aid For El Salvador*6030 Wilshire Blvd #200*Los Angeles CA 90036:EL-SALVADOR CENTRAL-AMERICA MEDICAL-AID HEALTH-CARE 9308
Peoples Lobby Inc*510 S Burnside #11-D*Los Angeles CA 90036:SER ECOLOGY AN
Aquarian Bookstore*1302 W Santa Barbara Av*Los Angeles CA 90037**213-296-1633:BOOKSTORE W SEP
Experimental College*Student Activities Office Admin 123*Ca State College*Los Angeles CA 90037:U CU EDUCATION
Citizens For Waters*832 N Citrus Av*Los Angeles CA 90038:HPF ECOLOGY WATER
Computerized Aids Information Network*1213 N Highland Av Box 38777*Hollywood CA 90038**213-464-7400 X277:AIDS HC
Fairfax Community Food Coop*747 N Orange Dr*Los Angeles CA 90038:FC
Gay Community Services Ctr*1213 N Highland Av*Los Angeles CA 90038**482-3062:HS W
Gay Western Archives*Box 38734*Los Angeles CA 90038**463-5450:HS W
Radical Faeries*5343 La Cresta Ct*Los Angeles CA 90038:9008
Third World Ethnic Books*Box 38237*Los Angeles CA 90038:BS SEP ETHNIC-BOOKS
War Resistors League*805 N Sycamore Av*Los Angeles CA 90038:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN WRL PEACE
Women Against Violence Against Women*543 N Fairfax St*Los Angeles CA 90039:WOP W
Moser/Pat*Southern California Transit Advocates*Box 41198*Los Angeles CA 90041:9407 -1 TRANSPORTATION PAVING-MORATORIUM HIGHWAYS
Occidental Food Coop*Occidental College*1600 Campus Rd Box F39*Los Angeles CA 90041:FC CU EDUCATION
Agape Inn #2 Help Line*5609 York Blvd*Highland Park CA 90042:HOTLINE
Brain-Mind Bulletin*Box 42211*Los Angeles CA 90042**257-2500:H
Builders Of The Adytum*5105 Fiqueroa*Los Angeles CA 90042**213-255-7141:H BOOKSTORE
Interface Press*Box 42211*Los Angeles CA 90042:MIND INTELLIGENCE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Iww*5057 Meridian St*Los Angeles CA 90042:UNION WOBBLIES POLITICAL
Leading Edge*Box 42247*Los Angeles CA 90042**258-7333:SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Northeast Hotline*115 N Av 53*Los Angeles CA 90042:HOTLINE
Nucleus For The Exploration Of Humanities Futures*5833 Eucalyptus Ln*Los Angeles CA 90042:AT H
Southern California Library For Social Studies & Research*6120 S Vermont Av*Los Angeles CA 90044**213-759-6063:LIBRARY SOCIAL-STUDIES POLITICAL 9105
Neutrogena Corp*5755 W 96TH St*Los Angeles CA 90045:FOOD
Westchester Hotline*8015 S Sepulvera Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90045:
Chi-Ops*Professional Travel Service*422 N La Cienega Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90048**655-4782:H
Coalition Against US Intervention*206-8124 W 3rd St*Los Angeles CA 90048**213-655-3728:MIDDLE-EAST GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
Dunlap/Barbara*Foundation For Life Action*Box 48932*Los Angeles CA 90048**800-367-2246:9205 -1 SP H F
Erewhon Natural Foods*8001 Beverly Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90048:STORE FOOD
Los Angeles Committee Against Intervention In The Mideast*8124 W 3rd St #206*Los Angeles CA 90048**213-392-7672:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Office Of The Americas*8124 W 3rd St #201*Los Angeles CA 90048**213-451-2428:AMERICAS 9308
Cerulean Press*1164 Mclellan Dr*Los Angeles CA 90049:SP
Educational Alternatives Study Group*13420 Challon Rd*Los Angeles CA 90049:CU EDUCATION
Experimental Cities*11747 Bellagio Rd Suite 8*Los Angeles CA 90049:H
Worldview Exploration Seminar*1961 Mandeville Canyon*Los Angeles CA 90049**553-2133:H
Career Planning Ctr*1623 S Lacienega*Los Angeles CA 90053:WORK W
International Society For Krishna Consciousness*3764 Watseka Av*Los Angels CA 90053:H
Owen/John*Peacemakers Tv*Box 521*Los Angeles CA 90053**213-223-2966:GMPFI TV GMPFTV 9102 GMPF AA AA91 AA91-W AA91-29 AA91-910726 FILM VIDEO F&V -1 MEDIA
Big Sister League*701 S New Hampshire*Los Angeles CA 90055:HOTLINE
Hirano Natl Network*Asian/Pacific Women*6720 Sherbourne Dr*Los Angeles CA 90056:MWOC W
Hain Pure Food Co Inc*13660 S Figueroa*Los Angeles CA 90061:FOOD
Yohko Club Intl*4286 S Dalton Av*Los Angeles CA 90062**296-4097:H HRO
Ela Alliance For Survival*1541 N Attridge Av*Los Angeles CA 90063:SER ECOLOGY AN
California Citizens Action Group*2315 Westwood Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90064:SEP
Fairfax Folio*3039 Shasta Cir S*Los Angeles CA 90065:SP
Highlan Park Coop*4309 Glanalbyn Dr*Los Angeles CA 90065:FC
Self-Realization Fellowship*3880 San Raphael Av*Los Angeles CA 90065**225-2471:WLT H
Biorhythm Research Inst*3572 Greenwood Av*Los Angeles CA 90066:H
Econ-O-Plate*11924 W Washington Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90066**390-3506:H
Integrated Healing Research Foundation*Box 66457*Los Angeles CA 90066**391-8333:H
Mar Vista Publishing Co*11917 Westminster Pl*Los Angeles CA 90066:
Venice-Santa Monica Alliance For Survival*3732 Sawtelle Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90066:AN POLITICAL
Doctors Without Borders*1990 Avenue Of The Stars Suite 500*Los Angeles CA 90067**310-551-4072*310-553-3928(FAX):9210 HC POLITICAL
Paul Bindrim & Assoc*2000 Cantata Dr*Los Angeles CA 90068:H
Vedanta Society*Ramakrishna Order*1946 Vedanta Pl*Hollywood CA 90068**465-7114:H
A Different Light*8853 Santa Monica Blvd*W Hollywood CA 90069**213-854-6601:9109 BOOKSTORE HS
Direct Cinema Ltd*Box 69589*Los Angeles CA 90069**656-4700:FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Heritage Bookshop*8540 Melrose Av*Los Angeles CA 90069**310-659-3674:BOOKSTORE SP
Hollywood Film Archive*8344 Melrose Av*Hollywood CA 90069:SP
International Yogurt Co*628 N Doheny Dr*Los Angeles CA 90069:YOGURT FOOD
Labinger/Mark*Bodhi Tree Bookstore*8585 Melrose Av*W Hollywood CA 90069**310-659-1733:S BOOKSTORE -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Operation Heartland*8320 Melrose Av Suite 200*Los Angeles CA 90069**800-678-7255:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY FLOOD-RELIEF
Press Of The Pegacycle Lady*Box 69812*Los Angeles CA 90069:SP
Source*8301 Sunset Blvd*Los Angeles CA 90069:RESTAURANT FOOD
Libertarian Law Notes*5555 Southflower St 26 Fl*Los Angeles CA 90071:PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Hemp Council*Box 71093*Los Angeles CA 90071-0093**213-288-4152:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Conrad/Chris*Business Alliance For Commerce In Hemp (bach)*Box 71093*Los Angeles CA 90071-0093**213-288-4152:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Family Council On Drug Awareness*Box 71093*Los Angeles CA 90071-0093**213-288-4152:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Shaw/Lenny*Southern California Norml*Box 71093*Los Angeles CA 90071-0093**213-288-4152:9401 -1 NORML MARIJUANA
Spirit Speaks*Box 84304*Los Angeles CA 90073:H CHANNELLING 8704
Holmes Ctr For Research In Holistic Healing*Box 75127*Los Angeles CA 90075**380-6176:HC W
Science Of Mind Publications*Box 75127*Los Angeles CA 90075**388-2181:AA84 AA H MBB BB
Windham/Wanda*Chips Off The Writer's Block*Box 83371*Los Angeles CA 90083:ZINE 9311 -1 WRITERS WORK P F
Amok*Box 861867 Terminal Annex*Los Angeles CA 90086:9010 DIRECTORY UNUSUAL-STUFF
Hughart/Jeff*Ba Publications*Box 931013*Los Angeles CA 90093-1013:9310 -1 COMIX PUNK ZINE
Bell Garden Buying Club*Box 2160*Bell Gardens CA 90201:FC HRO
Coopportunity Consumers Coop*1530 Broadway*Santa Monica CA 90204:FC
Amerikan Press Syndicate*Box 5175*Beverly Hills CA 90210:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Intergroup Committee For Three Linked Festivals*Box 5105*Beverly Hills CA 90210**374-8389:H
Jones/Dorothy*Another Mother For Peace*407 N Maple Dr*Beverly Hills CA 90210**213-278-3476:PEACE POLITICAL ECOLOGY AN W SER -1
Tree People*California Conservation Project*12601 Mulholland Dr*Beverly Hills CA 90210**213-769-CONE:TREES ECOLOGY SP PUBLICATION TREE-PLANTING MEDIA
American Research Team*256 S Robertson Blvd*Beverly Hills CA 90211:H
Noble House Publishing*256 S Robertson*Beverly Hills CA 90211:SP
Rene Guyon Society*256 S Robertson Blvd*Beverly Hills CA 90211:HS W
Freshman Publications*9100 Wilshire 8th Flr*Beverly Hills CA 90212:COSMEP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Self-Improvement Inst*Box 6300*Beverly Hills CA 90212**933-NEEV:H
Rossi*Box 2001*Beverly Hills CA 90213:SP
Scientific Media Exchange Ctr*Box 1375*Beverly Hills CA 90213**275-6655:H
Natural Nector Corp*8454 Steller Dr*Culver City CA 90230:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Self-Esteem Seminars*6035 Bristol Pkwy #g*Culver City CA 90230:H 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Kaleidoscope Press*8213 Brunache St*Downey CA 90242:SP
Park Slocum Bookseller*7733 Corey St*Downey CA 90242:PUBLICATION BOOKSTORE SEP MEDIA
Feed Bag Coop*1257 E Maple*El Segundo CA 90245:FC
Seicho-No-Le Church*14527 S Vermont Av*Gardena CA 90247:H
Christian Book Club Of America*Box 638*Hawthorne CA 90250:PUBLICATION MEDIA HRO
Entibond*3807 W 119TH Pl*Hawthorne CA 90250**644-3118:H
South Bay Community School*1956 Monterey Blvd*Hermosa Beach CA 90254:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Junta Civico-Militar Cubana*Box 795*Huntington Pk CA 90255:PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Age World Services*Box 3086*7707 State St*Huntington Pk CA 90255**588-4323:H
National Organization On Concerns Of Black Women*3958 Louise St*Lynwood CA 90262:WOP BLACK W
American United*Box 1122*Malibu CA 90265:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Common Ground Usa*1566 Monte Viento Dr*Malibu CA 90265:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Arcana Workshops*Box 506*Manhattan Beach CA 90266**213-273-5949*273-5949:PUBLICATION H MEDIA
George/Robley E*Center For The Study Of Democratic Societies*Box 475*Manhattan Beach CA 90266:H AA92 AA AA92-29 AA92-920109 AA92-Y POLITICAL -1
South Bay Free Clinic*1807 Manhattan Blvd*Manhattan Beach CA 90266:CLINIC HC
California Resource Recovery Assn*Box 1263*Pacific Palisades CA 90272:RECYCLING SEP
Experimental City*1001 Rivas Canyon Rd*Pacific Palisades CA 90272:SEP
Fellowship For Spiritual Understanding*Box 816*Palos Verdes Estates CA 90274**373-2669:H
Rancho Verdes Coop*5241 Sunnypoint Pl*Rancho Palos Verdes Pen CA 90274:FC
Franru Travel*137 N Pacific Coast Hwy*Redondo Beach CA 90277**374-3428:H
Nutri-Homo Products*Box 734*Redondo Beach CA 90277:FOOD
Elysium Fields*814 Robinson Rd*Topanga CA 90290**213-455-1000:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO COMMUNITY HPM
Sandstone*21400 Saddle Peak Rd*Topanga CA 90290**213 455-2530:H
Topanga Alliance*1516 Topanga Skyline Dr*Topanga CA 90290:SER ECOLOGY AN
Alliance For Survival*13 Sunset Av*Venice CA 90291**213-399-1000:PEACE 9308
Alliance For Survival*26 Breeze Av #3*Venice CA 90291:NFZ POLITICAL 8807 SER ECOLOGY AN
Angels Gate Press*8217 Bilowvista Dr*Playa Del Rey CA 90291:SP
Beyond Baroque Library*681 Venice Blvd Boc 806*Venice CA 90291:SP LIBRARY
Equal Opportunity Forum*1201 W Washington Bl*Venice CA 90291**213-399-9355:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Food Family Coop*1221 Cabrillo*Venice CA 90291:FC
Los Angeles Childbirth Ctr*252 Fifth Av*Venice CA 90291:CHILD-BIRTH W HC
Penmar Buyers Coop*1620 Glyndon Av*Venice CA 90291:FC
Peripatetic Community School*1327 Palms Blvd*Venic CA 90291:SCHOOL EDUCATION
Santana Dharma Information Comm*47 Clubhouse Av*Venice CA 90291**396-6918:H HRO
Survival For Women*2554 Lincoln Blvd Suite 228*Marina Del Rey CA 90291**213-397-4228:RAPE W
Venice-Ocean Park Food Coop*839 Brooks*Venice CA 90291:FC
More/Max*Extropy Institute*13428 Maxella Av*Marina Del Rey CA 90292**310-398-0375*MORE@EXTROPY.ORG:-1 LIBERTARIAN ANARCHIST POLITICAL05
Conway/Steven*Peak Skill Publishing*Box 5489*Playa Del Rey CA 90296:SP AA86 AA BB MBB AA86-19 AA86-860623 -1
Calvary Mennonite Coop*2400 W 85 St*Inglewood CA 90305:FC
Hotline*8722 Crenshaw Blvd*Inglewood CA 90305:HOTLINE TELEPHONE
Spiritual Unity Movement*3215 W 81ST St*Inglewood CA 90305**751-3959:H
Knowledge Exchange*327 10TH St*Santa Monica CA 90401:S
Los Angeles Radical Feminist Therapy Collective*237 Hill St*Santa Monica CA 90401:WHC H W HC
Prosperos Servers Ctr*1441 4th St*Box 1400*Santa Monica CA 90401**393-0287:H
Sea Shepherd Conservation Society*1314 2nd St*Santa Monica CA 90401:9403 ECOLOGY
Unity-By-The-Sea*1245 W 4th St*Santa Monica CA 90401:H
Garrett*471 Sycamore Rd*Santa Monica CA 90402:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Hope Images*260 Maberry St*Santa Monica CA 90402**213-459-4294:VIDEO F&V W MEDIA
New Age Bible & Philosophy Ctr*1139 Lincoln Blvd*Santa Monica CA 90403**395-4346:H
Center For Counseling & Psychotherapy*3017 Santa Monica Blvd*Santa Monica CA 90404:H
O-Oportunity*1530 Broadway*Santa Monica CA 90404:FC
Vista Publications*3010 Santa Monica Blvd Suite 221*Santa Monica CA 90404:
Io Triad Program*2617 Lincoln Blvd #207*Santa Monica CA 90405:H
One Life Natural Foods*202 Pier Av*Santa Monica CA 90405**396-9966:RN FC COOP COMMUNITY
Radical Therapy Action Rap*Ocean Park Community Ctr*245 Hill St*Santa Monica CA 90405:WHC W HC
Womens Health Care Project*1711 Ocean Park Blvd*Santa Monica CA 90405:WHC W HC
Labyrinth Editions*22018 Anza Av*Torrence CA 90503:SP
Health Integration Ctr*3250 W Lomita Blvd Suite 208*Torrance CA 90505**326-2010:H HC
Institute For Historical Reveiw*Box 1306*Torrance CA 90505:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Noontide Press*Box 1248*Torrance CA 90505:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Associates Of Christ Schools Internal*Box 4097*Whittier CA 90605:EDUCATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hamiltonian Society*Box 564*Whittier CA 90608:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Americanism Education League*Box 5986*Buena Pk CA 90622:PUBLICATION EDUCATION MEDIA
Emerge*Box 5366*Buena Park CA 90622**821-6117:H FH
Downey Counseling Ctr*10909 Orr & Day Rd*Sante Fe CA 90670:COUNSELING
Catalina Island Afs*Box 1516*Avalon CA 90704:SER ECOLOGY AN
Center For Inner Awareness*Box 966*Bellflower CA 90706:H
L/Art*Care*Box 1612*Bellflower CA 90706:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Universe Of Metaphysics*9999 Palm St*Bellflower CA 90706**866-8247:H
Golden Cir*25512 Pennsylvania Av*Lomita CA 90717:H
Concord Press*2812 Tigertail Dr*Los Alamitos CA 90720:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Western Regional Hotline Assn*Box 32*Los Alamedos CA 90720**430-8826:HOTLINE INFORMATION TELEPHONE
Children Of The Void*Box 286*Paramount CA 90723:9401 SEX PUNK ZINE
Naturade Products*7110 E Jackson St*Paramount CA 90723:FOOD
Paramount Methodist Church Coop*16635 Paramount Bl*Paramount CA 90723:FC
American Cetacean Society*Box 2639*San Pedro CA 90731:9403 ECOLOGY
Concerned Californians*2912 Baywater Av*San Pedro CA 90731:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Turnaround*929 Barhugh Pl*San Pedro CA 90731:H
Southern California Open Network*1942 Mount Shasta Dr*San Pedro CA 90732**548-5709:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Green Synthesis*Box 1858*San Pedro CA 90733:ECOLOGY 9310
R & E Miles Publishing*Box 1916*San Pedro CA 90733**213-833-8856:ECOLOGY SP QUILTS 9107 AA AA91 AA91-Y AA91-29 AA91-910810
Weir/Stan*Miles & Weir Ltd*Box 1906*San Pedro CA 90733**213-548-5964:MLC AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900324 AA90-GREENPC -1 SP
Head Shampoo Inc*20626 Belshaw Av*Carson CA 90746:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Organic Health Labs*910 E Sandhill Av*Carson CA 90746:FC HC
Alliance For Survival*1733 E 3rd*Long Beach CA 90801:POLITICAL AN
Alternative Experimental College*6101 E 7th St*Long Beach CA 90801:SCHOOL S MBB BB CU EDUCATION
Chelsea Press*Box 417*Long Beach CA 90801:BP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Communiversity West*Associated Students Cal State College*6101 East 7th*Long Beach CA 90801:U CU EDUCATION
New Libertarian Weekley*Box 1748*Long Beach CA 90801:MR PUBLICATION POLITICAL W MEDIA
Act Up*5595 E 7th St #174*Long Beach CA 90804:9107 HS AIDS HC
International Bookstore*1406 Obispo Av #7*Long Beach CA 90804:BOOKSTORE SEP
Morningland*2638-40 E 7th St*Long Beach CA 90804:H
Review*6101 E Seventh St*Long Beach CA 90804:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Universal Mind Science*3212 E 8th St*Long Beach CA 90804**434-3453:H
Big Blvd*5585 Orange Av*Long Beach CA 90805:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Technocratic Trendevents*433 E Market St*Long Beach CA 90805:PPS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Botanicals Intl Inc*2550 El Presidio St*Long Beach CA 90810:FOOD
Family Health Program*2925 N Palo Verde*Long Beach CA 90815:FC HC
Gay Students Union*Cal State*1250 Bellflower*Long Beach CA 90815:HS W
International Plant Consciousness Research Society*5210 E 25TH St*Long Beach CA 90815**597-8772:H PLANTS
Altadena BC*932 Lehigh*Altadena CA 91001:FC
Palm St Coop*942 E Palm*Altadena CA 91001:FC
Arcadia Hotline*1027 S First Av*Arcadia CA 91006:HOTLINE TELEPHONE
California Tech Coop*Cal Tech 156-29*Pasadena CA 91009:FC
La Canada Coop*1628 Alta Park Ln*La Canada CA 91011:FC
Ferraros Fine Juices Inc*1610 S Magnolia Av*Monrovia CA 91016:FOOD
Natural Health Federation*212 W Foothill Blvd*Box 688*Monrovia CA 91016:AN PUBLICATION POLITICAL SEPO SEP HC
World Vision*919 W Huntington Dr*Monrovia CA 91016**800-448-6479:9211 CHURCH RELIGION HOUSING-GUIDE LOW-INCOME-HOUSING
Relocation Research*Box 1122*Sierra Madre CA 91024**818-568-8484:COOP-INFORMATION 9107
Far Out West Publications*Box 953*S Pasadena CA 91030:SP
Food For Thought*9430 Tujunga Cyn Blvd*Tujunga CA 91042:FC
Henry George School Of Economics*Box 655*Tujunga CA 91042:POLITICAL SCHOOL ECONOMICS CU SEP EDUCATION
La Crescenta Coop*6915 Day St*Tujunga CA 91042:FC
Church World Service*466 E Walnut St 2nd Flr*Pasadena CA 91101**818-449-2714:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Footsteps*Box 161*135 N Oakland*Pasadena CA 91101:
Peace Operations Ctr*132 N Euclid Av*Pasadena CA 91101:PEACE POLITICAL
Sojournors*135 N Oakland Av*Pasadena CA 91101:SER ECOLOGY AN
American Friends Service Committee*980 N Fair Oaks Av*Pasadena CA 91103:9204 GMPFJ GMPFI AA84 AA BB MBB H PEACE POLITICAL AFSC SER ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V ART DB HRO
Conex Foundation*580 Prospect Blvd*Pasadena CA 91103**681-3739:H
Creative Vocations Ctr*American Friends Service Committee*980 Fair Oaks N*Pasadena CA 91103**213-791-1978:COUNSELING 8807 AFSC POLITICAL HRO
Hayward/Mrs Sam T*Pro America Newsletter*1305 Bennett Dr*Pasadena CA 91103:PUBLICATION -1 W MEDIA
Counselor Enterprises*766 E Howard St*Pasadena CA 91104:H
Karens Coop*1876 Galbraith*Pasadena CA 91104:FC
Pasadena Awareness Ctr*1083 Atchison St*Pasadena CA 91104**681-0483:H
Touch For Health*1174 N Lake Av*Pasadena CA 91104**794-1181:H HC
All Saints Coop*765 S Pasadena*Pasadena CA 91105:FC
Fuller Student Food Coop*1418 Capinero*Pasadena CA 91105:FC
Pacific Oaks Coop*714 W California*Pasadena CA 91105:FC
Ecology Task Force*Southern Ca Council Of Churches*696 S Madison*Pasadena CA 91106:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Planetary Society*65 N Catalina Av*Pasadena CA 91106:SPACE DMPR 8710
Throop Memorial Church Coop*300 S Robles*Pasadena CA 91106:FC HRO
Alta Health Products*1983 E Locust St*Pasadena CA 91107:FOOD HC
Tabula Rasa Press*3055 Oneida St*Pasadena CA 91107:SP
Sunrise Magazine*Bin C*Pasadena CA 91109:H
Theosophical University Press*Po Bin C*Pasadena CA 91109**798-8024:H NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Moore/Lorna*Neighbors Opposed To The 710 Freeway*Box 50204*Pasadena CA 91115**818-799-9819:F 9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Flipside*Box 60790*Pasadena CA 91116:9401 PUNK ZINE
Socialist Community Bookstore*Box 77027-161*Pasadena CA 91117:POLITICAL BOOKSTORE W SEP
World Vision*Box 1131*Pasadena CA 91131**800-423-4200:9308 DISASTER-RELIEF FLOOD-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY
Thomsen/E*Pasadena Alliance For Survival*1259 Winchester*Glendale CA 91201:SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Glendale Coop*1636 Idlewood*Glendale CA 91202:FC
Talking Leaf Newspaper*Box 4172*Glendale CA 91202:PUBLICATION INDIANS AA76 AA BB MBB MEDIA
Basic Education Assoc*Box 90*Glendale CA 91205:PUBLICATION EDUCATION MEDIA
Cassette Information Services*Box 9559*Glendale CA 91206:RN CASSETTES DIRECTORY INFORMATION MLC
Glen Oaks Coop*3068 E Chevy Chase*Glendale CA 91206:FC
Healing Light Ctr*138 N Maryland*Glendale CA 91206**244-8607:H
Siddhartha Foundation Inc*1808 Verdugo Blvd Suite 309*Glendale CA 91208**790-6227:H
Diane Books*Box 488*Glendale CA 91209:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Voice Of Americanism*Box 90*Gklendale CA 91209:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Food For Thought*3908 Mayfield*La Crescenta CA 91214:FC
Hotline*23838 Kittridge St*Canoga Park CA 91304:HOTLINE
Natural Food Supplements Inc*8725 Remmet Av*Canoga Park CA 91304:FOOD
Neighbors Intl*6911 Winnetka Av*Canoga Park CA 91306**346-0793:H
School Of Wholistic Education*7315 Kentland Av*Canoga Park CA 91307**884-0136:H CU W EDUCATION
Akashic Organization*20110 Needles St*Chatsworth CA 91311**885-1912 886-5899:H
Natures Gate-Levlad*9183 Kelvin Av*Chatsworth CA 91311:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Sherwood Press*9773 Comanche Av*Chatsworth CA 91311:SP
Organic Cellars*Box 492*Newberry Park CA 91320:FC
Bio-Meditation Society*19145 Lanark St*Reseda CA 91324:H
El Popo Femenil*Chicano Studies Dept*Cal-State U*Northridge CA 91324:CHICANO W CU EDUCATION
Experimental College*Life House*9520 Etiwanda Av*Northridge CA 91324:U CU EDUCATION
San Fernando Poetry Journal*18301 Halstead St*Northridge CA 91324:MLC PUBLICATION POETRY MEDIA
Valley State College Helpline*18111 Nordoff*Northridge CA 91324:HOTLINE CU EDUCATION
Bio-Meditation Society*Box 1239*Reseda CA 91335**818-885-9677:H MEDITATION 8701
Brewster Foods*7121 Canby Av*Reseda CA 91335:FOOD
Au Naturel*Box 323*Reseda CA 91337**818-895-1654:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
San Fernando Food Buyers*708 Hagar St*San Fernando CA 91340:FC
Festivals*15842 Chase St*Sepulveda CA 91343:MUSIC FESTIVAL 8711 W
Onion Groceries Peace*9550 Haskell Av*Sepulveda CA 91343:FC PEACE
Parrish Coop*4914 Petit*Encino CA 91343:FC
Harbula/Patrick J*Meditation Magazine*17211 Orozco St*Granada Hills CA 91344**818-343-4998:-1 H PUBLICATION DMPR EXEC-EDITOR MEDIA
North Valley Coop*15919 Kalisher*Granada Hills CA 91344:FC
Van Nuys Coop*7738 Bakman*Sun Valley CA 91352:FC
Foundation Of Your Life*5825 Reseda Blvd Suite 119*Tarzana CA 91356**344-3703:H
Healing Light Ctr Of Icoa*5619 Lindley Av*Tarzana CA 91356**881-0466:H
Forest Primeval Press*1335 Norman*Thousand Oaks CA 91360:SP
Northwood Community Coop*1515 Redwood Cir*Thousand Oaks CA 91360:FC
American Media*Box 4646*Westlake Village CA 91361:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Association*21021 Ventura Blvd Suite 321*Woodland Hills CA 91364**800-782-4747:PATIENT-INFORMATION SCLEROSIS 9411 HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-SELF-CARE SUPPORT-GROUP EDB LOU-GEHRIG'S-DISEASE LATERAL-SCLEROSIS11
Emerson Coop*22639 Mulholland*Woodland Hills CA 91364:FC
International College*4409 Willens Av*Woodland Hills CA 91364**203-477-6761:U EDUCATION CU
Herbamints*Box 14*Woodland Hills CA 91365:FOOD
Weider Food Supplements*21100 Erwin St*Woodland Hills CA 91367:FOOD
Creative Book Co*8210 Varna Av*Van Nuys CA 91402:SP
Panorama City Food Buyers*8345 Kester Av*Panorama City CA 91402:FC
Ross/Laverne Boeckmann*World Research Foundation*15300 Ventura Blvd Suite 405*Sherman Oaks CA 91403**818-907-5483*818-907-6044(FAX):VP DMPR -1 HEALTH-CARE H AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 W MEDICINE MAIL-ORDER CATALOG
Bruno/Lynne Micon*Unravelled*Box 7392*Van Nuys CA 91409:9310 POETRY SP -1
Narcotics Anonymous*Box 9999*Van Nuys CA 91409:SELF-HELP-GROUP DRUG-ADDICTION HOTLINE
Bill Of Rights Society*Box 44485*Pc CA 91412:9401 MARIJUANA
American Academy Of Husband-Coached Childbirth*Box 5224*Sherman Oaks CA 91413**788-2056:CHILD-BIRTH PREGNANCY MLC HC
Lidiraven Books*Box 5567*Sherman Oaks CA 91413:
Valley Buyers*14007 Huston Sherman Oks*Van Nuys CA 91423:FC
Aquarius Workshops Inc*Box 556*Encino CA 91426:H
Artists For Economic Action Newsletter*16614 Chaplin Av*Encino CA 91436:PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
March/Marion*United Astrology Congress Inc*16188 Royal Oak Rd*Encino CA 91436**800-786-5369*818-990-1010*818-783-6553(FAX):9112 -1 ASTROLOGY H W DMPR CONFERENCE
Parish Coop*4914 Petit Av*Encino CA 91436:FC
Libin & Assoc*907 Hollywood Way*Burbank CA 91505**845-7488:H
Turning The Tide*Part*Box 1990*Burbank CA 91507:9310
Oakwood School*11600 Magnolia Blvd*N Hollywood CA 91601:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Filmfair Communications*10900 Ventura Blvd Box 1728*Studio City CA 91604**213-905-0244:FILM F&V MEDIA
Imru Gay Radio Collective*Kpfk-Fm*3729 Cahuenga Blvd*N Hollywood CA 91604:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR HS MEDIA
Pacifica Radio Archive*3729 Cahuenga Blvd W*N Hollywood CA 91604**800-735-0230:9206 RADIO MEDIA
Levity Distributors*12016 De Hougne St*N Hollywood CA 91605**982-2514:H
Blaisdell Inst*143 E Tenth St*Claremont CA 91711:H
Claremont Community Coop*193 Kirkwood Av*Claremont CA 91711:FC
Folk Music Ctr*220 Yale Av*Claremont CA 91711:BOOKSTORE MUSIC FOLK-MUSIC
Peace Conversion Coaliton*339 10TH St*Claremont CA 91711:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE
War Resisters League*316 W Harrison St*Claremont CA 91711:AN POLITICAL
Glen Eden Sun Club*25999 Glen Eden Rd*Corona CA 91719**714-277-4650:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Emissary Society*25000 Glen Ivy Rd*RR 2 Box 94*Corona CA 91720**737-9540:H
Glen Ivy*25000 Glen Ivy Rd*Corona CA 91720**737-4723:SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY
Agape Inn Hotline*1358 N Hacienda*La Puente CA 91744:HOTLINE
Alta-Dena Dairy*637 S Hambledon*City Of Industry CA 91744:FOOD DAIRY
Western Commerce Corp*636 Turnbull Canyon*City Of Industry CA 91744:FOOD
Kovac Labs*19535 Walnut Dr S*La Puente CA 91748:FOOD
Mission Garden Products*10929 Jurupa Rd*Mira Loma CA 91752:FOOD
Coop East*1030 Isabella*Monterey Park CA 91754:FC
Mt Baldy Zen Ctr*Box 526*Mt Baldy CA 91759:H
Claremont Food Coop*422 West C St*Ontario CA 91762:FC
Applause Publications*2234 S Shady Hills Dr*Diamond Bar CA 91765:SP
Pomona Valley Food Coop*1170 W Fremont*Pomona CA 91766:FC
Auromere*1291 Webster St*Pmonoa CA 91768**629-8255:NAM POLITICAL SP NR AT ECOLOGY AN
Del Sol Press*866 Hillcrest Dr*Pomona CA 91768:SP
Pacific Ackworth Friends School*6210 Temple City*Temple CA 91780:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Astara*800 W Arrow Hwy*Upland CA 91786**981-4941:H CU EDUCATION
Coop East*1839 S 9 St*Alhambra CA 91803:FC
World Ed Fellowship*2100 W Carlos St*Alhambra CA 91803**284-8773:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
University Of Healing*1101 Far Valley*Campo CA 92006**619-478-5111:HC PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Mandala Holistic Health*Box 1233*Del Mar CA 92014**619-481-7751:H WLT W HC
Psychotherapy Digest*Box 1167*Del Mar CA 92014:SP MLC
Swallows Sun Island Club*1631 Harbison Canyon Rd*El Cajon CA 92019**619-445-3754:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Lchaim Vegetarian*134 W Douglas*El Cajon CA 92020:RESTAURANT FOOD
Unarius Educational Foundation*145 S Magnolia Av*El Cajon CA 92020:SPACE-BROTHERS UFO REINCARNATION MLC MLC-25. MLC-SAMPLE-PR EDUCATION
Union Of American & Japanese Professionals Against Nuclear Homicide*1426 Merritt Dr*El Cajon CA 92020:SER ECOLOGY AN
Free Lance Writing & Publishing Newsletter*Box 546*El Cajon CA 92022:SP WRITING
Massage & Bodywork*Box 2215*Leucadia CA 92024:MASSAGE HC
Pandemonium Press*1273 Crest Dr*Encinitas CA 92024:
Bonner/Dr*All-One-God-Faith*Escondido CA 92025:FOOD -1
Boston/John*Home Centered Learning*Box 92*Escondido CA 92025**619-749-1522:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Solar Energy Digest*1263 Pearl Av*Escondido CA 92027**619-358-7380:SOLAR-ENERGY PUBLICATION AT AA91 AA BB MBB AA91-R AA91-29 AA91-910412 MEDIA
California Klan News*Box 65*Fallbrook CA 92028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
White Point Publishing Co*300 Sunbeam Ln*Fallbrook CA 92028:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center For Studies Of The Person*1125 Torrey Pines Rd*La Jolla CA 92037:THERAPY HC
Coconut Computing Inc*7946 Ivanhoe Av Suite 303*La Jolla CA 92037**619-456-2002*INFO@COCONUT COM:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS
Institute For Creative Living*1030 Pearl St Suite 3*La Jolla CA 92037**454-4445:H
La Jolla Program*1125 Torrey Pines Rd*La Jolla CA 92037**459-3861:H
Senior Citizen Coop*3120 Bremerton Pl*La Jolla CA 92037:FC
Western Behavioral Sciences Inst*1150 Silverado*La Jolla CA 92037:H
Womens Ctr*U Of CA*Box 109/C-006*La Jolla CA 92037:POLITICAL MR W CU EDUCATION
Moonlight Publications*Drawer 2850*La Jolla CA 92038:
Blacks Beach Bares Assn*Box 12255*Lajolla CA 92039:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Interact*Box 262*Lakeside CA 92040:CU EDUCATION
Helix House*9231 Molly Woods Av*La Mesa CA 92041:SP
American Independent Party*8158 Palm St*Lemon Grove CA 92045:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rosicrucian Fellowship*Mount Ecclesia*2222 Mission Av*Oceanside CA 92054**757-6601:CHRISTIAN-MYSTICS MYSTICS MLC MLC-60. MLC-SAMPLE-HPM H
Silly/Roger*Either Or Bookstore*124 Pier Av*Hermosa Beach CA 92054**310-374-2060:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Pause Imprints*4521 Cordoba Way*Oceanside CA 92056:SP
Constitutional Liberty Foundation*Box 1637*Rancho Santa Fe CA 92067:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Computer Information Exchange*Box 159*San Luis Rey CA 92068**757-4849:COMPUTERS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Wishing Well*Box 713090*Santee CA 92072**619-443-4818:9308 WOMEN LESBIAN MEETING PUBLICATION
Lindavista Inst*Box 28-D*San Ysidro CA 92073**388-0915:S MLC
Casa Di Cura Pescetti*Box 107*Tecate CA 92080**354-1232:H
Taylors Herb Garden*1535 Lone Oak Rd*Vista CA 92083:FOOD
Associates Students Bike Coop*U Of San Diego*Student Ctr B -023*Lajolla CA 92093:FC CU EDUCATION
Clamshell Alliance*U Of CA B-023*La Jolla CA 92093:POLITICAL AN ECOLOGY CU EDUCATION
Food Coop*Lower Common 3rd College*Usco*La Jolla CA 92093:FC CU EDUCATION
Groundwork Books*U Of CA Student Ctr B-023*La Jolla CA 92093:POLITICAL BOOKSTORE CU SEP EDUCATION
Plaza Coop Inc*349 Cedar #121*San Diego CA 92101:FC
Society For The Teachings Of Inner Christ Inc*2333 Albatross*San Diego CA 92101:H
Cravotta/Joe*San Diego Norml*4895 Guymon St*San Diego CA 92102**619-263-5733:9402 NORML -1 MARIJUANA02
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship*2931 A St*San Diego CA 92102**239-4924:H
Association For Holistic Health*Box 33202*San Diego CA 92103**298-5965:H W HC
Community Energy Action Network*Box 33686*San Diego CA 92103**236-1684:ENERGY SP PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL MEDIA
Military Task Force*Box 33544*San Diego CA 92103:DRAFT MILITARY POLITICAL
Controversial Bookstore*3021 University Av*San Diego CA 92104**619-296-1560:BOOKSTORE SEP
Kube/Paul*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*3245 Dale*San Diego CA 92104**619-534-4973*KUBE@CS.UCSD.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Sober Times*Box 4509*San Diego CA 92104:PUBLICATION 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
National Lawyers Guild*U Of San Diego Law School*Aleala Pk*San Diego CA 92105:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Academy Of Infinite Metaphysics*4321 Voltaire St*San Diego CA 92107:H METAPHYSICS
Giddyup Press*4812 1/2 Del Mar*San Diego CA 92107:SP
Love Project*Box 7601*San Diego CA 92107**225-0133:H
Ocean Beach Peoples Food Store*4765 Voltaire St*San Diego CA 92107:FC
Peoples Food*4765 Voltaire St*San Diego CA 92107:FC
Beach Area Community Clinic*3705 Mission Blvd*San Diego CA 92109:FC WHC W HC
Tar Stop Inc*4035 Pacific Hwy*San Diego CA 92110:FOOD
Callahan/Max*Parachute Limit*4122-E Mt Alifan Pl*San Diego CA 92111:9310 -1 ZINE POP-CULTURE
Journal Of Spiritual Psychology*Box 12041*San Diego CA 92112:H
Truth Seeker*Box 2832*San Diego CA 92112:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center For Appropriate Technology*5863 Hardy St*San Diego CA 92115:NA AN AT
Experimental College*Aztec Ctr Lower 178*Ca State U*San Diego CA 92115:U CU EDUCATION
Gay Students Assn*Student Ctr*U Of CA*San Diego CA 92115:HS CU W EDUCATION
San Diego Ctr For Appropriate Technology*5863 Hardy Av*San Diego CA 92115**286-4301:TECHNOLOGY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Solar Advocates Of San Diego*6378 Jeff St*San Diego CA 92115**583-8121:ENERGY POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Beyond Borders Inc*4677 30TH St Suite 214*San Diego CA 92116:9306 GLOBAL-LABOR LABOR/GLOBAL PUBLICATION
Normal Heights Coop*4858 35TH St*San Diego CA 92116:FC
Coop*4551 Cannington Dr*San Diego CA 92117:FC
Ann Watson Report*Box 22296*San Diego CA 92122:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Antenna*2541 Meadowlark Dr*San Diego CA 92123:SP
Labrys Foundation*Box 26916*San Diego CA 92126:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Abalone Alliance*9241 Reagan Rd*U Of CA*San Diego CA 92129:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN CU EDUCATION
Camping Bares Of San Diego*Box 81589*San Diego CA 92138**619-697-7939:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Support Committee For Maquilladora Workers*Box 86479*San Diego CA 92138**619-291-0276:MAQUILLADORA-WORKERS MEXICAN-WORKERS UNION/MAQUILLADORA LABOR 9304 INTERNET
Coalition For Peace In The Mid-East*Box 33544*San Diego CA 92163**619-293-0167:PEACE MIDDLE-EAST GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
Pacific Poetry & Fiction Review*San Diego State U*San Diego CA 92182:SP CU EDUCATION
Malki Museum Press*11 795 Fields Rd*Morongo Indian Reservation*Banning CA 92220:ART DB
Campesenos Unidos Inc*1005 C St Box 023*Brawley CA 92227:FC
El Ahorro Food Buying Club*51-996 Tyler St*Coachella CA 92236:FC HRO
Archives S T O P*1583 W Main St*El Centro CA 92243:BOOKSTORE SEP
Sunergy*Box 643*La Quinta CA 92253:AT PPS PUBLICATION MEDIA
Agri-Silviculture Inst*Box 4166*Palm Springs CA 92263:NA AN AGRICULTURE
Institute Of Mental Physics*59700 Hwy 62*Box 640*Yucca Valley CA 92284:AA84 AA BB MBB H
Mtn People Food Coop*Box 216*Aguanga CA 92302:FC
Hollywood Studio Magazine*Box 1566*Apple Valley CA 92307:SP
Millers Honey Co*Laurel & Miller Dr*Box 500*Colton CA 92324:HONEY NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Olive Dell Ranch*Route 1 Box 393*Colton CA 92324**714-825-6619:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Mcconville*Box 477*Lake Elsinore CA 92330**714-678-2333:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Nuclear Free Zone Registry*28222 Stonehouse Rd*Lake Elsinore CA 92330**674-6576:SLIDE-SHOW NFZ AN POLITICAL MLP 8807
Sun & Fun Seekers Club*21911 Long Canyon Rd*Lake Elsinore CA 92330:NATURIST-GROUP 9011 HRO
Beachfront Usa*Box 328*Moreno Valley CA 92337:PUBLICATION NATURIST-GROUP 9011 MEDIA
Friendly Hills Fellowship*26126 Fairview Av*Hemet CA 92343**927-1113:H
Victor Valley Community Coop*15440 Mesquite St*Hesperia CA 92345:FC
Dimensionist Press*5931 Stanton Av*Highland CA 92346:SP
Barksdale Foundation For Further Peace*Of Human Understanding*Box 187*Idyllwild CA 92349**659-3858:H PEACE
Aum Temple Of Universal Truth*45837 Deva Ln*Newberry Springs CA 92365:H
Silver Valley Sun Club*48382 Silver Valley Rd*Newberry Springs CA 92365**619-257-4239:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Gluxlit Press*Box 884*Redlands CA 92373:SP
Johnston College*U Of Redlands*Redlands CA 92373**793-2121:H U FU CU EDUCATION
Ramah Foods*1200 Orange St*Redlands CA 92373:FC
Greers Health Foods*247 W Foothill*Rialto CA 92376:FC HC
Rialto Coop*200 E Wilson*Rialto CA 92376:FC
Western World Review*Box 366*Sun City CA 92381:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ufo Audio-Video Clearinghouse*Box 342*Yucaipa CA 92399:9203 UFO VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Arrowhead Community Collective*436 E 17TH St*San Bernardino CA 92404:FC
Consumer Aid*Box 1451*San Bernadino CA 92404:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Treehouse Fun Ranch*17809 Glen Helen Rd*Devore CA 92407**714-887-7056:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Riverside Alliance For Survival*3150 Redwood Dr*Riverside CA 92501:POLITICAL AN
Center Of Health Love & Beauty*2487 Pleasant St*Riverside CA 92507:H HC
Food Adventure Coop*890 Plum*Riverside CA 92507:FC
Riverside Alliance For Survival*200 E Blaine St*Riverside CA 92507:SER ECOLOGY AN
Riverside Coop*3479 Florida St*Riverside CA 92507:FC
Smilanick/J*Students Against Nuclear Energy*491 Blaine St*Riverside CA 92507:GMPFI GMPFC CU GMPFE -1 AN ECOLOGY GMPFEG 9101 GMPF F&V ART EDUCATION DB
Carries Candy Specialties Inc*6826 Sedona Dr*Riverside CA 92509:FOOD
Loma Linda Foods*11503 Pierce St*Riverdale CA 92515:FOOD
Latin American Perspectives*Box 5703*Riverside CA 92517:
Friends Of Peace Pilgrim*43480 Cedar Av*Hemet CA 92544:PEACE 9310
Manosophy Inc*1964 Anaheim Av*Costa Mesa CA 92627:H
Phoenix Akashic Corp*24522 Bunbury Dr*El Toro CA 92630**830-7185:H
Experimental College*Ca State College*Letters & Science Rm 78*Fullerton CA 92631:U CU EDUCATION
National Educator*Box 333*Fullerton CA 92632:CU PUBLICATION EDUCATION MEDIA
Society For Libertarian Life*Box 4*Fullerton CA 92632:S PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ana-Doug Publishing*1236 Cranbrook Pl*Fullerton CA 92633:SP
Fulerton Aauw Food Coop*718 E Las Palmas Dr*Fullerton CA 92635:FC
Southern Ca Area Residents Food Coop*3033 Lakeview Ter*Fullerton CA 92635:FC
Underground Parachuting Publications*1656 Beechwood Av*Fullerton CA 92635:SP
Hotline*12741 Main*Garden Grove CA 92640:HOTLINE
Orange County Visibility League*Box 4172*Garden Grove CA 92641:9107 HS AIDS HC
Alvita Products Inc*Box 489*Huntington Beach CA 92646:FOOD
Poet-Skin*9431 Krepp Dr*Huntington Beach CA 92646:SP
Golden West College Womens Ctr*15744 Golden West St*Huntington Beach CA 92647:WOP CU W EDUCATION
Resnova Software Inc*5011 Argosy Av #13*Huntington Beach CA 92649**714-379-9000:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS
Amigo Press*620 Lombardy Ln*Laguna Beach CA 92651:SP
Amster/Joe*Act Up*232 La Brea St*Laguna Beach CA 92651:-1 9107 HS AIDS HC
Ibsen/Ken*Fahrenheit 451 Books*40 S Coast Hwy*Laguna Beach CA 92651**714-494-5151:BOOKSTORE SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Laguna Verde Imprenta*34 Emerald Bay*Laguna Beach CA 92651:SP
Loretta & Debbie*Different Drummer Books*1027 N Coast Hwy Suite A*Laguna Beach CA 92651**714-497-6699:-1 F 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
High On Propaganda Till I Die*Box 4453*Laguna Beach CA 92652:9401 ANARCHIST PUNK ZINE
Stafford/Darrylle*Cultural Access Network*Box 4410*Laguna Beach CA 92652**714-497-6773*714-497-6809(FAX):9205 DMPR ECOLOGY H AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901129 AA87 AA87-871128 MLC MLC-100. MLC-PUBS MLC-M MLC-9205 9206 -1 TRAVEL SOVIET-UNION
Forum*25166 Southport*Laguna Hills CA 92653:H
Creative Sources Assn*419 Vista Flora*Newport Beach CA 92660:H W
Hungry Years*Box 7213*Newport Beach CA 92660:SP
Logan Press*2161 San Joaquin Hills Rd*Enwport Beach CA 92660:SP
Peppertree Publishing*Box 1712*Newport Beach CA 92663:
Womens Opportunities Ctr*Rm 468 Comp Science Bld*Uc Extension*Irvine CA 92664:WORK CU W EDUCATION
Videopals*630 N Tustin Av*Orange CA 92667**800-VID-PALS*714-997-8121:PEN-PALS 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Aapri Cosmetics Inc*Box 1090*Placentia CA 92670:FOOD
Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship*1862 Spahn Ln*Placentia CA 92670**524-0661:H
Guard*144 Av De La Paz*San Clemente CA 92672:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
San Clemente Capo Valley Coop*2707 Via Montcito*San Clemente CA 92672:FC
Saddleback Valley Help Line*24772 Chrisanta Dr*Mission Viego CA 92675:HOTLINE
Healthworks Inc*31582 S Coast Hwy*S Laguna CA 92677**499-5311:HERPES HC
Laguna Beach Alliance For Survival*30832 Driftwood Dr*S Laguna Beach CA 92677:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Brainstorm Books*Box 1407*Tustin CA 92680:SP
Md Assoc*15142 Golden West Cir*Westminster CA 92683:FOOD
Whole Foods*1700 E Dyer Rd Suite 250*Santa Ana CA 92705:RML FOOD
Coop*1919 N Broadway*Santa Ana CA 92706:FC
Sunflower Collective*206 W 19 St*Santa Ana CA 92706:SER ECOLOGY AN
Far Horizons Theosophical Sierra Camp*20111 Kline Dr*Santa Ana CA 92707**545-1682:H
Interfaith Community Church*Box 10242*Santa Ana CA 92711:CHURCH HS
Renaissance Gender Identity Service*Box 11341*Santa Ana CA 92711:HS
Hester Communications*Box 19531*Irvine CA 92713**714-549-4834:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Anabolic Inc*17802 Gillette St*Irvine CA 92714:FOOD
Affeldt/Allan*International Peace Walk*4521 Campus Dr #211*Irvine CA 92715**714-856-0200*714-856-0200(FAX)*OM@IGC ORG:9312 -1 PEACE TRAVEL CUBA
Seredich/John*Smiling Dolphin Press*4 Segura*Irvine CA 92715:DIRECTORY -1 9403 ECOLOGY
Verano Pl Food Coop*1933 Berano Pl*Irvine CA 92715:FC
Vitamer Labs*Box C19508*17802 Gillette Av*Irvine CA 92716:FOOD
Gay Insurgent*Box 28977*Santa Ana CA 92799**215-849-4612:APS SPR SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR GAY PUBLICATION SEP W MEDIA
Orange County Free Clinic*504 N Naheim Blvd*Anaheim CA 92805:CLINIC HC
Ventura Poets*1202 Brunswick Ln*Ventura CA 93001:
Golden West Historical Publications*Box 1906*Ventura CA 93002:SP
Classic Carrot*1847 E Main St*Ventura CA 93003:RESTAURANT FOOD
Jonaitis/Debbie*Alliance For Survival*245 Lynn Dr*Ventura CA 93003:GMPFI -1 9101 GMPF F&V ART W DB
La Cooperativa De Consumo*Cabrillo Improvement Assn*1515 S Saticoy Av*Saticoy CA 93003:FC
Ventura Safe Energy*1441 Greencock*Ventura CA 93003:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Ventures*Ventura College*Ventura CA 93003:CU EDUCATION
Powerlifting Usa*Box 467*Carerillo CA 93010:SP
Hotline Of Fillmore*200 Second St*Fillmore CA 93015:HOTLINE
Quantal Publishing*Box 1598*Goleta CA 93017:SP
Thomas Merton Unity Ctr*892 Camino Del Sur*Isla Vista CA 93017:H
Turkey Press*6746 Sueno Rd*Isla Vista CA 93017:SP
Alexander Technique*Box 408*Ojai CA 93023**646-8902:NAM THERAPY
Far Horizons Theosophical Sierra Camp*240 Gridley Rd*Ojai CA 93023**781-1271:H
Liberal Catholic Church*Box 598*Ojai CA 93023:H
Louviere/Venus Marie*Sound Choice*Box 1251*Ojai CA 93023**805-646-6814:9104 -1 MUSIC PUBLICATION W MEDIA ART
Meditation Groups*Box 566*Ojai CA 93023**805-646-6300:H
Radix Inst*160 Besant Rd*Box 97*Ojai CA 93023**805-646-8555:H MLC
Safe Energy Education Fund*218 E Eucalyptus*Ojai CA 93023:GMPFCG GMPFPR GMPFFM AN GMPF F&V ART EDUCATION DB
Stop Uranium Now*3626 Thatcher Rd*Box 772*Ojai CA 93023:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V ART DB
Tibetan Friendship Group*901 W Cuyama Rd*Ojai CA 93023:H
World Peace Movement*Box 2*Oai CA 93023:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Environmental Retreat*Box 1620*Ojai CA 93024**800-253-2868:ECOLOGY CONFERENCE RETREAT-CENTER 9106
Krishnamurti Foundation*Box 1560*Ojai CA 93024:H
Oxnard Coop*137 Eagle Rock*Oxnard CA 93030:FC
Oxnard Hotline*305 W 3rd*Oxnard CA 93030:HOTLINE TELEPHONE
Psychic Books*440 Avalon Pl*Oxnard CA 93033:SP
Envirotectuare*136 N Ojai St*Santa Paula CA 93060:MW AT ECOLOGY
World Inst Of Avasthology*14665 Ojai Rd*Santa Paula CA 93060**805-525-2426:CU AVASTHOLOGY H EDUCATION
Astrologia*1817 De La Vina St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:ASTROLOGY PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Bellerophon Books*36 Anacapa St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:SP W
Listening & Reconciliation Project*312 E Sola St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Pahana Town Forum*629 State St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:COMMUNITY RESEARCH TOWN-PLANNING W
Ramsey/Melissa*Peace Resource Ctr*13 W Figueroa St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:-1 FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR PEACE 9102 W SER GMPF F&V
Relis/Paul*Community Environmental Council*109 De La Guerra St*Santa Barbara CA 93101:W SEP -1 ECOLOGY
Santa Barbara Arts Services*629 State St #203*Santa Barbara CA 93101**963-8654:MONEY FUND-RAISING AA84 AA BB MBB
Cycling Central Ca*Box 51*Santa Barbara CA 93102**805-683-1923:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
Center For Esoteric Studies*533 E Anapamu St*Santa Barbara CA 93103:H W
Essential Spirit*1321 Alta Vista Rd*Santa Barbara CA 93103:AA84 AA MBB BB FOOD W
Mountain Folks*300 W Mountain Dr*Santa Barbara CA 93103:NFZ AN POLITICAL 8807 W
Para Publishing*Box 4232*Santa Barbara CA 93103:MLC-SPR MLC-P MLC-APS MLC-SAMPLE/2K MLC-15. MLC W
People For A Nuclear Free Future*331 N Milpas Suite F*Santa Barbara CA 93103:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Center For A Postmodern World*3463 State St #252*Santa Barbara CA 93105:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Intuitus Ctr*326 Argonne Cir*Santa Barbara CA 93105:H W
Jama Books*Box 30751*Santa Barbara CA 93105:W
Life Understanding Foundation*741 Rosarita Ln*Santa Barbara CA 93105**805-682-5151:H W
Our Line*36 Hitchcock Way*Santa Barbara CA 93105:HOTLINE W
Pyramid Guide*741 Rosarita Ln*Santa Barbara CA 93105:SP W
Stonehenge Viewpoint*2821 De La Vina St*Santa Barbara CA 93105**805-687-9350:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gay Peoples Union*Box 15048*U Of CA*Santa Barbara CA 93106:HS CU W EDUCATION
Switchboard*Box 14567 Ucsb*Santa Barbara CA 93107:W
Babst/Dean*Nuclear Age Peace Foundation*1187 Coast Village Rd #123*Santa Barbara CA 93108:9010 -1 PEACE
La Casa De Maria Retreat Ctr*800 El Bosque Rd*Santa Barbara CA 93108:H W
Thomas/Irving*Community Environmental Council*930 Miramonte*Santa Barbara CA 93109:AT ECOLOGY -1
Santa Barbara Unitarian Fc*3866 Crescent Dr*Santa Barbara CA 93110:FC W
Unitarian Food Coop*3866 Crescent Dr*Santa Barbara CA 93110:FC W
Summer Stream Press*Box 6056*Santa Barbara CA 93111:W
Audubon Society*300 N Los Carneros Rd*Goleta CA 93117**805-964-1468:PUBLICATION ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807 MEDIA
War Resistors League*7432 San Bergamo*Santa Barbara CA 93117:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Kaweah Nation Times*Box 902*Porterville CA 93258:AMERICAN-INDIANS
Sun Harvest*29922 Los Angeles St*Shafter CA 93263:FC
Sequoia Alliance*3017 S Conyer*Visalia CA 93277:SER ECOLOGY AN
Stanislaus Safe Energy Committee*Box 134*Modesto CA 93354:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Kuan Yin Bookstore*942 Chorro St*San Luis Obispo CA 93401:BOOKSTORE
Mothers For Peace*114 Del Norle Way*San Luis Obispo CA 93401:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Assert Newsletter*Box 1094*San Luis Obispo CA 93406:SP
Brockway/Sandi*Macrocosm Usa Inc*Box 185*Cambria CA 93428**805-927-8030*805-927-1987(MODEM):9312 -1 INFORMATION-SERVICES P
Lompoc Safe Energy Coalition*238 S J St*Lompoc CA 93436:POLITICAL AA84 AA BB MBB SER ECOLOGY AN
Central California Beachfront*Box 351*Lompoc CA 93438**805-733-4950:NATURIST-GROUP 9011 NUDE-BEACH
Olive Press Publications*Box 99*Los Olivos CA 93441:SP
People Against Nuclear Power*433 Nappa*Mano Baj CA 93442:AN
Roandoak Of God Christian Community*455A Chorro Creek Rd*Morro Bay CA 93442**805-772-9985:COMMUNITY SPIRITUAL
Studio S Press*1600 Preston Ln*Morro Bay CA 93442:SP
Universal Life Church*512 W Evergreen*Sasnt Amria CA 93454:SER ECOLOGY AN CHURCH
California Goat Dairy Mens Assoc*Box 934*Turlock CA 93473:FOOD
Church Of Cosmic Origin*Box 257*June Lake CA 93529:H
National Farm Workers Health Group*Box 131 La Paz*Keene CA 93531**805-822-5571:UNION HC
United Farm Workers*Box 62 La Paz*Keene CA 93531:UNION FILM F&V FC UFW AACC 8807 SEP AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901105 MEDIA
Antelope Valley Coop*45926 N 48 W*Lancaster CA 93534:FC
California Marijuana Initiative*23342 Angeles Forest Hwy*Palmdale CA 93550:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307
Omni Publications*Box 900566*Palmdale CA 93590:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Inner School*Box 715*Clovis CA 93612:H EDUCATION
Christian Family Renewal*Box 73*Clois CA 93613:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Far Horizons Theosophical Sierra Camp*Box Ww*Kings Canyon Natl Park CA 93633:H
Owner-Builder Publications*Box 817*N Fork CA 93642:BUILDING
Owner-Built Home*Box 550*Oakhurst CA 93655:SHELTER AT PUBLICATION SP MEDIA
Ak-Mak Bakeries*89 Academy Av*Sanger CA 93657:FOOD
National Land For People*35751 Oak Springs Dr*Tollhouse CA 93667:LAND
People Food & Land Foundation*35751 Oak Springs Dr*Tollhouse CA 93667**209-855-3710:LAND FOOD
California State Students For Safe Energy*419 N Ferger*Fresno CA 93701:SER ECOLOGY CU POLITICAL AN EDUCATION
Peterson/Connie*Central Valley Peace Network*633 E Ramona*Fresno CA 93704:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE -1 W
Fine Gold Valley Community Coop*Box 28 Star Rt*Fresno CA 93706:FC
Blavatsky Foundation*Box 1543*Fresno CA 93716:H
Finegold Ranch School*Star Rt Box 28*Fresno CA 93721:NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Experimental College*Fresno State College*Fresno CA 93726:U CU EDUCATION
Sec Mercado Coop*3884 Monson Dr*Dinuba CA 93818:FC
Casa Mexico Record Shop*823 E Alisol*Salinas CA 93901:BOOKSTORE
Salinas Food Coop*134 Harvest*Salinas CA 93901:FC
Prunedale Natural Food Coop*7471 Paradise Rd*Salinas CA 93907:FC
Central California Clothing Optional Society*Box 6176*Salinas CA 93912:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Center For Spiritual Emergencies*Esalen Inst*Big Sur CA 93920**667-2151:H EMERGENCY-TELEPHONE
Dolphin Tapes*Box 71*Big Sur CA 93920:H TAPES ESALEN-INSTITUTE-TAPES 8711
Esalen Big Sur*Big Sur CA 93920**667-2335:H
Immaculate Heart Hermitage*Big Sur CA 93920:H
Spiritual Emergency Network*Esalen Inst*Big Sur CA 93920:SP H PUBLICATION MEDIA
Community Spirit*Box 4628*Carmel CA 93921**408-625-5508:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Creative Services*Box 5162*Carmel CA 93921:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Friends Of The Sea Otter*Box 221220*Carmel CA 93922:9403 ECOLOGY
Lawkits Inc*26339 Monte Verde*Carmel CA 93923:
Book Tree*118 Webster St*Monterey CA 93940:BOOKSTORE
Conservation Coop Society Of Monterey Pen*Box 1427*Monterey CA 93940:FC
Consumer Coop Monterey Peninsula*900 Lighthouse Box 1427*Monterey CA 93940:FC
Sea Studios*810 Cannery Row*Monterey CA 93940**408-649-5152:GMPFK FILM-PR PR-FILM GMPFPR PR 9102 GMPF W FILM F&V AA AA91 AA91-W AA91-29 AA91-910805 MEDIA
University For Man*Monterey Peninsula College*980 Fremont Rm E4*Monterey CA 93940:U CU EDUCATION
Friends Of Garrapata Beach*Box 1010*Pacific Grove CA 93950:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Eve Cosmetics*Box 131*Pebble Beach CA 93953:FOOD W
Friends Outside-Soledad*Box 686*Soledad CA 93960:PRISON
Bbb Assoc*Box 551*San Mateo CA 94010:SP
Earthbeam Natural Foods*1399 Broadway*Burlingame CA 94010:STORE FOOD
Esperanto Information Ctr*410 Barrell Rd*Hillsborough CA 94010**343-3844:ESPERANTO LANGUAGE
Mid Penninsula Conversion Project*867 W Dana Suite 203*Mountain View CA 94011:SER ECOLOGY AN
Coastriders For A Nuclear Free Future*Box 1401*El Granada CA 94018:AN POLITICAL
A Room Of Our Own*Foothill College*12345 El Monte Rd*Los Altos Hills CA 94022:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Hilltop Hobbies Press*26970 Orchard Hill Ln*Los Altos Hills CA 94022:SP
Politics & Society*Box 1108*Los Altos CA 94022:PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*1562 Landell Ct*Los Altos CA 94022:SER ECOLOGY PEACE POLITICAL WILPF AN 8807 W
Institute For The Future*2740 Sand Hill Rd*Menlo Park CA 94024:FUTURE
Aurora Foundation*177 Toyon Rd*Atherton CA 94025**415-323-4506: HRO
Briarpatch Coop Market*687 Bay Rd*Menlo Park CA 94025:FC
California Inst Of Transpersonal Psychology*250 Oak Grove Av*Menlo Park CA 94025**326-1960:WLT H
Earthsign Natural Foods*625 Oak Grove*Menlo Pk CA 94025:FOOD SEP
Eastwest Bookshop*1170 El Camino Real*Menlo Park CA 94025**415-325-5709:NAM BOOKSTORE
Harvestman & Assoc*Box 271*Menlo Park CA 94025:SP
Kepler/Clark*Keplers Books & Magazines*1010 El Camino Real*Menlo Park CA 94025**415-324-4321:BOOKSTORE S SEP -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Kerensa Coop Community*945 Woodland Av*Menlo Park CA 94025:COOP COMMUNITY
One More Co*540 Santa Cruz Av*Menlo Park CA 94025:SHOE-REPAIR CLOTHING
Peninsula School*Peninsula Way*Menlo Park CA 94025:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Choosing Our Future*Box 820*Menlo Pk CA 94026**415-853-0600:FUTURE AN POLITICAL
Poor Souls Press*Scaramouche Books*Box 236*Millbrae CA 94030:
Arachne Publishing*Box 4100*Mountain View CA 94040:SP AA84 AA BB MBB
Artichoke Press*550 Mountain View Av*Mountain View CA 94041:SP
Cane*227 Mountain View Av #15*Mountain View CA 94041:SER ECOLOGY AN
Center For Economic Conversion*222-C View St*Mountain View CA 94041:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Mountain View Briarpatch Coop*867 W Dana St*Mountain View CA 94041:FC
Mountain View Voices For Peace*269 Loreto St*Mountain View CA 94041**415-961-8918:9308 PEACE
Cadigan Productions*Box 793*Mountain View CA 94042**415-965-7776:VIDEO 9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Pacifica Food Club*1108 Valencia Way*Pacifica CA 94044:FC HRO
Computer Faire*333 Swett Rd*Woodside CA 94062**851-7075:COMPUTERS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Five Assoc*1021 Edgewood Rd*Redwood City CA 94062:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Heyeck Press*25 Patrol Ct*Woodside CA 94062:SP
Starhill Coop*1492 Starhill Rd*Woodside CA 94062:FC
Redwood City Seed Co*Box 361*Redwood City CA 94064**325-7333:SEEDS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Shambhala House*526 Barkentine Ln*Redwood City CA 94065**415-592-5934:H COMMUNITY
Human Energy Press*370 W San Bruno Av Suite D*San Bruno CA 94066:9303 SP AIDS HC BOOK-PUBLISHER INTERNET
Steinberg/Steve*Intertek*13 Daffodil Ln*San Carlos CA 94070:9310 TECHNOLOGY ZINE
Wide World Publishing*Box 476*San Carlos CA 94070**593-2839:SP PUBLICATION BP MEDIA
Natural Food Store*239 Langford Dr*S Sf CA 94080:FC
Philippine News*156 S Spruce Av Suite 207*S Sf CA 94080**415-872-3000:PUBLICATION FILIPINO-AMERICAN 9102 MEDIA
Treasure Island Buying Club*1700 El Camino Real*S Sf CA 94080:FC HRO
Xandria*874 Dubuque Av*S Sf CA 94080:SEXUAL-PRODUCTS 9105
Hopping Bottling Co*1280 Reamwood*Sunnyvale CA 94086:FOOD
Strategic Simulations*675 Almanor Av*Sunnyvale CA 94086**800-245-4525:MPC IBM DB AMIGA SOFTWARE GAMES DUNGEONS&DRAGONS SFC SF
American Business Consultants Inc*1540 Nuthatch Ln*Sunnyvale CA 94087:SP
Dametre Press*1529 Fantail Ct*Sunnyvale CA 94087:SP
Northstar Buying Club*1218 Lime*Sunnyvale CA 94087:FC HRO
Northstar*865 Pippin Dr*Sunnyvale CA 94087:FC
Amazing Horizons Inc*Box 61662*Sunnyvale CA 94088:9203 FILM F&V BIGFOOT MEDIA
Agbiz Tiller*Box 5646*San Francisco CA 94101:AGRICULTURE PPS
Committee On Nuclear Responsibility*Box 11207*San Francisco CA 94101:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Family Group Inst*649 Irving St*San Francisco CA 94101**415-731-1095:H
Gay 40 Plus Club*Box 6741*San Francisco CA 94101**552-1007:HS W HRO
Golden Gate Mental Health Ctr*1902 Webster St*San Francisco CA 94101:COUNSELING W HC
Institute For Advanced Study Of Human Sexuality*1523 Franklin St*San Francisco CA 94101**928-1133:SEX
Magical Blend*Box 11303*San Francisco CA 94101:UG SP PUBLICATION DB SF AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-59 AA90-901022 MEDIA
National Resistance Committee*Box 42488*San Francisco CA 94101:DRAFT POLITICAL MILITARY
San Francisco Bay Area Psychological Assn*649 Irving*San Francisco CA 94101:FH H
San Francisco Newsreel*630 Natoma St*San Francisco CA 94101**621-6196:FILM F&V POLITICAL MEDIA
San Francisco Study Ctr*1095 Market St Rm 620*San Francisco CA 94101**415-626-1650:SEPO H RESEARCH ORGANIZING PUBLICATION MLC SEP MEDIA
Seventh-Day Adventist Gay Caucus*Box 6732*San Francisco CA 94101:SEVENTH-DAY-ADVENTIST HS
United States Mission*Box 6437*San Francisco CA 94101:HS
Vortex*Box 11622*San Francisco CA 94101:
Alternatives In Print*New Glide*330 Ellis St*San Francisco CA 94102:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR DIRECTORY SEP
Briarpatch Network*330 Ellis St*San Francisco CA 94102:FC SP SEPO PUBLICATION AT SEP MEDIA
California Legislative Council On Older Americans*330 Ellis*San Francisco CA 94102:ELDERLY LEGISLATION LAW
Citizens For A Livable Earth*290 Page St*San Francisco CA 94102:AN POLITICAL
Gay Students*Hastings College Of Law*198 Mcallister St*San Francisco CA 94102:HS CU W EDUCATION
Glide Memorial Methodist Church*330 Ellis St*San Francisco CA 94102**771-6300:COSMEP PPS SPR PUBLICATION H MEDIA
Hospitality House*148 Leavenworth*San Francisco CA 94102:CLINIC HC
Miller/Vince*Free Forum Books*1800 Market St*San Francisco CA 94102**415-864-0952:9011 -1 BOOKSTORE POLITICAL
National Assn Of Broadcast Employees & Technicians*126 Hyde St*San Francisc CA 94102**415-771-7071:LABOR UNION FILM VIDEO F&V ORGANIZING MEDIA
Neighborhood Arts Program*165 Grove St*San Francisco CA 94102:J ART DB
San Francisco Women For Peace*50 Oak St #502*San Francisco CA 94102:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
San Francisco Zen Ctr*300 Page St*San Francisco CA 94102:
US China Peoples Friendship Assn*50 Oak St Rm 502*San Francisco CA 94102:POLITICAL CHINA SEP
Zen Ctr Of San Francisco*300 Page St*Sf CA 94102:ZEN SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Abalone Alliance*2940 16TH St Rm 310*San Francisco CA 94103:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPFEG AN 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB SER
American Assn Of Physicians For Human Rights*2940 16TH St Rm 309*San Francisco CA 94103**415-558-9353:9004 HC AIDS
American Indian Film Festival*333 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-554-0525:9206 NATIVE-AMERICAN FILM F&V FESTIVAL MEDIA
Bay Area Dance Coalition*934 Brannan St*San Francisco CA 94103:DANCE PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Bike-Aid*333 Valencia St #330*San Francisco CA 94103**800-289-1326*415-431-5953(FAX)*ODN@IGC.ORG:9303 TRAVEL BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION AIDS HC W INTERNET
Briarpatch Review*151 Potrero Av*San Francisco CA 94103:PUBLICATION AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901011 MEDIA
California Newsreel*149 Ninth St Suite 420*San Francisco CA 94103**415-621-6196*415-621-6522(FAX):FILM-DISTRIBUTOR CHILDREN WAR 9206 POLITICAL FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Christen/Pat*San Francisco Aids Foundation*333 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-864-4376:9003 DMPR -1 HC AIDS VIP
Chronicle Books*275 Fifth St*San Francisco CA 94103:NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL BOOKSTORE AA AA92 AA92-Y AA92-29 AA92-920218 HRO
Civil Liberties Union*1663 Mission St Suite 460*San Francisco CA 94103**415-621-2488:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Diamond/Hilary*Mobilization To Bring The Troops Home Now*255 9th St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-626-8053:-1 F PEACE GCTVP F&V 9308 VIDEO-GUIDE MIDDLE-EAST POLITICAL
Frameline*346 Ninth St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-703-8650*415-861-1404(FAX):9303 LESBIAN FILM VIDEO F&V WOMEN ECONOMICS.ESSAY
Harry S Truman Democratic Club*274 Guerro St*San Francisco CA 94103:POLITICAL HS HRO
Institute For Food & Development Policy*145 Ninth St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-864-8555:POLITICAL MLC MLC-CU MLC-60. SER NR AT ECOLOGY AN SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
International Symposia On Circumcision*Box 2440 Sixteenth St Suite 250*San Francisco CA 94103:9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Intersection For The Arts*446 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-626-2787:9302 ART INTERNET
Mcgovern/Cathy*Bike-Aid*2940 16TH St Suite 110*San Francisco CA 94103**415-431-4480:AA90-19 AA90-900328 -1 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION AA90 AA BB MBB W
Meals On Wheels Of Sf*2940 16TH St #301*San Francisco CA 94103:FOOD SEP
Millen/Andrea*Laissez Faire Books*942 Howard St*San Francisco CA 94103**800-326-0996*415-541-9780*415-541-0597(FAX):9201 -1 BOOKSTORE LIBERTARIAN POLITICAL CATALOG DMPR MAILING-LIST-TRADE-? F
Mother Jones*1663 Mission St 2nd Fl*San Francisco CA 94103:SER ECOLOGY AN PUBLICATION POLITICAL MEDIA
Neighbor To Neighbor*2940 16TH St #200-2*San Francisco CA 94103**415-824-3355:CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Open Rd*149 9th St*San Francisco CA 94103:POLITICAL SEP
Pesticide Action Network*965 Mission St Suite 514*San Francisco CA 94103:9403 ECOLOGY
Public Interest Economics*Sf Study Ctr*1095 Market St #620*San Francisco CA 94103:SEPO ECONOMICS SEP
San Francisco Herb Co*250 14TH St*San Francisco CA 94103**415-861-7174:MLC-100. FC MLC-FC HERBS MLC MLC-880121
San Francisco Womens Ctr*63 Brady St*San Francisco CA 94103:W SEP
Sino-American Buddhist Assn Inc*1731 15TH St*San Francisco CA 94103:H
Tom Mooney Bookstore*315 Valencia*San Francisco CA 94103:BOOKSTORE SEP
US China Friendship Assn*50 Oak St Number 501*San Francisco CA 94103:POLITICAL
Urban Indian Health Board Inc*Native American Health Ctr*56 Julian Av*San Francisco CA 94103:WHC W HC
Larson/Meredith*Overseas Development Network*333 Valencia St Suite 330*San Francisco CA 94103-3547**415-431-4204:9203 -1 PEACE AA AA92 AA92-29 AA92-Y AA92-AFSC AA92-F AA92-920319 NAIC F HRO
Ccds-Bb*41 Sutter St Suite 1688*San Fransisco CA 94104:9401 MARIJUANA
Frighten The Horses*Heat Seeking Publishing*41 Sutter St #1108*San Francisco CA 94104:9310 SEX POLITICAL ZINE
Jossey-Bass Inc*350 Sansome St*San Francisco CA 94104**415-433-1767:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Mcguire/Suzie*Fund For The Feminist Majority*Names In The News*1 Bush St*San Francisco CA 94104**415-989-3350:POLITICAL -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 F
Processed World*41 Sutter St #1829*San Francisco CA 94104:ZINE 9311 OFFICE-WORKERS WORK P
San Francisco Herb & Natural Foods*Box 406045*San Francisco CA 94104:NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Arevalo/Evelyn*Natural Resources Defense Council*71 Stevenson St*San Francisco CA 94105**415-777-0220:9405 ECOLOGY NATURAL-RESOURCES LEGAL-AID F -105
Barc*San Francisco Public Library*San Francisco CA 94105:ELDERLY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Childrens Rights Group*693 Mission St*San Francisco CA 94105:SEPO POLITICAL CHILDREN SEP
Mexican American Legal Def & Ed Fund*182 Second St 2nd Flr*San Francisco CA 94105:AACC HISPANIC LEGAL-AID CU EDUCATION
Pacific News Service*604 Mission Rm 1001*San Francisco CA 94105**986-5690:AAP NEWS-SERVICE ASIA PACIFIC PUBLICATION MLC AACC SEP MEDIA
Sayer/Jim*Greenbelt Alliance*116 New Montgomery #640*San Francisco CA 94105**415-543-4291:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK CONSTRUCTION-MORATORIUM/HIGHWAYS
Shanti Project*525 Howard St*San Francisco CA 94105:8809 AIDS HC HS
Trust For The Public Land*116 New Montgomery St 4th Floor*San Francisco CA 94105:9403 ECOLOGY
Sierra Trading Post*Box 2497*San Francisco CA 94106:SP
Activists For Independent Socialist Politics*Box 78241*San Francisco CA 94107:SOCIALIST POLITICAL PUBLICATION 9304 INTERNET
Briarpatch*Box 77086*San Francisco CA 94107:AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901011
Canyon Cinema Cooperative*2325 Third St Suite 338*San Francisco CA 94107**415-626-2255:COOP FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Frederick/Howard H*Peacenet*18 De Boom St*San Francisco CA 94107**415-442-0220*415-546-1794(FAX):9202 -1 PEACE NETWORK COMPUTER-NETWORK AA92-REVIEW-COPY-930325
Golden State Recorders*665 Harrison St*San Francisco CA 94107**415-781-6306:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Health Education Media Inc*1207 De Haro*San Francisco CA 94107:FILM F&V EDUCATION HC
Potrero Hill Switchboard*953 Deharo*San Francisco CA 94107:SWITCHBOARD
Tenth Muse*983 Wisconsin St*San Francisco CA 94107:BOOKSTORE
Veritable Vegetable*1600 Tennessee*San Francisco CA 94107:FC
Albatross Bookstore*166 Eddy*San Francisco CA 94108**415-885-6501:PR-BOP BOP-PR PR-PHOTO PHOTO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR BOOKSTORE BOP PBB BB ART DB
Asian Week*809 Sacramento St*San Francisco CA 94108:ASIAN PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
Institute For Contemporary Studies*243 Kearney St*San Francisco CA 94108:9201 EDUCATION
Riley/Pamela A*Pacific Research Inst For Public Policy*177 Post St Suite 500*San Francisco CA 94108**415-989-0833*415-989-2411(FAX):-1 MLC F MLC-920330 MLC-F 9104 PUBLIC-POLICY 9203 SP BP ECOLOGY DMPR MLC-90 MLC-ED&CA MLC-CA&ED
Superior Trading Co*837-839 Washington St*San Francisco CA 94108:FOOD
Academy Of World Studies*2820 Van Ness Av*San Francisco CA 94109**415-441-1404 OR 441-1405:H CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Alice B Toklas Memorial Democratic Club*2195 Sacramento St #403*San Francisco CA 94109:POLITICAL HS W HRO
All Out Changes*Box 99346*San Francisco CA 94109:LAW LEARY/TIMOTHY
Buena Vista Womens Services*2000 Van Ness*San Francisco CA 94109:WHC W HC
Carroll/Rosemary*Sierra Club*730 Polk St*San Francisco CA 94109**415-776-2211*415-981-8634:9107 FOREST-PLANNING 8704 8806 SIERRA ECOLOGY -1 F AA AA91 AA91-29 AA91-Y AA91-F HRO
Duir Press*919 Sutter #9*San Francisco CA 94109:SP
Marijuana Review*Box 99346*San Francisco CA 94109:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Multi-Media Resource Ctr*1525 Franklin St*San Francisco CA 94109:SEX
National Sex Forum*1523 Franklin St*San Francisco CA 94109**928-1133:HS SEX
Planned Parenthood*815 Eddy St #300*San Francisco CA 94109:POLITICAL PARENTHOOD SEP
Progressive Space Forum*1724 Sacramento St #9*San Francisco CA 94109:POLITICAL SPACE AN
San Francisco Vegetarian Society*1450 Broadway #4*San Francisco CA 94109:VIDEO F&V FOOD MEDIA
Sierra Club*730 Polk St*San Francisco CA 94109:9403 ECOLOGY HRO
Vegetarian Society*1450 Broadway #4*San Francisco CA 94109:FOOD SEP
Alternative Directions In Energy & Economics*777 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94110:SER ECOLOGY AN
Baker/Ted*October Publications*37 29TH St 2nd Flr*San Francisco CA 94110:-1 POLITICAL SP AA86 AA BB MBB AA86-19 AA86-871210
Book Ctr*518 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94110:BOOKSTORE SEP
Brinker/Ruth*Project Open Hand*2720 17TH St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-558-0600:9004 -1 AIDS HC MEALS DMPR NAP VIP W
Broomstick*3543 18TH St #3*San Francisco CA 94110**415-552-7460:8810 PUBLICATION WOMEN-OVER-40 8807 W MEDIA
Casa Hispana De Bellas Artes*362 Capp St*San Francisco CA 94110:ART DB
Center For Rural Studies*1499 Potrero*San Francisco CA 94110:S RURAL-STUDIES
China Books & Periodicals*2929 24TH St*San Francisco CA 94110:BOOKSTORE SEP
Civilian Congress*2361 Mission St*San Francisco CA 94110**673-7638:SP POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA
Communal Grapevine*San Jose House*232 San Jose Av*San Francisco CA 94110**929-0671:
Communitarian Consultants*236 San Jose Av*San Francisco CA 94110**647-4593:H COMMUNITY
Daniels/Karil*Point Of View Productions*2477 Folsom St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-821-0435:-1 HC VIDEO F&V CHILD-BIRTH W MEDIA WATER-BABY BABY-FILM SWIMMING/BABY-VIDEO
Emergency Committee Against US Intervention In The Mideast*2489 Mission St #28*San Francisco CA 94110**415-821-6545:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Emergency Committee Against Un Intervention*28-2489 Mission St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-821-6541:MIDDLE-EAST GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
Frisco Bay Mussel Group*1499 Potrero*San Francisco CA 94110:ECOLOGY AN SEP
Global Exchange*2017 Mission St Suite 303*San Francisco CA 94110**415-864-4561:SPEAKERS-BUREAU 9111 PEACE PUBLICATION THIRD-WORLD AA91-REVIEW AA91-911115-REVIEW MEDIA
Goldeman/Greta*Bolinas Against Nuclear Destruction*3344 21ST St*San Francisco CA 94110:SER ECOLOGY AN -1 W
Integral Yoga Inst*770 Dolores St*San Francisco CA 94110:H
International Peace For Cuba Appeal*2489 Mission St Rm 28*San Francisco CA 94110**415-821-7575*415-821-5782(FAX)*415-821-7575:CUBA PEACE POLITICAL 9301
Keir/Elizabeth*Broomstick Magazine*3543 18TH St #3*San Francisco CA 94110**415-552-7460:PUBLICATION 40+ -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MLC MLC-F MLC-WO MLC-.5K MLC-40. MLC-890803 MEDIA
Modern Times Bookstore*888 Valencia Street*San Francisco CA 94110**415-282-9246:9405 Bookstore07
Modern Times*968 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-282-9246:BOOKSTORE SEP
National Lawyers Guild*558 Capp St*San Francisco CA 94110:AACC NLG 8807 ID-O ID-F ID-N ID-P IDAFSA
Neighbor To Neighbor*2601 Mission St Suite 400*San Francisco CA 94110:POLITICAL NICARAGUA DMPR 8710
News For A People's World*522 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94110:9407 POLITICAL PUBLICATION
Noe Valley Community Store*1599 Sanchez St*San Francisco CA 94110:FC
Old Wives Tales*1009 Valencia St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-821-4675:BOOKSTORE
Peoples Yellow Pages*56 Cumberland*San Francisco CA 94110:DIRECTORY INFORMATION PUBLICATION AAP MEDIA
Pro-Choice Coalition*3543 18TH St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-255-1989:9303 ABORTION HC W INTERNET
Project Artaud*449 Alabama*San Francisco CA 94110:COMMUNITY COOP ART DB
San Francisco Bay Guardian*2700 19TH St*San Francisco CA 94110**824-7660:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
San Francisco Mime Troupe*855 Treat St*San Francisco CA 94110:MIME THEATER
San Francisco Poster Workshop*3741 26TH St*San Francisco CA 94110:ART DB
Service*236 San Jose Av*San Francisco CA 94110:MAILING-LISTS DIRECT-MAIL ADVERTISING MLC
Speak Out!*2017 Mission St*San Francisco CA 94110**415-864-4561*415-864-3539(FAX):9405 POLITICAL SPEAKERS-BUREAU FILM F&V05
St Peters Food Buying Club*1200 Florida St*San Francisco CA 94110:FC HRO
Video Free America*422 Shotwell St*San Francisco CA 94110:FILM TV F&V MEDIA
Workers World*3181 Mission St #29*San Francisco CA 94110**415-826-8628:POLITICAL 9303 INTERNET
Yoga Society Of San Francisco*2872 Folsom St*San Francisco CA 94110**647-9917:H
Arion Press*566 Commercial St*San Francisco CA 94111:SP
Collier/Sophia*Working Assets Common Holdings*111 Pine St Suite 1415*San Francisco CA 94111**800-223-7010:9406 -1 F MUTUAL-FUND INVESTMENTS06
Conservatree Paper Co*10 Lombard St Suite 250*San Francisco CA 94111**800-522-9200:9001 ECOLOGY PAPER-RECYCLING RECYCLED-PAPER CATALOG DOM
Rainforest Action Network*450 Sansome St #700*San Francisco CA 94111**415-398-4044* ECOLOGY RAINFOREST INTERNET
Working Assets Long Distance*701 Montgomery St #400*San Francisco CA 94111-9474**800-788-8588:TELEPHONE-SERVICE LONG-DISTANCE-SERVICE CHARITABLE-CONTRIBUTIONS 930706
Experimental College*City College Of San Francisco*50 Phelan Av*San Francisco CA 94112:U CU EDUCATION
Last Cookie*765 Lakeview*San Francisco CA 94112:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Mac Alasdair Press*333 Louisburg St*San Francisco CA 94112:SP
Poetry For The People*Box 12406*San Francisco CA 94112:
A Different Light*489 Castro St*San Francisco CA 94114**800-343-4002*415-431-0891:9011 9109 BOOKSTORE HS
Act Up/Sf Prisons Committee*Box 14844*San Francisco CA 94114**415-563-0724*415-431-1456(FAX):9303 AIDS HC PRISON INTERNET
American Medical Marijuana Movement*3745 Seventeenth St*San Francisco CA 94114**415-864-1961:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 HC
Ash-Kar Press*Box 14547*San Francisco CA 94114:SP
Black Gay Caucus*66 Walter St*San Francisco CA 94114:BLACK HS
Conscious Investments*93 Saturn St*San Francisco CA 94114**415-621-6414:NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Design Enterprises Of San Francisco*Box 14695*San Francisco CA 94114:SP
Fishman/Nancy*Frameline*Box 14792*San Francisco CA 94114**415-861-5245:9205 -1 F FILM F&V ART PUBLICATION DB MEDIA
Germainbooks*91 St Germain Av*San Francisco CA 94114:PUBLICATION COSMEP MEDIA
Gieringer/Dale*California Norml*2215R Market St #278*San Francisco CA 94114**415-563-5858:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1 NORML
Hyacinthus*631 Castro St*San Francisco CA 94114**861-6679:GREECE HS
Hyllside Press*3663 21ST St*San Francisco CA 94114:SP
Infant Formula Action Coalition*1278 Noe St*San Francisco CA 94114:BOTTLE-FEEDING NESTLE-BOYCOTT BOYCOTT FORMULA-FEEDING
Initiative Resource Ctr*235 Douglass St*San Francisco CA 94114:9103
Kinney/Jay*Gnosis*Box 14217*San Francisco CA 94114**800-746-6747:9406 -1 DMPR ESOTERIC MYSTICISM PSYCHOLOGY PUBLICATION07
Miles*Crash Network*519 Castro St #7*San Francisco CA 94114:9403 -1 HOUSING TRAVEL ZINE PUBLICATION
Morrison-Plunkett/Neal & Luana*Paper Tiger West*47 Noe St #6*San Francisco CA 94114**415-864-0544:F -1 9205 TV GCTVP F&V MEDIA
Not-For-Sale Press*243 Grand View Av*San Francisco CA 94114:SP
Nurturing News*187 Caselli Av*San Francisco CA 94114:MEN PUBLICATION MEDIA
On Our Backs*526 Castro St*San Francisco CA 94114**800-845-4617:9308 LESBIAN EROTICA VIDEO F&V PUBLICATION
Outlaw Newsletter*Bethany Church*1268 Sanchez St*San Francisco CA 94114:PUBLICATION WORK JOBS MEDIA
Radical Psychiatry Network*659 Castro St*San Francisco CA 94114**626-3031:H PSYCHIATRY HC
Reclaiming*Box 14404*San Francisco CA 94114:COMMUNITY 9107
Tools Of Change*Box 14141*San Francisco CA 94114:9008
Whorezine*2300 Market St Suite 19*San Francisco CA 94114:ZINE 9311 PROSTITUTION P SEX-WORKERS
Wim Publications*2215-R Market St*Box 137*San Francisco CA 94114:SP
Hotline*Box 15175*San Francisco CA 94115:HOTLINE TELEPHONE YOUTH
Planetree*2040 Webster St*San Francisco CA 94115**415-923-3680:HOSPITALS WER 9105 HC
San Francisco Dance-Movement Therapy Ctr*Box 15206*442 Shotwell St*San Francisco CA 94115:H
Sierra Club Legal Defense Fund*2044 Fillmore St*San Francisco CA 94115:9403 ECOLOGY HRO
Sitnalta Press*1881 Sutter St #103*San Francisco CA 94115:SP
St Francis Sq Buying Club*10 Bertle Minor*San Francisco CA 94115:FC HRO
Aisling*2526 42ND Av*San Francisco CA 94116:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lisa*Maybe*2311 38TH Av*San Francisco CA 94116:9401 -1 F MUSIC PUNK ZINE
Open Line*6555 Geary Blvd*San Francisco CA 94116:
Bound Together Book*1369 Haight*San Francisco CA 94117**415-431-8355:BOOKSTORE
California Inst Of Asian Studies*765 Ashbury*San Francisco CA 94117**648-1489:CU H WLT NR AT ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL EDUCATION
Family Foods*57 Alpine Ter*San Francisco CA 94117:FC
Good Earth Communitys*439 Cole St*San Francisco CA 94117**387-7310:COMMUNITY PRISON POLITICAL FOOD
Haight Asbury Literary Journal*2001 Grove St #8*San Francisco CA 94117:SP
Haight-Asbury Publications*409 Clayton St*San Francisco CA 94117:SP
Haight-Ashbury Childrens Ctr*1101 Masonic Av*San Francisco CA 94117:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Haight-Ashbury Womens Clinic*558 Clayton St*San Francisco CA 94117:WHC MSC W HC
Herbal Cosmetics*219 Carl St*San Francisco CA 94117:FOOD
Holy Order Of Mana*20 Steiner St*San Francisco CA 94117:H
Kerista Village*942 Stanyan St*San Francisco CA 94117:COMMUNITY FH MLC
Landry/Mim*Haight Ashbury Free Clinic*409 Clayton*San Francisco CA 94117:-1 CLINIC DRUG-ABUSE 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Light Haven Foundation & Library*160 Shrader*San Francisco CA 94117:H LIBRARY
Movement For A New Society*723 Sharder St*San Francisco CA 94117**415-751-5708:MNS POLITICAL 8807
Pacific Publishers' Cooperative*Box 170052*San Francisco CA 94117:SP POLITICAL 9107
San Francisco Ctr For Visual Studies*49 Rivoli*San Francisco CA 94117:SP
Social Movement Empowerment Project*721 Shrader St*San Francisco CA 94117**415-387-3361:POLITICAL 9107 H
Western Addition Switchboard*546 Fillmore*San Francisco CA 94117:HOTLINE
Western Adtn Food Buying Club*457 Haight St*San Francisco CA 94117:FC HRO
Whole Mirth Catalog*1034 Page St*San Francisco CA 94117:NAM CATALOG
Seth/R*Factsheet 5*Box 170099*San Francisco CA 94117-0099:9401 -1 ZINES-DIRECTORY DIRECTORY/ZINES PUNK ZINE
Association For The Study Of Dreams*337 Spruce St*San Francisco CA 94118**415-668-7444:DREAMS RESEARCH
Creative Bodywork Ctr*4338 California St*San Francisco CA 94118:H
Cultural Integration*Fellowship Ashram*2650 Fulton St*San Francisco CA 94118**415 752-9890 OR 648-1489:H
Synergistic Press*3965 Sacramento St*San Francisco CA 94118:BP
Utopian Technology Inc*2601 Mcallister St*San Francisco CA 94118**415-759-2473:9109 PUBLICATION TECHNOLOGY COMPUTERS MEDIA
Artcom*Box 3123 Rincon Annex*San Francisco CA 94119**431-7524:PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
International Home Exchange Service*Box 3975*San Francisco CA 94119**457-8474:HOME-EXCHANGE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Western World Productions*Box 3594*San Francisco CA 94119**415-563-7171:RN FILM F&V ANTHROPOLOGY CULTURE POLITICAL MEDIA HRO
Girlfriend*Box 191781*San Francisco CA 94119-1781:9401 SF DRAG-CULTURE ART PUNK ZINE
Parents Of Gays*Operation Concern*Box 7999*San Francisco CA 94120**563-0202:HS
American Friends Service Committee*2160 Lake St*San Francisco CA 94121:9204 GMPFE GMPFPR FILM PEACE POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN AFSC 8807 GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA HRO
Feminist Health Program*2160 Lake St*San Francisco CA 94121:WHC W HC
Greener Times*Box 210628*San Francisco CA 94121:8908 POLITICAL ECOLOGY
People Against Nuclear Power*1824 Lake St*San Francisco CA 94121:SER ECOLOGY AN
Richmond Environmental Ctr*779 38TH Av*San Francisco CA 94121:ECOLOGY SEP
Trike*277 23RD Av*San Francisco CA 94121:
Working Loose Vocations Ctr*American Friends Service Committee*2160 Lake St*San Francisco CA 94121:WORK 8807 AFSC POLITICAL HRO
Childrens Book Press*1461 Nith Av*San Francisco CA 94122**415-655-3395:SP 9104 NCACS SCHOOL BP LIBRARY EDUCATION
Ducks Breath Mystery Theater*Box 22513*San Francisco CA 94122**415-621-2725:THEATER TV-SHOW
Environmental Exposition*1437 38TH Av*San Francisco CA 94122**681-2083:FAIR EXPOSITION ECOLOGY
Other Avenues Community Store*4035 Judah*San Francisco CA 94122:FC
Physiobehavioral Training Lab*649 Irving St*San Francisco CA 94122:H
Project Survival*1729 14TH Av*San Francisco CA 94122:SEP
San Francisco-Sraf*1214 2nd Av*San Francisco CA 94122:ANARCHIST POLITICAL
Association For Humanistic Psychology*1772 Vallejo St #3*San Francisco CA 94123**415-441-5034:H CONFERENCE PUBLICATION PSYCHOLOGY SP EDUCATION MEDIA
Bay Area Lawyers For The Arts*Fort Mason Bldg 310*San Francisco CA 94123**775-7200:LAW SP PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Dryad*2943 Broderick St*San Francisco CA 94123:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Fort Mason Foundation*Bldg 310-FORT Mason*San Francisco CA 94123:FOUNDATION SEP
Media Alliance*Fort Mason Bldg D*San Francisco CA 94123**441-2557:SP PUBLICATION SEP MEDIA
Solar Light Books*2068 Union St*San Francisco CA 94123**415-567-6082:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP
Western Public Radio*Bldg 314 Ft Mason Ctr*Laguna St*San Francisco CA 94123:NFCB RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Green Tortoise*Box 24459*San Francisco CA 94124**386-1798*617-265-8533*212-431-3348*206-324-RIDE*503-344-RIDE*415-821-0803*800-227-4766*310-392-1990(LA)*212-431-3348(NYC)*617-265-8533(BOSTON):9304 TRAVEL TRANSPORTATION BUS/CROSS-COUNTRY
Quadrinity Ctr*2295 Palou Av*San Francisco CA 94124**397-0466:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Barnes/Rick*The Steward*Box 250224*San Francisco CA 94125:ZINE 9311 -1 AIRLINE-WORKERS WORK P
John Parke Custus Press*723 Foerster*San Francisco CA 94127:HS 8807
Booklegger Press*555 29TH St*San Francisco CA 94131:LIBRARY PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
East West Academy Of Healing Arts*Box 31211*San Francisco CA 94131**285-9400:HC ART DB
Far West Academy Of Healing Arts*Box 31211*San Francisco CA 94131:HEALING H ART DB
Noe Valley Community Store*1599 Sanchez*San Francisco CA 94131:FC
Pancake Press*163 Galewood Cir*San Francisco CA 94131:SP
People For A Change*131 Mangels*San Francisco CA 94131:POLITICAL PEACE PUBLICATION 9107 MEDIA
Willits Food Coop*143 Stillings Av*San Francisco CA 94131:FC
Women Library Workers*555 29 St*San Francisco CA 94131:LIBRARY W
Act Up*Student Activities Office*1600 Holloway*San Francisco CA 94132:CU 9107 HS AIDS HC EDUCATION
Center For Homosexual Education*Evaluation & Research*Sf State U Psych Bldg Rm 503*San Francisco CA 94132**333-6117:HS CU EDUCATION
Fantasy Express*159 Ralston St*San Francisco CA 94132:SP
Feed Back*Journalism Dept*Sf State U*San Francisco CA 94132**469-2086:JOURNALISM-REVIEW PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Nurseries In Cross-Cultural Ed*San Francisco State College*1600 Holloway Av*San Francisco CA 94132:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Continuing Saga Press*1822 Mason St*San Francisco CA 94133:SP
Earth Island Inst*300 Broadway Suite 28*San Francisco CA 94133:9403 ECOLOGY
Greenwood Press*300 Broadway*San Francisco CA 94133:SP
Partido/Suzette*City Lights Bookstore*261 Columbus Av*San Francisco CA 94133**415-362-8193:PR PR-ART ART-PR BOP PBB BB PHOTOGRAPHY POLITICAL S AN BOOKSTORE SEP ART -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST DB
Press In Tuscany Alley*One Tuscany Alley*San Francisco CA 94133:SP
Public Media Ctr*466 Green St #300*San Francisco CA 94133**885-0200:SP POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY PUBLICATION AN MEDIA
Rainforest Action Network*301 Broadway Suite A*San Francisco CA 94133:9403 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION
Re Search*20 Romolo #b*San Francisco CA 94133**415-362-1465:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR MEDIA
Singer/Jay*Earth Island Inst*300 Broadway Suite 28*San Francisco CA 94133**415-788-3666*415-788-7324(FAX)*ATWORK@IGC.ORG(INTERNET):9301 -1 AT TECHNOLOGY/APPROPRIATE VOLUNTEERS SKILL-MATCHING-SERVICE ECOLOGY PUBLICATION
Support Ctr*203 Columbus Av*San Francisco CA 94133:SEP
Casa Editorial*362 Capp St*San Francisco CA 94140:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Crime & Social Justice*Box 40601*San Francisco CA 94140:CRIME SP
Educomics*Box 40246*San Francisco CA 94140:CU SP EDUCATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
Freedom To Travel Committee*Box 401116*San Francisco CA 94140**415-558-9490*415-255-7294(FAX):9308 CUBA TRAVEL
Gay Sunshine*Box 40397*San Francisco CA 94140:PUBLICATION COSMEP HS GAY W MEDIA
Toward Revolutionary Art*Box 40909*San Francisco CA 94140:POLITICAL PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
New Dimensions Radio & Tapes*Box 410510*San Francisco CA 94141**621-1126:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Central Committee For Conscientious Objectors*Box 42249*San Francisco CA 94142**415-695-7755:8911 DMPR POLITICAL SP PUBLICATION MILITARY-LAW DRAFT CONSCIENTIOUS-OBJECTORS MEDIA
Squibob Press Inc*Box 421523*San Francisco CA 94142**415-525-3982:SP 8711 DMPR
Aging Health Policy Ctr*Ida Vsw Red*U Of CA N6314*San Francisco CA 94143:SEPL ELDERLY SEP CU EDUCATION HC
Aids Health Project*Box 0884*San Francisco CA 94143:8809 AIDS HS HC
Child/Carroll*Alliance Against Nuclear Power*U Of CA Medical CTR/N319-X*San Francisco CA 94143:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN CU EDUCATION HC -1 F
Womens Resource Ctr*U Of CA*1308 Third Av*San Francisco CA 94143:HC W AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900710 CU EDUCATION
Coalition For Free & Open Elections*Box 470296*San Francisco CA 94147:9401 ELECTIONS VOTING DEMOCRACY02
Androgyne*930 Shields*San Francisco CA 94182:SP
Seajay/Carol*Feminist Bookstore News*456 14TH St #6*San Francisco CA 94188**415-626-1556:BOOKSTORE PUBLICATION -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
Butler/Richard*Staceys Bookstore*219 University Av*Palo Alto CA 94301:PR-BOP BOP-PR PR-PHOTO PHOTO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR BOOKSTORE BOP PBB BB ART SEP -1 DB
Center For Economic Studies*457 Kingsley Av*Palo Alto CA 94301**328-1039:FC
Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Box 717*Palo Alto CA 94301**415-322-3778:8704 COMPUTER-PROFESSIONALS PEACE CPSR SDI PUBLICATION 9308 HRO
Genny Smith Books*1304 Pitman Av*Palo Alto CA 94301:SP
Palo Alto Tenants Union*342 Hawthorne*Palo Alto CA 94301:TENANTS
Palo Alto Tenants*636 Webster*Palo Alto CA 94301:FC
Sign Of The Bloody Thumb*1430 Parkinson Av*Palo Alto CA 94301:SP
Wild Horses Potted Plant*226 Hamilton Av*Palo Alto CA 94301**326-6432:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
American Friends Service Committee*514 Bryant St*Palo Alto CA 94302:AT 8807 AFSC POLITICAL PUBLICATION HRO
Consumers United*Box 311*Palo Alto CA 94302:CONSUMER
Ecumenical Hunger Project*Food Closet Coalition*1985 Louis Rd*Palo Alto CA 94302:HUNGER FOOD SEP
For Ourselves*Box 1503*Palo Alto CA 94302:SELF-MANAGEMENT POLITICAL
Gyroid Records*Box 1503*Palo Alto CA 94302:MUSIC RECORDS
Matrix Press*Box 327*Palo Alto CA 94302:
Lincoln Publishing Co*3434 Janice Way*Palo Alto CA 94303:W
Pnye Press*Printers Shop*4047 Transport St*Palo Alto CA 94303:SP
Lonesome Press*240 Walter Hays Dr*Palo Alto CA 94304:SP
Socialist Labor Party*914 Industrial Av*Palo Alto CA 94304:SOCIALIST POLITICAL W
Appropriate Technology Project*Box 4543*Stanford CA 94305:AT
Association For Transpersonal Psychology*Box 3049*Stanford CA 94305**327-2066:H
Ccas*Bldg 600T*Stanford U*Stanford CA 94305:ASIA INFORMATION CU EDUCATION
Center For Conservation Biology*Stanford Department Of Biological Sciences*Stanford CA 94305:9403 ECOLOGY
Center For Research On Women*Serra St*Stanford U Polya Hall 106*Palo Alto CA 94305:RESEARCH PUBLICATION HC WOP W MEDIA
Childbirth Alternatives Quarterly*Bin 62 Slac*Palo Alto CA 94305**415-964-7120:PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
Food Research Inst*Stanford U*Stanford CA 94305:POLITICAL FOOD SEP CU EDUCATION
Gay Peoples Union*Box 8265*Palo Alto CA 94305**497-1488:HS W
Hoover Institution Press*Stanford U*Palo Alto CA 94305:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Journal Of Transpersonal Psychology*Box 4437*Stanford CA 94305:H
Lesbian Visions*Box 8265*Stanford CA 94305:PUBLICATION LESBIAN W MEDIA
New Seed Press*Box 3016*Stanford CA 94305:SP CHILDREN
Sequoia*Storke Publications Bldg*Stanford CA 94305:SP
Stanford Environmental Law Society*Stanford Law School*Stanford CA 94305:ECOLOGY LAW SEP EDUCATION
Stanford Food Research Inst*101 Food Res Bldg*Stanford U*Stanford CA 94305:SEPO FOOD SEP CU EDUCATION
Stanford University Workshops On Political & Social Issues*590-A Old Union*Stanford CA 94305:POLITICAL SEP
Volunteers In Asia*Box 4543*Stanford CA 94305**497-3228:VOLUNTEERS RESEARCH PUBLICATION INFORMATION AT MEDIA
Briarpatch Coop*1230 S California*Palo Alto CA 94306:FC
Consumers Coop Society Of Palo Alto*Box 11637*164 S California Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:FC COOP
Country Sun*364 California Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:PUBLICATION SEP MEDIA
Earthquakers*2081 Amhearst St*Palo Alto CA 94306:
Ecology Action Of The Midpeninsula*2225 El Camino Real*Palo Alto CA 94306**328-6752:SP PUBLICATION GMPFT FC MLC GMPFE GMPFI NR AT ECOLOGY AN N GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Fricke/Tom*Ecology Action*2225 El Camino Real*Palo Alto CA 94306:AT ECOLOGY -1
Jam Today-Pa Food Coop*164 California Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:FC
Journal Of Transpersonal Psychology*345 California Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:H TRANSPERSONAL-PSYCHOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Linus Pauling Inst*440 Page Mill Rd*Palo Alto CA 94306:SCIENCE
Mastellar/Gerry*Printers Inc Bookstore*310 California Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP -1
Middlefield Coop*2605 Middlefield Rd*Palo Alto CA 94306:SEPO FC SEP
National Organization For Non-Parents*220 Miramonte Av*Palo Alto CA 94306:ECOLOGY
Our Health Ctr*270 Grant*Palo Alto CA 94306:WHC W HC
Project Victory*560 Oxford #1*Palo Alto CA 94306:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Roses Against A Nuclear Environment*3470 Middlefield Rd*Palo Alto CA 94306:POLITICAL SER AN ECOLOGY
Venture*Box 11802*Palo Alto CA 94306**326-8225:H
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*Box 11238 Stn A*Palo Alto CA 94306:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN PEACE WILPF 8807 W
Suchman/Lucy*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Xerox Parc*3333 Coyote Hill Rd*Palo Alto CA 94340**415-812-4340*SUCHMAN@PARC.XEROX.COM:F CPSR -105 HRO
Roberts/Peachey*Human Awareness Inst*1720 S Amphlett Blvd #128*San Mateo CA 94402:9112 SP H -1
National Federation Of Independent Business*150 W 20 Av*San Mateo CA 94403:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Muir Beach Buying Club*Star Rt Box 201*Muir Beach CA 94464:FC HRO
Committee Of Atomic Bomb Survivors*1109 Shell Gate Pl*Alameda CA 94501:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
General Whale*Box Save The Whale*Alameda CA 94501:BOOKSTORE SEP
Hunter House Inc*Box 2914*Alameda CA 94501**510-865-5282:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
California Monitor Of Education*Box 402*Alamo CA 94507:PUBLICATION EDUCATION MEDIA
Javaman*229 Baker St*Benicia CA 94510:9401 PUNK ZINE
Recap*3205 Norhtwood Dr Suite 209*Concord CA 94520:FORESKIN-RESTORATION 9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Boulefard Farms*1560 La Verne Way*Concaord CA 94521:FC
Athenian School*Star Route*Danville CA 94526:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Arhoolie Records*10341 San Pablo Av*El Cerrito CA 94530:MUSIC
Astro-Carto-Graphy*Box 959*El Cerrito CA 94530:H POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN AA84 AA BB MBB NAM
Coalition Against Nukes*901 Avis*El Cerrito CA 94530:SER ECOLOGY AN
Down Home Music Co Inc*10341 San Pablo Av*El Cerrito CA 94530**525-1494:AA83 AA BB MBB MUSIC PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Esperanto League For North America*1016 King Dr*El Cerrito CA 94530:H LANGUAGE
Flower Films*10341 San Pablo Av*El Cerrito CA 94530**525-0942:FILM F&V SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Tri-City Peace Action*224-4127 Bay St*Fremont CA 94530**415-888-2130:PEACE GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
Centerville Food Coop*36163 Corsica Pl*Fremont CA 94536:FC
Petrolina Group*36618 Melero Common*Fremont CA 94536:FC
Children Of Light*Box 1021*Fremont CA 94538:RN SOLAR ENERGY AA76 AA H S MBB BB
Fault*41186 Alice Av*Fremont CA 94538:PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Walnut Switchboard*Box 1727*Fremont CA 94538:HOTLINE TELEPHONE YOUTH
Kirby/Glenn*Citizens For Alternative Transportation Solutions*1434 D St*Hayward CA 94541**510-581-8893:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Belevedere Laboratories*21093 Forbes St*Hayward CA 94545:FOOD
Heathercourte Press*24667 Heathyr Ct*Hayward CA 94545:SP
Type & Press*24667 Heather Ct*Hayward CA 94545:
Benton Printing Press*18816 Almond Rd*Castro Valley CA 94546:SP
Books Intl*11491 Cull Canyon Rd*Castro Valley CA 94546:BOOKSTORE
Burton Valley Coop*3111 Indian Way*Lafayette CA 94549:FC
Reliez Valley Coop*939 Carol Ln*Lafayette CA 94549:FC W
S M Products*3394 Springhill Rd*Lafayette CA 94549:FC
Soyfoods Ctr*Box 234*Lafayette CA 94549:FOOD
Food Finders*1309 Ulfcnian Way*Martinez CA 94553:FC
Health Buying Club*1111 Ward St*Martinez CA 94553:FC HC HRO
Right Livelihood Resource Ctr*Box 102*Martinez CA 94553:S JOBS
Can Do Books*2119 Lone Oak Av*Napa CA 94558:SP
Square Balloon*Soc Of Semi Famous Artists*Box 7153*Napa CA 94558:PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Willow-A Womans Retreat*6517 Dry Creek Rd*Napa CA 94558**944-8173:RETREAT-CENTER SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
John Muir Institute For Environmental Studies*743 Wilson St*Napa CA 94559:9403 ECOLOGY
Friends Of The Inst Of Mystical Studies*12 Altarinda Rd*Orinda CA 94563**415-825-7222:H
Press Of The Golden Key*8 Owl Hill Rd*Orinda CA 94563:SP
Reiser/Bev*YLEM*Box 749*Orinda CA 94563**510-482-2483* DB -1 ART 940909
Shoestring Press*3 Monte Vista Rd*Orinda CA 94563:SP
California Assn Of Bicycle Organizations*Box 2684*Dublin CA 94566:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lee/Carol*Atomic Media*1933 Davis St Suite 213*San Leandro CA 94577**510-430-8012*510-562-9408(FAX):-1 MEDIA F MLP 9301
Golden Grain Macaroni*1111 139TH St*San Leandro CA 94578:FOOD
Shameless Hussy Press*Box 424*San Lorenzo CA 94580:SP POLITICAL MR W
Pioneer*Box 1064*Suisun CA 94585:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Fault Press*33513 6th St*Union City CA 94587:SP CU EDUCATION
Documerica Films*Box 985*25 Benson Av*Vallejo CA 94590:MLC-BOP MLC-GMPF MLC-BS FILM MLC GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Produce Coop*234 San Marino Av*Vallejo CA 94590:FC
Vallejo Benecia Buying Club*33 Capalano Dr*Vallejo CA 94590:FC HRO
Vallejo Mobile Home Buying Club*Box 1612*Vallejo CA 94590:FC HRO
Vallejo Money-Savers Coop*795 Rosewood Av*Vallejo CA 94590:FC
Sufism Reoriented Bookstore*1300 Blvd Way*Walnut Creek CA 94595**415-938-4820:BOOKSTORE H
Blair Buying Club*1449 Murwood Dr*Walnut Creek CA 94596:FC HRO
Relationship Counseling Ctr*33 Quail Ct Suite 201*Walnut Creek CA 94596:H
Ruby Valley Warehouse*85 Pleasant Valley*Walnut Creek CA 94596:FC W
Unity Ctr Of Walnut Creek*1871 Geary Rd*Walnut Creek CA 94596**937-2191:H
What Color Is Your Parachute?*Box 379*Walnut Creek CA 94597:AA85 AA BB MBB CU CAREER-INFORMATION JOB-INFORMATION EDUCATION
Dump Heap*2950 Walnut Blvd*Walnut Creek CA 94598:SP
Far Horizons Theosophical Sierra Camp*125 Conifer Ln*Walnut Creek CA 94598**939-2492:H
Landau/Bobbie*Bay Area Jewish Vegetarians*1900 Appia Ct*Walnut Creek CA 94598**415-932-6224:-1 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Martinez Food Conspiracy*285 Santa Fe Dr*Walnut Creek CA 94598:FC
Mount Diablo Peace Ctr*65 Eckley Ln*Walnut Creek CA 94598:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE
Superschool*260 Marshall Dr*Walnut Creek CA 94598:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Walnut Creek Food Savers*1465 Carriage Dr*Walnut Creek CA 94598:FC
Holistic Health Organizing Committee*4169 Park Blvd*Oakland CA 94602:H PUBLICATION W MEDIA HC
Logical Connection-Skillsharing For Private Practitioners*2444 Carmel St*Oakland CA 94602**482-1226:W
Random Food Coop*39905 Canon*Oakland CA 94602:FC
Rather Press*3200 Guido St*Oakland CA 94602:SP
Tova Press*1474 Hampel St*Oakland CA 94602:SP
Trivia Press*4180 Whittle Av*Oakland CA 94602:SP
Leigh/Carol*Reality Productions*Box 6724*Oakland CA 94603**510-522-1211:9302 -1 F WOMEN VIDEO F&V GENDER-RIGHTS SEXUAL-RIGHTS DATE-RAPE PROSTITUTION MLC MLC-930201 MLC-WST MLC-60.
Ansfield/Alice*Radiance*Box 30246*Oakland CA 94604**510-482-0680:9308 WOMEN LARGE-WOMEN WOMEN/LARGE PUBLICATION MAILING-LIST F -1
Friends Of The Filipino People*3600 Lincoln Av*Oakland CA 94604:SER ECOLOGY AN PHILIPPINES POLITICAL
Guatemala News & Information Bureau*Box 28594*Oakland CA 94604**415-835-0810:GUATEMALA CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Kadelcek/Dave*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*Box 28562*Oakland CA 94604**510-272-7042*DKADLECEK@IGC.ORG:CPSR -105 HRO
Lockwood Childrens Ctr*1180 70TH Av*Oakland CA 94604:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Anna/John*Center For Third World Organizing*1218 E 21*Oakland CA 94606**510-533-7583*510-533-0923(FAX)*CTWO@APC.IPC.ORG:9402 -1 THIRD-WORLD POLITICAL PUBLICATION02
Arcology Cir Inc*1932 Foothill Blvd*Oakland CA 94606:SEPTL ARCHITECTURE SEP
Center For Third World Organizing*1218 E 21ST St*Oakland CA 94606**510-533-7583:9306 THIRD-WORLD POLITICAL PUBLICATION
Oakland Community Store*2710 Park Blvd*Oakland CA 94606:FC
Particular Productions*279 Lester Av*Oakland CA 94606**904-826-0410:9308 LESBIAN MUSIC THEATER FESTIVAL EVENT
Act Up*Box 8074*Oakland CA 94608:9107 HS AIDS HC
Inca Floats*1311 63RD St*Emeryville CA 94608**415-420-1550:TRAVEL DMPR ECOLOGY H
Johnson/Carole*Equity Inst Inc*6400 Hollis St Suite 15*Emeryville CA 94608**415-658-4577*415-658-5184(FAX):DMPR 8711 POLITICAL -1 W
Lester/Joan Steinau*Equity Inst News*6400 Hollis St Suite 15*Emeryville CA 94608**415-658-4577*415-658-5184(FAX):CU ETHNIC-TOLERANCE DMPR 8801 PUBLICATION -1 W EDUCATION MEDIA
Othergates-Owlflight*1025 55TH St*Oakland CA 94608:SP
Unique Graphics*1025 55TH St*Oakland CA 94608**415-655-3024:GRAPHICS PUBLICATION PR-SF SF-PR PR DB 8711 SF MEDIA
Bay Area Coalition On Occupational Safety & Health*439 42ND St*Oakland CA 94609:OCCUPATIONAL-SAFETY GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB HC
Feminist Womens Health Ctr*2930 Mcclure St*Oakland CA 94609:CLINIC WHC W HC HRO
Hutchinson/Sue*Center For 3rd World Organizing*4228 Telegraph Av*Oakland CA 94609:GMPFI THIRD-WORLD GMPF F&V ART F -1 DB LABOR-POLICY
Iww*6448 Irwin Ct*Oakland CA 94609:POLITICAL
Murphy/Kay*Mama Bears Bookstore & Coffeehouse*6536 Telegraph Av*Oakland CA 94609**415-428-9684:PUBLICATION W BOOKSTORE 9102 -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST MEDIA
New Community School*6075 Canning St*Oakland CA 94609:COMMUNITY CU EDUCATION
Newsfront Intl*4228 Telegraph Av*Oakland CA 94609**415-654-6725:SP APS PUBLICATION SPR MEPA PR-MEPA MEPA-PR PO-PR PR-PO MEDIA
Oakland Feminist Womens Health Ctr*2930 Mcclure St*Oakland CA 94609:WHC W HC HRO
Peoples Translation Service*4228 Telegraph Av*Oakland CA 94609**415-654-6725:TRANSLATION SP PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Personabooks*434 66TH St*Oakland CA 94609:
Purple Crayon Catalogue*4126 Opal St #2*Oakland CA 94609:RT 9112 CATALOG BOOKS CHILDREN'S-BOOKS EDUCATION
Scism/Donna*Connexions*4228 Telegraph Av*Oakland CA 94609**415-654-6725:PUBLICATION -1 F MAILING-LIST 9203 APS PR-PO PO-PR PR SPR MLC-SEP MLC-WST MLC MLC-F MLC-160. MLC-CU MLC-920127 MEDIA
Stack/Michael*Cpu*Box 3181*Oakland CA 94609**510-601-6740*STACK@STARNINE.COM:9403 -1 COMPUTER ZINE06
Up Front Foods*5448 Broadway*Oakland CA 94609:FC
Vocations For Social Change*5951 Canning St*Oakland CA 94609:AACC VSC JOBS EMPLOYMENT SOCIAL-CHANGE-JOBS
American Indian Lawyer Training Program*319 Macarthur Blvd*Oakland CA 94610**415-834-9333:CU INDIANS LAWYERS EDUCATION HRO
Crocker Highlands Buying Club*1255 Trestle Glenn*Oakland CA 94610:FC HRO
Millers Friends*2255 Ransom Av*Oakland CA 94610:FC
Plutonium Players*865 York St*Oakland CA 94610:SER ECOLOGY AN
Powell Buying Club*1260 Trestle Glenn*Oakland CA 94610:FC HRO
Redwood Records*Box 10408*Oakland CA 94610**800-888-SONG:8911 DMPR MUSIC RECORDS CATALOG ART DB
Akiba Press*Box 13086*Oakland CA 94611:SP
Iverson/Anne*Sierra Club*4171 Piedmont Av #204*Oakland CA 94611**510-654-7847:-1 F ECOLOGY 9308 HRO
New Schools Manual*3922 Wilda Av*Oakland CA 94611:PUBLICATION POLITICAL EDUCATION MEDIA
Oakland Environmental Action*Plymouth Church*777 Oakland Av*Oakland CA 94611:ECOLOGY
Piedmont Buying Club*54 York Dr*Piedmont CA 94611:FC HRO
Acacia Financial Group*180 Grand Av Suite 900*Oakland CA 94612**415-444-7550:NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Action Alliance For Children*1201 Martin Luther King Jr Way*Oakland CA 94612**415-444-7136:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 PUBLICATION AA AA91 AA91-R AA91-29 AA91-910817 EDUCATION MEDIA
Africa Resource Ctr*464 19TH St*Oakland CA 94612**415-763-8011:8909 AFRICA SOUTH-AFRICA POLITICAL
Community Economics*1904 Franklin St Suite 900*Oakland CA 94612**510-832-8300:ECONOMICS
Gibbs/Lissa*National Alliance Of Media Arts Centers*1212 Broadway Suite 816*Oakland CA 94612**415-451-2717*415-834-3741(FAX):9109 -1 W DMPR PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Institute Of Human Abilities*80 Hamilton*Oakland CA 94612:COMMUNITY PUBLICATION ENCOUNTER H MEDIA
Nacla Data Ctr*464 19TH St*Oakland CA 94612:AACC
Sitkin/Lisa*National Educational Film & Video Festival*655 13TH St*Oakland CA 94612**415-465-6885:9108 -1 FILM VIDEO FILM-FESTIVAL VIDEO-FESTIVAL W FESTIVAL/FILM VARIOUS...911016 FILM-PR PR-FILM PR GMPF F&V EDUCATION MEDIA
South & Meso-American Indian Information Ctr*1212 Broadway Suite 830*Oakland CA 94612**415-834-4263*415-834-4264(FAX):PUBLICATION SOUTH-AMERICA 9102 9012 POLITICAL COLUMBUS NATIVE-AMERICANS INDIANS 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION MEDIA
South And Meso American Indian Information Center*1212 Broadway*Oakland CA 94612:9407 INDIAN SOUTH-AMERICA MESO-AMERICA CENTRAL-AMERICA PUBLICATION
Heffron/Mary J*Third World Resources*464 19TH St*Oakland CA 94612-2297**510-835-4692*510-835-3017(FAX):9207 -1 F POLITICAL PUBLICATION DMPR MEDIA
Eucalyptus Press*Mills College*Oakland CA 94613:SP CU EDUCATION
Autogenic Health Ctr*6401 Broadway Ter*Oakland CA 94618:H HC
Beyelev/Marc*Environmental Defense Ctr*5250 Desmond St*Oakland CA 94618:SER AN ECOLOGY -1
Christophers Books*390 62ND St*Oakland CA 94618:SP
Harwood House*6169 Harwood Av*Oakland CA 94618:COMMUNITY
Hermes House Press*6384 Hillegass Av*Oakland CA 94618:SP
Homeopathic Educational Services*5916 Chabot Crest*Oakland CA 94618**658-4325:HOMEOPATHY HC EDUCATION
Creation*Box 19216*Oakland CA 94619:H PUBLICATION 8704 MEDIA
Book People*79 Edgewater Dr*Oakland CA 94621**510-632-4700*510-632-1281(FAX):9205 BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR MRP
Partisans For A Socialist Reconstruction*Box 24764*Oakland CA 94623**428-2588:SOCIALIST POLITICAL W
Citizens For Law & Order*Box 13131 Stn E*Oakland CA 94661:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Walden Foundation*2446 Mckinley*Berkeley CA 94700:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Berkeley Poets Cooperative*Box 459*Berkeley CA 94701:UG PUBLICATION DB SF MEDIA
Blue Mountain Ctr Of Meditation*Box 381*Berkeley CA 94701:MEDITATION H
California Society For Psychical Studies*Box 844*Berkeley CA 94701:H
City Miner*Box 176*Berkeley CA 94701:SP
Intimate Talk-Journal Of Expression*Box 489*Berkeley CA 94701**527-1900:SP PUBLICATION WRITING HSC1 H MEDIA
Marrakech Express*1839 Euclid*Berkeley CA 94701:RESTAURANT FOOD
Pacific Horticulture*Box 485*Berkeley CA 94701:SP
Smokey Joes Cafe*1620 Shattuck*Berkeley CA 94701:RESTAURANT FOOD
Technical Volunteers To Nicaragua*2550 9th St #1067*Berkeley CA 94701**415-655-3838:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA TECHNICAL-VOLUNTEERS VOLUNTEERS/TECHNICAL 9308
Video Space*3136 College*Berkeley CA 94701**415-655-8971:VIDEO F&V CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Wilson/Beverly*Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Inst*Box 673*Berkeley CA 94701**415-848-0599:CIVIL-LIBERTIES POLITICAL -1 9105 W
Americans For Non-Smokers' Rights*2530 San Pablo Av*Berkeley CA 94702**510-841-3032:9405 SMOKING HEALTH-CARE05
Before Columbus Foundation*Box 2370 Stn A*Berkeley CA 94702:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR NW MUSIC ART DB
Book Unltd Coop*1414 University Av*Berkeley CA 94702:BOOKSTORE PUBLICATION FC MEDIA
Coop Ctr*1414 University Av*Berkeley CA 94702:FC
Coop Natural Foods Ctr*1581 University Av*Berkeley CA 94702:FC
Homeward Press*Box 2307*Berkeley CA 94702:SP 9102
Howard/Peter*Serendipity Books*1201 University Av*Berkeley CA 94702**415-841-7455:BP BOOKSTORE -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Murdy/Anne Elizabeth*Ecology Ctr*2530 San Pablo Av*Berkeley CA 94702**415-548-2220:GMPFI GMPFE -1 9102 GMPF F&V ECOLOGY W AA AA76 SER
Neon Sun*Box 2191 Stn A*Berkley CA 94702:SP
Peoples Architecture*2326 Sacramento*Berkeley CA 94702**415-549-3706:ARCHITECTURE PLANNING DESIGN
Rebis Press*Box 2233*Berkeley CA 94702:SP
Solidarity Films*1338 Neilson St*Berkeley CA 94702:FILM F&V POLITICAL MEDIA
Terrasol*1401 Acton Crescent*Berkeley CA 94702**415-841-2373:9009 NICARAGUA SOLAR-ENERGY POLITICAL
Waterfall Press*1357 Hopkins St*Berkely CA 94702**527-7790:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Yardbird Publishing Co Inc*Box 2370 Stn A*Berkeley CA 94702:SP
Appleseeds*1514 Mcgee St*Berkeley CA 94703:9103
Ata Books*1928 Stuart St*Berkeley CA 94703:SP
Berkwood School*1809 Bancroft Way*Berkeley CA 94703:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Campus Textbook Exchange*2470 Bancroft Way*Berkeley CA 94703:BOOKSTORE
Earth News*1738 Delaware St*Berkeley CA 94703:SER AN ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Holistic Psychotherapy &*Medical Group*1749 Vine St*Berkeley CA 94703**843-2766:PSYCHOTHERAPY W HC
Lgc Engineering*1807 Delaware St*Berkeley CA 94703**845-4736:AT COMPUTERS SCIENCE ENGINEERING
Meiklejohn Civil Liberties Inst*1715 Francisco St*Berkeley CA 94703**415-848-0599:LAW RESEARCH DIRECTORY POLITICAL AACC PUBLICATION LIBRARY MEDIA
Pentalpha Journal*1725 Blake St*Berkeley CA 94703:
Pt Chicago Campaign*2103 Woolsey*Box 3326*Berkely CA 94703:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Shameless Hussy Press*Box 3092*Berkeley CA 94703:BP W SP
Slippery When Wet*Box 3101*Berkeley CA 94703**SLIPPERY@NETCOM.COM:9407 SEX FUN PUBLICATION07
Twisted Image*C/O Ace Backwords*1630 University Ave (26)*Berkeley CA 94703:9310 ZINE
Aim Your Dick*Box 4655*Berkeley CA 94704:9401 WOMEN PUNK ZINE
Alternative Ctr*2375 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94704:COOPERATIVES FILM VIDEO F&V COOP-HISTORY 8704 MEDIA
Barry/Philip*Shambala Booksellers*2482 Telegraph Av*Berkeley CA 94704**415-848-8443:BOOKSTORE S -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Berkeley Community Health Project*2339 Durant Av*Berkeley CA 94704**415-548-2570:WER 9105 WHC W HC
Berkeley Creators Assn*2526 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94704:ART DB
Berkeley Free Clinic*2339 Durent Av*Berkeley CA 94704:CLINIC HC
Berkeley Mens Ctr*Unitas House*2700 Bancroft*Berkeley CA 94704:MEN S CU EDUCATION
Better Read Bookstore*2261 Derby St*Berkeley CA 94704:BOOKSTORE
Center For Feminist Counseling*2308 Parker*Berkeley CA 94704:WHC W HC
Center For Independent Living*2539 Telegraph Av*Berkeley CA 94704:SELF-HELP-GROUP
Center For The Study Of The Americas*2288 Fulton St #103*Berkeley CA 94704**415-540-5006:AMERICAS 9308
Central America Research Inst*Box 4797*Berkeley CA 94704**415-255-2003:CENTRAL-AMERICA PURLICATION 9308
Codys Books*2454 Telegraph Av*Berkeley CA 94704**415-845-7852:BOOKSTORE AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901107 AA90-4 AA90-BS
Ecomix 2*2005 Parker St*Berkeley CA 94704:BP
Folio*2207 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94704:SP
Food Advocate*2288 Fulton St Suite 200*Berkeley CA 94704**642-4911:PUBLICATION INFORMATION FOOD MEDIA
Gay Mens Health Collective*2339 Durant Av*Berkeley CA 94704**644-0425*TTY/TDD 548-8238:MEN CLINIC VD VENEREAL-DISEASE STD SEXUALLY-TRANSMITTED-DISEASE DISEASE W HC
Golddsberry/Debby*Cannabis Action Network*2560 Bancroft Way*Berkeley CA 94704**510-486-1779*800-942-9304 X21513:9401 -1 F MARIJUANA
Goodfellow Catalog Of Wonderful Things*Box 4520*Berkeley CA 94704**848-7887:SPR CRAFTS PUBLICATION JOBS COSMEP S CATALOG ART DB MEDIA
Hardscrabble Hill*2621 Regent St #b*Berkley CA 94704**469-7112:SP PUBLICATION W ART DB MEDIA
Indochina Resource Ctr*Box 4000D*Berkeley CA 94704**548-2546:PUBLICATION INDOCHINA RESEARCH ASIA SEP MEDIA
International Childrens Fund Inc*160 Panoramic Way*Berkeley CA 94704:AACC CHILDREN FUNDING
Lerine/Howard*Middle East Peace Action*2140 Shattuck Av #207*Berkeley CA 94704**415-548-0542:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE -1 GCTVP F&V VIDEO-GUIDE
Liplop Press*Box 4520*Berkeley CA 94704:
Mizan Press*Box 4065*Berkeley CA 94704:
National Economic Development & Law Ctr*1950 Addison St*Berkeley CA 94704:ECONOMIC-DEVELOPMENT LAW GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB
National Lawyers Guild*Boalt Hall Bhsa*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94704:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Nations*2428 Hillside Av*Berkeley CA 94704:H
New Morning*1826 Hearst*Berkeley CA 94704:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Norwood/Ken*Shared Living Resource Ctr*2375 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94704**415-548-6608:COMMUNITY 9107 -1
Paganstongue*Temple Of The Golden Calf*Box 4322*Berkeley CA 94704:HS
Personal Exploration Groups*2400 Bancroft Way*Berkeley CA 94704**841-8900:H
Poetry Flash*Box 4172*Berkeley CA 94704:
Poltroon Press*2315 Carleton St*Berkeley CA 94704:SP
Ross Books*Box 4340*Berkeley CA 94704:SP
Shakespeare & Co*2499 Telegraph Av*Berkeley CA 94704:BOOKSTORE SEP
Southeast Asia Chronicle*Southeast Asia Resource Ctr*Box 4000D*Berkeley CA 94704:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP ASIA PUBLICATION MEDIA HRO
Southeast Asia Resource Ctr*Box 4000-D*Berkeley CA 94704**548-2546:SP APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MLC-HC MLC-APS MLC MEDIA
Tibetan Nyingma Meditation Ctr*2425 Hillside Av*Berkeley CA 94704:H
Up Haste Bookstore*2633 Ellsworth*Berkeley CA 94704:BOOKSTORE
Yoga Journal*2054 University Av*Berkeley CA 94704:PUBLICATION H YOGA AAP MEDIA
Berkeley Cable Access*2616 Russell St*Berkeley CA 94705:VIDEO F&V CABLE-TV MEDIA
Berkeley Nam*2022 Blake St*Berkeley CA 94705:POLITICAL
Berkeley Womens Health Collective*2908 Ellsworth St*Berkeley CA 94705:WHC W HC
Black Clam Press*2929 Lorina St*Berkeley CA 94705:SP
East Bay Women For Peace*2302 Ellsworth St*Berkeley CA 94705:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE W
Elmwood Inst*Box 5805*Berkeley CA 94705:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Elmwood Press*2912 Pine Av*Berkeley CA 94705:SP
Fruit Punch*Kpfa-Fm*2207 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94705:RADIO PR-RADIO RADIO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR HS MEDIA
International Jewish Peace Union*Box 5672*Berkeley CA 94705:9204 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE JEWISH POLITICAL
Intersection Growth Workshops*2715 Claremont Blvd*Berkeley CA 94705:COUNSELING H
Iris Films*Box 5353*Berkeley CA 94705**549-3192:FILM F&V W MEDIA
Issues In Radical Therapy Collective*Box 5039*2901 Piedmont Av*Berkeley CA 94705:THERAPY PUBLICATION H S MEDIA
La Pena*Exchange Programs*3105 Shattuck*Berkeley CA 94705:
Math Science Network*Math Science Resource Ctr*2727 College Av*Berkeley CA 94705**415-841-MATH:WOP MATHEMATICS SCIENCE SP MLC MLC-SAMPLE/2K MLC-15. EDUCATION PUBLICATION MEDIA
New Schools Network*3039 Deakin St*Berkeley CA 94705:CU EDUCATION
Oyez Press*Box 5134*Berkeley CA 94705:SP
Science For Nicaragua*3217 College Av*Berkeley CA 94705**415-285-0127:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA EDUCATION SCIENCE 9308
Sierra Homestead School*33 Oakvale Av*Berkeley CA 94705:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Clean Air Alternative Coalition*3025 Bateman St*Berkeley CA 94705-2507**510-548-4592:9307 -1 ECOLOGY HIGHWAY-MORATORIUM ROAD-FIGHTING-NETWORK
Bay Area Naturist Network*Box 6221*Albany CA 94706**415-526-8408:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Communal Grapevine*Box 5446*Berkeley CA 94706**841-6500X192:COMMUNITY
Feminist Womens Health Centers*444 48TH St*Oakland CA 94706:PREGNANCY W HC
New Oxford Review*1069 Kains Av Rm 596*Berkeley CA 94706:8909 PUBLICATION RELIGION MEDIA
North Point Press*Box 6275*Berkeley CA 94706:SP
Yellowsilk*Box 6374*Albany CA 94706**415-841-6500:EROTIC-ART APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
A-Corn Press*69 Northampton*Berkeley CA 94707:SP
Aquarian Minyan*Box 7224*Berkeley CA 94707**548-5819:JEWISH COMMUNITY
Berkeley Bookstore*2476 Bancroft Way*Berkeley CA 94707:BOOKSTORE SEP
Blue Unicorn*22 Avon Rd*Kensington CA 94707:SP
Brunsman/Elmer*Odonian Press*Box 7776*Berkeley CA 94707**510-524-3143:9111 -1 SP POLITICAL ORGANIZING FUND-RAISING VIDEO F&V MEDIA
California Food Policy Project*811 Rothenburg*811 Mendocino Av*Berkeley CA 94707:FC
Catex Press*1150 Spruce St*Berkeley CA 94707:SP
Committee Against Vietnam War In The Mideast*1563 Solano Av #316*Berkeley CA 94707**415-821-0459:9308 MIDDLE-EAST PEACE
Earth Seals For Gaia*Box 8000*Berkeley CA 94707:8909 ECOLOGY DMPR
Ecological Imperative*Uniquest Foundation*1 Lawson Rd*Berkeley CA 94707:H ECOLOGY
Ephron/Larry*Institute For A Future*99 1/2 Ardmore Rd*Kensington CA 94707:GMPFR GMPFS -1 FUTURE 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB HRO
Faculty Committee For Human Rights In The Americas*Box 8436*Berkeley CA 94707:UNIVERSITY05 HRO
Invisible Bookman*97 Franciscan Way*Berkeley CA 94707:BOOKSTORE SEP
Landscape*Box 7107*Berkeley CA 94707:
Parallax Press*Box 7355*Berkeley CA 94707**510-525-0101:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Pleiades Records*Box 7217*Berkeley CA 94707**510-569-5139:9308 WOMEN MUSIC RECORDS
Scattergood Books*Box 7043 Landscape Stn*Berkeley CA 94707:BOOKSTORE
Committee To End Violence Against The Next Generation*977 Keeler*Berkeley CA 94708**415-527-0454:CORPORAL-PUNISHMENT CHILDREN PUBLICATION VIOLENCE POLITICAL MLC MEDIA
Tibetan Buddhist Ctr*254 Cambridge St*Kensington CA 94708:H
Tuumba*2639 Russell St*Berkeley CA 94708:
Acupressure School Of Massage Therapy*1533 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94709**845-1059:ACUPRESSURE MASSAGE H HC CU EDUCATION
Adventures In Poetry*1790 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94709:POETRY
Arts & Crafts Coop Inc*1652 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94709:FC J ART DB
Berkeley Ctr For Human Interaction*1816 Scenic Av*Berkeley CA 94709:H
Center Press*2045 Francisco St*Berkeley CA 94709:SP
Cheesboard Collective*1504 Shattuck Av*Berkeley CA 94709**549-3183:FC
Co Work Opportunity Project*1730 Grove St*Berkeley CA 94709**415-845-1992:DRAFT POLITICAL
Community Memory*1441A Walnut St #311*Berkeley CA 94709**510-841-1114:9202 NETWORK COMPUTER-NETWORK
Ecumenical Peace Inst Of Northern California*Box 9334*Berkeley CA 94709**415-843-8719:PEACE POLITICAL
Goodlife*2012 Vine St*Berkeley CA 94709:COMMUNITY
Hog Callings*1301 Henry St*Berkeley CA 94709:AUDIO SP WAVY-GRAVY 9105
Kelsey St Press*Box 9235*Berkeley CA 94709:SP
La Loma Press*1636 La Loma Av*Berkeley CA 94709:SP
Moschella/Joann*Center For Women & Religion*Graduate Theological Union*2400 Ridge Rd*Berkeley CA 94709**415-649-2400:RELIGION -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Nicaragua Medical Aid*1400 Shattuck Av #7-125*Berkeley CA 94709:NICARAGUA CENTRAL-AMERICA HEALTH-CARE MEDICAL-AID 9308
Nyingma Inst*1815 Highland Pl*Berkeley CA 94709:H
Quinto Sol Publications*Box 9275*Berkeley CA 94709:CHICANO PUBLICATION MEDIA
Seva Foundation*1301 Henry St*Berkeley CA 94709**415-525-4272:HC BLINDNESS
University Students Cooperative Assn*2424 Ridge Rd*Berkeley CA 94709**415-848-1936:HOUSING COOP 9107 FC
Urban Ecology*Box 10144*Berkeley CA 94709**415-549-1724:ECOLOGY PUBLICATION 9102 MEDIA
World Without War Council*1730 Martin Luther King Jr Way*Berkeley CA 94709: 9308 PEACE POLITICAL
Arif Press*2748 9th St*Berkeley CA 94710:SP
Consumer Cooperative*2940 7th St*Berkeley CA 94710:CONSUMER COOP
Farrollones Inst*1516 Fifth St*Berkeley CA 94710:SER ECOLOGY AN
Illuminations Press*2110 9th St Apt B*Berkeley CA 94710:SP
Nelson/L*Environment Mental*1518 Sixth St*Berkeley CA 94710:MW AT ECOLOGY -1
New El Salvador Today*2550 9th St #1067*Berkeley CA 94710**516-662-6000:EL-SALVADOR CENTRAL-AMERICA 9308
Pacific Life Committee*2120 8th St*Berkeley CA 94710:SER AN ECOLOGY
Print Mint*830 Folger St*Berkeley CA 94710:
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*1819 Tenth St*Berkeley CA 94710:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF 8807 W
Japheth Health Restaurant*1137 Soland Av*Albany CA 94716:RESTAURANT FOOD HC
Agricultural History*U Of CA Press*Berkeley CA 94720:AGRICULTURE SP CU EDUCATION
Asian Survey*U Of CA Press*Berkeley CA 94720:ASIA SP CU EDUCATION
Asian Women*3405 Dwinelle Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:MR POLITICAL ASIA W CU EDUCATION
Bancroft Library Press*Bancroft Library*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Berkeley Journal Of Sociology*410 Barrows Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:SP PPS SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR SEP CU EDUCATION
Berkeley Outreach Recreation Program*605 Eshleman Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720**849-4662:RECREATION SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Berkeley Poetry Review*103 Sproul Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:SP CU EDUCATION
Berkeley Students For Peace*608 Eswelman Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE CU EDUCATION
Berkeley Women's Law Journal*Boalt Hall Rm 2*School Of Law*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720**415-642-6263:LAW PUBLICATION W MAILING-LIST 9203 EDUCATION MEDIA
California Pelican Magazine*Eshelman Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:SP CU EDUCATION
Ccas Berkeley*Center For Chinese Studies*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:CHINA ASIA CU EDUCATION
Ccew Womens Ctr*100 Bld T-9*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:W CU EDUCATION
Ecology Law Quarterly*School Of Law*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:PPS PR ECOLOGY PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Elf Nam*305 Eshelman Hall*U Of CA*Berkeley CA 94720:POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Film Quarterly*U Of CA Press*Berkeley CA 94720:SP CU EDUCATION
Historical Studies In The Physical Sciences*U Of CA Press*Berkeley CA 94720:SP CU EDUCATION
Mobius*U Of CA Press*2223 Fulton St*Berkeley CA 94720:CU EDUCATION
Pacific Film Archive*University Art Museum*Berkeley CA 94720**642-1412:PUBLICATION FILM F&V CU ART EDUCATION DB MEDIA
Peoples Anti Nuclear Collective*U Of CA*612 Eshleman Hall*Berkeley CA 94720:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Public Historian*U Of CA Press*Berkeley CA 94720:SP CU EDUCATION
South Hall Press*U Of CA*School Of Library & Info St*Berkeley CA 94720:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
City Miner--Community-Personal*Adventure Aesthetics*Box 176*Berkeley CA 94801:
Richmond Buying Club*598 Nevin St*Richmond CA 94801:FC HRO
Cosmic Circus*414 S 41ST St*Richmond CA 94804:SP
Institute Of Ability*4115 Cutting Blvd*Richmond CA 94804:H
Io*635 Amador St*Richmond CA 94805:
Sayers Natural Foods*12249 San Pablo Av*Richmond CA 94805:FC
Montalvin Manor*300 Christine Dr*San Pablo CA 94806:SCHOOL EDUCATION
Brooke*Little Book Of Revolution*116 W Barrett Av*Richmond CA 94810:9401 -1 COMIC-STRIP PUNK ZINE
Dream Tree Press*10 Pleasant Ln*San Rafael CA 94901**454-2793:POLITICAL PRESS PEACE
Human Rights Resource Ctr*615 B St*San Rafael CA 94901**415-499-7463:POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA HRO
Human Sexuality Foundation*116 Picnic Av*San Rafael CA 94901:H
Lappe/Frances Moore*Institute For The Arts Of Democracy*36 Eucalyptus Ln #100*San Rafael CA 94901**415-453-3333:-1 F VIP DEMOCRACY POLITICAL TRANET 9204
Mccarroll/Claire*Humanist Books*293 Knight Dr*San Rafael CA 94901:BOOKSTORE -1 SEP W
Menkin On Video*304 Du Bois St*San Rafael CA 94901**415-457-1378:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
New Age Music Network*Box 9416*San Rafael CA 94902:MUSIC SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Gladsome Press*234 Johnstone Dr*San Rafael CA 94903:SP
Wynn/Toni*Human Rights Resource Ctr*1450 Lucas Valley Rd*San Rafael CA 94903:MLP -1 AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-860407 W POLITICAL HRO
Allen Press*1129 S Eliseo Dr*Greenbrae CA 94904:SP
Center For Attitudinal Healing*19 Main St*Tiburon CA 94920**435-5022:HC
Dignity Of Man Foundation*Box 342*Belvedere CA 94920:H
Family Publishing Co*Box 462*Bodega Bay CA 94922:SP
Big Sky*Box 272*Bolinas CA 94924:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bolinas Community Ctr*Wharf Rd*Bolinas CA 94924:GMPFCG GMPFR GMPF F&V ART DB
Bolinas Peoples Coop*Box 356*Bolinas CA 94924:FC
Bolinas Peoples Star Inc*Box 808*Bolinas CA 94924:FC
Shelter Publications Inc*Box 279*Bolinas CA 94924**415-868-0280:AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-901015 DOMES SHELTER PUBLICATION HOUSING 40-WELLES MEDIA
Marin Country Day School*Box 175*Corte Madera CA 94925:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Cotati Peoples Food Store*15 Charles St*Cotati CA 94928**795-2790:FC
Ecolit*English Dept Ca State College*1801 E Cotati Av*Rohnert Park CA 94928:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Lowenthal/Mark*Project Censored*Sonoma State U*Rohnert Park CA 94928**707-664-2500:-1 CENSORSHIP FREE-SPEECH FIRST-AMENDMENT 9308
Ubiquity*Psychology Dept Ca State College*1801 E Cotati Av*Rohnert Park CA 94928**664-2470:H CU EDUCATION
Alternatives Library*141 Lansdale*Fairfax CA 94930**415-457-0355:VIDEO F&V LIBRARY MEDIA
Tamal Land Press*39 Meerwin Av*Fairfax CA 94930:SP
Dodd/Debra Lynn*Box 279*Forest Knolls CA 94933:9001 TOXIC-FREE-PRODUCTS BOOK ECOLOGY -1 W
Valley Food Coop*209 Montezuma*Forest Knoll CA 94933:FC
Hendricks/Stephenie*California Almanac*Box 231*Inverness CA 94937**415-669-1337:9011 -1 W ECOLOGY PUBLICATION SP DMPR CATALOG AA91-TEST AA91-911115-TEST MEDIA
Pelican Alliance*Box 596*Pt Reyes CA 94937:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Press Of Inverness*Box 560*Inverness CA 94937:SP
A Clear Well Lighted Pl For Books*2417 Larkspur Landing Cir*Larkspur CA 94939:BOOKSTORE POLITICAL SEP
Kosmos*20 Millard Rd*Larkspur CA 94939:
Tamal Vista Publications*222 Madrone Av*Larkspur CA 94939:
Anew*537 Charles Ln*Mill Valley CA 94941**383-2584:H
Audubon Society*Box 637*Mill Valley CA 94941:MLP ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Chader Hand Press*193 W Blithedale*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Crafts Fair Guide*Box 262*Mill Valley CA 94941:CRAFTS FAIR PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Davidson/Daniel*Weather--Score*125 B Bayview Dr*Mill Valley CA 94941:9310 POETRY SP -1
Electronic U*Box 361*Mill Valley CA 94941:H CU EDUCATION
Figment Press*300 Montford Av*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Gunflower Press*64 Castle Rock Dr*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Hartmus Press*23 Lomita Dr*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Heart Haus*968 Greenhill Rd*Mill Valley CA 94941:H
Institute For The Study Of Conscious Evolution*73 Hillside Av*Mill Valley CA 94941:H
International Foundation For The Promotion Of Homeopathy*76 Lee St*Mill Valley CA 94941**383-5343:HOMEOPATHY HC
Marin Polarity Health Ctr*9 Bernart St*Mill Valley CA 94941:H HC
Peanut Budda Press*545 Marin*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Plant Press*51 Park Av*Mill Valley CA 94941:SP
Poets On*29 Loring Av*Mill Valley CA 94941:MLC
Smith & Hawken*25 Corte Madera*Mill Valley CA 94941**415-383-2000:9104 CATALOG CLOTHING TOOLS
Wellness Assoc*42 Miller Av*Mill Valley CA 94941**383-3806:HC
Institute For The Study Of Natural Systems*Box 637*Mill Valley CA 94942:ECOLOGY POLITICAL CONFERENCE
Intinet*Box 2096*Mill Valley CA 94942:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Sound Photosynthesis*Box 2111*Mill Valley CA 94942**415-383-6712*415-381-3127(FAX):9401 LSD DRUGS VIDEO
Inner Light Foundation*Box 761*Novato CA 94947**897-5581:H
Rock Island Foods*38C Hamilton Dr*Ignacio CA 94947:FOOD
Blue Mountain Ctr Of Meditation*Box 477*Petaluma CA 94952:H
Live Oak High*55 Uplands Dr*Petaluma CA 94952:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Personal Awareness Programs*707 D St*Petaluma CA 94952:H
Petaluma Two Rock Coop*6095 Bodega Av*Petaluma CA 94952:FC
Floating Island*Box 516*Point Reyes Stn CA 94956:SP
Marshall Buying Club*Box 483*Pt Reyes Stn CA 94956:FC HRO
Point Reyes Bookstore*11265 State Rt 1 Box 142*Pt Reyes Stn CA 94956:BOOKSTORE SEP
Straight Talk Distributing*2351 Bear Valley Rd*Box 750*Pt Reyes Stn CA 94956:BOOK-DISTRIBUTOR BOOKSTORE
Center For Responsible Tourism*2 Kensington Rd*San Anselmo CA 94960:8911 ECOLOGY ECO-TOURISM TOURS
Dandelet Interlinks*126 Redwood Rd*San Anselmo CA 94960**456-1260:S FREELANCE-PHOTOGRAPHER-GUILD WRITERS-GUILD PUBLICATION
Lyons/Steve*Marrin Ctr For Peace & Justice*1000 Sir Francis Drake Blvd*San Anselmo CA 94960**415-459-5675:-1 PEACE GCTVP F&V 9206 VIDEO-GUIDE POLITICAL
Marin Draft Help*404 San Anselm Av*Sananselmo CA 94960:DRAFT POLITICAL
Marin Rape Crisis Ctr*56 San Rafael Av*San Angelino CA 94960:MR W WHC HC
Midnight Express*217 Ross Av*San Anselmo CA 94960:SP
Private Press Of Emily Woodward*217 Ross Av*San Anselmo CA 94960:SP W
Butterfly Bend Press*68 Woodward*Sausalito CA 94965:SP
Institute Of Noetic Sciences*475 Gate Five Rd Suite 300*Sausalito CA 94965**415-331-5650:H SCIENCE PUBLICATION
Mea*Box 303*Sausalito CA 94965:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Resource Renewal Inst*Building 1055*Fort Cronkhite*Sausalito CA 94965:9211 ECO-CITIES-GUIDE ECOLOGY
Society For Comparative Philosophy*Box 857*Sausalito CA 94965**332-5286:H
The Well*27 Gate Five Rd*Sausalito CA 94965**415-332-4335(V)*415-332-6106(1200 BAUD)*415-332-7358(2400 BAUD):COMPUTER-CONFERENCE 9106 INTERNET-SITE BBS
Whole Earth Review*27 Gate Five Rd*Sausalito CA 94965**415-332-1716:EDB 8709 PUBLICATION PR 9107 MEDIA
Whole Earth Review*Box 428*Sausalito CA 94966:UG NR AT AN SF PUBLICATION DB ECOLOGY MEDIA
Tomales Coop*Box 135*Tomales CA 94971:FC
National Men's Resource Calendar*Box 800*San Anselmo CA 94979:CALENDAR MEN 9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
National Organization Of Circumcision Information Resource Centers*Box 2512*San Anselmo CA 94979**415-488-9883:9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Areis Research*Box 1107*Aptos CA 95003:AA84 AA PUBLICATION MBB BB MEDIA
Cabrillo Anti-Nuclear Club*Cabrillo College*6500 Soquel Av*Aptos CA 95003:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION HRO
Tatagatas*Box 216*Ben Lomond CA 95005:H
Central Stockton Buying Club*206 N Milton*Campbell CA 95008:FC HRO
Poet Press India*208 W Latimer Av*Campbell CA 95008:
Aries Arts*201 Capitola Av*Capitola CA 95010:BOOKSTORE SEP ART DB
Farm-Co Cooperative*1875 17TH Av*Santa Cruz CA 95012:FC
Bottomfish Magazine*21250 Stevens Creek Blvd*Cupertino CA 95014:SP S
Genotype*15042 Montebello Rd*Cupertino CA 95014:SP
Statton/John*Cupertino City Net*Apple Computer Inc*20525 Mariani Dr Ms 38J*Cupertino CA 95014**408-996-1010*STATTON@APPLELINK APPLE COM:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Wiechman/John*A Clean Well-Lighted Pl*21271 Stevens Creek Blvd*Cupertino CA 95014:BOP BOOKSTORE -1 PBB BB PHOTO-PR PR-PHOTO PR-BOP BOP-PR PR ART DB
Support For Democracy In China*Box 161588*Cupertino CA 95016**415-857-6279:CHINA POLITICAL
Islandia*Box 1207*Felton CA 95018:ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Earthsave*Box 949*Felton CA 95018-0949:9403 ECOLOGY EDUCATION06
Academy For Future Science*Box Fe*Los Gatos CA 95030:FUTURE H
Lupin Naturist Club*Box 1274*Los Gatos CA 95030**408-353-2250:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Madrone Press*Box 634*Los Gatos CA 95030:SP
Odysseus*Box 394*Los Gatos CA 95030:H
South Bay Manna Club*155 Lawton Dr*Milpitas CA 95035:FC HRO
Natural Living Newsline*17370 Hawkins*Box 1326*Morgan Hill CA 95037:FC PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bean Creek Press*1712 Graham Ln*Santa Clara CA 95050:SP
Pacific Life Community*631 Kiely Blvd*Santa Clara CA 95051:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Womens Ctr*U Of Santa Clara*Santa Clara CA 95053:POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Abortion Praxis Collective*Womens Studies Kresge College*U Of CA*Santa Cruz CA 95060:WHC ABORTION W WST CU EDUCATION HC
Bookshop At Santa Cruz*1547 Pacific Garden Mall*Santa Cruz CA 95060:PR-BOP BOP-PR PR-PHOTO PHOTO-PR PR PR-ART ART-PR BOOKSTORE BOP PBB BB SEP ART DB
Farm Consumer Assoc*1875 17TH Av*Santa Cruz CA 95060:CONSUMER POLITICAL SEP
Fessenden/Jane*Womens Intl Leage For Peace & Freedom*134 Miles St*Santa Cruz CA 95060:GMPFS WILPF POLITICAL 8807 -1 PEACE GMPF F&V ART W DB
Fmali Herb Co*831 Almar Av*Santa Cruz CA 95060:FOOD
Green Gables*915 Third St*Santa Cruz CA 95060:SP
Greenhouse Review*3965 Bonny Doon Rd*Santa Cruz CA 95060:SP
Paperweight Press*761 Chestnut St*Santa Cruz CA 95060:
People For Nuclear Free Future*515 Broadway*Santa Cruz CA 95060:POLITICAL AN
Redwood Non-Violent Community*216 Roberts Av*Santa Cruz CA 95060:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Resource Ctr For Nonviolence*515 Broadway*Santa Cruz CA 95060**408-423-1626:RN POLITICAL PEACE NONVIOLENCE S AN ID-B ID-D IDAFSA
Santa Cruz Neighborhood Food Coop*1200 River St*Santa Cruz CA 95060:FC
Santa Cruz Womens Health Ctr*250 Locust St*Santa Cruz CA 95060**427-3500:WHC W HC
Sccid Memo*213 Continental St*Santa Cruz CA 95060:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Schlenger/Alan*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*419 Rigg St*Santa Cruz CA 95060**408-459-4641*ALAN@CATS.UCSC.EDU:CPSR -105 HRO
Sweitzer/Sandy*Fellowship Of Reconciliation*515 Broadway*Santa Cruz CA 95060**408-423-1626:-1 PEACE POLITICAL
Environmental Council*Box 1769*Santa Cruz CA 95061:GMPFI GMPFE ECOLOGY GMPFEG 9101 GMPF F&V ART DB
Etr Assoc*Box 1830*Santa Cruz CA 95061**800-321-4407:AIDS HEALTH-CARE EDUCATION 9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Firestar/Morgan*Lunatic Fringe*Box 7652*Santa Cruz CA 95061:9402 -1 F PSYCHIATRIC-INMATES02 POLITICAL ZINE
Herbooks*Box 7467*Santa Cruz CA 95061:LESBIN-FEMINIST-PRESS SP W 9102
New Society Educational Foundation*Box 582*Santa Cruz CA 95061**408-458-1191:SP POLITICAL DMPR 8801 EDUCATION
New Society Publishers*Box 582*Santa Cruz CA 95061:SP POLITICAL
Psychiatric Inmates Rights Collective*Box 299*Santa Cruz CA 95061:MENTAL-HEALTH HC
Ratpit Video Collective*Box 7218*Santa Cruz CA 95061:GMPFI VIDEO 9102 GMPF F&V MEDIA
Santa Cruz Iww*Box 534*Santa Cruz CA 95061:9402 PEACE IWW PUBLICATION02 POLITICAL ZINE
Shire Press*Box 1728*Santa Cruz CA 95061:SP
Embers Press*2150 Portola Dr*Santa Clara CA 95062:SP
Matrix Women Newsmagazine*145 Harbor Oaks Cr*Santa Clara CA 95062:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR PUBLICATION W SEP MEDIA
Mens Resource Collective*724 Pine*Santa Cruz CA 95062:S MEN
Childrens Art Foundation*Box 83*Santa Cruz CA 95063:CHILDREN ART
Hectic Times*Box 2652*Santa Cruz CA 95063:9401 MUSIC BANDS PUNK ZINE
Bay Tree Bookstore*U Of CA*Santa Cruz CA 95064:BOOKSTORE SEP CU EDUCATION
Kresge Food Coop*Dresge Coll-Uc Santa Cruz*Santa Cruz CA 95064:FC SEP
Lime Kiln Press*Mchenry Library*U Of CA*Santa Cruz CA 95064:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Oakes Food Coop*Box 647 471 Usc*Santa Cruz CA 95064:FC
Survival Without Nukes*Campus Activities*U Of CA*Santa Cruz CA 95064:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Weisner/Ken*Quarry West*Porter College*U Of CA*Santa Cruz CA 95064:SP -1 AA86 AA BB MBB AA86-19 AA86-860311 CU EDUCATION
Center For Human Resources & Organizational Development*7124 Hwy 17*Santa Cruz CA 95066:H
Blossom Valley Press*Box 2008*Saratoga CA 95070:SP
Federal Notes*Box 986*Saratoga CA 95070:SP
Mens Resource Collective*3505 Putter Dr*Soquel CA 95073:MEN
Seagull Impressions*4838 Riverdale Dr*Soquel CA 95073:SP
Martinelli & Co*Box 549*Watsonville CA 95076:FOOD
Papier Mache Press*795 Via Manzana*Watsonville CA 95076**408-726-2933:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Watsonville Food Coop*207 Sebastian Ln*Watsonville CA 95076:FC
National Council On Alternative Health-Care Policy*Box 1183*San Jose CA 95108**287-0643:AA84 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-59 AA90-891228 HC
Bug Tar*Box 1534*San Jose CA 95109:SP
Church Of The Golden Rule*Box 1404*San Jose CA 95109**797-5881:COMMUNITY COUNSELING
Lesbian Voices*Box 2066*San Jose CA 95109:
Toy Car*Box 1534*San Jose CA 95109:
Festivals*160 E Virginia St Suite 290*San Jose CA 95112**408-286-8505:PUBLICATION H MLC-145. MLC-NAP MLC-PR MLC MEDIA
Group Opposed To Nuclear Energy*300 S 10TH St*San Jose CA 95112:AN POLITICAL
Parents United Inc*232 E Gish Rd*San Jose CA 95112**408-280-5055:INCEST SEXUAL-ABUSE ABUSE/SEXUAL 9303 HC SELF-HELP-GROUP
Peoples Librarian Task Force*659 S 15TH St*San Jose CA 95112:LIBRARY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Resource Publications*160 E Virginia St #290*San Jose CA 95112:MLC DIRECTORY
Womens Community Clinic*696 E Santa Clara St*San Jose CA 95112:WHC W HC
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*300 S 10 St*San Jose CA 95112:PEACE POLITICAL WILPF 8807 W
Committee For Open Media*Philosophy Dept*San Jose State College*San Jose CA 95114:TV F&V EQUAL-TIME CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Experimental College*Assjsc*College Union Bldg S 9th St*San Jose CA 95114:U CU EDUCATION
Peoples Yellow Pages*New Life Vocations*San Jose State U*San Jose CA 95114:DIRECTORY AAP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Womens Ctr*Bldg Z San Jose State*San Jose CA 95114:W
Video Magazine*353 Brookwood Dr*San Jose CA 95116:VIDEO PUBLICATION TV F&V PR PR-ART ART-PR MEDIA
Giant Artichoke*3100 Stevens Creek Blvd*San Jose CA 95117:RESTAURANT FOOD
San Jose Green Party*724 Coakley Dr*San Jose CA 95117:ECOLOGY POLITICAL 9310
Quick Silver Food Coop*6015 Blackbird Ct*San Jose CA 95120:FC
Samokn Coop*1598 Foley Dr*San Jose CA 95122:FC
Christananda Adi Shakti Ashram*977 Asbury St*San Jose CA 95126:YOGA SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY H
Communication Theory In The Cause Of Man*Box 5095*San Jose CA 95150:PPS MLC H
High Tech Gays*Box 6777*San Jose CA 95150:9401 GAY COMPUTER06
Merlin Papers*Box 5602*San Jose CA 95150:
Open Cell*Box 5602*San Jose CA 95150:SP
South Bay Naturists*Box 23781*San Jose CA 95153:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Association Of Psychic Practitioners*Box 8629*San Jose CA 95155:PSYCHIC-POWERS H
Living Cheap News*Box 700058*San Jose CA 95170:9403 CHEAP-LIVING SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Sacramento Rel Comm For Peace*410 Santa Ynez Way*Sacramento CA 95186:MEPA PEACE
San Jose Studies*San Jose State U*San Jose CA 95192:SP CU EDUCATION
Womens Ctr*San Jose Univ-Bldg U*San Jose CA 95192:MR POLITICAL W CU EDUCATION
Lentral Stockton Buying Club*30 S San Joaquin St*Stockton CA 95202:FC HRO
San Joaquin Now Newsletter*Box 4073*Stockton CA 95204:PUBLICATION NOW 8807 W MEDIA
Sobek Expeditions*Box 67*Angels Camp CA 95222**736-2661:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Champion Juicer*639 E Lockford St*Lodi CA 95240:FOOD
Travelers Directory*1320 W Park St*Lodi CA 95240:BP TRAVEL DIRECTORY TOURS
Action & Defiance*AV13 Distribution*Box 581*Mr Ranch CA 95246:9310 MUSIC UNION ZINE
Merced Safe Energy*5350 S Sultana*Atwater CA 95301:SER ECOLOGY AN ENERGY
Manteca Natural Food Coop*790 El Capitan*Manteca CA 95336:FC
Christian Yellow Pages*Family Of Faith Foundation*1014 Urich Av*Modesto CA 95350:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ecology Action Educational Inst*Box 3895*Modesto CA 95352:AT SER ECOLOGY AN EDUCATION
Modesto Peace-Life Ctr*Box 134*Modesto CA 95353:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL PEACE
Osmar Press*Box 126*Modesto CA 95353**526-8883:MLC COSMEP PUBLICATION FICTION MEDIA
Pro/Jeff*California Mens Gathering*808 Figueroa*Folsom CA 95360:S -1 MEN06
Medic Alert Foundation*Box 1009*Turlock CA 95380:HC EMERGENCY SELF-HELP GROUP
Alvarado St Bakery*1215 Morgan St*Santa Rosa CA 95401:FC
Oak & Linden Press*1725 W Wright Rd*Santa Rosa CA 95401:SP
Randal Nutritional Product Inc*Box 7328*Santa Rosa CA 95401:FOOD
Santa Rosa Community Market*1215 Morgan*Santa Rosa CA 95401:FC
Constellations*Box 4378*Santa Rosa CA 95402:SP
Kozak/Jay*Educators For Social Responsibility*540 Pacific Av*Santa Rosa CA 95404:GMPFR GMPFJ POLITICAL W GMPF F&V ART EDUCATION -1 ESR DB
So No More Atomics*883 E Sonoma Av*Santa Rosa CA 95404**707-526-7220:GMPFR GMPFCG AN ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB POLITICAL PUBLICATION MEDIA AA AA76
Loon*160 California St*Santa Rosa CA 95406:
Citizens Alliance For Safe Energy*Box 557*Albion CA 95410:AN POLITICAL
Freestone Collective*Box 357*Albion CA 95410:COLLECTIVE FH COSMEP
Salmon Creek School*Box 294*Albion CA 95410:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Spring Grove*Box 283*Albion CA 95410:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Women For Survival*Box 72*Albion CA 95410:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Starcross Monastic Community*Annapolis CA 95412:CELIBATE CHRISTIAN COMMUNITY LIBRARY
Jackson Valley Community Ctr*Branscombe CA 95417:U CU EDUCATION
Miller/Carol*Sonoma Civil Rights Action Project*Box 410*Cazadero CA 95421**707-847-3642:9401 -1 F MARIJUANA
Timber Cove Coop*30740 Sea View Rd*Cazadero CA 95421:FC
Wayfarer Farm School*33250 King Ridge Rd*Cazadero CA 95421**785-2678:CU SCHOOL FARM HIGH-SCHOOL EDUCATION
Dawn Horse Press*Box 3680*Clearlake Highlands CA 95422:POLITICAL SP NR AT ECOLOGY AN W
Double Eagle Coop*Box 1207*Clear Lake Hghlnds CA 95422:FC
Laughing Man Inst*Box 3680*Clearlake Highlands CA 95422**994-9281:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
A Press Ltd*Box 797*Covelo CA 95428:SP
Round Valley Coop*Box 175*Covelo CA 95428:FC
Yolla Bolly Press*Box 156*Covelo CA 95428:SP
Greenwood Ad Infinitum*Box 428*Elk CA 95432**877-3375:COMMUNITY H
California School Of Herbal Studies*Box 350*Forestville CA 95436**869-0972:HERBS HC CU EDUCATION
Forestville Buying Coop*Box 208*Forestville CA 95436:FC
Seventh Generation Fund*Box 10*Forestville CA 95436:9008 NATIVE-AMERICANS FOUNDATION
Tribal Sovereignty Program*Box 10*Forestville CA 95436**887-7256:INDIANS SP PUBLICATION POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Coastal Conservation Committee*Box 2330*Fort Bragg CA 95437**707-964-0684:9009 ECOLOGY CCI
Peacemaker*Box 627*Garberville CA 95440:PEACE 9310
Peacemakers*Box 627*Garberville CA 95440: 9308 TAX-RESISTANCE PEACE AN POLITICAL
Entwhistle Books*Box 611*Glen Ellen CA 95442:SP
Froebel School*Box 286*Glen Ellen CA 95442:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Sonoma Alternative Energy*1260 Hill Rd*Glen Ellen CA 95442:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Abracadabra*Box 1040*Guerneville CA 95446:POLITICAL NR AT ECOLOGY AN FOOD
Guerneville Coop*Box 417*Guerneville CA 95446:FC
Timber Crest Farms*4791 Dr Creek Rd*Healdsburg CA 95448:FOOD
Lippitt/Jill*National Women's Mailing List*Box 68*Jenner CA 95450**707-632-5763:F -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203
Womens Information Exchange*Box 68*Jenner CA 95450:MAILING-LIST 8711 SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Bell Springs Publishing*Box 640*Laytonville CA 95454:MLC-FC MLC SP
Lookout!*Post Office Box ?*Laytonville CA 95454:PUBLICATION ECOLOGY 9102 ART DB MEDIA
Luggett Valley Coop*Box 69*Leggett CA 95455:FC
Clearlake Coop*Box 742*Lower Lake CA 95457:FC
Arc*Box 765*Mendocino CA 95460:SP
Big River News*Box 165*Mendocino CA 95460**937-4020:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
Corners Of The Mouth Inc*Red Church On Ukiah Box 367*Mendocino CA 95460**937-5345:FC
Textile Booklist*Box 668*Mendocino CA 95460:W
Harbin Hot Springs*Box 82*Middletown CA 95461**987-3747:COMMUNITY FARM FH
Heart Consciousness Church*Box 82*Middletown CA 95461:COMMUNITY
Intermundial Research*Box 160*Monte Rio CA 95462:
People Against Rnsec*Box 296*Occidental CA 95465:SER ECOLOGY AN
So No More Atomics*Box 216*Occidental CA 95465:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ellens Old Alchemical Press*Box 275*Point Arena CA 95468:SP
Natural Foods Store*243 Main St*Pt Arena CA 95468:FC
Niven/Alan*Larksong*10 Scitt Pl*Pat Arena CA 95468:FC -1
Pt Arena Natural Food Store*245 Main St Box 217*Pt Arena CA 95468:FC
United Stand Sanitation*12811 Pine Av*Potter Valley CA 95469:COMPOST RECYCLING WASTE PRIVY TOILET AT
Vegetarian Retreat*Box 271*Potter Valley CA 95469:S
Forever Forests*Box 212*Redwood Valley CA 95470:TREE-PLANTING COMMUNITY
Aesop*Box 880*Sebastopol CA 95472:NA AN
Calliopea Press*5295 Vine Hill Rd*Sebastopol CA 95472:SP
Country Catalog*265 Petaluma Av*Sebastopol CA 95472:NR AT ECOLOGY AN CATALOG
Nonesuch Farm*4004 Bones Rd*Sebastopol CA 95472:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Cooperative Village*2130 Peterson Ln*Ukiah CA 95482**707-462-0400:COMMUNITY
Mann Ranch Seminars*Box 570*Ukiah CA 95482:H EDUCATION
Rancho Mariposa School*Box 387*Ukiah CA 95482:EDUCATION
Real Goods*3041 Guidville Rd*Ukiah CA 95482**800-762-7325*707-468-9214:ENERGY-PRODUCTS CATALOG 9107
Round Mountain Cooperative Community*Box 1363*1201 Parducci Rd*Ukiah CA 95482**707-462-3547:COOP COMMUNITY FC HC EDUCATION
Sat Nam Kaur*Star Rt 1 Box 4*Ukiah CA 95482:H CU EDUCATION
Holmgangers Press*Box 277*Whitethorn CA 95489:SP
National Women's History Project*7738 Bell Rd*Windsor CA 95492:9112 HISTORY W CATALOG RT EDUCATION
Six Rivers Ranch School*Star Route*Zenia CA 95495:FC EDUCATION
Ecce House*2124 E St*Eureka CA 95501:H
Hearse*3118 K St*Eureka CA 95501:PUBLICATION MEDIA
October Country Press*7540 Zanes Rd*Eureka CA 95501:SP
Pied Pauper Press*1854 Mcfarlan St*Eureka CA 95501:SP
Poetry Now*3118 K St*Eureka CA 95501:SP POETRY
Redwood Press*2003 N St*Eureka CA 95501:SP
Arcata Coop Inc*811 I St*Arcata CA 95521**822-4150:FC
Before Press*1670 Stromberg*Arcata CA 95521:SP
Community Nutrition Project*Box 323*Arcata CA 95521:POLITICAL NUTRITION SEP
Equinox*470 Union*Arcata CA 95521:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Humboldt Open Door Clinic*Box 367*Arcata CA 95521:CLINIC HC
Kkiumanilla Buying Club*243 Dean Rt 3*Arcata CA 95521:FC HRO
Levin/Rick*Peace Resource Project*Box 1122*Arcata CA 95521**707-822-4229:AA90-29 AA90-891211 AA90 AA BB MBB -1 PEACE
Northcoast Environmental Ctr*640 Tenth St*Arcata CA 95521:AT ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Northcoast Environmental Ctr*879 9th St*Arcata CA 95521:SER AN ECOLOGY
Northern California Freeze Voter*Box 385*Arcata CA 95521:AN PUBLICATION NUCLEAR-FREEZE 9102 MEDIA
Northtown Books*957 H St*Arcata CA 95521:BOOKSTORE SEP
Paving Moratorium Update*Box 4347*Arcata CA 95521**707-826-7775*707-822-7007(FAX):9407 TRANSPORTATION HIGHWAYS
Pete*Dishwasher*1085 I St #3*Arcata CA 95521:ZINE 9401 -1 P
Womens Health Care Training Project*North Country Clinic*785 18TH St*Arcata CA 95521:WHC W HC
Womens Health Collective*Humbolt Open Door Clinic*Box 367 10TH & H St*Arcata CA 95521:WHC W HC
Van Duzen School*Star Rt Box 156*Bridgewille CA 95526:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Cloth Press*3703 Renner Dr*Fortuna CA 95540:SP
Fir Tower House*Black Product Dairy*Weitchpec Star Route*Hoopa CA 95546:FC
Jesus Name Lighthouse*Rt 1 Box 28*Loleta CA 95551**443-6419:COMMUNITY JESUS SPIRITUAL HC
Salmon Creek Buying Club*National Cnd*Box 77 Or 79*Miranda CA 95553:FC HRO
Petrolia Buying Club*Box 53*Petrolia CA 95558:FC HRO
Seed Ctr*Box 1700*Redway CA 95560:SP
Blue Bird Press*410 Church St*Scotia CA 95565:SP
Wales Head Bay Press*755 Stagecoach Rd Drawer Q*Trinidad CA 95570:SP
Quintessence Publications*356 Bunker Hill Mine Rd*Amador City CA 95601:SP
Gazelle Publications*5580 Stanley Dr*Auburn CA 95603:SP
West Art*Box 1396*Auburn CA 95603**885-0969:SP PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Cowell Press*U Of CA*Box 592*Santa Cruz CA 95604:SP CU EDUCATION
Rip Off Press*Box 4686*Auburn CA 95604**800-879-2664*916-885-8183*916-885-8219(FAX):BOOKS COMIX MLC
Hearthstone Press*708 Inglewood Dr*Broderick CA 95605:SP
Catholic Worker House*8248 Prime Way*Citrus Heights CA 95610:GMPFCG GMPFR COMMUNITY GMPF F&V ART DB
Davis Appropriate Technology Group*870 Linden Ln*Davis CA 95610:AT SEP
People For Nuclear Free Future*870 Linden Ln*Davis CA 95610:POLITICAL AN
Alternative Agricultural Resources Project*870 Linden Ln*Davis CA 95616:S AGRICULTURE
Boyd/Karen*Women's Resources & Research Ctr*10 Lower Freeborn Hall*U Of CA*Davis CA 95616:RESEARCH PUBLICATION -1 W MAILING-LIST 9203 MEDIA
California Agrarian Action Project*Box 464*Davis CA 95616**756-8518:SP PUBLICATION AGRICULTURE SEP MEDIA
California Inst For Rural Studies*Box 530*Davis CA 95616**756-6555:GMPFC CU GMPFI RURAL-STUDIES GMPF F&V ART EDUCATION DB
California Quarterly*100 Sproul Hall*U Of CA*Davis CA 95616:PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Consumers Coop*Area 5 Warehouse*1209 Auburn*Davis CA 95616:FC
Davis Menlo Pages*College Stn A Rm 11*Loiver Freeborn Ucd*Davis CA 95616:DIRECTORY
Doe Press*1306 Sycamore Ln*Davis CA 95616:SP
Fujimoto/Isao*Alternative Resource Ctr*870 Linden Ln*Davis CA 95616**753-3148:AA86 AA BB MBB AA86-19 AA86-860522 -1
Migrant Worker Program*Migrant Worker Program*Box 409*Davis CA 95616:LABOR MIGRANT-WORKERS SEP CU EDUCATION
Northern Ca Common Food Exchange*Citizen Action*433 Russell Blvd*Davis CA 95616:FC SEP
Om-On The Market Regional Newsletter*1308 Pacific Box 195*Davis CA 95616:FC
Putah Creek Press*U Of CA Library*Davis CA 95616:SP LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Geothermal Resources Council*Box 1350*Davis CA 95617:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Meals For Millions*Box 2000*Davis CA 95617:HUNGER FOOD RELIEF-AGENCY
Pursers Magazine For Family Computers*Box 466*El Dorado CA 95623:COMPUTERS SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Down To Earth*8805 Winding Way*Fiar Oaks CA 95628**967-7336:FC
Sacramento Consumers Coop Society*Box 355*Fair Oaks CA 95628**967-5840:FC
Laurel Hill Press*Box 202*Galt CA 95632:SP
Dragons Teeth Press*El Dorado Natl Forest*Georgetown CA 95634:PUBLICATION S PRESS MEDIA
Gilmar Press*Box 597*Newcastle CA 95658:SP
Manna Foods*4255 Schofield Way*N Highlands CA 95660:FC
Catholic Worker House*9213 Castlemont Cir*Orangevale CA 95662:GMPFCG GMPFR COMMUNITY CATHOLICS GMPF F&V ART DB
Blackwood Press*6206 Homestead Dr*Placerville CA 95667:SP
Project Survival*5000 Rocklin Rd*Rocklin CA 95677:SER ECOLOGY AN
Rawhide Ranch*8683 Rawhide Ln Box 1*Wilton CA 95693**916-687-6550:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Peattie/Noel*Sipapu/Konocti Books*Rt 1 Box 216*Winters CA 95694**916-662-3364:S RNS0206 NW MUSIC RN -1 SP ART DB SPR MLC SEPO PR SEP BP MEDIA
Christmas Caravan To Nicaragua*628 Fourth St*Woodland CA 95695**916-758-6777:POLITICAL NICARAGUA FUND-RAISING 8711
Esoterice Fraternity*Box 37*Applegate CA 95703:H
Last Gasp Eco-Funnies*Box 212*Berkeley CA 95704:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Hope Line*Box 1551*S Lake Tahoe CA 95705:HOTLINE W
Strange/Marty*Committee For Sustainable Agriculture*Box 1300*Colfax CA 95713**916-346-2777:AGRICULTURE -1 9106
Mountain Coop*Box 401*Pollock Pines CA 95726:FC
Generic Rail Concepts*Box 9289*S Lake Tahoe CA 95731:9206 RAILROAD TRANSPORTATION
Zen Ctr Of Sonoma Mountain*6367 Sonoma Mountain Rd*Santa Rosa CA 95804**545-8105:ZEN SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Bear Tribe*Box 1222*Sacramento CA 95806:COMMUNITY
River Dippers*Box 2693*Sacramento CA 95812**916-967-9558:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Act Up*Lambda Community Ctr*1931 L St*Sacramento CA 95814:9107 HS AIDS HC
California Citizens Action Group*909 12TH St*Sacramento CA 95814:SEP
California Self-Esteem Task Force*1130 K St #300*Sacramento CA 95814**916-322-0236:H CONFERENCE
Cannery Workers Committee*730 S St*Sacramento CA 95814:UNION SEP
Capital Alert*925 L St Suite 270*Sacramento CA 95814:POLITICAL PUBLICATION MR W MEDIA
Church World Service*1401 21ST St Suite 320*Sacramento CA 95814**916-448-5917:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Food Policy Advocate*California Church Council*1300 N St*Sacramento CA 95814:FOOD SEP
Lael Press*1714 Capitol Av*Sacramento CA 95814:SP
Mom Guess What! Newspaper*1725 L St*Sacramento CA 95814**916-441-6397:APS PUBLICATION SPR MEDIA
National Justice Foundation*1617 16 St*Sacramento CA 95814:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rural Community Astak Corp*1900 K St #202*Sacramento CA 95814:FC
Sacramento Peace Ctr*1917 A 16TH St*Sacramento CA 95814**916-446-0787:POLITICAL PEACE SER ECOLOGY AN MEPA 8709
Solar Box Cookers Intl*1724 Eleventh St*Sacramento CA 95814**916-444-6616*916-447-8689(F):9001 ECOLOGY SOLAR-OVEN COOKING-VIA-SOLAR-ENERGY DOM
World Of Poetry*701 Dixieanne Av*Sacramento CA 95815:POETRY SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Auroville Assn*Box 162489*Sacramento CA 95816:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Lioness Books*2224 J St*Sacramento CA 95816**916-442-4657:9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Uni-Com Parapsychology Foundation*Box 160191*Sacramento CA 95816:H
Environmental Action Ministry*3860 4th Av*San Francisco CA 95817:SER AN ECOLOGY RELIGION
Citizens For Safe Energy*2749 10TH Av*Sacramento CA 95818:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Alternative Education*Assc Sacramento State College*Sacramento CA 95819:U CU EDUCATION
New Life Vocations Newsletter*Sacramento State Placement Ctr*6000 J St*Sacramento CA 95819:WORK COUNSELING
Studia Mystica*Ca State U*6000 J St*Sacramento CA 95819:CU EDUCATION
Womens Resource Ctr*Ca State U*6000 J St Tjj 5*Sacramento CA 95819:WOP W CU EDUCATION
California Committee For Sexual Law Reform*4949 13TH Av*Sacramento CA 95820:SEX LAW HS
Har-Ma Press*2110 Rassy Way*Sacramento CA 95821:SP
Animal Protection Inst*Box 22505*Sacramento CA 95822:ECOLOGY TRAPPING
Capitol Enquiry*Box 22246*Sacramento CA 95822:SP BP
Trans Tech Management Press*Box 23032*Sacramento CA 95823:SP TECHNOLOGY
Consumers Coop*Area 1 Warehouse*1945 Danvers Wy*Sacramento CA 95832:FC
Blarney Books*6129 Shenandoah Dr*Sacramento CA 95841:SP
Northern California Open Network*5012 Timbercreek Dr*Sacramento CA 95841:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Womens Ctr*Gavilan Community College*5055 Santa Teresa*Gilory CA 95920:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Chico Feminist Womens Health Ctr*330 Flume St*Chico CA 95926**916-891-1917:WHC W AA85 AA BB MBB AA85-19 AA85-851120 HC
Chico Peace Endeavor*444 W 1st Av*Chico CA 95926:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Environmental Advocates*2nd & Cherry Sts*Chico CA 95926:AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY
Feminist Womens Health Ctr*330 Flume St*Chico CA 95926:WHC W HC
Lassen Foods*201 Myers St*Chico CA 95926:FOOD
Mobilization For Survival*708 Cherry St*Chico CA 95926:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN MFS 8807
University Journal*Csu*Chico CA 95926:
Chico People For A Nuclear Free Future*Chico Peace Ctr*Box 4480*Chico CA 95927:SER ECOLOGY AN
Ostler/Ed*Truth In Marijuana Education*Box 7036*Chico CA 95927**916-345-1154:9401 -1 P MARIJUANA
Ananda Cooperative Village*14618 Tyler Foote Rd*Nevada City CA 95959**265-5877:YOGA COMMUNITY
Ananda Publications*900 Alleghany Star Rte*Nevada City CA 95959:NR AT ECOLOGY AN SP H
Blue Dolphin Publishing Inc*Box 1908*Nevada City CA 95959**800-643-0765:9308 WOMEN SMALL-PRESS
Flower Essence Society*Box 586*Nevada City CA 95959**906-265-9163:FLOWERS HC WLT
Institute For The Development Of The Harmonious Human Being*Box 370*Nevada City CA 95959**273-9880:H SP
Nevada Womens Health College*12585 Jones Bar Rd*Nevada City CA 95959:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Vega Inst*Box 426*Oroville CA 95965**533-5466:MACROBIOTIC COMMUNITY SCHOOL EDUCATION
Heinkes Inc*5365 Clark Rd*Paradise CA 95969:FOOD
Feather Rover Food Coop*Box 326-411 Lawrence St*Quincy CA 95971:FC
Lundberg Brown Rice Farm*Box 216*Richvale CA 95974:FOOD
Wehah Farm Inc*Box 13*Richvale CA 95974:FOOD
Wilbur Hot Springs Health Sanctuary*Wilbur Springs CA 95987:H HC
Yuba Sutter Food Coop*842 Morley Av*Yubin City CA 95991:FC
Bookery*8193 Riata Dr*Redding CA 96002:SP
Pitt River Tribal Council*Bieber CA 96009:
Black Bear Ranch*Sawyers Bar CA 96027:
Hayforks Buying Clubs*Black Product Dary Cnd*Drawer A*Hayfork CA 96041:FC HRO
Mt Shasta Area Audubon Society*Box 530*Mt Shasta CA 96067:9403 ECOLOGY
Northern Ca-Southern Or Resource Network*Box 869*Mt Shasta CA 96067**926-3192:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Order Of Buddhist Contemplatives*Box 199*Mt Shasta CA 96067**916-926-4208:BUDDHIST PUBLICATION MEDIA
Aladdin's Window*Afterglow Books*28936 Shingle Creek Ln*Shingletown CA 96088-9658:9310 MEN ZINE
People Of Progress*Box 4431*Redding CA 96099:FC
Alpine County*Box 314*Markeleeville CA 96120:FC
Blue Oak Press*Box 27*Sattley CA 96124:SP
Lassen Natural Foods Coop*454 Richmond Box 1480*Susanville CA 96130:FC
Nearing/Ryam*Polyfidelity Educational Productions*Box 6306*Captain Cook HI 96704**808-929-9691:-1 COMMUNITY 9107
Haiku Agri Coop*Box 694*Haiku Maui HI 96708:FC
North Shore Food Coop*59-611 Akanoho Pl*Maliewa HI 96712:FC
Kuakoa School*2262 Kalanianaole Av*Hilo HI 96720:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Greenpeace*Box 10909*Hilo HI 96721**595-4475:WLT AA84 AA MBB BB SER AN ECOLOGY GREENPEACE
Golden Son*Box 929*Honokua HI 96727:COOP FOOD
Wong/Donna*Global Network For Anti-Golf Course Action*1525 Uluhao St*Kailua HI 96734**808-261-8292*808-262-0682(FAX):9303 -1 F GOLF-COURSES ECOLOGY POLITICAL INTERNET
Path Insitute Of Research*46-393 Holopu Pl*Kaneohe HI 96744:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Wailua U Of Contemplative Art*Saiva Siddhanta College*Box 10*Kapaa HI 96746:U AA84 AA BB MBB MW AT CU EDUCATION ART DB
Molokai Buyers Rainbows End*Box 1307*Kaunakakai HI 96748:FC
Ohana Oka Aina*Box 1662*Kealakekua HI 96750:FC
Circle Of Light-Findhorn*Box 1486*Kihei HI 96753**800-367-6030:
Friends Of Little Beach*Box 403*Kihei Maui HI 96753:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Pacific Whale Foundation*101 North Kihei Rd*Kihei HI 96753:9403 ECOLOGY
Institute For Polynesian Studies*Box 44*Byu*Laie HI 96762:
Shapiro/Howard*Artists For World Peace*Box 261*Lihue HI 96766:GMPFI J -1 PEACE 9102 GMPF F&V ART DB
Peacemakers*Box 429*Makawao HI 96768:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Volcano Buying Club*Box 374*Volcano HI 96785:FC HRO
Progressive Economic Alliances Cultivating Energy*Box 623*Kula Maui HI 96790-0623**808-878-3630:9402 MARIJUANA02
Garden Of Eden*1910 Vineyard*Wailuku Maui HI 96793:
Maui Community Coop*910 Wineyard St*Wailuku HI 96793:COOP FOOD
Hui O Kau Kau*41 882 Launilo St*Waimanalo HI 96795:FC
Hawaii Commission On The Year 2000*Box 3110*Honolulu HI 96802:FUTURE
Civil Liberties Union*212 Merchant St #303*Honolulu HI 96813**808-545-1722:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Hawaii Audubon Society*212 Merchant St #320*Honolulu HI 96813:9403 ECOLOGY
Thompson/Dorianne*Hawaii Information Network Corp*201 Merchant St Suite 1500*Honolulu HI 96813**808-586-4636*DLTHAWAII@AOL COM:9310 COMMUNITY-NETWORKS -1
Hawaii Literary Arts Council Newsletter*Box 11213*Moiliili Stn*Honolulu HI 96814:SP ART DB
Youth Action Inc*1212 University Av*Honolulu HI 96814**808-949-1196:YOUTH ORGANIZING PEOPLES-FUND
Good Bears Of The World*Hawaiian Den*Box 8236*Honolulu HI 96815:H MLC
Medical Committee For Human Rights*1509 Mokuma Pl*Honolulu HI 96816:MCHR HC HRO
Owner Builder Ctr Pacific*Box 10603*Honolulu HI 96816**808-523-8056:CU OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL EDUCATION HOUSING
Labor-Community Alliance*2252 Puna St*Honolulu HI 96817**808-595-7362:LABOR COMMUNITY PUBLICATION ORGANIZING MEDIA
Petronium Press*1255 Nuuanu Av #1813*Honolulu HI 96817:
Hawaii Coalition For A Mid-East Peace*163 Nenue St*Honolulu HI 96821**808-873-4856:MID-EAST 9206 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
American Friends Service Committee*2426 Oahu Av*Honolulu HI 96822:PEACE AN GMPFH POLITICAL GMPFR GMPFJ AFSC 8807 GMPF F&V DB HRO
Catholic Action*Wesley Foundation*1918 University Av*Honolulu HI 96822:RELIGION CATHOLICS
Clean Energy Press*3593-A Alani Dr*Honolulu HI 96822:SP
Diamond Sangha Ctr*Koko An Zendo*2119 Kaloa Way*Honolulu HI 96822:ZEN SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Ferity-Hi Feminist News Journal*Univ Ywca*1820 University Av*Honolulu HI 96822:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION W MEDIA
Honolulu Peoples Yellow Pages*2426 Oahu Av*Honolulu HI 96822**808-988-6266:
Landzaat/Derek*Gay & Lesbian Community Ctr*1820 University Av Suite 8*Honolulu HI 96822**808-951-7000:9202 -1 HS PUBLICATION DMPR MEDIA
Nuclear Free Hawaii*1918 University Av*Honolulu HI 96822:SER ECOLOGY AN
War Resistors League*1918 University Av*Honolulu HI 96822:SER ECOLOGY AN WRL PEACE
Womans Word Bookstore*University Ywca*1820 University Av*Honolulu HI 96822**808-944-9755:S BOOKSTORE CU EDUCATION W SEP
World Future Studies Federation*Social Science Research Inst*2424 Maile Way*Honolulu HI 96822:9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Pacific Islands Research Inst Inc*Box 25372*Honolulu HI 96825:SEPR PR-SEP SEP-PR PR-PO PO-PR PR RESEARCH SEP
Vegetarian Society Of Honolulu*Box 25233*Honolulu HI 96825**808-395-1499:9405 VEGETARIAN FOOD
Friends Of The Earth*1319 Kalakaua #2*Honolulu HI 96826:SER AN POLITICAL FOE ECOLOGY 8807
Kokua Country Foods*2356 S Beretania St*Honolulu HI 96826**808-941-1922:FC COOP
Modern Times Bookstore*Box 11208 Moiliili Stn*Honolulu HI 96826:BOOKSTORE SEP
East West Communication Inst*1777 East-West Rd*Honolulu HI 96848:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Rural Opportunity Research Ctr*505 6th St A*Marysville CA 96901:FC
Tia Belau*Box 569*Koror*Palau HI 96940:APS PR-PO PO-PR PUBLICATION SPR PR MEDIA
Christ Light Community Church*Box 425*Beaver Creek OR 97004**503-632-7141:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Transformation Times*Box 425*Beavercreek OR 97004**503-632-7141:PUBLICATION H 9107 MEDIA
Beaverton Schools*303 SW Erickson St*Beaverton OR 97005:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Energy & Mans Environment*Box 200*Beavertown OR 97005:AT ECOLOGY
Forelaws On Board*Coalition For Safe Energy*19142 S Bakers Ferry Rd*Boring OR 97009:SER ECOLOGY AN
Educational Warehouse*Box 1098*Clackamas OR 97015**503-655-1577:EDUCATION 9102 WHC W HC
Stillmeadow Farm*16561 SE Marna Rd*Clackamas OR 97015**658-6526:COMMUNITY
Estacada Coop*Clackamas County Caa*825 Portland Av*Gladstone OR 97027:FC
Mollall Coop*Clackamas County Caa*825 Portland Av*Gladstone OR 97027:FC
Awakening Technology*695 Fifth St*Lake Oswego OR 97034**503-635-2615(V)*503-697-3569(MODEM):COMPUTER-CONFERENCE 9106
Gaslicht Daze Printery*1519 Spruce St*Lake Oswego OR 97034:SP
Johnson-Lenz*695 5th St*Lake Oswego OR 97034:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Taylor/Anthony*Partnership For A Responsible Drug Policy*792 8th St*Lake Oswego OR 97034**503-697-3974:MARIJUANA DRUGS DRUG-LAW-REFORM LAW-REFORM/DRUGS 9307 -1
Bicentennial Era Enterprises*Box 1148*Scappoose OR 97056:SP
Oregon Tilth*Box 218*Tualatin OR 97062**503-692-4877:FOOD AGRICULTURE 9107
Nahalem Valley Community Services*Timber Rt Box 208*Vernoia OR 97064:FC
Community Store Inc*1389 Duane St*Astoria OR 97103:FC
Windfell Farm*Ft 1 Box 173D*Banks OR 97106:FC
Tamhill Valley Foods*707 E 3rd St*Mcminnville OR 97128:FC
Warp & Weft*533 N Adams St*Mcminnville OR 97128:WEAVING PUBLICATION ART DB MEDIA
Restful Haven Health Club*Box 248*N Plains OR 97133:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HC HRO
Tillamook Cheese*Box 313*Tillamook OR 97141:FOOD
Citizens Anti-Nuclear Development League*Box 765*Naskowin OR 97149:SER ECOLOGY POLITICAL AN
Audubon Society*2637 SW Water*Portland OR 97201:AT ECOLOGY AUDUBON 8807
Karwl Rehka*880 Northwood Dr NE*Salem OR 97201:FOOD
Oregon Environmental Council*2637 SW Water Av*Portland OR 97201**222-1963:RECYCLING POLITICAL H SER AN AT ECOLOGY SEP
Pacific Northwest Labor Coalition*1529 SW 12TH Ch*Portland OR 97201:SER ECOLOGY AN LABOR
Pmvcc*633 SW Montgomery*Portland OR 97201:AN POLITICAL H
Breitenbush Publications*Box 02137*Portland OR 97202:SP
Indigne*3125 SE Division*Portland OR 97202:FC
Peoples Food Store*3029 SE 21*Portland OR 97202**232-9051:FC
Reed College Feminists Union*Box 622 Reed College*Portland OR 97202:WHC W CU EDUCATION HC
Students Against The Draft*Box 363*Reed College*Portland OR 97202:DRAFT PEACE CU EDUCATION
Trask House Books*2754 SE 27TH Av*Portland OR 97202:SP
Civil Liberties Union*705 Board Of Trade Bldg*310 SW Fourth Av*Portland OR 97204**503-227-3186:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Fifth Av News*820 SW Fifth Av*Portland OR 97204:BOOKSTORE SEP
Looking Glass Bookstore*318 SW Taylor St*Portland OR 97204**503-227-4760:BOOKSTORE SEP
Stanford/Paul*Tree Free Ecopaper Inc*121 SW Salmon Suite 1100*Portland OR 97204**800-775-0225*503-295-6705*TREEFREEECO@IGC.APC.ORG:9403 -1 PAPER/RECYCLED RECYCLED-PAPER ECOLOGY06 PAPER/HEMP HEMP-PAPER MARIJUANA
Western States Ctr*522 SW Fifth Av Suite 1390*Portland OR 97204:9203 POLITICAL RUN-FOR-OFFICE DEMOCRACY
Circle Forum*Box 176*Portland OR 97205:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Northwest Film & Video Ctr*1219 SW Park Av*Portland OR 97205**503-221-1156:9205 VIDEO DB FILM GMPF F&V ART MEDIA
Robboy/Deborah*Catbird Seat Bookstore*913 SW Broadway*Portland OR 97205**503-222-5817:BOOKSTORE -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Portland Beachfront*Box 8145*Portland OR 97207:NUDE-BEACH
Universal Tea Co*Box 910*Portland OR 97207:FOOD
Womens Newsletter*450 Smith Ctr*Portland State U*Portland OR 97207:PUBLICATION W CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Jesuit Volunteer Corps*Box 3928*Portland OR 97208:COMMUNITY
Media Project*Box 4093*Portland OR 97208:BP
Metropolitan Learning Ctr*2033 W Glisan*Portland OR 97208:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Smith/Judy*Blue Stocking*Box 4525*Portland OR 97208:WOMEN NEWSPAPER -1 F JBB 940707
Anderson Financial Group Inc*220 NW Second Av Suite 650*Portland OR 97209**503-228-0035:8806 NAJ INVESTMENTS MONEY
Schaefer/Parke*Powell's Books Inc*1005 W Burnside*Portland OR 97209**503-228-4651:9111 BOOKSTORE -1 SEP
Food Front Coop*2635 NW Thurman St*Portland OR 97210:COOP FC
Oregon Consumer League*3131 Northwest Luray Ter*Portland OR 97210:CONSUMER
Real Good Food Store*2635 NW Thurman St*Portland OR 97210:FC
Redden/Jim*Pdxs*2305 NW Kearney*Portland OR 97210:NEWSPAPER -1 JBB 940707
Resource Recycling*Box 10540*Portland OR 97210:RECYCLING
Alien Critic*Box 11408*Portland OR 97211:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Northeast Food Buying Club*5124 NE Cleveland*Portland OR 97211:FC HRO
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*3310 NW Savier*Portland OR 97211:PEACE AN POLITICAL H WILPF 8807 W
Patterns*Center For The Study Of The Future*4110 NE Alameda*Portland OR 97212**503-282-5835:RN RNS0206 FUTURE PUBLICATION MEDIA
Teacher Works*2136 NE 20TH Av*Portland OR 97212:TEACHER-CENTER CU EDUCATION
Portland Women Strike For Peace*2845 NE 56*Portland OR 97213:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Bicycle Repair Collective*1912 SE Ankeny*Portland OR 97214:BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION
Forelawson Board*215 SE 9th St*Portland OR 97214:AN POLITICAL
Glenn Matterson Co*Box 14602*Portland OR 97214:FOOD
Marion County Community Mental Health Ctr*3180 Center St NE*Salem OR 97214:MENTAL-HEALTH W HC
Mens Resource Ctr*3543 SE Main*Portland OR 97214:MEN S
PRESS-22*1415 SE 8*Portland OR 97214:SP
Produce Row Cafe*204 SE Oak*Portland OR 97214:FC
Alternative Medical Assn*7915 Southeast Stark*Portland OR 97215**253-4031:MEDICAL HC
American Friends Service Committee*4312 SE Stark*Portland OR 97215:POLITICAL H PEACE AN AFSC 8807 HRO
Atlantis Rising Education Ctr*7915 SE Stark St*Portland OR 97215**253-4031:HC H S FC
Hanford Conversion Project*4312 SE Stark*Portland OR 97215:AN POLITICAL
Portland Gay Liberation*Communications Ctr*4226 N Montana Av*Portland OR 97217**287-7894:PUBLICATION HS MEDIA
New Capernaum Works*4615 NE Emerson St*Portland OR 97218:SP
Northwest Environmental Defense Ctr*10015 SW Terwilliger Blvd*Portland OR 97219:ECOLOGY PILC LAW POLITICAL AT 8807 NCBL
Riverdale School*11733 SW Breyman*Portland OR 97219:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Claustrophobia*1402 SW Upland Dr*Portland OR 97221:HEALTH SP PUBLICATION MEDIA HC
Power Research Group*4500 SW Humphrey Ct*Portland OR 97221:SER ECOLOGY AN RESEARCH
Seminars In Group Processes*1730 SW Skyline Blvd #122*Portland OR 97221:H
Biederman/Steve*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*8086 SW 66TH Av*Portland OR 97223**503-293-1633*STEVE_BIEDERMAN@MENTORG.COM:CPSR -105 HRO
Earthtone*Box 23383*9295 SW Electric*Portland OR 97223**620-3917:S SP PUBLICATION MLC MEDIA
Portland Group*7707 SW Locust*Portland OR 97223:
Northwest Bldg Inst*5410 SW Dover Ln*Portland OR 97225**503-244-8266:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Act Up*Box 6352*Portland OR 97228:9107 HS AIDS HC
Northwest Womens History Project*Box 5692*Portland OR 97228:HISTORY MLC-WST MLC-U MLC-W MLC W
Lents Food Buying Club*4600 SE 97*Portland OR 97266:FC HRO
Different Drummer*14417 SE Laurie*Oak Grove OR 97267**503-652-7049:9407 PUBLIC-LAND-MANAGEMENT PUBLICATION ECOLOGY07
Heliotrope Natural Foods*2060 Market St NE*Salem OR 97301:FC AN POLITICAL
Rae/Max*National Lawyers Guild*Willamette Law School*Salem OR 97301:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION -1
Salem Community Coop*1020 N Liberty*Salem OR 97301:FC
Chandlers Chandler*3155 Azalea Dr S*Salem OR 97302:SP
Environmental Interfaces*2795 Randi Ln*Salem OR 97303:AT ECOLOGY
Archer*2285 Rogers Ln NW*Salem OR 97304:SP
Summit Coalition For Alternatives To Pesticides*19731 Summit Hwy*Blodgett OR 97326:PESTICIDES SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
1st Alternative*1007 SE 3rd St*Corvallis OR 97330:
Calyx*Box B*Corvallis OR 97330:SP MLC-SAMPLE-2K MLC-15. MLC
Center For National Independence*129 NW 4th St #204*Corvallis OR 97330:9205 VOTING-INFORMATION POLITICAL
Clergy & Laity Concerned*Mid Valley Ctr For Peace & Justice*1165 NW Monroe St*Corvallis OR 97330:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Committee For The Game*1460 SW A St*Corvallis OR 97330:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
First Alternative*1007 SE 3*Corvallis OR 97330:FC
Grass Roots Books & Things*227 SW 2*Corvallis OR 97330:BOOKSTORE MW AT
Hogaunan/D*First Alternative Co-Op*1007 SW 3d St*Corvallis OR 97330:SER ECOLOGY AN FC FOOD -1
University Prof For Academ Order*827 NW 31ST St*Corvallis OR 97330:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Asosu Experimental College*Associated Students*Memorial Union Oregon State*Corvalis OR 97331:U CU EDUCATION
All Of US Inc*322 Oak St SE*Dallas OR 97338:
Educational Service Intl*1183 SE Godsey Rd*Dallas OR 97338:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Breitenbush Community*Box 578*Detroit OR 97342**854-3501:HC HOT-SPRINGS COMMUNITY
People For Energy & Environment*35523 E Lacomb Rd*Lebanon OR 97355:SER AN ECOLOGY
Free School*958 E Church*Monmouth OR 97361:SCHOOL CU EDUCATION
Peace Exchange*1541 NW 20 Th St*Lincoln OR 97367:SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE
Trillium Natural Foods Coop*1026 SE Jetty*Lincoln City OR 97367:FC
Cape Foulweather Religious Community*Box 77*Otter Rock OR 97369:
Liberty Lovers Library*Box 3*Otter Rock OR 97369:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Light Living Library*Box 190*Philomath OR 97370:AAP LIBRARY
Message Post*Box 190*Philomath OR 97370:
Portable Dwelling Information Letter*Box 190*Philomath OR 97370:9203 ECOLOGY HOUSING DWELLING
Willamette Organic Farms*Rt 1 Box 308*Sheridan OR 97378:FC
Fedora*Box 577*Siletz OR 97380:SP
Bring*Box 885*Eugene OR 97401:ECOLOGY
Calas*454 Willamette St*Eugene OR 97401:SER ECOLOGY AN
Growers Market*454 Willamette*Eugene OR 97401:FC
Jensen/Peter*Mckenzie River Gathering*454 Willamette 2nd Fl*Eugene OR 97401**485-2790:MONEY FUND-RAISING POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN -1
Libra Books Inc*856 Olive St*Eugene OR 97401:BOOKSTORE SEP
Oregon Womens Land*Box 1692*Roseburg OR 97401**503-679-3266:COMMUNITY FC W
Peace Concerned Tax Consul*1059 Hilyard St*Eugene OR 97401:PEACE TAXES POLITICAL
Trojan Decommissioning Alliance*310 Cheshire Av*Eugene OR 97401:AN ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB
Trojan Decommissioning Alliance*454 Willamette St*Eugene OR 97401:SER GMPFR GMPFCG ECOLOGY AN GMPF F&V ART DB
University Food Coop*Emu Suite 5*Eugene OR 97401:FC
Womens Clinic & Resource Ctr*341 E 12TH Av*Eugene OR 97401:CLINIC WHC W HC
Aprovecho Inst*359 Polk St*Eugene OR 97402**929-6925:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Communities Against Hate*458 Blair Blvd*Eugene OR 97402**503-485-1755:RACISM SEXISM PUBLICATION 9304 INTERNET
Small Farmers Journal*3890 Stewart St*Box 2805*Eugene OR 97402**683-6485:PUBLICATION FARMERS MLC-NAI MLC-BD MLC-CDDWBS MLC-BS MLC MEDIA
University Feminists*302 Emu University Of Or*Eugene OR 97402:BOOKSTORE CU EDUCATION
Whiteaker Community Council*21 North Grand*Eugene OR 97402**503-687-3556:COMMUNITY
Action Now*Asuo Emu II*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:AT CU EDUCATION
Critical Sociology*Sociology Dept*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:SOCIOLOGY POLITICAL PUBLICATION 9206 EDUCATION RT MEDIA
Gay Peoples Alliance*U Of OR Emu Suite 1*Eugene OR 97403**685-3327:HS CU EDUCATION W
Insurgent Sociologist*Sociology Dept*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:PUBLICATION SOCIOLOGY SEP CU EDUCATION MEDIA
International Council For Computers In Education*Dept Of Computers & Informztion Science*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:COMPUTERS SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
National Lawyers Guild*Law Ctr Rm 115*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:AACC NLG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Nationwide Forest Planning Clearinghouse*Box 3479*Eugene OR 97403**686-4073:ECOLOGY FOREST-PLANNING SP PUBLICATION GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Pac Research Ctr*807 Pr Lucien Camp Hall*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:RESEARCH CU EDUCATION
Pacific Northwest Research Ctr*Box 3708 University Stn*Eugene OR 97403:SP PUBLICATION GMPFE GMPFI GMPF F&V ART DB MEDIA
Search*Erb Memorial Union*Eugene OR 97403:U CU EDUCATION
Silverfish Review*Box 3541*Eugene OR 97403:SP
Sundram/Saras*Environmental Studies Ctr*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:SER AN W CU EDUCATION ECOLOGY -1
Uranium Resistance Coalition*Box 3708*Eugene OR 97403:SER ECOLOGY AN URANIUM
Womens Referral & Research Service*Rm 336 Emu*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97403:HS BOOKSTORE S W CU EDUCATION
Eugene Free Beaches*2643 Kincaid St*Eugene OR 97405:NUDE-BEACH
Heartsong Review*Box 5716*Eugene OR 97405**503-344-2226:9308 MUSIC REVIEWS PUBLICATION DMPR
Northwest Review*369 Plc*U Of OR*Eugene OR 97405:SP CU EDUCATION
Rainbow Peace*Box 557*Eugene OR 97405:9306 RAINBOW-FESTIVAL FESTIVAL COMMUNITY
Womens Clinic*750 E 11TH St*Eugene OR 97405:WHC W HC
Cow Creek Coop*Azalea OR 97410:FC
Fogbound Press*Box 163*Cheshire OR 97419:SP
Ken Keyes College*790 Commercial Av*Coos Bay OR 97420**503-267-6412:MLC MLC-110. MLC-AAMLSAMPLE MLC-NEWROOTS-SAMPLE H CU EDUCATION
Appletree Commune*Box 5*Cottage Grove OR 97424**942-4372:COMMUNITY
Bookmine*702 Main St*Cottage Grove OR 97424:BOOKSTORE SEP
Cerro Gordo Community*Box 569*Cottage Grove OR 97424**942-4527:COMMUNITY FH MLC-EC MLC-COMMUNITY MLC-PEACE MLC
Skipping Stones*80574 Hazelton Rd*Cottage Grove OR 97424**503-942-9434:PUBLICATION CHILDREN 9102 ART DB MEDIA
Sunshine General Store*824 W Main St*Cottage Grove OR 97424:FC
Alpha Farm*Deadwood OR 97430**964-5102:COMMUNITY FARM
Alternatives In Health Care*Box 56*Deadwood OR 97430:PPS HC
Deadwood Coop*91535 Deadwood Creek Rd*Deadwood OR 97430:FC
One World Family*81868 Lost Valley Ln*Dexter OR 97431**503-937-3351:TRAVEL DIRECTORY 9107
Seven Springs Community*Box 121*Dillard OR 97432:COOP COMMUNITY
Rainbow Family*Box 22 Smith River Rd*Drain OR 97435:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN
Smith River Eaters Union*22 Smith River Rd*Drain OR 97435:FC
Canary Store*Canary Rd*Canary OR 97439:FC
Gemini Assoc*Box 1604*Eugene OR 97440**251-9983:TRANSGENDERISM HS
Northwest Coalition For Alternatives To Pesticides*Box 375*Eugene OR 97440**344-5044:PESTICIDES SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Oregonians Coop To Protect Whales*Box 10324*Eugene OR 97440:WHALES POLITICAL AN
Willamettans*Box 1054*Eugene OR 97440**503-933-9955:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Mountain Grove Community*Box 22 New Hwy 99 N*Glendale OR 97442**832-2211:COMMUNITY
New Education Foundation*Box 22 New Hwy 99N*Glendale OR 97442:H
Gold Beach Food Buying Club*Box 88*Pistol River OR 97444:FC HRO
Capriclique Food Club*24863 Boettcher Rd*Junction City OR 97448:FC HRO
Sun Ray Orchards*Rt 1 Box 299*Myrtle Creek OR 97457:FOOD
Coos Head Food Store*1960 Sherman Av*N Bend OR 97459:FC
Umpqua Citizens For Safe Power*141 Scott Henry Rd*Oakland OR 97462:SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Rosewood Coop*Box 366*Oakridge OR 97463:FC
Buddha Root Farm*Box 186*Tr 3*Reedsport OR 97467:H
East Earth Herb*Box 186 Rt 3*Reedsport OR 97467:FOOD
Sutherlin Natural Foods*109 E Central*Sutherlin OR 97479:FC
Siuslaw Rural Health Ctr*Tide Route*Swisshome OR 97480:WHC W HC
Thompson Creek Coop*Star Rt Box 1048F*Winston OR 97496:FC
Emily Food Coop*4930 Coyote Creek*Wolf Creek OR 97497:COOP FC W
Wolf Creek Coop*2053 Coyote Creek Rd*Wolf Creek OR 97497:FC
Womanspirit*2000 King Mountain Trail*Wolf Creek OR 97497:MR LESBIAN POLITICAL SP PUBLICATION W MEDIA
Committee For Nuclear Responsibility*Box 332*Yachats OR 97498:AN POLITICAL WHC W HC
Forest Acres Coop*3362 Table Rock Rd*Centrl Point OR 97501:FC
Shinn Music Aids*Box 192*Medford OR 97501:SP
Solar Light Ctr*7700 Av Of The Sun*Central Point OR 97501:H
Adam Seed Publications*Box 1356*Ashland OR 97520:SP
Ashland Community Development*Federal Credit Union*237 B St*Ashland OR 97520:
Ashland Community Food Store*37 3rd St*Ashland OR 97520:FC
Backwoods Home Magazine*1257 Siskiyou Blvd #213*Ashland OR 97520:9403 SELF-SUFFICIENCY PUBLICATION
Crack Of Dawn*15797 Hwy 66*Ashland OR 97520:COMMUNITY
Human Dancing*15757 Hwy 66*Ashland OR 97520:DANCE COMMUNITY ART DB
Lithia Grocery*47 N Main St*Ashland OR 97520:FC
Oregon State Library Press*Oregon State College Library*Ashland OR 97520:SP CU EDUCATION
Peace House*Box 524*Ashland OR 97520:NFZ POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN PEACE 8807
Peoples Food Coop*37 3rd St*Ashland OR 97520:COOP FOOD FC
Quicksilver Productions*Box 340*Ashland OR 97520**482-5343:SP MLC
Sprouting Publications*Box 62*Ashland OR 97520**503-482-5627:SP PUBLICATION FOOD MEDIA
Uranium Resistance Coalition*Box 669*Ashland OR 97520:URANIUM AN POLITICAL H
Takilma Peoples Clinic*9335 Takilma Rd*Cave Junction OR 97523:WHC W HC
Talsalsan Farm*12330 Takilma Rd*Cave Junction OR 97523:FARM
Aletheia Psycho-Physical Foundation*515 NE 8 Th St*Grants Pass OR 97526**479-4855:H NR AT ECOLOGY AN CCP MUSIC ART DB
Citizens Against Toxic Sprays*Box 402*Grants Pass OR 97526:GMPFCG GMPFI ECOLOGY PESTICIDES SPRAYING GMPF F&V ART DB
Farmers Market*603 RR Hwy*Grants Pass OR 97526:FC
Josephine County Nuclear Safeguard Committee*348 Hussey Ln*Grants Pass OR 97526:SER ECOLOGY AN W
Pie In The Sky Press*490 Genvema Glen*Grants Pass OR 97526:SP
Southern Oregon Citizens Against Toxic Sprays*Box 325*Grants Pass OR 97526:TOXIC-SPRAY PESTICIDES SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Womanshare*1531 Grays Creek Rd*Grants Pass OR 97526**862-2807:ELDERLY W
Josephine Environment Matters*Box 85*Kerby OR 97531:SER AN ECOLOGY
Cave Junction Coop*Cave Junction OR 97532:FC
Takilma Food Coop*10008 Takilma Rd*Cave Junction OR 97532:FC
Siskiyou Fraternity*Box 399*Rogue River OR 97537**503-582-3803:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Angst World Library*1160 Forest Creek Rd*Selma OR 97538:UG DB SP LIBRARY SF
Root Cellar Pendleton Coops*Rt 2 Box 876*Pendleton OR 97801:FC
Wallowa Coop*Rt 1 Box 125A*Enterprise OR 97828:FC
Wilson/Becky*Learners Choice*Box 71*Sumter OR 97877:-1 9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION W
Rainier Natural Foods*Box 280*Auburn WA 98002:FC
Womens Intl League For Peace & Freedom*12642 NE 5th*Bellevue WA 98005:PEACE AN POLITICAL H WILPF 8807 W
Northwest Peace Fund*225 N 70TH*Seattle WA 98013**206-784-2441:PEACE WAR-TAXES 9308
Local Drizzle*Box 388*Carnation WA 98014:FC
Signpost Books*8912 192ND St SW*Edmonds WA 98020:SP
Living Foods Dehydrator*Box 546*Fall City WA 98024:BP FOOD-DEHYDRATOR DEHYDRATOR FOOD
Archive Press*2101 192ND Av SE*Issaquah WA 98027:SP
Egad*882 2nd Av SE*Issaquah WA 98027:AN POLITICAL H
Hanford Oversight Committee*4539-191 Av SE*Issaquah WA 98027**206-632-0500:NUCLEAR-WASTE AN ECOLOGY 8807
Turtle Island Earth Stewards*1420 NW Gilman #2346*Issaquah WA 98027**604-391-3665:ECOLOGY 9107
Bios Natural Foods*22404 Military Rd S*Kent WA 98031:FC
Puget Consumers Coop*10718 NE 68 St*Kirkland WA 98033:FC
Helping Out In The Outdoors*16812 36TH Av W*Lynnwood WA 98037:VOLUNTEER-WORK ECOLOGY 8807
Island Books*3014 78TH SE*Mercer Island WA 98040:BOOKSTORE SEP
Briarwood Coop*18008 SE 144*Renton WA 98055:FC
Distributors Buying Club*14108 SE 168*Renton WA 98055:FC HRO
Pacific Group*10218 147TH SE*Renton WA 98055:
Teramanto*10218 147TH SE*Renton WA 98055**255-3563:FH FC SPIRITUAL COMMUNITY
Delta Society*Box 1080*Renton WA 98057**206-226-7357:9308 PETS HEALTH-CARE THERAPY
Nelson/Hal*Washington Citizens For Drug Policy Reform*Box 1614*Renton WA 98057**206-622-1456*3281350@MCIMAIL.COM:DRUGS DRUG-POLICY -1 9307
Seventh Wave Corp*Box 1147*Vashon WA 98070:CU NS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Environmental Security Force*20103 Lt Bear Cr Rd*Woodinville WA 98072:ECOLOGY
Anti-Power*1916 Pike Place #12-367*Seattle WA 98101:9402 ANARCHIST PUBLICATION02 POLITICAL ZINE
Gorner Green Grocery Natural*1500 Pike Pl #12*Seattle WA 98101:FC
Left Bank Bookstore*92 Pike St*Seattle WA 98101**206-622-0195:BOOKSTORE S SEP AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Magazine City*1901 Third Av*Seattle WA 98101:BOOKSTORE
Soup & Salad Restaurant*1501 Dike Pl #501*Seattle WA 98101:FC
West/Dr John*Discovery Inst*1201 Third Av 40TH Flr*Seattle WA 98101**206-287-3144:9406 -1 PUBLIC-POLICY RESEARCH06
Aradia Womens Health Ctr*112 Boylston Av E*Seattle WA 98102:WHC W HC
Hicks/Tom*Gay Lesbian University/Seattle*Box 20771*Seattle WA 98102**206-323-7483*FTP HALCYON.COM:GAY LESBIAN HOMOSEXUAL -1 9304 INTERNET
Resources Inst*2370 Fairview Av E*Seattle WA 98102**206-325-7300:ECOLOGY SCHOOL SAILING-SHIP CU EDUCATION
Archie Mcphee Outfitters Of Popular Culture*Box 30852*Seattle WA 98103**206-782-2344:9402 CULTURE POPULAR-CULTURE MAILORDER CATALOG DMPR02
Cacophony Society*Box 31848*Seattle WA 98103**206-251-1185*415-665-0351:9406 FW ART CHAOS06
Goldsmith/Stuart*Northwest Bicycle Federation*4421 N Greenwood #303*Seattle WA 98103:9406 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION WALKING REPORT -106
Greenpeace*4649 Sunnyside Av N*Seattle WA 98103**206-632-4326:WLT SER AN ECOLOGY GREENPEACE 8807 AA90 AA BB MBB AA90-29 AA90-900828 40-WELLES
International Snow Leopard Trust*4649 Sunnyside Av*Seattle WA 98103:9403 ECOLOGY
Journey-Men Magazine*716 N 63RD*Seattle WA 98103:S MEN
Living Lightly*1722 N 46*Seattle WA 98103:FC
Math Counseling Inst Press*4518 Corliss Av N*N Seattle WA 98103:
New Horizons For Learning*4649 Sunnyside N*Seattle WA 98103**206-547-7936:EDUCATION 9008
Phinney St Coop*400 N 43 St*Seattle WA 98103:FC
Schuler/Doug*Computer Professionals For Social Responsibility*2202 N 41ST St*Seattle WA 98103**206-865-3832*DOUGLAS@ATC.BOEING.COM:CPSR -105 HRO
Tilth Newsletter*4649 Sunnyside N*Seattle WA 98103:AGRICULTURE SP PUBLICATION AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE MEDIA
Center For Soviet-American Dialogue*615 Second Av #110*Seattle WA 98104:PEACE 9103
Civil Liberties Union*705 2nd Av #300*Seattle WA 98104**206-624-2184:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 9209 HRO
Coop Extension Service*506 2nd Av #312 Smith Tower*Seattle WA 98104:FC
Food Conspiracy Project*Metro Ctr Ymca*909 4th Av*Seattle WA 98104**283-3777:FC
Interim*627 S Jackson*Seattle WA 98104:FC
King City Senior Barter Bank*400 King City Courthouse*Seattle WA 98104**344-7394:BARTER SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Metro Ctr Ymca Food Coop*909 4th Av*Seattle WA 98104:FC
Seattle Peoples Yellow Pages*Metro Ctr*909 4th Av*Seattle WA 98104:
American Friends Service Committee*814 NE 40TH St*Seattle WA 98105:9204 GMPFJ GMPFI MEPA PEACE POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN AFSC 8807 GMPF F&V ART DB HRO
Angeloff/Alice*Womens Intl Leage For Peace & Freedom*4034 1st Av NE*Seattle WA 98105:SER ECOLOGY AN WILPF POLITICAL 8807 PEACE -1 W
Bastyr College Of Naturopathy*144 NE 54 St*Seattle WA 98105**523-9585:WLT HC H CU EDUCATION
Bioenergetics NW*3938 First Av NE*Seattle WA 98105:H
Clergy & Laity Concerned*Peace Action Coalition*4759 15TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98105:GMPFJ GMPFI CALC 8807 PEACE GMPF F&V DB
Coalition On Women & Religion*4759 15TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98105:RELIGION W
Conscience & Military Tax Campaign*4534 1/2 University Way NE #204*Seattle WA 98105**516-286-8824*206-547-0952:TAX-RESISTANCE SP PUBLICATION MEDIA PEACE WAR-TAXES 9308
Free Speech*Committee On Freedom Of Speech*Dept Of Speech U Of WA*Seattle WA 98105**543-4674:POLITICAL CU EDUCATION
Friends Of The Earth*4512 University Way NE*Seattle WA 98105:AN POLITICAL H ECOLOGY FOE 8807
Modern Language Quarterly*4045 Brooklyn Av NE*Seattle WA 98105:
Morningtown*4110 Roosevelt Way NE*Seattle WA 98105:FC
Poetry NW*4045 Brooklyn NE JA-15*U Of WA*Seattle WA 98105:CU EDUCATION
Puget Sound Alliance*4516 University Way NE*Seattle WA 98105:9403 ECOLOGY
Puget Sound Conversion Project*4759 15 NE*Seattle WA 98105:SER ECOLOGY AN
Seattle Inst For Sex Therapy Education & Research*100 NE 56TH*Seattle WA 98105**522-8588:THERAPY SEX-THERAPY HS W
Vietnam Veterans Against The War*4710 University Way NE #1612*Seattle WA 98105:9101 PEACE VETERANS VVAW POLITICAL
Washington Coop Fed*102 NE 43 St*Seattle WA 98105:FC
Womens Inst NW*2102 NE 50TH St*Seattle WA 98105:W
World Without War Council*2929 NE Blakeley*Seattle WA 98105:PEACE AN POLITICAL H
Sound Coop*9900 8 Av SW*Seattle WA 98106:FC
Birth & Life Bookstore*Box 70625*Seattle WA 98107**206-789-4444:CHILD-BIRTH HC BOOKSTORE
Citizen Labor Energy Coalition*6216 Sycamore NW*Seattle WA 98107:AN POLITICAL H
Mozer/David*International Bicycle Fund*4887 Columbia Dr S*Seattle WA 98108:9402 -1 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION ECOLOGY02 POLITICAL ZINE
International Bicycle Fund*4887 Columbia Drive South*Seattle WA 98108-1919:9403 BICYCLE TRANSPORTATION TRAVEL ZINE PUBLICATION
Guidelines For The Re-Evaluation Counseling Communities*719 2nd Av N*Seattle WA 98109:H RE-EVALUATION-COUNSELING
Lesbian Mothers Natl Defense Fund*2446 Lorentz Pl N*Seattle WA 98109**324-3571:LESBIAN PUBLICATION CHILDREN W MEDIA
Cole/Carla*In Context*Box 11470*Bainbridge Island WA 98110:-1 PUBLICATION 9310
Earthstewards Network*Box 10697*Bainbridge Island WA 98110**206-842-7986:9103 ECOLOGY 9106
In Context*Box 11470*Bainbridge Island WA 98110:9010 ECOLOGY POLITICAL PUBLICATION DMPR
Fraternity Snoqualmie*Box 985*Seattle WA 98111**206-392-NUDE:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Heretics Journal*Box 12347*Seattle WA 98111:APS PR-PO PR PO-PR PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nomad University*Box 2128*Seattle WA 98111**206-746-1886:9203 EDUCATION SCHOOL U
Rational Island Publishers*Box 2081 Main Office Stn*Seattle WA 98111:CO-COUNSELING PEER-COUNSELING H THERAPY
Bethlehem Peace Pilgrimage*621 17TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112**329-1242:POLITICAL PEACE
Clergy & Laity Concerned*720 14TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN CALC 8807
Community Tv Project*402 15TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112:VIDEO TV F&V MEDIA
Country Doctor Womens Clinic*500 19TH E*Seattle WA 98112:WHC W HC
Ecotope*2812 E Madison St*Seattle WA 98112**206-322-3753:H ENERGY POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Environmental Works*402 15TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112:AT ECOLOGY
Mens Resource Ctr*811 33RD Av E*Seattle WA 98112:MEN
Montlake Food Buyers*2046 26 Av E*Seattle WA 98112:FC
Open Northwest Resource Network*1615 NE 63RD*Seattle WA 98112:DIRECTORY INFORMATION COMMUNITY FARM
Pacific Life Community*331 17TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112:POLITICAL AN
Phoenix School*604 19TH Av East*Seattle WA 98112:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Radiation & Health Library*1214 25TH Av E*Seattle WA 98112:RADIATION LIBRARY POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN HC
Sea Turtle Press*1543 E Olin Pl*Seattle WA 98112:SP
Fremont Womens Clinic*1629 N 45TH*Seattle WA 98113**782-5788:CLINIC WHC W HC
Lesbian Health Collective*1629 N 45TH*Seattle WA 98113:WHC W HC
Message! Check Corp*Box 3206*Seattle WA 98114:9405 CHECKS-WITH-A-MESSAGE MONEY MESSAGE-CHECKS06
Bryant Coop*6514 50 NE*Seattle WA 98115:FC
Fantagraphics Books*7563 Lake City Way*Seattle WA 98115**800-657-1100:9304 COMICS SP ZIPPY
Institute For Consumer Responsibility*6506 28TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98115:9211 ACTIVIST CONSUMER DIRECTORY DIRECTORY-MAKING-KIT
National Boycott Newsletter*6506 28TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98115:POLITICAL AA84 AA BB MBB AN BOYCOTT PUBLICATION 8704 MEDIA
New Road Map Foundation*Box 15981*Seattle WA 98115:FOUNDATION 9201 NEW-OPTIONS
Northwest Coalition Against US Intervention In The Mideast*8923 2nd Av NE*Seattle WA 98115**206-527-7055:MIDDLE-EAST 9308 PEACE
Northwest Coalition Against US Military Intervention In The Mid-East*8923 2nd Av NE*Seattle WA 98115:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Parenting Press*7750 31ST Av NE*Seattle WA 98115:
Ravenna Coop*6207 12 Av NE*Seattle WA 98115:FC
Sandpoint Conspiracy*7222 57 NE*Seattle WA 98115:FC
Solar Box Cookers Northwest*7036 18TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98115**206-525-1418:PUBLICATION COOKING-BY-SUN STOVE 9107 MEDIA
Unilateral Friendship*2713 NE 94TH*Seattle WA 98115:AN POLITICAL H
Elliot Bay Coop*7549 29 Av NW*Seattle WA 98117:FC
Bridges*Box 18437*Seattle WA 98118:9303 INTERNET ALT.ACTIVISM
Lakewood Food Coop*4722 53 Av S*Seattle WA 98118:FC
Act Up*1206 E Pike #814*Seattle WA 98122:9107 HS AIDS HC
Central Area Food Ent*722 18TH Av*Seattle WA 98122:FC
Central Coop*1835 12 Av*Seattle WA 98122:FC
Evergreen Alliance*Peter Maurin House*1114 16TH Av*Seattle WA 98122:SER ECOLOGY AN
Gay Community Social Services*Box 22228*Seattle WA 98122:GAY WHC W HC
Group Health Coop*200 15TH Av E*Seattle WA 98122:FC HC
Madrona Community Coop*1615 37 Av*Seattle WA 98122:FC
Through The Looking Glass*Box 22061*Seattle WA 98122:AACC HRO
Urban Ctr*1701 Broadway #1109*Seattle WA 98122:H
Womens Programs*Seattle Central Community College*1701 Broadway - 2SP100*Seattle WA 98122**206-587-3854:DMPR 8710 MLP WST W CU EDUCATION
A Day In The Life Of*Box 94221*Seattle WA 98124:9310 INTERNET ZINE
Ener-G-Foods Inc*Box 24723*Seattle WA 98124:FOOD
Seattle Vegetarian Society*Box 3933*Seattle WA 98124:VIDEO F&V FOOD MEDIA
Lane/Lois*Sabot Times*12345 Lake City Way NE Suite 211*Seattle WA 98125:ZINE 9311 -1 F JOURNALISM WORK P
World Concern*Box 33000*Seattle WA 98133**800-782-5577:9407 RELIEF-AGENCY07
Hunger Action Ctr*2524 16TH Av S*Seattle WA 98144:HUNGER FOOD
Liberia Resistancia*2524 16TH Av S*Seattle WA 98144:BOOKSTORE SEP
Mt Baker Coop*2811 Mt Rainier Dr S*Seattle WA 98144:FC
Mt Baker Rainier Valley Buying Club*3116 S Dose Ter*Seattle WA 98144:FC HRO
Native American Solidarity Committee*2502 18TH Av S*Seattle WA 98144:NATIVE-AMERICANS INDIANS AN POLITICAL H
People Of Color Against Aids Network*1200 S Jackson St Suite 25*Seattle WA 98144**206-322-7061:HC AIDS COMIX
Northwest Passage*Box 47111 % Eridani Prod*Seattle WA 98146**206-323-0354:POLITICAL SPR H APS PUBLICATION SER ECOLOGY AN MEDIA
Shorewood Buying Club*12100 Shorewood Dr SW*Seattle WA 98146:FC HRO
Earth Preservation Fund*3516 NE 155TH St*Seattle WA 98155:8911 ECOLOGY ECO-TOURISM TOURS
Environmental Farm Project*Esd 110 Shoreline Schools Admn*NE 158TH & 20TH Av NE*Seattle WA 98155:AT ECOLOGY FARM
Burien Books*631 SW 152ND*Seattle WA 98166:BOOKSTORE FC SEP
Armed Citizens News*Box 78336*Seattle WA 98178:PUBLICATION MEDIA
National Consumer Coop Bank*18000 Pacific Hwy S #604*Seattle WA 98188**206-243-4115:COOP BANK LOANS MONEY 8807
Ccas*419 Thomson Hall*U Of WA*Seattle WA 98195:ASIA CU EDUCATION
Daily*132 Communications Bldg D-S 20*Seattle WA 98195:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN
Metamorfosis*Center For Chicano Studies*GN-09 Washington U Ersity*Seattle WA 98195:
Public Interest Research Group*Student Union Bldg FK-10*U Of WA*Seattle WA 98195:AN POLITICAL H PIRG 8807 CU EDUCATION
Seattle Review*Padelford Hall GN-30*U Of WA*Seattle WA 98195:SP CU EDUCATION
High Point Coop*3834 26TH Av W*Seattle WA 98199:FC
North End Coop*3834 26TH Av*Seattle WA 98199:FC
Weaved Words Mysteries By Mail*2411 Walnut St*Everett WA 98201**206-259-4193:MYSTERY 9308 WOMEN BOOKSTORE
Island Food Coop*Box 254*Everett WA 98206:FC
Arlington Health Foods*310 N Olympia*Arlington WA 98223:FC HC
Airhaven Coop Mill*1115 Railroad Av*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Concerning Poetry*English Dept*W Wash State College*Bellingham WA 98225:PUBLICATION POETRY CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Gay Peoples Alliance*Viking Union Bldg 216*Western Washington State College*Bellingham WA 98225:HS CU EDUCATION W
Goshen Coop*5849 Sand Rd*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Huxley College Of Environmental Studies*Bellingham WA 98225:S ECOLOGY SCHOOL CU EDUCATION AT
Huxley Environmental Bureau*Western Wa University*Bellingham WA 98225:GMPFC CU EDUCATION GMPFEG GMPFR ECOLOGY GMPF F&V ART DB
Jeopardy*Viking Union Wwsc*Bellingham WA 98225:PUBLICATION S MEDIA
Kelly Food Conspiracy*3254 E Kelly Rd*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Motherlode Music*2229 Henry St*Bellingham WA 98225:9308 WOMEN MUSIC
NW Washington Federal Cooperating Enterprise*1000 Harris St*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Peoples Land Trust*1000 Harris St*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Wap-Six-Wa*908 Key St #1*Bellingham WA 98225:POLITICAL
Western Washington U*Humanities 350*Wwu English Dept*Bellingham WA 98225**676-3118:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Wild Fennel*2510 48TH St*Bellingham WA 98225:SP PUBLICATION DB UG SF MEDIA
Wonderland Tea*1307 Railroad Av*Bellingham WA 98225:FC
Wwu/Norml*Viking Union Box E-9*Western Washington U*Bellingham WA 98225**206-671-8921*NORML@HENSON.CC.UWU.EDU:DRUGS NORML 9307
Bellingham Review*1007 Queen St*Bellingham WA 98226:SP MLC
Forever & A Day*1912 Electric Av*Bellingham WA 98226:9401 PUNK ZINE
Bellingham Naturists*Box 4353*Bellingham WA 98227:NATURIST-GROUP 9011
Douglass/Jaymes*Miss Universe*Box 1511*Bellingham WA 98227:9402 -1 RELIGION HUMOR02 POLITICAL ZINE
Greater Ecosystem Alliance*Box 2813*Bellingham WA 98227:9403 ECOLOGY
Reigning Records*Box 2627*Bellingham WA 98227**800-93-PEACE:9407 MUSIC ECOLOGY KIDS
Roberts Think Tank*Box 2161*Bellingham WA 98227**206-671-3576:THINK-TANK SP PUBLICATION AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE MEDIA
Beachcomber Of Birch Bay*Rt 1*Blaine WA 98230:BOOKSTORE
Alger Conspiracy*218 Old 99*Burlington WA 98233:FC
Cascade Coop*101 Washington St*Concrete WA 98237:FC
Raj-Yoga Math & Retreat*Box 547*Deming WA 98244:COMMUNITY YOGA
Louis Foundation*Box 210*Eastsound WA 98245:H
Sunset Coop*Box 236*Eastsound WA 98245:FC
Center For Whale Research*Box 1577*Friday Harbor WA 98250:9403 ECOLOGY
Interspecies Communication*273 Hidden Meadow Ln*Friday Harbor WA 98250:9201 ECOLOGY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Nature Connect*Box 4112*Roche Harbor WA 98250**206-378-6313*WORLDPEACE@IGC.APC.ORG:ECOLOGY EDUCATION INTERNET05
San Juan Buyers Club*Box 156*Friday Harbor WA 98250:FC HRO
Sarah Hart Conspiracy*Box 236*Friday Harbor WA 98250:FC W
Skagit System Coop*Box 368 Reservation Rd*La Conner WA 98257:SER ECOLOGY AN POLITICAL
Giraffe Project*Box 759*Langley WA 98260:9103
Blossom Natura Foods*Box 105*Lopez WA 98261:FC
Loopez Island Coop*Rt 1 Box 1800*Lopez Island WA 98261:FC
Modern Energy & Technology Alternatives*Box 128*Marblemount WA 98267**853-6851:ENERGY ALTERNATIVES SP PUBLICATION S AT MEDIA
Mountain Song Restaurant*Box 133*Marblemount WA 98267:FC
Original Log House Construction School*22203 State Rt 203*Monroe WA 98272**206-885-4972:OWNER-BUILDER SCHOOL HOUSING CU EDUCATION
Wright #930783/PAUL*Prison Legal News*Washington State Reformatory*Box 777*Monroe WA 98272:9406 -1 JBB PRISON PUBLICATION06
Vector Church*1722 1/2 S 2nd St*Mt Vernon WA 98273:H
North Whidbey Consumers Coop*Box 662*Oak Harbor WA 98277:FC
Scarlet Cockerel Press*1245 E Rosemont Dr*Oak Harbor WA 98277:SP
Hartley & Marks*Box 147*Point Roberts WA 98281:SP PUBLICATION 8901 GRANDPARENTS MEDIA
Cascadian Farms*Box 23*Rockport WA 98283:FC
Lake Bronson Club*Box 1135*Sultan WA 98294**206-793-0286:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Salem Trojan Decommissioning Alliance*840 Jefferson St*Salem OR 98303:SER ECOLOGY AN
Coffee Break*Box 103*Burley WA 98322:SP
Good Earth Coop*14014 82 Av NW*Gig Harbor WA 98335:FC
Peninsula Christian Fellowship*Box 182*Gig Harbor WA 98335:FC
People For Peaceful Power*9380 Hebo Rd*Grande Fonde OR 98347:SER AN ECOLOGY
Ambrosia Natural Foods*1130 Morton Rd*Morton WA 98356:FC
Makah Buyers Assn*Box 115*Neah Bay WA 98357:FC
Country Aire*117 E First*Port Angeles WA 98362:FC
Abundant Life Seed Foundation*1029 Lawrence*Box 772*Port Townsend WA 98368**206-385-6114:MLC MLC-FC MLC-100. FC SEEDS MAIL-ORDER CATALOG
Copper Canyon Press*Box 271*Port Townsend WA 98368:BP SP
Dragon Gate*508 Lincoln St*Port Townsend WA 98368:SP
Food Coop*617 Tyler St*Port Townsend WA 98368:COOP FOOD FC
Graywolf Press*Box 142*Port Townsend WA 98368:SP
Puyallup Farmers Market*14910 S Meridan*Puyallup WA 98371:FC
Protect The Peninsulas Future*Box 1677*Sequim WA 98382:POLITICAL AN
Sunshine Sandwich Shop*Box 1073*Sequim WA 98382:FC
Forest Murmurs*Box 51*Silverdale WA 98383**206-692-7257:NUDIST-CLUB NATURIST-CLUB 9011 HRO
Good News For Boys*Box 584*Tacoma WA 98401:BOYS 9310 HEALTH-CARE CIRCUMCISION
Northwest Family Training Inst*619 N Yakima*Tacoma WA 98403:H
Medical Committee For Human Rights*5112 N 39TH St*Tacoma WA 98407:MCHR HC HRO
Salmon Beach Food Conspiracy*62 Salmon Bch*Tacoma WA 98407:FC
Guild Of American Luthiers*8222 S Park Av*Tacoma WA 98408**472-8439:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Roman Meal Co*2101 S Taccoma Way*Tacoma WA 98409:FOOD
Tacoma Community Coop*415 S 118 St*Tacoma WA 98444:FC
Meat Shop*13419 Vickery Av E*Tacoma WA 98446:FC
Action Based Clinic For Displaced Homemakers*Ft Steilacoom Community College*9401 Farwest Dr SW Rm 60222*Tacoma WA 98498:WOP W WHC CU EDUCATION HC
Gathering Coop*220 E Union*Olympia WA 98501:FC
Mens Resource Ctr*Cab 305*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98501:MEN CU EDUCATION
Northwest Extra!*416 Washington Av SE Suite 208*Olympia WA 98501**206-943-8612:PUBLICATION 9102 ART DB MEDIA
Alternative Press Pocket*2102 26TH NW*Olympia WA 98502:
Brandywine Forest*4045 36TH NW*Olympia WA 98502**866-2081:COMMUNITY
Foote St Coop*1103 W 6 Av*Olympia WA 98502:FC
Hellbound*1001 Cooper Pt Rd SW Suite 140-194*Olympia WA 98502:9401 PUNK ZINE
Lower Puget Sound Coop*4044 11 Av*Olympia WA 98502:FC
Phoenix Food Conspiracy*1621 Brawne*Olympia WA 98502:FC
Washington State Midwifery Council*1512 Langridge Av*Olympia WA 98502**943-8607:CHILD-BIRTH HC
Word Of Mouth Books*3605 Overhulse St NW*Olympia WA 98502:BOOKSTORE S
Environmental Resource Ctr*Cab 305*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98505:POLITICAL SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Gay Resource Ctr*Cab 305*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98505**866-6544:COUNSELING HS CU EDUCATION W
Greenpeace*3225 Library Bldg*Erc Tesc*Olympia WA 98505:SER AN LIBRARY ECOLOGY GREENPEACE 8807
Mens Ctr*Rm 3211 Library*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98505:S LIBRARY CU EDUCATION
Political Action Group*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98505:GMPFC GMPFR POLITICAL GMPF F&V CU EDUCATION ART DB
Womens Ctr*Lib 3216-L88595*Evergreen State College*Olympia WA 98505:WOP MR POLITICAL LIBRARY W CU EDUCATION
Chaney Chronical*929 South Bay Rd*Olympia WA 98506:SP HRO
Catherine/Cia*Hilda*Box 1205*Olympia WA 98507:9401 -1 PUNK ZINE
Concern For Animals Cookbook*Box 7306*Olympia WA 98507:TAAM COOKBOOK ANIMALS 8704
Cosmic Awareness Communications*Box 115*Olympia WA 98507:H
Lost Music Network*Box 2391*Olympia WA 98507**352-2391:MUSIC SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Op-Independent Music Quarterly*Box 2391*Olympia WA 98507:SP
Sraf*Box 293*Yelma WA 98507:ANARCHIST POLITICAL
Turtle Island Office*Box 955*Olympia WA 98507:NATIVE-AMERICANS ECOLOGY 9107
Northwest Alternatives*Box 91*Centralia WA 98531:FC
Adna Boisfort Food Coop*1236 Boisfort Rd*Curtis WA 98538:FC
Bars & Gripes*Box 900*Shelton WA 98584:MILITARY PUBLICATION MEDIA
Kuluk Foods*Box 1135*Taholah WA 98587:FC
Quinault Indian Mountain Coop*Box 118*Taholah WA 98587:FC
Wolf Haven Intl*3111 Offut Lake Rd*Tenino WA 98589:9403 ECOLOGY
American Land Rights Assn*Box 400*Battle Ground WA 98604**206-687-3087*206-687-2973(FAX):9406 LAND POLITICAL06
Citizens Law Enforcement & Research Committee*12115 NE 144TH St*Brush Prairie WA 98606:LAW PUBLICATION MEDIA
Farm Production Market*811 8*Longview WA 98632:FC
Grainery*527 Nevada Dr*Longview WA 98632:FC
Nahcotta Store*Nahcotta WA 98637:FC
Columbia Gorge Coop*Box 298*Stevenson WA 98648:FC
Northwest Organic Herb Cooperative*RR 1 Box 355*Trout Lake WA 98650**395-2025:HERBS COOP
Van Dyke Pub*Box 650*Vancouver WA 98660:PUBLICATION MEDIA
Wenachee Natural Food*107 Palouse St*Wenatchee WA 98801:FC
Liberty Orchards Co*Box C*Cashmere WA 98815:FOOD
Friends Of The Trees Society*Box 1466*Chelan WA 98816:TREES HOEDADS 8807
Golden Florin*Box 1463*Chelan WA 98816:FC
Grant County Community Action Council*604 W Third Av*Moses Lake WA 98837:POLITICAL COMMUNITY-ACTION SEP
Antahkarana Circle*Star Rt Box 74*Oroville WA 98844:COMMUNITY
Friends Of The Trees*Star Rt Box 82-D*Oroville WA 98844:ECOLOGY TREES SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Friends Of The Trees Society*Box 1064*Tonasket WA 98855:TREE-PLANTING COMMUNITY
Home Education Press*Box 1083*Tonasket WA 98855**509-486-1351:9104 NCACS SCHOOL EDUCATION
Okanagan River Coop*Rt 1 Box 104A*Tonasket WA 98855:COOP POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN
Okanogan River Coop*32158 Hwy 97N*Tonasket WA 98855:FC
Cumberland General Store*Toroda Star Route*Wauconda WA 98859:FC
Jackrabbit Alliance*Box 772*Yakima WA 98901:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN
Old Town Mill*4315 Main St*Union Gap WA 98903:FC CU EDUCATION
Hanford Conversion Project*Box 772*Yakima WA 98907:SER ECOLOGY AN
Wilson Brothers Publications*Box 712*Yakima WA 98907**457-8275:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Yakima Nuclear Study Group*308 N 6th St*Yakima WA 98908:AN POLITICAL H
Better Life Foods*111 W 6*Ellensburg WA 98926:FC
Kittitas Co Action Council*115 W 3rd*Ellensburg WA 98926:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN
Rainbow Farms*105 W 3rd*Ellensburg WA 98926:RESTAURANT FOOD
Big Springs Farm*Rt 2*807 Front*Cheney WA 99004:COMMUNITY HUTTERIAN
Wicazo Sa Review*Native American Studies Ctr*Eastern Wa U*Cheney WA 99004:PUBLICATION NATIVE-AMERICANS 9102 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Willow Springs*Box 1063*E Wash U*Cheney WA 99004**359-7061:SP PUBLICATION CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Alternative Market News*Rt 1 Box 9c*Edwall WA 99008:FC
Earth Cyclers*RR 1 Box 9*Edwall WA 99008**236-2353:SP PUBLICATION MEDIA
Waukon Inst Of Co-Creative Art*Route 1 Box 9-C*Edwall WA 99008**509-236-2353:CAMP 9107 ART DB
Hutterian Brothers*Rt 1 Box 6o*Reardan WA 99029:COMMUNITY
North Country Peoples Coop*282 W Astor*Colville WA 99114:FC
Sunrise Hill Free School*Rt 3 Box 70*Davenport WA 99122:CU SCHOOL EDUCATION
Joseph Barron Milling*Box 14*Oaksdale WA 99158:FC
Citizens Against War In The Mid-East*Box 801*Pullman WA 99163:9207 GCTVP TV F&V PEACE MEDIA
Environmental Task Force*3rd Floor Cub*Wa State U*Pullman WA 99163:POLITICAL H SER ECOLOGY AN CU EDUCATION
Wa State U Gay Awareness*Cub 304A*Pullman WA 99163**509-335-6298:HS CU EDUCATION
Talmadge/Anderson*Western Journal Of Black Studies*Heritage House*Wa State U*Pullman WA 99164**509-335-8681:-1 BLACK-STUDIES PUBLICATION 9102 CU EDUCATION MEDIA
Ferry County Coop*Box 335*Republic WA 99166:FC
Church World Service*Garden Court Bldg Suite 224*West 222 Mission Av*Spokane WA 99201**509-328-8720:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Peaceful Valley Coop*1308 W Main*Spokane WA 99201:FC
Pilgrims Natural Food*1 210 Howard*Spokane WA 99201:FC
Indian Oven*520 S Scott*Spokane WA 99202:FC
Heal*South 325 Oak St*Spokane WA 99204:AN RADIOACTIVE-CONTAMINATION
Spokane Community Video*W 1203 9th St*Spokane WA 99204**509-747-0037:VIDEO F&V MEDIA
Copula*W1114 Indiana St*Spokane WA 99205:SP
Bear Tribe Medicine Society*Box 9167*Spokane WA 99209:FC AMERICAN-INDIANS COMMUNITY AA76 AA BB MBB AA76-FREE
Self-Reliance Intensive*The Bear Tribe*Box 9167*Spokane WA 99209:NCACS SCHOOL 9104 CONFERENCE EDUCATION
Alternatives For Washington*Whitworth College*Spokane WA 99218:FUTURE CU EDUCATION
Communications Era Task Force*Box 3623*Spokane WA 99220**509-327-5598:ERA FUTURE RESEARCH
Church World Service*222 W Mission Av #224*Spokane WA 99301**503-228-2642:9010 DISASTER-RELIEF RELIEF-AGENCY HUNGER-WALK FOREIGN-AID
Friends*Rt 1 Box 194*Walla Walla WA 99362:FC
Hanford Conversion Project*13 1/2 Main St*Walla Walla WA 99362:AN
Men Against Sexism*Box 520*Walla Walla WA 99362:S MEN
Women Ctr*Maxey 332*Whitman College*Walla Walla WA 99362:WOP W CU EDUCATION
Adhoc Young Democrats*1414 Kauluk St*Anchorage AK 99501:PARTY POLITICAL
Alaska Center For The Environment*519 West 8th*Anchorage AK 99501:9403 ECOLOGY
Harper/Sandy*Cyranos Crepes & Books*413 D St*Anchorage AK 99501**907-274-2599:8903 BOOKSTORE -1 AA-BS AA91-BS-TEST AA AA91 BS-TEST
Karpinski/Len*Alaskans For Hemp Awareness*1013 E Dimond Blvd #227*Anchorage AK 99515**907-248-HEMP*73237.422@COMPUSERV.COM:9401 -1 MARIJUANA
Alaska Wildlife Alliance*Box 190953*Anchorage AK 99519**907-277-0897:TAAM WOLVES ECOLOGY DOD
Civil Liberties Union*Box 201844*Anchorage AK 99520**907-276-2258:POLITICAL LAW ACLU LEGAL-AID 8807 HRO
Friends Of The Earth*Box 231*Bethel AK 99559:SER AN FOE ECOLOGY 8807
Tundra Draft & Military Counseling*Box 231*Bethel AK 99559:DRAFT MILITARY COUNSELING POLITICAL
Marantha Coop*Box 1108*Eagle River AK 99577:FC
Kodiak Island Food Coop*Box 2045*Kodiak AK 99615:FC
Toksook Bay Arts & Crafts Coop*Toksook Bay AK 99637:FC ART DB
Alaska Free U*U Of AK*College AK 99701:U CU EDUCATION
Center For Northern Educational Research*U Of AK*Fairbanks AK 99701:CU EDUCATION
Friends Of The Earth*218 Driveway*Fairbanks AK 99701:SER AN FOE ECOLOGY 8807
Mollett/Nina*Northern Alaska Environment Ctr*218 Driveway St*Fairbanks AK 99701:SER AN POLITICAL ECOLOGY -1 W
Permafrost*U Of AK*Fairbanks AK 99701:CU EDUCATION
North American Wolf Society*Box 82950*Fairbanks AK 99708:9403 ECOLOGY
Arctic Women In Crisis*N Slope Borough Health Dept*Box 69*Barrow AK 99723:WOP W WHC HC
Friends Of The Earth*Box 953*Delta AK 99737:SER AN FOE ECOLOGY 8807
Kotzebue Womens Crisis Project*Box 595*Kotzebue AK 99752:WOP WHC W HC
Ki-Kit-Amuet Arts & Crafts Coop*Shishmaref AK 99772:FC ART DB
Juneau Consumers Coop*510 E 3rd St*Juneau AK 99801:FC

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